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Full text of "The Alcoran of Mahomet : translated out of Arabique into French"

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'-I^-I- 3.-^P ^^-| 1-^ ^-o |.S ^-^ ^.^ 

f/'l .^.^ si 

&^^1 %f-4~^^i '^^I^C^ J-|-^•rJl- 
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H r (u .::: i? S^ ^ o s crcir ^ w ^ ;i ^ ^ • 

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8 Ji:^ l"^-S^ I 


O/Oj ^5 0^ c* 


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TO ♦- 

S. O O 

S H =2 

^ 3 nj 
C U .4-1 

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G ;=: := G 






"^ M *a< 

CJ G nj CT 
*-» — '^i r^ 

O G pj 3 

-^ ^3 U r; -G 

E G G G £; 
- -G .S> Cr 3 - 

«^ r=. ;d w t)jo 
•-« c O G 

3 X^ •-, ^ *-I^ ' 

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<^ G ^ H g "* 
l>^ fli v) V 

iG *- 
•G , -u 

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to f-< 
nj tJD G 

2 G-B 2 t:; J I 


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3 O 

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O ^ 

"g .2 
> t^ 

•— ^ 

(U d g g 
3 .^ ^§-S 

G -a W ^r; 

•- 2 ?^ S^^ c 
o^S"^ 2 "^ ^ 

i^ -^ f^ >. C/5 U 

P 5? h H ^ *H 

p: o > ^ c^ > 
g S,vo^ f? H ^2 
a- nj i5 a. E g 

^J3 c *^ C G 

1> « ^ r- ^^ 

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3 _r o^ 

Il^^I 5 

3 S 

> '^2 ,D '-^ 

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G f^ «^ ^G car 'Z; 

>i -Kk P5 O 

G .fcjO G J- 

*-i ♦-* C u< 

Kj M> '^ '-^' 

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-©• ^ >" 5' t- 1? ^ |"?i'-^^ I' 1^ 5,^ ^ 




^ > ,fV ^ " ^ -V r\ M\ r^ -^ r" 

:2. 2^fe 

^-- *t U -c^ 

" Be ^^ 

t/» B CJ ^ 

o S2 ^ ^ 






W^nflated out ofArahique into French^ 

\ B Y TH E 

Si^l^^u ^jier^ Lord of Male^air^ and 

^Rcfident for the King of France ^ at 


And newly Engliflied, for the fatisfadion of 
all that defire to look into the Turkijh vanities. 


LOTSlpon Printed, Jnno T>om. 

1649. ^. ^ 

^ 'i^ 



> r ^ 




R E A D E R 

>Here being fo many Sc6ts and 
Herefies banded together a- 
gainft the Truth ^ finding 
that of Mahomet wanting to 
the Mufter^, I thought good 
to bring it to their Colours, 
that fo viewing; thine enemies in their full 
body J thou mayft the better prepare to en- 
counter, and I hope overcome them. It may 
happily ftartje thee, to findehim fo to fpeak 
Etiglijh y as if he had made fom'e Conqueft 
on the Nation , but thou wilt foon rejed:* 
that fear , if thou coniider that this his 
Alcoran^ (the Ground-wo;:k of \\\t:Turkiflh 

A 2 Kelision) 

To the Chrijlian Reader. 

Religion ) hath been already tranflated in- 
to almoft all Languages in Chriftendome, 
( at leaft, the moft generall, as the Latin ^ Ita*^ 
Itan^ French^ C^c.) yet never gained any Pro- " 
felyte^ where the Sword^ its fnoft forcible, 
and ftrongeft argument hath not prevailed : 
And indeed the greateft Dodors of their Re- 
ligion have never alledged any thing for 
the truth thereof; but thefuccefs of their 
warS;, and greatnefs o^ their Empire;, then 
which nothing is more fallacious : for that 
which both in former , and thefc latter Ages 
hath been common to thb bad with the 
good J cannot be a certain evidence of tbeju^- 
ftice of a Caufe, or the truth of ReHgion. 

Thou {halt finde it of fo rude , and in- 
congruous a compofure, fo farced with con- 
tradiftions, blafphemies ^ obfcene fpeeches, 
and ridiculous fables^ that fome modefl^ and 
more rational! Mahometans have thus excu- 
fed it . that their Prophet wrote an hundred 
and twenty thoufand fay ings^ w hereof three 
thoufand only are good, the refidue (as the 
impof^bility of the Moones falling into 
his fleeve, the Converfion and Salvation of 


To the Chrijlian ^ader. 

the Devils J and the like ) are falfe and ri- 
diculous. Yet is the whole efteemed Co fa- 
cred, that upon the Cover thereof is inlcri- 
hcd— Let none touch it hut he who is clean. Nor 
are the vulgar permitted to read it, but live 
and die in an impUcite faith of what their 
Priefts deliver ; which indeed ( as faith the 
learned Grotius) is a manifeft argument ofcrouudde 
its iniquity : For that merchandift may ckl^'^' 
juftly be fiifpeded , which will not be fold 
unlefs unfeen : and though all men are not 
aUke perfpicacious in the knowledg , and 
difccrning of things , fomc by arrogancy, 
and vain conceit of themfelves,others by affe- 
6tion . Some by cuftome^ being draw^n into 
error: yet fhould we believe that the way 
to eternall life cannot be underftood by 
them, who without any reipecl of profit or 
preferment, feek it, fubmitting themfelvcs, 
withall they have, to God, imploring his 
afsiftance, wefhouldiin againft his infinite 
goodne(s. Therefore ( Chrijlian ^ader ) 
though fome y confcious of their own in- 
ftability in Religion;, and of theirs (too Uke 

A 3 Turks 

To the Chnfiian Kaeder. 

Turks in this) whofe profpericy and opi- 
nions they follow , were unwilling this 
fliould fee the Prefs, yet am I confident ^ if 
thou haft been fo true a votary to orthodox 
Religion , as to keep thy feUe untainted of 
their follies^, this fhall not hurt thee : And 
asforthofe of that Batch , having once a- 
bandoned the Sun of the Gofpel , I believe 
they will wander as farre into utter dark* 
nefs, by following llirange lights,^ as by this 
Ignis Fatuus ©f the Alcoran, Such as it is, I 
prelent to thee ^ having taken the pains 
only to tranflate it out of French^ not doubt- 
ing, though it hath been a poyion, that hath 
infedted a very great , but moft unfound 
part of theuniverfe, it may prov^ an Anti- 
Aot^^ to confirm in thee the health of Chri- 






He 'Book is a long conference ofGod^ 
the Angels^ and Mahomet , which 
thatfalje Trophet Very grojly in- 
(vented • fometimes he mtroduceth 
Gody who fpeaketh to him ^ and 
teaeheth him his Lawjthen an jingel^ anon the Pro- 
phets ^ and frequently maketh God to /peak in the 
pluralljn a ft lie that is not ordinary He declaimeth 
againjl fuch as worfJoip Idols, particularly again ft the 
Inhabitants of the City of Mecca, and againjl the 
^ Coreis, who were enemies to his deftgne. He*'^htcoyeis 
intituled this hook the Alcoran , as one would jay ^ crfuii^f.mUy 
the Colkaion of Precepts : He likewife termed it'^j^l'"" 
El Forcan, that is , that dijlingHijheth good from ^'^^^* 
eojill : He divided it into many Qhapttrs^ to which 
he gave what infer iption he thought good: hemojl 
commonly intitukth them with words that are tn 
thetrjjrjt Itne^ without regard to the matter they 

A 4 treat 

To the Reader. 

treat of^ and Jpeaketh little of their Infcription ; 
He dia^ided into many ftgnes^ or Verfes^ that com 
t^inhis ordinances and fables ^ without ohjernjatt' 
on either of the confec^uence ^ or connexion of the 
difcourfe^ which is the cauje that thou fJo alt fnde in 
this ^ook) a multitude of incongruous pieces ^ and 
dialers repetitions of the fame things. It hath heen 
expounded by many Mahometan Dofiors ^ their ex- 
pajition being as ridiculous as the Text • They af- 
firm the originall of the Alcoran tobe^ written up- 
on a Table ^ kept in Heanjen , that the Angel Ga- 
briel brought this Copie to Mahomet , who could 
neither write nor reade ^ and file him Trophet , or 
^poflle^ in honor. Thou (halt finde at beginning 
effome Qoapters letters of the Arabique Alphabet y 
which fome men will ?iot expound ; Tloey fear to ut- 
ter things that may dij^leafe their falje prophet : 
Mojl of their VoBors affirm thofe Letters to be the 
firfl letters of the Names of God. Thouflult finde 
the expofition in this njerfeon ^ Thou wilt ivonder 
thatjuch abfurdities haVe infecled the beft part of 
the world ^ and wilt ayouch^ that the knowledg of 
what is contained in this Sook ^ will render that 
Law contemptible. 



A Summary of the Religion of 

TheTu R R s. 

He Turks believe one fole God, in one 
fole Perfon, Creator of heaven and 
earch,the rewarderof the good, and 
punillier of the vv ickcd-,who hath cre- 
ated Paradife for the recompenfe of 
of the righteous, and Hell for the laft 
punifliment of crimes. They believe that Mahomet 
was a very great Prophet, v^hom Godfent into the 
world to teach men the way of falvation, and call 
themfelvcs LMuftdmansy that is to fay, recommen- 
ded to God, or faved. 

They believe the Decalogue ofMofes^ and are ob- 
liged to obferve it^ they celebrate Friday as the 
Chriftians Sunday 5 that day they aflemble in 
Temples at noon, to pray. 

They are obliged to pray five times a day, 'v/:^. in 
the morning, at noon, at the evening, when the Sun 
fettcth> and an hour within night. 

They faft themonethjOr moon^ which they call 
Ramazan •, during this'moneth,, they neither drink nor 
cat all the day, until the Sun be fet, but in the night 
drink and cat, according to their appetites, fle(h and 
fifh, except the flefli of fwinc, and wine, that is at all 
times forbidden them ^ after this faft they have the 
feaft of great Bairan, as the Chriftians Eaftcr after 


Lent. They are great founders of Temples, and 
Hofpitals^and arc obliged &o give to the poor the fifft 
day of the year, the tithe of what they have gained 
during the preceding year. 

They believe, chat after being well wafht, faying 
fome prayer appropriate to that Ceremony- they 
have alfo the foul purified from all filthinefs and fin, 
which is the caufe that they wafti and bathe often^ 
cfpecially before they pray. 

They have no Sacrament, but Circumcifion^ they 
caufe their children to be circumcifed at the age of 
feven or eight years •, and when they can pronounce 
thcfe words, Lailha ilia allha Mehemet r afoul dlha^ 
that is. There is but one God, Mahomet is his Pro- 
phet and Apoflle-, this is their profeflion of faith-, 
neverrhelefs there is no mention of Circumcifion in 
all the Alcoran •, they fay they obferve it in imitation 
of Abraham^ whofe Law is recommended co them 
by OVlahomet: they believe that the Alcoran was 
brought to him at feverali rimes by the Angel 6'/i- 
hrtel, m the City of Mac a^ and that of Medina-, be- 
cauie the Jews and Chriftians had altered the holy 
Scriptures, and the Li? w of God. 

They ore permitted to have four wives, married 
at the fime iime,and as many Concubines as they are 
able to maintain. 

They cnn put away their wives when they clunk fit, 
p;:ylng them whai thcypiomifcd them in con:ra6t 
o^ marriage, and mary again at their pleafurc^ but rhe 
women arc bound to carry unnl they are aiTured rhat 
thcy.;^re not with childe before they marry a^ain^& 
their husbands are obliged lo keep, and take cl;e care 


of the children. The children which they have by 
their (laves are indifferently eftemcd with thofe of 
their wives, and are all held as legitimate. 

They have TempleSjColUges, and Hofpitalls well 
revenued •, they have covcnts of Religious, chat hvc ' 
cxemplarily •, obey their Supeiiours-^wkhoutcontra- 
didion, and dance afcer the found of Flutes and other 
inftruments when they m.ike their prayers. 

They have moreover another fort of Religious Va- 
gabonds through the world, clothed like fools of 
that Country • they often go naked, and cut their* 
skin in many places, are held to be holy perfons, and 
live bydms, which are never re fufed them-, both 
the one and the other fort of Religious are called 
Bervis, they are known by their habit, and can retire 
and marry when they pleafe. 

They deny Jcfus Chrift to be God, or the Son of 
God ^ neither believe they in the holy Trinity : they 
fay that Jefus Chrift was a great Prophet, born of 
the Virgin Mary^ a Virgin both before and after her 
delivery -^that he was conceived by divine infpirati- 
on, or by a divine breath, Vv'ithout a father, as Adam 
was created without a mother ^that notcruci- 
fied,that God took him into heaven,and that he fhall 
come again on earth at the end of the world to con- 
firm the Law oi CM ahomet ', they likcwife affiim that 
the Jews thinking to crucifie J'.fus Chrift, crucified 
amanamons tht^mthat reUmbled hnn. 

They pray to God for the Dead, they invoke the'r 
Saints, of whom ihey have a large Legend, never- 
thelefs they believe not Purgatoryund many among Agrea^quc- 
them imagine that the foul and body reiuairi to^e- v/T-'''f''° 


ther in the grave until the day of Judgment. 

They have UW^r^and Medina^ that are two Cities 
of Arabia^ in great veneration^becaufe UHahomet was 
born at CMecca, and buried at Medina : they make 
thither great pilgrimages, and believe that Land to 
be Holy :They bear likewife Angular refped to the 
City of^erufalem , for that it hath been the Birth- 
place, and habitation of many Prophets. 

They ufe no Clocks 5 at the hour of their prayers 
their Priefts afcend the higheft part of a Tower, that 
IS in a corner of the Temple, and with a loud voycc 
call the people to prayer,finging prayers, compofcd 
for that purpofe. 


WB the Confulsy Gtn)ermrs , Froteffcrs^ and 
Defenders of the PrtvifedgeSi Freedoms^aKd 
Liberties afthe C;>)f ^Marfcillis ^ d^ ccrttfey 
and attefi to all to whom itfball affertairj, that Mr. An- 
drew du Ryer, Lord of Malezair, Gentleman m Ordi- 
nar J of the Kings Chamher^ and heretofore Conful to his 
Majeftyjn Mgypty hath executed the charge for the fatd 
Confulfhip like a man ofhonejly and honour ^ no complaint 
having been made at any time^ or his adminifiration^ or 
deportment during the time of his abode there ^and that he 
exereifedthat off.'ce 'j Neither rvas any complaint ever 
made ofthefaul CMr. du Ryer during the time he fo- 
jour ned aS Con6.2LSitmo^\c for the fer vice of his Maj^fiy-^ 
but all the Captains and officers of ijiierchdnt Feffels^ 
a»d of others that negotiated in the fame parts yreeeived of 
him all favour^ as m matters that concerned them ^ as in 
affairs that dtd relate to thefervice of his Majefy^ and 
the advantage of his Subjects traffque : intejlimony of 
which ^ We have drawn and fignedthefe prefenti, and 
have put and affixed tothemy the Seal ^ and accufiomed^ 
Arms of this City. 

At Marfeillis the 12. 
dViyoi Feb, i6^Z^ 

De Bourgongnc, ConfuL 
L Savornin, Conful. 
Mcinardet, Conful. 

By the f aid Confuls Boeto. 

To M^ Du Rye. R/Lord of 

Male;^iry Gentleman in Ordinary of the 
Kings Chamber at Confimtmople. 


' Aving heard by the report of many Mer- 
chants of this City^the good offices that 
you have daily performed towards chetn 
of our Nation, and particularly our fel- 
low- CitizcnSjWho allunanimoufly much 
commend your aifedion, and Angular care to proted 
and defend them -^ We thought our duty to return 
youby thefe lines, a thoufand thanks, and that the 
more uffidion, for that yourcurtefie, and not their 
merits,carricd you to all tbofc good dfficcSjOf which 
they and we fliall ever keep a pcrpctuall memory, to 
render you any acknowledgment when occafion fliall 
be offered, and give you a tcRimony by our fervices, 
that you have not caft your feed upon barren ground: 
In the mean time,Sir, wc befeech you, be pleafed to 
continue to us the honour of your friendfliip, and cf- 
fcdsofyour favour, as wc ftiiUddire mall emengent 
occafion to tcftifie t hat we arc really. 

Sir, Your mofl: affaionate Servants, 
the Coniu!s, Govtrnois of the 
City c»f 'Marfei/h's, 

LM$nthoulimy Frmcis Naj/pcdloay Du Pont. 
From Marfcillls this 24. 

oiJu^uJl. 1632. A 

A Tranflation of the Command of 

the grand Seignior^concerning M^.Male^^^iir. 

.Lluftrious and Excellent Corn- 
man Jers^ refuge of the great Tri- 
umphant^ Errinent^GloriouSj and 
Honorable Lords, endued with the 
fpeciall graces or God, Bafliaws, or Vice- 
Roys, Beyes, or Governors, that are upon 
the roads of our moil Auguft Port to the 
the Realm of France ^ God perpetuate your 
glory, juft Judges of the Mufulmans ^ Minerals 
ofVertueand Knowledge that are upon the 
road of our mod Auguft Port to the F^ealm 
of France^ God increafe your vertues, Hono- 
rable and trufty Governors, Captains of Fron- 
tires and Caftles, Captains and Patrons of 
Galleys and Veflels, Cuftomers that are upon 
the road of our moft Auguft Port to the 
Realm of France^ God augment your Ho- 
nours and glory. Vi hen this moft Auguft 
command fliall come to you, know, that the 
Lord of 5\|er, a Gentleman of Frnnce ^ 
is lent from hs into France for many 

imp or- 

imporcan-t affairs- when he jQiall^rrive, g^^^^g 
and coHiming to the places of youf cona- 
mand^ by fea, or by land in our Ports^our Ci- 
ties under our Gaftles^, and in any other place 
whatfocvcr;, I command you to receive with 
all affection, and good reception^ andfuffer 
no difpleafure to be done to him, directly, or 
indiredly. You Oiall caule to be given to him 
whatloever fliall be neceflary for him in pay- 
ing , and fliall facihtate with your whole 
power his paflage^ with his two fervants, his 
coffers^ and baggage 5 and when he fliall have 
performed in France what hath been com- 
manded him, and fliall return to ourmoft 
Auguft Port, you fliall do in like manner^and 
fliall be careful not to violate this our High 
command;,or capituktionSjThus know him 
and having fcen thefe my moft Auguft com- 
mand, you flial leave it in his hands, and flbal 
give ful and intire credit to this my moft il- 
luftrious mai^k. 

Giyen at Conftantinople the lafi day of the 
' monethof Diel Heget, 1041. Sealed aborve 

with the MarkyOr the Seal of the grand Seigni- 

or;,Amurat Sultan , W Signed at Bale- 



 l>-^^,t^LK.^„^_ i .,a^_,u^j,^j441Ll^.l.,JlJ4iMi I I..- J I I . UJ.!. 



I '  ! 11 -L I -X-.-LJJ . 



Chapter. p^ji^ 

THi Chaptfr ofthf Preface, etrntaminifeveti VerfeSy written 
^fMccca, J 

7. The Chapter 6f the Coy^t, ecntdning T^o hui^dred fourfcore 
^fMjevenFer/es.nrltten at Mtccz. ' 2 

S'The Ckjter of the Lineage of Joachim , containing Tn>o 
hundred Verfes, ^ritttn^t Medina. jO 

^rTH C/?4/»/^r of fFomen. coMtaimni One hundred andfeventy 
Verfes, Written #1/ Med i r a /^ 

5. '^jf Chapter of the TMe, containing One hundred uftdtweft^ 
ty lerfes, m-ttten at Medina. ^5 

^' '^^iC^^lf^'i ^^^^^if^^io^. containing One hundred Jixty 
^i^fifieen Terfe J, written at Wcdim. j6 

'^'rPr C^P^^ ^f Pr^fins, Containing One hundred and fix 
r erf es written At M^QC^. pj 

^.The Chapter of the Sfoji, containing Seventy and five 

Fer/es; written at Mtdim: jo6 

p. The Chapter of Converfon, containing One hufidred twenty 

^mafeven Ferfes, written at Medina. 1 13 

^^rr^r^ ^^P^^ o/* Joflas, Containing Onehundered and nine 
Ferjes written at Mecca. , jy 

"•lJ^^H*"^^^ ^f^"^^ ^^^^ O^e hundred twenty and 
tkree / erfes, written utMcccz. o , j ^ 

U, The Qkdpter i^f Jofeph. coramHing One huHi^id and thir. 

.f^nkerjesy written at }^\tcC2i. j.^ 

r3.^The Chapter 4f Thunder, cmtmntng Tourty and three 

Verfes, ^kritten at Mecca. , , I 

\^^X^€h^er^ Abcitam, imtm^FiftyTtrfes, Written 


Chapter. Folio. 

15^.. Xhe ^hapfer of Vlcgir, conUw!n£ Sevtntj attdfeven VerfeSy 

Vcnttenkt h/\ecc2i. :"^ - 159 

i 6f V 7 he Chapter of the^Bee^ containing Onehafidred and eight ' 

f'^erreSjVrriitentnt W\GCca. 1 6^ 

1 7. The Chapter of the fojage by nighty contamhig One hundred 
and eleven ferfisy written at Mecca." 17O 

18. 'The Chapter of the Cave^ containing One hundred and ten 
Ter'es, written at M^CC^, 17S 

l^ .The Chapter of Marv, containing Tourfcore and eighteen 

Verfes, written at Mccc3.. • ^ 185 

ao. The chapter of Beatitude, and of He 11, con-taining One- 

hundred and thirty Verfes^^ritt en at }AcQQ^, ipi 

21. The (fhAVter of the Prophets ^ containing' One hf-tnd/ed and :. 

twelve Ferfesywntten at IsAtCQ^. ipy 

21. The Chapter of Pilgrimage^ containing Seventy nndfeven 

Verfesy^rittenat y^CQ^i. 203 

23 . The Qjapter of Trne- believer s^ containing Ovte hundred and'^ 

eighteen VerfeSyWritten at Mecca.  2O9 

2^. The Chapter of Lights , containing Seventy and four Verfes, ' 

yvrittenat \At&\n^, ?■ r.i.v-c^.^ . . 214 

,2%. The Chapter a f the Alcoratt, contdimng Seventy and/even 

P erfes, Written at Mecca. 220 

" 26. The Chapter of Poet^, containing One hundred twenty and' 

fevenVerfeSy^rittenatyitiQi. ' 224 

27. The Chapter- of the ^Pifmlrey containing ^ourfcore and< 
. thirteen Ferfes^XWitten at }A^CC2L, - 231 

28. The Chapter of Hlf^ory, containing, Tourfcore and elghP 
Fer reSy\Mtt en at Mcccz. 227 

29 The Chapter 0fthf Spiderytmtiglmng Sixty md nine Verfesi 
.written a$ Mcccsi. , t±J^ 

30. 7'h^. Chapter qftht Grecians, containing Sixty Verfesi 
^rlttenat¥ccc3i. 248 

3 1 . TheChdptiroflocitmirC$Htaimn£ Thirty anifonr Verfisi 
written at Ukcc2l, 2J2 

32. The Chapter of jVorJhipyiontdimttgOnt hundred oittd thtrtj 
, J^trfes^ Written st Mecca. - ^r^- - 25 5 

.; t 33v 2hf 


Chapter. . . , . • Fblic^. 

3 3 . The Chapter of' Sands, mnd Troup of Seuldier}, contaimng 
> Fonrfcore and [even VerfeSy written at Medina. ^57 

l:\,The Chapter tffSaba, cmtaining Fipj and fonP J^rfei^ 
^ written at MccC3i* .f.'j>5 ^ lr,'.v,Vvv^ ,^^ jfj 

35» The Chapter of the Creator, centaimn^Fvurtj and five 
r 'p^erfes, 'Written at lAcccdL. '26-/ 

3d. The Chapter intituled, O man, containing Four/core and 
eight Ferfes, ^X'ritten at Mecca. i y I 

37. The Chapter of Ch-ders, containing Four/core VerfeSy writ* 
ten at lAcccz, • ^'-^ 275 

38. The Chapter of Truths Containi]^ Feurfcori Ai^' eicht 
VerfeSyVpritten at i^tcc^. ^;^>l... .  280 

39. The ^hapterofTroups, containing Seventy and fveVerfes, 
^itten at Wicccz, 284 

40. The Chapter of the True- helievers , containing Eighty 
apdfive Verjesy written at Mecca* >  "--^ '^^^'"^ • '■ - - ..- 2 gp 

^l . The Chkpterwf Expojition,containing Fifrj and four Fer/es^ 
Tfrftten ^it t^.ccc2L. vi is* ' >'i^ 2^^ 

41,. 'J^^f Chapter of Ceunfel, containing Fifty and three Verjes^ 
written at Mecca. ipp 

43 The Chapter ef Ornament, containing Eighty and nin^' 
*' VerfeSy written at Mecca. 30? 

44. The Chapter of Smoke y containing Fifty and nine Verfes^' 
written at y^cccdi, 3^7 

45 • The Chapter of Genuflexion, er Knee bowing, containing 
Fifty ^md nine Verfes^ Written at ^^CQC3i. 310 

4<J. The C^Apter of Hecaf , containing Thirty and five Verfes^ 
y^ritten at MccLZ. "312 

47. The Chapter of thi Comhat, containing Fourfcore attdeifht ' 

yerfes,)^'ritten at h\ccCdi, .i . . ^16 

48. . The Chapter of Conque^ , containing T'^enrf^and nin€ 

Verjes, )^'ritten at Mclcsl -a:L.^: u. Ui. ^^Jp 

49. The Chapter of Imlofwres'^j cmaini^g ^Elghffen^Ferfes^s^^ 

' mitten at Medina. '::yc i 322 

^O. The Chapter of the Thing fudged, containing, Fiuriy and' ^ 

fveFerf€s,ivrittenatlil<:cc3i, V 374 

a 2 51. The 



f ^>S^^C6■5C:■ 

Chapter. Folia. 

^uTM Chapter^ thi Thtngs iOfirf^, ^o^Mhiftg Sisf^ 
^^JTerfif i written ^U^Ok 3 2d 

53, Thi-0i^fH^^f fhe M^tmmftj c'e^HfiminffThinfa^rdnm 
^ J^erfes, vpritten at ^tccz, . n\-'^'j2% 

If. Tfte Ch4pttr ^f the Star, eontaimf^ S^ty Verfe^y i^itrm 
rf>rfr Mecca, 330 

$4, The Chapter ef the Moen^ ^maimng Fifty tmdiiveferfes^ 
^"WrittefiatMttccz, 3^2 

5=5, The Chapter $/ the M^ciful^ contmmng Eight etnVerfi^^ 
rwnVrfw^^ Medina. - ^.j^. 

J 5. The (Chapter offt^^nfenp^yeontdnitil Fonrfipre'dHdmneteei 
V Ver^eSyWritt€nat^cCLm^^ t%6 

57. The Chapter of Iron, containing T^^entj amd nine VerfeSf 
"Written at Medina. 33 5 

58, The ^hAptsr of the Dif^ute, contmning Twenty aniitVi^^ 
Ferfes, y^ritten at Medina. ,: - '341 

5p. The Chapter of Exile, xontmningTWehty^andfohrf^erfeSf 

wWff<« 4f Medina. "^ 3(44 

do. The Chapter of Tryaty cmtalnm^Eighreemr^erfeSyiPrineii , 

<itWecca. , » 34^ 

^1 . TheChiiprer of At^ray^ containing Emmeen f^effesy Veritteft 

^f Mecca. H^ 

^2. The (Chapter of the aAff'emhiyy containing BleyenV&fes^ 

■written at Medina. jAp 

63 . The Chapter of the Wicked , confining Twelve Verfes^ 

written at Medina. j^q 

6^ The (Chapter fffDeceipt, containing EightetnV€rfes,\¥riH 

=: #«»4f Mecca. r J5X 

65. The Chapter of Divorce^contaiffing Eighteen Verfef^Vfirit* 
tenatMccc2i* v -- 5^2 

ddyi The Chapttr of/Er^hikitioiey containing Twelve Virfes^ 
Wwf« ^r Medina. JH 

dy. The Chapteicj^ Empire^ fontainiftgThirj^ F^fur, written'^ 
rt^ Mecca. j.^J 

d8» the Chapter tf$h€f€7tf contmMtfg fifty iindfvfi9Veifes^ ^ 
•mitten at Uta% 35! 


Chapter. Folio. 

.v Written ar\AttQ2L, -560 

70. Tht Chafttr vf the y^nt ^ eofmHnmi F^n/rty find four 
K'i'Verfts^ V(^r in en at Mcccz. --- \^^\:tf\y- 361 

ft The ChMpt&^f ^09h, contaiinngTrvtnty^fnd'elghiVerJes^ 
' written at }Acccz 363 

*jt. The Chapter of 3ivthy centaining Twenty and eight Verfet^ 
. written at Mccc^, 3^4 

73. The Chapter of tht Fearful ^ containiffg Twenty V^rfHi 
rrritten at Mcccis .iJj;U ^^5 

74. The Chapter df the H^rappedy c^ntAming Fifty ^andf even 
, FerfeSy Written at MccCdL, -i'jM^.'y 

75. The Chapter of the RefitrreBiony containing FmrtyVerfesi 
Vpritten at Mecca. 3 6 S 

J6» The Chapter of Many containing Thirty Verfes, written 
nt Mecca. 5/5^ 

77. The Chuptgr of them that are fent, containing Fifty Ferfis^ 
written at Mecca. 3 7 1 

7^. The ^hipterof NewSy containing Fottrty Verfes^ written 
at Mecca. 372 

79. The Chapter of themthatfake aw^y containing Fottrty and- 
Jtx Verfesy Written at Mecca. 5 74 

80. The Chapter of the Bttnde , containing Fourty and two 
VerfeSi written at Mecca. 375 

Si. The Chapter of Roundnefsy containing Twenty and nir.t 
Verf esy written at hixcz* 376 : 

82> The Chapter of the opentng ofFIeaven, containing Seventeetf^ 
Verfesy "^^ritten at Mcccz, 377 

S3. The Chapter of them that weighwith falfe weight/y ccntain • 
ing Thirty and fix Verfes. written (it Mecca. ibid. 

84. The Chapter of the Cleft ^ntaining Ty^enty and five Verfes, 
•written at^'^tQC^, - ^^ 37^ 

85. The Chapter of the SigneCileftialy containing Twenty ' 
VerfeSy written at HtQQZ. 279 

%6i The Chapter of Star ^ or of the North Star^ confaimng 
Seventeen Verjes^^^itt en 4tHtc€i. 3>^o 

^^v; >, • * 5 '7* The ^ 

A T A B L E, 


Chapter. -EoMp. 

87. The Ch After of the High and Mighty^ e^Htaimng Seven' 
teen Verfes- -written at Mecca. x y^y.i, - .. . s , g 8 1 

88. The Chap er of the Coverings c^HtAmingTweHtyandfifC 
Ferfes^Virltten at Mcccdi. -:\-<.u . i^J^. 

8 p. The Chapter of the Mornings contaimng Thirty Verfes^ 
 '^■'rltten at Mecca. ?;:> n  ^ ■, n-. ^ 3 S * 

90. The (Chapter of the (^ity^containingT^enty Verfes, vpritten 
^^ Mecca. ' 3 S3 

91. The Chapter of the S my containittgFifteenVerfeSy written 

■sj^t Mecca. 3 ^4 

91. The Chapter of Nighty containing Twenty Perfes^ written 

: ^? Mecca. ibid. 

93. The Chapter of the Sun njlngy containing Ten Verfes ^ 
Vprit^en at Uccc^, 385 

94. The (Chapter 9 f Joy, containing Eight Verfes , written at 
t. Mecca. ibid. 

95 . The Chapter of the Figy containing Bight Verfes ywritt en at 

Mecca. - ''a '■..-. 3^^ 

96. The Chapter of Blood congealed, ^ containing Seventeen 
Verfes, Written at y^^QC^, ibid. 

97. The (Chapter of Glory or Power, containing Five Verfesi^ 
written at h'^cccdi. ' \%.\vui,,. 3^7 

9 8. The Chapter of Inflru^ion, containing Fight Verfes, written 
^f Medina. r:.r ibid. 

^^, The Chapter of the Earthquake, containing Sight Verfes^ 
^vrittenaW'xAmz. ,  lA. $88 

100. The Chapter of Horfes, containing Eleven Verfes^ Written] 
rj at Mecca and N' edina. 1^. Vs-, 3 89 

I pit The Chapter of A^iEiion) containing- E lev en Verfes^i) 
written at Hccc^. ibid. 

10 1. 7 he Chapter of Abundance f containing Eight Verfes^. 
written at Mecca. . .;. , ., . , ,. , / 3 90 

103. The Chapter of the Evening, - i- "" :\ibid. . 

104, The Chapter of Perfecuticny containing SevM V^Kffh'^^Kit' 
./f;??/?^ Mecca. , r, -^ , :a6 \;> •m\:.'^:) /\ibid. 


Chapter. Folio* 

105. The Chapter of ElefhantSy containing Five Verfes, rvrit- 

ten at ^tccz. 391 

lO^. The Chapter of Coxcis J containing Four VerfeSy written 

^^ Mecca. ibid.- 

107. The Chapter of the La^y containing Seven Verfes, Wr/>- 

ten at Mecca. ibid. 

10?. The (Chapter of Afflnence, containing Three Verfej,y^rit' 

tenatW\ccc2, 391 

XO9. The Chapter of In£Je/sj containing Six ferfesy written 

^^ Mecca. ibid* 

110. The Chapter ofFrotediion, containing four Verfes, -mritten 
at Mecca. ibid; 

111. The Chapter of the C^rd of F aim, containing Eleven 
Verfes^ Written at Mecca. 3P5 

112. The Chapter of Salvatiott, containing Four Verfes ^ ivrit" 
ten at Mecca. ibid. 

113. The Chapter of Separation, C0ntainittg Ffve Verfes^ writ' 
ten at Mcccz, ibid, 

114. The Chapter of the People, containing Six Verfes, VPrit' 
ten at Mecca. 594 

The Life and Death of Mahomet, 3P j 

A needful Caveat $r Admonition to the Reader. 






chap. T. 






O F 



The Chapter of the Prefiice , c^ntainmg fiven Verfes^ written at 
Mecca. ' 


N the Name of God, gracious and merciful ; 
Praifcd be God, gracious and mercifiil ; King 
of the Day of Judgment. It is thee whom 
we adore ; it is from thee we require help. 
Guide us in the right way, in the way of 
them that thou haft gratified ; againft whom 
thou hafl: not been dilpleafed, and we (hall not be mif kd. 



The Alcoran of M ah ou sr. Chap. 2. 


The Chapter of the Cow^ containing Two hmdred four/core und 
[even Verfes, "Written at Mecca. 

SccErpen^ TN the Name of God, gracious and merciful. I am the mod: 
nms ms ^ j^y^jf^. God. There is no Error in this I.)Ook; itguideth into 
* the right way ; thofe that are righteou?, who believe what they 
fee not , who make their Prayers with affedion,^ and difpence in 
Alms^ a part of the Goods that we have given them. Such as 
believe the things that are inipired into thee, in thofe that have 
been Preached before thee, and at the end of the world are not 
ignorant they are guided by their Lord, and fliall be bleflfed. 
Mifery is upon unbelievers , Whether thou reprove them, or do 
not reprove them, they will not be converted, God hath fhut up 
their heart, their ears and eves, and they ihall fuflfer great tor- 
^c tke ments. Many men fay,we believe in God and the Day of Judg- 
Explicati- j^gj^t;, and do not believe ; they think to deceive God, and them 
Celald'm. ^^^^ beheve in God ; certainly they deceive themfclve.s>and know 
it not. God will augment the infirmity which they have in their 
heart , and they fhall undergo the rigors of an infinite pain, by 
reafon of their lying. When it was faid to them, Pollute not the 
earth, they faid. We arc true obfervers of the Law of God ; 
notwithftanding, they were they that polluted the earth, but 
they knew it not. When it was faid to them , Believe ye as the 
world believeth > They faid. Shall we believe as fools believe ? 
they thcmfelves are fools, and know it not. When they met 
SecGelal. ^jth fuch as believe in God, they faid, We believe as you do: 
^^' And when they returned towards the devils, their companions, 

they faid. We believe as you, and mock at thofe men ; Certain- 
ly God mocketh them, and continueth them in their Errors, to 
their confulfion. They that have purchafed Error, for the right 
way, have gained nothing in their commerce, and are not well 
direded ; they are like to fuch as kindled fire , and when it 
hath enlightened what is about them, God hath deprived them 
of iigh'Cj and left them in darknefs, deaf, dumb, blinde, and they 


chap. 2. The Alcoran 0/ Mahomet. 3 

(hall never be convertedj or as a cloud of Heaven, full of dark- 
nefs, thunder, and lightning, they ftop their cars with rheir fin- 
gers, by reafon of the noife, and for fear of death ; but God 
^eth the unbelievers, he caufed lightning to approach , that 
ravifhed from them their fight ; they have follovs'ed what appear- 
ed to them , and are detained in darknefs : But if God had 
pleafed, he had deprived them, both of hearing, and fight ; for 
he is omnipotent. O People 1 worfhip your Lord, who created 
you. and all that were before you ; it may be, That you will fear 
him that hath extended the Earth , that raifed the Heaven, and 
' caufed Rain to defcend ; that caufed the produdion of Fruits to 
enrich you. Say not, that God hath a companion equal to him, 
becaufe you know the contrary. If you doubt that I have fen t 
my fervant come, and bring fome Chapters like to the Alcoran^ 
and call to witnefs the Idols that you adore ; if you are good 
men, if you have not done it, or cannot perform it , Fear the 
fire of Hell prepared for Infidels, and Idolaters; and declare to 
true believers, who do good works. That they (hall enjoy the 
immenfc pleafures of Paradife, wherein How many Rivers ; they 
fhall there finde all forts of fair and favory Fruits, which God 
hath prepared for them ; they (hall confider, if they be like to 
fuch as they had before in the world : They fhall there have 
wives, fair, and delicate, and flialldwellio eternal felicity. God 
is not ailiamed to compare a little * Puny to an extream Great- * The 
nefs: Now, foitis, that true believers knov/, that it proceedeth J?"^. ^^ ^ 
from their Lord. The wicked demand, what God doth mean by }^yl^^^^ 
that comparifon ? He by this means mif-leadeth, and dire<^ech frequently 
many men ; but mif-leadeth none, but the difobedient. Such as g owing in 
pervert his Tcllament, and his Promifes 5 fuch as retrench his t^edsinhoc 
Commandments, and defile the Earth, are damned. Why will Ceumncs. 
you be impious, feeing that God hath given you life after death ? 
He will caufe you to dye, he will raifc you again, and you Qiall 
all return before him to be judged. He it is, that created whatever 
is upon Earth, and afcending to Heaven, hath ordained feven 
Heavens, knowing all things. Remember to infVrud men , that See K'-^ 
thy Lord faid to his Angels, I would create a Vicar upon Earth ; dtonoir. 
and when they anfwered, VVik thou there place him that iEall de- 

B 3 file 

4 T^he Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Chap. 2. 

file it, and fhed blood, while we exalt thy Glory, andlandifie 
thee ? T know faid he, what you know not. He taught j^dam 
the names of all things, who difcovered them to the Angels, to 
whom God faid. Declare to me the names of all things that I 
have created, if you know them ; they replyed, Praife is due to 
thy Divine Majefty , we know nothing but what thou haft taught 
us, thou alone art knowing and wife. He faid to Adam^ Declare 
to them the names of all things that I have created. After he had 
taught them, God faid, Did I not tell you, that I knew what is 
not, neither in Earth, nor Heaven ; and that I underftand what- 
ever you make manifeft , and whatever you keep moft fecret ? 
Remember thou, that we Lid to the Angels, Humble your felves 
h^^oit Adam) they all humbled themfelves, except the Devil: 
He was already proud, and in the ntimber of the wicked. We 
fsild unto <>yf dam. Dwell thou and thy wife inParadife, and eat 
there what thou likeft, but approach not that Tree, leaftthou 
be in the number of the unjuft. The Devil made them to fin, and 
depart from the Grace in which they were ; then we faid to 
them, Defcend you enemies one to another, you {hall have a 
dwelling upon Earth, and goods wherewith to live for a time. 
Ad4m begged pardon for his fault of his Lord, he pardoned him, 
becaufe he is gracious and merciful, and faid, Defcend, and go 
all of you outof Paradife- there fhall hereafter come to you, 
a guide from me. Such as fhall follow him, fhall be delivered 
from fear and affliction fat the day of Judgment -J fuch as fhall 
be impious, and conceal my Commandments,fhall burn eternally 
The Alco- in the fire of Hell. O children of Jfrae/^ remember the Grace 
ran in the I have done you, I will fatisfie my Promifes, perform yours, fear 
old and jiie^ and believe in what 1 have fent from Heaven, confirming 
what was before taught you ; be not the firft impious, and for- 
fake aot my Law at any rate ; fear me, and cover not the Truth 
with a lye, neither willingly conceal it ; Make your prayers at 
the time appointed, pay Tithes, andworfhip your Lord with 
them that adore him. Will you command people that have no 
care of their fouls, to do good ? Will you meditate upon Scri- 
pture, without obferving it? Entreat for fuccor with patience, 
and with prayers they abound not, but in them that arc obedient, 


new Tefta. 


Q?ap. 2. The Alcoran o/'M a h o m e t. 5^ 

that believe they (liall one day behold their Lord, and fliall re- 
turn before him to be judged. O children of Ifrae/, call to 
minde my favors. I have preferred you to all the world; fear 
the da}^ wherein one Soul (Lall not be chaftifed' for another ; 
when prayer lliall not be heard, neither ranfom, fuccors nor 
protection be found for the wicked. Remember, that we de- 
livered you from the hands of Pharaoh , who afflided you 
through the violence of torments, who murthered your children, 
abufed your wives ; and that your Lord encreafed your miferies, 
becaufe of the enormity of your crimes. Remember, that we 
divided the Seas to fave you , and that we drowned Pharaohs 
men in your view ; neverthelefs, you worfhipped the Calf, when 
we detained Mofes with us fourty nights, in which you were ex- 
treamly too blame ; after this, we pardoned you, it may be that 
you will give me thanks. We gave unto Mofes the Book* that 
diftinguillieth good from evil ; perhaps you will be converted. 
Remember, chat Mofes {2^\6. to his people, You.weretoo blame Gekid'm 
for having adored the Calf; repent, ind be converted to your f^"^^ ^^^ 
Creator ; Slay one another, that will be a thing acceptable to fl^y^jj"' 
Cod ; he will pardon your crime, he is gracious and merciful, wicked. 
You faid , O CMofes , we will not believe thee , for that 
we fee not God ; then you were fmitten with thunder, 
you faw your mifery with your own eyes ; neverthelefs, we vVe have 
raifed you after your death ; perhaps you will give me thanks, pardoned 
We covered you with the (hadow of clouds , we caufcd Manna Y^" • ^^^ 
andQ^iails to fall upon you^ and faid. Eat the good things vve ^^^'^^^'^* 
havegivenyou. They did us no harm, when they murmured; 
they afflided them "lives. We faid. Enter into that City, and Gda'din 
eat therein what (hall content you ; enter in at the gate, with faith, it is 
humility, and fay. Remove our fins from us. 1 will pardon your Jerufdm, 
offences, and cncrcafe the Graces of thofe that are righteous : ^^^ ^ 

• • PI tctioi't" 

then the wicked altered their words that were taught them ^ but 
1 fcnc my indignation from Heaven upon them , according to 
their demerits. When Mofes dcmsindcd drink for his people, 
we faid. Smite the Rock with thy Hod, incontinently there 
fprung forth twelve Fountains, and every man knew his place, 
where to drink : Eat, and drink the pood things of God, and 

B 3 " defile 

6 The Alcoran of Mahomet. Chap. 2. 

defile not the Earth any more. You faid unto C^lofes, we are 
not facisfied with one fort of meat ; entreat thy Lord that he 
give us what the Earth produceth, Beets, Cucumbers, Garlick, 
Lentils, and Onions; he faid, Defire you to change good for 
evill ? Goe downe into jEgypt , you will there finde what you 
require. They were beaten with difgracc, and poverty, and re- 
turned into the wrath of Cod , for that they difobeyed his 
Commandements, and unjuftly flew his Prophets, for which they 
^ were greatly to blame. All thofc that fhall believe Chriftians, 

Jcwcs or Samaritans , fuch astliall believe in God at the day of 
Judgement, and doe good workes, (ball be recompcnfed by 
e& Geku jj^^jj. \^q^^^ ^nd be free from feare , and afiBidion, at the day of 
the Refurredion. When we received your promife,to beleeve in 
the Old Tcftament, weraifcd a mountaine over you, to over- 
shadow you , and faid, Comprehend with aflFcdion , what wee 
teach you, and remember ; perhaps you will feare the fire of Hell, 
anddifobcdience; nevertheleffe, you have gone aftray, without 
the mercy of your Lord you fhall be in the number of the damned. 
You know what befell thofe that obferved not the Sabboth ; we 
faid unto them. Be ye abhorred , and defpifed as Apes 5 We left 
this punifhment, as an advertifement to their temporaries and 
See Kjtab pofteritie> and particularly, to be for an example to the true be- 
eltenoir. leevers. Remember thou, that Mofes faid unto the people, God 
commandeth you to facrifice a Cow. They anfwered, doeft thou 
mocke us ? He replied,God defend me from being in the number 
of the ignorant j they faid, Call upon thy Lord, that he inftrudi 
us what Cow that ought to be 5 he faid, it muft be a Cow of a 
middle age, neither young, nor old, and doe what is command- 
ed you ; They faid, pray unto thy Lord , that he (liew us of what 
colour it ought to be. H muft, faid he, be of a bright, yellow 
colour, that it may delight the eyes of the beholders. They faid. 
Invoke thy Lord, that he inftrud us , what it ought to refemble, 
and we fh-iU ( if it pleafe himj be obedient to his Commande* 
raents ; He faid, God anfwereth you, that it muft be a Cow, that 
never bare the yoke, to till the earth, neither water the fields, 
round, and that hath never laboured, neither hath Ipot upon her 
body. They faid, thou haft now fpoken truth? they then facrificed 


chap. 2. The Alcoran 0/ M a h o u e r. 7 

her , and it wanted not much, but they had not done it : VV hen 
you have (laine any one, you are then fvill of wrath, and become 
proud ; God bringeth to light whatever you conceale ; We 
faid, fmire that dead body with a piece of that Cow ; fo God 
raifethagainethedead*. and manifeftethto you his Miracles; it * The 
may be you will comprehend them, yet your hearts are hardned, Tu.ks be- 
more obdurate then Rocks j for Rivers flow from Rocks, when ^^^^^ jJ^J 
thev cleave and appeare, or when they fall, and overturne by the f;?^" [y^ > 
permiflion 01 his divine Majelty. God is not ignorant 01 your bein<y 
adions. Do you defire the Jewes fliould beleeve you , becaufe fmittcn 
many among them write the word of God, and alter it at plea- with the 
fure , after they have comprized it ? When they meet with ^fJ^"^Co\v. 
truebeleevers, they fay, we beleeve in God, and being aflfem- 5^2 g^^/, 
bled , they fay among themfelves , have you entertained thofe 
true beleeve rs, for that Ged hath inftruded you , that they may 
finde no excufe againft you at the day of Judgement , before his 
divine Majeftie ? Undcrftand you not that they would excufe ^^^^ 
themfelves upon what you have faid to them ? Know they not 
that God knoweth whatever they conceale , and what they 
bring to light f There be fomc that know neither to reade nor 
write, that underftand nothing of Scripture , but what they 
have learned from the lies of their Doftors , yet they thinke to 
be knowing men. Miferie is upon them that conceale the Scrip- 
ture in their hands , that alter it, and fay, that what they reade 
prcccedeth from God to profit anything thereby. Miferie is 
upon them , becaufe of what their hands have written ; miferie 
is upon them, and upon what they have gained , in blafpheming 
agair)fl:God. They have faid, we fhall continue in Fire but a 
certaine number of dayes : Say unto them, have you capitulated 
with God ? He will not ad againft his promifes i Will you fpeak 
of God what you know not.? Such as have gained ought , and 
were entangled in the finne of their gaine , iliall for, ever re- 
maine in the flames of Hell ; and they that have faith in God, 
and doe good workes , Qiall eternally enjoy the delights of Pa- 
radife. Remember thou , that we taught the Commandemcnts 
of the Law, and how we faid to the children of Ifrael, worihip 
one only God , doe good unto your father and mother, to your 

B 4 allies. 

8 The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e T. Chap, 2. 

allies, orphans, and the poore ; fpeake mildcly unto the peo- 
ple , make your prayers at the time appointed , and pay 
your Tithes 5 neverthelcfFe they were difobedient , except Tome 
very few among them. When we received the Commandements 
of God, and that wc faid, (lied not your bloud, neither forfakc 
yourhoufes, you approved it, your felves are v^itnelfes ; Ne- 
vertheieflTe you flew many , and conftrained a great number to 
' defert their habitation , you aflifted each other in injuftice , and 
impiety. If flaves have recourfe to you , you /liall redeeme 
them, their deliverance is appointed you .- Doe you beleeveonc 
part of the Scripture to abjure the other f The reward of any 
of you that fliall do this thing , is ignominie in this world , and 
to be precipitated into the moft grievous torments of Hell 
; at the day of Judgement. God is not ignorant of your adions. 

Such as purchafe the life of the world, to quit Piradife, fhall not 
beeafed in thcirmiferies , and be utterly deprived of fuccours. 
Certainly , we gave the Law to Mofe^ , and after him fcnt ma- 
ny Prophets 5 We infpired knowledge into Jefusthe fonne of 
Mdrjy andflrengthnedhim by the Holy Ghofl, but you arofe 
againft the Prophets , that came contrary to your affedions, 
, youbelyed one part , and flew another. The unbeleeversfaid, 
our heart is hardened ; It is God that hath curfed them, by reafon 
of their impietie, andfewof them will beleeve the Comman- 
dements of his divine Majeftic. When God hath fent them 
any Booke, confirming the Scriptures, which they before ap- 
proved { viz, the Old Tcftament, and the Gofpel ) they de- 
manded fuccours when they met with the wicked,and being fuc- 
coured, they either underftood it not , or would not receive it. 
Thecurfeof God is upon Infidels, efpecially upon them that 
havefoldtheirfoules, and through envie difobeyed his Com- 
mandements: He beftoweth his grace on whom he pleafeth, 
they are returned in the difpleafure of his Divine Majeftie, who 
hath prepared for them grievous torments , becaufe of the 
enormitie of their crimes. When it was faid to them, Beleeve 
Scjc Kjtab ^^ ^^^ Commandments of God ; they faid, Do we not believe in 
€l tmmr, what hath been commanded us ? Neverthelc{re,they have no faith 
in the truth which God hath fent , confirming the Prophecies ^ 


Q?ap. 2. The Alcoran of M au ou Er. 

and the precepts that they before approved ; Saj^ unto them, had 
you heretofore flainc the Prophets, ifyou had believed in his 
Law f Mofes certainly had caufed you to fee Miracles; but yee 
adored the Calfe after his departure , wherefore you were great- 
ly too blame. We received your promire,to obferve the Comman- 
dements of the Law , and raifed a * Mountainc over you ; Un- * -^^^ 
derftand with aflfedion what we teach you, and hearken to what Turks be- 
is commanded you ; they anfwered, we have heard, and difo- leeve that 
beyed, and inclined their heart to the adoration of the Calfe, ^°^ '^^*^"* 
becaufe of their impietie. Say to them , doth your faith com- ^c^m. 
mand you to doe it, ifyou believe in God, and life cternall? taine over 
Thinke upon death, if you be righteous; They regard not their the Ifrae- 
paft errours, but God knoweth the unjuft ; Thou ifhalt findc them ^'^^!^ "*°" 
with diligence , and defire to live a long time ; The wicked hope ^d " 
toliveathoufand yeares; but theylliall be exempt from the ^ 
puniQiment to livelong ; God beholdeth all their adions. Say 
to them, who is an enemie to (jahrieU He by the permifli- 
on of God hath infpired into *thee the Alcoran, that con- * M.:ih9^ 
firmeth the ancient Scriptures ^ and guideth the good in the *^^^* 
way of their Salvation , and dechrethto them the joyes of Pa- 
radife. He that is an enemie to God, the Angels, his Prophet, 
to G^brael and Michad^ fhall be rigoroufly chaftifed , God is 
an enemie to Infidels. We have fent thee precepts, cleare, and 
intelligible, none will abjure them but the wicked; Some of 
them have af^ed againft their owne promifcs, and the greateft 
partis incredulous; Many of them that have knowledge in the 
written Law, have forfaken it , even when God fent them any 
Prophet toconfirme the ' criptures,that they had before received, 
and approved ; They caft the booke of God behinde their 
backs, as it they knew it not , and adhered to what the Devils 
taught in the raigne o^ Solomon, (yet Solomon finned not, but the 
Devils only, that intruded the people in Migick^ and what was ^^^^ ^^^ 
taught by the two A gels, Arot and Marot in Babylon. Before Marot 
they taught the people, they faid. We are not fedition, neither Magid- 
be you impious. The people learned of them.what concerneth the ^"s. 
reparation of the man and the woman, and what breedeth ha- 
tred betwixt them. They did not harme to any by their Magick; 



The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. (J/;^^.; 

but. through the permiffion of God, the people learned of them 
what might hurt,and not be profitable to them ; thev inftruded 

fod/^'th""":! '^'' ^"^^^ '^''" P"^ '" Paradife,at the Ls of the' r 
fouls although they knew their error, that they had before be' 

f^'ril^'ni^ '"'^ H'"^ ^'^ ^'^'"^ Majeftie. Repentance in- 
to vlthi'f ^^'^^^'''"g P'^oftable.if they underftood to know 

headed to wht"f'''^'^''°i' honour us ; fay. regard u,, and 
hearken to what is commanded you. To Infidels are prepared 

C°l7T tTT' '^' ^'r ^"'J Chriftians defired not that 
God ftould fend you good, but God very liberrall, gratifieth 

Zht T'^  "f"? ^' P'^*'""'' = he will not alter his Com- 
fnandments, neither forget them ; he will moreover teach othas 

inore profitable, or of the like nature; know you not that God 
. kS^"'?.' ' ""'^""/"'^ y°" "«^ that to God app tains 'he 
proteaor .' VV illyou queftion your Prophet, as Mofes was her- 
T. . A' '^T^'"'''/ • "^ '^'' '1^' " change faith inzotpkZaM 

Jn^& rf e"d\Tour'n .Iri'^'^T 'T'^'^^"^^^ 
ftiamwho ZLhmlZT u '^"^"^ y°" through impiety andenvie. 
have the "Otwithftandrng they are not ignorant of the Truth • foraive 
witten them^nd beware of them.untill God hath (otherwife) difpofed 
Law: See he is Omnipotent. Make your prayers at the time appointed fnd  
Cclaldm. pay your Tithes,yo« (hall finde before God the good that vo'-^" 
for your fouls.he bcholdeth all your adionsThfy have fa'a hat 
nonebut the Jews andChriftians (hal enter into P radlfe t is'the 
falle mvenuon , fay unto them, if you be good men b r . our 
Reafons on the contrary, he that refigneth himfelf to God Td 

£u1ud:"rh f ™ '^' ^7'r '^ ^' ^'thout reafon' "' thd ?s 
they itudy the fpeake the ipnoranr r J n . 
tetmine their difference at theday5Sfurre'<3?on wi^ 
more un.uA.thenhe that hbdred! that S KmeV^ ?'' 
Temples, and that ftudieth nought but their dcftruTn.'r ? 
|ncn cannot enter therein, but v^ith fear Setourr/i,1l 
have on earth fliame upon the forehead, and. in he other wo^fd 

Qyap. 2. The Alcoran of M a h o \< e t. n 

(lull fuffcr exceeding great torments. The Eaft and Weft are 
Gods, whitherfoever men turn themfelvcs, the face of God doth 
there meete them, his Divinity extendeth through the whole 
earth. They faid, beleeve yos that God hath a Son ? Praifed be 
God on the contrary; whatever is either In earth or heaven, 
appertaineth to his Divine Majeftie, and all things obey him ; he 
hath created heaven and earth, and when he wiileth any thing, he 
faithjBe thou,and it is. The unbeleevers faidjifGod fpeak not tous, 
or if thou performeft no miracle?, v;e will not beleeve thec; their 
predtcefforshave faid as much, and their words have been like 
unto their hearts ; we have caufcd miracles to appear to the 
righteous, afid have fenc thee to preach and inftru^: the people ; 
inquire not why thofe that ilial defcend into hell will not believe 
thee; the Jews and Chriftians will not be fatisfied of thee,untill 
thou follow their opinion; fay unto them, there is no better 
guide in the world then God ; take heede left thou follow their 
appetites, after that thou haft comprehended the knowledge 
which we infpired into theej who, except God, will be thy de- 
fender f They whom we have taught the Scripture, that ftudy 
and read it with truth, beleeve the contents of it ; and they that . 
do not beleeve, are damned. O children of Ifrael, callto minde 
the favour that I did you ; I preferred you before all the world, 
feare the day wherein one foul iliall not be able to aflift another, 
when a ranfome (liall not be accepted, neither excufe ; and when 
the wicked ftiall not be protefled. Remember thou, that ^^z-^- 
ham requeued of the Lord an accomplilliment of his Word ; 
he faid to him, 1 will eftablifh thee among the people, to teach 
them the myfteries of my Law : and he faid, what (hall become 
of my Linage f He anfwcred, Paradife (hall not be open to 
the unjuft. We have eftablifhed the Temple of Mecca for a fure 
refuge of the people, in repentance; he made his Oratoric at 
Abrahams* place; and we have commanded Abraham md* Abrahams 
Jfmael to keep clean my houfe for them that (Lall repair thither place is an 
inproceflion, with humility and adoration. When ^Abraham P'^^^^'^X 
received this command, he faid Lord fortiiie this City, and enrich Temple 
its people with all good things, and all the inhabitants thereof, of <5Wf<:#<?. 
that (hal believe in thy divine Majeftie^ and the day of judgement. 


12 T7;e Alcoran o/ M A H o M E T. Q?ap,i. 

God faid, I will lor a time enrich the Infidels alfo, and precipi- 
tate them into the fire of hell,vvhere they fliall remain to all eter- 
nity. When j4l?raham^nd I fmael ridcd the foundations of the 
Temple oi Alecca.Abrahum faid^Lord accept our vows; thou un- 
derftandeft all, and knoweft all things : Lord give us the grace to 
be obedient to thy Commandments, and let a people iiTue from 
our loyns tijat may obfervc thy Law ; Shew us the way we ought 
to follow, and have mercy upon us ; thou art gracious and merci- 
ful; Lord fend to this thy people a Prophet of their nation, to 
preach to them thy Commandments,to inftrudl them in Scripture 
and knowledg,and to purifie them,thou art omnipotent and wife. 
No man (hall abandon the Law of Abraham, but to his own 
damage, I have chofen him in this world, and he is in the other, 
in the number of the juft. Remember thou, that his Lord faid 
to him. Be thou obedient to thy Lord, and cruft thou in him ; he 
faid, I refign my felf to God, Lord of the Univerfe .- He com- 
manded facub and his children^ to follow the Law of God. My 
children, God hath taught you his Law, truft you in him, be 
obedient to him, even unto death. Were you prefent when 
facob was near unto death ? and when he faid to his fons, Whom 
will ye adore after me ? They anfwered^ We will worlliip thy 
God, the God of our Fathers Abraham^ Ifmael, and Ifaac^ one 
foleGod; we refign our ielves tohtspleafure. The good that 
thofe men gained, remained tochem, and the evil that you fhalL 
commit, fhall beagainftyou; enquire not after what they did. 
They have faid, Be ye either Jew, or Chriftian, you Qiali follow 
the right way. Say unto them» contrariwife, The law o\ Abra- 
ham is moft juft, he was not of the number of them that be- 
lieved in many Gods. Say ye, vVe believe in God, in what he 
-infpired into Abraham, Ifmael, Ifaac^ Jacob, and the Tribes, in 
what was taught Mofes, fefm^ and ail the Prophets, we rely up- 
on God. If they believe as you do, they fhall not erre ; if they 
abandon your faith, they will have a controverfie with you , but 
God fhall proteA you; he underftandeth whatever they fay, 
and what they do; he hath purified his Law, and what better 
purification is there, then that of his Divine Majefiy > Say unto 
ti:em, VVill you diipute with us concerning God, who is your, 


Q?ap. 2. The Alcoran 0/ Mahomet. 13 

and cur t.ord ? Wc will anfvver with our adions, and you fl:iall 
anfwcr with yours ; all our confidence is in his Divine pleafure. 
Will you fay, that <iAbrahain^ Ifaac, Jacobs and the Tribes, were 
Jews or Chriftians ? Are you more knowing then God f Who is 
moreunjuft, then he that concealcth the miracles that he hath 
feen to proceed from God / He is not ignorant of all your adi- 
ons. The good that thofe men have done, remain to them ; and 
the evil that they (liall commit, fhall be againft you ; enquire not 
after what they did. Some ignorant among the people wi 11 fay, 
Their Prophet doth not appoint them to turn the face to that 
fide, to which they turned heretofore, when they made their 
Orifons. Say unto them, The Baft and Wep: belong unto God ; 
heairederh in the right way whom he pleafeth. As we have con- 
duced you into the right way ; we have likewife commanded 
you to do that which is jaft; that you be witnefTes againft the 
people at the day of judgment, and the Prophet witnefs againft ^^^ GeiaU 
you. I have not ordained, that you turn your face as heretofore, ^^^ 
when you made your Orifons, to the end, they may be known 
that follow the Prophet, from them that return to their impiety. 
It willbeirkfome to the people to turn to that fide, except to 
fuch as God hath guided into the right way. God will not make 
vain your belief; he is gracious and merciful to his people. I fee 
that thou lifteft up thy face to Heaven, turn which way fhall 
pleafethee ; but turn thou towards Mecca, wherefoever thou 
art : They, to whom heretofore the knowledg of Scripture Thefe a-c 
was given,knew that the Truth proceeded from their Lord ; what ^^^ Jews 
they do is not concealed from God, when thou fhalt meet them ; n"'^ ^^^'' 
3^nd that they will not turn themfelves, as thou, in making their fj^^^ \^^ 
prayers ; do not thou likewife turn, as they, they turn not all the wiirten 
fame way, follow not their appetites, having comprehended the Law. 
knowledg that hath been infpired into thee^ leaft thou fall in- 
to the number of the unjuft. Many, to whom we have given the 
knowledg of the written Law, underftand it perfedly, as alfo ■• 
do their children ; neverthelefs, they conceal the Truth, and are 
not ignorant that itproceedeth from thy Lord : Be not thou 
of the number of them that doubt. Turn thy felf always to- 
wards MeccA, Do good wherefoever thou art, God will be^ 


14 The Alcoran of Mahomet. Chap. 2. 

with thee ; he is omnipotent. From what place foevcr thou goeft 
forth, turn thy face towards Mecca : This is reafonable, and or- 
dained by thy Lord. Whatfoevcr you do, is not hid from God ; 
wherefocvcr you are, turn towards Mecca, that none may findc 
wherewith to reprove your adions, but the unjuft ; fear not 
them, but fear me. I will accomplifh my Grace upon you, and 
you (liall be guided through the right way. We have fent unto 
you a Prophet of your Nation, that (hall teach you my Com- 
mandments.and purifie you. He (hall inftrucfl you in the Scripture, 
in knowledge and in what you underftand not. Remember me, 
I will remember you ; praife me, and be not in the number of 

* So tke the wicked. O ye that are * True believers ! implore fuccor with 
Tiuksftile patience and prayers. C ertainly, God is with fuch as are patient : 
themfelves Say not, that thofe that are flain for the defence of their law, 

are dead, contrariwife they are alive, but you know it not. I 
will try you, and afflid you through the lofs of your goods, and 
difeafe of your perfons .- Paradife fhall be for them that fhall be 
patient, and fhall fay in their afflidion , V Ve are given up unto 
God, and (hall return before him to be judged ; his Grace fhall 

* Safa and t>e upon them, and they Qiall not erre. * Sofa and Meroa, are 
mmsL are tokens of his power : He that fhall go on Pilgrimage to Mecca, 
mountains fl^all not do amifs to vifit thofe two places ; he that obeyeth,fhaIl 
aeerivff^r.^. jQvvell. God rcwardeth them that do good works, and know- 

eth all things. I will lay my curfe upon fuch as conceal my 
Commandments, they fhall be accurfed above wharever is in this 
world; except them that fhall be converted, that fhall do good 
works, and bring to light what they concealed, I will give them 
my Grace j I am gracious and merciful The wicked that died in 
their impiety, fhall be eternally accurfed of God, of Angels, and 
of all the World, they fhall never be eafcd in their torments, 
and fliall be, without end, deprived of protedion. Your God, 
is one fole God ; there is none other God, but God gracious 
and merciful. The Creation of the Heavens, and the Earth, the 
difference of the day and the night, the Ship that faileth on the 
Sea for the advantage of commerce, the Rain that faileth from 
Heaven, to give life to the Earth after its death, the divcrfity of 
Winds, and the Clouds that move between Heaven and Earth, 


C^^^. 2. T/;^ Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 15 

are fignes of the unity of God, to thofe that can underftand it. 
There be, that adore Idols, and love them ; the True-believers 
love but one fole God. V Vhen thou flialt fee the wicked, know, 
they fhall one djiy fee the punifhment of other crimes. All 
ftrength. andvertueproceedeth from God, moft fevere in his 
chaftifements. When that a part of them that had embraced 
the true Law, feparated themfelves froni the company of True 
believers J and that any mifchicf befel them, they could not re- 
unite themfelves ; Then they faid, in their afflidion, If we an- 
other time meet our companions, we will feparate our fclves 
from them, as they have feparated themfelves from us : Thus See K^V^ 
fhall God give them to underhand their error^ with exceeding -^^ **f«^'^« 
forrow, and they fhall be eternally confined in the lire of Hell. 
O ye people/ cat what is good and favory in the Earth, and fol- 
low not the freps of the Divel ; he is your open enemy, he will 
command you that which is evil, and filthy; and to fpeak of 
God what you know not. When it was faid to the Infidels, 
obey the Commandments of God, they faid, We will follow 
the fteps of our Fathers ; wc will obfervc, what they obferved : 
farely their Fathers wereunwife, and mif-lcd ; they are like to 
him that cryeth, and underftandeth nothing of what is fpoken, 
but the voyce ; they are deaf, dumb, blinde, and without judg- 
ment. O ye, that believe in God, eat the good things that he 
hath given you, and give him thanks, if it be him that you wor- 
(hip. He forbiddeth you to eat Carrion,Blood, Swines flefli, and 
whatever is not killed, in pronouncing the name of his Divine 
Majefty, except it be in extream neceffity ; and in this cafe, ic 
(hall not be reputed difobcdience, nor fin; God is benigne, and 
merciful : what they eat, that conceal the Word of God , for 
any profit or advantage, fhall be nothing but matter of fire in 
their bowels . God fhall not fpeak to them at the day of judg- 
ment, but with fury; he will not purifie them, and they fhall 
Gaffer rigorous torments. They that have purchafed error for 
the right way, and punifhment for pardon, (hall burn in the fire 
of Hell; for that God hath fent the moft true Book that con- 
taineth his Commandments ; they that impugne what is con- 
tained in that Book, arc in an exceeding greai error, far from the 


•»^™"l ....... __.... 

1 6 T/;e Alcoran 0/ M A H o M E T. Q?ap.i. 

truth. It is not juftification to turn the face, making your pray- 
ers towards the Eaft otJVefi; he fliall be juftificd, that (hall be- 
lieve in God, the day of jfudgment, the Angels, the Scriptures, 
and the Prophets ; and chat in charity fhall impart fome part of 
his goods to his parents, to orphans, to the poor, to pilgrims,and 
to flaves. Such as believe in God, and have his fear before their 
eyes, perfevcre in their prayers, pay Tithes ; they fatisfie their 
promifes, and are patient in their adverfitics, O ye that believe I 
the Taiio is commanded you in murther, the free for the free, the 
flave for the flave, the woman for the woman. But if any one 
pardon the blood of his brother, he fhall profecute themale- 
fafior, according to what he fhall fee moft advantagious, through 
damages and interefts ; It is a facility which God hath given 
you, through his mercy. He that (hall do injury to the male- 
fador, having received fatisfadlion of him, fliall fufter grievous 
torments; at the day of judgment you fhall finde life in the 
The Talio Xallo, O you that are wife / it may be you will fear God ; He 
cqual^to commandeth you to make your Teftament, when you approach 
the offence ^^^^ death ; give legacies of your fubftance to your Father, and 
Mother, your neerKinred, and beftow Alms on the poor. If 
any man alter your Teftament, the fin jGhall be upon him, and 
upon all them that fhall alter it : God underftandeth, and know- 
eth all things. If any one feareth that there is an error in the 
Teftament, that oppofeth Reafon, he lliall do well to reconcile 
the parties with affedion , God is gracious and bountiful. O yc 
that believe 1 Fafting is commanded you,as it was them that were 
before you ; you ftiall fear God, and Fall, particularly, a cer- 
tain number of days; but if any one among you is fick, or in 
travel, at the time of Fafting, he fhall count the days that he 
. fafted not, and fhall fulfil them at another time. Such as are not 
* Kdn:a7an of ftrengthto Faft, fhall facisfie for Fafting, through Alms ; he 
is thdr that iTiali obey, lliall do well; If you Faft, you ihall do well, 
^h-^^' ^^^ ^^^ moneth of * Ramadan, in which the Alcoran defcended 
^^j^^gj^^^' from Heaven, to guide men into the right way; it containech 
go days; precepts of Divine Right, and diftinguifheth good from evil, 
tiurin?: all thofc that livc to this month, ought to Faft. He that is fick, or 
which^they in a voyage, fhall accomplifh the days that he fafted not another 
^^^*' time, 

Chap.2. Tl?e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e T. 17 

time, at his convenier.cie ; God wiilcth tfcac his I aw rhould be 
light unto you, and not a burthen ; his will is, that you ob- 
ferve the dayes of failing , and that you return him thanks, 
for that he hath guided you in the right way. perhaps you will 
give him thanks; I will- be near unto my fervants, when they 
Qiall enquire of thee concerning the myfterics of my Law ; I 
will hear their Supplications when they invoke me, that they 
may perfevere in obedience to my Commaridments ; perad- ^^^^^^'^''^' 
venture they will follow the right way. ItislawfuIIforyou 
to know your wives the night of falling , they are neceffarie 
to you, as your cloathes, and you are to them as neceflfarie as 
their garments: God knoweth, that otherwife you fbould 
have betrayed your foules ; he is bountiful] to you, and hath 
pardoned you, know them, and performe what God hath ap- 
pointed you. Eate and drinke , untill you may diftinguifL a 
whits thread from a black by the light of the morning , then 
begin to faft untill night ; Know not your wives when you are 
in the Temple : Such are the limits prefcribed of God, tranf- 
greffe them not ; So God manifefteth his Commandment to 
the people, perhaps they will have the feare of his divine Ma- 
jeftie before their eyes. Difpend not your goods unprofitable, 
and with vanitie , and corrupt not the Judges with gifts, 
and prefents , to eate malicioufly the fubflance of another, 
they will qucftion you concerning the new Moone; fayyee, 
That it is thefigne of the time appointed for pilgrimages ; It 
is not rcaionable that you fhouid enter the houfe of another a 
back way^r he ihat feares God, doth well to enter through the 
gate. Feafe God. and you fhall be happie ; tight for his Law 
againft them that afl'ault you, and doe wrong to no man , he 
ioveth not them that are unjuft ; flie Infidels whcrefoever you 
findethem, and expell them out of the place , from which 
they iliail have driven you ; Sedition isworfe then murcher ; 
fight not againft them at Mecca y untill they aifault you; if 
they there fight you , kill them , fuch is the punilLment of In- 
fidels: if they fet a period to their infidelitk, God will be to 
them gracious and merciful! .- ^ight againft them 1:0 avoid fe* 
dition ; Faith proccedcth from God ; if they defift from theii? 

^ C impietk. 

1 8 77;e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e x. €hap. 2. 

impietie, you (hall exercife no hoftilitie againft them , but 
only againft the wicked : If they fight you in the moneth of 
Mharam , you fhall fight them ah'b in that fame moneth , 
and obfervc a reciprocation in honours. Offend them that 
fhall offend you in that moneth , in the fame manner that 
they fhall have offended you. Feare God, and know that he is 
with them that fear him, difpend for his glorie, and throw not 
your felves into your owne deftruflion ; doc good, he loveth 
thofe that doe good , accomplidi the Pilgrimage appointed , if 
you be not hindred by your enemies, or have not conveniencie 
to performe it 5 Shave not your heads , untill you arrive at the 
place appointed for Sacrifices; if any of you be difeafed , or 
fick in the head , he fliall there give fatisfadion by fafting, 
almes, and facrifices , when you fliall be in a place of fafety, 
and fecure from your enemies. Such as fhall be hindred to ac- 
complifh Pilgrimage , and fuch as have not meanes to fatisfie 
for^thc facrifices ordained , fhall faft three dayes , during the 
time of Pilgrimage , and feven dayes at their returne , which 
S he ex- ^^ ^" ^^^^^ri dayes, iftheybenot inhabitants at^/fr<:^, with 
pfication of ^^^^^ wives and Families. Fear God, and know,that he is fevere 
chafai, inhispunifliments ; Pilgrimage ought to be performed in a 
certaine moneth , they that fh^U defire to performe it, at the 
time prefcribcd , fliall not know their wives, they fliall be 
humble,and fhall have no quarrel in that voyagejGod knoweth 
all your good adlions , he fliall augment your faculties, he is 
a great rewarder. Oh you that are wife, feare me , you finne 
not in demanding good from your Lord , and making mer- 
chandize in that voyage. When you fhall depart from the. 
Mountaine of Arefat, remember God in that of MoHchar, rc- 
Bedm filth, member how he hath guided you, and how you were before 
palTe where out of the way ; paffe through the place, through which that 
ji^l people were wont to paffe, and implore pardon of God , he 

paffed. ^s gracious and mercifull. Having finifhed yourOrifons, re- 
member God with affedion , as your Fathers remembred you; 
There be among the people , that fay, Lord give uj good in 
this world , and have no part in the other. Others there be, 
that fay. Lord beftow on us the good of this wQild, Paradife 


chap. 2. The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e T. 19 

in the other , and deliver us from the fire of Kell 5 They (hall 
all finde the good and the evill that they have done , God is 
exad to keep account ; He that {hall advance his voyage two 
dayes, (liall not finne, neither he that {hall retard it, if he feare 
God . Feare God, and know, that you (liall all one day ap- 
peare before his Divine Majcftie to be judged. There be 
men whofc fpeech will be pleafing to thee in this world , they 
will call God to witne{re what is in their hearts , neverthele{rc 
they are very pernicious, when removed from thee, and tra- 
velling upon the earth , they there commit filthine{fe, and ru- 
ine both Village and fruits. God loveth not difordersi 
When it was faid to them , fear God, pride, with r]n,po{re{red 
them, but Hell (liall be their habitation. Some there be among 
the people , that fell their owne perfons, out of a great defire 
to pleafeGod, furelyheis gracious to them that ferve him. 
Oh yee that believe in God I be obedient to his Command- 
ments, and purfue not the fleps of the Devill, he is your open 
cnem'ie; if you{inne againft God , having once learned his 
Commandments , know , that he is omnipotent to chaftife 
you , and prudent in all his workes. Will the wicked expedl 
that God (hould appeare to them in the obfcuritie of a Cloud ? 
Or elfe the Angels with Command to extirpate them , they 
(hall be affembled before his Divine Majeftie to be judged. 
Demand of the Children of Ifrael, how many Miracles were 
made appeare to them ? He that altereth the grace he {hall 
have received of God, {hallbefeverelypuni{hed. The wick- 
ed efteeme the life of the world , and fcorne thofe that be- 
lieve in God; but fuch as believe God, {hall be above them 
at the day of Judgement; he enricheth with innumerable 
good things whom he pleafeth. The world was all of one Re- See Kitd> el 
ligion, before impietie tooke place : God fent his Prophets ^^^^^>. 
to inftrufl the people, to fhew them their errour, and de- 
clare to them the joyes of Paradife; he fent with them, the 
booke of truth, to judge the differences among men , no * xh^ Tews 
man contradided the Contents of it, but * fuch as had know- and Ch m- 
ledge of the Scripture , and this caufed the envie that is rifen ^,"s. 
among them; God guided them that obkrvcd his Command- ^^^ ^^^^^' 

2 ments. 

lo The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e T. Chap. 2. 

ments, and fuch , as with his permiffion , obeyed his will; 
he dirp(5leth in the right way whom it pleafeth him. Doe yee 
believe to enter Paradife , unleffe that happen to you , that 
befell yoHr PredecefTors ? They were touched with miferies, 
anddifeafes, and trembled, untill that very inftant that the 
Prophetfaid to the true believers that were with him ; Vi^hen 
rhall divine fuccour come F notwithftanding Divme fuccour 
wasnotfarrc off; They {Lall queftion thee concerning what 
they ought to ejipend ; Say unto them , you fhiU aflift with 
your goods, your father and mother , your allies , Orphans, 
the poore, and pilgrims. God will undcrftand all the good 
you (hall do 5 Fighting is enjoyned you, although it be againft 
your will; it may chance that you wiliriiunne that Vs/hich is 
profitable to you, and likewife love what is pernicious to you, 
God knoweth what you know not. They (hall aske of thee, 
if they fhall fight in the moneth of Mharam ; fay unto them, 
great battels fhall happen in this moneth , that fhall Tnut up to 
the people the way of the Law of God ; and impieties , that 
fhall hinder the multitude to goe to Mecca. To drive the 
people from cJ^^r^r^ is an exceeding great finnc : Sedition is 
worfe then murther ; The wicked fliall not ceafe to fight you, 
untill they have, if they can accomplifh it, miflead you from 
your Religion. His good works among you, that fliall quit his 
Law, and die an Infidell^ fhall be vaine in this world, and him- 
felfc be confined in the fire of Kell , Such as believe in 
God , that feparate themfelves from the impious that aban- 
don their houfes for the fervice of his Divine Majeftie , and 
that fight for the Faith , hope for his mercie , he is gra- 
cious and mercifull. They will enquire of thee concerning' 
wine, and games of hazard ; fay unto them, that it is in them 
a very great fin, and yet of utility to men ; but the evill that 
they caufe, is much greater then the profit they reape. They 
will demand what they ought to expend in good works ; fay 
unto them, what fliall remain to you, your own affairs being 
done. So God teacheth you his Commandments, peradven- 
ture you will call to minde the things of earth and of heaven. 
They will enquire concerning Orphans; fay unto them, if their 
.-!> fubftance 

Qhap.i. "The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e T. 21 

fubftance be intermingled with your own, do them no wrong, 
they are your brethren in God, he knoweth them that do 
good, and thofe that do evill ; if it had plcafed him, he had de- 
tained much more from you, for he is Omnipotent and iufl. 
Marry not women that believe in many gods, untillxhey be- 
lieve in one fole God ; a Slave that is a true believer, is of more 
value then a free Infidel, notwithlknding (lie is beautifull. In- 
jBdels rhall be fummoned to hell rii e, and God caileth men to 
Paradife, and to his mercy, through his meer g( od pleafure, 
and declareth to them his Commarwiments, peFhaps they will 
remember ihem. They will enquire of thee concerning the 
monethly terms of women ; anfwer, that they arc unclean ; fe- 
parate your felves from your wives when they are menftrous, 
and come not nigh them untiU they be purified; when they 
rhall be clean^ approach them, according lo what God hath 
commanded • he loveth them that lepent of their errors, that 
are clean and purihed ; your wives are your tillage, go to your 
tillage at your plcadire, and do good for your fouls -you (hall 
one day Hnde it, fear God and preach his Commandments 
to the true believers. Your Religion doth not permit you to 
fweare by God in vainc, and oftentimes to juflirie your {c\\CB' 
God undcrflandech ard knowech all things, he will not regard 
what you (liall fpeake at randome, that fhall not be hurtfull to 
any, but he will fee what it {hall be in your heart. He will be 
gracious and mercifuU to futh as lliall fwear, not to touch their 
wives the fpace of foure moneths, if they retiirne to thcrn ; he is 
gracious and mercifull ; but if they defire to repudiate them, he 
underftandeth, afid knoweth all things. Women divorced, 
{hall tarry untill their Termes be pad foure times, before they 
marry againe, it is not permitted them toconceale whacGod 
hath created in their wombe, if they believe in his divine Majc- 
fty, and the Day of Judgement; if they flie from their husbands, 
they ihall be brought againe to them, which is a thing reafon- 
able. They ought to honour them, and their husbands likcwife 
ought to honour them, but the husbands have a degree of ad- 
vantage above them, God is Omnipotent, and mod wife in 
what he ordaineth. Divorce the firft and fecond time, ought 

C 3 to 

22 The Alcoran of M a h o m e t. Qhap.%. 

tobc performed with mi Idnefs, courtefic, and good deeds; it 
is not lawfullfor yoiuo take any thing from your wives, cf 
what yon have given them, ifyou both feare a difabilitie of 
not fatisfying the Commandments of God; but ifyou both 
feare to tranfgrefsthe bounds prefcribed by God, you fhaJl doe 
well to accord together, fuch are the conimandmenrs of his 
divine Majefty, tranfgrefle them not , fuchastranfgrefTc them 
are exceedingly too blame. He that fhall have repudiated his 
wife thrice, fhall not refumeher, until! flic hath been marryed 
to another that hath divorced her ; then they may returne to 
each other, and marry againe without Sinne, if they thinke 
themfelves able to continue within the limits prefcribed by 
God, which he manifefteth to the wife and prudent.When you 
rhall repudiate your wives, appoint them the time they muft 
tarry, before they againe marry, take them with civilitieand 
modeftie, and in the hk^ manner difmiflethem, give them pre^ 
fents according to your abilities, and take them not, toabiife 
nor torment them; they that doe this, offend their owne Souk 
Mocke not at the Commandments of God.* Remember his 
favours, and how he hath taught you Scripture, knowledge, 
and thcmyftcriesof his law ; Feare God, and know that he 
nndeiftandeth all your anions. When you repudiate your 
wives, appoint them the time they ought to tarry before they 
marry againe, and hinder them not to marry according to the 
Commandments of God. Thefe things are preached to them 
among you that believe in God, and in the Day of Judgement, 
it is rcquifite fo to make ufe of them. God knoweth what 
you know not. The woman fl:iall give fuck to their children 
two years entire; if they defire to accomplifh the time appoint- 
ed to fwckle them,the father ihal nourifli and cloathe the wife; 
and his children,according to his faculties ; expend not, but ac. 
cording to the meafure of your goods : the father and mother 
iliall not neccfliiate themfelves for their children : the heire 
fiiall perform what is above ordained, (\\c Qiall entertain his 
Sec Cdaldin. father and mother according to his abilities ; ; if the parents 
dv(ire to weane their children before two years be expired, 
they may do it without offending God; if they both agree to 


Qyap. 2. Tf?e Alcoran ©/"M a h o M e t. 15 

it» If you caufeyour children to be nurfed by other women 
then your own wives. Cod will not be offended, in giving 
them their fallary,according to rcafon and honcfty : fear God, 
and know that he feeth what ever you do. Widdowsfhail 
tarry four moneths and ten nights afc^r the death of their 
husband?,before they marry again ; this time being accomplidi- 
cd,they flialldo what fhall fcem good to them, according to 
reafon and honefty,God knowech all your adions.You will not 
offend God in fpeaking a word in fecret to women that you rc- 
fearch in marriage, although you conceale in your minde youc 
dtCign toefpoufc them, he underftandech what ever you think 
of them ; know them not fecretly, untillyou have pronounced 
the words appointed by the Uw ; and enter not the bonds of 
marriage, untill the time fct down in writing be accompliQied, 
God knoweth whatever is in your hearts ; take heed unto your 
felves, he is gentle and gracious to them that fear him. It is no 
fin to repudiate your wives, before you have touched them; 
you (liall give them fome prefents, and do good unto them, ac» 
cording co the proportion of your wealth, or poverty ; and ci- 
villy intreac them, as is the cuftome of honeft men. If you repu- 
diate them before you have touched them, and have beftowed 
on them any prefents of garments, movables, and other things, 
they (liallhave the moity, if they releafe it not to you, or if 
the husband, remitting with his own hand the tie of marriage, 
doth not leave to them the whole, of courtefie .- it is requifitc to 
gratifie them, and to forget nothing of the benefits between 
you, God beholdeth all your adions : ftand upon your gaurd, 
when you make your prayers, efpecially, that at noone, and 
be obedient unto God. If you fear your enemies, and cannot 
place your felves on your knees, neither perform the Ce- 
remonies that are appointed you ; omit not to fay your prayers 
on foot, or on horfeback, and being freed from fear, remem- 
ber God, and how he hath tuught you, what you know not. 
Such as die, fhall be good to their wives by their rcilament; 
they fhall bcftowon them wherewith to live during the time 
they muft tarry before they marry again; drive them not 
from your houfes ; If they willingly depart, the fin of what 

C 4 they 

24 The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. (^hap. 2. 

they (hail do in their own perfons, fhall not be upon you. God 
is omnipotent, and juft ; you (hall likewife do good to your 
wives that you have divorced, according to ypur power, it is a 
thing reafonabie among fuch as fear God .- Thus God teacheth 
you his Commandmertts, perhaps you v\ill learn them. See you 
not them that departed their houfes for the fear they had of 
death ? they are thoufands in number ; God hath faid to them, 
die : after this, he raifed them again : God is the Benefador of 
the people, but the greateft pare return him no thanks for his 
favours, t^ight for his Law, and know, that heundcrftandeth 
and knoweth all things. Who is he that will afford him a good 
turn? He will augment him with multiplicity of increafe ; he 
giveth good, and taketh it away from whom it pleafeth himj 
yourhallall return before him to be judged. Knoweft thou not, 
that a company of the children of Ifrael, after the death of 
M'ofes , faid to their Prophet, lend us a King, we with him will 
fightfor the law of God ? He anfwereththcm. haveyou difo- 
beyed the Commandments of God ? If they en joy n you to 
fight, you will not do it : They faid,we have no greater dedre, 
then to fight for the glory of his divine Majeftie ; we for this 
Caufe have abandoned our houfes, and thofe of our parents • 
neve rthelefs, when they were commanded to fight, they all, ex- 
cept fome few of themj retired; but God knoweth them that 
fin againft him. Their Prophet faid to them, God hathfenc 
Saul to be your King; they anfwcred, why (hall he be our 
King? we rather deferve the royalty then he, he is not rich 
enough ; he replied, God hath chofen him to command you ; 
he hath encreafed his knowledg, andftature, he giveth royalty 
to whom he lifteth, he is liberall and prudent in all his anions. 
Their Prophet faid to them, the lign of his reign fhall be, that 
the Aik (lull appear to you from God,to confirm your hearts; 
wherein iliall be contained the remainder of what the people 
of Mofes and Jaron lcft,and it lliall be borne by Angels 5 this 
(hall be to you the fign of his reign, if you believe in God. 
When ^Wwent forthwith his troops to fight his enemies, 
he faid, God fhall trie you by a river ; he that {liall drink of 
that river^ (hail not be mine^ unkfs he drink with his hand3they 


{^hap. 2. The Alcoran ofM a n o m e r. 25 

all, except fome few of them drank at their pleafure ; and ha- 
ving pill: that river with the true believer?, they faid» we have 
not this day ftrength fiifficicnt to refill C^//^/; and his troops; 
but fuch as believed in God, and feared his divine Majefty, ^aid, 
how often, through the permiffion 6f God, hath a fmall troop 
defeated a great armie ? h'c is with them that are patient ; 
when they (aw Qoiiuh with his troops appear ; they faid, Tord, 
give us patience, confirm our (leps, and give us vidory over the 
Inhdels. They, through the permiffion of God, vanquifhed - 
their enemies ; T> avid i}cw goliah^ and God gave him the Roy- Sec Gdaldin 
alty, and knowledge of future things. Had not Cod raifed the 
people one againft the other, the whole earth had been full of 
diforders; fuch are the miracles of God, as I declare to thee with 
truth ; thou art indeed one of the Prophets of his divine Ma- 
.' jefty. We have conferredour graces on the Prophets, on fome 
more then on others; many have fpoken to their Lord, and 
fome have been more elevated then others. We gave know- 
ledge to Jcfus the Son o^Mary, and fortified him through the 
holy Spirit. Had it pleafed God. the Prophets that came here- 
toforCjhad not been flain, after they had taught his ^ ommand- 
ments. Men were of different opinions ; fome believed in 
God: others were impious; had it pleafed God, they had not 
been flain,but he doth what pleafeth him.O ye that are true be- 
lieversl difpenfc in alms fome part of your wealth that we have 
given you, before the day arrive, wherein you fhall finde no 
ranfom.alms,protcdion,nor prayers that can fuccour you. Cer- 
tainly Infidels arc greatly cooblamcGod 1 Thereis but one only,and eternall;'think not that he flumbreth or fleep- 
€th.; what ever is in heaven or in earth is his \ who fhall inter- 
cede for thee with his divine Majeftie,unlefs by his permiiTion } 
He knoweth all the adions ot men, and whatever thev have 
done ; they know nothing, but what it hath pleafed him to 
teach them. The largenefs of his Throne containeth heaven and 
earth, and the confervation of both is not troublefome to him, 
he is Omnipotent & glorious. The Law ought not to be abjured, 
it manifefteth the difference of faith and impiety : He that be- 
lievcth not in Tugoty or the devill^ and hath faith in God, iay- 


1(5 The Alcoran 0/ Mahomet. Cha^. 2. 

eth hold on the ftrongefl: knot^that cannot be difTolved, broken, 
or cut afundcr. God underftandeth and knoweth all things ; 
he aideth and affifteth them that believe in his unitie ; he will 
caufe them to come out of darknefs, and will guide them into 
light ; the wicked (hall have 7"^/^f,and the devill for their pro- 
tedor ; he (liall caufe them to forfake the light, and (hall lead 
them into darknefs ; fuch men fhall remain eternally in the fire 
of hell. Confider you not his adion, to whom God had 
Thatis^^£'- given the royalty ? When he difputed concerning God with 
k'ot. Ahraham ; <iAbraham faid to him ; My Lord is he that giveth 

SttGcUldin. life^ and death; He faid, I, even I, give life and death to my 
fubjedl, when I fee good : Abraham anfwered, God caufeth the 
Sun to rife in theEaft, make thou it to arife in the Weft ; 
then the Infidell was confuted, God is not a guide to unjuft 
perfons. Haft thou confidered the adion of him that came in- 
to a Village defolace and ruined, and faid, How is it that 
God can be able to give life unto this Village after its death, 
and re-eftablifh it after fo great a ruine? Then God caufed him 
to die , after the fpace of an hundred years raifed him again, 
and faid to him , How long haft thou continued here } he an- 
fwered ; I have fojourned here a day and a halfe ; On the con- 
trary , thou haft been here an hundred years ; confider thy 
meat and drinke, that they are not altered through length of 
time ; and behold, thine Aflc is death, fee his bones , that are 
white ; thou (halt become an example to all the world, and to 
pofteritie; fee the bones of thine A(rc; I will recoiled and 
reveft them with flefh: Seeing this miracle, he faid, I affirmc 
thajt God is omnipotent ; Remember thou , that Abraham 
faid, Lord fhew me how thou reviveft the dead ; God faid, 
Doeft thou not believe my omnipotencie ? He anfwcred, yea 
Lord , but hearc my prayer for the repofe of my heart ; God 
faid ; Take foure birds>cut them altogether in pieces, and carry 
the pieces up^n thofe mountains; this done, call them,thcy (hall 
fpeedily return to thee; God knoweth all things, & is moftpru- 
dentin all his works. Thcadion of them that difpend their goods 
for his glory, is like unto a grain of Cornethat produceth feven 
cares, and every eare an hundred graines ; God multiplieth 


Qhap.i. The Alcoran 0/ M a h o xi e t. 17 

the wealth of whom it pleafeth him, he is liberal! and omnifci- 
ent ; Such as difpend cheir fsbftance for his glory, without re- 
pining, and reproach, fhall be rccomptnfed by his Divine Ma- 
jeftie, and be deHvered from feare and afPidion at the day of 
Judgement. Good words and pardon are preferred to almes, 
followed with repentance : God is moft rich and mercifull. 
Oh ye that believe in God ! render not your almes unprofitable 
through repining and reproach, asdoechofe, that give almes 
with oftentation and hypocrifie ; they believevneither in God, 
nor the day of Judgement, their good works arc like to z 
Rockc , whereon was little earth , there fell great raine that 
carried it away , and kft nothing thereon : their labour lliall 
beinvaine, and they reap no merit, for God loveth neither 
the hypocrites nor the impious. The adion of fuch as do good, 
topleafe God or to fave their foulcs , is like to a grain fown 
upon an high place, whereon fell great and fmall raine. that 
caufed its fruit to multiplie ; God beholdtth all your adions. 
Is there any one among you that defireth tohave a garden 
enriched with palmes, and grapes, wherein flow many foun- 
tains, and rivolets , and that is filled with all manner of fruits, 
that old age fhould overtake him with young and in- 
firmc children , and that an hot winde come , and burne 
up his garden? God fo teacheth you hismyfteries; peradven- 
tureyou will beare them in minde. Ohyee that believe ! di- 
fpend in pioiis works , and give almes ©f the wealth you have 
acquired , and of the fruits of the earth that God hath given 
you ; defire not wealth ill gotten,or wherewith to give aimes ; 
fuch are not received but to your (Lame • And know,thac God 
is moft rich, and worthie of praifc. The Devil! will caiife you 
to feare povtnie , and will command you filthinefs , and God 
promifeth to you his grace and mercic; he is munificent^ and 
omnifcient, he giveth knowledge to whom it pleafeth him, 
and to whom knowledge ia given , on him is beftowcd an ex- 
ceeding great Treafure , which none but the wife do value; 
God beholdeth your almes, and vows, and the wicked fhall 
be deprived of protedion at the day of Judgement. If you 
fuffer your almes to af peare, it (hail not be amide : if }'0u con- 


2 8 The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e r. Qjap.i. 

cealcthem, you fhall do well, that will cover many of your 
fins; God knoweth all your adioHs. You are not obliged 
to lead men into the right way, God guideth whom he lifteth; 
the good and the almes"that you performe , fhall be for your 
fou'es ; give not almes but for the love of God , you (hall be re- 
warded for the good works that you fhall do , and no inju- 
ftice Qiall be done againft you ; Be benefactors to the poorc, 
that are not accommodated for the fervice of God , and that 
cannot labour. The ignorant believe them to be rich, by rea- 
fon of their probitie and goodnefs , you fhall know them by 
their Phyfiognomie , and in that they demand nothing with 
importtinitic ; God will know the good you fliall do towards 
them ; They that give almes , by day or by night , fecretly or 
publiquely,fhall be rewarded of God ; there necde:h be no 
feare for them , they fhall be exempt from affiidion at the day 
of Juds^ment; UfiirersQiall rife again, hke to men pofCeffed 
with Devils , becaufe they have faid, that traffique is hke unto 
ufurie; God permittethtraffique, andprohibiteth ufurie ; he 
to whom the word of God commeth, and who hath abandon- 
ed ufurie, what IS paft, is to himfelfe, God will pardon his 
fault; but he chat iliall return to exercife ufurie , having once 
abandoned it, fhall be punifhed in the fire of Hell ; God ab- 
horreth ufurie, he loveth them that are almes-givers.and hateth 
Infidels ; Such as believe in God, that do good works , and 
that make their prayeis at the time appointed, and pay their 
tithes, ilia 11 be rewarded by his Divine Ma/efty, they fhall be 
delivered from feare and afilidion at the day of Judgment. 
Oye that believe in God / have the feare of him before your 
eyes, and forfake Ufurie, if you will obey his Commandments ; 
if you do not this , God and his Prophtt will make warrc up- 
on you; if you be converted, yo»^r pnncipall remaines unto 
you ; Do injuftice to no man , it fhall not oe done unto you. 
if your debtors be unable to pay you, and are in want , you 
fi:iall do wtll to (lay their conveniency ; if you give them 
almes, you iLall do well ; feare the day when you fhall returne 
before God, and that every one iliall be payed, without in- 
juilice, of what he (hall have gained. O ye that believe in 


Q?ap. 2. The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. zp 

God, when yon fhall charge j^our felvcswith any debt, caufe 
an 2idL to be dravvne ; thcNotarie fliall write the Contradl be^ 
tween you,conforrnabIc to ]uftice,and fliall not refufe to write 
it, as God hath inftrti^ed him, but the debtor (hall entirely 
fatisfie what he fhall owe, and (liall have the feare of his Lord 
before his eyes ; If he that is adebtor is afoolc, orfickejand 
is unable of himfelfeto difcharge it^ his guardian, or he that 
fhall overfee his affaires, {hall give fatisfadion for him. Call 
with you two witneffes, if you cannot finde twomen, one, 
with two women fhall fuffice, whofe teftimonie you fliail ac- 
cept; if the one be wanting to her duty,the other fhall caufe her 
to re.nernSer ; thefe witnefTes fhall not refufe their teftimony, 
notwithftanding they be called in a greater number. Make no 
difficultie to write y»ur teftimonie. whethc r it conccrne little . 
or much, and li-nrt the time wherein. payment ought to be 
made ; fuch writings are iv.(i before God give more efficacie to 
teftimonie, and are requifite to avoide your complaints one 
of another ; If your merchandize be prefent, you (lialltakeit 
between you at the fame time , then lliall you not (lane in not 
drawinga writing, or concrad. Call witnclTes when you fell 
or buy j neither the witnefl'es, nor the Notary fhall receive any 
dammage; if you fhall do that which is forbidden, you fhall 
do very ill .* Fear God,he will teach you his Commandments>he 
knoweth all things. If you are in a journey, and cannot fin de 
a Notarie, you fhall giveearneft ; If one trufteth in the other, 
he that fhall be trufted in , fhall fatisHc his promife, and fear 
God his Lord; no man fhall eonceale his teftimonie j he that 
(hall eonceale , fhall finnc in his heart ; God ktjoweth all your 
adions. Whatfoever is in Heaven, or in Earth, belonging un- 
to God, whether you eonceale, or reveale what is in' ycnr 
mindes, he fhall require an account of you, he pardoneth, and 
chaftifethwhomit pleafethhim , he is omnipotent. The Pro- 
phet believed in all that God fent to him , as hkewile all the 
true believers : Such as believe in God, the Angels, and Scrip- 
tures, and generally all the Prophets, without exception, Uy, 
We have heard and obeyed ; Pardon us oh Lord 1 Thou art 
our refuge ; God requireth of no man more then he is able to 


JO The Alcoran of Mahomet. Chap. j. 

performe ; the good that a man (Ihall do , (hall be for himfelf, 
and the evill that he doth fhall be likewife againft him. Lord 
cxcufe us , if we have forgotten thee, or finned ; Lord charge 
us not with any heavie burthen , as thou didft charge them that 
were before us; charge us not with that which we are not 
able to fupport, blot out our finnes , and give us thymercie; 
Thou art our Lord, give us vidorie againft the Infidels. 

CHAP. in. 

The Chapter of the Lineage of J ozchlm, contmnmgt'Wo hundred 
verfes^ vcrittenat Medina, 


N the name of God, gracious and mercifull ; I am the moft 
wife God, God! There is but one only God, living, and 
^ternall ; He hath fent to thee the Book that containeth truth, 
and confirmeth the Scriptures, that were fent before it. He fent 
the Old Teftament , and the Gofpel , that were heretofore 
guides to the people ; He hath fent the Alcoran , that diftin- 
guifheth good from evill ; they that believe not in the Law of 
God , (hall be feverely chaftifed. He is omnipotent and re- 
vengefull; Nothing is hid from him in Heaven, or in Earth; 
It is he that formed you in the wombes of your mothers, as it 
pleafed him , there is no God, but the omnipotent, and wife 
God. He it is that fent to thee the Booke , wbofe precepts are 
See i^itah d neceflary , they are the originall , and foundation of the Law, 
nmiT, likein puritieqne to the other, and without contradidion. 

Such as in their heart incline to depart from the truth, do often 
follow their inclination, defirous of fedition , and to under- 
ftand the explication of the Alcoran ; but none underftand its 
explication, but God.and fuch as are profound in leaf ning-they 
fay, we believe in God, all things proceed from his.divine wif- 
dome, nevertheleffe none remember, but the wife. Lord caufe 
not our hearts to erre, after thou haft guided us into the right 
way, give us thy mercy, thou art moft bountiful! towards thy 
creatures, Lord thou art he that ilialc alTemble the world at 


chap. 5. T1)e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 31 

the day of Judgement, at which day nothing fnall be found 
doubtfull , when thou wilt not goe againft thy promifes , and 
when wealth and children (hail not ferve to the wicked, but to 
kindle the fire of Hell. The Infidel! lineage of Pharoah, and 
thofe that preceded him , blafphemed and abjured the Law of 
God , but he furprized them in their fmne ; he is grievous in 
his chaftifements. Say to. the Infidels , they fliall be vanquifn- 
cd, and (hall be gathered together into the fire of Hell, that is 
prepared for them. You have an example in hhe two Troops 
that fought for the glorie of God, they beheld with their eyes, 
Jnfidels become true believers , like unto themfelves ; God 
ftrcngthneth with his aide whom it pleafcth himjthis (liali be 
for example to fuch as fhall cleerly fee. The love and defire 
of women, of children, of riches, abundance of gold, and of 
filver, of horfes, cattell, and of tillage, are pleadng to men ; 
fuch are the riches of the hfe of this world, but the mod aflli- 
red refuge is in God. Say unto them ; I will declare unto you 
things m.uch better for them,that llial have the fear of God be- 
fore their eyestthey dial dwel eternally in Paradife,where flow 
many rivers, with women beautifull, and leane, and all manner 
of content. God beholdeth them that adore him, and that fay. 
Lord we believe in thy Law, pardon our finnes , and deliver us 
from the torments of fire. The patient, the perfevering, true 
believers, the obedient, the good men, fuch as beg pardon of 
God in the morning; the Angels, the Learned, that love Ju- 
ftice,teftifie that there is but one only God. The Law of falva- 
tion, isaLawpleafingtohisdivineMaj'eftie; no man contra- * yj^^ j^^^j 
dideth this truth, among* fuch as know the written Law, but and Chri- 
through envie. He that (liall not obey the Commandments of i^ians. 
God , {hall findc his divine Majeftie very exad to call him to -^^ GchldifU 
an accompt. If the impious difpute with thee; fay to them, xhg je^vs 
I am wholy refigned to the will of God, with all fuch as have and Chrifii- 
followed me. Aske of fuch as know the written LaWjand them ^"«- 
that know it not, if they refigne themfelves to God ,• if they The Arabi- 
do , they will follow the right way; if they goe aftray, thou ans. 
haft none ether obligation,but to preach to them; God behold- Sce j^^jtd^ el 
cth them that adore him. Declare grievous torments to thofe tmlor. 

'h4 that 

5 2 The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Q^^P-]* 

that conceale his Commandments, that kill the Prophets, and 
in'ure them that inftrud the people in Juftice ; the good works 
that they do, fhall be unprofitable to them on earth, and they 
fhall be in the other world deprived of procef^ion. Seeft thou 
notapartieof thtmthat know the written Law , how they 
were called to aLediire of the Book of God, to the end they 
mi.^ht judge with equitie the differences that are among 
them ? but many are returned to their finnc : they contemned 
the 'scripture, in that they faid, the Hre (liallnot touch us, hue 
for acertainenumberof dayes ; They are deceived in their 
blafphemies, what will become of them, when we fhali affem- 
blethemat the day of Judgement > when nothing (hall be 
^ doubcfuU, and everv ont fhall be recompenfed, as he fhisH have 
merited ? No injuftice fliall be done unto them. Say, Lord 
thou podeflTcft the kingdoms of the world, thou giveft Royal- 
tie to whom thou feed: good ; from thy hand, oh Lord , pro- 
ceedeth all good, thou art Omnipo:ent , thou caufeft day to 
enter the night, and night the day ; thou caufeft life to come 
out of death, and death out of life; thou enricheft without 
mcafure whom thou feeft good. The behevers (hal not obey the 
unbclievers,to the cxclufion of true believers ; bs that doth this 
thing, obferveth not the Law of God ; bjt if you feare your 
enemies , God willeth that you feare him alfo , he is the alTur- 
cd refuge of the righteous ; fay to them. whether you conceale 
what IS in your heart , or whether you manifeft it, God know- 
eth all thmgs; he knoweth all that is either in Heaven or 
. Earth J he is Omnipotent ; Think on the day wherein every 
one Q-jall finde the good and the evill that he hath done , then 
fhallyoudelirctobe cleanfcdfrom yourfinnes, and chat the 
See GdaiSn. number of your good works exceed that of your evill God 
willeth that you feare him, he is gracious to them that wor- 
n^iphim. Say to them. If you love God, follow me, God 
iliall give you life , and pardon your (innes, he is gracious and 
mercsfjU, Say to them, obey God and his Prophet; If they 
returne in their (innc, God will very fevcrely punifh them, he 
loveth not Infidels. God eledcd <, and Noah , the line- 
age of Abraham^ and the lineage o^foachim, the one proceed- 


chap. 3. The Alcoran 0/ Mahomet. 33 

eth from the other, God knovveth and underftandeth all 
things. Remember thou , how the wife of Joachim faid. 
Lord 1 vow unto thee the fruit that is in my wombe , free, 5^^ ^^^^ ^^ 
and exempt from all affaires, to ferve thee in thy Temple : Ac- ^^^^i^,^^ 
cept him from me, who offer him to thee with affedion ; thou 
underftandeft and knoweft all thmgs : When fhe was deliver- 
:; cd , {he faid , Lord I am delivered of a Daughter, thou know- 
*' eft thou haft given her to me ; I have named her Murj , J will 
preferve through thine afliftance , her and her pofterity from 
the malice of the Devill ; accept her Lord, with a pleafing ac- 
ceptation, and caufe her to produce good fruits. Zachary had 
the care of the education of this daughter , and whenfoever 
he went into his Oratorie , he there found a thoufand forts of 
different fruits of divers feafons. He faid one day, oh Ma^ ! 
whence do thefe good things proceed ? (he anfwered , they 
proceed from God, who enricheth without meafure whom he 
pleafeth. Then Z'^^cW^ prayed to the Lord, and faid. Lord 
give me a progenie that may be pleafing to thee, and that may 
obferve thy Commandments ^ Lord hear my prayers. The 
Angels called him, and faid to him; I declare to thee from 
God, that thou (liak have a fonne, called foh» , he fhall affirme 
the Meflias to be the word of God , that he fhall be a great 
pcrfon, chafte, a Prophet, and one of the juft ; Lord, answer- 
ed Zachary , how fhall I have a fonne, 1 am old, and my wife 
is barren ? The Angel faid to him , fo God doth as pleafeth 
him : Lord, faid Zachary^ give me fome figne of the concep- 
tion of my wife : The figne that I will give thec,anfwered the 
Angel, fhall be , that thou fhalt not fpeak in three dayes, but 
by fignes ; Remember thou thy Lord often, prayfc him even- 
ing and morning. Remember thou, how the Angels faid. 
Oh Mary t God hathchofen and purified thee above all wo- 
men of the world ; oh Mary, obey thy Lord, prayfe him, and 
worlhip him with them that worfhip him. I relate to thee how 
the matter paft : thou wert not with the Minifters of the Tem- 
ple, when theycaft in their pens to draw lots, and to fee 
which of them fhould have the care of the education of Mary^ 
neither when they entred upon this difficulty. Remember 

D thou 

See Gelaldi»e 


j4 T];e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Chap. 3. 

thou how the Angels faid , oh Mary , God declUrcth unto 
thee a word, from which fhall proceed the Meflias, named Je- 
fus, the fonne of Mary , full of honour in this world, and that 
{hall be in the other , of the number of Intercelfors with his 
divine Majeftie ; he (hall fpeak in the cradle , as a man betwixt 
thirty and fifty years , and (liall be in the number of the juil : 
She faid,Lord, how (hall I have a childc,wichouc the to.ich of a 
man? he anfwered, fo God doth as pleafech him;'vhen he cre- 
ateth anything , he faith, be thou, and it is. I will teach him the 
Scripturcsjthe Mylleries of the Law,the OidTcihmentjand the 
Gofpeljand he (liall be a Prophet Tent to the children of Ifra- 
^el. Jefus faid to the children of ifraelj come zo you with evi- 
dent figns of my million from yoiAr LordJ will make unto you 
of theflime of the earth,the figure of a Bird,I vvii olow upon it, 
incontinently it Oial be a Bird.and by the permiPaon of God, 
flaalflic; I wil heal them that are borne bliride,and the leprous, 
I wil raife again the dead J wil teach you what you Oial eatjand 
what you ought not to eat^ j this (hall ferve you for inftruflion^ 
if you believe inGodj I am come to confirm the old left*- 
ment, and what hatkbeen taught you-heretofore. Certainly it 
is lawfull for you to eat things that have been heretofore for- 
bidden. I am come to you with figns of my million, that tefti- 
fie that I am truly fent from your Lord ; fear God, and obey 
me, God is my Lord, andyour Lord, wordiip him, this is the 
right way. When Jefus knew their impiety, he faid, who 
(hail fuftaine the Law of God in my abfence ? The Apoftles 
anfwered him, we will fuftain the Law of Godjwe believ in his 
unity ; be thou a witnefs before God,that we refign our fclves 
wholly to the pleafure of his divine Majeftie. Lord we believe 
in what thou haft commanded, and we have followed the Pro- 
phet, thy Apoftle, write us in the number of them that profefs 
thy Law. The Jews confpired againft Jefus, and God caufed 
their confpiracie to turn againft them, he knoweththe defigns 
ofConfpirators. Remember thou, how the Lord faid, O Jefus, 
I willcaufe thee to die, I will elevate thee to my felf, and re- 
move thee farre from Infidels, and preferre thofe that have 
obeyed thee, to Infidels j at the day of Judgement. That 


chap.]. Tl?e Alcoran 0/ VI a h o m e t. 55 

daydiall aflfemble you all before me ; I will judge the dif- 
ferences between you, and will punifli the impious, in this 
world, and in the other; none among them (hall be of power 
to protedthem , I will reward them that fhall have' believed 
in my Law, and have done good works; God Ipveth not the 
unjuft. I relate to thee thefe myfteries, and teach thee the A/- 
coran ; Jefus is with God, as is Adam^ God created him of the 
Earth ; he faid , be thou, and he was: this truth proceedeth 
from thy Lord, be not thou of the number of them that doubt; 
If any one difpute with thee concerning thy Dodlrine, fay to 
them. Come, call together your children and ours, youc 
wives and ours , let us alfemble and addrefle our prayers to 
God; I will lay the curfe of his divine Ma/eftie upon lyars. 
This difcourfe is moft true, there is no God, but God alone, 
the omnipotent, and wife. If they depart from his Command- 
ments, he fhaliwell obferve the unbelievers; fay to them, 
* Oh ye that know Scripture 1 come with words alike true bcr  The Jews 
tween you and us ; Doe I worQiip other then God ? I do not and Chiif^i- 
afifociate him with any one , and acknowledge none other ^^^' 
Lord but him ; but if they turn afide from the way of faith; 
God knoweth them that fhall pollute the Earth ; Say to them, 
be ye witneHes that we believe in God. Oh ye that underftand 
Scripture , difpute not the Law of ^hraham , to wit , if he 
"obferved the Old Teftamenc , or the Gofpel, they were taught 
after him, perhaps you will acknowledge your errour. Oh 
yee that have difputed what you knew not 1 zAhraham was 
no Jew, nor Chriftian, he profelTed the unity of God. he was 
a true believer, and not of the number of Inhdels. The peo- 
ple, and particularly thofe that followed him, of his time , as 
alfo the Prophet Mahomet , and all true believers have known 
the truth of his Law. Part of them, to whom heretofore 
was given the knowledge of Scripture defired , feduced you 
from the right way , but they themfelves erred, and they knew 
it not. Oh ye that know the Scripture 1 do not nialic'or.fiy 
conccalc the Commandments of God , cover not the Trarh 
vyith a lye, neither willingly hide it. Many of them th:it know 
the wriuen Law, faid,fcom the break of day , believe in what 

D 2 hath 

j6 The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e x. Chap. 3. 

hath been taught them, that believe in the Law of God : Ne- 
vertheless, at .evening, they were themfelves of the number 
of Infidels, peradventure they will be converted. Believe 
not, butfuch as follow your own Law ; Say to them. The 
true guide, is the guide of God. The knowledg that was 
given to you, was not given to any other, but to you ; If the 
Infidels fhall difpute againft you, before your Lord, at the day 
of judgment ; fay to them, Grace proceedeth from the hand 
of God : He is bountiful, and omnifcient ; he pardoneth 
whom he pleafeth , and is altogether merciful. If thou in- 
trufteft thy wealth to the hands of many of them that know 
the written Law, they will faithfully reftore it to thee; There 
. be alfo many of them that will not reftore it, if thou take 
not heed ; becaufe they have faid. They have no belief in the 
ArAbians^ they blafpheme againft God, and know their blaf- 
phemics. He that fhall fatisfie what he hath promifed, and 
fliall fear God, (liall be beloved of God; he loveth fuch as 
have fear of him before their eyes ; fuch as pervert his Com- 
mandments for any profit, fhall have no part in Paradife ; he 
will not proteft them, neither regard, .or pardon them at 
the day of judgment ; and they fhall be rigoroufly punifhed. 
There be of them, that alter the Scripture in reading it, and 
will make beHeve that what they read, is in the Scripture, al- 
though it be not ; they blafpheme, and know it well. God 
gave not to man the Scripture, knowledg, and prophecies, to 
fay to the people, Worfliip me inftced of God ; but indeed, 
to fay, Obferve exacflly what you have learned in Scripture, 
and what you reade. God doth not command you to adore 
Angels, nor Prophets ; Will he command you impiety, having 
inftrudedyou in his Law? Remember chat he received the 
See i^tab u ptomife of the Prophets, to preach his Commandments without 
tenm. fear, and that he hath caught you Scripcure, and knowledg; 

and that after this, came a Prophet, that. confirmed the 
Dodrine that was taught you , that yo.u might believe his 
words. Have you not approved it ? Have you not received 
what was promiled unto you .^ We have received it ; be there- 
fore wicnefTes againil your felves, and againft them that have 


^ ~- — ^^^ — , 

Qha^.^. The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. ^7 

followed you, and I will be a witnefs againft you, and againft 
them. Such as go aftray from the right way, fliall be wicked ; 
Defire they to obfcrve any other Law, then that of God? 
Whatever is in Heaven,or Earth, obeyeth him ; either willing- 
ly, or by force : And you {hall all one day appear before him, 
to be judged : Say to them. We beleeve in God, in what he 
hath infpired into us, in what he infpired into Abraham, 
JfmaeL^ Jfaac^ Jacohy and the Tribes, in what was ordained by 
Mofes}d\ fefm^2.n6. generally all the Prophets from God ; and 
we are wholly refigned to hispleafure. The Sacrifices of them 
that defire to follow other Law, then the Law of Salvation, 
(hall not be accepted; they (hall be in the other world, in the 
number of the damned. God guided not thofe that followed 
impiety, after they had profelfed his Law ; and having feen, 
and teftified that the Prophet is true, by fignes, clear and evi- 
dent, that appeared to them. God guideth not the unjuft, 
they {hall be tor ever curfed of his Divine Majefty, of Angels, 
and of all the world ; they fhall {inde no relaxation of their 
torments , and at the day of judgment be deprived of pro- 
tcdion ; except fuch as fliall be converted,and do good works, 
God fhall be to them gracious and merciful. Such as fhall be $ee m^ d 
.impious towards Jefus, having believed the Books of Mofes, temlr. 
and fhall augment their impiety 2Lgi\n9i Mahomet y fhafl never 
be converted, they fhall erre eternally. All the treafures of 
the Earth fhall not be able to fave the wicked that 6a& in their 
impiety, great punifliments are prepared for them, and none 
of them {hall be able to proted them. You fhall not be 
juftified, until you have difpenfed in pious works, part of the 
goods you poffefs. God will take notice of the alms you be- 
llow. All meats were permitted the children of Ifrael, ex- 
cept what Jfrael forbad tohimfeif,before the old Teftament ; 
Say to them, Come, and bring the ol# Teftament, and con- 
fider it, it will appear if you fpeak the Truth. , Thefe that fhall 
afterwards blafpheme againft God, ihall be exceedingly too 
blame. Say, God hath fpoken Truch, follow ye the Law of 
Abraham^ that is pleafing to him ; He profeffed the unity of 
his Divine Majefty ; he was not of them that believed in many 

D I Gods. 

Ihe Alcoran 0/ M a h o M e T. Q^^P-V 

Go<^i. The Tempk of (Ji^'ecca is the firft that God eftablldi- 
ed on arch, to be therein adored ; he blefled it, and men (liall 
See %jtah el there finde the irflrudions of the right way , with clear and 
tcnoir. evident ilgnes of his omnipotenci/ ; to wit "^^ Abrahams place ; 

phceCaT^^^^^ iliall enter into this Temple, fhall be in a place of 

7'//'40 is a fafcty andpriviicdg Godhathcommanded that Pilgrimages 
Srone k. ^i in be made thither, by fiich as ihall be able. He that is impious, 
the Drntui-y ^nufl: know that God hath not to do with him. O ye that have 
^^ Mcca^^ knowledg of the written Law, do not willingly conceal the 
Ahfohm ' Commandments of God, he knoweth all your adions ; Say 
afcenaca, to thtm, O ye that have the knowledg of Scriptures , divert 
when he rai- not from the way of Salvation them that bt heve in the Law 
fed the foun- ^£ ^^^ . y^j^j j^j-jj-g ^^ 3|j.^^^ ^j^j pervert it, but God is not 

the Temple ignorant of what you do. O ye that believe, if you obey 

of that City: many of them thit have the knowledg of the written Law, 

the marks of they will mif-lead you into the number of the wicked. How 

his feet are ^^^.^ yQ^ \^^ ^f jj^g impious, (ince you are taught the Com- 

Stonetothis mandments of God, and that his Prophet, andhis Apoftleis 

aay. among you > He that refigneth himfelf to God, is in the right 

way. O ye that fear God, die in the profelTion of his Unity , 

imbracc his Law, and remember the favor he hath fhewed you : 

you were all enemies of each other ; he hath united your 

hearts, and through his fpecial Grace you continued united 

to each other as good brahren : you were upon the brink of a 

pit of fire, from which he withdrew you. Thus God mani- 

fefteth to you his mercies , perhaps you will follow the right 

way. Some there be among you, that exhort the people to 

do good ; they command to do that which is honeft, and ab- 

ftain from what is unreafbnable ; thefe men (hall be happy ; 

Be not like them that have abandoned the Truth, and followed 

lies ; notwitftanding the Truth was known to them, they 

(hall fuft'er great torment in the day wherein the vifage of 

the good (hall be white, and that of the wicked fhall be black. 

It (hall be faid to them that have black vifages ; Have you 

followed impiety, after you madeprofeflion of the Faith? 

Tafte this day the torment due to your fin. Such as (hall have 

white vifages, (hall be in the favor of God: in which they 


Q^ap.^. The Alcoran o/M a h o m e t. ;9 

(hall eternally continue. See there the Myfteries of the Law 
of God , which inftrudeth thee with Truth. God willeth 
that no injuftice be done to his people ; whatever is in Heaven, 
or in Earth, appcrtaineth to him, he difpofeth all things. 
There hath appeared no Nation on the Earth that hath follow- 
ed a better way then you; forbid ye to do that which is not 
reafonable, and believe in one onely God ; If thofe that here- Th^ jgyyj. 
tofore had knowledg of the written Law , had believed in 
God, they had done very well ; there be among them that be- 
lieve what is veritable , but the greateft part are impious. 
They iliall not hurt you, but with their tongue, and fhall finde 
noprotedion againftyou; if they fight you, they (hall turn 
their backs j they were beaten with (hame and ignominy,wherc 
they made a ftand , except, when they embraced the Law of 
God 5 and obferved the precepts that were taught the faith- 
ful : When they returned in the wrath of God, they were 
beaten with poverty ; becaufe they believed not the word of 
his Divine Majcfty, but flew his Prophets without reafon, and 
difobeyed his Commandments. They that heretofore had 
knowledg of the written Law, are not all alike; there be 
among them that perfevercd in obedience, and in the night 
meditate on the miracles of God, worfliip him, and believe 
in his Divine Majefty, and the day of judgmcnt;prcach honefty, 
prohibite to do things diflioncft, and apply thcmfelves to 
good works ; certainly, they are good men. Hide not the 
good works which you perform , God knoweth fuch as have 
his fear before their eyes. Riches and children fliall be un- 
profitable to Infidels with God, they (hall eternally dwell in 
the fire of Hell ; The Alms that they give in this world, are 
like to a wind exceedingly hot, or extreamly cold, that fell 
upon the tillage of them that did injury to their own fouls, and 
wholly deftroyed it. God did no injuftice to them, they were 
mifchievous to themfelvcs through their fins. O ye that be- 
lieve in God, efteem no man to be eleded of God, that is 
not of your Religion : The wicked endevorcd to bring you 
into their difordcrs, malice appeared in their mouth, and 
that which their heart cheriflicth, is yet greater ; We have 

D 4 taught 

40 The Alcoran 0/ Mahomet. Q:>ap* y 




Benoii An- 



is a 





and tMcdina, 

taught you the Commandments of God ; if you obferve 
them^ you fhall protedl your felves from the malice of In- 
fidels. O ye I you love them, and they love not you ; you 
believe generally in the Scriptures , and they believe not what 
you believe: When they met you , they faid. We believe in 
God ; and when they were gone from you, they bit for anger 
their iiiigers ends ; Say to them, Die with your chollcr, God 
knoweth what is in your hearts. If good happen to you, they 
are difpleafed j and when evil befalleth you, they rejoyce .• If 
you have patience, and fear God, their malice rfiall not hurt 
you; God knoweth all their adions. Remember the morn- 
ing, when fome of thy people deferted the True-believers in 
the field of battle ; and when two of thy Companions for- 
fooke the fight, God was their protedor : All True-behevers 
ought to truft in him. He prote^ed you at Beder^ where you 
were a few men ill armed, perhaps you will fear him, and give 
him thanks for that favor. Say to the True-believers, Sufficeth 
^^hw'^Mah'ot ^^ not, that God fuccoreth you with three thoufand of his An- 
met gaiaeda gels: Truly, if you have patience, and fear God, he will come 
battle. to fuccor you at need , and your Lord will aflift you with five 

thoufand of his Angels fent from Heaven ; he will not fend 
you this afliftance, but to declare to you his protedion, and to 
confirm your hearts. Vidory proceedeth from his Divine 
Majefty : He is omnipotent, and prudent in all his works ; he 
will extirpate in this world one part of the wicked, or wrill fo 
fharply reprehend them, that they fhall become defperate. 
Thou haft nothing to do , whether he fliall pardon, orchaftife 
them, becaufc they are wicked : Whatever is in the Earth, and 
in Heaven, is his, hepardoneth as he feeth good ; he is graci- 
ous and merciful to the righteous. O ye that believe I be not 
ufurers, and fear God; peradventure you will obey his Com- 
mandments; Fear the fire of Hell prepared for Infidels. O- 
^bey God, and the Prophets, his Apoftlcs, your fins fhall be for- 
given you; beg pardon fpeedily of your Lord. The extent 
of Paradife containeth Heaven and Earth ; it is prepared far 
the good. God loveth them that give Alms in joy, and in 
afiflidion ; that fubdue their paffion^and forgive fuch as offend 

them : 

(^hap. I- The Alcoran of M au o u e t. 41 

them ; he lovech them that do good, and that after the com- 
miflion of any fin, remember his divine Majefty, and implore 
^ his pardon. Who but God forgiveth fins? Suehasperfiflnot 
* in their errors, and acknowlcdg their fins, fhall be recompcn- 
fed with the mercy of Cod, and enjoy his favor in Paradife. 
There were heretofore Laws and Means to condud men into 
the right way ; but confider what hath been the end of In- 
fidels. The Alcoran was fent to inftrud the world, to guide 
men in the right way, and to preach to the good. Difiiearten 
not, neither afflict your felves in fighting ; you (liallbevidori- 
ous, if you believe in God ; if you have been wounded, the 
like hurts have befaln the impious. God fo diverfifieth days 
among men, to the end he may know them that are truly zeal- 
ous in his Law ; and that among you,witnefles be taken againft 
the malice of Infidels. God loveth not the unjuft, he forgiveth 
fins to thofe that believe, and extirpate Infidels. Do you be- 
lieve to enter Paradife , and that God knoweth not them that 
fought gallantly ? He knoweth them that were patient inad- 
verfity, and perfevered in obedience to his Commandments. 
You expeded death before you met it ; youfaw it with your At the battle 
eyes, and were vi(^orious. Certainly Mahomet is the Prophet, ^^ ^£dcr. 
and Apoftle of God ; there were many Prophets before him ; 
when they died, or were flain, you returned upon your fteps 
to impiety ; They that return upon their fteps, do no harm t« 
God; he will reward onely fuch as acknowledg his favors; 
and men cannot die without his permiflion, and that in a time 
prefcribed and predeftinatc. I will give the good things of 
this world to whom it pleafeth me, and will abundantly re- 
compence them that praife me. How many Prophets, and 
men with them, that were not dejeded through their affli(5lions 
that befel them, in fighting for the Law of God } They were 
notweakncd, neither humbled to the Infidels. God atfedeth 
them that are patient in their adverfities, and fuch as perfevere 
in his Law. They faid in their afflictions, Lord pardon our 
fins, confirm our fteps, and proted us againft the Infidels. God / 

giveth them the Riches of the Earth, and theTreafuresof 
Heaven 5 he loveth them that do good. O ye that believe in 


42 The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Chap,-^, 

God,if you obey the wicked,they will caufe you to returne up- 
on your fteps , you {hall returne to the number of the dam- 
ned ; truly God is your Lord, he is the beft protedor ; I will 
put fear into the hearts of Infidels, becaufe they have without 
reafon adored many Gods, and the fire of Hell (hall be their 
habitation. God hath made the truth of his promifes to appear 
to youjwhen by his permiflion you flew the Infidels, untill you 
were weary of fighting;neverthelefs you contradidled what the 
Prophet ordained , youdifobcyed him , after he had caufad 
you to fee what you dcfired with affedion. There be among 
you that covet the goods of this world , and others that love 
the good things of heaven ; God hath withdrawne you from 
the Infidels, to trie you, he hath pardoned your finnes, he is 
bountifull to them that obferve his Commandments. When 
you retreated from the Combat, and yeilded without reafon, 
the Prophet recalled you , and gave you to know your errour, 
with a thoufand paines ; afflid not your felves with the lofTe of 
the fpoyle that efcaped you at the day of vidory , neither 
with the mifchief that befell you when you were vanquifhed, 
God knoweth all your adlions. After your labour , he fent 
you great repofe, part of you flept in all fafety,and the refidue 
fuffered themfelves to be carried away at their pleafures, they 
had thoughts of God contrary to the truth. Think on the igno* 
rant , that fay , Have we feen any of the fuccour that God 
hath promifed ? Say to them, all things proceed from God. 
They conceale in their fouls what they publifli not , and fay, 
had we been free of our own wills, we had not been flain; 
fay to them , although you had ftayed in your houfes , and in 
your beds , death would have taken away them that were ar- 
rived at the houre of their deftinie ; God approvech what is 
in your hearts, and knoweth what you have in your foules .♦ 
Certainly the Devill feduced them that fled, when the two Ar- 
mies were in batteil, and that, becaufe of fomefinne they had 
committed ; neverthelefTe God pardoned them , he is graci- 
ous and mercifull to his people. Ohyee that believe I be not 
like the Infidels , that faid , fpeaking of their brethren that 
wereflain in the Armic ; that had they continued in their 


Qhap.'^. The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 45 

houfes , they had not dyed ; God putteth this forrow in their 
heart, becaufe of their impietie; hegivethhfeand death,and 
beholdeth all your aftions ; if you be flain for his Law, or die 
in his favour . it fhall be more advantagious to you then all 
thetreafures of the world ; and if you dye, or be flain, fight- 
ing for the Faith you fhall appeare before his divine Majeftie 
to be rewarded .- Through the grace of God thou haft rendred 
them docile; although thou be fevere to them, they will 
not depart from thee, pardon them, pray for them. ^^^^ Ste Gda'd'm, 
their advifc in occafions offered, and being refolved to do any 
thmg , truft thou in God j he loveth them that truft in him, he 
protedeth you ; none fhall obtaine vidory over you ; if he 
abandon you, who (hall proted you ? All the faithfull ought 
to refign themfelves to the will of his divine Majeftie. It is not 
lawful for the Prophet to deceive ; he that (Lall be a deceiver, 
fliall appeare at the day of Judgement with his deceipt, to be 
judged ; then (hall men be payed with what they have gained, 
no injuftice fhall be done to them that fliall have loved God, 
and Hell fhall be the habitation of them, that through deceit 
fhall returne in the difpleafure of his divine Majeftie ; They 
fhall not be all equally entreated , God fhall appoint them 
their ranke and place , he beholdeth all their anions , he affu- 
redly rewarded the true believers , when he fent them a Pro- 
phet of their own Nation to preach to them his Command- 
ments, and inftrud them in the Alcoran ; they before his com- 
ing were in a manifcft errour ; When any mifehief befell 
you, it alfo befell the Infidels; you have demanded, when 
doth this mifehief come > it proceedethfrom your k\v^Sy cer- 
tainly God is Omnipotent. What befell you when the two 
Camps encountred , hapned through the permiflion of God, 
to diftinguifh the true believers, that difpcnfe their goods with 
affedion for the glory of his divine Majeftie, from them that 
abandoned the fight ; when it was faid to them, Come , fight 
for the Faith , and anfwered, had we thought of fighting, we 
had not followed you ; then were they nearer to impietie,then 
to the Faith;ncvcrthelcfs,thcy had not all of them that in their 
heart, that was in their mouth, God knoweth what they keep 

fccret ; 

44 T7^^ Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e T. Q^^p-y 

fecrec : There be of them that faid to their brethren 5 Stay, 
and go not to the Combat ; your Companions had not been 
(lain , had they obeyed us ; fay to them, Deliver your felv&s 
from death, if you can avoid it , continuing in your houfes. 
Believe not that thofe that wereflain for the Faith are dead; on 
the contrary, they are alivewith God; they rejoyce, for that 
fuch as ran to hinder them to fight, did not meet them ; fear^ 
not for them, they fhall re Joyce eternally in the favour of God, 
he will abundantly reward them that fight for his Law. Thofe 
that obeyed God and the Prophet,after being overcome, that 
did good works, and feared his divine Majefty, fhall receive 
great rewards. When it was told them, the people have con- 
fpired againft you, take heed to your felves ; this difcourfe in- 
creafed their faith 5 and they faid, it fufficeth that God is our 
protestor, they were filled with the grace of God, no more 
eviil befell thcm,and they obferved the Commandments of his 
divine Majefty. He is gracious to them that obey him. The de- 
^ vill will caufe in you a fear of the Infidels, fear them not ; but if 
you be good men, fear me. Afflid not your felves to fee the 
wicked run to impiety, they hurt not God, he will not give 
them reft in the other world, where they (hall be feverely cha- 
ftifed. I increafe the wealth of Infidels to augment their pain, 
theyfliallin the end feelegrievious torments. God will not 
leave the faithfull in the ftate that you are in ; he will one day 
feparate the good from the eviil; he doth not teach you what is 
to come ; he, for that ef?ed chufeth among the Prophets whom 
he feeth good. Believe therfore in God, and his Prophets; if you 
beheve in God, fear to offend him, you fhall be rewarded. 
Believe that fuch as are too fparing,and avaritious of the wealth 
that God hath given them, do well ; on the contrary, they do 
very ill, what they fpare without reafon, fhall ftrangle them 
at the day of Judgement. The inheritance of heaven and 
earth is Gods, he knovvcth all things. Certainly Ciod heard 
the fpeech of them that faid, God is poor, and we are rich ; he 
* hath faid, I will write what they have fpoken, and keep an cx- 

ad account of the murthcr they have unjuftly committed on 
the perfons of the Prophets ; I will fay to them at the day of 


chap. 3. The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 45 

Judgement, tafte of the torments of hell fire, which you have 
deferved. God doth not lead int;o darkneis them that worlliip 
him. There be that fay, God hath commanded us not to be- 
lieve the Prophets, untill their facrifice be confumed by fire : 
fay to them, there came to you Prophets heretofore with mi- 
racles that you demancTcd, you had not flain them, had you 
been righteous ; if they bely thee, know, they belyed the Pro- 
phets that were before thee ,^that came withmiraclcs> the 
Pfalter, and the book of light. Every man fhall tafte of death, ^ 
and your reward fliall be payed at the day of Judgement ; 
he that fhall depart from the fire of hell, andenterinto Para- 
difc,rhallbehsippy. The wealth of this world is but matter of 
pridejthat you may be tried in your riches and perfons.Hearken 
not to the Jews and Chriftians, that have known the written 
Law before you, neither to them that believe in many gods, 
they offend God through their blafphemies; if you have pati- 
eRce,and fear God^you fhal make a very good refolution.God 
hath accepted the fpeech of them that know his written Law, 
when they promifed him to preach to the people his Com- 
mandments, and not conceale them ; neverthelefs they have 
contemned them, and changed them for profit of little value, 
and have gained nothing but mifery ; think not that fuch as re- 
/oyce of the evill they have done, and affedto be commended 
for what they have not done, have efcaped the punifhmeat of 
their crimes, they fhall certainly fufe great torments. The 
kingdom of heaven and of the earth is Gods,he is omnipotent- 
the creation of heaven and earth, the difference of day & night 
are evident fignsofhis Omnipotencie, to fuch as have judge- 
ment. Such as have, remember God, ftanding, {itting> or lying 
down and confidered the creation of heavCxT & earth have faid, 
Lordjthou haft not created thefe things in vain ; blefied be thy 
Name,deliver us from the torments of hell fire^thou wilt render 
miferabie him that thou ftialt thither precipitate, & the wicked 
fhall be deprived of protedion at the day of Judgement. Lord, 
we have heard them that fay, believe in your Lord, we believe 
in thy unity, pardon our faults, blot out our fins, and give us 
grace to die in the number of the juft ^ beftow on us what thou 


^6 The Alcoran of Ma h o m e t. Q?ap.jL. 

haft promifed by the Prophets,and fuffer us not to be miferable 
at the day of Judgement ; thou doft not contradidl what thou 
doft promife. The Lord heaiM them, and faid to them, I will 
not fuffer your works to be loft, as well of men as of women. I 
will blot out the fins of them that went out of Mecca, to fepa- 
rate themfelvs from the wicked;! wil cover the ofFence§of them 
that forfook their houfes, that alTembled to fight for the Faith, 
and were (lain; Iwill open to them the gate of Ptradife,whereia 
flow many recompenc6 their good works.There is with 
God great reward ; envie not the Infidek, whom thou (halt fee 
poflfefs a little wealth in the earth, hell is prepared to be th^ir 
habitation ; and fuch as fear Cod lliall dwell eternally in gar- 
dens, wherein run many rivers^with all manner of content. God 
is a great rewarder of the jwft. Among them that know the 
written Law, there be, that believe m God, in what was a- 
fore time taught you, and in what was preached to them, fure- 
ly they obey God, and forfake not his Law / They (hall receive 
a great reward from God, he is exa'3 in his account. O yee that 
are true believer?, be patient in youradverfities, perfevere to 
do well, fight for the Faich,fear God, and you fhali be happy. 



The Chapter of Women , containing one hundred and feventj 
Verfesy written at Medina. 

i\ttahelte- TNthe name of God, gracious and mercifull. O ye people, 
7701Y. Jlfear your Lord that created you of one fole peiTon, and 

* The and- created his wife of his rib, of whom iffued many men and 
ent Arnh'ms women. Fear God, by whom you fwear, and fay, the belly * of 
fwore by the y^^^ wives, God exa:5^1y obferveth your adions. Give unto 
GoTandthe ^T^^"^ what appertaineth to them, and render not evill for 
bell/of their good ; devoure not their fubftance, it is a very great fin. if you 
wives, be- fear to do injiirie to Orphans, fear alfo to do wrong to wo- 
cmk they jn^n ; marry thofe that pleafe you, two, three, or four : if you 
i^rat^^^*"^ apprehqpd you rnali not be able to entertain them equally ,, 


^ • :~~ • -^ 

0^ap» 4- ^^'^ Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. • 47 

marry but one, or the flaves that you (hall have acquired; this 
is moft necelfary, to the end you offend not God. Give to 
women their dowry with a good will ; if they give to you any 
thing that is pleafing to you, receive it with affection, and civi- 
lity. Beftow not on fools the wealth that God hath given you 
forfubfiftance ; aflift Orphans, give to them the garments that 
fhallbe neceffary for them, and entertain them honeftly ; in- 
ftrud them untill they have attained to years of difcretion, and 
are capable of marriage; if you believe they demean themfelves 
wifely , reftore to them their faculties, and devour them not 
unjuftly before they be of age. He that fhall be rich, (liall ab- 
ftain from their goods, and he that is poor, (liall take with ho' 
nefty, according to the pains he fhall undergo for them : when 
you make to them reftitution of their goods, take witnefs of 
your adion, God lovech good accounts. The children iLali 
have a good part of what their father,and mother,and parents 
left after their deceafe, of little or of rfiuch, th&re appertaineth 
to them a portion prefixed & limitted. When they divide their 
goods, the kindred {liall have care of the poor and Orphans; 
do good to them, and honeftly entertain them. Such as fear to 
leave after them a weak progeny of little children, ought to 
fear to wrong Orphans, they muft fear God, and courteoufly 
entertain them. Thofe that unjuftly devour their fubftancc, 
fwallow fire into their bowels, and (hall burne in a great firs^ 
God recommendeih to you your children, the fon fliall have as 
much as two daughters ; if there be more then two daughters, 
they (hall have two thirds of the fucceflion of the dead ; if 
there be but one, (lie Ihall have themoity, and her kindred a See Bcdud, 
fixth part of what (hall be left by the dead .- if there be no 
children, and the kindred be heires, the mother of the dead 
fhall have a third ; if there be brethren, the mother ihall have a 
fixth, after fatisfadion of the legacies contained in the Tefta- 
ment, and of debts. You underftand not to whom it is moft re- 
quifite to do good, to your children, or to your father and mo- 
ther, give them their portion ordained of God. The moity of 
what their wives (hall leave belongethtoyou,iftheyhave no ' 
children ; if they have, you (hall have the fourth part of what 


48 ' The Alcoran of Mahomet. Chap,^. 

/ • 

they (liall leave, after payment of the legacies ad debts; tkey 
fhallhave the fourth ofyourfucceflion,ifyouhave no children; 
if you have, they fhall have the eighth portion. If a man or 
woman be the heires of each other, and have neither father nor 
mother, nor children, and have a brother or fitter, each of 
them Oiall have a fixth part of the fuccefllon ; if they be more, 
they rhall (hare the third, after payment of legacies and debts, 
without fraud, following what God hath ordained, he know- 
cth all your actions, and is prudent in what he ordaineth, it is 
fo ordained by his divine Majeftie. He that {hall obey him, and 
his Prophet, fhall enter into Paradife, where many rivers flow, 
and (hall dwell in eternall felicity ; he that ihall difobey God 
and his Prophet, fhallbecaft headlong into the fire of hell, 
where he (hall fufter ignominious torments. If your wives 
commit adultery, take four witnefTes of their fault , that be of 
your Religion; if they bearwitnefs, keep them prifoners in 
yourhoufesuntill death, oruntill God (hall otherwife ordain; 
punifh whoremongers, concubines, and adulterers ; if they re- 
pent of their fanlt,do them no harm, God is gracious and mer- 
cifull to them that repent. Converfion dependeth on God, he 
is mercifull to them that commit fin ignorantly, andTpecdily 
repent, he is Omnifcient, and moft wife. Pardon is not for 
them that dp wickedly to the very hour of their death, we 
have prepared great torments for them that fhall die impious. 
O ye that believe in God f it is not lawfuU for you to inherit 
what is your wives by force, take not violently away what you 
have given them, unlefs they be furprized in manifeft adultery ; 
fee them with civility , if you have an avertion from them, it 
may chance that you hate a thing, wherein Cod hath placed 
much good ; but if you defire to repudiate your wives, to take 
others, and that you have given them anything, take not any 
thing that appertainech to them. Will you take their wealth 
with a lie, and a^manifeft fin ? How ihall you take it, fince you 
have approached each other, and that you have piomifed to 
ufe them civilly ? Marry not the wives of your fathers ; what is 
pall was inccft, abomination, and a wicked way. Your Mothers 
are forbidden you, your Daughters, Sifters, Aunts,Neices, your 

s*- Nurfcs, 

Chap.^. Tl?e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 49 

Nurfcs, and yonr fofter-fifters, the mothers of your wives, the 
daughters that your wives have had by other husbands, of 
whom you {hall have a particular care : The daughters of wo- 
men that you (hall have known, are alfo forbidden you ; if 
you have not known them, it will be no fin : the wives of your 
fbns are likewife prohibited, and two fifters ; for what ispaft, 
God is gracious and merciful ; Married wives are likewife for- 
bidden you, except the women flaves, that you (hall have ac- 
quired. God hath fo commanded you , except what is above 
forbidden, it is lawful for you to marry at your pleafure. If 
you defire women for money,and neither commit concubinage, 
nor adultery, give them their falary for which you (liall agree, 
foyoufliall not offend God, he is omnifcient, and moft wife. 
He that iLallnot be able to elpoufc women of free- condition, 
fhall marry fuch women or maids, that are flaves, as fhall pleafc 
him. God knoweth the faith of the one, and other. Marry 
your wives with the permiflion of their parents, and give them 
their dowry with honefty : If w^omen of free-condition, that 
have committed neither concubinage, nor adultery, fecretly 
nor publikeiy , flie into fecond nuptials , and come to commit 
adultery , they fliall be doubly punifhed , more then the 
daughters of Love, The marriage of flaves is for them that See Gelaldln. 
fear whoredom ; If you abftain from marrying them, you 
fnall not do amifs. God is gracious and merciful ; he is wil- 
ing to teacKyou his Law , and dired you in the way of them 
that preceded you ; he is gracious and merciful to his people. 
Such as follow the appetite of the wicked, decline extreamly 
from the Truth. God willeth that his Law be Light unto you , 
for that man was created weak. O you that believe in God, 
devour not your fubftance among you with ufury ; but if you 
traffique, be peaceable in your affairs ; flay not one another, 
God is merciful to them chat obey him ; He that difobeycch, 
through malice and injuftice, (liali burn in the fire of Hell ; ic 
is an calie thing to God to puniili them. If you depart from 
mortal fins, I will cover your faults, and caufe you to enter 
mto Paradife : covet not through envy, what God hath given 
to your neighbor ; men and women lliall have the wealth they 
have gained ; beg Grace of Cod, he knoweth all things. 

E Gire . 

JO The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Chap. 4. 

Give to your affociates what appcrtaineth to them. We have 
ordained a portion, prefixc to the one and the other, in the 
fucceffionof your Father, Mother,and Kindred, God feeth all. 
The men (hall have authority over the women ; they (hall have 
them in their keeping ; they fhall have in their power the 
wealth that God Qiall give them ; and (hall have care of 
what rhall be convenient to be expended for them. Difcreec 
and obedient wives obferve, in the abfcncc of their husbands, 
the Commandments of God , make remonftrances to them 
that fhall be difobedient, and remove them from your Bed, 
chaftife them. If they obey you, feek notoccafion toabufc 
them unjuftly. God is moft high, and moft mighty. If you 
fear there may happen fome difference between a man and his 
wife, fend to them fome of their Kindred, to put an end to 
their quarrel, and reconcile them. God will give hispeac^ 
to them,heisomnifcienc. WorHiip God, and fay not that 
be hath a companion equal to him ; do good to your Father, 
and Mother, your Kindred, Orphans, the Poor, your Neigh- 
bors, Pilgrims, your Friends, and your Slaves. God lovcth 
not the proud. We have prepared rigorous torments for 
them that are avaricious , that recommend avarice to the 
people , that conceal the Graces that God hath beftowed on 
them, and that are impious. Such as dilpend their wealth 
with hypocrifie, believe neither in God, nor the day of judg- 
ment ; and thofe that fhall have the Devil for their compani- 
on, will be in exceeding bad company ; he fliall not approach 
them , if they believe in God, andthe day of judgment, and 
give in Alms fome part of the riches God hath given them, 
God knoweth them, and doth no injuftice to any one, of the 
weight of a fmall Ant. If the righteous do good of the quan- 
tity of a Pifmire, God fhall multiply it, and give them a great 
reward. In what condition will Infidels be at the day of 
judgment ; for that we hav« witnelTes of all Nations againft 
their impiety -, and that we will call thee for a witnefs againft 
them of their deportments ,> That day, the Infidels that have 
difobeyed the Prophet, fhall defire to be confumed, like to the 
Earth; and not to have concealed or altered, through their 
difcourfe, the Commandments of God. O you that believe, 


C/7^^4. T/;^ Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. ji 


make not your prayers, being drunk, until yon know what 
youfpcak^ neither likewifc being polluted, unlefs inpafling 
en the way, until you be eleanfed \ if you be in a Journey, or 
fick, or go to difcharge your belly, or have known your wives, 
and finde no water to waOi you, you fhall lay hand upon the 
fand, and wipe your face and hands. God is gracious and mer- 
ciful to his Creatures. Seeft thou not how thofe that know the 
written Law^ purchafe Error? how they defire tomif-lead 
you through their riches, and divert you from the right way ? 
God knoweth your enemies , it is enough that he is your 
defender and protedlor. Such as Judaiz^e^ alter the word of 
God , and fay to the Prophet , wee have heard, and dif- 
obeyed thee , they heard without hearing 5 they fay , prc- 
ferve us, have care of us ; nevertheleffe do they pervert 
the word ol God , in reading ic , and alter his Com-, 
raandments , they fliould doe better to fay. Lord we« 
have heard , and obeyed ; hearken onely to us , and re- 
gard us ; But God hath curfed them , and few of them 
will believe \^ his Divine Majefty. O you that have 
knowledg of the Scriptures / believe in tke Alcoran , that ^^ Tpcaketh 
confirmeth the old and new Teftament , before that I deface ^° j^^ J^.^^ 
your vifages , and caufe them to turn behinde your backs. I g^ Chnfti- 
will curfe f nfidels, as I have curfed them of the Sabbath ^ the 
Commandment of God is incontinently executed ; he pardon- 
eth not them that aflfociate him with companions equal to him, 
except this , he forgiveth (ins to whom it pleafeth him : He 
that faith God hath companions, blafphemeth, and mortally 
(inneth. Confider not fuch as affirm themfelves to be good 
men ; contrariwife, God maketh thofe good m.en that pleafe 
him ; no injuftice fhall befall them at the day of judgment. 
Confider how they blafpheme , it is fufficient that God mani- 
feftly behoideth their fin. Seeft thou not them that have 
knowledg of the written Law, that believe in Habot and 
7'^j^o/^, Idols ; that fay to the Infidels, Behold the way of 
them that believe in God ? Certainly, God hath curfed them; 
he, whom he curfeth, fliall finde noneto protedhim. Shall 
they alone have part in the Kingdom of Heaven, without: 
giving Alms? They will envy their Neighbor, for the favors 

E 2 God 

^2 The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e T. Chap./^. 

God hath conferred on him. Certainly, we gave to the pofte- 
rity of Abraham, the knowledg of the Scriptures, and pro- 
phecies ; we beftowed on them great abundance of wealth. 
There were of them that believed in the Scripture, and others 
that contemned it ; but they flball bepunilliedin thenreof 
Hell. I willcaufe them to burn, and change their burned skin 
into a new skin, that they may fuffer the more. God is omni- 
potent, and prudent in what he ordaineth. I will caufethofe 
that have believed in God, and have performed good works, 
to enter into Gardens, wherein flow many Rivers , where 
they fhall dwell eternally with moft beautiful women. I will 
give them to enter the (hade of Paradife ; God recommend- 
eth to you, Fidelity among ycur lelves, to render faithfully 
what hath been intruded to you ; and when you (hall judg 
differences that fhall happen among the people, judg with 
equity. It is a good work that he commandeth you ; he be- 
holdeth, and knoweth all things. O ye that believe 1 obey 
God, and the Prophets, and ftich as command over you ; if 
you be in controverfie concerning any point, refer it to God, 
and his Prophet, to underftand the Expofition ; if you believe 
in God> and the day of judgment , you fhall do well ; this 
will be the bed interpretation that youcan attain to. Seeft 
thou not, that they who think to believe in what hath been in- 
fpifed into thee, and what hath been infpircd into thy prede- 
ceffors, incline to difpute before Tagot ^ Neverthclefs, they 
have commanded not to believe m that Idol ; the Devil labor- 
eth to fcducc, and withdraw them from the Truth, When it 
was faid to them , Obey the Commandment of God, and his 
Prophet, they departed from thee .- What will they do, when 
there (hall happen to them any punilliment of their paftfins ? 
They will return to thee, and fwcar by the name of God, That 
they defire Peace, and to do good Works ; but God knoweth 
what is in their hearts, and hath abandoned them. Ceafe 
not to preach to them, and to declare to them the Word of 
God ;the Prophets, and Apoftles were not fent, but to preach, 
and to be heard through thepermiflion of his Divine good- 
nefs. If, when they have hurt their fouls, they come to thee, 
and demand pardon of God, thou (liak beg pardon for them, 


Qhap.^. The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 5^ 

they fhall finde God gracious and merciful .- They will not be- 
lieve in his<iivine Wajefty, until they have difputed the differ- 
ecice with thee, that is among them ; and when they fhall no 
more doubt of what thou fhalt have done, they will without 
contradidion obey thee. We have ordained them to kill 
each other, and to forfake their houfes ; they have not done it, 
except very few of them : and although they did it, they did 
it not, to obey what fhould have been to them a great benefit, 
and exceeding merit ; we had given them a very great re- 
ward, and guided them to the right way. He that fhall obey 
Cod, and his Prophet, fhall be with them whom God hath 
endued with his Grace : He that knoweth it, refigneth himfelf 
to his divine Majefty. O you that are True- believers 1 be up- 
on your guard, affembled to fight ftoutly for the Law of God. 
There be among you that be cowardly, when any difcomfiturc 
hath befaln you ; they have faid, God proteded me, that I 
was not with them : And when God gave you vidory , they 
fpake as if there had been no undcrftanding between them 
and you. Would to God I had been with them, I fhould 
have acquired exceeding great merit. Fight for the glory of 
God, againft them that prefer the life of this world, to that 
of Heaven : I will give an exceeding great reward to fuch as 
fliall fight, that fhall be vidorious, and to them that fh^ll be 
flain,fighting for the Faith. Wherefore fight you not for the 
Law of God ? for the liberty of women and children, weak 
andafflided, that cry^ Lord deliver us out of this place ; the xhis place h 
people thereof are unj'uft, give us a protedor, give us an affured mccccl. 
refuge. They that believe in God fight for his Law, and In- 
fidels fight for the Divcl. Fight againft them that ferve the 
Devil , his policies are weak. Conlider thofeto whom it was 
faidj Ceafe to imbrew your hands in the blood of Infidels, per- 
fevcre in your prayers , and pay tithes. When they were 
commanded to fight, part of them were afraid of the mul- 
titude, a? of God, yea, more afraid of themukuudc thenof 
Cod, and faid, Lord thou haft not enjoyned us to fight, unlefs 
thou haft dift'ered us to a near end. Say to them. The we?.lth 
of the earth is but a fmall thing, there be great riches in rhe 

E 3 other 

54 The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e x. Chap.^. 

Other world, for him that fhall have the fear of God before 

his eyes. No injuftice (liall be done to you ; wherefocver you 

arCjdeath will meet you,notwithftanding you may be in ftrong 

Citadels. If good happen to the Infidels, they fay it proceed- 

eth from God -, if evil befal them, they fay , that cometh 

from thee. Say to them, All proceedeth from God, what then 

is the will of thofe men? they cannot comprehend thisdif- 

courfe : The good that happeneth to you, cometh from God, 

and the evil that befalleth you, is of your felves. We have 

fent thee to the people, to teach them the myfteries of my 

Law ; it is fufficient that I am witnefs. He that obeyeth the 

Prophet, the Apoftle of God, obeyeth God ; if they be dif- 

obedienc, thou art not fent to be their tutor. They fay, They 

will obey thee, and when they are gone from thee, many of 

them ponder in thei r heart other things then they have fpoken, 

but God fliall write their thoughts, and abandon them. Re- 

figne thy felf to God, and be content that he is thy protedor. 

Will they not meditate on the Alcoran f Were it fent from 

any but from God, there would be therein many contradidi- 

ons. When they had any aflfurance of vidory, or feared to 

be overcome, they pubiifhed it, although they had referred all 

to the Prophet, to the moft knowing among them, and to them 

that obeyed the Prophet^who knew what ought to be publiih- 

ed,and what to be kept fecret. If che grace of God had not bin 

with you 5 and his mercy, you had followed the Devill. Fight 

See ^tah d for the Law of God,employ but thy perfon, and be not trou- 

umiY, \i\t^i if the true believers be without armes, the miferie of the 

wicked fhal never end, God (hall augment their calamitie, and 

encreafe the punifhment of their crimes; he that doth wel.fhal 

finde well,and who doth evil.fhal finde evil,God regardeth all. 

When you are faluted,return the fakite with honor & affedion, 

God piitteth all in accompt.God 1 there is but one only God, 

This IS the j^^ q^^jj affemble you all at the day of Judgment, of that there 

-RcdcY J the ^^ no doubt. Who is more true in his words then God ? What .| 

enemies of have you to do with thofe wicked ones , divided into two 

CMahomet Troops? God ruincd and deftroyed them , becaufe of their 

made two gjjg . y^||j y^^ direcH: into the right way him, whom God hath 

^"^ ** made 

Qhap.^. T?;e Alcoran 0/ Mahomet. 55 

made to erre ? He , whom he fhall caufe to erre , fliall not See Kuab d 
finde the right way. They dcfire that you may be Infidels , as ^^noh. 
they are, obey them not, unlclTe they fliall return to the Law <, r t u- 
of God; iftheyforlakeit, kill them wher€ you finde them, ''' ^''^^'''• 
contracflnoFriendfhip with them , except with fuch as fliall 
come to enter league with you , with forrow for what is paft ; 
to fight againft Infidels with you. Had it pleafed God, he had 
given them advantage over you , and they had beaten you , if 
they depart from you , and follow your Religion , God per- 
mittethnotyouto do them injurie. You fliall finde fome 
that fliall incHne to believe you, and their companions, they 
will turn all to confufion , and fall into it themfelves ; if they 
feparatc the mfe Ives from you, if they defire not peace of you, 
anddefift not to do you mifchief, take and kill them, where 
you finde them, we have given you abfolute power over them. 
One true believer ought not to flay another true believer, un- 
lefTe it be through ignorance ; He that fliall flay a true believer 
through ignorance, fliall redeeme from flavery a true believer^ 
or fliall pay damages and interefts to the kindred and Heirs 
of the dead, if they through curtefie dilcharge him not of them: 
If he be of your encmies,and a true believer, he fliall ranfom* 
from captivicie a true believer -, If he be of your confederates, 
he fliall pay damages and interefts to the kindred , and heires 
of the dead , and redeeme from captivitie a true believer ; If 
he fliall be deftitute of means to performe this , he fliall faft 
two moneths together for a penance appointed of God ; 
God knoweth all things, and is prudent in what he command- 
eth. He that fliall kill a true believer of deliberate purpofe, 
fliall be chaftifed in the fire of Hell, the wrath of God , and 
his curfe fliall be upon him eternally. Oh ye I who are true be- ^ 
lievers , when you fight againft Infidels for the Law of God, 
caufe your felves to be known, and fay not to them that falute 
youjthou art not a true believer ; If you defire the good things 
of the world, God pofifefleth riches innumerable , you were 
before like to them , but God hath given you grace, and feeth 
all your adions. The faithfull that continue in their houfes 
without fickneffe , are not equall in merits to fuch as employ 

E 4 their 

5 6 The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Q:>ap,^, 

their perfons and faculties for the Law of God ; he preferreth 
by many degrees,them that fight for his Law,and employ their 
wealth and perfons for his fervice ; to thofe that rcmaine idle 
in their houfes , he is their protedor , and hath prepared for 
them a fare refuge in Paradife .- he gratifieth by many degrees 
of favour, them that fight for his Law , above thofe that live 
at eafe in their houfes , he is gracious and mercifull. The An- 
gel faid to the Infidels that they put to death , where were 
you with your Religion ? they anfwered , we were weak and 
impotent in the Citie o{ Mecca ; they faid, was not the tarth 
large enough for you to depart from the wicked ? Hell fliall 
be their habitation,except the women and children that were 
weak and impotent ; peradventure Cod will pardon them, 
he is gracious and mercifull; he that fliall depart from the 
wicked, to follow his Law, fhall finde many places favoura- 
ble to him, aHfuredly he will recompenfe him that rhall quit 
his houfe , that fhall be flain for his glory , and to follow his 
Prophet 5 he is gracious and mercifull. When you (l:iall 
be in a journey , you {liall not offend Cod to abridge 
your prayers , that the Infidels may not furprize you, 
they are your declared Enemies ; when thou fhalt be near 
them, and fhalt appoint the true believers to make their 
prayers , keep about thee a partie of them for a guard, while 
the refidue make their prayers ; having finilTied their Orifons, 
they fhall do as the firft ; take armcs, and keep a guard , du- 
ring the time their companions (hall make their prayers : the 
Infidels defire that you quit your armes to furprize you; you 
fhall not doamilTeto quit them, if raine trouble you, or you 
be fick , but continue alwayes upon your guard , God hath 
prepared for Infidels ignominious torments : Having fini{hed 
your prayers, Remember God , ftanding, fitting or lying 
down, and pray when you fhall be in a place of fafety; prayer 
is commanded the faithful] in a prefixed and appointed time. 
Be not negligent to purfue the Infidels, if you fuffer, they fhall 
fuffer like you ; but you hope for that which they muft not 
hope for: God knoweth all their anions, he is mod prudent 
in all his works. We have fent to thee the moft true Book, to> 


Qiap. 4. The Alcoran of M a h o m e t. 57 

the end thou may ft judgethe differences that are among the peo- 
ple, as thy Lord hath inftruded thee. Contend not with Traitor?, 
and aske pardon of God,he is gracious & mercifuI.Difpute not 
with thofe that betray their roules,God loveth not treacherous 
finnersjthey conceale themfelvs from the world, he is with them 
when they hide in their hearts fuch things as are difpleafing to 
him,hc knoweth all their adions ; O yee 1 you difpute for them 
in this world, who fhall difpute for them againft God at the 
day of Judgement ? who fhall that day be their protcdor ? He 
that (hall implore pardon of God, having offended him, (hall 
finde h'm gracious and mercifui;who doth evill,(liall finde evil, 
God is Omnifcience, and moft wife. He thatcommitteth a Ge/aid., Cai:h 
veniall, or a mortal! fin, and would excufe himielf, committeth a oieat and 
evidently a mortall fin. Many of them had endeavoured to fe- little fin. 
duce thee, hadft thou not been direded by the grace and mercy 
of God. But they feduce only their own fouls, andilialldo 
thee no'harme ; God hath fent to thee the Book thatcontai- 
neth his Commandments ; he hath taught thee what thou didtl: 
not underftand, and his grace is eminently upon thee; thereis 
no good in the multiplicity of their fecretsor difcourfe, except 
in fuch as command alms, honefty, and peace among the peo- 
ple, with defire to pleafe God, they fhall receive from his di- 
vine Majeftie a great reward. He that fliall contradid the 
Prophet, having had knowledge of the right way, and lliall 
follow other pathes then that of the true believers, (hall re- 
lapfe into his impiety,! will caufe him to burn in the fire of hell, 
where is the habitation of the wicked. God pardoneth not* Theand- 
them that fay, he hath companions, except this, he pardons em ^^^Z^m;?! 
all things as he feeth good : he that affirmeth that God hath a ^"^ ^ff the 
companion, greatly erreth, and is eftranged from the truth. If beaft,and 
they invoke other then God. they mvoke Idols, the devill, ob- g^,,^. i,-.^ ]•, 
ftinatc and curfed of God- when he faid to him, Thou wilt not beitytht-Gugh 
mve me power over them that worfhip thee, but I will feduce their country 
them from the right way, I will prolong their wicked life, to re- J^^^^.P/^;;^^ 
tard their converfion, I will caufe them to cut off the * ears of g^^ ^j^,^,,^^;^ 
beafts, they (hall difobey thy commandments, and they (hall See 
envie thy creatures. He that demandeth fuccours of the devill, tenoir. 

58 The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t, Qoap.^. 

is in manif'efl: perdition, he will promife to men long life, and 
retard their repentancc^but he promifeth them but a vain glory; 
hell is the dwelling place of fuch men, out of which they fhall 
finde no iffue ; Such as fhall believe in God, and do good 
works, (Lall dwell eternally in Paradife, where flow many ri- 
vers. God is mod true in what he promifeth,who is more then 
God in his words? Your lies, and the lies of them that know 
the written Law,do him no harm, he that (liall do illfhall be pu- 
nifhed,and fhall finde no protedlor^he that flial do wel,and flial 
believe in the Law of God, fhall enter into Paradife, and fhall 
have no injuftice done to him; what better law is there, then 
to refign thy felf to God, and to be an honed man ? Follow 
the Law of (tAhrfMam ; God chofe <tAbraham, to love him ; 
whatfoever is in heaven and in earth , belongcth to his divine 
Majefty, he knoweth all things. They will queftion thee con- 
cerning women ; fay to them, God teacheth you in that, what 
you were taught in the Scripture touching Orphans, and wo- 
men ; give to them what is appointed by the Law, and defirc 
not to efpoufe them, only to poilefs their wealth ; God teach- 
eth you likewife to give to Orphans what appertaineth to 
them, and not to injure them ; he will underftand your good 
adions.If a woman fear to be ill entreated by her husband, and 
that he will divorce her, they fhall do well, mutually to ac- 
cord, for peace is exceeding good. If you be too obftinate, 
and cannot agree together ; if you do good to your wives in 
divorcing them, and fear to wrong them, God will take notice 
of your adions. If you believe you cannot keep equalitie,and 
juftice among your wives, although you apply your feives to 
it ; Incline not altogether to your own appetites , and leave 
not your wifc^as a thing left in toleration.lf you live in a good 
accord, and fear to injure them, God will be mercifull to you. 
Ifthey feparate themfelves conformably to the precepts of 
the Law, God will enrich them with his protedion , he is 
bountiful! and wife , and whatever is in Heaven , and 
Earth obeyeth him. We have recommended to you the fear 
of God, as we have heretofore, to them that had know- 
ledge of the written Law. If you be impious, know, that 


(Jhap.^. The Alcoran ofM a h o m e t. 59 

what ever is in Heaven and Earth is Gods ; he hath no need 
of his creatures, and muft be exalted , it fufficeth thee , he is 
thy protedor. If he will, he can caufe you to perifh , and put 
other creatures in your place, for he is Omnipotent. He that 
loveth the good things of the Earth, fhall findc in God ail 
the wealth of this world, and of the other, he underfcandeth 
and feeth all things. Oh you that believe 1 be true in your te- 
ftimonies, notwithftandingit be againft your felvfs, againft 
your Father and mother , and againft your kindred, and con- 
fider the rich no more then the poore , God is the protedor 
of the one, and the other; follow not your appetites, to 
favour the rich more then the poore , pervert not the Truth, 
be not fcrupuloustoteftifie what you know, God knoweth 
all your adions. Oh ye that believe in God / and his Pro- 
phet, and the Book that was fent before him; know, he that 
blafphemeth againft his divine Majeftie , againft his Angels , 
the Scripture, the Prophets, and life eternall, greatly erreth, 
and departeth from the Truth. God pardoneth not them that 
have embraced his Law , and then have forfaken it , having 
believed in his divine Majeftie , and are returned again to their 
impiety ; declare to fuch men, they (hail feel heavie torments. 
Such as obey Infidels, to be great in this world , extreamly 
delude themfelves ; greatnefs proceedcth from God ; It is 
written in the Book that was fent to you , that the Infidels 
(hall mock you , when they ftiall hear the word of God, and 
you (hall obey his Commandments ; Tarry not in their com- 
pany , if they change not their difcourfe , otherwife you will 
be like to them, God will affemble into the fire of Hell all In- 
fidels, and wicked perfons. Some of them that obferve your 
adions, faid, they were of your partie, when any felicitie hap- 
ned to you ; and when the Infidels had advantage over you , 
they faid, they were with them , and that they fought againft 
you ; God at the day of Judgement ftiall judge the difterence 
that is between you , and will not give advantage to Infidels, 
over them that obferve his Law. The wicked think to deceive 
God , but God deceiveth them , they are negligent to make 
their prayers , they are hypocrites before the world , and re- 

6o The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e r. Qhap.^. 

member not his divine Majeftie, except very few of them, un- 
certain whether they fhould follow thefaithfull , or the Infi- 
dels ; he whom God lliallcaufc to goe aftray, fhall not finde 
the right way. Oh ye that believe ! obey not Infidels, to the ^ 
cxclufion of true believers ; will you give God manlfeft occa- 
(lon to chaftife you for your finnes ? The wicked {hall be in 
the lovveft place of Hell , and fhall finde no relief, except fuch 
as fhall repent , that fhall do good works , refigne themfelves 
to God, and obey his Commandments, they fhall be with the 
true believers , and receive from God a very great reward. 
He will not fend you miferie , if you give him thanks for his 
favours, and obey him ; he accepteth the acknowledgement of 
his benefits, and knoweth all things. He willeth not that what 
cvillis committed, bepublifhcdj he that publifheth the evill 
he doth, is very much too blame; if you manifeft the good 
you doe, orifyouconccale it, and abflain from doing evill, 
he will be mercifull to you, he is omnipotent. Such as blaf- 
pheme againft God and his Prophets , his Apoftlcs; fuch as 
would make a diftindion between the Commandments of his 
divine Majeftie, and the precepts of his Prophets , fuch as af- 
firmcthey believe in fome of the Prophets, and beheve not in 
all, and take a middle way between faith and impictie, are 
indeed impious, we have prepared for them ignommious tor- 
ments ; but they who beheve in God, and generally in all his 
Prophets, and Apoftles, lliall be recompenfed of God , gra- 
cious and mercifull. They that know the written Law,will re- 

The Jews. ^^"^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^''^^^ ^^ defcend from Heaven a Book, and writ- 
ten Tables ; They demanded o'l Mofes greater things,and^faid, 
Caufe us to behold God with our eyes, then thunder iluprized 
them by reafon of their impietie ; They adored the Caife, af- 
ter having had the knowledge of our Commandments.;nevcr- 
thelefs, we pardoned them, and gave to OWofes an abfolute 
dominion over them. We raifcd the Mountain over them, fol- 
lowing ourpromifes, and faid to them ; Enter the gate of 
the Temple wich adoration and humility, and no longer rranl- 
grefs the obfervation of the day of Rert ; We for this matter 
received from them a ftrong promife, but they fvvarved from 



Chap^^. The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 61 

what they had promifed, and we curfed them, bccaufe of their 
impietie, by reafon of the murther they committed without 
reafon, on theperfons of the Prophets, and of the words they 
uttered , viz.. Our heart is hardned ; Contrariwife , God 
imprinted infidelitie in their hearts , they iliall never believe 
in his Law, except very few of them, becaufe of their malice, 
and the blafphemies they vomited againft A<fary .• they faid , 
We have (lain the MeHiah, Jefus, the fonne of Mary, the , ^ n 
Prophet and Apoftle of God : Certanly they flew him not, J^f^^''^'' 
neither crucified him , they crucified one among them that re- ""' 
fembledhim; fuch as doubt it are in a manifeft error, and 
ipeak not but through opinion. Certainly they flew him not; 
on the contrary , God took himuptohimfelf , he is Omni- 
potent and prudent in all his adions : Such as have the knov;- 
ledge of Scripture, ought to believe in Jefus before his death, 
he fliall be a witnefle againft them of their adions at the day 
of Judgment; We have prohibited them that Judaizc , by 
reafon of their fin, things that were permitted them ; We 
have prepared for them great torment, becaufe theymiflead 
the world from the right way , becaufe they take Ule that is 
forbidden them, and unjuftly cat the fubftance of their neigh- 
bour. Such of them as are profound in Learning, and all the 
faithfull,believe in the Scriptures, both ancient, andmodern ; 
I will give great rewards to them that Qiall make their prayers 
at the time appointed, that fliall pay Tithes, and believe in the 
day of Judgment. We have fent thee our infpirations,as we fenc 
them to Noah, and the Prophets after him ; as we heretofore 
fent^em to AbmhamJfmael^lfaac^facoh^ihQ. Tribes, to Jefus, 
fob, fona6^ Aaron , and to Solomon , and gave the Pfalter to 
"DaviJ, We have told thee who were the Prophets that pre- 
ceded thee; but we have not fpoken to thee, concerning the 
merits of all of them. ylZ-^/f j fpake to God, as his Prophet, 
and Ap.oftle;all declared his mercy, and preached the torments 
of Hell, to the end men might have no caufe of excufe ; God 
is Omnipotent and prudent in all his adions : He fliall be 
witneflfe that the Alcoran was fent to thee with his Command- 
ments , the Angels likewife fl:iall teftifie \t ; but it ought to fnf- 


6i The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e T. C^ap.^. 

fice thee, chatGodiswitnefs. The Infidels that hindred the 
people to follow the Law of God, were exceedingly errone- 
ous ; God will not pardon them, he will lead them into the 
path of Hell, where they (hall remaine eternally, it is a thing 
eafie to his divine Majeftie. Oh people I A Prophet is come to 
you, who preacheth to you the Truth from the Lord , believe 
him, you fhali do well ; if you believe him not , know , that 
whatever is in Earth, and in Heaven is Gods , and that God 
knoweth whatfoever you do. Oh ye that underftand the writ- 
ten Law 1 Obey the Commandments of God, and fpeak not 
of his divine Majeftie but with truth ; the Mefliah, Jefus, the 
Sonne o^AI^y , is a Prophet, and an Apoftle of God , his 
Word, and his Spirit, which he fent to Mary ; believe there- 
fore in God, and in his Prophets , and fay not there be three 
Gods, put an end to that difcourfe , you fhall do well ; For 
there is but one God, pray fed be God, he hath no fonne;what- ^ 
ever is in Heaven, and in Earth obeyeth him, it is fufficient that 
he is witnefTc. The Melfiah efteemeth it no difhonour to be 
thefcrvantof God, neither the Angel, nor the Cherubins; 
He that holdeth it a difhonour to be at his fervice,is too proud; 
he fhall aflemble all the world at the day of Judgment, 
and every one (hall receive the recompence that he (hall have 
merited, he (hall augment his favours upon them that (hall 
have believed in his divine Majeftie , and have done good 
works ; hefliallchaftife them that Ih all have held it a difho- 
nour to be his fervants , and have been proud upon the Earth, 
they (hall (inde no fafe refuge but in his mercy. Oh people I 
God hath fent you aProteSor, a moft ftrong argumciHl and 
amoftcleare light; they thatflialltruft in God, (hall enjoy 
his grace , and he (hall guide them into the right way. They 
will enquire of thee concerning fucccflions ; fay to them, God 
teacheth you touching fucccj[fions, as followeth ; If a man de- 
ceafe without iiTue , and hath a fiftcr , (he (hall have the moi- 
ty of what he (hail leave , and (hall inherit it, if (he have no 
children t if thcybetvvofifters, tkey (hall have two thirds of 
what the deccafed left ; if they be many brothers, and many 
(ifters^. the Sonne ihall have as much as two daughters ; God 


Chap. 5. The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 6] 

teacheth you his Commandments, depart not from the right 
way, he is Omnifcient. ' ' 


The Chapter of the Tahle^ containing an hundred and V^entj 
Verfes, 'Written at Medina. 

IN the name of God, gracious and merciful. O ye that be- 
lieve in God I Satisfie what you have promifed ; it is per- 
mitted you to eat of the beafts that be in the world, except of 
what (hall be hereafter declared. Hunting is forbidden you, 
during the time that you ftiall go on Pilgrimage to Mecca, 
God ordaineth what he will. O ye that believe/ fay nor, 
That it is permitted to do what God hath prohibited, per- 
form what is commanded you, during the month of Pilgri- 
mage ; give no impediment to fuch as carry prefents to 
Mecca, neither to them that aflfume* Collers, neither hinder * -j-jj^ ^\^.- 
Pilgrims to repair thither, to demand the Grace of God, and Arabians in 
his mercies. It is lawful for you to hunt, when you (hall have devotion^pHt 
finirhc«d your pilgrimage ; beware lead fome perfons caufe ^^^ J^^^*. 
you to fin, and hinder your going to Mecca ; to oblige you to ^f Trees hp- 
punifli them, repofe your confidence in the juftice and fear of on their 
God , and not iii the fin and malice of your neighbor. Fear laecks, like 
God who is fevere in his chaftifements. It is forbidden you to c©llers,as the 
cat Carrion, Bieod, Swinesflefh, and whatfoever is not kill- ^^^^^^ts^^- 
cd in pronouncing the name of Go-d : you are prohibited to ^^^ald^do 
cat Animals ftrangled, choak, knockt down, precipitated, the herbs of 
that are flain ftriking each other, and fuch asbealts (hall have St. John. 
flain; if you finde them not alive, to let out their blood, in ^eei^//^^^/ 
pronouncing the name of God. You fhall not eat of beafts ''^''^^^'^' 
facrificed to Idols : Confult noE with Sourhfayers or Lots, it is 
a great (in. The day (Lall come when they that have abandoned 
your Law, fhall be defperate ; fear not them, and fear me: SzcGclMn.i 
The day will come, when I fhall accomplifh your Law, and 
my Grace fhall be abundantly upon you : The Law of Salva- 
tion, is the Law that I defire to give you. If any one be in 


64 T/^^ Alcoran of Mahomet. Chap.^j, 

necelTicjs and eateth of what isprohibiccd,vvithouta will to 
fin, God (hall be to him gracious and meicifull. They will de- 
mand of thee, what is permitted them to eat ? Say to them it 
is lawfuU to eat all forts of beads that are not unclean, and 
whatever hath been taught you from God, touching beafts that 
have been wounded by Lions or Dogs, eat the beaft you fhali 
take , and remember God in blooding them ; fear God , he is 
exad to take account. This day it is lawfull that you eat what 
is not unclean , and the meats of them that know the written 

^, T Law, their meats are lawfull for you, and yours for them. You 
Ihe Jews ' ., ^ f -Jo cc J- 

and Chri. ^"^^ permitted to elpouie maidens & women of tree condition, 

itians. that are of your Religion,and maidens and women of free con- 
dition 5 that know the written Law, giving them their dowry 
with civility 3 commit neither Concubinage,nor Adultery with 
them, neither fecretly or publiquely ; the good works of him 
that (hall renounce your Law, fliall be unprofitable,he fhall be 
at the day of Judgment in the number of the Damned. O ye 
that believe in God, when you would make your prayers, 
wafli your faces, your hands to the elbow, and pafs your hand 
over your head, and over your feet to the ancles. If you be 
polluted, purifie your felves • if fick , or in a journey, or about 
to difcharge your belly, or have known women, andfindeno 
water to wafli you, lay hand onthefand, pafs it over your 
vifage, and wipe therewith your hands. God enjoyneth you 
nothing irkfome, but willeth you be clean, and defireth to ac- 
complilh his grace upon you ; peradventure you will give him 
thanks. Oyee that believe in God I call tominde his grace, 
and promife he made to you, when you faid, We heard, and 
obeyed, fear him, he knoweth all that is in your hearts. O ye 
that believe in God I obey his Commandments, and be true in 
your Teflimonies, take heed that no man move you to offend 
God, in diverting you from what is juft ; render juftice to all, 
his fear invitech you to it ; have it before your ^^^^ , he 
knoweih all your anions ; hath promifed his grace, and great 
recompcnfes to the True believers, that fhali do good works 
in this world, and hath prepared Hell to punifli Inhdels. O 
ye that btlievc in God / remember his favor towards you, 



Chap.^. The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 65 

when fome perfons would have extended their hands upon ^^^^-^ ^^g- 
you, and how he delivered you from their malice 5 Feare mietoK^- 
him, all true believers' ought to refigne themfelves to his will, hornet. 
God received the promifeof the Children of Ifrael to obferve 
his Commandments , he eftabliflied among them twelve Cap- 
tains, and faid to them , I will be with you when you fhall 
make your prayers, pay your Tithes, believe in the Prophets, 
defend them, and {hall lend to me any almes ; I will cover 
your finnes , and caufe you enter Paradife, wherein flow many 
rivers ; and he among you that (hall be an Infidell , fhali be 
entirely erroneous from the right path. When they fwarved 
from what they had promifed , we gave them our curfc , and 
hardned their heart 5 they have altered the words of the Scrip- 
ture, and abjured what they had approved. Thou fhalt not 
know them that {hall be Traytors, except very few of them ; 
forgive and depart from them, God loveth them that do good. 
We likcwifc received the promife of thofe who call them- 
felves Chriftians, but they have forgotten what they pro- 
mifed ; they have altered what was taught them, and we have 
cad among them enmitie and hatred, even untill the day of 
Judgement. That dav God {hall caufe them to know what- 
ever they have done for their punifhment. Oh ye that -know 
the written Law I our * Prophet is come to bring to light ma- * »/ l «, 
ny things of the Scripture, which you conceale , and he like- 
wife leaveth in filence many things, that it is not time to 
makemanifeft. God hath fent you a Book full of light, to 
condud into the way of Salvation them tnat love him , to 
bring them out of darknefs, and by his fpeciall grace , to lead 
tfeem into the uay of Salvation. Certainly he that faith, that 
the Melliah, the Sonne of C^iary, is God, is impious : Say to 
him , who can hinder God to exterminate the Mefliah, and his 
Mother, with whatfoever is in the Earth, when it fhall feeme 
good to himpGod is King of Heaven and earth, he created with 
them what feemed good to him, he is Omnipotent. The Jews 
and Chri{lians have faid, we are the Children of Godj his wci- 
beloved ; Say to them, Ihall not vod chaftife you for your 
{innes.^ Certainly ye are men ; He that created you, pardon- 

P tth, 

66 The Alcoran of M ah ou et. Chap, j, 

eth , and punilLed as it pleafeth him , he is the King of all 
that is in Heaven or Earth, and ofwhatever is between them, 
he is the refuge of the righteous. Oh ye that have kcowledge 
in the written Law I The Prophet, the Apoftle of Cod is 
^ come to inftriK^ you in a time that there is none other Pro- 
phet but he on the Earth ; Will you fay that no man preached 
to you the torments of Hell ? Certainly the word of God is 
this day preached to you, the torment o\ Hell, and the Omni- 
potencie of his Divine Majeftie. Remember thou whzt /ktofes 
faid to his people , Oh people , call to minde the grace of 
God towards you, he hath chofen from among you Prophets^ 
and Kings, hath conferred on you what he hath given to 
none in the world : Enter into the holy Land, as God hath 
commanded , turne not your backs to your enemies, left you 
be in the number of Reprobates .- They anfwered, oh Mofes \ 
there are Gyanrs and Tyrants in the Holy Land , we will not 
enter into it, untill they be gone out of it, if they forfake it, 
we will enter into it. Then two men of them that were in 
the grace of God, faid to them, enter at the gate , and fight 
agaiiift them , you Qiall be vidlorious , truft in God, if you be- 
lieve in his Law ; They faid , oh Mofos 1 wc will not enter, 
fo long as thofe Tyrants dwell therein , goe and fight againffc 
tkem with thy Lord , we will here attend. Then faid Mofesy 
Lord, I difpofe but of mine owne,and my brothers perfon ; fe- 
parate us from this wicked people ; the Lord faid to him , the 
entrance into the Holy Land is prohibited to this people, they 
fhall wander forty years upon the Earth, in confufion and 
amazement, afflid not thy felfc with the deportments of the 
wicked ; teach them the Hiftorie of the Sonnes oi Adam, how 
they offered facrifices,how the facrifice of the one was accepted, 
that of the other was not ; he through envie menaced his bro- 
ther, to murther him ; his brother faid to him, God receiveth 
the facrifices , and holocaufts of fuch as have his feare before 
their eyes : affuredly if thou extendeft thine hand to flay me, 
I will not ftretch forth mine to hurt thee; I fear the Lord of 
iheUniverfe ; If thou chargeft thy felfe with the murthet of 
my perfon, with thy paft finnc?, thoufbalt goe to hell, where 


Chap.^. Tin Alcoran o/' M a h o m e t. ^y 

the unjuft fliall be puni{jhed;The murther of his brother feemed 
eafie and advantageous for him, he (lew him, and is in the num- 
ber of the Ehmned. God fent a Raven that made a pit in the 
Earth,and fhewed him the manner to bury the bodyof his bro- 
ther : Then faid he,would to God I had been weak and impo- 
tent,that I were like to this Raven ? I muft bury the body of 
my brother,and he w^as penitent for his offence y by reafon of 
thismurther.we ordained to the children of Ifrael,that he vf[\o 
fliall flay a perfon innocent, (liall be puni{lied,as if he had flain 
the whole worlds and he that fhall give him his life, fliall be re- 
compenfed,as if he had given life to the whole world. My Pro- 
phets came to the Children of Ifracl , taught them my Corn- 
mandments,and caufed them to fee Miracles, nevertheleffe ma- 
ny of them were difobedient .• the punifl^ment of them that op- 
pofe the will of God,that of his Propher,and that endeavour to 
pollute the earth , is to be flain, hanged, to have the right foot, 
and the left hand,or right hand,aod the left foot cut off, and to 
be extirpated from the earth ; they fliall have in this world 
fliame on the forehead, and fliall feele in the other, great tor- 
ments, except fuch as (liall be converted before their death , 
and fliall know , that God is gracious and mercifull. Oh 
ye that believe 1 fear God , fight for his Law, you perhaps 
fliall be happy. All the Treafures of the world fliall not be 
able to redeeme Infidels at the day of Judgment , they 
fliall endure exceeding great torments, they fliall defire to 
goe out of the fire of Hell, but fliall dwell there eternally. 
Cutoff the hands of thofe men and women that fleale , they 
contrad upon themfclvesthe wrath of the world, and thepu- 
nifliment that God hath prepared for the wicked : He that 
fliall turne, and do good work?, fliall be pardoned, God is 
gracious and aiercifull to the penitent. Knoweft thou not that 
the Kingdome of Heaven, and of Earth is Gods p that he cha- 
Itifethandpardoneth whomit pleafeth him ? and that he is 
Omnipotent.^ Oh Prophet / afflid not thy fcife, to behold 
them running to impietic; that fay with the mouth, we be- 
lieve, and have no faith in their hearts ; neither for them that 
Judaize , and hearken to the lies of their Dodors , to relate 

F 2 them 

II iimiilTi ifcTi^i'i^-i 

68 The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Chap.^. 

them to others ; they pervert the language of the Old Tefta- 
ment, and fay; If you be inftruded in thofe precepts, yon 
ought to obfcrvc them , if they inftrud you not in them, take 
heed toyourfelves. Such as make ufe of the name of God, 
to move the people to fcdition, are without faith, God will 
not purifie their hearts, they (hall have in this world flhame 
upon the forehead 5 and feel in the other excream torments. 
They liften to blafphemies, and eat what is prohibited ; If they 
repaire to thee , and fubmit themfelves to thy jadgemenr, 
judge their controverfie with equity , converfe not with 
them ; if thou depart from their company , they iLall not hurt 
thee , if thou giveft judgement between them , Judge 
with equitie , God loveth the Juft: How fnall they fub- 
mit to thy judgement , feeing they have the Old Teftament, 
which containeth the Commandments of God ? They will 
not execute thy Judgment, neither believe in the Old Tefta- 
ment , wherein is the guide of the right way , atsd a light to 
the Prophets, to judge the differences ariling among true be- 
lievers, among Jews; their Do(flors, and their Priefts, who 
ftudy the Scripture , and are witneffcs that it containeth the 
truth, fearnotthe world, but dread mcj fell not, neither 
exchange my Commandments for any price. Such as judge not 
conformably to the Law of God, are Infidels ; We have or- 
dained the Talio, man for man, an eye for an eye, a nofe 
for a nofe, an care for aneare, a tooth for a tooth , a wound 
for a wound ; he that fhall obferve it, iliall do well, and fuch 
as {liall not judge conformably to the Law of God are unjuft. 
We fent after many Prophets , Jcfus the Sonne of OUCary, 
who confirmed the ancient Scriptures , to him we gave the 
Gofpel, full of light, to condud the people to the right way, 
wadi a confirmation of the Old Teftament, a guide and inRru- 
dion for the righteous. They that follow the Gofpel, ought 
to judge as it is commanded in the Gofpel ; fuch as judge 
not conformably to what God hath taught them, are difobe- 
dient to his divine Majefty. To thee have we fent the Book 
that containeth the truth , and confirmeth the ancient Scrip- 
tures, determine the differences that fhall arife among the 


Qyap.^. The Alcoran 0/ M a m o m e t. 69 

people, as I have infpired thcc, and follow not the appetite 
of men that will abjure the truth which I have taught thee. 
We have inftru^ed all of you in a Law , and afTured meanes 
to lead you into the way of Salvation ; you (hould all have 
been of one and the fame Religion, had it fo pleafed God ; 
he hoth done this to prove you ; Doe good, and know, that 
you all fhall be alfemblcd before him , and he fhall rcfolve 
the doubts that are among you. If thou judgeft the differences 
that are among them , judge conformably to what hath been 
infpired into thee , and follow not their appetites ; be care- 
ful! they feduce thee not , and move thee to doubt many 
things that God hath taught thee ; if they difobey his Com- 
mandments , know , he will feverely punilli them , be- 
caufe of the enormity of their crimes. The greatcft part of the 
world are impious; Do they affed the Judgment of the Ig- 
norant? What better Judge for the good, is there then 
God ? Oh ye that believe I obey not the Jews , nor the 
Chriftians , they mutually obey each other in their impietie, 
he that fhall obey them, (hall be like unto them , God guid- 
cth not the unjuft. Thou feeft fuch as are unftable in their 
Faith , flock to them , and fay , they fear a change of times, 
but God (hall give advantage and vidory to his Prophet, and 
they (hall repent to have concealed in their mindes the Mi- 
racles of his divine Majeftie. What will they alleadgefor ex- 
cufe , who fwore by the name of God,cxadlly to obferve their 
Religion, and to be with you f Their good works fhall be 
unprofitable , and they in the number of the Damned. Oh 
ye that believe 1 if you abandon your faith, God will put 
others in your place , thatfliali love him , and he them , and 
this to your great ignominie, and the advantage of converted 
Infidels, that thall fight without fear, for his Law : Thus God 
beftoweth his grace , as he fecth good , he is liberall, and Om- Sec Gclaiditt, 
nifcient. You ought certainly to obey God, and his Prophet, 
his Apoftle ; they who believe in God , that make their 
prayers at the time appointed , pay tithes, and arc in the pro- 
tefiionof God and his Prophet, fhali be beloved of his di- 
vine Majeftie, and be victorious. Oh ye true believers / obey 

F 3 not 

yo T/;^ Alcoran 0/ M A H o M E T. Chap.j_. 

not fiich as fcoffc at your Religion, who have knowledge of 
the written Law; obey not Infidels , and if you are good 
men, fear God; obey not them that deride your prayers , it 
is the adion of thofe that are unwife, Oh ye that underftand 
the written Law I will you not abhorrc me , if I believe 
not in God, in what he hath infpired into me, and into them 
that preceded me ? The greatcft part of you are wicked. Say to 
them , did I inftrud you to do evill , when I preached to you 
the eflFed of Gods mercy } Thofe whom he curfeth , againft 
whom he is incenfed , whom he hath metamorphifcd into 
Apes, and Swine, and who have adored Idols, fhall be con- 
fined in the fire of Hell,they are in a very eviii way. When they 
come to thee , they will fay, they believe in the Law of God, 
they will enter thine houfe with impiety , and goe forth in the 
like manner, but God knoweth what they conceale in their 
heart : Thou (halt fee many of them embrace Paganifme, fol- 
low a lye, eat what is forbidden, and this to difplcafe their 
Dodors , and Priefts , who have forbidden them to fpeak lies, 
and eat meats that are unclean. The Jews faid, the hand of 
God is fhut , contrariwife,. it is their hand' that is iliut > and 
they fhall be accurfed by reafon of their difcourfe : certainly 
the hands ofGod are open, and he doth good to whom he 
pleafeth : Many amongft them,through impietie, and difobedi- 
ence , alter what is in the Scripture ; but we have caft among 
them hatred, and horror, even to the day of Judgment, God 
hath extinguifhed the fire which they had kindled,to make war 
againft the righteous ; they endeavour to pollute the earth,but 
God detefteth fuch as caufe diforder ; he remitteth their finnes 
that know the Scripture, believe in hisLaw, and flie impiety, 
they fhall enter Paradife, that is full of delights. They have 
read the Old Tedament , the Gofpel, and all Scriptures, they 
enjoyed abundance of all good things ; neverthelefle many 
have difobeyed the Commandments of God. Oh Prophet ! 
preach what God hath taught thee ; whether thou doft preach 
ir, or doeft not, he will defend thee from the malice of men, 
he abhorrerh Infidels. Oh yc that know the writteaLaw/ 
if you obferve not the Old Teftament, the Qofpd, and Scrip- 


Chap.'). The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. yv 

tures which God hath fent you, you (hall be without merit. 
Many of them through impiety and ignorance , pervert what 
is contained in the Scripture ; ^fRid not thy felfe with the ani- 
ons of the impious. The Jews , Samaritans , Chriftians , all 
that (liall have believed in God, the Refurredion of the dead, 
and have done good works, fhall be exempt from afflidion, 
there is nothing for them to fearc at the day of Judgment. SeeKJtabel 
Wc received of the Children of Ifrael a promife, to believe in ^^'^^^'''*- 
our Prophets, and ApoiUes ; Yet have they flandred many, 
and flain fuch as would not follow their appetites .* they be- 
lk\ud there was no punifhment for their crimes , and became 
deafe, and blinde ; After this, God pardoned them, never- 
thelefle, they returned in their Gnne, and are again become 
deaf, and blinde; God beholdeth all their deportments. 
Certainly^they who affirme the Meffiah, the Son of Marj^ to 
be Godjare impious; the Mefliah commanded the Children of 
Ifrael to worfliip God, his and their Lord ; the entrance into 
Paradifc is forbidden to him that (hall fay , God hath a com- 
panion cquall to him , Hell fhall be his habitation , and 
the unjuft uiall finde none to proted them at the day of judg- 
ment. Such as affirm there are three Gods, are impious : there 
is but one God ; if they defift not from fuch difcourfe, they 
(hall burn in the fire of Kell ; if they turn, and implore pardon 
of God , he will be to them gracious and merciful. The 
Meffiah, the Son of Mary, is a Prophet, and Apoftlc of God, 
like to the Prophets that came before him ; his Mother \s 
holy, and both of them did eat and drink. Confider howl 
raanifefl my rnite to Infidels j how they blafpheme, and de- 
part from the Truth ; fay to them, Will you worfhip inftead of 
Godj what can neither benefit, nor hurt ;: ou ? God undcrftand- 
eth and knowech all things. O ye that have knowlcdg of the 
written Law! fpeak of your Religion with reverence, and 
foliov; not the appetites of fuch asgoaftray, and walk in an 
evil way. The Infidels were accurfed by the tongue of DaviciT, 
and of CA'Uffiah^ the J: on of A^ary^ becaufe of their difobedi- 
ence ; they abftain not from thmgs that are not approved ; 
they do them, and through obftinacy will continue them. 

F 4 Thou 

72 The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Ch^P'5^ 

Thou (halt fee many of the Inhabitants of Mecca adhere to 
them, by teafon of the fin they conceal in their hearts. God 
affuredly will be incenfed againft them, and they fhall be con- 
fined eternally in the torments of Hell. If they had believed 
in God, in his Prophet, and the Scriptures, they had not obey- 
ed Infidels, but many of them are impious. Thou (halt findc 
the JevvSj and Inhabitants of Mecca, who believe in many 
Gods, to be very great enemies to the faithful, and the Chri- 
ftians to have a great inclination, and amity towards the True- 
believers ; for that they have Pricft^ and Religious, that are 
humble, who have eyes full of tears , when they hear mention 
of the Dodrine which God hath infpired into thee, becaufc of 
their knowledg of the Truth, and fay, Lord, We believe in thy 
Law, write us in the number of them that profefs thy Unity, 
who hindreth us to believe in God , and the Truth wherein 
we have been inftrufled ? We defire with paflion, O Lord, to 
be in the number of the juft. God fhall hearken to their 
prayer, and pardon them ; he {hall open to them the gate of 
Paradife, wherein is the reward of the righteous, and the In- 
fidels flial inhabit the abyfs of Hell. Oh ye who are True- 
believers / inhibit not the eating of what God hath permit- 
ed , offend not God , he abhorreth them that offend him , eat 
of the meats that are lawfull for you , and have his fear be- 
fore your eyes , he will not chaftife you for what you have 
.fpokenat randome, contrary to your faith, without defign 
of offending him, but he fhall punifhyou for your oaths , if 
you obferve them not 5 the fatisfa^ion of an oath not accom- 
plifhed , is to give food to ten poore of your Religion , and 
to cloath them , or to enfranchife a flavc that is a True-be- 
liever ; he that is deftitute of means to perform this , fhall 
faft-three dayes immediately fucceeding, fuch is the fatisfadion 
of a not- accompliflicd oath ; keep exadly your faith, fo d©th 
God teach you his Commandments , you will , peradventure, 
give him thanks. Oh ye that believe in God ! Wine,Games of 
hazard, Idols, Lots, and divinations arc abominations, and 
filthie pradifes of the Devill, depart from him, perhaps you 
will be righteous. The Devi 11 dcfireth to fow among youdif- 


fhap. 5- Tl)« Alcoran of M ah o w e t. 7; 

fention and horrour, through wine, and games of hazard, co 
choak your remembrance of God , and of praying to him; 
abandon wine.and games of hazard, be obedient to God, and 
the Prophet, his Apoftle , and take heed to your felves ; If 
vou difobey God , know, that the Prophet is obhged only to 
Breach publiquely the word of his divine Majefty ; the True- 
believers and the righteous have not provoked God in drink- 
ins wine, and playing at games of hazard, before they were 
nrnhibited they will abftaine for the future, and performc 
Cd work's.God loveth the that do good. Oh ye that believe / 
God oroveth you by one huating,whether you 
take the game with your hands, orcourfingon horfe-back, to 
difcerne them among you that fear him , and believe in his 
Law • whofoever (hall offend him, (hall be feverely pumfhed. 
Oh ye that believe.' kill not your game . during the time of 
vour pilgrimage to Mecca; whofoever fbalkil of deliberate 
ITvlk (hall be judged, as if he had flain his Neighbours 
beaft. he (hall be judged by one among you , and be con- 
demned to offer a prefent at the Temple of Mecca, ot to give 
food to the poor, ortofatt. orpertormefomewhat of like 
nature for the expiation of his errour; if he have repentance m 
hi, mindcGod will pardon what is paft ; if he return m his fin, 
Godwin be avenged on him, he is omnipotent, and aveng- 
f^ll. It is permitted that you fi(h, and eat pf^fifh during your 
Pi arimage, but hunting by land is abfolutely forbidden in this 
vSe; fear God, you (hall all one day be a{rembkd be- 
fore hin^ to be judged,h€hath appointed the moneth of Pilgri- 
mage ^e hath eftabli(hed the Temple of Mecca for the de- 
Totionof the people , and hath forbidden to give impedi- . -f-;,eanci-j 
mpnt to fuch as bring thither oblations , and thofe that af- em A>di,,s 
fome* CoUers, to the tnd , you may learne to underftand Futupn 
E he knoweth all things both in Heaven, and Earth, and jhe.rn.ds^^ 
that he is Omnipotent. Know ye, that he is grievous in h> .^^ 

Sifement , and gracious and merciful! : The Prophet is ,otio„,.hcn 
fbted but to preaf h his Commandments, he knoweth all ,hey ...>.! 
tha fouconceale inyom- hearts, ^^f^^^y^T^lf^a 
nifeft : Evil! rauft nocbe equal! to good , notw.chftandmg ^t ^.,,^.^_ 

74 T^^ Alcoran 0/ M a h o ivi e t. (;%.5* 

be pleafing to you .• Oh yc that are wife ! have the fear of 
God before your eyes , perad venture you (hall be happy. Oh 
ye believers I dtfire not the knowledge of all things, you will 
affliclyourtelves; be not curious to know at what time the 
tAlcoran was fent from Heaven, God pardoneth your former 
curiofity ; your Predeceffours were alike curious , and in the 
number of unbelievers. God hath commanded nothing 
* Thefe are touching * the /he Camell , whofe car is flit , neither that 
the Ceremo- which is at liberty in the field , neither concerning the Ewe 
andem^?vj ^^^^ ^'^^^ brought forth feven Lambs, neither the Camell, 
bians which of whom have ififued ten Camels , but the wicked invent 
Mahomet re- blafphemies againft his divine Majeftie, and are unwife ; When 
nounccth. it was faid to them come, and obferve what God hath taught 
See Kitab el j^jj Prophet , they replyed , it fufificed them to follow what 
movr. ^j^^jj, fathers had obferved , notwithftanding their fathers 

were ignorant and erroneous. Oh ye believers ! be carefuli 
of your felves , fuch as be in errour {hail not hurt you ; if you 
follow the right way , all of you (hall one day be affembled 
before God, who (hull difcover all your works, and reward 
you according to your merits. Oh le believers/ make your 
Ttftament , when your death approacheth, and take two wit- 
neffes of your own Religion , that are honeft men ; If you arc 
in a journey , and fickneffe furprize you , you (hall take two 
witnefTes, fuch as you (hall meet with, to ferve yourtefta- 
ment, and having prayed, (hall deliver to them your will. If 
you doubt their integrity, caufe them fweare to be faithful! 
in their tcflimonies , and not give themfelves to be corrupted 
by your kindred. Concealenot your teftimony, left you be in 
the Humber of (inncrs. If you difcover thofe two witneflfes to 
have erred in their teftimonie , fubftitute two other in their 
place, although they partake in your fucccffion, and take oath 
of them to be more veritable in their difpofitions, then the 
two others, otherwife they willoifend God, and be num- 
bred with the unjuft. It is better to fpeak Truth , then to be 
in fear, left your falQiood be deteded ; fear God, and heark- 
en to his Commandments, heguideth not them that difobey 
him. He (hall one day alfcmble* his Prophets and Apoftles, 


Qhap.'y. Tloe Alcoran o/M a h o m e t. 7c 

and fay unto them , what did you anfwer, being queftioned 
concerning my unity > they fhall reply^ Lord,wc are ignorant, 
thou alone knoweft all things. He fhaJl fay to Jefus^ Oh Jc- 
fus, Sonne of Mary, remember thou my grace towards thee, 
andthymothec ^ I ftrengthned thee with the Holy Ghoft; 
Thou fpakcft in thy Cradle , as a man of forty or ^ky yeares^ 
theedidlinftrudin Scripture and knowledge, the OldTe- 
(lament , and the Gofpel ; Thou didft forme of earth the 
figure of a Bird , didft breath upon it , and it did flie , thou 
didft cure the borne- blinde , and the leprous, didft revive 
the dead, I delivered thee from the Jewes, when thou (i\(ii\ 
preach to them my Commandments , and wroughteft mira- 
cles , which the wicked affirmed to be magick, and inchant- 
ment. Remember , how thou didft command thy Apoftles 
to believe in me, and obey my Prophet , and ho\t they faid, 
wc believe in one folc God , be thou witnefTe that we en- 
tirely rcfign our felves to the will of God. Remember * thou, * o iMx. 
that the Apoftles faid. Oh Jefus, Sonne of Mury^ can thy Lord hornet, 
fend us from 'Heaven a Table covered with meats to fatisfic 
us ? Jcfiis aniwered them,Fear God^M you believe in his I^w; 
they faid, we have an appetite , and'denre to eat of the 
food of Heaven fortherepofe of our hearts j and to know 
if thou fpeakeft the truth, of which we fnall be witnefe. 
Then faid he, Oh God my Lord, caufe to defcend upon us from 
Heaven a Table covercd with meat, this dayftiall be cele- 
bratcdby us and them that ftiall fucceed , thisfhall be a fign 
of thy omnipotency ; enrich us with thy grace, thou poftefTeft 
all treafure. God faid to him, I will caufe to defcend from 
Heaven the food which thou defireft , and vvhofoever fhall be - 
impious, fhall be puniilied with torments, that no man yet 
hath fuflPered. He ftiall fay at the day of Judgment , oh Je- 
fus, Sonne of Mary I didft thou enjoyne the people to wor- 
(hip thee, and thy mother, as two Gods ? Jeflis iljall anfwer, 
prayfed be thy name ; 1 will take heed of fpeaking what is 
not,thou knoweft if I have faid it, thou art omnifcient , thou 
knoweft what is in my foul,and I have no knowledge of what 
isinthee;! delivered nothing but whatthou didft command me 


j6 17?^ Alcoran 0/ M A H o M E T. (^hap.6. 

to fpeak : to wit, Worfliip God your Lord , and mine, I am 
vvitncfTe from the time that I was in the world , untill thou 
didft caufe me to dye ; thou didft obferve the deportments of 
the people , thou ieeft all ; if thou chaftifeft men, they are 
thy Creatures ; if thou doft pardon them , thou art omnipo- 
tent and wife. Then (liall God fay, this day (hall good 
works be profitable to the righteous, they (hall enter into Pa- 
radife, wherein flow many rivers, there (hall they dwell eter- 
nally , with my grace, in exceeding great felicitic ; the King- 
dome of Heaven , of Earth is Gods, he is Omnipotent. 


The Chapter of Gratifications , containing an hundred Jlxtie 
and ff teen verfes^ y^rittenat Medina. 

'^elddin TN the name of God, gracious and mercifuU ; Prayfe be 

i"?^fi"^ A to God the Creator of Heaven , of Earth, ofdarknelfe, 

t r of Ani- ^"^^ 9^ light; fuch as believe not in their Lord are in errour. 

mals. He it^istnat created you of the duft of the Earth, and ap- 

ieaGelaldin. pointed a prefixed time for your death, and refurredion; 

neverthelelTe you doubt, he is God in Heaven and in Earth, 

he underftandeth the fecrets of your hearts , and whatfoever 

you make manifcft ; he knoweth the good and evill that you 

commit , that his Commandments have been taught the In- 

* habitants of Mecca , and that they have abjured them ; they 

oppofed the revealed Truth , but (hall be f haftifed for their 

contempt. They confider not how much people we have de- 

S Gild' ^^^y^^ i ^" P^^ ^§^^ ' ^^^ §^^^ ^^^^ places to dwell in, more 
ea m. ^^q^^ ^^^ j fpacious then thofe which you inhabit, fent them 

about of rainc, caufed fountaines to flow in the places of 
their habitation ; after this did we extirpate them, by reafon 
of their finnes , and eftabliflied in their pla^e a new people. 
We have fent to thee the Scripture, written in Vellam , the 
unbelievers have handled it with their hands, yet fay, it is evi- 
dent forcerie and inchantraent , that they will not believe 


chap. 6, The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 77 

therein, iinlefs they fee an Angel defcend to confirm ir. Should 
we have fcnt an Ange^they had perifhed by his prefence iinlefs 
we had fent him under the Figure of a man, like unto them, and 
cloathed as they are. They derided the Prophets,and Apoftles, 
thy Predcceflors;deri(ion is fallen upon fuch as contemned them. 
Say to them, go through the world, and confider the end of 
them that abjure the Law of God ; fay to them, to whom ap- 
pertaineth wh^tfoeveris in heaven and earth? it i? Gods. He 
will imploy his mercy to fave you ; doubtlefshe will afl'cmble 
all of you at the day of Judgement. Neverthelefs Infidels be- 
lieve not in his Unity ; they confider not, that whatfoever mo- 
veth by night, and by day, and whatfoever is in the worldj be- 
longeth to his Divme Majefty, who underftandeth and know- 
eth all things. Say to them, require you other protection then 
that ofGod the Omnipotent, Creator of heaven and earth, 
who nouridaeth all things, is nourifhed by none ? Say to them, 
I have received a command to embrace the Law of Salva- ^ 
tion. Be not yein number of unbelievers ; I fear to difob ey my 
Lord,and fear the torments prepared for the wicked at the day 
of Judgement-he that fhall deliver himfelf,niall enjoy the grace 
ofGod,which is fupream felicity: If God wilpunifh you, none 
Qial deliver you from his punifhment ; if his Will is to do good 
to yoUjhe is Omnipotent,alwa3^s vidoridus, and hath all power 
over his Creaturesjhe is mod wife and Omnifcient^Say to them, 
What better teftimony is there in the world then that of God? 
Say to them, He fball tcftifie between you and me, to whom 
he hath infpired the Alceran to inftrudt you ; Will any a- 
mong you that (liall learn it, fay there is any other God, but 
God; I will not fay fo ; there is but one God, and I am inno- 
cent from the fin you commit, in aflociating him with a compa- 
nion equal to him ; many of them that underftand the written 
Law, have knowledge of the truth of i\if: Alcoran ; their chil- 
dren alfo know it, but fuch as forfake tiieir own fouls, will not 
believe in God. Who more unjuft, then he that blafphemeth 
againft God and his Commandments ? Certainly the wicked 
(hall be miferable ; I will affemble all of them, and fay, where 
are the gods which you did afTociatc with God ? they fhall 


78 The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. QMp.6. 

have none other excufe, but to fay, by God, Lord, we were of 
the number of Idolaters. Confidec how they will lie, anddif- 
avow their blafphemics : fome there be among them that 
hearken to thee, we have hardened their hearts, they will not 
learn the Alcoran, becaufc their ear5 are ftopped. When they 
(hall hear related all the miracles of the world, and {Lall fee 
them with their eyes, they will not believe untill they have 
difputed againft thee. The wicked fay the Alcoran is but a lie, 
and Fable of Antiquity ; they forbid the people to believe 
it, and contemne it ; certainly they deftroy their fouls, and 
know it not ; thou (halt fee when they (hall be detained in the 
fire of hell, they will fay, would to God I might return into 
the world, I would obey the Commandments of his divine Ma- 
jeftie, and be in the number of true believers. They knew the 
trnth, but concealed it ; fhould theyreturne into the world, 
they would return to their impiety, they are liars. They affirm, 
there is none other life then that of the world, neither any re- 
furredion ; when they (liall be before God, they fball acknow- 
ledge their errors, he fhall caufe them to feel the chaftifements 
due to their blafphemies. Such as believe not in the refurredion, 
are wretched men, they (hall bp afflided for their fins at the 
hour when ever death fball furprize them ; they (hall bear on 
their back the burthen of their crimes, and avouch the life of 
this world to be but deceit and vanity, and the life of the o- 
xhertobe full of felicity for the righteous; neverthelefs the 
O Mahomet, wicked are not converted. I know thou wilt be incenfed a- 
gainftfuchas fhall fay, thcydefireto obey thee, andlliall re- 
nounce thy Dodrin ; they that contemn the Commandments 
of God arc impious, they have belied the Prophets thy Prede- 
ceffors ; the Prophets endured their lies, and were patient, un- 
till we deftroyed them; God declineth not what he hath pro- 
mifed. Thou knowefl: what the Prophets foretold : if men a- 
bandon thee, canft thou covet to continue on earth ('to in- 
ftrud them J and to be in heaven at the fame time, to caufe 
prodigies appear (teftimonies of thy miffion.) Had it fo plea- 
See Gekldin. ^^^ ^j^j^ j^^ ^^^ brought them all into the right way, nor had 
they been in the number of the ignorant?Xef cainly he heareth 


Qhap. 6. The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. yq 

theprayersofthc righteous, that hearken to his word; he will 
give refurredion to the dead, and afTembJe them to' receive 
recompcnce according to their merits. They have faid 
we believe not in the Prophec,if he fhew not to us fome miracle 
from his Lord; fay unto them, God hath (hewed you many 
miracles, but moft of you do notunderftand them; the beafts 
that walk upon the Earth, and the birds that fiic in the Aire arc 
in the number of his creatures: VV e have not omitted to write 
any thing that is written in the Book kept in heaven ; all men 
(hail one day appear before God/uch as Oiall not have believed 
in his Law, (hall be deaf and dumb, and inhabit darknefs: 
God mifleadeth whom it pleafcth him, and guideth in the ri^hc 
way whom he fecth good. Say unto them, have you felt the pu- 
ni(hment of God ? Have you had knowledge of the day of 
Judgement? Will you invoke any but God, if you be good 
men? If you implore him, he will deliver you from the evils 
that you fear ; and if it pleafe him, you Qiall abandon the Idols 
which with unbelievers you adore. We fen t our Prophets to 
them that were before you, when they contemned them we 
lent afflidions to procure their converdon, which had not been 
done without the miferies that we brought upon them Ne- 
verthclefs their heart is hardned, the devill caufed them to finde 
difobedience more advantageous, and they forgac what was 
taught them. When we opened the gate of happinefs, thev ex- 
ceedingly rejoyced and were ingratefull; i»ut, when they 
thought lead of It, they were chaftifed, became defperate and 
were extirpated for the great glory of God ; Lord of the 
Univerfs, fay unto them, if God rendred you deaf, blinde. and 
Ignorant, what other god then God (hall reftore your fight 
hearing, and knowledg ? Confider how I manifeft my Unitv^ • ^ ^.homct, 
neverthelefs they will not believe it: fay unto them/have you 

PronhS. n'^'^A'^'m'^u'^y^"''^' ^^"^^^^ ' "^ ^^"^"Ot the 
n^^r. u l^P^^^''^ ^"^ to proclaim the felicity of Paradife, 

UZl '^' It'""'"'^ ^^^'^^ •• ^' ^^^^ ^^'1 b^'^^ve, and do 

and unbelievers (hal be punilhed^becaufe of their difobedience! 

Say .. 

8o The Alcoran of Mahomet. Chap,6. 

Say unto them, I told you not that I had in my power all the 
treafures of God, neither that I had knowledge of the future, 
and paft ; nor do affirm, that I am an Angel, T only ad what 
hath been infpired into me ; is the blinde like to him that feeth 
clearly? Confider what I fay. I preach not the day of Judge- 
ment but to fuch as apprehend it, they fhail findc none other 
then God to proted them ; peradventure they will fear his 

Tke poor, divine Majefty. Moleft not them that pray unto God evening 
and morning, and that defire to fee his face, thou (lialt not be 

See GcMdin, accomptablefor their adions, neither fliall they give accompc ' 
of what thou doft ; if thou difturbeft them, thou fhalt be in 
the number of the unjuft. We have proved men by one an- 
other ; they have faid among them with derifion, behold thofe 
among us, to whom God hath given his graces: doth God not 
know them that acknowledg his benefits ? Salute with affedion . 
true believers, when they come to vifite thee ; God loveth ci- 
vility, clemency, and humanity, and will pardon him among 
" you, that fhall offend him through ignorance, that (hall repent 
of his error, and do good works, he is benigne and mercifull. 
Thus do I recount the graces of God, and difcover the way of 
finners; Say unto them^ I am forbidden to worfhip what you 
adore/kfti fliould goaftrayfrom the right way. 1 have re- 
ceived from God a light, which yee have contemned ; God is 
Judge of all things, judgeth with truth, and is moft juft in his 
Judgements. I cannot forthwith give you a fight of the tor- 
ments of hell, neither of the chaftifement of God, which you 
with fo much inftance require ; this dependeth on his divine 
Majefty ; had I this power, our difference would be foon at a 
period. God knovveth the unjuft, in his power are the keyes of 
the future, none knoweth but he ; he knoweth whatfoever is in 
the earth, and the fca, the number of the leaves that fall from 
the trees, and of the atomes that are in the darknefs of the 
earth. There is nothing dry or green in the earth, that is not 
w'ritten in the Book of Light. He it is that caiifcth you to d\^ 
in the night, and knoweth the good andevill that you have 
committed by day ; he ftiall cauie you to rife again at the day 
nominated ; you all fiiali appear before him, heYhall give you 




chap. 6. The Alcoran o/^ M a h o m e t. 8i 

knowledge of your fins, andrhallchaifire you after your de- 
merits ; he is alwayes vidorious and omnipotent. He fhall 
fend to obferve your adions ; and when you lliall arrive at the 
hour of death, he fhall difpatch his meflcngers, who fliall not 
faile to execute his commands ; the people {hall repair to him, 
as to their Lord, he is extreamlyexaft to keep account. Saj^ 
unto them, he fhall deliver you from the darknefs of the fea, 
and of the earth ; when you fhall in fecret, or publikely invoke 
him ; if he deliver me, I will return him thanks for his grace : 
Say unto them, God can deliver you from darknefs, and all 
other afflidlions ; yet fay you, he hath a companion aflociate 
with him ; Say unto chem^ we can fend punifhments from a- 
bove, and from below ; he is able to difunite, and caufe you to 
tafi: a thoufand miferies, which you fhall bring upon each other. 
Confider how I fl:iewthem the effects of my Omnipotencie; 
they will peradventure comprehend my fayings : Thofe of thy 
Nations have re/eded them, notwithftanding they are molt 
true ; fay unto them, I am not your Tutor ; every thing hath 
its time, you iliall hereafter undcrftand the truth. Depart from 
them that fpeak of our Law with contempt, untill he fpeak ©- 
therwife ; the dcvill would induce thee to forget my Com- 
mandments, and caufcthceto fit down with theunjuft; thvi 
true believers fhall not regard their difcourfe, neither ceafe to 
admonifhthem, peradventure they will be converted. Depart 
thou from fuch as fport and mock at their Religion, the wealth 
of this world rendreth them haughty,- declare, they fhall be fe- 
verely punifhed ; none is able to protecfl or hear them but God, 
no ranfom is able to deliver them- they fhall finde the good 
and evill that they have committed, fhall drink a liquor ex- 
treamly cold, and endure grievous torments, becaufe of their 
impiety ; fay unto them, (hall we worfhip inftead of God, 
what can neither benefit nor hurt us ? Shall we return on our 
fteps to our fins,having been guided by his divine Majefty, like 
unto him whom the devill hath feduced ? He left him difmaid, 
and aftonifhed in the midft of his voyagei having forfaken his 
companions, thn Qiewed him the ri^ht way. God guideth men 
to the way of falvation. I will wholly rcfign my felf to the 

G pleafure 

82 T?;e Alcoran of M a h o m e t. Chap.6. 

pleafure of his divine Msijefty: Make your prayers at the time 
appointed, and pay tithes, you all fhall appear before God at 
the day of Judgment, to give account of your adions. He it is 
that created heaven and earth. Remember thou the day where- 
in he faid. Be thou, and every thing was ; he fliall reign, and at 
that day command an Angel to found the Trumpet, to call 
touniverfall Judgment, the living and the dead. Heknoweth 
the future, prefent, and pad; ismoft wife, and nothing is hid- 
den from him. Remember thou that zAbraham faid to his fa- ' 
'*JkeArab'r ther* ^^ wherefore do you wordiip Idols inftead of God ? 
am hy^A^cY \ perceive your family to be in manifeft error ; God fhewed to 
is Ahrahcms Q^yy^harnxki^ Kingdom of heaven, and of earth, and he was in 
^'ndtSthis the number of the bleflTed. Ahraham feeing by night amoft 
father was clear Star, asked in himfelf, if it were his God ; no, replyed he 
called rem to himfelf, my God doth not rife and fet ; feeing the Moone 
A^'' to arife, he demanded if that were his God; no, faid he to 

himfelf, certainly God will not guide me to be of them that 
are erronious; when he beheld the Sun rifing, he likewife 
asked, if that were his God; and when he faw it fet, he faid to 
his people, I am innocent of the fin which you commit, in ado- 
ring many gods, I wholly commend my felf to his Will, who 
created heaven and earth, and profefs his Unity : His people 
would difpute againft him ; he faid to them, will youdifpute 
againft me concerning the Unity of God, who hath inftrudled 
me in the right way ? I fear not your Idols, my God doth what 
pleafeth him, and knoweth all things, will you not confider it ? 
How lliall I fear your Idols, fmce you are not afraid to affirm, 
that God hath companions equall to him, which you have no 
reafon to adore ? If you undcrftand the truth, who is more true, 
you, or I > Such as^ believe in God, and {liall not cover the 
truth with a lie, iliall be delivered from the torments of hell, 
and conduced into the way of falvacion. We inftruded Ahra^ 
ham with reafons to difpute againft his people ; I give know- 
ledge to whom I fee good, and exalt whom I pleafe. Thy 
Lord, O Abrah<i?n,'k^t\\ and knoweth all things ; we gave to 
AhrAh.i.mJfaac, and Jacob his fons ; we before inftruded Noah 
and his lineage in the right way ; we taught it David, Salomony 


Chap.6. Tl:>e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 83 

fo^jfofephyMffes^y^aroHjZachary^St.fchffjfefiu the Son o^Ma^ 
rj,ElkhJfmael,foJhtiah,Jona4^ & Let-^ we gratified them above 
the rcfidue of the world ; we ekcHied their Fathers, Brothers, 
and Progenie , and guided them in the right way : Thus God 
guid'cth whom he feeth good: Men before adored Idols, and 
believed there were many gods, nevcrthelefs he blotted out 
their pafc errors, when they were converted. If they flander 
them that have knowledge of the Scriptures, andof Prophc* 
(ies, will give power over their perfons to men that fliall mif- 
lead them with the Infidels : Thofe whom God guideth, believe 
in the Unity of his divine Majefty. Say unto them, I require no 
reward for having preached to you the Alcoran^ hctcachcth 
to all the world the Commandments of God. The Jews hav« 
not honoured him as was their duty; they underftood not 
his graces, when they faid, he hath inftruded the people in no- 
thing that is profitable. Say unto them, who gave the Tables 
unto Mofes? who inftrufted him in the Scripture, which they 
have written in Vellam, to guide and illuminate the people ? 
They have publifhed what pleafed them, and have concealed 
much; they iliall learn in the Alcoran what they know not,and 
what their fathers underftood not : Say to them, God after 
that left them obftinate, and amazed in their errors. We have 
fent from heaven that Book full of blcffednefs, it confir- 
meth the Scriptures that were fent before it, to the end thou 
maill i^ftrud the people of O^fecca, them that inhabit about 
that City, and the reft of the world. Such as fhall believe in the 
day of Judgment, believe in what is written in this Book, and 
fhall pray to God to dehver them from the torments of hell: 
Who is more unjuft, then he that blafphemeth againft God ? 
that faith, God hath infpiredinto him what he uttcreth, not- 
withftanding he hath received no infpirationfrom his Divine 
Majeftie. Who more unjuft,then he that faith, he will caufe to 
difcend from heaven, things like to thofe which God infpired 
into his Prophets? When thou /halt fee the wicked at the 
point of death, and the Angels ftretching forth their hands to 
take their fouls: fay unto them. This day the torments of 
hell (hall be the punirhmentof the blafphemies thatyee have 

G 2 vomited 

84 Th^ Alcoran ©/Mahomet. Chap. 6. 

vomited againft God, and your difobedience to his Com- 
mandments. God fhall fay to them, you are come before us 
without riches, and children, naked as you were created, and 
have caft behind your backs the in{lru(Sions which v/c gave 
you ; I fee not with you the Idols you adored; you are fepara- 
ted from each other,aad have forfaken them, that you eftemed 
on earth, fhould have been your protedors; God feparateth 
ihegood from the wicked, as the corn from the ear, and the 
ftonefrom the Date ; He caufcth the living to fpring from the 
dead, and the dead from the living ; behold the works of God; 
why will you depart from his taw ? He dividech the morning 
from darknefs, hath eiUbhfl:ied night for the repofeof men, 
and the Sun and Moone to compute ages, years, moneths, and 
feafons ; fuch are the effcds of Gods power, he is Omnipotenr, 
and knoweth all things. He it is that created the Stars to give 
you light, and guide you in the obfcurity of the earth and Tea ; 
he gratifieth with his grace,' fuch as learn his Commandments. 
He it is that created you of one fole perfon, that gave you the 
earth to inhabit, and prefervcthyou in the world, he hath con- 
ferred his grace on fuch as have obeyed his Commandments, 
hath made raine to defcend from heaven, and caufed the earth 
to produce divers forts of herbs, green things, and corn; he 
hath caufed the Date to fpring forth, and the Palme tree,with 
gardens enriched with Grapes, Olives, Pomgranets, and many 
fruits alike, and different. Confider how fruits encreafe and 
multiply ; this ferveth for inflrufiion of Gods Unity, to them 
that have his fear before their eyes .• the Infidels have adored 
the devill, with God, who created them, and faid, that God 
hath fons and daughters, fuch is their ignorance; praifed be 
God, he created heaven and earth ; how (hall behave a fon, 
who hath no wives ? He created and knoweth all things, he is 
your God,and your Lord, there is none othcrGod but he;wor- 
fbip him, he conferveth all things, he is feen of no man, ar^d be- 
holdeth all things, he is benignc, and nothing is concealed 
from him. O people, there is come to you a light from your 
Lord to condufl you, he that feeth clearly Qiall receive ad- 
vantage • and he that fliall be blinde, dial I continue his milcry ; 


(l?ap.6. The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 85 

I am your Tutor, neither obferve I what you do ; Thus do 
I declare the myfteries of my Law , the wicked {hall in the 
end confefle that thou haft taught my Commandments to 
fuch as inclined to learne them. Ad what thy Lord hath in- 
fpired into thee , there is no God but he,- feparate thy felfe 
from the fociety of unbelievers ; Had it pleafed God , they 
had not difobeyed his Commandments , thou art not their 
Tutor , injure not them that worfhip Idols, they injure God 
through malice and ignorance , every man efteemeth what 
he hath done, and pleafeth himfelfe in his opinion. Certainly 
they (hall all be afifembled at the day of Judgment, and be 
ciiaftifed after their demerits. They have fworne by the name 
ofGod to fight for the faith, if fome miracle appeare to in- 
ftrud them ; miracles proceed from God, they know not the 
time wherein he w^i 11 make them to appear ; although they 
fhould fee miracles , they will not be converted. I will over- 
turne their hearts , blinde their fight , and they fhall never be 
converted, I will leave them in their errors, and difobedience, 
with contempt and confufion. If we fliould fend to them 
Angels , fliould the dead come and fpeakto them, and fliould 
we bring about them all the witnefles of the world , they fliall 
not behevCjif it fo pleafc God, moft of them are ignorant ; we 
have allotted an enemy to each Prophet ; as the Devill is an 
enemy to men, hetempteth them with the ornament of his 
difcourfes, to render them proud. If it had pleafed thy Lord, 
they had wanted that power; depart thou from unbelievers, 
and their blafphemies, and incline not to their will ;they fliall 
finde no advantage in their impiety. Doe you defire another 
Judge then God, who hath fent to you the Book that diftin- 
guifheth good from evill ? Such as know the Scripture are 
not ignorant that this Book was fenc from God , and con- 
taineth the Truth ; Be not thou in the number of them that 
doubt, the wordof Godexadly cometh to paOfe , no man 
can hinder its effeds , God underftandeth and knoweth all 
things. If thou incline to the will of moft men, they yv'ill 
fcducethee, they believe but their own opinions, and arc 
lyais. Thy Loid knoweth them that erre , and fuch as follow 

G 3 the 

86 The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Chap.6. 

the right way. Eat what (hall be flain in pronouncing the 
name of God ; they taught you what was forbidden , eate 
not, iinleffe conftraincd through neceffity : Many erre from 
the right way , and purfue their own appetites , and igno- 
rance, Godbeholdeth them that offend him; flie publique 
and fecret finnc, finncrs fhall be feverely chaftifed; eat not 
of what is not let-bloud in pronouncing the name of God, 
left you difobey his Commandments. The Devils will tempt 
them that ferve them , they will perfwade unbelievers to dif- 
pute againft you ; if you incline to them, you Ihall be Infidels 
as they are. I raifed again many of them that were dead 
through their finnes , I converted them , and gave them a light 
to illuminate them, in the darknefle , wherein Infidels fhall 
dwell for ever , becaufe they delight in their difobedience : 
Thus will I place in every City, leaders, that fhall (educe the 
wicked, and themfelves, but (hall not underftand it ; When 
they beheld any fign ( of the truth of the Prophet ) appeare ; 
they faid, they will not believe in him, unleffe he were accom- 
panied with the vertues , and merits of other Prophets ; God 
maketh choyce of them on whom he conferreth the grace of 
prophecie , he fhall chaftife fuch as difcourfe in that manner, 
wtih ignominie in this world, and they fhall feel in the other 
great torments, by reafon of their impietie. God rejoyceth 
the hearts of them that heinclineth to lead into the way ol 
Salvation , and puniQieth them that digrefife from the right 
path ; his wrath fell upon the Infidels fo foon as he afcended 
into Heaven. The way thou followeft is the right way ; we 
have recompenfed fuch as have underftanding to profit , they 
fhall be happy , God fhall be their protedor , becaufe of 
their good works. Remember thou the day wherein we fhall 
affemble the people , and when it fhallbe faid to the Devils , 
Oh ye bands of Devils 1 wherefore are you rifen againft men ? 
The chiefe of thofe men that {hall have obeyed them, fhall an- 
fwer , Lord, fnffer us to be revenged on each other , and let 
See Gelaldin. ^^^^i command in his turne ; Oh Lord , teach us the prefixed 
time that thou haft appointed to our miferies; The Angels 
thall axifwer, Hell ihall be your habitation, you (hall there re- 


Q?aj).6. The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 87 

maine eternally , and (o long as it (hall pleafe God : Your 
Lord Is moft wife , and omnilcicnt ; the wicked (hall obey the 
wicked, bccaufe of their (innes. Oh ye Bands of men and 
Devils / have you not feen my Prophets, and Apoftlesof your 
owne Nation, who have given you to fee Miracles ? who have 
preached my Commandments , and the day of Judgment ? 
They fhall anfwer, they have feen the Prophets, and Apoflks, 
but that the life of the world rendred them proud , and 
fhall confefTe themfelves to have been wicked. God (hall not 
deftroy Mecca for the injufticc therein committed , untill he 
hath fent an Apoftle to the Inhabitants , to teach them his 
Commandments ; every one fhall be punifhed according to 
his works , thy Lord knoweth whatfoever is done in the 
world. He hath no need of his people , he is altogether mer- 
cifull , he can deftroy you if it pleafe him , and eftablifh in 
your place another people, as he hath eftablifhed you in the 
place of your predeceffors. If you be not converted , you 
fhall not efcape the torments of Hell ; Say unto them , do 
as you underftand him , I will comport my felfe, as I (hall 
apprehend him ; you (hall in the end underftand who (hall 
have the good part in the other world. None (hall give fuc- 
cour to Idolaters, they offer to their Idols of the fruits that 
God hath created, and fay, ("following their thoughts^ behold 
our God \ Such facrifices afcend not to God, their Idolatrie 
hath induced many of them to Sacrifice their own Children 
to their falfe Gods, they have deftroyed them, and were en- 
fnared in their Religion ; which they had not done, had it 
fo pleafcd God ; Separate thy felfc from them and their blaf- 
phemies, they have faid, that the fruits of the earth, and the 
benefits of God were uncleane, and would not eat of them. 
God giveth food but to chofe whom he is pleaied to gratifie. 
They have prohibited to ride on fome bcafts that God gave 
them, and flew them for food, without pronouncing the name 
of his divine Majtftie , which is a great (inne , but they (hall 
be punifiied according to their demerits. They have faid it is 
lawfull for men to eac what is in the bellies of beafts, and 
that it is unlawfuii for their wives, and when ihey had (lain 

G 4 them, 

88 Tk Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Q?ap.6^ 

them, they did eat for company ; but God fhall chaftife them 
for their difcourfe , he is moft wife , and Omnifcient. Such 
as (lay their Children are wretched men , fooles and ignorant, 
they have forbidden to eat the good things that God hath gi- 
ven them, to blarpheme,and arc gone aftray from the right 
way. It is God who created the gardens full of fruits , and 
hearbs of divers colours, with Olives, Pomegranets, and 
other fruits alike, and different ; Eat of the fruits of the 
Earth : Pay the dues appointed when you reap , and difpenfe 
not your fubftance lightly; God abhorreth prodigals : Of 
clean beafts, fome there be that have borne the burden^ and 
others that are young, and have not borne it ; Eat what 
God hath given you, and follow not the foot fteps of the 
DeviU , he is your opea enemie. Say unto them , behold 
Sec Kjtab el eight paire of beafts , viz>» two paire of Weathers , two of 
tenoir. Ewes, two of Camels, and two paire of Cowes , of which is 
it permitted , or forbidden you to eat ? Is it lawfuU for 
you to eat the males, or females? Which are thofe that God 
hath forbidden you ? Who Is more wicked then he that blaf- 
phemeth, tofeduce from the right way the people that arc 
ignorant ? God guideth not the unjuft ; Say unto them, In all 
that God hath infpired into me,I finde not thatit is prohibited 
to eat of thofe beafts , except they die of fom^difeafe , and 
if they be flain without pronouncing the name of God. The 
flefh of Swine is forbidden you ; if you eat of it, you incurrc 
the wrath of God; If any one be in neceflity, and eateth 
without defigne to provoke God , he (hall finde God graci- 
ous and raercifull. We forbad the Jews to eat of beafts 
whofcfeet were cloven, and of the fat of beafts, except of 
fuch as is interlarded in the flefli.the entrails and the bones.We 
enjoyned this prohibition by reafon of their (inne, and we are 
veritable in our words, and exad in our promi fes : If they 
flander thee , Say unto them , the mercy of God is great, and 
the wicked (hall not avoid the puniiliment of their crimes. 
The Infidels have faid , had it pleafed God , we had not been 
unbelievers, neither our fathers alfo, and nothing had been 
prohibited. Their prcdeceiforsfpakeae they, until! they felt 


Q?ap. 6. Tl:e Alcoran of M ah o xi e t. 89 

the punilliment of their fins. Say unto them, Are you afTured 
that God isVontent with your proceeding ? Tell us, whence 
arifeththisaffurance? You, in this, follow but your opinion, 
you are but lyers, Gods providence is great ; he had guided 
all of you in the right way, had it fo pleafed him. Caiife 
them come before us, who faid. It is unlawful to eat of 
clean Beafts ; were they prefent when God made the Prohi- 
bition? If they fay they were prefent, fay not as they. Nei- 
ther follow the appetites of blafphemous Infidels, who believe 
not in the end of the word, and worfiiip many Gods. Say 
unto them, Come, I will inftrud you what is by God forbid- 
den to be eaten ; there is but one fole God, fay not, he hath 
companions equal to him; do good to your Father and Mo- 
ther, and flay not your children, in fear of dying with famme, 
God fhall beftow on you and them alfo, what (hall be necef- 
farv; commit not whoredom, either privately or publikely ; 
kill no man, if /uftice do not command it : God requirethyou 
to obferve what is above f ordained) perhaps you will confider 
it. Take not the goods of Orphans, but to fuccor them, un- 
til they be of age, of difcretion,meafure,and weight,with good 
weight, and juft meafure. I cnjoyn no man any thing,but vyhat 
isin his power to perform. Judg with equity, although it be 
againft you parents and allies ; fatisfie what is above fordain- 
ed; God commandeth it, peradventureyou will confider it; 
it is the right way, which you ought to purfue : go not afide, 
God commandeth it, perhaps you will fear his divine Majefty. 
We taught Mofis our Commandments ; it is a peculiar grace 
to iuftruatW righteous, and guide the people in the right 
way; it may be you will believe in the Refurrcdion. O ye 
Inhabitants of MeccalWc have fent to you the (i^/f^r4;?,fullof 
benediaion, perform what is ordained, flie impiety, your fins 
fhall be forgiven you ; fay not. That God hath fent his Law 
to the two Nations that preceded you ; and that it is hid from ^he Jews 
you. Will you fay, That had God taught you the Scripture, andchniti- 
you had been more obedient then they ? Certainly he hath , 
taught you his Commandments, it is afpecialgrace to guide 

vou into the right way .* Who is more unjuft, then he that blaf- 
^ o .? phemeth 

po Tl:>e Alcoran 0/ M a h o ivi e t. Qocip.6. 

phemeth againft his divine Majcfty, and departcth from his 
Commandments? Such men iLall be rigoroufly chaftifed in 
the fire of Hell. Will they exped that the Angels came to 
vifit them ? That God fhould punifh, and declare to them his 
miracles? Will they look for the day of judgment, wherein 
repentance and convedion (hall be unprofitable ? Such as be- 
lieve in one part of the Law, and re/cd the other, have no 
foundation in their belief God fhall make them to know 
their errors, and (hall punifh them after the enormity of their 
crimes; He that fliall do a good work, fhall have a reward 
tenfold. Whofoever adeth any wickednefs, (hall be punidied 
in like maner; neither fhall he receive injuftice. Say unto 
them, God hath guided me in the way of his Law ; fuch as pro- 
fefs the Law of Abraham, profefs the unity of God ; Abraham 
was not in the number of unbelievers; my prayers, my vows, 
my life , my death fhall be confecrated to God ; he hath no 
companion , I wholly commend my felf to his divine pleafure. 
Say unto them. Do I defire to worfhip other God, then the 
Lord of the Univerfe ? The good that a man doth, is for him- 
felf, and the evil that he committeth is againft him ; you all 
fhall one day appear in the prefence of God, he fhall refolve 
your difputes. He it is that prolongeth your pofterity , and ex- 
alteth fome above others, to prove you ; your Lord is exad to 
chaflife the wicked, and gracious and merciful to the righte- 


Qhap.y. Tloe Alcoran o/M a h o m e t. . oi 


The Chaffer of Frifom, containing an htindred and fix Verfes^ 
written at Mecca. 

Reader, Mahomet entituled this Chapter^ the Chapter of 
Aaraf , which is a place between l^aradife and Hell ^ V^here 
men fujfer no punijhment. See Mokari, Bedaoi, md Kitab el 

IN the name of God, gracious and merciful ; I am God, the 
mofl: wife, the moft true. This Book was fent to thee, to 
preach to the True-bclievers ; doubt not the Contents of it. 
Say unto them, Believe in what was fent to you from your 
Lord, and worfliip none other God but him ; few there be 
among you that conlider it. How many Cities have wede- 
ftroyed ? How often have we inflidled our punjrhment on 
their Inhabitants by day, and by night, when they repofed ? 
Neverthclcfst they faid nothing, but that they were greatly 
afflided. We will examine the people to whom we have 
fent our Prophets^ and require account of what they have 
learned, and of what they have done. We will examine our 
Prophets, and demand an account of fuch as have folIowed,and 
obeyed them. I will caufe them to remember what they have^ 
dpne worthy of reward. We forfook not our Prophets when 
they preached to them the Truth ; their a(Sions fluali be 
weighed in the ballance of equity ; the baliance of the blcflfed 
(hall be ponderous with good works j and they whofe ballance 
ftiall be light of good works, (hall be damned, for having con- 
temned our Commandments. VVc gave you your habitation 
on the Earth, and there beftowed on you what was necelTary 
for your nourifliment ; but few of you are grateful to me. 
yVc created and formed you, and commanded the Angels to 


92 I7;e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Qhap.y. 

\\Qx^\^ Adam^ which they performed, except the devill, to 
whom we faid, what hindred thee to worfhip zy^dam, when 
we commanded thee ? He anfwered, I am better then he, thou 
haft created me of fire, and haft created man of the mire of the 
earth -, then faid we to him, depart out of Paradife, it is not the 
habitation of the proud, thouflialt be in the number of them 
that fhall be laden with ignominy ; the devill ani"wered, lee 
me alone untill the day of the Refurredion of the dead ; where- 
fore haft thou tempted me ? I will fediice men from the right 
way, I will hinder them on the right hand, and on the left, and 
on all fides, to believe in thy Law, and the greateft part of them 
fhall be ungratefull .- wc faid to him, be gone out of Paradife, 
thou fhalt be abhorred of all the world, and deprived of my 
mercy ; I will fill hell with fuch as fhall follow thee. O Adam I 
dwell with thy wife in Paradife, and there eat of whatfoever 
fhall pleafe thee, but approach not that Tree, left thou with 
thy wife be in the number of the unjuft. The devill tempted 
them, and difpoyled their bodies of their veftments of grace ; 
he faid to them, God hath forbidden you to cat of the fruit of 
that Tree, that you may not be Angels, oreternall ; he fworc 
that he fpake the truth, and filled them with ignominy, becaufe 
of their pride. They knew their nakednefs, having eaten of that 
fruit, and to cover themfelves, took leaves of Paradife ; their 
Lord called them, and faid, Did I not forbid you to approach 
that Tree ? I told both of you, that the devill was your open 
enemy ; they faid, Lord, we have offended thee, and injured 
our fouls, if thou doth not companionate us, we fhall be in the 
number of the damned : he faid, Depart out of Paradife, ye 
enemies of each other, you fliall inhabit the earth, untill the 
time appointed ; you fhall there live and die, and go from 
the earth to the day of Judgment, O ye children o^ Adam \ 
we beftowed on you veftmenr of graces, fignes of our Omni- 
potency, paradventurc you will bear it in minde. O ye children 
oiAdam\ beware left the devill feducc you, as he did your 
Father and Mother, when he caufcd their departure out of Pa- 
radife; he difpoyled them, of their garments, and made them 
know their deformity • he lliall appear toyou^ with fuch as 


fhap. 7. T'fe Alcoran 0/ M a 11 o xi e t. p5 

follow them, and you (lull fee him, when you leaft chink there- 
on ; he protedcth the Infidels : when they commit any 
fault, they fay, we follow the Law of our Fathers, God hath fo 
commanded us. Say unto them, Doth God command you to 
offend him ? Will you fpeak of God what you know not ? he 
hath appointed you to do Juftice, to worlhip hiiii,and embrace 
his Law. Many (hall rife again, as you have feen them ; feme 
fnall be in the right way, others fhall be damned, becaufe they 
have obeyed the devill, and believed they were in the right 
way. O children of ^^^i»?, cloath your felves decently, when 
you fhail repaire to the Temples; eat and drink whar piea- 
feth you 5 be not prodigall, God abhorreth them that fpend 
their wealth unprofitably : Say unto them, who made the 
prohibition of decent cloathing, when men go to the Temple 
to worfliip God ? Who hath forbidden to cat of the goods 
that God hath given you? This is lawfull for true believers. 
God rhall fo expound his Commandments at the day of 
Judgement. Say unto them, God hath forbidden you whore- 
dome, private and pub like, difobedience, injuftice, defireto a- 
dore any other god but him, and to fpeak of his divine Ma/efty 
what you know not ; every one hath his predeftination, and 
none can advance or retard it. O yc children o^ Adam, did 
not the Prophets teach you my Commandments? Suchasfliall 
fear me, and do good works, (hall be delivered from afflidion 
at the day of Judgment ; and they that difobey my Com- 
mandments, that arifc againft the Faith, lliall dwell eternally 
in hell fire. Who is more unjufl:,then he that blafphemeth a- 
gainft God and his Commandments ? Such fhall be puniilied 
conformably to the Scripture. When the Angels of death iliaii 
caufe them to die, they fliall fay, where be the Idols that 
you adored in ftead of God ? they fliall anfwer, that thofe falfe 
gods have forfaken them,and (hall acknowledge their Idolatry; 
but God (hall fay to them, enter into hell with the men 
and devils that are condemned ; they fhall execrate the Seds 
that preceded them ; and being aiTembled , they lliall fay. 
Lord, judge them, they feduccd us, augment their miferies in 
hell. God iLall fay, wc wilUdd to their, andyourpains, but 


94 T^f^^ Alcoran of Mahomet. Chap.^- 

you nnderftand it not. They (hall fay among themfelves, we 
are not the caufe that you were unbelievers, you were not fuch 
to pleafe us, fuffer with us the torments that you have merited. 
I will not open the gate of heaven to fuch as difobey ray 
Commandments, untill aCamell pafs through the eye of a 
needle, fo will T chaftife fmners, hell (hall be their bed,iire iliall 
be their covering ; and fuch as fliall have done good works, ac- 
cording to their power, fhall dwell eternally in Paradife. I 
will remove deceit far from their heart, rivers fliall flow in 
their fields with delights ; and they (hall fay, prayfed be God, 
who bath brought us hither,otherwife we had been in the num- 
ber of the erronious: Certainly the Prophets, Gods Meflengers, 
taught us the truths in faying, the obfervance of the Command- 
ments of his divine Majeily (liould render usheires of Paradife. 
Such as fhal be faved,fhai tell the damned,that they have found 
* The Maho- ^^^ ^^^^^ foretold them of God, and we will demand of them, 
metan Do- if they have not met with the punifhment that his divine Ma- 
dors believe, jefty did denounce againfl them ; they fhall fay aloud. Yes, 
that fuch as ^^^i j-j^^j- ^^^ cu^-fg of God is upon the unjuil:, that milled men 
ftiail have {^Qp^ ^jg Law, and they fhall be eternally in the number of the 
good as e- niiferable. * Between the blelTed and the damned, there is a fe- 
vill, and paration, and a place called Jaraf, or Prifon?, wherein are 
whefc bal- many perfons, who know the blefled and the damned by their 
lance 0iall countenances, they call to the blefied and falute them, yet they 
neither^ oa " g^"^^ ^^^^ Paradife, notwithftanding their great defire to en- 
thefcaleof ter. VVhen they turn their eyes towards the damned; Lord, 
good works, (fay they J involve us not in the number of the unjaft. Such as 
or of bad, g^e in that place jcall to the damned, they know them by their 
he J vifages, and fay, to what ferved your riches ? and that ye arofe 
Sled^l^./, ^g^^"^^^^ Faith, and Commandments of God ? Behold the 
with them ' faithfull(whom ye contemned) you fwore chey fbouid be de- 
thac have piived of mercy:, God hath fpoken to them, and hath laid, 
done neither enter into Paradife, and fcar not, you (hall for ever be exempt 
vfn- 3iidtMs ^^^^ afflii^ion ; the damned iliall cry unto the bleffed, Give 
place is be- i-^s of the water which you drink , and the meats that you eat ; 
tween hell they fliall anfwer, The drink and bread of Paradife is prohibi- 
and Para- ted to Infidcls, who fported with their faith, that were proud 

chap. 7. T/;^ Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 95 

. —  : > — • 

of the wealth of the earth, and that fcoffed at the Command- 
ments of God; he hath forgotten them,becaufe they forgot the 
coming of the day of Judgment , and blafphemcd againft 
his precepts. We are come to the inhabitants of Mecca to in- 
ftrud them in the Alcoran ; wc teach it unto men, to give them 
knowledge of the right way, and to acquire the mercy of God, 
ifthey believe in that Book : Shall they exped to believe un- 
till they know its explication? Its explication (hall appear at 
the day of J udgment ; that day, fuch as (hall have lived with- 
out faith, (hall fay, Certainly the Prophets delivered the Truth; 
(liall we partake of their prayers, will they intercede for us,un- 
till we return to the world to do better then we have done, 
and to obey Gods Commandments ? But they fhall be dam- 
nedjbccaufe of their blafphemies. God is your Lord, he created 
the heaven, and the earth in fix dayes, and (ittcth on his Throne; 
he caufeth the night incontinently to fucceed the day ; the Sun, 
the Moone, and the Stars, move at his command, and all the 
world obeyeth him; praifedbeGod, Lord of the Univerfe : 
Pray to God privately and pub likely, he abhorrerh the unjuft ; 
pollute not the earth, after the ordure is removed ; pray to 
God to avoid his chaftifements, and obtain his mercy, which is 
for the righteous It is God chat fendech thevvindes todifii- 
pate the rain, when they carry the clouds ; we drive them 
charged with water, into places drie, dead, and ruined, and 
caufe the rain to fall there, that they may produce herbs 
and fruits ; fo will we caufe the dead to arife again; perhaps men 
will remember the good land bringeth forth good fruits, 
through the permiflion of its Lord, and the bad land produceth 
only darnell. I teach my Commandments to fuch as are not 
ingratefull : Certainly we fent No^h to inPciud men ; he faid, 
O ye people, worfhip one God alone ; if you adore other 
then him, you fliall be puniflied at the day of Judgment ; their 
Rulers anfw^ered, O 2loah 1 thou art in a great error ; He re- 
ply ed, I err not, I am a meffenger fent from God to preach his 
Will; I give you moft wholfome advife, God hath taught mc 
what you know not. Is it ftrange to you, that he hath fent you 
his Commandment by the tongue of a man like your felves,to 


ijti J— r^"^"""*" —..— 

96 T/;e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e T. Qoa^j. 

declare to you the torments of Hell ? Fear God, he will par- 
don your finnes ; But they belyed Noah , we faved him in 
the Arkc, with his retinue, and drowned thofe that contem- 
ned our Law , they were altogether blinde. We fent Hod to 
his brother aAad^ and to his retinue , he faid, Oh ye people ! 
worfhip one God alone , whom will ye adore , or whom 
feare, but God ? The Teachers anrwered , thou art in an ex- 
tream ignorance ; we believe thee to be in the number of 
lyars ; he replyed , I am not a lyar , I am a meflcnger fenc 
from God J to preach his Commandments, I give good and 
falutary advice , wonder not that God teacheth you his pre- 
cepts by the tongue of a man , like you , who declareth to 
you hispleafure. Remember that he left you on Earth after 
Noah , that he encreafed you in number , force , and power ; 
Call to minde his grace, you fhall be happy. They anfwered, 
are we come to this, to worfhip one God alone , and to relin- 
quifh what our fathers adored ? Shew us the truth , whereof 
thou doft preach , if thou art true ; he faid, the wrath and in- 
dignation of God fliall fall upon you ; will you difpute with 
us of the names, that you and your fathers impofed on your 
Idols ? God did not en^oync to worfhip them , neither have 
you rcafon to do it ; exp-d your punirhment, I will cxped it 
withperfeverance. Then did we deliver him from their ma- 
lice, and all the true believers that were with him, and de- 
ftroyed thofe Infidels, by reafon of their impiety. We fent 
Salhe to Temod^%w6. his people; he faid to them,Oh ye people ! 
woifhip but one God , he fhall fhew you a miracle in this 
* Tfi T Is* ^^^^^^ fuflFer it to feed on the Earth, and do to it no harme^ 
believe that icftyou bechaftifed: Remember, how God left you on the 
sdhcy Earth after Aad, he gave you to dwell in the vallies, in the 

through plaines , and mountaines ; Remember God , and pollute not 
Gods per- ^j^^ Earth any more. Their Captains who were proud , de- 
wnwliofed ^^"^^^5^^ tkpoore, ifthey believed that Salhe was indeed 
a rock into the MtlTengCT of God ? they anfwered , We believe in his 
a Camel, words, and in his dodlrtne ; Then faid thofe proud men , wc 
abjure what ye believe j we condemne him , and they flew the 
Camel of SMs'm derifion , difobeyed the COimmandmcnts of 


Chap.y. Tl?e Alcoran of M ah ouet. 07 

God, and faid , Oh SMe ! Let us now fee the puniQimcnc 
that thou didft preach J if thou arc of the Prophets ; at the 
fame time,an Earthquake, with thunder furprized them, and 
they remained dead as carkaflfes in their houfes. Salhe for- 
fooke them, and faid , Oh ye people / I declared to you the 
will of God with fidelity, but ye dctcii them that affed you, 
and give you good counfels.Remember thou how Lot fpake to 
the people,faying,wilI you daily defile your felvcs with whore- 
dome ? and with a filthineife that was never yet feen in the 
world by any your PredecefTours ? Will you love men better 
then women ? will you love fin rather then piety ? They faid, 
Let us cxpell Lot and his family from our Citie, for that they 
wil not contaminate themfelves with u?,but God delivered him 
out of their hands, andthofe of his houfe, except his wife, 
who continued with them that were puniflied : We caufed a 
raine to fall apon them , that deftroyed all of them. Confi- 
der the end of the wicked : We fent Chail? to the Country 
of Madian , he faid. Oh ye people , worfhip one God alone, 
weigh with good weights, meafure with good raeafure , and 
retainc nothing from your Neighbour : PofTcfle not the high 
wayes , to give terrour to the people, neiiher divert True^ 
believers from the Law of God ; Remember , that you were 
but a fmall handfull of men, and he caufed you to multiply; 
confider the end of the wicked ; If any among you embrace 
the faith , and others contemne it , have patience, untill God 
judge your differences , there is no better Judge then he ; 
Their Teachers faid ; Oh Chaih, we will banifli thee from 
Madian , thee and thofe that are of thy faith, if thou art of 
our Religion j he anfwered , (hould I not abhorre your Reli- 
gion , I (hould blafpheme againft God , who hath delivered 
me, 1 will follow it, ifitpleafeGod, he knoweth all things, 
I recommend my felfc wholly to the will of his divine Ma- 
jcfty ; Lord judge ourcontroverfie, thou art the beft Judge of 
the world. Then faid their Teachers to the people , if you 
follow Chaih^yoxi are damned ; not long after an Earth- quake, 
and Thunder furprized them , and in the morning they were 
found dead in their houfes ; fuch as bclyed Chaih , found no 

H fafety 

p8 Tl:^e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Chap.^' 

May in their habitation?, they were wretched, he abandoned 
them , and faid , Oh ye people / I have preached to you the 
will of God with fidelity ; I will no longer aiBicl my felfe 
with the malice of the wicked. We infli(fled fickneffe and po- 
verty on them that difobeyed the Prophets , whom we fent to 
the Inhabitants of y^^^/Vi» ; pcradvcnture they will be con- 
verted. We proved them through difeafes and health, and 
gratified them in many occurrences , yet they faid , our fathers 
were afi^ided with ficknelTe and povertie, we fhall be as they, 
but we chaftifed them for their finne , when they lead confi- 
dered it. Had the Inhabitants of Mecca had our fear before 
their eyes, and obeyed our Commandments, we had opened 
to them the blefling of Heaven and Earth ; we will puni{h 
them, becaufe they are impious : Sometherebe, that (hall be 
afflided in the night , when they fleep ; and others, that (liall 
be tormented by day , when they fport , and recreate them- 
felves 5 they believed God to be a deceiver , and are damned. 
God guidcth into the right way True- believers, and makes 
them Heire of the Earth , after their parents ; had he fo pleaf- 
ed, he might have deftroyed all the world, he might have 
hardned the hearts of the people , and no man had harkned 
* To Mecca, to his word. I recount what things befell that * City, many 
Prophets have been fent to its Inhabitants , and wrought ma- 
ny miracles, yet would they not relinquifli their former im- 
pietie ; thus have we hardned the hearts of Infidels ; they vio- 
lated their promifes, and we found moft of them to be wicked 
and difobedient. Wc knt Mofes to Pharaoh y znd his ipto- | 
pie , he to them (hewed miracles , which through their malice 
they contemned , but confider the end of thofe wicked men ; !i 
Mofes faid unto Pharaoh, I am a mc-ffenger fent from God, the p 
God of the Univerfc-when I fpeak cf God,I deliver the Truth ; If 
I am come, through his command, to tell thee, thou muft dif- ii 
milTewithmethe Children of Ifrael , and no longer detaine \ 
them in thy dominions. PLiraoh faid , if thou comeft from I 
God, and art true in thy fayings, let us fee fome miracles; H 
then he cafl: upon the ground his ftaffe , which was changcdi s 
into a Serpent , fbevved his hand, that appeared exceedin g 


Chap.7' ^^^ Alcoran 0/ Mahomet. 99 

white to the eyes of the Spedators. The Doftors of Pharaoh .. 
faid, this man is a Magician, he would have us to abandon ^[^j^ ^^^-^^ 
our Country, what is your opinion ? detaine him prifoner, his hand was 
and his brother , and fend into your Cities, to aflemble Ma- biowne. 
gicians. The Magicians of Pharaoh appearing before him, 
they faid , what fhall be our reward, if we {hall be vidorious ? 
He replyed to them, you fhall be well rewarded , and fnall 
be of them that approach my perfon. They faid, oh Afofes ! 
wilt thoafirft caft down thy ftaffe on the ground, orfiiall we 
ours ? Mofes bad them caft down theirs, which they did , en- 
chanting the eyes of the fpcdators,and terrifying them with an 
extraordinary enchantment ; God infpired Mofes to cafl: down 
his RodjWhich devoured the ftaves of the other, and the Truth 
appeared above falfhoodjand above the vanity of their actions; 
they were vanqutfhed,to their confufion, forfook their magicK, 
and proftratingthemfelves on the earth, uttered thefe words ; 
We believe in the Lord of the Univerfe , the Lord of Mofes, 
and of Aaron ; Pharaoh faid to them , Ye believe in the God 
of Mofes without my permifTion ; this is a deceit , invented 
by you, to drive the people out of my Dominions; but you 
fhall foone know the punilhment that I will lay upon you, 
I will cut off your feet and hands , and command you to be 
crucified. They anfv\ ere~d , We recommend our felves wholly 
tothewillof God , whatfoever is thy revenge on us, thou 
(halt not hinder us to believe in the miracles that we fee, nei- 
ther to obey the Commandments of his divine Majeftyj 
Lord give us patience, and to c'ye in the number of True- be- 
lievers. Then faid Pharaoh's Dodiors , difmiffe MofeSy and 
his people, that they may goe wb'ther they fee good, to 
pollute the Earth, that they may Icrvc thee in u'liet with 
thy Gods; He faid, I will caufe their Cliiidren to be flain, 
their wives to be abufed , and i will inflifl upon them a thou- 
fand torments. Mofes faid to his people ; Implore fuccors 
ofGod with patience, and prayers, thewhak Eaith isGods, 
he giveth it to inherit , to whom he fecth good .- the other 
world is for the righteous. They faid, Oh Mofes 1 We, be- 
fore thy coming., defircd the death of our enemies ; he re- 

H 2 piyedj 

1 oo The Alcoran of Mahomet. Chap. 7- 

plyed, God will not deftroy your enemies, to leave you alone 
upon 'the Earth, he fhall behold your attions. We affiided 
Pharaoh and his Subjedls with famine , perhaps unbelievers 
will confide r it. When any happineflfe befell them , they faid, 
they well defcrvcd it , and when they fell into mifery, they 
affirmed Mofes and his people to be the caufe of it ; It is God 
that punilhed them , but of this moft of them were ignorant. 
They faid unto Mofes y ceafe to fhew us thy miracles toin- 
chant us , we will not obey thee : We fent upon thtm a De- 
We, Grafs-hoppers, Lice, Frogs, andBloudjOne after an- 
other ; nevertheleflfe they were proud , and in the number of 
the wicked. When our wrath fell upon them , they faid, oh 
Mofes I call upon thy Lord , that he give us what to thee he 
promifcd, remove hi? difpleafure from us, we will believe 
thee , and will difmiite with thee, the Children of Ifrael ; 
When we delivered them from aflrlidlion , they fliarpned their 
tongues, murmured, and violated their promifes ; we avenged 
our felves upon them , and drowned them in the Sea, for that 
they contemned our miracles, and we gave the Weft and 
Eaft to the Children of Ifrael , who were humble before us ; 
we gave them our blefling , our word was accompliQied upon 
them, becaufe of their pcrfeverance , and we deftroyed the 
Armies of PW^t^/?. TheChildren of Ifrael having paft the 
Sea , met with men that adored Idols , and faid , oh Mofes I 
make unto hs Gods, like to the Gods of this people ; he an- 
fwered, ye are ignorant ,• thefe men are wretched, what they 
4o is but Ignorance and vanity ; (hall I defire that you worfhip 
other Gods, then God that preferred you to all the world ? 
We have delivered you from Pharaoh's people , who caufed 
yon to endure great torments, they murthered your children,, 
sbufed your wives , and you fuffered heavie afflidions for the 
puniiliment of your finnes. We detained C^fofes on the 
Mountain thirty night?, and ten other nights, which is in all 
forty nights ; when he went up, he faid to his brother Aaron^^ 
be thou my Lieutenant, command this people in mine abfence, 
and follow not the path of the wicked. When Mofes at the 
time appointed arrived at the top of the Mountain , and that 


Q?ap.7' T^he Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. loi 

his Lord fpake to him , he faid, Lord permit me to fee thee, 
hefaid, thou (halt not fee me ; behold this Mountain, if ic 
continue firme in this place, thou rhalt be able to fee me; 
when the Lord appeared upon the Mountain with his light , 
it was reduced to afhes, and CMofes amazed, fell on the 
'^ ground, as dead. When he arofe again, he' faid, blefled be the 
name of God , I defire to obey him , and believe that no man 
living is able to behold him. He faid to C^fofes , I have cho- 
fen, and preferred thee to all the world, I have made thee a 
Prophet, thou haft talked with me, receive the grace which 
Ihave beftowed oitthee, and be not ingratefull. We gave 
to him the Tables, whereon was written what was necelfary 
for the falvation of men, and we faid to him, receive with 
aflfedion , what T give thee, and command thy people to ob- 
ferve theconients of chofe Tables. I will precipitate into 
Hell fuch as tranfgreffc my Commandments ; I will deprive the 
proud of my graces, they vviil not believe in my Law, al- 
though they fee all the miracles in the world ; if they fee the 
right way, they will not follow it ; they fee the way of error, 
andpurliieit; becaufcthey have abjured my Commandments, 
and rejeded my grace, the good w'orksof them that difobey 
me, and that believe not in the Refurredlion , are unprofi- 
table, they fhall be chaftifed after their demerits. The peo- 
ple of Mofes, after his departure, adored the Calfe, a bellow- 
ing God ; faw they not, chat it fpake not to them ? neither 
could condud them into the right way ? Nevertheleffe they 
adored it , for which they were greatly too blame. When this 
Calfe fell to the ground, and they found their errour , they 
faid, if God have not pitie on us, we fliall be miferable. 
When Moyes returned , he faid to them , whom did yee obey 
after my departure.^ You were too hafty to worfhipthat 
Idol ; he in difpleafure call againft the ground the Tables 
that God had given him, took his brother by the head, and 
dragginghim tohim J faid, Sonne of my mother , how haft 
thou governed this people ? I wanted power, replyed he, and 
could not divert them from their cvill ; It wanted little but 
they had (lain me , do me no harme j rejoyce not my enemies 

H 3 ' with 

loz The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e T. Chap, 7. 

with my mifety, and account me not with thofe that adored 
Idols; MofesfM, Lord pardon me, and my brother, give us 
thy mercy ; thou art the merciful of the merciful. The wrath 
of God, and the infamy of the world , fliall fall upon them 
that worfliiped the Calf,and blafphemed againft God ; he will 
be pitiful to fuch as (hall repent, and believe in his divine 
Majefty. The difpleafure of y^«?/?i being allay«d, he again 
took the Tables, whereon was written the way of falva- 
tioHj for fuch as vhave the fear of their Lord before their 
eyes ; he caufed to be feparated from his people, at a time 
appointed, threefcore and ten perfons, who were furprized 
with an earth-quake, and with thunder ; and faid, Lord, thou 
couldft havedeftroyed them, before they adored the Calf; 
wilt thou deftroy us all , becaufe of the (in of the ignorant 
that are amongft us ? Thou haft defired to prove this people ; 
thou guidcft, and caufeft to erre whom thOu pleafeft ; thou art 
our Protedlor, pardon our fins ; for thou art altogether merci- 
ful ; give us thy grace in this world, and guide us to the day of 
judgment, neer to thy divine Maj'efty .♦ He faid, I will ptinifh 
as I fee good, my mercy embraceth the whole world ; it is 
for fuch as have my fear before their eyes, that pay Tithes, 
obey my Commandments, follow the right way, believe in the 
* Tkls is Prophet, * who can neither write nor read, and what is written 
Mahomeu jn the old Teftament, and the Gofpel j he fhall command them 
SuKjtabel things honeft; he (hall prohibit things uncivil j he (hall teach 
them what meats are clean, and forbid them to eat what is 
unclean ; he fliall deliver them from Ceremonies, weighty and 
troublefome, and from the chains thatftridlly binde them.- 
Such as fliall believe in him, that fliall honor him, that fliall de- 
fend him from his enemies, and follov; the light that we fliali 
fend him, fliall be happy. Say unto the people, I am indeed a 
melTenger fcnt from God, to whom appertaineth the King- 
The Turks dom of the Heavens, and of Earth ; there is but one God a- 
believe that Jqj-j^^ [^q givcth life and death, as feemeth good to him. Be- 
fouuTchher ^'<^veinGod, and in his Prophet, who can neither read nor 
\vri:c nor write. Such as fliall believe in God, in his word, and follow 
read. the Prophet, fliall not erre ; they fliall follow a very good 


Q?ap.7' '^f^^ Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 105 

way. There are fome of the children of Ifraei that knew the 
truth, andjudg with equity. We divided them into twelve 
Tribes, when Mofes required drink for his people , we in- 
fpircd him to ftrike the rock with his rod , whence flowed 
twelve fountains , and every one knew the place where he 
(hould drink ; we covered them with the fhaddow of clouds ; 
we caufed Mannii and ^ails to defcend upon them , and 
commanded them to eat of the good things which we gave 
them. They did not hurt us ( when they murmured ) but 
afflided themfelves. It was faid to them. Dwell in this City, This is the 
and eat therein what (hall pkafe you • enter at the gate with Holy Land, 
adoration, and beg pardon of your fins. I will pardon youj ^^ ^^'^^^^^^ 
and will augment the graces of the righteous ; neverthelefs, 
the wicked that were among them, altered the words that were 
fpoken to them, and perverted them ; and we fent upon them 
our indignation from Heaven, becaufe of their impiety. Ask 
of them concerning a village that was upon the ftiore of the 
Sea, whofe inhabitants obferved not the Sabbath, and fifhed 
on the day of reft ; they faw in that day. Serpents appear up- 
on the water, and other days they faw none. Thus are tryed 
them, becaufe of their difobedience : A party of them faid, 
Fifh not O people, it is loft labor ; God fliall deftroy and 
chaftife them with grievous torments , then their Dolors faid, 
They fhall implore pardon of the Lord, perhaps they will fear 
to offend him another timx. When they rejeded what we 
taught them ; we faved fuch among them as abftained from 
evil-doing, and grievoufly aflflided the wicked, becaufe of their 
difobedience ; when they gloried in their fin, we faid to them. 
Be ye contemned, and abhorred,as Apes;thy Lord fhall fend to 
them at the day of Judgment, perfons to torment them ; he 
is exad in punifhing the wicked, and merciful to the righteous. 
We fent upon them good and evil, to prove them, peradven- 
ture they will be converted. Their pofterity left a progeny, 
heirs of their dodrine ; neverthelefs, they returned to their 
fins , and fay,the Lord ihali pardon them i they beg pardon of See Gelaldm. 
him, and return daily to their fm : Shall not account be re- 
quired from them, of what is ordained in the Scripture "^ To 

H 4 wit. 

104 T^l^^ Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Qoap.j, 

wir, not to fpeak of God, but with truth : They have read 
the Truth, but have not comprehended it. Paradife is onely 
for the righteous ; I will not deprive them of recompenfe, 
who make their prayers at the time appointed, and obferve 
what is contained in the Scriptures. Remember thou, how we 
raifed a mountain over them,to llielter them, and how they be- 
lieved it would fall upon their heads ; we faid to them, Learn 
with affcdion what we teach you, and remember; perhaps 
you will fear difobedience. Thy Lord caufed to come out of 
j4dams rdns^ all his pofterity ; and asked them, faying. Am 
not I your Lord ? they anfwered, yes, thou art our Lord, we 
know it well : They cannot therefore fay at the day of Judg- 
ment, That they knew not his unity 5 they fhall fay for excufe. 
Our fathers adored many gods before us, we are their pofteri- 
ty ; wilt thou deftroyus, becaufe of their iniquity ? Thus do 
I difcover my myfteries to men ; it may be they will be con- 
verted. Relate to them the hiftory of him that faw our mira- 
cles ; he was difpoiled of his underftanding, the Devil follow- 
ed it , and he was in the number of the wretched. Had we fo 
pleafed, we had exalted him through the knowledg of our 
wonders , among the Dodors j but he crouched to the 
ground, and followed his own appetite,like to a chafed dog; if 
thou chafe him with choller he putteth forth his tonguejif thou 
leave him at reft, he will ftill put iorth his tongue , like to the 
Infidelsjthat contemn our inftrudions ; if thou recount to them 
our miracles, or do not recount, perhaps they will be convert- 
ed, perhaps they will not be converted, and (liall be like fuch 
as have abjured our Commandments, and injured their own 
fouls. He whom God guideth, is well guided ; and he whom 
God mif-leadeth, is in the number of themiferable. Wehave^ 
created Hell to punifh Devils and men ; they have hearts, and 
comprehend not the truth ; they have eyes, and fee it not ; 
ears have they, and hear it not ; they are like to beafts, and 
worfe then beafts ; they are altogether ignorant. The moft 
beautiful names of the world appertain to God ; Befeech 
himby the beauty of his name, and depart from them that de- 
part from the truth , through the names that they impofc on 


Qhap.y^ The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 105 

their Idols ; they fhall be chaftifed after their demerits. Some 
there be that follow the truth, and judg witheqnit5^ I will 
by degrees piinilli them that (liall rejcd our Commandments 
when they fhall think thereon. I will defer their pumrhment 
fome time, becaufe my wrath is violent ; Remember they nor, 
that they faid, Mahomet is pofleft of the Devil ? On the con- 
trary, he declarcth thejoyes of Paradife, and preacheth the 
torments of Hell. Consider they not the Kingdom of Hea- 
ven and of Earth, which God hath created of nothing > The 
fear of death fliall arrive before they have acknowledged their 
fins ; in what will they believe, if they have not faith in the 
Alcorm? He whom God fhall mif- lead, lliall findc none to 
guide him ; he fhall leave Infidels confounded in their difobe- 
dience. They fhall enquire of thee concerning the hour and day 
of Judgment. Say unto them,Nomanknowethit but God ; 
but the greateft part of the world believe it not. I have not 
power to do either good or evil of mv felf , if God do not 
permit it ; if I knew the future , I (hould provide wealth to 
preferve me from poverty .• I am fent onely to declare the 
joyesof Paradife, and preach the torments of Hell to them 
that believe in God ; he it is that created you of one fole per- 
fon, and created his fpoufe of his rib, to dwell with her: 
Whew fhe doubted of being with childe, fheceafed not to 
travel as fhe was wont ; but when her conception rendred 
her heavy, they both belbught God, their Lord, and faid. 
Lord give an happy progeny, to the end we may be in the 
number of them that return thee thanks for thy favors. V^Vhen 
God gave them a fon, a righteous man, they affociated him in 
what he had given them ; and all of them exalted the glory of 
his divine Majefly, above the Idols of the Infidels, that adored 
things which could create nothing , that are things created, 
and can do neither good nor harm. If you call Idolaters to 
the right way, they will not follow you ; if ye invoke Idols, 
mifery (hall be upon you; will you be mute, to profefs'the 
unity of God ? will you worfhip the Creatures, inftead of the 
Creator > Go, adore your Idols, and may they hear your^ 
prayers, if you believe them to be Gods ; Have they feet to 


\o6 The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. (7;^/7.8. 

walk, hands to touch, eyes to fee , and eares to hear ? Say unto 
them, if ye invoke your Idols , and confpire againft me, you 
(hall finde none to proted you , Godismyprotedor, hehath 
caufed the Alcoran to defcend from Heaven, he is the defendor 
of the righteous , what ye adore, can neither benefit nor hurt 
you; If thouinvokeft Idols , they (hall not hear thee, they 
ihall look upon thee, and (hall not fee thee; do what is law- 
full to be done, command things honeft , and depart from the 
ignorant; if the Devill would feduce thee, tru(t in God, he 
heareth and knoweth all things ; fuch as fear him, remember his 
mercies and chaftifements when they are tempted of the Devil. 
Although Infidels know the Truth, the Devill ccafeth not to 
continue them in their (in,they alwayes follow their impiety ; 
Ifthougoeft tothem to inftrud them, they fay, thou (ingeft 
an old fong, fay unto them , I do what my Lord infpired in- 
to me, what I teach you , is the light of faith, the right way, 
and the grace of God for them that believe in his divine Wa- 
jeftie ; for fuch as hear the AUoran , and ftudy it , perhaps 
God will give you his mercy. Remember thou God in thy 
foul, worfhip in publique and private, pray unto him even- 
ing, and morning, and be not in the number of the ignorant. 
The Angels that are near to thy Lor d, negledl not to worfhip 
him , they prayfe and adore him with humility. 



„.w. differed -^^^ ^^^P^^ of the jpoyle^conmningfeventy and five verfes^ 

concerning written At Medina. 


the fpoyle, TN the name of God, gracious and mercifull. They will de- 
which they Xmand of thee, to whom appertaineth the fpoyle ? Say un- 
hm^oilo" ^^ ^^^"^' the fpoyle appertaineth to God , and his Prophet ; 
der-, MahO'^^^^ God , live With mutuall amity, and obey his divine iMa- 
mct divided jcftv, and his Prophet , if you believe in his Law; Such as 
it among fear when they hear mention of God , who augment their 

?^^;> , ,r faith, when they have heard relation of his miracles, who 
See Gddldin, ^ ' n 

Qoap.^. Tfoe Alcoran o/'M a h o m e t. 107 

truftinhim, who perfevere in their prayers, and difpend in 
pious works fome part of their wealth , believe in the uni- 
ty of his divine Majefty ; they have the degree of their habi- 
tation in Paradifc , (hall receive from their Lord pardon of 
their finnes, and exceeding great treafurc. When thy Lord 
caufcd thee to goe out of thine houfe to goe againft the Infi- 
dels , a party of the true believers had a great averfion to 
fighting, they dilputed with thee the necefllty of Combats, 
having feen and known that their enemies led themtoacer- 
taine death; Calltominde, that God promifed you, that a 
party of the Array of the Enemies fhould obey you. Defire 
you other thing then the glory and honour of vidory ? Cod 
confirmeth the Truth by his words^and deftroyeth the wicked, 
he ratifieth the Truth , and deftroyeth falfhood , although it 
be contrary to the will of the impious. Rememberjthat your 
Lord heard you, when you of him implored fuccors, and, 
that he aflifted you with a thoufandof his Angels fent from 
Heaven ; God fent you this aide , only to let you know his 
grace, and to confirm your hearts; vidory proceedeth from 
God, he is omnipotent, and moft prudent : Remember that 
God covered you with a fecure flecp , and caufed water to de- 
fcend from Heaven, towafh, purifie , and deliver you from 
the malice of the Devill. Plant in your heart generofity, and 
patience , and goe on with affurance. God hath faid to his 
Angels, I will be with you,, confirm the fteps of the True- 
believers ; I will caft feare into the heart of the wicked , ftrike 
them on the head , fmite them on the fingers, and feet, becaufe 
they have contradicted my will , and that of the Prophet. 
Godfeverely chaftifeth fuch as difobey his Commandments, 
and oppofe the will of his Prophet ; the unbelievers have here- 
tofore tafted of his puniiliments in this world,and fhail in the 
end feele the paines of the fire of Hell. Oh ye who believe 
in God I turne not the back to the wicked , as vanquifhed, 
when they approach to fight you, he that (hall turne the back, 
fhall returne in the wrath of God , and be throwne headlong • 
into the fire of Hell. You flew not the Infidels at the fight of ^^^ GelMm. 
Beder , God himfelfe flew them. * Thou didft aot caft ftones ^^^^ ^^ 


io8 The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Q?ap.^. 

agamftthe4n. Cod did call: them to advantage the True- be- 
lievers ; he underftandeth whatfoever they fay, and knoweth 
all their adions : certainly, he will augment the afflidion of 
the wicked. When ye required vidory, it was given you ; if 
you relinquifli your impiety, you iiall do well ; if you return 
to fight againft the Prophet , knew, that he will protedhim 
againft you ; your men of war (hall advantage you in nothing, 
notwithftanding they be numerous ; for that God is with the 
True- believers. O ye that believe, obey God and his Prophet, 
depart not from him, fince ye have heard the Commandments 
of his divine Majefty , be not as thofe that fay. We have 
heard, and were deaf and dumb. The ignominy andmifery 
that God layeth on beafts, is to be deaf and dumb , and to 
want the ufe of reafon : Had God feen any good inclina- 
tion in the Infidels, he had not left them in their deafnefs; 
but although they had heard clearly, they (hould have always 
departed from his Law, and have been obftinate. O ye that 
believe in God / obey God and the Prophet , demand life 
cternallin your prayers, and know that God will feparate 
the Gall from the Liver; he will feparate thelnfidell from 
the True-believer, and you all (hall appear before him, to be 
recompenfed and chaftifed for your works ; fear the punidi- 
ment that lliail be inflided , efpecially on the feditious , and 
ingratefuli , God is fevere in his chaftifemencs ; Remember 
that in the territory of (Jlfecca ye were but an handfull of 
weak men, and with fear of being taken , and dcftroyed by 
the unbelievers j God faved , proceded , and enriched you 
with all manner of good things, peradventure ye will givQ him 
thanks. Oh ye that believe I betray not God, nor the Pro- 
phet , neither fuch as confide in you , and have entrufted their 
wealth in your hands, otherwifeyour riches, and children (liall 
torment you in the other world. There is with God great 
reward for the righteous. Oye that believe 1 if ye fear God, 
he Qiall remove your enemies far from you , and pardon your 
finnes , his goodneOe is infinite. The wicked have confpired 
againft thee, to punifli and flay thee , or drive thee from. ^f<:- 
c,i ; but God hath rendrcd their confpiracy ineff^cduall , 


rhap. 8. The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 109 

he knoweth all the defigns of confpiracors. When his mira- 
cles were related to them, and his Commandments taught 
them , they fa^d, we have heard them , we had faid the like 
things, had we fo inclined; it is but afong, and a fable of 
old men: Remember thou, how they faid, my God, if what 
Mahomet declareth be true , caufe a (hower of flint-ftoncs to 
fall upon us, and rigoroufly chaftifc us ; HeQiall notchaftife 
them , when thou art with them , neither when they beg par- 
don of him; Who is he that is able to hinder God to punifh 
them ? They are not in his grace, when they hinder True- be- 
lievers to enter the Temple ofC^fecca-Jfic prote(fteth only fuch 
as have his fear before his eyes , but moft of them undcrftand 
knot. Their prayers arc very light , they goe hand in hand 
in the Temple , but (hall one day feel the punifliment of God, 
becaufe of their impiety. The unbelievers that expend their 
wealth , to turne the people from the Law of God^fhall have 
forrow for their cxpence, they fliall be infamous, and precipi- 
tated into the fire of Hell. God (hall feparate the good from 
the wicked , he fhall caft the wicked head long into Hell fire, 
and they (hall be in the number of the damned : if they repent, 
he will remit what is paft , and if they return to fight againft 
the Prophet, they iliall be entreated as the firft : kill them, to 
avoyd fcdition , that there may be no law in the world , but 
the Law of God ; If they forfake their impiety , God lliall 
behold their adions, if they depart from the faith, know, that 
God alone is your Lord, and protedor. The fifth part of the 
fpoyle that you {hall gaine from your enemies, appertain- 
ech to God , the Prophet, his parents, orphans, the poore, 
and to Pilgrims that are in want; obferve what is above or- 
dained, if ye believe in God , in what we have infpired into 
our* Servant, and ii^ the day, wherein the diftindion of the ^^^^^^^^^^- 
good and the bad was known at the encounter of the* two thebattellof 
Camps: God is omnipotent, ye were in an high place, the Bedcr. 
neareft to Medina , your enemies were afarre off, by the val- See Gdaldin. 
ley , and the enemies Cavalry below you ; had ye promifed 
to give battell , ye had tranfgrefled your promifc, by reafon 
of the great number of Infidels ; but what God will, is ^e- 

. dily 

no The Alcoran of Mahomet. Chap.8. 

dily executed , he fhall deftroy fuch as are wicked , having 
feenthatbattell, an evident figne of the true miflion of the 
Prophet, and (hall give life to True believers j he underftand- 
ethandknowcthali things, he caufedyouto fee in a dream 
your enemies in a Iniall number , had he made them to appear 
numerous , ye had feared to fight , but he delivered you from 
fear , he knovveth what is in the hearts of men ; When he 
caufed you to appear in their view , he made you feem few 
in number , to accomplifli his will , all things depend on God. 
Oh ye that believe 1 make an Halt, when you are in view of 
your enemies Troops, and pray to God with affedion , per- 
haps you (hall be happy, obey Godjand the Prophet, his Apo- 
ftle ; if diforder and terror furprifc you , you (hall loofe your 
reputation ,• perfevere, God is with them that continue to do 
well. Be not like them that went out of their honfes with 
diflembled joy , and hypocrifie , and turn the people from 
the right way , God knowcth all their adions ; The Devill 
caufed them to finde pleafure in their doings , faying to them, 
none fhall this day obtain vidory over you , I will be with 
you ; and when they beheld the two Camps in battalia , he 
returned on his fteps, fled, and faid, I am innocent of the 
*The Turks evill that you commit , I * fee what you fee not , I fear the 
believe, that omnipotent God , he is fevere in his punifhments. The 
the Devill wicked, and fuch as were weak in their faith, fpeaking of 
T f \^f" ^^^ ^^"^ believers, faid, Thefe men dory in their Law ; It was 
%lahomet, ^^ replyed to ihem, he thatrelyeth onUod, (hall finde him to 
be more powerfull then his enemies , and that he is moft pru- 
dentinwhatfoever he doth. Thou faweft the Angels that 
flew the Infidels , they did beat them behinde and before, and 
faid to them , tafte the torments of the fire which you have 
merited, GodisnotunjufttohisCreatJrcs. The people of 
Pharaoh were Infidels, and thofe that preceded chem, con- 
temned the miracles and Commandmtnts of God, hn. he 
rigoroufly chaftifcd them , he is omiupotenr. andmofnlvcre 
in his punifhments, he (hall deftroy thern that alter the gn^Qs 
he hath given to the peopk,untill they have altered the grace 
he hath conferred on themfelves. Pharaohs people were ii- 


chap. 8. The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. \\\ 

fidels, their PredecelTors difobeycd the Commandments of 
thy Lord ; but we deftroyed them becaufe of their finne , we See Kitab d 
drowned them for that they were unjuft ; The wicked are hke ^cnolr, 
to beafts , they Hiall never believe in God. Such as promifed 
not to afTift the unbehevers , and violated their promife , had 
not the feare of God before their eyes ; if thou meet them in 
a journey, feparate thyfelfe from them, their puniiTiment 
purfueth them , peradventure they will confider it. If you 
fear that any one will betray you, and be wanting to their 
word, receive no promife from him, neither promife him 
anything, Godabhorreth Traytors ; Believe not that Infi- 
dels efcape the puniHiment of God , returne with your whole 
ftrength to fight againft them; the halters of your horfeslhali 
terrific the enemies of God , and of you, and of other per- 
fons who ye know not, but Godknoweth them all. Your 
cxpence for bis fcrvicc, fhall be payed you , and no injuftice 
fhall be done to you ; If thine enemies incline to peace , thou 
(lialt do ill to incline, as they, truft in God, he underftandeth 
what they fay, and knoweth whatfoever they do ; if they de- 
fire to be betray thee , God fhall proted thee ; and all True- 
believers endeavour to unite their hearts ; but although thou 
(houldft expend all the riches of the world, thou (halt not be 
able to unite them , God fhall one day unite them , he is om- 
nipotent,and prudent in all his works. Oh Prophet 1 the pro- 
tedionof God fufficeth thee, and the righteous that follow 
thee. Exhort the True believers to fight againft Infidels ; If . 
ye be twenty alTembled with refolution and perfeverance , ye 
fiiall vanquifh two hundred Infidels ; if ye be an hundred, 
ye fhall overthrow a thoufand, the unbelievers are ignorant ; 
but God will lighten your burden , he knoweth your weak- 
neffe ; if ye be an hundred true betievers , ye fhall defeat two 
hundred Infidels ; if ye be a thoufand , you iliall fubdue two 
thoufand by the permiffion of God ^ he aideth fuch as exped 
his fuccors with perfeverance. The Prophet cannot be a pri- 
foner , he fhall eftablifh himfelf on earth with advantage , 
over unbelievers ; Ye defirc the wealth of the earth, and God 
will give you the trealurcs of Heaven , he is omnipotent and 


Ill T/;e Alcoran 0/ M A H o M E T. (^bap.^. 

wife. If God had not taught you his Commandments , ye 
(hould have fuffercd great torments • eat of clean beafts that 
he hath permitted you to eat, and feai* God, he is gracious and 
mercifull to them that have his fear before their eyes. Oh 
Prophet \ fay to them that (hall be prifoners in thy hands, 
God knoweth what is in your hearts , he (liall reward you for 
what ye fhall have loft , and fliall pardon your finnes ; if you 
be converted , he is gracious and mercifull. If they betray 
thee , they betrayed God before thee , feparate them from 
the True-believers, God knoweth all things, and is moft pru- 
dent in what he ordaineth. Such as have believed in God, 
as have departed from the wicked , as have employed their 
wealth , and perfons to fight for the Law of God , fuch as 
have proteded the Prophet, and defended him, are all pro- 
testors , and friends to each other ; you fhall have no confi- 
deration of the alliance of the True- believers , that defert 
not the company of Infidels, untill they be feparatcd from 
them. If they require of you fuccors touching Religion , you 
are obliged to proted them , except againft fuch as have con- 
federacie with you, God feeth all your aflions. The Infidels 
proteft each other , if you obey them , great diforders fhall 
enfue, and many feditions in the earth. Such as have believed 
in God , as have deferted the wicked , as have fought for the 
Law of God , as have eftablifhed the Prophet , and defended 
him againft his enemies , are indeed faithful 1 and True-belie- 
vers , they fhall receive from God pardon of their (innes , and 
exceeding great treafures. Such as having believed in God, 
have departed from the wicked , and have fought with you, 
arc yours , they fhall be the Heirs of their patents, God hath 
fo appointed it, he knoweth all things. 



' Chap.p^ The Alcoran of M ah ouet.^ i i j 


The Chapter of Converfen , containing an hundred tveenty and 
/even Ferfes^ written at Medina. 

Reader, this Chapter beglnneth not as the rtfi, with thefe 
'pfiords , In the name of (Jed , gracious and mercifnll ; becaufe 
thefe are ^ords of pe^tce andfalvation , and for that in thi6 Chap- 
ter y Mahomet commandeth to break^Truce Vcith his enemies 
^ and to ajfau/t them. Many Mahometan Dolors have entituled 
this the Chapter ofpunifhment^ or paine. See the JExpofition of 
Gelaldin, and that of Bcdmi, and eltenoir. 

A Letter Patent from God, and his Prophet, to the unbe- 
lievers, with vvhom ye have made truce. Travel! in fafc- 
ty thefpace of foure moneths, know, ye (hall not render 
God impotent , and that he will lay fhame upon your fore- 
head. Advice for the people, at the day of great Pilgri- 
mage, from God, and his Prophet : God approveth not the 
adion of them that adore Idols , his Prophet is innocent from 
that finne ; If ye repent, ye (hall do w^ell , if ye abandon the 
Law of God , know, ye ftiall not efcape the puniiLment of 
your crime ; preach to the unbelievers , that they fhall fuffer 
grievous torments , except thofe with whom ye have made 
Truce , who fall not from what they have promifed , and that 
proted none againft you. Obferveexadly untillthe prefixed 
time , what you have promifed them, God loveth them that 
fear him : When the moneth of Heram fhall be paft , kill 
them where you iliall meet them , take them flaves , detaine 
them prifoners , and obferve where they paffe to lay ambufli 
for chcm ; if they be converted , if they pray at the time ap- 
pointed, and pay tithes, leave them in quiet, God is merci- 
ftill to them that repent. If the Infidels demand quarter of 
youigive them quarter jto the end they may learn the word of 
Gcd i teach them his Commandments, for they are ignorant. 

I How 

114 Tl:e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. cyp.p. 

How (liould they have Truce with God and his Prophet ? If 
they believe neither in the one , nor the other , except them 
with whom you entred Truce in the Temple of Oliecca<' If 
they obferve their promife to you, obferve wlut ye promifed 
to them , God loveth fjch as have his feare before their 
eyes : How (hall they have truce with you ? If they have ad- 
vantage over you, they will refped neither your alliance nor 
confederacy; They will fpeakwellof you, and Cv-^ntcmneyoii 
in their heart , the greateO: part of them are iitipious, they 
have preferred the riches of this world to the Commandments 
6f God, and have hindered the people to foiloiv his Law , as 
if they knew not what they did ; they bearc no refped to the 
True-believers, wherein they a,re exeeedihgly too blame. If 
they turne , and make their prayers at the time appointed , if 
they pay Tichcsjthey fhall be your brethren in God. I teach 
the myfteries of faith tofuchashave underftanding to com- 
prehend them, ifthey break their promife, and diilurb them 
of your Religion, kill their Captains, as perfons without faith, 
they will perhaps putan endto their impiet3^ May fuchefpe- 
cially that renounce their faith , who have endeavoured to 
drive the Prophet from ^/ffr^, and have begun to flay you, 
vviil you fear them ? will ye be terrified by them ? It is rea- 
fonable that ye fear God ; if ye believe in his Law, fight them, 
God (hall chaftife them by, your hands, he fiiall render them 
difhonoud'able, and protect you againil: them , he (hall forti- 
fie the hearts of True believers, and expell melancholy, he 
pardoneth whom he feeth good , knoweth all things , and is 
moft prudent in what he ordaineth. Think ye to be forfaken 
of God, and that he difcerneth not them that have fought gal- 
lantly for his Law , from fuch as have adored Idols , aud difo- 
beyed his Prophet? The True-believers abandon not their 
Religion another time to profelTe it ; God knoweth all 
your acflions, Infidels muO: not enter into the Temple of Mec- 
ca , knowing that they are Infidels , the good works which 
they n^ali do in this world (hall be unprofitable, and they fliall 
dwell eternally in the fire of Hell. They that believe in God> 
and the day of Judgment^that make their prayers at the time 


Cha^'9' -^''^ Alcoran o/M a h o m e t. ,115 

ajjpointed , pay Tithes , and worfhip one God alone, (liall vi- 
fit the Temples of his divine Majefty, and fuch as fear the crea- 
tures more then the Creator erre from the right way ; We have 
ordained that fuch as fhall bear frefh water to Pilgrims, ai^d 
them that (Tnall vifit the Temple of Mecca , (hall be in the 
number of them that believe in God, and the day of Judg- 
ment. Such as fight for the faith are not all equall in grac^s^ 
and merits before God, he guideth not the unjuft. Such as 
have believed in God, as have departed from the wicked, and 
employed their wealth and perfons to fight for his Law, (Ijali 
have a particular degree , and a particular place near to his 
divine Majcftie, they fhall be the more happy. God through 
his goodneffe declareth to them, that they fhall enter intp 
delicious gardens, where they {hall remain eternally, there is 
with God a very great reward. Oh ye that believe / obey not 
your fathers, nor your brothers, that love rather to follow 
impiety, then the faith. Such as (hall obey them, fhall offend 
exceedingly; if your father , your children , your brothers, 
your wives, your parents, your friends, the wealth that you 
have gained, the fear of loofing your riches, and apprchenhon 
of poverty, have more of power over you then God and his 
Prophet, and hinder you to fight for the faith, the Command- 
ment of Godrhall be executed againft you , he guideth not 
the wicked , and hath protected you in many occalions. Re- 
member the day of battell of Hanln^ when ye rejoyced ii;i 
the multitude of your men, it did not advantage you, fear 
made you fi.nde the place too narrow for flight, and ye turned 
the back as vanquii"hed ; Remember that God, at that time, 
put his Prophet , and the True-believers in a place of fafety, 
and fent invifible Troops to chaftife the Infidels, l^e pardoneth 
finnesasfeemethgood to him, he is gracious and mercifiili. 
Oh ye that believe in God/ Unbelievers are unclean, permit 
not that they enter into the Temple of Aixcc^ afiier this year, 
if ye have apprehenfion of want , Godiliall enrich you with 
his grace, if it pleafe him, he is omnifcicnt and mcfc prudent. 
Fight againft them that believe not in God , nor the day of 
Judgment, that forbid not to ad what God hath prohibited, 

I 2 and 

1 \6 Tloe Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Chap. 9. 

and his Prophet hath forbidden, and that judge not according 
to the Law of truth, wherein they were inftruded, who here- 
tofore received the written Law : they chufe rather to pay 
Tribute, then to be converted , therefore are they con- 
temptible. The Jews have faid, that the Son of God is moft 
powerfull ; the Chriftians, that the Meffiah is the Son of God ; 
their words are like to the words of the Infidels that preceded 
them, but God fhall lay upon them his cuife. Confiderhow 
they blafphemc ; they adore their Dodlors, and Priefts, and the 
Mejjiah alfo, the Son of Marj \ who commanded them to 
worfhip one God alone, there is but one fole God ; praifed be 
God, thereis nothing equall to him; they would extinguiffi 
the light of God with their mouth,buthe fhall not fuffer them; 
he (jhall caufc it appear, notwithftanding it be vexatious to the 
Infidels. He hath fent his Prophet to condud men into the 
right way, to preach the Law of Truth, and to make it eminent 
above all other Laws of the world, againft the will of Idola- 
ters. O ye that truly believe 1 many of the Docflors and Priefts 
eate unprofitably the fubftance of the people, and divert them 
from the Law of God; declare to fuch as treafure up, and expend 
nothing in pious works, they fhall fuffer great torments at the 
day when the fire of hell fhall be kindled ugpn them, it fliali 
burn their forehead, fides, and back; itfhall^tfaid to them, 
behold the wealth which ye have treafured ujpbr your fouls, 
taft the fruits of your treafures which ye have amafled. When 
God created the heaven and the earth, he ordained the year of 
twelve moneths, amongft which four are privileged. Offend 
not Godj efpecially in thofe moneths ; fight at all times againft 
unbelievers, as they will fight againft you, and know that God 
is with them that have his fear before their eyes. Sloath and 
forgetfulnefs abound in impiety; God mifleadcth through 
negligence the unbelievers, that prefer one moneth to another, 
in imitation of what is commanded ; they permit to do what 
God hath forbidden, and delight in the malice of their adions, 
but God is not the guide of the wicked. Oye that believe! 
wherefore have ye inclined to the earth ? Why did ye prefer 
the wealth of this world to that of Paradife ; when you were 


■■J^-.f«.f.^.-.Hhri..-l ,' ,.i . ..„ ,,, 

Qh'tp.^. The Alcoran of M a h o u e t. \\y 

ig^fr^Hf^T -''^ ^'"'"**'™*" '^ " "'*" ' ' '■"-^•^■■^■-'-^^^■^■■■^ T iji TtH i i 

commanded to go forth of your houfes to fight for tht^ of 
God ? The riches of chig world arc contemptible, if you con- 
nder thofe of heaven ; if pu leave not your houfe to fight with 
the Prophet, Cod il:iali feverely punidi you, and put other per- 
fons in your places- yoiiQiallnot protcd the Prophet, God 
alone is his protedor ; he proteded him when he went out of 
Mecc:i'^\\t, with his Companion, they being both in a cave , 
he faid to his Companion, afflid not thy felf, God is with us ; 
He hath defended, and fuccoured us by invifible troops ; he 
hath debafed the word of unbelievers, and exalted that of true 
believers ; he is Omnipotent and wife. Fight according to your 
power for the Law of God, you (liali do well if you have 
knowledge to undcrftand it ; if you require the wealth of this 
world, honour, and reputation, they are not far from you, 
they follow you at hand, but the punifhrnent of crimes and mi- 
fery are as yet far remote of Infidels; they fweare by the Name 
of God, that they were unable to go out oi Mecca with the 
Prophet, in which they deftroy their fouls, for God knoweth 
them to be Iyar3; excufe them not, that thou knoweft not them 
that fpoke truth, and thofe that were iyars. True believers 
will noc excufe themfclves from fighting, or employing 
their wealth and perfons for the Law of God ; he 
knoweth fuch as fear him. They that believe not in 
God, neither the day of Judgment, refufe to go with thee, 
they doubt the myftcries of Faith, but fliall continue in 
their doubt, to their confufion ; had they inclined to go out 
againft the enemy, they had arms to perform it; God con- 
temned their going out, rendred them negligent, and caufed 
them to remain with the fick, the women, and children; had 
they gone forth with you, they had brought with them more 
ofdiforder then affedlon to the fervice of his divine Majeftie ; 
they hate you, neverthelefs you hearken to them : God know- 
eth them that are too blair.e, they hated thee heretofore, accu- 
fed thee of all their mifchief, untill, through- the permifTion of 
God, the truth appeared againft their will ; many of them faid, 
excufe us, and fcandalize us not, and they fell themfelvesinto 
fcandalf and impiety .-but hell is the habiration of thofe wicked 

I 3 perfons; 

1,1 8 The Alcoran o/ M a h o m e t. Chap.^ 

perfons; if good happen to you, they are difcontented; if 
evill befall you, they fay, they took heed to themfelvcs, and 
forfaw it, and depart from you with joy ;fay unto them, no- 
thing befell us, but what God had ordained, he is our Lord; all 
^fLzGciMln. true believers are refigncd to the will of his divine Majeilie ; 
fay unto them, will ye exped, that one of the two graces ( ei- 
ther vidory, OF martyrdom J befall us? we will expecfi with 
you,untill Godhathchaftifedyou by our hands; exped, we 
will expedl with you : fay unto them, expend through force or 
affedion for the glory of God; your works fhal not be accepted 
of him, becaufe you are Infidels, your alms (liall be unprofita- 
ble, for that you believe not in God, nor in his Prophet ; ye 
praife not God, but with negligence, and with regret for what 
you fpend for his fervice.Be not then amazed at the quantity of 
their treafures, neither the number of their children ; God lliall 
make ufe of them to punifli them in this world, and iliall de- 
ftroy them with their wickcdnefs. They fwear by the name of 
Gods that they are yours, and arc not, and fear to be difcove- 
red ; if they meet with any Den, Cave, or Houfe, wherein to 
hide them, they fpeedily rcpaire thither. There be of them that 
fay, it is ignominious to give alms ; if they give alms, it is with 
choler ; if they gave them for the love of God and his Prophet, 
they would fay, God is our benefador ; he will give us 
through his grace, and to the Prophet, whatfocver lliall be ne- 
ceCfary, our hope is in him. Alms arc appointed for the poor, 
for them that recommend themfelves to God, to redeem 
Slaves, for fuch as are in debt, and neccffitous, Godknpweth 
all things, and is moft prudent in what he ordaineth. There be 
among them, who deprave the Prophet, and fay, he lliall un- 
derftand what we fay • fay unto them, fhould it be to you a 
great advantage to hear well ? The Prophet believeth in God, 
and teacheth true believers the Truth; the mercy of God is 
for them that believe in his divine Majcfty ; Such as detrad 
from the Prophet, fliall feel grievous torments ; they fwear by 
the Name of God, that they defire to content God, and his 
Prophet; it is reafonable that they content them, if they be 
good men; know they not, that fuch, as tranfgrefs the Will of 


Qhap.^. The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e r. up 

.._---.--■  -   — -  I ..m m. ■■,■■■«■  „■ , n „ — ^ ^ I I.I  Mil ■— m il 11 1 I 

God, and that of his Prophet, (hail be eternally damned ? The 
wicked fear left God (lioiild difcover to the righteous the ma- 
lice that they conceal in their fouls, and that they cor^itemne 
them ; Say unco them, ye (hall be contemned, for God bring- 
eth to light what you feare. Ifyouqueftion them concerning 
what they fay, they will anfvver forcxcufe, that they had no e- 
vill intent, and that they but Jeaft ; fay unto them, will you jeaft 
with God, with his Commandments, and his Prophets ? There 
is none excufe for you, ye are truly impious ; if God pardon 
any one of you, he fhall rigoroufly punifKfuch as pcrfift to of- 
fend him. The wicked teach among them impiety to their po- 
fterity, they depart from the truth ; they go hand in hand, and 
agree to difobey God 5 they forget God, and God forgetteth 
them; he hath prepared hell for them, where they fhall remain 
eternally, -, he hath curfed them, and they fhall feel the torment 
of infinite pains. The wicked that were before you, (hall under- 
go them like you, they were more powerful! then you, they 
pofTefTed ftore of wealth, and had many children, they poffef- 
fed part of their fubftance, and ye poffefs yours, as did your 
prcdecefTors • ye were plunged in impiety, as they were plun- 
gz<i ; but the good works that they have done in this world, 
fliall be to them unprofitable, and at the day of Judgment, 
they fhall be in the number of the miferable. Have they not 
known the Hiftory of their Predecefifors, the Hiftory of the 
people 0^ Noah, oiA^dy ofTemod,ofJhraham, and the cities 
that were fubverted ? The Prophets preached to them the 
Commadments of God, who did to them no injuftice; they 
drew aflRidion on themfelves, through the enormity of their 
crimes. The true believers mutually obey each other; they 
command to do what things are honeft,. prohibit to a(5t what 
is not approved ; they make their prayers at the time appoint- 
ed, diftribute tithes, obey God and his Prophet ; God fhall 
remit to them their fins, he is Omnipotent, and hath promifed 
to them gardens, wherein flow many rivers, and an habitatiorf 
full of content in Ede^; he hath promifed them his grace, 
which is the perfedion of felicity. O Prophet 1 fight againft the 
Infidels, fortifie thyfelf againft them, hell ftall be their habi- 

I 4 tation; 

no " Toe Alcoran of M auo u e r. Q^^P^^* 

tation ; thev fiiall fwear by the Name of God, that they have ' 
not traduced thee ; neverthelefs they have detraded and utte- 
red v/ords fuUof impiety : they have denied to have been en- 
riched through the grace of God, and of his Prophet; if they 
turn, they fliall do well ; if they abandon the Faith, God fhall 
punifli them in this world, and in the other, with grievous tor- 
ments, and on earth they fliall finde no protedor ; there be of 
them, who have inclined to capitulate with God, and have 
faid, if God doth good to us, we will believe in him; when he 
did good to them, they were niggards, and avaricious; they 
have erred, and difobeyed his Commandments, but he cha- 
ftifed them, becaufe of their impiety ; he hath imprinted it in 
their hearts untill the day of Judgment, for that they have dif- 
obeyed him^ becaufe they violated their promifes, and byrea- 
fon of their lies ; know they not that God under ftandeth what 
rhey conceale in their hearts? and that he knoweth what is 
prefent, paft, and future? There be of them, who deride the 
true believerS; that give alms according to their power; Cv'd 
fhall deride them, and they fliall feel the rigour ofeternall 
pains ; implore pardon for them, or implore it not, when thou 
fhaltbeg fixty and ten times pardon for them, God fliall not 
pardon them, becaufe they are ingratefull towards him, and 
his Prophet , God doth not guide them that difobey him; they 
rejoyced to be left behinde the Prophet, when he went to fight 
for the Service of God, they had an averflon to fight, and em- 
ploy their perfons and goods for the Service of his divine Ma- 
jeftie; they faid, we vvill not go out of our houfes with this 
heat ; fay to them, hell is much more hot, could you compre- 
hend ; they fliall laugh a Httle in this world, and fliall weep 
much in the other, for a punifliment of their fins If thou meet 
them, and they demand permiflion to go out with thee, to fight 
for the Faith; fay to them, you fliall not go our, neither fhall 
ye ever fight againft the enemy with me, ye were flothfuU and 
ct)wards the fii(k time, remain with the unbelievers ; pray not 
for them after their death, and (lay not at their Tombs, be- 
caufe they believed neither in God, nor his Prophet, and died 
in their vvickednefs. Be thou not afloniflied; neither at the 


Qha^.^. The Alcoran 0/ M a k o m e t. 121 

abundance of their wealth, nor the number of their children, 
God will make ufe of them, to chaftife them in this world, and 
will dcftroy them in their impiety. When command was fenc 
to them to believe in God, and fight with his Prophet; the mofl 
powerfull among them defired thee to cxcufe them, and faid, 
leave us with them that continue in their houfes, and Acint to 
remain with the (ick, the women, and little children : God 
hardened their hearts, and they fl^^all never learn the truth. The 
Prophet and true believers that were with them, and fought, 
and employed their pei fonsjand goods for the Service of God, 
fliall be biclTed ; he hath prepared for them gardens, wherein 
flow many rivers, with perfe<Sion of felicity. Some of the 
j^rabU?is came to excufe thcmfelves of going to the war, and 
fiich as renounced God and the Prophet, remained in their . 
houfeSj but thev fhall refcent grievous torments, becaufc of 
their wickedncfs ; the fick, the impotent, and thofe that want 
means to be prefent at the war, offend not God in abiding in 
their houfes, provided they be faithfull to his divine Majeifie, 
and his Prophet. The righteous are not obliged to do but 
what is in their power, God (hall be to them gracious and mcr- 
cifull. Such as repaired tothee to fight, and whom thou di^dSi Bcrm^Mo- 
difmifs for want of occa(ion,did not offend Godjthey returned 
to their houfes with tears in their eyes, with difcontent, to 
have wanted means to employ in the Service of his divine Ma- 
jefty • the war is appointed to fuch as intreat thee to exempt 
them that are rich, and have wealth to fub(]ft,they require leave 
to remain with their wives and children, God hath hardned 
their hearts, and they know it not ; they (liall come to excufe 
thcmfelves, when thou fhalt meet them ; Say unto them^ excufe 
not your felvef, I do not believe you, God hath given us to un- 
derftand your news, he and his Prophet likewife hathrendred 
your good works vaine and unprofitable ; ye fliall one day ap- 
pear before him that knoweth what is patr, prefent, and fu- 
ture, he (liall caufe you to remember vvhat'oever you have 
done, and fhall punifii you according to your demerits. They 
fhall conjure you by the name of God, when you approach 
them, to depart from them ; depart from them, they are full 



122 The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Chap.^. 

of uncleanefs, hell Hiall he their habitation, where they {jhallbc 
tormented for their crimes. Theyflnall befeech you to love 
them ; if you love them, know,that Cod abhorreth them that 
difobey him ; The (»yfrai?/ am, who obferve not the precepts 
which God hath fent to his Prophet ; are ye more impious and 
ingratefull? God knoweth all things, and is moft prudent. 
There be perfons among the Arabians^ who account it loft mo- 
ney that they expend for the Service of God, and protrad 
their departure, to retard yours, and make you to attend; the 
wheelofmiferyis upon them, God underftandeth what'ever 
they fay, and knoweth all their adions ; there be among them 
who beheve in God, and the day of Judgment ; they efteem 
that their expence for the Service of God draweth them nigh 
to his divine Majeftie, and they invite the Prophet to pray for 
them, God fhall give them his mercy, he is gracious and merci- 
full to them that obey him. They thatfirft arrived at Medmay 
the firft of them that went outofy^^rc^, to depart from the 
wicked, fuch as were at the battell oiBeder.^ndi fuch as imitated 
them in well doing, fhall injoy the grace of God, he hath pre- 
pared for them gardens, wherein flow many rivers, with fu- 
prcme felicitic. There be Arahians about you, and in Medina, 
they affed impietie ; you know them not, but I know them all, 
I will chaftife them twice on earth, /to wit, through ignominy 
and death ) and they (hall feel in the other world exceeding 
great torments. Others there be, that confefs their fins, 
and who do good and evill works; peradventure God 
will pardon them, he is altogether gracious and mer- 
cifull; take of their fubftance for almes , thou fhait render 
them righteous , and ilialc purifie them , pray for them, 
thy prayers fhall procure them the mercy of God , he under- 
ftandeth and knoweth all things. Know they'not , that 
God accepteth the converfion of his Creatures , that their 
almes are pleafing to him , and that he is gracious and merci- 
full.> Say unto them, do what fliall pleafe you- God, his 
Prophet, and the True- believers (Lall fee what you do, you 
Qiall one day appear before him , who knoweth the prefent^ 
paft, and future; he (hall make you to know vvhatfoever ye 


Qyap.^. 77;e Alcoran o/'M a h o m e t. 122 

have done , and (hall chaftife you after your demerits. There 
be others that attend the pleafure of God, either his grace, or 
his wrath, his punifliment, or his mercy , God underftandeth 
"what is in their foules , and is moft wife. T hey that efteemed, 
that the Temple built by unbelievers, tofeduce the righteous, 
to dJftinguitli the wicked from the good , and to obferve fuch 
as had before fought againft God , and againil: his Prophet, is 
the Temple of his divine Majcftie , fweare that they defire to 
do well , and that their intention is mod honeft , but they are 
iyars,and God dial be witnefle of their fainiood;make not thy 
prayers in that Temple, make ihy prayers in the Temple found- 
ed on the fear of God , that is rcafonable ; there be perfons 
in that Temple who de(ire to be purified , God loveth fuch as 
have a clean foul ; Who is he that buildeth beft^he that found- 
eth his building upon the fear oi God , or he who layeth the 
foundation of his building upon the brink of a ditch of 
fand , whichfalleth J and ruineth it felf? They who eReem 
the Temple built by unbelievers^ to feduce the people , to be 
the Temple of God , (liall be with that Temple, and with the 
Infidels that built it, burnt in the fire of Hell j God .guideth 
not the unjuft , their building (hall ferve only to torment 
them , God knoweth their defign , and is moft wife ; he pur- 
chafeth of True-believers their fouls and goods , and giveth 
them Paradife ; if they be flain , or if they flay when they 
(hall fight for the faith , they fhall have what he hath pro- 
mifed to them in the Old Teftament , the Gofpel, and in the 
Alcoran : Who better fatisfieth what he hath promifed, then 
God ? Declare to them, that they have made a good purchafe, 
they have gained the height of felicity. Such as are firme in 
their faith, w-hopray, honour, and worfhip God, who ob- 
ferve his Commandments, and all True- believers, ihall enjoy 
the delights of Paradife, with all manner of content. The 
Prophet, and True- believers ought not to ask pardon of 
God for Infidels , notwithftandin|[they be their parents, ha- 
ving had knowledge that they are damned , .becaufe of their 
infidelity. (LAhraham prayed not for his father , untill he had 
promifed him to adore one God alone j when he knew his 


rfTH nWI-WVTTT- 1~i ' 

124 The Alcoran 0/ M a h c m e t. {Jk^.p, 

liawiMwaii I in iT' a* 

father to be an encmie co Cod , he declared hinifelfe an ene- 
my to his finne, he ceafed praying for him , although he was 
exceeding charitable, and patient in his afHifiions, God 
mifleaderh not thcni that he hath put into the right way, he 
giveth them to undcrftand what they onght to do, he knovvcch 
them that deferve to be fediiced,and fnch as merit to be guided 
through the right way. The Kingdome of Heaven and Earth 
is Gods, he giveth life and death to whom he feech good .- 
Who except God Ihall proted you ? he hath given his grace 
to the Prpphet , and to fuch as followed him in his affliction, 
although it wanted but a little , that the hearts of many of 
them inclined not to the party of the unbeHevers, but he par- 
doned them ; he hath been gracious and merciful! to three 
perfons who deferted the Prophet, and were forry for their 
error , they knew there was no fure refuge , but in God , 
^ab bin Ma. he pardoned them , when they were converted , he is graci- 
iil,', heUi bin ousand mcrcifull to fuch as repent. Oh ye that believe I fear 
Armhc Mej- Q^^ ^ b^ righteous ; the Inhabitants of Medina and the 
'y-'J^ ^'^ ^^'' ttArabians^ that dwell about that City, ought not to con- 
tradict the will of the Prophet of God , neither difl'ke what 
heapproveth, becaufe they have endured neither thiift, nor 
paine, nor anguill:i for the fervice of his divine Majefty ; they 
have not been trampled under foot by their enemies, they 
fhall irritate the Inhde Is, and iLall receive no difpleafure ; on 
the contrary , they iliall acquire merit , and perform a good 
work. God doth not deprive them of recompenfe that do 
weiljhe fnall write down their expence for his iervicejand the 
number of the Idols that they fhall deftroy, for reward of their 
good works. It is not neceflary that all the faithfull goe to 
the warre , it is fumcient, that of every hneage, and of every 
Nation there goe a party , while the reO: dial! learn the 
Lawesand myiteries of faith, to inftrud their Companions, 
when they iliail return from their voyage , perhapsthey will 
fear the chaftifement of God. Oh ye that believe in God I 
fight agai nil them that would caufe you to be defiled in im- 
piety, be valiant, and know that God is with them that have 
his fear before their eyes. When God caufed to defcend from 


QhapAO. Tloe Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 125 

Heaven , any Chapter of the Alcoran , fome of them faid, 
through difdain 3 that will encreafe the faith of this people. 
Certainly it augmenteth the faith of True-believers , it re- 
joyceth them , and enflameth the wrath of his divine Maje- 
fty upon Infidels, who perfifl: in their pollutions , and dye in 
their wickednefs. They know not that God tryeth the good, 
once, or twice a year , they will not be converted , it is loft 
time to preach to them. When God fent from Heaven any 
Chapter of the Alcoran , they beheld each others, and faid, 
doth any one fee us. ^ They returned in their impiety , and 
God turned their heart from the right way , for that they 
would not learn the Truth. God hath fent you a Prophet of 
your own Nation , who , with paflion , defireth to deliver 
you from your obftinacy , and is extreamly affeded to inftrudt 
you in the way of Salvation, God is milde , and pitifull to- 
wards True-believers. If they abandon the faith, fay unto 
them, God is my prote<flor , there is but one fole God, I re- 
commend my felfe to the will of his divine Majefty , he is the 
Lord of the Majcftique Throne. 


The Chapter <?/ Jonas, containing an hundred and nine verfes^ 
•written at Mecca. 

IN the name of God , gracious and mercifull ; I am God 
the mercifull. The precepts" contained in this Book pro- 
ceed from the Omnipotent : Doth the people wonder that we 
have inijpired a man to preach to the wicked the torments of 
Hell, and to declare to True believers, that they fhall finde 
true what their Lord to them hath promifed .^ The wicked 
fay, that it is but forcery and enchantment. Certainly God is 
your Lord , who created Heaven and Earth in fix dayes, and 
fitteth on hisThrone,difpofing all things ; no man intercedeth 
for his Neighbour without his permifllon, he is your God and 
your LordjWOrflbip him alon^will ye not confider it ? you ail 


ii6 The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e T., 

(hall be ot^e day afl'embied before himjhe promifed with truth, 
that hewillcaure men 'to dye,and raifethem again, torecom- 
pence fuch as have believed in his Law, and done good works : 
The unbelievers {Lall drink a boy ling drinke, and /hall en- 
dure great torments,becaufe of their impiety. He it is that 
gave light to the Sunne , and brightnefs to the Moone , that 
created the fignes to know the number of years, the account 
of moneths , and of whatfoever he hath created, thefe things 
teach with truth , the miracles of his divine Majefty , to liich 
as have knowledge to underftand them ; the difference of 
day and of night, and what Go.d hath created in Heaven and 
in Earth, are marks of his vmity to them that have. his fear 
before their eyes. They who believe there is no refurredion, 
fuch as place their content in the wealth of this world , they 
thattruftin their riches, and that are ignorant of the com- 
mandments of God, fball be precipitated into the fire of Hell, 
becaufe of their fmnes , and the True-believers fhall be con- 
duded by his divine Majefty into delicious gardens , wherein 
flow many rivers , they (liall there finde whatfoever they Oiall 
defire, and fball fay at the beginning of their prayers, prayfed 
be God ; afterwards they fhail fay. Salvation be to God ; and 
at the end of their prayers, prayfe be to God, Lord of the 
Unlveife. Although God doth fometimes fuddenly chaftife 
men , he alwayes attendeth the time of their Deftiny. I will 
leave them that fhall not believe in the Rcfurredion , in their 
errors, to their confufion • When man is afflided, he invoketh 
us ftanding, fitting, lying, andin allpoftures, and whew we 
have delivered him from his afflidion, he perfifteth in his wick- 
e-dneis. it fcemeth good to the wicked to. do in this manner, we 
deftroyed their Fredcctdors when tbey believed no.t in th^ 
Prophecs, neither oijeyed the precepts that we fent them, and 
have eftabiifned you o.n the Earth in their place afcci; them, to 
fee your deportments When thou teachcft our commandments ^ 
to them that believe not in the R.efurre<flion ; they fay, that the 
precepts of the oAJcoran are altogether contrary to what 
thou preacheft, and that thou haft altered them ; $iay unto 

theni; Ihavenovxilico^ker themof myielfe^ lif> ^"^ what 


chap A 6. The Alcoran of M a no m e t. mj 

h infpired into me of God ^ I fear to }^ piiniflied at the day 
of Judgment, nriouldldifobey his divine Ma jtfty ; Say unto 
them, Had it ple^fed God, I had neither read, nor taught 
you his Command inents, I fofourned a long time 'with you, 
before I taught you^ will you not le^irn them ? Who is more 
iihjiift then he that^blafphemeth? Cod doth hot aid the In- 
fidels that Worfliip vvhat can neither benefit nor hurt them, and 
fay, their Idols Oiall intercede for them ; will you inftrucl 
God in any thing that he knoweth not , of what is in i-]eaven 
or in Earth? PraifedbeGod, he hath no companion. Men 
were all of one Religion before Infidelity took place , and 
if God had not faid that he would dcferre the punifhment of 
the wicked untill the day of Judgment, he had already de- 
ftroyed them in this world, becaufe of their impiety- They 
fay 5 We will not believe in the Prophet , if God make 
not fome hiicadcs to appear in him ; Say unto them, God 
knoweth what fliall be ; expedl, I will cxped with you : when 
we gave them to tafle of content after their aflflidion, they had 
fubtilty upon our Commandments: Say unto them^. Cod is 
more fubtiie then you , his MelTengers fball \Vrite your fubtil- 
tlesihe it is that made men to travell upon the earth atid fea ; Ic 
ishethat fendeth them a favourable winde to rcjoyce them in 
their (liips ; when tempeft furprifeth them, they believe that the 
waves vviil overwhelm them, then they invoke God, with de- 
fire to embrace his Law, and fay, if God doth deliver us from 
'this danger , we vvill "believe in his Unity, and returne him 
thanks for this mercy ; and being delivered fi"on-rperill, pcrfift 
in their wickednefs. O people/ you draVv mifchief on your 
felves, you require nothing bnt the wealth of this world, 
you all ftiall appear before us to be judged according to your 
works; the life of the world is like to the rain, which we 
caufe to defcend from Heaven, it caufeth with mixture all 
forts o{ herbage to fpring forth, for the nouriftiment of men, 
and beafts. When the Earth is adorned with flowers , and 
enriched with its fruits , the Inhabitants oftentimes believe 
.'^ they have the power to caufe theirprodudion; then fend we 
'^biir chaflifements day and night upon the Earth, and render it 


ii8 The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Q?apAo. 

as mown, and as if the day before it had brought no fruit. 

Thus da I difcover m^eries to fuch as have knowledge to 

comprehend them. They beg their falvation of God; he faveth 

and puttcth in the way of falvation whom it pleafeth him. 

He lliail not cover the vifage of them , that have done good 

works, the)' fliall appear without fhame, and dwell in 

Paradife, where they (hall remain eternally ; and fuch a$ 

fhall have done evill (liall be punifhed after their demcrits.they 

fhall be covered with Qiame, and none fhall be able toproted: 

them, they (hall be as if a great part of the obfcurity of the 

night had covered their countenance, they fhall be condemned 

to the fire of hell, where they fhall dwell eternally. Think on 

the day, wherein we will affemble all the world, and will fay 

to the Infidels, hell fhall be your habitation ; where be the 

Idols you adored ? we have feparated you from each other. 

Their Idols lliall fay to them, you have not worlhipped us, 

God is witnefs ; was there any thing between us and you, 

thatrendredwsignorant of your adorations ? That day (hall 

every one fee what he hath done, and know that God is Truth 

it felf ; their Idols lliall be feparated far from them, and they 

fhall underftand their blafphemies. Say unto them, who en- 

richeth you with the wealth of heaven and earth ? Who caufeth 

life to come out of death, and death out of life ? Who difpo- 

feth all things in the world ? They fhall anfwer,it is God : Say 

unto them, why have you not therefore his fear before your 

eyes? God is indeed your Lord; what is there after the Truth, 

but falfhood ? How will you depart from his Law ? his Word 

{hall be accomplifhed againd: Jnfkiels. Say unto them. Have 

your Idols the power to caufe men to die, and to make them 

rife again? God caufeth rhem to die, and to rife again; how 

(hall they be able to blafpheme after thefe reafons? Say unto 

them, Are your Idols able to condud you into the right way ? 

God guideth the people into the way of Salvation; who ought 

rather to be followed, he that guideth the people into the 

right way, or he that mifleadech them? What reafon have ye 

to follow the evill way ? The greateftpart of them follow but 

' their own opinion, but their opinion is not conformable to the 


ChapAO' Tl:)e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 119 

Truth jGodknowethall their anions, there is no falfliood in 
the ay^lcoraftfk confirmeth the ancient Scriptures, and perfpi- 
cuoufly explaineth them ; there is no doubt, but it proceedeth 
from the Lord of the Univerfs. They fay Aiahomet hath inven- 
ted this Book ; fay unto them, come and bring any thing that 
refembleth it in Dodrine and Eloquence, and call the Idols 
which ye adore, we fliail fee if you are fincere;on the contrary, 
they have blafphcmcd, and have talked of what they under- 
ftood not, when they heard the expofition of the Alcoran : 
Thus did their Predeceffours; but confider what is the end of 
the unjuft ; There be among them; who will believe in this 
Book, and others that will not believe; Thy Lord knoweth 
them that defile the earth , if they flander thee, fay unto them, 
I will anfwer with my adlions, and ye (hall anfwer with 
yours, ye are innocent of what I ad, and I am innocent of 
whatyeedo. There be perfons among them that have incli- 
nation toheare thee, but art thou able to caufe the deafe to 
heare ? ^hould they not be deafe, they would learnc no- 
thing; Others there be, who look towards thee, but ait thou 
able to guide the blmde > fhould they fee clearly, they would 
not follow the right way; God doth no injuftice to men, they 
do iniury to themfelvs, through the enormity of their offences. 
I will caufe them to rife again at the day of Judgmenr,asifthey 
had remained but one hour of a day in the grave; they fhall 
know each other, and the wicked who have not believed in 
the Refurredion, fhall be damned ; I will ihtw thee many of 
them whom I will chaftife; 1 will caufe thee to die before 
they be chaftifed, and they all fliall appear before me to be 
jud'ged;Cod is witnefs of their adions,he fhall punifh them ac- 
cording to their demerits j every Nation of the world hath had 
a Prophet fent from God, who hath judged with reafon, and 
without injuftice, the differences that were among them touch- 
ing Religion; They have faid, at what tinie fliall the wrath of 
God appear? Say unto them, T, cfmyfelf, can neither pro- 
cure good nor eviil,ifGod doth not permit it; every one hath 
hisdeftiny, when the time of their dcflinyarriveth, rhey can 
neither retard, or advance it one hour. Have yce confidered 

15 . the 

130 The Alcoran ©/Mahomet. Chap.xo. 

nthe punirhment which God heretofore fent, by day, and by 
.night againft the wicked ? When yc felt it, ye believed it, and 
ifell into it headlong. It (hall be (aid to the wicked at the day 
of Judgment, taft eternall torments ; fhall you not be puniftied 
according to your dennerits ? They will aske of thee, if the 
pains denounced againft the wicked, and if the Refurredioa 
be matters of truth ? Say unto them, yes, my Lord is moft exad 
in his words, and all the treafures of the world fliall nor be a- 
blc to redeem one foul. They fhall repent of their (ins. when 
uhey fhall feel the punifhment of their offences, but fliallbe 
condemned without injuftice; whatfoeveris in heaven and in 
earth appertaineth to God, he is exad in his promife, yet the 
greateft part of the world do not know htm. He it is who 
caufeth to die, and giveihlife, and fhall aflfemble men at the 
iday of Judgment. O people I God hath fent you inftrudions, 
and remedies for your infirmities ; he hath fent a guide to con- 
dud true believers into the way ofhis mercy; it lliall be to 
them of more advantage, then the treafures that they accumu- 
late.-Haveyeconfidered the good things which he hath created 
ioryou? Ye have appointed one part to bt eaten, and have 
-prohibited to eate of another : Hath God permitted you to 
plafpheme againit him.^ Theopinion of fiich as blafphcme againft 
God,fliall be but mifery at the day of Judgment;God is full of 
igoodnefs for the people, but moft of them are ingratefull. In 
whatfoevcr place thou art, whether thou teach what is contai- 
ned in thtAicorm,ov whether thou labour,! am always pre fent, 
nothing is concealed from thy Lord, of whatfoever is in heaven 
.and earth; be it great or Uttle, all is written in the intelligible 
Bookjthat explaineth all things.Thcre ncedeth no fear for fiich 
as recommend themfelves to God, they fhall b^ exempt from 
the pains of hell. The true believers who have his fear before 
their eyes, fhall fuffer no torments in the other world; it is 
declared to them on earth, that they fliall have all content, 
the word of God admits of no alteration ; they fliall enjoy 
p^erfedion of felicity in Paradife. Afflid not thy klf for the 
words of chc impious, vertue procedeth from God, he under- 
ftandeth, and knoweth all things ; whatfoever is in heaven and 


ChapAO. Tl?e Alcoran of M a h o m e t. ni 

in earth appertaineth to him.- They who worfhip Idols, fol- 
low biit their opinion, and are lyars ; God hath created the 
night for repofe, and the day for labour ; fuch as hear his 
Word, finde therein marks of his omnipotencie. They have 
faid, do ye believe that God hath a Son ? Praifed bt God, he 
is moft rich, and hath no need ofanyperfon, hepolfeffeth 
whatfoever is in heaven, and earth; you have no reafon in 
what ye allcdge ; will you fpeak of God what ye know not ? 
God doth not aide in this world them that blafpheme againft 
him, heiliall caufe them to feel after their death great tor- 
ments, becaufe of their impietie ; Inftrud them in the Hiftory 
of?{oah, how he fpake to his people, and faid, O people / if my 
abode with you, and the preaching of the Commandments of 
Godbeirkfom to you, know, that all my fupportisinGod; 
aflemble your Dodors, with your Idols, ard conceal not what 
ye do,* go whither you will, ye fhall finde none to protedlyou ; 
if ye contemne my inftrudions, I require not of you a reward 
for my pains ; I defire to receive of none other then God the 
Omnipotent, and recommend my felf to the will of his divine 
Majefty. They flandered Noah, then did we fave him in the 
Arke, and them that were with him; we prolonged their 
pofteritie on earth, and drowned the wicked; confider 
the end of fuch as heard the word of God , and contem- 
ned it. We fent zo them other Prophets after Noahy they 
made them to fee miracles, and gave them moft falutaryin^ 
ftrudions ; but they did not believe in what they had no will 
before to believe. Thus I harden the heart of the wicked. We 
after them, fent Mofes to Pharaohy and his fubjeds, with our 
miracles, they arole againft our Commandments, when the 
truth was preached to them, and faid, it was but Magick and 
enchantment. Mofes^dXdi to the m* will you fay that the Truth 
is Sorcery ? God doth not afllft Magicians and Sorcerers; they 
faid. Art thou, with thy brother, come to divert us from the 
Religion of our Fathers, and to be eftecmed on earth? We will 
believe in thy words. l\{^Vi^^haroah commanded to fummon 
the moft skilfull of his Magicians -, they being aflembled, Aiofes 
faid to them, caft down what ye have a will to caft down 

K 2 on 

I]! Tl:e Alcoran of M AuouEr. ChapAo. 

on the ground ; having caft down their cords and {\3iwts,Mofes 
faid to thcm,know ye none other thing but Magick?God (hall 
render it vain, and unprofitable; he abhorreth fuch as defile the 
earth,he confirmeth the Truth through his Word,akhough it be 
againttthewillof the wicked. Few men believed in /K/<?/^/,be- 
caufe of cheir fear to difpleafe Pharoah^ and his Minifters. Pha- 
roah was powerfull on earth, and in the number of the 
wicked. Mofes faid, O people I if ye believe in God, refign 
your felves to his will ; they anfwered. All our conSdence is in 
God ; Lord, do not thou abandon us to the malice of the 
unjuft ; deliver us through thy mercy from the hands of Infidels. 
. We infpired Mofes and his brother to dwell fome time in 
Egypt with their people, and to make Oratories in their houfes, 
therein to make their prayers, and preach to true believers. 
Lord, faid Mofes, thou haft enriched Pharoah and his people in 
this world •. they go aftray from the way of thy Law -, con- 
found their riches, and harden your hearts, they will not be- 
lieve untill they fee thy judgements, and feel the effefl of thy 
wrath ; he faid, I have heard the prayers of you both ; be faith- 
full in your Embaflic, and follow not the way of the ignorant. 
We gave padage through the fea to the chi Idren of Ifrael-^ Pha- 
roah purfued them with hatred and envy, untill his people were 
drowned.Then faid Pharaoh^l believe there is none otherGod, 
but the God of the children o^Ifrael, and I wholly recommend 
my felf to his Will. Thou doft now believe in God,0 PharaohX - 
and wert before difobedient to his Commandements, fil- 
ling the earth with thy enormities, I have delivered thee from 
thispcrill, that thou maift be an example topofterity; for 
many among the people are ignorant of my omnipotency. 
We gave the Children of Ifrael to dwell in places full of de- 
lights , and enriched them with the good things of the Earthy 
they knew the differences that arofe among them touching Re- 
ligion, thy Lord (lia 11 judge them at the day of Judgment. 
It thou doubteft what we have taught thee, repair to them 
that have read the Scripture before thee ; what thy Lord hath 
taught thee is moft true ; be not theu of them that doubt, 
neither of fuch as derogate from the Commandments of God, 


Q:} The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 133 

thou (halt be in the number of the wretched. Thofe whom 
God will chaftifc , fhall not belietc in his divine Majcfty, 
(liould they behold all the miracles of the world , untill they 
fee the torments of Hell. The faith is exceeding profitable to 
the Cities that have received it ; when the Inhabitants of the 
City ef foftA^ embracced it, we delivered them from our pu- 
nifliment, we delivered them from ignominy , and enriched 
them, untill the time appointed ; if it pleafed thy Lord, all the 
world (hould believe in him ; wilt thou abhorre the people 
untill they believe in God?No man can embrace the faith with- 
out his permiffion,he fendeth his ihdignation againft them that 
difobey his Commandments : Say unto them, Confider all that 
is in Heaven and Earth, miracles and preaching are of no ufe 
to fuch as will not believe ; (hall they cxped what their Prede* 
cefiforsexpeded? Say unto them, exped, Iwill exped with 
you. I will deliver my Prophets , and the True- believers, 
from the torments of Hell , it is reafonable that I deliver 
them that obey my Commandments. Oh people ! who 
caufeth you to doubt of the Law which I teach you ? I will 
not worfhip the Idols that you adore , I worfhip one God 
alone,who lliall caufe you all to dye ; I will embrace his Law, 
itcoramandethtoprofefs his Unity, I am not of them that 
fay, he hath a companion equall to him. Adore not what can 
neither benefit nor hurt thee, if thou do it, thou fhalt be in the 
number of the unjuft. 3f God will afflift thee , none can de- 
liver thee from afirlidion ; if God will do good to thee, none 
can deprive thee of his grace , he hath given it to whom 
feemeth good to himfclfe, he is gracious and mercifuU. Oh 
people / God tcacheth you the truth ; whofoever (hall follow 
the right way, flnall fave his foule , and whofoever fhall goe 
aftray , ihall deftroy it. I am not your Tutor, I do but what 
isinfjpiredintome ; I have patience in my perfeverance , I 
will cxped the Judgment of God, there is no better Judge 
then he. 

K 3 CHAP. XI. 

134 jf7;e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Q^apAi. 



77?^ rhapter o/Hod, containing an hundred Wentj and three 
Verfes, written at Mecca. 

'N the name of God, gracious and mercifull. I am the mer- 
_^cifull God. The fignes contained in this Book are moft 
£rue , they proceed from the moft wife, who knovveth all 
things. Worfliip yce but one God alone, I preach to you 
from him the torments of Hell , and declare the joyes of t'a- 
radife, that ye may implore pardon of his divine Majefty, and 
be converted ; he fhallgive you an happy life in the world, 
untill the time appointed, and (hall reward every one accord- 
ing to his works. I fear, left you fhould be chaftifed at the 
day of Judgment ; if you forfake the right way, ycu all inall 
be afifembled before God to be judged. The heart of the 
impious inclined to hatred of the Prophet, and they would 
have concealed themfelves for fome time from God ; they 
are covered with their garments, that they may not be known, 
but God knoweth what is in their foules , he underftandcth 
whatfoever they conceale , and vvhatfoever they make mani- 
feft. All the Creatures of the world live of his grace, he 
knoweth the place of their repair , and the place where they 
muft dye, all is written in an intelligible book, that explain- 
eth all things. He it is that created Heaven and Earth in fix 
SttKjtabd dayes, his Throne was before upon the waters, ('the Ai- 
tenoir, coran J exhorteth you to wel- doing. If thou faift to the 

wicked, that they (hall rife again after their death, they will 
fay, it is but witchcraft and forcery ; if we retard fome time 
to chaftife them, they fay, there is nopunifhment for their 
crimes ; but they fhall not avoid it , in the day When it fhall 
appear, and they (hall feel the rigour of the paines which they 
contemne. If we conferre riches, and health on'the impious, 
and deprive them of them, they difpair in their impiety ; if we 
give them good after their evill , they fay , mifery hath for- 
faken them , they rejoyce, and become arrogant. Such as are 


Q?ap,n. Tl^e Alcoran of M a h o m e t. ^ i j5 


humble and patient in their afflidions , and do good works, 
{hall obtain pardon of their finnes , and a very great reward. 
Perhaps thou wilt forget to teach fomething of what I have 
infpired into thee, and be afflifled, becaufe they fay, that what 
thou fpeakeft (hall bring thee no profit. Certainly, thou art 
fentonly to reprove them of their fin, thy Lord is omnipo- 
tent , and Ihall chaftifc them after their demerits. AlTtircdly, 
they will fay , thou haft * forged the lAlcoran , and that it is * conmvi 
of thy invention; Say unto them, come and bring with youAP^'^* 
ten C/.haptersof your invention, Hke to the Alcoran in inftru- 
dlion and Eloquence , and call to your aid the Idols that ye 
adore; if you be righteous, if they hear not your prayers, 
neither afford you fuccours , know then , that the Alcoran 
defcended from Heaven , through Gods permiflion, and that 
there is but one fole God , will ye not truft in him ? I will 
beftow the riches and honours of the Earth, on many perfons 
that affed them , andinthe end they (hall be confined in the 
fire of Hell, and the good works that they (hall do in this 
. world , {hall be unprofitable in the other. They who obferve 
what God hath ordained , {ludy the Alcoran, and believe that 
it proceedeth from his divine Maje{ly, to teach the right way, 
and to obtain his mercy, as before it, was the book of Mo^ 
fes. ^«ch as fhall believe in the Alcoran^ (hall be happy,doubt- 
\q& the fire of Hell is prepared for the Infidels who will not 
believe therein , but the greateft part of the world is incre- 
dulous : who is more impious then they that blafpheme againO: 
God ? Such men fhall not fee his face ; the Angels (hall fay, 
at the day of Judgment, behold them that have been impious, 
acurfeisuponthem, and upon the unjuft that have miflead 
the people from the right way , they were indeed Infidels. 
.Such men (hall not efcape thepunifhment of their crimes on 
Earth, they (liallfinde none that is able to proted them but 
God, he (hall augment their paines, becaufe they would not 
abandon their wickednefs , neither receive the light of faith. 
Such are miferable men , their Idols (liall not afford them fiic- 
cors , they doubtlefs fhall be eternally damned ; and futh 
as (hall believe in God, do good works, and be converted, 

K 4 ^all 

1^6 77;^ Alcoran o/ M A H o M E T. Chap.u. 

(hall dwell for ever in Paradifc. The wicked are as deaf, and 
blinde, and the True- believers are like thofc who have good 
fight and perfcdl hearing ; (hall they be in paralell to each 
other ? will ye never confidcr it ? We fent T^ah to reprove 
men for their finnes , he faid to them , worfhip but one God 
alone , otherwife I fear ye fhall be chaftifcd at the day of 
Judgment ; The Dodors of the Infidels anfwered him, we fee 
thee to be a man , like us , and that fuch as follow thee are 
poorc people , blinde, and without counfell ; wre perceive not 
that thou haft any grace , that ought to preterrc thee to us ; 
contrariwife, we believe thee to be a lyar ; he faid , oh peo- 
ple I know ye not that God hath taught me what I preach 
to you, that he hath given me the grace of Prophecie, and 
deprived you of it ? fhall I exhort you to acknowledge his 
grace, feeing ye abhorie him ? Oh peoole I 1 require no re- 
compcnfe of you for my paines, God will reward me largely. 
I defire not to baniQi True-belieyers from my company, they 
fhall one day appear before their Lord , but I perceive that 
yee are ignorant. Oh people f who (liali hinder God to pu- 
nifli me, if I abufe True-believers > Will ye not confider it ? 
I fay not that I pofTelTe the treafures of God, I know not what 
(hall be ; I fay not that I am an Angel, I fay not to them whom. , 
you contemne, that God fhall enrich them, God knoweth 
what is in their fouls ;(hould I maintain fuch difcourfe,! ftiould 
have great blame. They faid, oh Noah I we have a long time 
difputed together ; if thou art fincere, let us fee the paines 
which thou preacheft to us ; God, faid he, when it (hall pleafe 
him, (hall caufc you to fee them , you (hall not efcape them, 
my inftrudions (hall be to you unprofitable; if God will 
prove you, he is your Lord, and you (hall one day be alfem- 
bled before him to be judged. Will the unbelievers fay , that 
thou haft forged the Alcorart^znd that it is of thine invention ? 
Say untothem^ if I have invented it, linne will be upon me, 
and I am innocent of your blafphemics. God infpired into 
Noah^ that none (hould believe in his words, but fuch as had 
already believed in him : He faid unto him, build an Arke con- 
formable to the infpiration that we have lent thee, but fpeak 

QyapAi. Tf:e Alcoran o/M a h o m e t. 137 

no more to me of the unjuft, they fhali be drowned ; the paf- 
fengers derided him and his Arke ; he faid to them , ye fcoffe 
at me, I will laugh at you, and we Ihall fee them that (hall bcft 
underhand ; he whom God fhall chaftife, fliail be covered with 
fhame, and perpetually tormented. When our will was to 
deftroy that people , and the light of the morning appeared, 
and the water boy led in Noah's pot, we commanded him to 
charge his Arke with two beafts of every kinde and Species ; 
all creatures were deftroyed , except thofe, of which we be- 
fore made mention , as well fuch as believed, as them that did 
not believe, and that but a few ; iV^^/? faid unto them, afcend 
the Arke in the name of God, who (hall caufe it to fwimme, 
and to anchor ; the Lord is gracious and mercifuU towards us. 
When the Arke began to flote , like to a Mountain, Noah 
called to one of his fonnes whoftaved on the Earth, and faid,  ^ , , , 
my * fonne, come up into the Arke with us, and remaine not faith that he 
with the Infidels ; heanfwered , I will afcend an .high moun- was called 
tain 5 that (hall favc me frdfti the waters ; Noah faid to him, K^^^* 
none is able this day to deliver thee from the punifhment of 
God , if it be not through his mercy ; The waters being rifen, 
he was in the number of them that were drowned : God com- 
manded the Earth to drinkc its water , and the Heavens to 
poure down nomoreraine; the water diminiflied upon the 
Earth, after the people were drowned , and the Arke refted 
upon the Mountain called gioudj ; thus were the unjuft extir- 
pated ; Noah prayed to his Lord, and faid. Lord, my fon that 
remained in the waters was of my lineage, thou didft pro- 
mife mc to fave my family, thou doft cxadly perform thy pro- 
mifc, thou art true in thy words , and moft juft in thine ani- 
ons ; Oh Noah ! anfwcrcd God, that fonne is not of thy li- 
neage, he hath offended me , and difobeycd my Command- 
ments , do not enquire of me concerning that which thou 
oughtetl not to know , otherwife thou fhalt be in the number 
of the ignorant; Lord, faid iV(?4^, I will take heed , through 
thine afliftance, to enquire of thee what I ought not to know, 
if thou haft not pitie on me, I (hall be in the namber of the 
mifcrablc. God faid, oh Noah 1 defcend from the Arke with 


158 T/;e Alcoran o/ M A H o M E T. Qhap.n, 

Salvation, and blelTing upon thee , and upon a part of them 
that are with thee; I will enrich the other part with the wealth 
of this world, to punifhthem moft feverely at the (Jay of 
Judgment. I teach what (hall be, what neither thou, nor 
thy people have not yet known ; be patient in thine afflidi- 
ons, Paradife is for them that have my fear before their eyes. 
We fent Hod to the people of Aad, his brother ; he faid un- 
to them , oh people 1 adore but one God alone , otherwife 
ye rhall be in the number of Infidels , I require of you no 
rccompenfe for the paines I take in preaching to you , he that 
created me, (hall reward me ; will ye never be wife ? implore 
pardon of God, be converted, and obey his divine will, he 
{hall fend you raine from Heaven , and (hall encreafe your 
ftrength , and riches , be not in the number of the wicked; 
they anfwered, oh Hod 1 thou (heweft us no rcafons to prove 
thy fayings , thy words (hall not make us to quit our Gods, we 
give no credit to thy difcourfe, and tell thee ,'that fome one 
of our Gods (hall feverely chaftife^hee ; He faid , take God 
and your fclves to witnefTe that I am innocent of the finne that 
you commit, in adoring Idols ; if you confpire againft me, 
none {hall be able to protedyou at the day of Judgment, I 
recommend my felfe to the will of God, mine and your Lord, 
he conferveth all the creatures of the Earth, and loveth them 
that follow the right way. I have difcharged mvr duty and 
commiflion, I have taught you what God commanded me , if 
you goe aftray, he fhall eftablifh another people in your 
place, you do him no harme through your impiety, he exadly 
obferveth whacfoever is done in the world. When we de- 
ftroyed that people, we by our efpeciall grace delivered Hod 
from their malice, and all the Tru^believers that were with 
him, we delivered them from great affliflion. The people 
of <!y^ad contemned the Commandments of God , and difo- 
beyed his Prophets, they followed the will of the obftinate, 
were ciirfed in this world , and fliall be accurfed at che day of 
Judgment, becaufc they difobeyed his divine Majefly, with 
defigne to extirpate the people or Hod. his brother. We fent 
Salhe to Temod, his brother, and his people ^ he faid to them, 


QpapAii Tl?e /ilcoran 0/ M a h o m e tV 129 

oh~ people I worfhip one God alone, he it is who hath created 
you of thcduft of the Earth , and filled it with many forts of 

fruits^ that you mi^ht inhabit it ; beg pardon of him, and be 
converted, he hearkneth to his creatures , and heareth their 
prayers : they anfwered , oh Sa/he ! it was hoped thou 
wonldft have been our Captain , before the prohibition was 
made, to adore the Gods of our fathers, we exceedingly 
doubt of what thou preacheft ; Oh people / faid Sa/he.know 
ye not that God taught me what to you I preach , and chat 
he hath given me his grace ? who fhall proted me if I difobey 
him.^ You can but augment my pain, fhould I believe you. 
O people I this Camell, which God for you hath created, 
fhall be to you a miracle, and inftrudion, fuffer it to feed, and 
doit no harm, left you be fuddcniy .chaftifed. They through jy|^57*^-'^^ 
contempt, wounded the Camell. Then faid he unto them, ye sVhccLn- 
lliall live in your houfes for the fpace of three dayes before ye ged a rock 
be deftroyed; what is foretold to you, is no Fidion •* when we into a Ca- 
deftroyed them,we, through our efpecial grace faved S^ihe,znd n^^^^- 
the true believers that were with him; thunder furprized thofe 
Infidels, and in the morning they were found in their houfes 
dead, extended as carkafes ; Thus did Temod and his people 
contemne the Commandm.entsof God, totheirdifadvantage. 
Our MelTengers that came to Ahrah^ms houfe, declared to 
him the birth o^ Ifaac^facoh^ and their pofterity,- they mutual- 
ly faluted, when they entred into hishoufe, he caufed rofted 
flefh to be brought to them to eate, and perceiving that they 
did not eate, contemned them in himfelf,and was terrified w^th 
their comming ; they faid unto him, fear nor, we are fentto 
Xi?/-, to extirpate the inhabitants of his City; Ahrahims wife 
being prefent, began to laugh,when they foretold the birth of 
Ifaac^ facohj and their pofterity; fhe faid, ah God ! fliall I bear 
a fon, I, who am old5and have an husband extremly aged ? this 
would be a miracle; they anfwered, are ye aftoniflied at the 
power of God? O ye of the family of y^^r^^^;;?! Cod hath 
given you his blefling, praife and glory are due to him in all 
places. When AhraJ^am was freed from his fear,an*d they having 
announced the birth of his children; he difputed with them a 

• long 

140 Tk Alcoran o/M A H o M E T. Q^ap.u. 

long time, touching the inhabitants ofthe City of Z<?^; he was 
ofamildedifpofition, and frequently repeated the praifes of 
God. The MelTcngers faid unto him, O Ahraham \ put an end 
to thyqueflions, the hour is come, wherein God hath com- 
manded to dcftroy them, they fhall undergo inevitable tor- 
ments. When they arrived in Lots houfe, he was grieved, in 
that he was not able to fecure them from the infolencic of the 
people ; he faid, behold here a day extremly difficult to pafs ; 
The inhabitans of the City having knowledge of their arrivail, 
repaired to Lets houfe to continue their filthinefs : Lot faid un- 
to them, O people ! I have two daughters, whom I will give 
you, fear God, trouble me not, abufc not my gucfts ; is there 
none among you to fhew you your error ? They anfwered, 
thou well knoweft that we have nothing to do with thy daugh- 
ters, thou knoweft what we require ; he faid, were I of fuffici- 
ent power, I would dwell in a fortified place to avoid the af- 
faults of your malice : Then faid theMerfengers^f God unto 
YixmiOLot I we arc Angels fent from God, thofc villains fhall 
not approach thee, go this night out of the City with thy fami- 
ly, none (liall look back but thy wife, (he fhall feel the punifli- 
ment prepared for the wicked, they (hall be puniflied early in 
the morning ; be gone fpeedily, the day approacheth j when we 
deftroyed them, we turned the City upfide down, and caufed it 
to raine upon them ftones,marked with fire,to confound them. 
Such chaftifcment is not far from the Infidels(^that are in Mec- 
S Kitab d ^'^^y^^ ^^^^ ^hail; into the Count ry of yl^^^/^»ihe faid,0 peo- 
JLh^ aad plc I worfliip one God alone ; weigh withgood weights, and 
Gclaldm* meafure with good mealure ; detain nothing from your neigh- 
bour, and defile not the earth, if ye believe in God, otherwifc 
I fear you may be punifhed at the day of Judgment ; the little 
that fhall remain, (hall bring you more of content, then all that 
yee can purloin, in weighing with falfe weights, andmeafuring 
withfalfe mealure. I am not fent to be your Tutor, but only 
to declare the word of God .- they faid, O Chai^, doth thy Law 
cnjoyn us to abandon the gods of our Fathers, and hinder us to 
make of our goods what iliall feem good to»us ? thou art not of 
an humour good enough to be our Director. He faid, O 


ChapAX. Tl?e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 141 

people ! fee yc not that God hath taught me what I preach ? 
He hath given me wealth for fubfiftance : I contradidl you in 
nothing but what is forbidden you, I will do nothing but what 
is reafonable, and conform the moft I (hall be able to Juftice ; 
my whole fupport is in God, I recommend my felf to the will 
of his divine Majcftie, before which I muft one day appear. O 
people / take heed leaftye become criminal!, if ye forfake the 
company of the righteous, and left that befall you, that hapned 
to them who would not believe Nmh, HodySalhe,Vi{<i Lot-^ the 
punifhment of God is not far from you ; beg pardon of him, 
and be converted, he is mercifull and amiable. They faid, O 
Chaib \ we underftand not all that thou fayeft ; we fee thee a- 
mongft us without force and power ; wert thou not accompa- 
nied, we would ftone thee ; thou fhalt have no dominion over 
us. He faid, O people I eftecm ye my company, and fear ye it 
more then God ? Have ye turned the back towards him ? He 
knowethall your anions, live after your own manner, I will 
live after mine,you fliall hereafter know your error ; he whom 
God will chaftife, fhall remain in perpetuall mifery, you fhall 
foone underftand who fhall be the lyar, you or T ; exped the 
iffue, I will expcfl: with you : when we commanded to deftroy 
them,we('through our efpeciall gracejpreferved (f^^/^jand' the 
triie believers that were with him ; thunder furprized thofe 
wicked ones,and they in the morning remained dead, extended 
as carkafcs in their houfes. Thus were the Inhabitants of A^fa- 
Man chafti^ like, the people of Temed, We fent Mcfes to 
Fharoah and his Doftors, with Miracles, with Arguments and 
Rcafons moft clear ^nd intelligible ; but thofe DoSors follow- 
ed his will, and obeyed his commandments, notwithftanding 
they were contrary to reafon 3 they (hall follow him at the day 
of Judgment, as they followed him upon earth ; that day fhall 
they be accurfed, anil fliall finde none that fhall be able to pro- 
ted them ; the punifliment o^CMecca (hall be like to that I re- 
late to thee; there be ofits Inhabitants who fubfift, and that 
do not fubfift, and are no more; we have done them no in- 
juftice, they have drawn mifchief on themfelves, and their Idols 
have been of no ufe to them, but to aug^ment their mifery, 


Ml 1111 II III Ml ■! 

142 Tf?e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Q?apM. 

when God hath commanded to dcftroy them ; Thus hath God 
furprized the inhabitants o^ cMecaa, he hath chaftifed them, 
becaufe they were unjuft ; this {hall ferve for example to them 
that fear the day of Judgment ; all men fhall there be gathered 
together, all the world fhall fee it ; I will retard it until! the 
time appointed, that day fhall nomanfpeak without my per- 
miflion ; there be that (hall be miferable, and others who (liall 
be happy;the miferable fhall dwell in the fire of hell, they fliall 
cry and complain fo long as the earth and the heavens fhall en- 
dure, and fo long as it fhall pleafe God, who doth as feemeth 
good to himfelf. The happy Ihall enjoy Paradife, where they 
(hall abide eternally, fo long as earth and heaven fhall endure, 
and fo long as it fhall pleafe God. Doubt not what the unbe- 
lievers worfhip, they adore but the Idols which their Fathers 
worfhipped; afluredly I will chaftife them as their Fathers were 
chaftifed. Mofes preached the old Teftament, yet did the 
wicked contradid his Precepts; had not God faid that he will 
not punifh them,until the day of Judgment,he had already de- 
ftroyed them, becaufe they are in an exceeding great error ; 
thy Lord fhall reward every one according to his works, he 
knoweth all their adlions. Obferve cxadly what hath been 
commanded you, with them that are converted ; tranfgrefs not 
the Law of God, he beholdeth whatfoevcr you do. Incline not 
to the affedions of the unjuft, left the fire of hell ^^^n|^kftj^^ 
and you be deprived of protedion. Prav^ God ev^W WSril ^ 
morning, and a part of the night ; M^^HPIHIS"^ I ft^si^ ^ 
the dodrine of Preachers ; be patient^ll^^^vere, GW will 
not deprive the righteous of their rewaijBfl^|[||^Jj^S|M 
Predeceffors and their pofterity to defile^ffieam^ievertL _ 
there w'ere few among them that abftairied'; thr unj^^-^cled 
whatever pleafed them, and were guilty before God rHe diall 
not deftroy Mecca, if the Inhabitants thereof obey his Com- 
mandments; and if it pleafed him, the whole world (hould be 
of one Religion^ they to whom he giveth his grace, tranfgrefs 
not his Will, his Word fhall be accomplifhed, and hell fhall be 
filled with devills, and the wicked of all Nations. They have 
recounted to thee, and thou underftandeft whatfoever things 

' '.' arc 

£hapAi. Tl:e Alcoran of M a- h o m e t. 147 

are neceffary for them, aird what the Prophets have heretofore 
taught; thine heart hath been ftrengthened, they containe the 
truth, and they {Lall be for a leflfon to true believers. Say unto 
Infidels, do on your part as yee {hall undcriland, we will do 
on our part as we underftand, and attend the iflfue, we will at- 
tend it with you; whatfoever is in heaven, and in earth apper- 
tains to God, all men fhall be aflembled before him, woriliip 
him, refign your fclves to his Will, he knoweth whatfoever the 
people doth. 


77?^ Chapter of Jofeph, containing an hundred and thirteen 
Verfesy written at Mecca. 

IN the Name of God, gracious and mercifuU. I amthemer- 
cifuUGod. Thefefigns are the figns of the Book which 61- 
flinguifheth good from evill. We have caufed to defcend from 
heaven the A Ic or an y\^mttn in the ttx^z-^^^/^^f tongue, perad- 
venture ye will learn it. I deliver unto thee in the Alcoran, one 
of. the beft .things that I have infpired into thee. Thou were 
be&re thecomming thereof, in the number of the ignorant. 
Remember thou, that 'fofefh faid to his father, My father, 1 
faw in a dream eleven Stars, the Sun, and the Moone, I faw 
'them adodrig me.; -My fon, faid his father, difcovernot thy 
dream to thy brotljgr^^ they will confpire againft thee, the df- 
vill is an open«cnemy'to men, thou fhalt be ele^ed of the 
Lord in this world, he lliall teach thee the explicatipli of 
Dreams, he (hall accomplifh his grace upon thee,^d upon 
the lineage of Jacob, as he did accompHQi it upetf thy fathers, 
Abraham, and Ifaac ; the Lord knoweth alTthings, and is moil 
wife. TheHiftory of f of eph fliall ferve for example to pofte- 
rity ; remember thou, how his brothers faid, our father loveth 
our brother fofeph more then all us together, he is in an excee- 
ding great error, let us kill fofeph, and cafl: him into fome fe- 
cret place remote from us, his abfence will render the face of 


144 The Alcoran of Mahomet. Chap.xi. 

our father more gentle towards us; after his death we will be 
converted. One of them faid, you (hall not do well to kill him, 
but call: him into the well, fomepaflengers will take him, and 
carry him into an unknown Country ; They faid to their fa- 
ther; father, wherefore doft thou not fend fofefh into the 
fields with us ? we will be very carefull, he fhall fpott and re- 
create himfelf; I fear, faid he, that ye will negleA to preferve 
him ; dofl: thou fear ('faid they) that a wolfefhould devoure 
him in our prefence, and that we want ftrength to defend him/* 
In the morning they led him with them, andcafthim into a 
Well. We infpired him to prophefie to them what fhould be- 
fall them for the mifchief they a^cd, but they wanted know- 
ledge to comprehend it ; they in the evening returned to their 
fathers houfe, with eyes full of diffembled teares, and faid unto 
him, father, we fported, and ran who fliould run the beft, Jo- 
y^p^ remained with our baggage, a wolfe came that devoured 
him; thou wilt not believe us although we fpeak the truth-;^ 
then they (hewed him his Qiirt, which they had fprinkled with 
blood; it is you that hath done it, faid he, you (hall anfwer it 
before God, he is my protector, and was patient, without la- 
* the Uvan- ^^^^^^Z- There paft that day * a Caravan near t;o that Well, 
/mweli; a ^'v^^ defiring to draw water to drtnk, let down a bucket, on 
ca,ravan, a vvhich fofeph took hold to get out ; they gave'Jiim .cloathes, 
number of led him away fecretly, and fold him at a good rate for ready 
\v^l ^^^' money ; they would not kill him, in vvhich they were honeii: 
?cihert '°" ^^^' ^^ ^^^^ bought him in £^jpt, commanded his wife to 
^ / havecareofhim, that he might one day be ufefull for their fer- 
vice, and be to them inftead of a fon. Thus did weeftablifli 
fofeph in the Country ofEi^pt,3ind taught him the expofition 
of dreams, thy Lord is Omnipotent, but few men know him .• 
when fofeph came to the age of manhood, we gave him know- 
ledge and prudence; thus do we reward the righteous. His 
Mafters wife became amorous of his beaut}/, fliut 
him into her chamber, and folicitedhim with love ; God de- 
fend me (faid hej to betray my Mafter, and be unchafte fhc 
was in the number of the righteous ) and fled to the door ; his 
Miftrifs ran after him, andtoltayhim, tore his iliirt through 


ChapAi. Tl^e Alcoran o/M a h o m e t. 145 

the back ; (he met her husband behind the door, to whom fhc 
faid, what other thing doth he merit, who would dirhonouc 
thine houfe,then to be imprifoned,and feverely chaftifcdPLord, 
faid /e/^/j^jrhe follicited me, that infant which i^Jn the cradle, 
and of thy parentage fhall be vvitnefs : Then the infant in. the 
cradle faid, if fofephs ihktb^ torncbefpre, ("he hath fpoken 
truth, and fofeph is a lyar ; if the (liirt be rent behind, 
fofeph hath delivered the truth, and flie a lye •* then her huf- 
band beheld fofephs fhirt torne behind, and knew that it was 
extrcam malice, and faid to fofeph, take heed to thy felf, and 
beware this ad be not divulged ; do thou, fpeaking to his wife, 
implore pardon for thy fault, thou art truly guilty. The women 
of the Ctty, faid among themfelves, that the rich mans wife 
was amorous of his Slave, and that fhe had follicited His love, 
and had erred from the right way, which flie underftanding, 
made them an exceeding fair fcaft, and caufed fofeph to enter 
the Parlour where they fate; while they carved their meat, 
they were fo furpiifed, and entangled with fofephs beauty, 
that they in ftcad of carving their meat, cut their fingers. O 
God 1 faid they, this is not a man, but an Angel ; then faid (lie 
unto them, behold him whom I loved with fomiich pafHon : 
(he another time importuned him, to fatisfie her defire, and 
perceiving that he would not condcfcerid to her will, meqaced 
him with the prifon, and to make him miferable .- O God .' faid 
fofeph^ 1 had rather be a prifoner, then do what fhe defireth, 
deliver me from her malice, defend me from inclining to her 
lubricity, and from being in the number of the wicked : his 
lord heard his prayer, he underftandeth and knovvcth all 
things.This woman kang Jofephs refoluticn, judged it requifite 
to imprilon him for feme time ; he was put prifoner with tw^o 
men, one of which told him that he had dreamed th?.t he prcft 
grapes to make wine ; the other faidjthat he deanied that he car- 
ried bread upon his hcad.which the birds did eaceahey deman- 
ded of himthe inrerpretation of theirdfeams,bcxaufc he ie-em^d 
to them to be a good mxn^he faid tothem.befcre ye break fail, 
I wiH interpret your dreams. I vvil firft tell you what God harh 
taught me.and howl quit,and abandon the law of Infidels, and 

L embrace 

146 The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e T. Chap.ii. 

embrace the Law of onr fathers, Ahraham, Jfaac, and Jacob, yvt 
ought not to vvorfhip many gods ; fuch as believe in the unity 
of God, are endued with his grace, but few men give him 
'^ thanks. O Prifonersl who hath more power, Idols or one fole 
God, who is omnipotent ? The gods which ye adore are but 
Idols, whom ye and your fathers call by fuch a name, as feem- 
eth good to you,ye havs no reafpn to worlliip them; God doth 
notenjoyn you thisjhe commandeth you to vvorfhip him alone; 
this is the right way, but the greateft part of the world of this 
are ignorant. O prifonersl the one of you (liall give wine to 
drink to his Mailer, the other fhall be hanged, the birds fhall 
feed on his head, the interpretation that ye have required fhall 
be accomplifhed. He befought him that fhould be favcdjto re- 
member him when he fhould be near tohis Mafterjbut the devil 
caufed him to lofe the remembrance offofepb, who remained 
prifoner the fpace of nine years; At that time the King of 
£gypt faw in a dream feven fat kine,vvhich feven leane kine de- 
voured ; and feven green earesofcorne, with feven drieearcs, 
of which he required the interpret^ion of his Dodors; they 
anfwered, that the dream was very obfcure, and that they 
knew not the interpretation ; the prifoner that had been fet at 
liberty, faid, that he would forthwith give the interpretation 
of the dream, remembred fofeph, and calling him unto him, 
faid, O righteous man 1 explain unto us what is the fignifica- 
tion of feven fat kine, devoured by feven leanc,and feven green 
cares of corne, and as many dry, peradventurc I fhall return 
to the King and his people, and they fhall understand the in- 
terpretation of this dream. 9<^fip^ fiiid to him, yee fhall fow 
the earth feven years following, which fhall abound in fruits, 
preferve your Harveft in the cares,and take only what (hall be 
neceflfary for life; after this, there fhall come feven years bar- 
ren, and unfruitfull, in which the people fhall fuffer much. The 
King oiEgpt having learned the interpretation of this dream, 
commanded to call fofeph ; the Meffenger faid unto him, O 
'J-ofefh ! return to thy Mafter, and require of him the meaning 
of the women who did cut their fingers,he hath knowledge of 
their malice, hath caufed them toaffcmble, and demanded of 
- them 

Q?ap,M. The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 147 

them what was their defign, when they folicited thee with 
love ; they anfwered, they knew no fin in thee, and his wife 
confefled the truth, faying, fhe had importuned thee, but that 
thou art a very juft man. fofeph anfwered, by this it appears 
that I am no traitor to my Maftcr in his abfence, God guideth 
not traitors ; I will not fay I am a man withont fin, the fpiric 
ofmaninclinethto evill, except fuchtowhom God hath gi- 
ven his particular grace, he is gracious and mercifull to whom 
feemeth good to him. The King having talked with fofeph, 
entredhim into the number of his domefticks, and made him 
fuperintendent of his * rcvenewsjbecaufe he knew him to be a * All the re- 
man of fpirit, faithfull, and thrifty. We, by our efpeciail grace, vcnews of 
eft.iblil"hed ^<?/e/)/7 in the Country 0^ Egjpt^ where he did what ^^^ ^^own. 
feemed good to him. I deprive not the righteous of their re- 
ward on earth, the rccompence of the other world is yet grea- 
ter for them that believe in my Law, and have my fear before 
their eyes. The brethren of fofeph returned to buy cornc 3 he 
faid to them, when ye iliall come again, bring with you your 
yong brother by the father, youfhall finde 1 will make you 
good meafure, and lodge well my guelh; if you bring him 
not, there {Kail be no corne for you, approach not this king- 
dom without him ; They anfwered. Lord, his father loveth him 
exceedingly, neverthelefs we fhail endeavour to perform what 
thou enjoyneft us • he commanded his fervancs to put their 
money for corne in the bottoms of his brechrens facks, per- 
haps, faid he, they will return, or acknowledge this favour 
when they fhall come into their Country. Vv hen they arri- 
ved at their father, they faid, father, there is no more corne for ~ 
us, if our young brother go not with us, if he go thither we 
fhal have good meafure,and we will be careful oi him. You will 
be careful, faid he, as you were heiecofore of your brother 
fofeph', God will defend him better th.n you, he is the merci- 
ful of the merciful. When they poured forth then corne, they 
found their money at the bottoms of their fack?, and faid, our 
father,what fhal we defirc more, our mony is rcdortd to us, and 
we have bread for our family, permit that our brother go with 
us^ we fhali have better meafure, that is afmali thing to the 

L 2 King 

148 77;e Alcoran 0/ M A H o M E X. ChapAi^ 

King of JEVjpf ; 1 will not fend him wit'B yon iihlefs ye all 
fweare betorc God to bring him back again, ifcherebeno 
great impediment. They fwore to fulhll his will; then faid 
he, I take God tobe witnefsofyour oath: Omyfons ! enter 
i)ot all together into the city, but go in at feverall gates,to the 
end the people may not be jealous of you ; God commandeth 
what to him feemeth good, I reh/ophim, all true believers 
ought to refign themfelves to his divine will ; they entred the 
City as their father enjoyntd them, to content him ; being ar- 
rived before fofeph, he took his little brother by the hand , and 
faid to him, trouble not thy fclf for whac (hall become of 
thy brethren ; having fiile.dtheii- facks,he caiifed a Cup adorned 
v^ith precious ftoncs to be put into the fack of his little bro- 
ther; caufed it to be given out, that they of the (^aruvan had 
ftolne the Kings Cup; and fent men after ihem to fearch ;thore 
Grangers protefted they faW it.not.and that they came not into 
£gjpt to fteal, that they were furecies for each other, and thai: 
he who had ftolne it, deferved puniilimcht..The Cup was found 
in the fack of his young brother ; he caufed him to be ap- 
prehended, and accufed them all of theft ; Lord, faid they, hfs 
father is old, he will be extreamly afflided for his abfence, take 
one of us in his place, thou fhalt in the end finde us to be ho- 
neft men .- God forbid, faid he, that I Oiould detain other then 
him who was found guilty of theft, that would be injuftice ; 
jfinding themfelves out of hope to free their brother, they fa- 
ved themfelves in a fecret place remote from the City; where 
the eldeft faid to his brethren, you know the oath v;e took at 
our departure, and how heretofore we intreated J^(7/rp/;, I will 
not go out ofEgjpt without my fathers permiflion,Godis moft 
juft, he fhall difpofe of me and my brother as (hall pleait him, 
return to your father, and fay unto him,thy fon was taken in 
theft,vve faw him.and endeavored to our power to deliver him, 
they of the Cardvan ihal be witnefles.J'^r^/^ faid at their return, 
they were the caufe of that accidcnt,that did not difpleafe you; 
and he took patience, laying, God perhaps will favour my 
fons to return in health ; he knovveth in what condition I am, 
he is mbft prudent in what he ordaineth. He retired from 


ChapAi. The Alcoran oy^ M a h o m e t. 149 

among his fonsextreamly afflided, and beway led thelofs of 
his (on foffph; had hi^ eyes continually covered with tears, 
and he bore in his heart great forrovv. His fons faid unto him' 
Doft thou yet remember fofeph, to addc to thy grief, and 
haften thine end ? I am (^faid he j extreamly defolate, I leave 
all to the will of God ; he hath taught me what ye know not. 
My Tons return into Egjpt^ and enquire tidings of your two 
brethren ; difpair not of the Spirit of God , none difpair of 
Cods Spirit, but the wicked. When they came unto ^^7?/?;^, 
they faid unto him, The famine that is in our Country,hath ex- 
treamly afflidedus, it hath often conftrained us to come to 
buy Corn ; thou, of thy favor, haft made v.s good meafure; 
thou haft caufed our money to be reftored for alms, God will 
reward thee , he recompenceth fuch as are Alms-givers. 
He faid unto them , Ye remember what ye did unto your bro- 
ther Jofeph : They replyed. Certainly thou art not fofepk, 
I am fofeph, faid he, and behold my brother Benjamin, God 
hath given us his grace; he rewardeth him that hath his fear 
before his eyes, and is patient in his atrli^ions ; he depriveth 
not the righteous of recompencc. God, faid they, hath pour- 
ed his favors upon us in faving thee, whom we have exceeding- 
ly offended. Be not (faid he} afhamed, God this day pardon- 
eth yoa that fin , he is gracious and merciful ; return to your 
Father, and bear to him this fhirt, caft it upon his fice, he (lull ' 
recover fight , and return hither with him, and with your 
whole family. The Caravan was then half way upon return, 
when "J-acob faid to them that attended him, I (rnell the odor 
of my fon fofeph ; you deride me, but what I fpeak is moft 
true; They told him, that he was ftill in his old error; fome 
days following,. one of his fons arrived with tidings of fofeph^ 
and caft the iliirt that he had given him, upon him ; and incon- 
tinently he recovered his fight, and faid, Did 1 not always tell 
you, that I knew what ye knew not; they faid, Our Father 
pardon us, and ask theforgivenefsof God for us, who have 
exceedingly offended him : He anfwered, I will beg pardon 
of God for you, he is gracious and merciful. When they ar- 
rived before Jofeph, he took his Father by the hand, faying, 

L 3 tr.tcr 

I JO Tl?e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Qhap.xi^ 

Enter without fear into j^^jff, caufed him to fit down, and 
his brethren fell proftrate before him. My Father, faid he. be- 
hold there the interpretation of mine old dream, God hath 
^rendred it true, he hath favored me, in delivering me from 
prifon, and conducing you hither; he hath put an end to the 
jealoufie which the devil had procured between me and my 
brethren. The Lord is liberal to whom feemeth good to him ; 
he knoweth what is necefTary for his people , and is moft pru- 
dent in what he ordaineth. Lord, thou haft given me wealth, 
andknowledg to interpret dreams. Creator of Heaven and 
Earth, thou art my protedor, give me the grace to die in thy 
Law , and place me in the number of the righteous. This 

He fpeaketh Hiftory of fofephy is an ancient Hiftory which I relate to thee. 

to CHahomst. Thou wert not with his brethren when they confpired againft 
him ; neverthelefs, the greateft part of the people are incre- 
dulous. Demand no reward of them for having preached the 
Alceran, it inftrudeth onely the wife. How many fignes be 
there in Heaven and Earth, of the unity of God ? yet the 
people believe not therein, and moft of them adore Idols ; 
afTuredly Godfliallpunifluhem at an unexpeded hour, and 
in a time which they know not. Say unto them, Behold the 
right way, I call to the way of Salvation and Light, fuch as fol- 
low me. I return thanks to God, for that I am not in the num- 
ber of unbelievers. We fent aforetime none but men to 
inftrud the people ; will not men confider what hath been the 
end of the wicked that were before them ? Paradife is for them 
that are righteous ; will ye not be converted ? They caufed 
the Prophets to loofe all hopes of their Converfion, and be- 
lieved them to be lyars ; but we proteded them, and deliver- 
ed from their malice fuch as feemed good to us. Nothing fliall 
exempt the wicked from the punifhment of their pains ; they 
ftallferve for example to men of fpirit. The Alcoran con- 
taineth no blafphemies, it confirmeth the ancient Scriptures, 
and teacheth True- believers the way of Salvation. 


QhctpA]' T?;e Akoran o/' M a h o m e t. ki 


The Chapter of Thmder , contaimng fourty three VerfeSy vprit- §eg Gehldin 
ten at Mecca. and bUmI, 

IN the name of God, gracious and merciful ; I am the moft 
wife and meixiful God. Thefe precepts are the precepts of 
the Book fent to thee from thy Lord ; it is a thing moft true, 
but few men incline to believe it. It is fent froniGodj who 
raifed Heaven without a prop, and with a column, that appear- 
eth, and fitteth on his throne, difpofing all things. He caufeth 
the Sun and Moon to move, until the day appointed ,• he dif- 
pofethall things at his will, and manifcfteth tomenthefignes 
of his omnipotency. Peradventure you will believe in the 
Refurredion of the flefli. He it is that hath extended the Earth, 
raifed the Mountains, caufed the Rivers to flow, who created of 
all forts of Fruits, the Male and Female, and covereth the day 
with the obfcurity of the night. Thefe things are fignes of his 
unity to fuch asconfiderthem. He hath created many fields of 
divers forts, and Gardens filled with Crapes, and many differ- 
ent Fruits ; he created Date- trees, thick as Groves, and For* 
efts, and others that are fcattered through the fields ; fomc 
are moyftened with waters, and others have amorepleafing 
tafte. Thefe things are fignes of his unity to fuch as confider 
them. Thou art amazed ac the lies of Infidels, be aftoniilied at 
their difcourfes ,• when they deny the Refurredion, and fay, 
What, lliall God yet once again create us of the duft of the 
Earth? when we (hall be Eaiibj {hall we be a new people .> 
They are impious, they fhall have Oaks upon their necks, and 
Iball remain eternally in the urc of Heil ; they precipitate 
themfelvcs into eternal pains, and contemn Juj mercy of C .d , 
fo did their predeceffors ; but God i^j gracious to fiich as con- 
vert. Chaftifefeverelytheobftinatelnhdels. They have laid. 
We will not believe in the Prophet, unlefswe fee ibme miracle 
to appear. Say unto them, I am not Tent but to preach ihe 
word of God. He hath fent perfon;, to every Nation, to teach 

L 4 them 

1 p The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Chap.^. 

them the right way ; nothing is hid from him in the world ; he 
knoweth what women bear in their womb; he knoweth the 
time and period of every thing, the prefent, paft, and future; 
he is great and omnipotent. He nnderftandetb what yoii keep 
fecret, and what ye make manifeH: ; he knoweth where they 
be who cover themfelvcs with the obfcuritv of nisht, and them 
that travel in the clearnefs of day ; every one hath his guardian 
by his commandment, who obferveuh what he doth, andde- 
priveth none of grace, that hath not offended hisdivineMa- 
jefty* and none can hinder him to puniili whom it feem.eth 
good to him.. He it is, who giveth you to fee the lightning 
which terrifieth men, and nouriiLeth his Creatures by the rain 
which he caufeth to fall ; he created the clouds charged with 
moyfture, caufeth thunder to make a noiic , darteth the 
Thunder-bolt, and ftriketh whom it pieafeth him ; the Angels 
tremble in his prefence, yet do the wicked difputehisomni- 
potency. He it is who ought to be implored ; the prayers 
of them who implore another God are ineffeclual, thev are 
hketofuchasare very thirfty, and ftretch forth the hand to- 
wards a Fountain, to which they cannot reach ; the prayers 
of the wicked are impiety : Whatfoever is in Heaven, and in 
the Earth, the (hadow of the morning, the obfcuriry of the 
evening humble themfelves before God, through force or 
affedion. Say unto them, Who is the Lord of Heaven and 
fiarth,butGod? who, except God fl:iallprote<flyou ? your 
Idols can neither benefit, nor hurt you : Is the blinde like unto 
him that feeth cleerly ? is darknefs like unto light ? fnall they 
adore the Creatures indead of the Creator ? God hath created 
all things, and is omnipotent ; he caufeth rain to defcend from 
Heaven, and Rivers covered with Foam, to flow in the Val- 
leys. The Gold, the Silver , and Mettals which ye melt to 
adorn and enrich your felves, are like unto froth. Thus doth 
God teach what is profitable, and what unprofitable ; froth 
fuddenly vaniQieth, and is of no utility to men: So falfhood 
vanifheth before truth. Thus doch God fpeak through a para- 
ble, to them that obey him, and giveth them Paradife. All the 
riches of the Earth, and as much again, caniiot ranfom the In- 


(^hapA^. The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 151 

fidels, they fliall be eternally tormented in the fire of Heil. 
Who knoweth, that the tnith contained in this Book, was not 
fent to thee fioni God } He that doubteth is bJinde ; men of 
Spirit do net doubt. They who fatisfie what they promife to 
God, who ti'anfgrefs not his Commandments, who have his 
fear before their eyes, who apprehend the day of judgment, 
who are patient in their afHidions for love of his divine Ma- 
jefty, who make tiieir prayers at the time appointed, who 
give alms privately and publikely , and blot out their offences 
with good works, (hall be bleffed. They (liall enter into the 
Garden of 8de'^ with their father, their wives, and families; 
the Angels fhall vi(it them, fliall falute them, and fay, Behold 
the recompence of j^our perfeverancc, behold eternal grace, 
fiuch as fliall fwarve from their promife , and difobey the 
Commandments of God, and pollute the Earth, fhallbe ac- 
curfed of God, and feverely chaftifed ; he giveth, and depri^ 
ved of wealth, as feemeth good to him. The unbelievers re- 
joyce in the riches of the earth ; but thofe riches are of little 
value, if they conlider them of the other world. They fay, 
If Mahomet doth not make fome miracle to appear from 
Godj.we will not believe him. Say unto them, God guideth, 
and mifleadeth whom it pleafeth him ; he confirmeth the hearts 
of them that have faith in his Law ; the Remembrance of 
God confirnveth the hearts of True believers : Such a« ("hall 
do good works, fniU be happy. We have fent thee, as we did 
fend other Prophets, to them that preceded thee. Teach the 
people what we have infpired into thee : When they fhall 
difobey thee, fay unto them, God is my Lord, there is but one 
God alone, I am wholly refigncd to his divine will ; my refuge 
is in his goodnels. If the Alcoran ("houid make Mountains to 
go, rhould it caufe the Earth to open, and the dead to arife, 
all would proceed from God. True-beiievers ought not to 
difpair of any thing, God (liall guide all the world into the 
right vvay when it (kail pleafe him ; and unbelievers fliall not 
efcape the punifhment of their crimes. Thou ilialt dwell 
with them until the word of God be fnlhlled : He fwarveth 
not from what he promifeth; they derided the Prophets that 


154 The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Qoap*^' 

came before thee, I prolonged the time of their puHifhment , 
and in the end rigorouflychafti fed them ; and with what af- 
flidions ? Doth not God behold the adions of every man ? 
They have faid,God hath companions,to whom they have given 
names after their fancy ; will you inftrud God in any thing ? 
The wicked take delight in their wickednefs, and are gone a- 
ftf ay from the right way. He whom God (hall miflead, ftiall 
finde none to guide him, he fhall be afflided in this world, and 
yet more in the othcr.None fhall be able to fave him but God ; 
Paradife is promifed to them that have his fear before their 
eyes ; they ftiall enjoy eternally all maner of contePxt , fuch is 
the end of the righteous ; and Hell is prepared for infidels 
They, to whom we have given the knovvledg of Scriprures, 
rejoyce in the dodrine which we have fent thee ; there be ihat 
abjure one part ; fay unto them, I recommend unto yoii only 
the worfhip of one fole God, who is the affur^d refuge of the 
righteous. We have fent the Alcoranin the Arubique tongue, 
to the end the ^Arabians may comprehend it ; if thou doft 
follow the will of unbeliever , having had the knowledg of the 
unity of God, who fhall be able to fave or proted thee ? Wc 
fent Prophets before thee,commanded them to marry,and they 
had children. Prophets cannot perform miracles without the 
permiflion of God, and the end of every thing is written in 
his Book \ he blotteth out,and leaveth permanent what feemeth 
good to him, he cannot alter. I perceive that fome of the 
wicked have a defign to murther thee ,• thou art obliged only 
to preach to them, I will keep an accompt of their fins to 
punidi them. See they not that their Countries and poflTeflions 
diminifh daily through thy conquefts ? God commandeth what 
pleafeth him, no man can efcape his judgments, he is moft exad 
in his account : their predeceflors ufcd fubtikies as they, but 
God is more fubtile then they ; he well knoweth the good and 
evil which every one doth : they {hall one day underftand who 
mud have Paradife. They fay thou art no Prophet, fay unto 
them, It is fu&ient that God is witnefs of the truth between 
you and me-; who is he that knoweth what is written in the 
Book of his divine Majefty ? 


QhapA4-* Tl:e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 155 


The Chapter of Abraham , ^onmmng fifty verfesy '^'rittca at 

IN the name of God , gracious and mercifull ; I am the 
mercifull God. ThatBooke / We havefenc it to thee to 
bring the people out of darknefs , to guide them to the light, 
and the way of thy Lord, alwayes vidorious and glorious ; 
Whatfoeverisin Heaven , and in Earth, is Gods,- mifery is 
upon unbelievers, they fliall undergoe at the end of the world 
exceeding great torments. They who preferre the wealth of 
this world to that of Heaven, who goe aftray from the way 
of the Law 9 and would pervert it, are in a great error, farre 
from truth ; The Prophets fpake the language of them to 
whom they were fent to inflrudthem, Godguideth and mif- 
leadeth whom to him feemeth good , he is omnipotent and 
prudent. We fent Mofes with prodigies,to bring the children 
oflfraelout of darknefs, and to conduft them to light, he 
taught them the Commandments of the Law , to ferve for 
inftru6lion to fuch as fliall perfevere to do well, and fl:iall not 
be ingratefuU for the favours they have received. Mofes fpake 
to his people, and faid, remember the grace of God to- 
wards you , he delivered you from the men of Pharaoh , who 
caufedyou to fuffer great afflidions, who murthercd your 
Children , abufed your wives , and layed upon you great 
evills (^ fent from God, becaufe of your finnes.^ The Lord 
hath faid, ifyebenot ingratefuU, I will augment my graces 
upon you • if ye be impious, you fliali be afflided. Mofes 
faid to his people 5 if you and all men be impious, know, that 
God will be alwayes glorious, and hath no need of you. 
Know ye not what befell ( before you ) the people of Noah^ 
y^^^, !rtfw^^, and their pofterity, that none had knowledge 
of but God, becaufe of their great number? He fent them 
his Commandments by his Prophets , they bit their fingers for 
anger, and faid unto them , we renounce, and condemne your 

Dodrine : 

1^6 The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Q?apA^. 

Dodrine .- The Prophets faid uato them, is there any doubc 
in the beliefe of the unity of God , Creator of Heaven , and 
Earth? hecallethyou to remit yonr fins, and deferrech your 
punillimentuntillthe day appointed : They anfwered, ye are 
men Hke unto us, will you hinder us to adore the Gods of our 
fathers?Produce arguments of ftrength fufficicnt to prove what 
you preach ; the Prophet replyed, We are men as you are, but 
God giveth his grace to v^'hom feemeth good to him ; we are 
come to you through his permiflion, the true-beHevers ought 
to truft in him ; wherefore fhould we not be refigned to the 
will of God, who hath guided us into the right way ? we will 
continue in wel-doing,the righteous truft in his divine Majefty. 
Then faid the Infidels unto them, we will banilli you from our 
Country, if you be not of our Rehgion ; but God infpired into 
them , that the Infidels (hould perifh, and that they ihould in- 
habit the Land after them; that he would prote(fl fuch as (hould 
have his fear before their eyes , and fear the paincs that are 
prepared for the wicked. The Prophets were prote6led of 
God , and the obftinatc wicked were deftroyed : they iliall 
be precipitated into Hell , and drink of water full of corrup- 
tion, urine andbloud, death fhall appear on all fides before 
their eyes , before they have fwallowed that drink ; they 
fhall not dye in that miferie , they ihall fuffer yet great- 
er paines. The good works which the wicked have done, 
are like to duJft carryed away by an impetuous winde, 
they (liall be unprofitable to them , and they Hiall be extir- 
pated, becaufe they depart from the truth; See they not that 
God hath created Heaven and Earth ? that he can deftroy 
them , and create in their place a new people, if ie feeme good 
to him ? This is not difficult to God , ail things: are known 
to him. The more impotent of them that have followed the 
wicked, fiiall fay at tlie day of judgment, we obeyed you, 
wiWyou this day deliver us from the punifiiment of God? 
Th^y thall aBfvver , had God guided us into the right way, wc 
had condud:ed you thither, we are alike mi-ferable with you, 
we- cry arid lament in our mi-ferie-, but finde neither refuge 
nor protc^ion. The Devi^Hfliail fay unco them^what God hath 


Chap.i^. Tl)e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. K7 

proir.ifed to you is infallible, I foretold it to you, I caufed you 
to tranfgre{rehis Commandnients through my tentations, I 
had none other power over yon, but to tempt you, you did 
me noharme whenyee hearknedto me, you drew mifchief 
on yourfelves, lam not your Tutor, neither are you mine, I 
was impious, when heretofore I iuffcred you to adore me ; Helj 
is prepared for you , and for ail unbelievers , there (hall they 
endure great torments , and the righteous rtiail enter into Pa- 
radife, wherein flow many rivers, where they (liall dwell eter- 
nally, with- all manner of bledednefs and content: Seeft 
thounot howGodfpeakethby a parable? A good word is 
like to a good tree that hath taken root in the Earth , and hath 
raifcd its branches to Heaven, andproducethits fruit in due 
time, through the permiHlon of his divine Majefty ; he teach- 
eth the people his parables, perhaps they will be mindful!: 
An eviil word is like to a bad tree, that hath been tornc from 
the Earth, there is nothing to fuftaine it, and it is without 
root, or fruit: God fortifieth the True believers through his 
word inthisw^orld,andin the other , andcaufeth the unjuft 
to erre, he doth what to him feemeth good : Seed thou not 
them that have changed his grace into impiety, and have made 
fuchashavc followed them to dwell in the houfe of perditi- 
on ? They fhall abide eternally in the fire of Hell. They fay, 
that God hath a companion equal! to him , and erre from the 
way of his Law ; Say unto them, yeiliall have wealth in this 
world , but Hell is your Rendezvous. Say to the True be- 
lievers, who make their prayers at the time appointed, and 
givealmesin private, or inpublique, that the day Hi all come 
wherein they (hall neither buy nor fell, and where every one 
fhall be recompenfed for his works. Say unto them, God hath 
created the Earth, and the Heavens, he maketh the raine to 
defcend from Heaven , which caufeth to fpring forth all forts 
of fruits to enrich you , he created the (liip , that through his 
permidion faileth on the Sea, he created the rivers, the Sun 
andtheMoone, which move continually , he created the day 
and the night, andbeftowethon you whatfoeveryee dedre, 
his favours towards you can neither be numbred, nor recount- 

158 The Alcoran o/Mauou e t. Q^ap.i^. 

ed, neverthelefs the Inhabitants of ^^^rr^ are alwayes impi- 
ous and wicked ; Abraham faid, Lord protedl this City , and 
make it to be the refuge of the world ; Keep me and my Chil- 
dren from the worlLip of Idols , they have feduced a part of 
the people ; he that fhali follow me, and profeflfe thy imity, 
fhallbemine ; if any one difobeyme, thou art gracious and 
mercifull; Lord, one part of my Lineage inhabiteth A^fecct^^ 
in a place unfruitful! , give them the grace to perfevere in thy 
fervice, incline the hearts of men to affed them, enrich them 
with the frmts of the Earth, peradventure they will thanke 
thee ; thou knowefl: whatfoevcr is in the world,! know it not ; 
nothing that is in Heaven , .or in Earth is hid from thee ; 
prayfed be God, who hath given me Ifmael and Ifaac in mine 
~^ old age, he heareth prayers when it pleafcth him ; Lord, give 
" me and my pofterity the grace to perfevere in well doing, 
hear my prayers, pa-rdonme, and pardon my father, and all 
True believers at the day of Judgment. : Think not that 
God is ignorant of theadions of Infidels, he deferrcth the 
puniQiment of their crimes untill the day that all men Ihall 
have their eyes opened : that day fhall they behold their fins 
before their eyes , and their hearts fhall be full of defolation ; 
If thou preacheft to the people the day of Judgment, hath 
God (will the w'icked fay ) prcferved us to this prefent time, 
to do what thou doft appoint us ? Say unto them, have ye not 
fworne heretofore , that there is no refurredtion ? Ye have 
dwelt with the unjuft, ye have feen how they have been cha- 
ftired,and how we have fpoken to you in parables. Certain- 
ly they confpire, but God knowcth their confpiracy, their po- 
licie is to tempt the Prophet, to fee if he will make the Moun- 
tains to move. Think not that God will violate what he 
hath promifed to the Prophets, he is omnipotent, and avenge- 
full. Confider the day wherein the Earth and Heavens iliall 
change their face, and all people iliall rife again; that day 
Lliall one fole God omnipotent, command men to come out 
of their Monuments ; Thou fhalt that day fee the wicked 
bound in their chaines, their garments (hall be full of pitch, 
aiid guitran, their faces rhaljbe covered with fire, that day 


QyapA^. Tloe Alcoran o/M a m o m e t. 159 

(hall he recompenfe and chaftife everyone according to his 
works; he is exad to keep account ; This Book was fen t to 
inftrud the people , and teach them that there is but one 
God; the wife will remember. 


The (Chapter <?/Hegir, contaming feventy and f even Ferfcs, 
Vcritten at Mecca. 

IN the name of God, gracious and mercifull. I am the mer- ^^^'^ '^ ^ 
cifull God. The fignes are the fignes of the Alcoran , which ^^^.^.^l^ ""^ 
diftinguifheth good from evill. How may the Infidels hope see Kjtah H 
what the True-believers hope for ? depart from them , let temh, 
ihem eat the fubftance of the poore , let them become rich, 
and content themfelves in their hopes , they fhall fee one day 
what their end fhall be ; We havcdeftroyed no City untill the 
time dcftined to its ruine was expired, there is no nation that 
can advance or retard its deftiny. The wicked have faid, oh 
man I who believcft that the Alcoran was fent to thee, we 
will affirme that thou art a Sorcerer , untill the Angels do ^ 
affure us that thou art true ,- The Angels fhall not defcend to 
the earth, unlefs to chaftife them, and they {Lall not be able to 
retard the time of their punifhment; we certainly have fent the 
Alcoranu'^on carth.and will preferve it without alterationjwc 
heretofore fent Prophets one after anothcr,the wicked fcorned 
and contemned them ; thus I imprint impiety in the hearts of 
the wicked, they (hall not believe in the Prophet, and (liall in- 
curr the punifhment of their predecefTors : fhould we open the 
entrance of heaven, and fhould they behold the Angels go in, 
and go out at the fhadow of the gate , they would yet fay, 
their eyes were inchanted, and that they were bewitched : we 
created figns in heaven, and adorned them with Stars,to con- 
tent the minds of them that confider them ; we fheltered them 
from the affaults of the devill, but the Butterflie followeth 
every thing that fliineth, andbelievethittobeaStar/ we ex- 

i6o The Alcoran of M a h o met. ChapA'y. 

tended the earth, and raiTed the mountains with proportion ; 
we have made it to produce all forts of fruits to fuftain and en- 
rich you; we have refervcd in our power the keyesof the 
treafures thereof, to diftributeto them by meafure what fhall 
be neceflary, we caufed a frefh winde to arife, and fent rain to 
water them ; it is not you that caufed the fruits thereof to 
fpring forth; it is we who give life and death, and difpofe 
of all things in the world. We know who they were that did 
precede you, and who they (hall be that n^aJIfucceed you J I 
will affemble all at the end of the world to be judged ; we cre- 
ated man of the flime of the earth, and before him the devill, 
of fire, without fmoak. Remember thou, that God faid to his 
Angels, I will create man of the flime of the earth, I will 
breathe upon him, to give him life; proftrate your felves be- 
fore him; the Angels adored him, except the devill ; God faid 
unto him, wherefore doft thou not adore man ? He replied, I 
will not adore him, thou haft created me of fire,and him of the 
mirteof the earth : He faid, get thee out of Paradife, thou fliak 
bebani{hcd,and accurfed until! the day of Judgment.Lord,faid 
the devlijlay not thy curfe upon me until the day of Judgment; 
he faid, thou {halt be accurfed untill the day nominated; Lord, 
faid the devill, I will tempt all the creatures, .becaufe thou haft 
tempted me; I willcaufe them to difobey thy Commaridments, 
except fuch as fhall truft in thee,and recommend therafelves to 
thy dirine Will. God faid, this is the right way, thouhaftno 
power over the righteous who follow my Law, but only over 
the Infidels, for whom hell is prepared. Hell hath feven gates, 
and every gate hath its particular work ; the righteous dial! 
dwell in gardens, adorned with fair fountains, vye will free 
them from ail rancour; theyihall repofe upon bcd$ like bre- 
thren, with rcfped, and affedion, and fliall be in eterjiall fe- 
licity ; Declare to them that vvorihip me, that I am gracious 
and mercifuil, and my chaftifcments are feve re and rigorous. 
Preach unto them the Hiftory of the G uefts of iAhraham, they 
faluted him when theycntred his houfe ; j^hrahamvjzs vctn- 
ficd at their comming ; the}' faid to him, fear not us, we are the 
MeflcngcrsofGod ; wededare to thee that thou fhalx have a 


ChapA"). Tloe Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t, \6 

fon, who ftiall be a great perfonage ; Do you cell me f faid he; 
that I (Lall have a Ton in mine old age? why fpeak yee in that 
manner <■ We tell rhee the truth, defpaire not of the grace of 
God, none but the wicked defpaire ; O Mefl'engcrs of God I 
f faid.^^/'^/;/i/;^,)whac do ye require? We are fent to deftroy the 
Infidels, and to preferve the whole family of Lot, except his 
wife.fne fliall remain with them that lliall bepuniilied. When 
thefe Meflengers came to Lots houfe, he told them, he knew 
them not; they faid to him, we are come to thee, toclearc 
this people of their doubt of Gods Omnipotencie ; what wc 
fpeak unt:o thee is moft true ; caufe thy family this night to go 
out of the City, and follow their fteps, that none among you 
look behind him, and go whither you Qiall be commandedithe 
wicked fhall in the morning be deltroyed. The inhabitants 
of the City came to Lots^owit to fee thofe Hrangers ; Zi?/-faid 
unto them, T befeech you defile not your feivrs with my 
Guefts. fear God, and dillionour not your felvcs, oehold my 
daughter^?, take them ; They faid, we do not hinder thee to 
lodg thy guelts,and remained confounded in their drunkennefs. 
In the morning thunder furprifed them,vve overthrew the City 
upfide down,and caufed it to rain ftones with tire, that utterly 
deftroyed it. This fbal ferve for example to paflcngers that fliai 
fee thofe ruines, and for a marke of the Omnipotency of God, 
to them that fliali believe in his divine Majefty.They that inha- 
bited the wood neer to Medina were impious, but we avenged 
us on them, they ferved for example topofteriLy, as did the 
people of the C\zv oi Let, They that dwell in the Valley of 
Hmr, have defamed the Prophets ; we gave them to fee our 
Miracles, and taught them our Commandments, they contem- 
ned them, but they repofed in the morning in their houfes 
built upon the mountains, and in their fortrerfes; when thunder 
furpriied them, their treafures did not fave them^ and they 
were all dL'ftroved. We created the heavens and the earth to be 
(igns of the Truth,and of our Unity;Thc hour of Judgment ap- That is the 
proachcth ; abfcnt thy felf from thy people with milunefs, thy Preface ot 
Lord who created all things, kaowech all. We taught thee ^^^ Aknr.m^ 
feven fi^ns, and the moft precious Akoray., Tarry not to con ^^"f^mmg 

M haer 

\6i The Alcoran 0/ M a h o me t. Chap.xd. 

Iider the divers forts of riches which the wicked poflefs ; afflidt 
■not thy felf, if they perfift in their impiety ; Say unto them, I 
preach none other thing but the word of God, and the pains 
of hell. We will chaftife the wicked, as we chafti fed them 
that divided the Alcoran^ who approved one part, and re/eded 
the other. I am thy Lord, I will require of them an account 
oftheiradions, preach what hath been commanded thee, and 
depart from Infidels, we will preferve thee from them that 
fhall fcorn thee, as likewife from fuch as adore Idols ; I know 
that thou wilt be grieved at their difcourfe. but praife and a- 
•^dore the Lord untill death. 


The Chafte^rofthe Bee, containing an hundred and^eight Verfes, 
written at Mecca. 

See Geiald'm. TN the Name of God, gracious and mercifull. The chaftife- 
Ament of God is not far remote j defirc it not before its timej 
praifed be God, he hath no companion , he caufeth the An- 
gels to defcend , and fendeth his infpirations to whom it 
plcafeth him ; preach his power, and the pains of Hell 
to unbcleevers ; there is no God but he, feare him, he 
created the earth and the heavens, he is more powerfuU then 
your Idols, and created man of the mire of the earth, never- 
thelefs he is obilinate in his pride ; he created cleane beafts for 
your ufe, you draw ( from them ) great emolument, and ad- 
vantage, to cloth and nourifh your felves, ye fee their beauty 
when they feed ; and when they lead them to pafture, they 
beare the burthen, and vvhatfoever }c will fend into Cities, 
what ye cannot carry without them , but with exceeding great 
travel!; God IS gracious and mercifull towards you ; he crea- 
ted horfcs, and muies, and aflfcs to beare you ; he created many 
glorious things, of which you have not knowledge. He teach- 
eth them the right way, who obfervc his Commandments; 
had k plcafed him, he had guided all into the way of his Law. 


Q?a^A6. The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 163 

He fendeth you water from Heaven to take away thirft, and 
caufeth plants to bring forth, and trees that nourifh your 
flocks^ he maketh the OUve trees to produce, the Date trees. 
Vines, and all forts of fruits. Thefc things are arguments af his 
Unity , to fuch as ronfider them; he created the night, the day, 
the Sunne, the Moone and the Starrs, that move at his plea- 
fure, thefe things are figns of his Omnipotency to them that 
are wife; He created whatfoever is on Earth of diverfe co- 
lours,kinde, and fpecies; he created the fea,which affordethyou 
fifli, pearles, and other precious ftones to adorne you ; thou 
feeft how the (hips faile upon the waters, and divide the waves 
for the advantage of commerce, peradventure you will give 
God thanks for his favours. He raifed the mountaincs to 
make firm the Earth, and to hinder it to move, he created the 
rivers, and eftablifhed wayes to guide you ; he made the Stars 
to condud you by night upon the fea, and the mountains ta 
dired you in your way by day ; who but he could have created 
what he hath made? will you never confider it ? It is not in- 
your power to keep account of his mercies, he is altogether 
gracious and mercifuU, and knoweththe fecret of your fouls : 
the Idols that yee adore can create nothing, but are things 
dead, without motion, and know not in what time the world 
(hall rife again ; your God is one fole God ; fuch as believe not 
the end of the world,fuch as deny his Unity, and boaft of their 
falfe beliefe, are abhorred of his divine Majefty; when they are 
interrogated concerning what God hath infpired into Maho- 
met ; they anfweredjthat he preacheth Fables of antiquity,but 
they fhall bear their burthen at the day of Judgment, who 
have feduced them from the right way, and have iiot known 
it. They that were before them were deceivers, God over- 
threw their habitations, the ruini> fell upoiithem, andhecha- 
ftifed them, when they leaft thought of it ; he fhall make them 
afhamed at the day of J udgmenc, and fhal! demand of them, 
where be the Idols. for which they diiputed againft: true be-, 
iievers ? Such as have knowledge of Gods Commandments, 
affurc that (liame fhall be upon the foreheads of Infidels, and 
that the Angels (hail caufc them to die, becaufe of the enor- 

M 3 raity 

164 ^^ Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. ChapA6. 

mity of their fins ; They will fay at the hour of death, that they 
believe in Cod, and arc penitent for their faults, God know- 
eth what they have done ; he (Tiall command them to enter in- 
to hell, where is the abode of the proud : He fhall command 
them who have his fear before their eyes to enter the houfe 
of Eternity, and the gardens of i^^^f;?, wherein flow many ri- 
vers, there (hall they dwell eternally with the height of their 
defire. Shall the wicked continue in their fin, untill the Angels 
caufe them to die, or until the day of Judgment? Thus d'ii 
their predecefibrs. God was not unjuft towards them, they 
drew mifchicf on themfelves through their iniquity - they were 
chaftifed , and felt the punifiiment which they had defpifed ; 
they have faid, haditfopleafed God, our fathers and we had 
adored him alone ; fo ipake their predeceflfors. The Prophets 
arenotobligedf but to preach and inftrufl the people. We 
fent a Prophet to every Nation, to inftrud it, and to command 
the worfliip of one fole God, and to quit the adoration oF 
Tagot) and of Idols 5 God guided fome into the right way,and 
others were feduced ; confider what is the end of the wicked ; 
if thou indeavoureft to put them into the right path, thou fiialc 
lofe thy time, God guideth not them that deiire to err, they 
fhall be deprived of prote^ion at the day of Judgment ; they 
have fworn by their faith, that God will not make the dead to 
rife again, but he Chall caufe them to rife again, to chaftife them 
according to his promifes ; but the greateft part of men do not 
know it, did chey know it, they would acknowledg their er- 
rors , and the impious would acknowledg their blafphcmies. 
When we willed any thing, we faid, be thou, and it was ; 
They that depart from the wicked for the love of their Lord, 
and iLall convert themfelves, fhall be rewarded in this world, 
and yet more in the other, had they knowledge to underftand 
it. Such as patiently endure the injuries of unbelievers, and 
truft in their Lord fhall be recompenfed when they leaft chink 
of it. We heretofore fent but men to preach our Law ; ask of 
them that have knowledg of the written Law, if it be not true ? 
The Jews We have fent to them the Alcoran, to the end thou maift in- 
ans ^'^^^'' ^^^^^ "^^" ^" ^^^ Commandments, peradventure they will 



Q?apA6. Tk Alcoran of M hu que r. 165 

confider ic. The earth lliall produce nothing to them, thac 
rhallconfpireagainft the Prophet, they lliall be thaftidd vvhch 
they lealt think of it; God (liall affli(fl them in their commerce, 
they (liall not efcape his punifliment, and their fubftance {liall 
diminifli by little and little before their eyes ; God is graci- 
ous and mercifull to them only that honour him : Ser they not 
the iliadow of that which God hath created, fometimes at 
the right hand, fomettmes at the left, to adore his. divine Ma- 
jefty, they certainly are contemptible; whatfoever is on the 
earthjand in the heavens, bead, and Angels,worlliip God with 
humility, fear their Lord, and obey his Commandments, God 
hath commanded them to worQiip and to fear one God alone, 
to whom obedience is due eternally ; whom will ye fear but 
God ? who but God fhall proted you ? when evill befalieth 
you, you have recourfe to his divine goodnefs; being delivered, 
fbme of you give him thanks, and yet believe not in his Law ; 
You feek only the riches of the earth, but you inali fee what 
fhall beyowr end ; they fay that their wealth proceedeih from 
their Idols : by God I an account of their blafphemies fhall be 
required of them ; they affirm that God hath daughters ; affu- 
redly they deceive themfelves, and are not well fatisfied, when 
ic is faid to them, that adaughter isborn to them ; they fly 
fuch as declare to them the punifhment of their (ins, God lliall 
leave them in ignominy, and they llnall be contemned as the 
earth which they trample under their feet; bccaufe they believe 
not in the day of Judgment, mifery fliall perpetually purfue 
them 5 God fnall command for ever, and be eternally power- 
ful and viflorious. Should Cod chaftife men when they of- 
fend, he fholild leave no living creature upon the earth, he de- 
ferreth their punifhmenc untill the trme appointed, they can 
neither advance nor retard ic ; they affirm God to have that 
which themfelves are not fa':isfied to ha%'e ; they lye, when they 
fay that paradife is for them, doubtlefs they are erroneous, and 
fhall be precipitated into the fire of hell. By God I we have 
lent heretofore Prophets to the people, the devill fedttced 
men, and was mailer of the v^icked inchis world, but in the 
other thev -fhall refcent great torments .- We have fenc 

M 3 thee 

\66 T7;e Alcoran 0/ M A H o M E T. Chap.\6* 

thee the fi^korm , to clear to men the doubts touch- 
ing Religion, and to guide true believers into the right 
way. God fendeth raine from heaven to refrefli the earth, this 
is an evident figne of his omnipotence, to them that hear 
his word ; yee have yet a token of his omnipotency in the 
beafts that give you milke , to nouriili you , and another 
marke in.the fruits of the earth, in the i'ruits of Date tree«, 
and the Vines, from which you extra<!i^ wine, ancl receive pro- 
fite Thefe things are ligncs of his omnipotency, to fuch 
as comprehend them. The Lord infpircd the Bee to 
dwell in the field?, to lodge in trees, in Hives , and to cat of 
all forts of fruits, it produceth honey of divers colours., that 
ferveth for a remedy to the difeafes of men ; thefe things are 
fignes of Gods omnipotency to them that confider them. God 
hath created you, and fhill caufe you to d.\jz ; There be per- 
fons among you that (hall be full of ignominy in iheir life, 
to the end they may underftand that God is omnipotent, con- 
ferreth benefits on fome more then on others .■ Slaves have no 
part in the faculties of their Mafters , neither are they alToci- 
ate with them , (neverthelefs they affociate to God another 
God cquali to him, and blafpheme againft hi«; grace.) God 
hath created you men, and women , and hath given you Chil- 
dren, and Children to your Children, he hath enriched you 
with the riches of the earth; Will you afcer this grace be- 
lieve in your Idols, which are things inanimate^ vaine , and 
unprofitable? Will ye beingratefullfor the benefits of God ? 
WillyeeworQiip what can neither benefit nor hurt you? Be- 
lieve not that there is another God companion and aflfociate 
with God ; He knoweth what ye know not , he teacheth 
you a Parable .• A flave that is poor cannot give almes , and 
he who is rich giveth almes fecretly and publiquely, a^ he 
feeth good ; are they bothalike? Ought they to be put in pa- 
ralell? Praifebeto God: Certainly, the greateft part of men 
Know cot his graces, he teacheth you a parable ; Behold 1 two 
fjien ; the one was borne deaf, and dumb, and given in charge 
to his Guardian , he knoweth not how to imploy him, he is 
capable neither of doing , nor fpeaking well , is he like to him 


ChapA6. T?;e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e r. ^ 67 

___£ % ^ 

that fpcaketh, that underftandeth, teacheth men Juftice , and 
foUoweth the right way ? Whatfoever is in Heaven, or on 
Earth appertaineth to God, when he commandeth any thing, 
it is performed in the twinkling of an eye, yea fooner, he is 
omnipotent : He it is that caufeth you to come out of the 
wombeof your mother, that giveth you hearing, fight, and 
fenfe , perh'aps ye will returne him thanks ; See ye not the 
bird/thatflyeinthe Aire; who fuftaineth them but God ? It 
is an evident figne of his omnipotency for the True believer?, 
he hath given you houfes to inhabit, and the skins and furr?s 
of beads to cover you, he hath given you their haire , and 
wooll,to furnifh your houfes,and enrich you ; he created trees 
and clouds to overfhadow you, made the Mountaincs and 
Caves to cover you from rain, created garments to defend you 
from the heat of the Sun, and the rigour of cold , he hath ac- 
complifhed his grace upon you, pcradventure you will refigne 
your felves to the will of his divine Majefty, and profcfTe his 
Unity. If the unbelievers depart from the way of the Law, 
thou art obliged only to preach to them intelligibly ; they 
know the grace of God, and contemne it, for that the grea- 
teft part of them are impious; preach unto them the day,wherer 
in I will raife again all the Nations of the world, and the Pro- 
phets and Apoftles who have preached to them my Com- 
mandments, there (liall be no excufe for Infidels^neither fliall 
they finde prctedion, or relaxation of their mileries ; When 
they fhall behold their Idols, they {hallconfefs that they were 
miflead , they fhall underftand the unity of thy Lord, and that 
their Idols are not able to intercede for them. God hath 
added to the punifhment of Infidels , hath fent them evill up- 
on evill, bccaufe they hinder the world to follow his Law : 
Preach unto them the day, wherein I will caufe to rife again 
all the Nations of the world, with the Prophet who preached 
to them, to be witnefs of their anions; I will be vvitnels 
againft them of thy Nation; I have fent thee the Booke th:u 
unfoldcth the myfteries of my Law , to guide the people into 
the right way, and to declare the joyesof Paradife to fuch as 
profels my unity. God commandeth you to do only that 

M 4 which 

1 68 Tloe Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e r. Q:ap,\6. 

which is reafonable, hecommandeth you to give almes , and 
to do good to your parents, he forbiddeth whoredom , difo- 
bedience, and injuftice, cnjoyneth you to do good , perhaps 
you will confider it. Perform what ye have promifed to Cod, 
break not promifed faith, ye call God to be witnefi of your 
promifes, he knoweth all your anions. Do not like the 
woman who fpun a thred, foulded it, and afterwards entang- 
led and fpoyled it, believe not that there is deceit and error 
in your Law ; If the unbelievers be more in numbers then you, 
God permitteth it, to prove you ; he fliall clear to you at the 
day of Judgment the doubts that be among you -, had it fo 
pleafed him. you all had obferved one and the fame Law ; he 
guideth, mifl'jadeth whom it pleafeth him, and will exadly 
require of you an accompt of your aflions. Believe not that 
there Is deceipt in your Law, take heed of (lumbi'ing ; ha- 
ving^ once confirmed your fteps , ye fhall be feverely cha- 
ftifed, if ye feduce the people from the right way ; do not vio- 
late what ye have promifed to God , for any price, his grace 
is of more advantage to you then the wealth of the earth, had 
ye knowledge to underftand it- your wealth is perilLable, and 
the riches of heaven are cternall;he iTiall recompenfe them that 
perfevere in wel-doing, and whofoever fhall do good work?, 
iLiallbebleffedin this world, and in the other. When thou 
fhalt read the Alcoran, implore God to deliver thee from the 
malice of the DeviU, abominable to all the Creatures, he hath 
no power over them that triifl: in his divine Majeftiejhis power 
extendethover fuch as goc afl:ray,who obey not him,and adore 
many Gods. When we alter any precepts^^'God well know- 
eth what he ordaineth ) they fay thou art a lyar , but the 
greateft part of them are ignorant ; Say unto them, that affu- 
redly the Holy Ghoft hath taught it from thy Lord, to con- 
firme believers in their faith, and to guide into the right way 
them that profefife his unity, and to anounce to them the 
joyes of Paradife. I know, that they will fay that a man hath 
taught him the Alcoran. He whom they prefumc to have 
taught him, is a Perfian by Nation, and fpeaketh the Language 
of the Perfians , and the Alcoran \% in the (tArabique tongue, 


Q?apA6. Tl?e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. \6^ 

full of inftru<^ion and eloquence. They who will not believe 
in God, (hall fufFer great torments ; fuch as renounce his Com- 
mandments, blafphemeagainft his divine Majefty ; thofe that 
rejedl his Law , after having profefTed it , fhall feel the eflFed 
of his wrath 5 and be puniffied for preferring the wealth of 
the earth to the riches of Heaven ; God guidtth not unbe- 
lievers. They in whofe hearts he hath imprinted difobcdi- 
ence, thofe whom he hath deprived of hearing, and fight, are 
ignorant, they doubtle(Te fhall be at the end of the world in 
the number of the damned ; he is mercifnll to them that con- 
vert , and repent to have miflead the people from the right 
way , and perfeverc in obedience to his Commandments. Be 
thou mindf uU of the day, wherein man fhall difpute againft 
himfelfe , and every one fhall be rewarded according lo his 
works without injuftice. God teacheth you a Parable;Behold a 
free and priviledged CityjOn the which God poureth his graces 
on ail fides with abundance, and is ingratefull for his bene- 
fits • but he fent upon it mifcry, famine, and fear, becaufe of 
its ingratitude. God hath fent to the Inhabitanes thereof a 
Prophet of their Nation, they have flandered him, and 
were chaftifed , becaufe of their finne. Eate of what God 
hath given you , and give him thanks for his grace ; if it be he 
whomye worfhip, he forbiddeth you to eat of Carrion, of 
Bloud, and Swities-flefti, and whatfoever is notflaine in pro- 
nouncing the name of God ; he will be gracious and merciful 
to them who fliall eat through necelfity, without dcfigne to 
offend him. Lye nor, in faying , Behold that which is per- 
mitted to be eaten 1 blafpheme notagainftGod; fuch as blaf- 
phemeagainft him,fhall not profper in this world, and in the 
other {hall fuffer grievous torments. We did heretofore pro- 
hibit the Jews to eat of what we have recounted to thee , we 
did to them no injuftice , they drew mifchief on themfelves 
through their fihne; thy Lord is gracious and mercifull to 
them that ignorantly offend him, who convert, and do good 
works. Abraham vi2iS obedient to God, and profefled his 
unity, he adored not Idols, and gave thanks to God for his 
mercies ; God ele(^cd, and guided him into the right way,he 


17 or The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e T. QhapAj. 

 -  -  -  -  — ■■^-  .-. - 

gave him wealth in this world , and placed him in the other , in 
the number of the bleiTcd. Wc have infpired thee to follow 
the Law of ^hmham , he profeffed the unity of God , and 
adored not Idols, he eftablillicd the Sabbath among the Jews, 
of which they difpute ; God fhall judge their difference at the 
day of Judgment. Cal the people to the Law of God with pru- 
dence, and preachings, and difpute againft them with good ar- 
guments, God knoweth them that depart from the right way; 
if they evilly intreat you, intrcat them as they fhall intrcac 
you ; if ye be patient , patience is advantagious to them that 
. take it willingly , have patience for the love of God , and af- 
flid not your feives with the deportments and malice of the 
wicked, God is with the righteous, who have his fear before 
their eyes. 


The Qhdfter of the Voyage by Night , containing an hundred 
hiiand eleven Verfes, written at Mecca. 

Reader , The Turkj believe that this night of the Voyage 
Mahomet afc ended into Heaven with the ^ngel Gabriel ; 
he "ft?^ mounted on a "^hite Burac,. Vii^hich is a beaji partly Mule^ 
partly Ajfe^ and partly Horfe,. He faw all the Prophets that pre- 
ceded him-, all the -wonders ofParadife^and/aw^od, who fate 
cnhisThrone. .^f^ Kitab el tenoir, Tesfiir anf Giauhoir , and 
the expofition^f Gelaldin. The Bedaoi intituleth this Chapter 
the Chapter of the Children of Jfrael. 

IN the Name of God, gracious and mercifull. Praife be to 
him, that caufed his fervant to goe in one nigh: from the 
Temple of Aiecca, to the Temple of fernjaler^i we have 
b le (Ted that Tjcmple, and vvhatfoever is about it, in token of 
our omnipotency. We gave to Mofes the Old Ttftament, to 
inftrud the. Children of Ifrael, and to deterre them from the 


Chap.\7- T7;e Alco ran o/ M a h o m e t. i7t 

vvorfhiD of any other God, buc of me ; to forbid them 'to 

ado e the Hneage of Noah, or the lineage of them that ^v■e 

SvS in h.V iV.. is my ™e ^^;^^ 

r ou'houfc/; ti;is was as foon ^^^-^fj^^^^J^J; l^-"'-^' . 
the end , we gave you advantage over your enemies we 
«ve vo« wealth, and children to fuccor yo:u ^nd yc 
gave yoii ""=■*"■"' ..jcjpic. the good and the evil 
were more numerous then the innaeis , '"= S , . 

that vou ftall do, ttiall be tor your fouls. ^^^^ it ■r'-'> "PJ^^ 
wicked againftyo.r,becaure of your Or^.to affl..* you thrGUSh 
the murther, and bondage of your perfons ; anu t.u dd ro^ 
,A rhe Temole of '^erufalem, as they nad ruined it the ni-t 

he niah^t ^hev re two fignes of our omnipotency .• we caufed 
tie niS 'to ?afs away, and the day to appear for labor ; and 
o th^end y^e might^know thenumberot ages, ot mone h , 
!nHnf veers • wf explained our niyfteries without ob.airity, 
hLr/ioyn^d e^^ry one to belr the b-dcn of is ^niqui- 
rip. ar thedav of judament ; that day will wemaKe ut-nto 
ftethelccomptofthel fins, they ll^all be recompemed and 

fore thedeftruftion of a City: ^?:e a^ivert.fed the prmupal 
inhabitants thereof ; whe n they c^fjeyed us . ve <:haU^it a , 
them according to our word, ^"if/f '^V^^^'X fu" of 
many Cities hate we ruined fince ^^^^^t^^'^l^.Tj tides of 
^e people are known to their J-ord ; he g.veth the riches ot 

i/x T^l^^ xMcoran 0/ M a h o m e r. Qy^Ay* 

this world to them that defire them, to caufe them to fall 
head-long into Hell , where they fhall repent of their iniqui- 
ties, and be deprived of mercy. He who {hall labor to ac- 
quire the riches of Heaven, fliall beprocedled of thy Lord in 
this world, and enriched with the Treafures of Heaven in the 
other. Confidcr, how we prefer our Creatures one to an- 
other ; the reward of Heaven is much greater then chat of 
the Barth. Believe not that there be two Gods, otherwife 
you rhall repent of it, and be deprived of protection at the 
day of judgment. Thy Lord hath ordained to worfhip him 
alone, and to honor your father and mother , efpccially in 
their old age , and fay nothing to them that may afflid them, 
neither vex them; fpeak to them with refpe^l", do not con- 
temn them, pray to God to companionate them, as they have 
pittied you, when they brought you up in your infancy. God 
knoweth whatfoever is in your fouls ; he will be merciful to 
you, if ye obey him. Give to your parents what appertarneth 
to.them, do good to the pQor, and to pilgrims , be not pro- 
digal, the prodigal are brethren of the Devil, ingrateful for 
the favors of their Lord. Contenm not the poor, if ye defire 
to obtain the mercy of God, fpeak to them with mildnefs, and 
endevor to content them 5 do not entirely (liut your hands, 
neither altogether extend them ; if ye do otherwife, yc fhall of- 
fend. Thy Lord giveth, and taketh away his graces, as feemeth 
good'tohim; he knoweth his people, and underftandethall 
their adions. Slay not your children for fear of neceflity, I 
will give whatfoever fliall be necelTary for them ; the murther 
of children is an exceeding great fin, flie whoredom, it is a 
thing unclean, kill no man without r^afon ; we have com- 
manded to purfue him that fhall have (lain his neighbor, but 
let not the heir fin malicioufly, profecuting the innocent for 
the.guilty. The innocent is in Gods protedion : take not 
the goods of Orphans, and be careful of them, until they be 
in yecrs of difcretion ; fatisfie your promifcs, an accompt 
Ihall be required of you ; meafure with good meafure, and 
weigh with juft weights. Biifie your felves not with that which 
you ought notioknow. Thet^ (hall be required of you an 


QhapAj' '37;e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 17J 

accompc of the fins ye have committed, in feeing, hearing, and 
thinking. Be not proud, ye fhall never be fo long as the Earth, 
neither fo high as the Mountains ; fuch fins are exceeding great 
before thy Lord ; It is one part of what he hath infpircd into 
thee, to preach to his people.- Say not, there be two Gods, 
left thou be confined to the fire of Hell. Your Lord hath 
eledled you, with all thofe men and women that obey his Com- 
mandments, for hisfons and daughters, as the Angels; yet 
fay not that God hath children. We made mention in the 
Alcoran of whatfoever is neceffary to be preached to the peo- 
ple ; fay unto them, If there be a God with God, as ye affirm, 
invoke him that hath his Throne in Heaven ; praifcd be God, 
he hath no Companion, he is moft high and great. The feven 
Heavens praife him, and all that is on Earth glorifie him, but 
ye comprehend it not, he is gracious and merciful. We will 
feparate thee from the wicked ; we will harden their hearts, 
and ftop their ears: When thou flialt read \\\^ Alcoran^ and 
fay, There is but one God, they will turn the back, and deride 
thee, I know what they defire to hear ; they would have the 
people to hearken to the words of the unjuft, who fay, That 
thou art a Sorcerer, and a Magician ; confider to whom they 
compare thee ; they certainly are in error, and are not able to 
finde the right way. What / we are ffay they J bones and 
flefh, (hall we rife again, and become new Creatures ? who 
fball caufe us to rife again ? Say unto them. Although ye be 
ftone, iron, bones, and flefh, he who firft created you, fhali 
raife you again. They fhall fibake the head at thee, and ask of 
thee, In what time they (hall rife again ? fay unto them, Per- 
adventure it (hall be fuddenly. When yelLall be called out 
of the graves by the Commandment of God, ye will believe 
that ye have remained but very little time in the world ; then 
fhall the Infidels confcfs, that the Devil hath deceived them, 
and that he is their open enemy. Your Lord knoweth you all, 
he will pardon^ or chaftife you, as feemeth good to him ; We 
have not fent thee to be their guardian ; thy Lord knoweth 
whatfoever is m Heaven and in Earth. Certainly, we gave 
graces to fome Prophets, which we gave not to others ; and 

we ^ 

174 ^^^^ Alcoran 0/ M a h o m ex. Qhap.xy • 

we gave the Pfaker to T>avU;S3iy unto the Infidels, invoke the 
Idols which yon adore, and fee if they are of power to deliver 
you from afflidion.They that implore God,defire to be nigh un- 
to him : who are they that dial neercft approach his divine Ma- 
jeftie they who hope in his mercy, or iuch as fear his punilh- 
ment ? Certainly his punifhment ought moft to be feared. We 
will deftroy all the Cities of the world before the day of Judg- 
ment, and chaftife the wicked with rigorous torments ; this is 
written upon the Tables kept in heaven; nothing hath hindred 
us to manifeft the miracles which the inhabitants of Mecca 
defire to fee^ but the contempt (iiewed by their predeceffors. 
Temod faw the miracles of theCamell, and contemned it ; I 
will no more fhew miracles, but to make the people to appre- 
hend the torments of hell. Remember thou, that we 
have faid to thee, that thy Lord knoweth all that the 
%<!-. Celaldm* world doth ; that which we gave thee to fee ( in the voy- 
age by nightj is to prove the people as the curfcd tree, 
which is fpoken of in the zAlcoran ; there be perfonsthat will 
believe it, others that will not believe; but 1 will trie them, to 
augment their confuiion : Remember thou, that we com- 
manded the Angels to humble themfe Ives before ^dam^ and 
that they did humble themfelves, except the devill; who faid, 
fliall I adore him whom thou haft created of the earth ? who is 
he whom thou haft preferred to me > Certainly, if thou tarry 
until 1 the day of Judgment, I will deftroy his race, except that 
fmall number that fhall be under thy protection. Thy Lord 
faid unto him, get thee hence, hell (hall be thy puniftiment, and 
the puniftiment of them that fliall follow thee ; deceive by thy 
fpeeches them whom thou (halt be able to deceive, feduce 
whom thou canft feduce with the wealth of the earth, caufe 
them to exerciie Ufury, and commit the (in ofwhoredom-" 
tell them, there is neither Refurredion nor Judgment; what- 
foever thou (halt pronufe them (hall be but vanity and 
fal(hood; thou fliak have no power over them that (hall wor- 
fhip me, I will protccl them againft is your Lord^who 
caufeth thefhip totravcll upon the waters, for the advantage 

of traffiquc ; when the tempcft chargeth you, your Idols for-. 


Q^a^Ay. The Alcoran o/M a h o m e t. 175 

fake you, he alone is able to protedyou, nevcrthelefs when 
he hath caufed yon to arrive at the Port, you deny his Unity, 
and follow your impiety ; believe ye that he will another time 
make the fea calm to youPand that he will fend you a fworable 
vvmde, if you do not acknowledge him your protedor? Be- 
lieve ye to return again to the fea? He Q-iall lend you an im* 
petuous winde, that iLall overwhelm you, with your impictie, 
and ye fliall finde none to proced: you againft him. We have 
conferred on men many favours, we have conduded them on 
the earth, and fea, enriched with all forts of riches, and grati- 
fied them above all creatures of the earth ; preach to them the 
day wherein I will aiTemble before me all the Nations of the 
world, W'ith the Prophet thatfhall have preached to them. 
He to whom iliallbe given the Book of theAccompt of his 
works in his right hand, fhall read his accompt entirely, no 
injuftice fhall be done to him, and he Hiallbe happy. He that 
fhall be blinde in this world, fhall be fo in the other, and fhall 
not fee the right w-ay. They would divert thee from perfor- 
ming what we have infpired into thee, to induce thee to 
Wafpheme againft me. If thou do it, thou (halt be of their 
friends ; were it not for the ftrength that we have given thee, 
they would make thee to incline to their impiety ; hadft thou 
done it, we had given thee to taftc of great afnidions in this 
world,and in the other; thou hadft found none to proted thee 
againft us ; it wanted not much, but they had affrighted thee 
at MeMna, to caufe thee to go out of it ; had they driven thee 
thence, they had not continued there long after thee. We 
heretofore fent our Prophets to inftrud the people in our Law, 
thou lliak finde therein nothing to change; make thy prayers 
when the Sun fliallfer, at'the beginning, and at the end of the 
night, and at the dawning of day, the Angels fhall be witneffes 
of thine onfons; fpend one part of the night in prayer, this 
{hall be an augmentation ofmerit, thy Lord ih^lieftjibliih thee 
in the plicc of his glory.- Saj^, Lord, into whatfoever place 
I go, make mc to enter, and go forth with trarh, give me thy 
ptotedion; Say, that truth is come, and chat vanity is van ihcd; See GUMn. 
this Book ihali heal the people of their error, it Ihall bring 


176 The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Q^ap.iy. 

them into the way of mercy, and encrcafe the mifery of unbe- 
lievers. We have exhorted men to abandon their impiety, 
they have not done it, and defpaired when they were touched 
withafflidion; Say unto them, each of us doth after his will, 
and God knoweth him that foUoweth the right way ; they 
(liall demand of thee concerning the Soul .• Say unto them, the 
foul is an effedl of God, he hath given you very little know- 
ledge ; affuredtyjhad it fo pleafed him, he could have deprived 
you of the knowledge he hath given you, you fhall rinde no- 
thing that is able to proted you but his mercy.- Say unto 
chem, if the devils, and men were all afllemblcd againft 'me, 
they Qiould not be able to compofe a Book like the Alcoran, 
We have taught in the Alcoran whatfoever is necelTary for the 
falvation of men, neverthelefs the greateft part of the people 
depart from the Truth, and fay, we will not believe thee, un^ 
lefs thou cauie fountains tofpring out of the earth.and make in 
this place a garden, beautified with Date trees,and Vines, with 
rivets flowing in the m.idft, or unlefs we fee defcend from hea- 
ven apart of the pains which thou preacheft ^we wil not believe 
thee, unlef? God and the Angels come to thy afliftance, un- 
lefs thy houfe be of fine gold, and that we fee the Book of 
Truth fent from, heaven; we will not believe in thy Parchment, 
unlefs we fee defcend from heaven a Book which we may be 
able to reade : Say unto them, praifed be my Lord, am I any 
thing but a man fent from him ? what hindreth men to believe, 
fince there hath been fenc to them a Pilot to condud them into 
the way of falvation? They fay, that thou art a man, and 
not an Angel : Say unto them, iliould the Angels have inhabi- 
ted the earth, God would have fent an Angel to inftrud rhem 
it fufficeth, that he is the witnefs of mine actions between you, 
and me, he knoweth and feeth all things ; he whom God guid- 
eth, is well guided, and fuch asGodfliall caufe to err,"niall 
hnde none to put them into.thc right way; he will aflemble 
all of them at the day of Judgment, ihe'y fhall be infamous, 
deaf, mui-e,andblinde, and condemned to the flames of hell, 
becaufe they arc wicked, and have faid through derifion, that 
they are bones, and fldli, and that they Ihall rife again as new 

creatures ; 

ChapA7' T^^^ Alcoran 0/ VI a h o m e t. 177 

creatures ; fee they not that God hath created heaven, and 
earth ? that he can create yet more, and hath eftablifhed a de- 
ftinyindubitable,and infalliblePThe unbelievers are exceedingly 
too blame:Say unto themjlViouId you poiTelsall the treasures of 
the world, yet would yee fear to make expence for the fervice 
of God ; man is too avaricious ; we gave to Mofes nine marks 
of our Omnipotencie, known to the children of Ifrael; Pha- Uishznd.his 
reah told him that he was a Magician ; alTuredly, iaid Mofcsy ftaffe,the dc- 
thefe figns and miracles that thou fecft, proceed from God, j,"^^' S""^?- 
Lord of heaven and earth ; I believe, O Pharoah I that thou i^^J^U^ll' 
forfakeft the Truth Then would Vharoah have driven him out fea?, and fa- 
of Egypt, but we drowned ail thofe that were with him, and mine. 
commanded the children oflfrae/to inhabit the land ; we will ^^^ -BtW^^i. 
affcmble them at the end of the world » to reward them after 
their works: We have indeed fent thee the aAlcoran from 
heaven, to proclaim the joys of Paradife, and to preach the 
torments of hell ; we have fent it, to the end thou maift teach 
it to the people; we have fent it dear, and intelligible, thatic 
may be underftood , according to occurrences. Say unto 
them, believe, or believe it not; when thofe that have know- 
ledge in the written Law heard it read, they proftrated them- 
felves on the ground with humility, and faid, praifed be God, 
what he promifethjis infallible, & incontinently is his command 
executed ; they wept, proftrating the face towards the earth, 
and the reading 0^ the aAlcoran augmented their devotion; 
Say unto them, implore God, call God merciful!, all his At- 
tributes are moft glorious. Make it not appear to the world 
how often thou (halt pray, neither how ofcen thou fhalt read 
the Alcorayi^ a:id fear not to pray to God, and to read (the 
Alcoran) follow in this the middle path, and fay, praifed be 
God, he hath no Son, he hath no companion, neither prote- 
dor to prefcrvc him from contempt, his greatnefs is perfect 
and compleat. 


I 'Ml 

1 7 8 The Alcoran o/Mauouet. Chap. 1 8, 


The chapter of the Cave, containing an hundred and ten Verfes^ 
^^itten at MQCCdi. 

IN the name of God, gracious and mercifnl. Praifebeto 
God who hath fent the Alcoran to his fervant. There is no 
contradidion in this Book ; it teacheth the right way ; it 
preacheth to the wicked, that they fhall fiifFcr great torments, 
and proclaimeth to the righteous, that they fliali enjoy an eter- 
nal feUcity ; it preacheth the torments of Hell, principally to 
fuch as affirm, That God hath a Son j they are ignorant, like 
to their prcdeceflbrs ; they are arrogant in their difcourre,and 
utter nothing but blafphemies : Wilt thou deftroy thy felf in 
following their footfteps ? If they believe not in t\\Q Akoran^ 
they (hall one day have forrow, and fhall repent it. We 
adorned the Earth,with whatfoeverisupon it, for the advant- 
age of men. One part thereof is happy and plentiful ; and 
the other unfruitful, and defart. Do ye not believe that the 
fleepers that entred the Cave, and the Paper wherein their 
names were written, be our miracles ? W hen chofe men entred 
the Cave, they faid, Lord, give us ihy mercy, and guide us into 
the right way : Then did we caule them to fleep for the fpacc 
of fome ycers, and awaked them, having continued fome 
time in that Cave, to maWe it appear which of the two Re- 
ligions was the moftjuft. I will relate to thee their Hiftory 
with truth ; they were young men, who had the fear of their 
Lord before their eyes ; we ftrengthned them, and encreafed 
their faith; whenthey were with the Infidels, they faid, Our 
God is Lord of Heaven and Earth, we will never worfliip but 
one God , other wife we lliall feparate our felves from the 
truth ; This people have adored Idols without reafon ; who is 
more unjuft then he , who blafphemeth againftGod? When 
they deferred the Inhdels, they worshipped one God alone. 
Enter into the Cave, God fiiall make his mercy towards you 
to appear, and Ihall guide you through a path, fmooth and 


Q}a^,\i. The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e r, 179 

pleafant. When the Sun arofe, he caft his raycs on the right 
fide of their Cave, and on the left, at his going down ; they in 
the mean time were in the moft fpacious place of this Cave. 
This is one of Gods miracles ; he whom heguideth, is well 
guided J and whom he mifleadeth, iTiall finde none to give 
him fuccor, or to guide him. Bx^lieve ye that they (hould be 
awake ? Affuredly they flept and turned themfelves, fometimes 
to one fide, fometimes to another: Confider how their Dog 
extended his feet before that old habitation of ftonejif any one 
had entred towards chem,he would have caufed them to flie, Sc 
had affrighted them. In the end we awaked them, and they mu- 
tually enquired of each other in what place they were, & how 
long chey had there continued ; one of them replyed,That they 
had been there a d ay or two ; then they all faid, God knoweth 
the time that we have abode here, fend one of us to the City 
with money to buy bread and meat ; let him not be fearfiil, 
neither make himfelf known to any ; if we be known, they 
will murther, or conftrain us to follow their Religion, in 
which we fhall be eternally miferable. Thus did we flir up the 
people.againft them, to the end they might know that thy 
Lord is true ; when he faid, He will caufe the dead to arife 
again,the Rcfurredlion is indubitable ,• neverthclefs unbelievers 
difpute among them, concerning the Hiftory of the Sleepers, 
and fay, That they built a fecret place to retire themfelves, 
God knoweth the Truth. The True believers believe that they 
made no building ; the Infidels fay they were fi\c, and that 
their dog was the fixth, they fpeak by opinion ; but the Truc- 
belicvers affirm them to be feven , and their dog to be the 
eighth. Say unto them, My Lord knoweth how many they 
were ; few perfons, except God, know their number ; Doubt 
no more the Hiftory of the Sleeper's, the matter is averred and 
known ; difpute no more with the Jews, and fay not, I will 
do this to morrow, without faying, if it pleafe God. Call 
Godtominde, after thou haft forgot him, and fay, The Lord 
rhall guide me, and teach me the Hiftory of the Sleepers, who Scc Celaldin, 
remained in the Cave three hundred yeers ; there be who af- 
firm they continued there nine hundred yeersV Say unto them, 

N 2 God 

1 80 The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Chap. 1 8. 

God knovveth the time of their abode there, he knoweth 
whatfoever is in Heaven,and Earth,he underftandeth and feeth 
all things, he alone difpofeth every thing, and huh no compa- 
nion ; Preach what thy Lord hath infpired into thee, his word 
admitteth of no alteration, there is no fafer refuge then in 
him ; dwell with thofe that invoke him morning and evening, 
and defire to fee his face j depart not from their company, if 
thou defireft to have content of life in this world ; obey not 
thofe whofe heart we have hardned , and are unmindfull of 
US; follow not their impiety, whatfoever they do , is^but of- 
fence and fmne. Say unco them , the truth proccedcth from 
your Lord ; who fliall defire QtJ fhall be True believers, and 
who fhall not defirej^itjiliall bean Infidell, we have prepared 
Helltochaftife the impious, and prifon^ wherein to detaine 
them. They fhall implore fuccors againft the melting pit, 
into which they fhall be plunged, as into waters , it rhali roft 
their faces, and fliall be their drink ; J will not fruftrate of re- 
ward them that fhall have done well , thev fhall enjoy the 
delights of the gardens of £deff^ wherein flow many rivers, 
they fhall have bracekts of fine Gold, theyfl^iall beclbathed 
with green, with Scarlet, with Qiining colours , and fhall fit 
on thrones,with an eternall felicity. Declare to them this para- 
ble ; there were two men , i gave to the one of them gardens^ 
wherein wasftore of fruits^he in contempt told his companion, 
that he was more wealthy and powerfull then he, and entrcd 
into his gardens, being an Infidell, and an Idolater, and faid, I 
do not think thefe fl-jall ever have an end, they fhall endure a 
long time without withering : His companion faid to him ; 
If thou doft not acknowledge this to proceed from God , and 
if thou be ingratefuU towards htm that created thee of duft, 
and made thee a man , thou (liak foone finde thy gardens ru- 
ined ; this cometh from God my Lord , who hath no compa- 
nion ; all ftrength, and truth proeeedeth from his divine Ma- 
jetty ; If I have lefie of fubftance then thou , God can give 
me fruits more f aire then thofe of thy gardens, or fend thun- 
der that fhall deftroy them , he fhall fill them with water of 
- taine, that (hall encornpaffe them, and hinder thee to approach 


ChapA^. T7;e Alcoran o/M A H OM E T. i8i 

Qhem.^ In the morning this Infidell found his gardens de- 
ftroyed to the very roots , he was extrcamly perplexed, by 
reafon ofthe expence he had made to plant them eavcnly ; and 
he faidjwould to God I had not adored Idols : He fhali finde 
none that is able to proted him at the day Judgment , but 
God, all protedion and grace iflueth from his divine bounty^ 
and the end of the righteous fliall be happy. Speak unto them 
this parable, the life of the world is like unto raine fallen from 
Heaven, that refrefhed and revived the hearbs of the Earth, 
and in the morning were drie as chafi'e, carryed away by the 
winde ; God is omnipotent; Riches and children arc the or- 
naments of this life , but good works are eternall , they are ' 
acceptable to Cod, and give us hope of his grace. Be thou 
mindfull of the day when the mountains (liall walke, and thou 
lliak fee the Earth to be plain ; that day we afifemble the good 
and the wicked, and will not faile of my word to any perfon ; 
that day fhall the Infidels befeech the Lord to favethem, he 
(hall fay unto them , you came unto us naked, as when we at 
firft created you , and ye believed on Earth , that there was 
no refurreftion ; Then (hall he give to every one the Book, 
wherein ihall be written the accompt of their finnes; Thou 
fhalt fee the wicked trembling with fear, faying, behold here 
ourdeftrudlion I What is there in this Book? It containeth 
their veniall and mortallfinnes, and detedech their offences, 
they rhallfinde the number of their crimes before their eyes : 
Thy Lord is unjuft to none ; Remember thou that we com- 
rnanded the Angels to proftrate themfelves before AJara, and 
that they humbled themfelves, except the ©evi 11, who was in 
the number of Angels, he difobeyed his Lord ; neverthclefs 
Jdam and his pofterity have obeyed him , although he is their 
open enemy , and particularly of the Infidels. Confider 
ye not that God created Heaven and Earth , that he made 
you, and hath no need to be aided of you ? Be thou minde- 
fullof theday , when it fhall be faid to Idolaters , call upon 
your Idols that ye have worQiiped , for remilTo i of your 
linnes ; they (hall implore them , but none (liail hear their 
prayerf, we have ruined them ; the wicked (hall behold the 

N 3 fire, 

1 82 T/^e Alcoran 0/ M a h o ^ e r. Qmp. 1 8. 

fire , into which they iliall fall , andjfinde none to fave 
them. We taught men in the -^/^cr^t;?, many parables, yet do 
the wicked abound in queftion, and difpuce too much ; What 
hindreth men to believe, fince there is come to them a guide, 
toconduft them into the right way? If they beg not pardon 
of God , wha!t hapned to their predeceflfors , and at Be^er, 
fLall befall them, theyfliall be vifibly puniibed; I fend Pro- 
phets only to anounce the joyes of Paradife, and to preach the 
torments of Hell ; the unbeHevers difpute vainly, to obfcure 
the truth, they deride my Commandments, and the fire of 
Hell ; who is more unjuft then he who knowcth the Com- 
mandments of his Lord, and difobeyeth him , and forgetteth 
his paft finnes ? We have hardned their hearts, they (hall not 
nnderftand the Scripture; we have flopped their eares, they 
{hall hear nothing ; if thou calleft them to the right way, they 
(hall not follow tliee, thy Lord is gracious and mercifullj 
(hould he chaftiie them after their demerits , he (liould forth- 
with deftroy them , he tarrieth untill the time that he hath 
promifed to punifh them, and they (liall finde none of power 
to protedl them. We have deftroyed Cities, when their inha- 
bitants have offended, and we prefixed the day of their ruine. 
Remember thou that Mofeshidto his fervant , I will travcll 
inceffantly, untill I fee a place where two feas meet , although 
I travell an Age. When he came to that place, he and his fer- 
vant forgot their fifh , he had taken his way through the Sea : 
Having continued their voyage fome time , Mofes was an hun- 
gry , and demanded fomewhat to cat of his fervant , who 
faidtohim, Saweft thou what hapned at the Rock? I have 
forgotten our fifh.the Devill made me to forget it,he miracu- 
lonfly took his way through the Sea -, that Rock is the place 
which we fcek : they both returned on their ileps, difcourfing 
together, untill they came to that Rock,where they found one 
of our fervantSjOn whom we had conferred our graces, and 
infpired knowledge ; Mofes faid unto him, permit me to fol- 
low thee, that thou mayft teach me knowledge, and inflrufl 
mc; He replyed, thou wilt not be able to abide patiently 
with me; how wilt thou patiently endure to hear a thing 


£haiy.ii' T/;f Alcoran of M a h o m e t. 185 

which none in the world ever knew ? Mofes faid, thou fhalt 
finde me exceeding patient, and I will not difobey thee ; He 
anfwered, if thou follow me, enquire nothing of me, and hear 
only what I (liall fay to thee. They went together,and they be- 
ing in a boat, he brake a planck; A<fofes faid to him, thou haft 
broken this vefTell, to drown us, it is a ftrange thing ; He an- 
fvvercd,Did not I tell thee,that thou wilt not be able patiently 
to abide with me ? Mofes replied,excufe me,and afflid me not, 
I had forgotten what thou didft enjoyn me ; They went on to- 
gether until they met with a child, whom he dew-, Mofes faid to 
him, thou haft (lain an innocent, that hath not flain any one; 
thou haft done a thing without reafon, and that ougl\t not to 
be approved : He anfwered, did I not fay, thou wilt not be able 
patiently to abide with me? cJ^/iT/i'j faid to him, excufeme 
this time alfo, if I demand ought elfe of thee, abandon me. 
They continued their way unto a Village^where the inhabitants 
refufed them bread ; at that time they found a wall ruined, 
which he raifed again ; CMofes faid to him, thou ftiouldft have 
been payed for repairing this wall, if thou wouldeft: He an- 
fwered, now behold the place of our feparation, neverthelefs I 
will explain to thee what thou wert impatient to learn. That 
boat belongeth to two poor men, who labour on the fea to 
gain their fubfiftance, I would have pierced it, topreferveit 
to thofe poor men, bccaufe there was aninfidell Prince, who 
by force feized on the good veflels for his fervice. That infant 
which I (lew was an Idolater, the fon of a true believer, a 
righteous man ; we feared he might caufe his father to fin, and 
feducc him into his error, and infidehty; the Lord through his 
goodnefs would have him to be deftroyed, to deliver his father 
from his maii'ce. The wall appertaineth to two infant Or phans 
of thisCity,there is under it a treafure that belongeth to them, 
their father was a righteous man, God through his goodnefs 
willeth that the trealure be preferved for them, uncill they at- 
tain to years of difcretion ; he likcwife willed me to do what 
I have done : behold the expofition of what thou wert impati- 
ent to learn. If any one enquire of thee concerning r^Alexan- 
der the great, relate to them his Hiftory ; we^ave him on earth 

N 4 what 

184 Tl^^ Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e r. ChapA^- 

what he defired, he went as far as the Weft, where he found a 
fountain guarded by a man, who faid to him, O Alexander I 
chaftife men through the murther of their perfons, bondage, 
and ranfome ; he anfwered, T will put to death unbelievers in 
this world, and the Lord fhall punifb them in hell, and the 
righteous fhall enjoy the glory of Paradife ; I will tell the 
. wicked, that God hath given us what we have defired. After 
this, he continued his way uncill he came to a place, where the 
Sun rifethjhe found that it rifeth in a couatrcy,where they have 
nothing to flielter them from its heat,the thing is fo; we taught 
Alexander \\oyN 10 rhelcer himfelf; he followed his way, until 
he arrived between two mountains, inhabited of a Nation 
that fpake a Language, which he could hardly underftand ; they 
faid to him, O Alexander ! Jaiog^^:xnd LMagog defile the earth, 
canft thou put between them and us an obftack, to hinder 
that they may not come to us? God, faid Alexander,\id,t\i 
not given me means to do it ; but aiTift me with your power, 
I will put between them and you a ftrong feparation ; give me 
iron that can cut ftones, that I may build betwixt the two 
mountains, and that I mry fortifie the way chat devideth them; 
blow when the iron ftriketh the ftones, to kindle fire.and poure 
on molten brafs to joyn the ftones and iron together; if they 
come,they cannot pierce through the mountains,neither finde a 
way to come to you, this is a favour which God conferrcth on 
you, his promifes are infallible ; when the hourarriveth, he is 
true in what he promifeth; we will permit them to mixeeach 
with other; we will affemble all of them when the Trumpet 
fliall found; then we will open Hell to the wicked, and to fuch 
as would neither fee, nor hear the Alcoran ; Do they imagine 
them that worfliip me to be their gods ? we have prepared hell 
to punifhthem. Say unto them, fnall I relate unto thee what 
iliall befall the damned, their works ftiall be unprofitable in 
this world, although they think to do well; good works are 
unprofitable to them that contemn the Commandments of 
their Lord, and believe not in the refurrej^ion, they (hall 
not want ballance at they day of J udgment j hell ftiall be their 
habitation, becaufe they deride our Commandments, and our 


ChapA^. Tl)e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 185 

Apoftles, and Prophets : The righteous rhall enjoy eternally 
the delight of Paradife without difcontinuation. If the lea were 
inke, to write the wondrous works of my Lord, it will fooner 
have an end, then his miracles ; Say unto the Infidels, I am a 
man like you, Cod hath taught me that there is but one God ; 
he that believeth in the Refurredion, ftudieth to do good 
works ; worfhip but one God, who is without a companion. 


'^he Chapter of lA^XY^containing feiirfcore ^nd eighteen Verfes, 
Vcritten at Mecca. 


N the Name of God, gracious and merciful : God is the re- 
^warder, condiador, f of the righteousjliberall, wife, true : 
Zacharj, the fervantofthy Lord rcmembred his grace, when 
he in fecret prayed to his Lord, andfaid, Lord, my bones are 
become feeble, and mine head is white with old age; Lord, I 
was never rejeded in my prayers, hear my petition, give me a 
fon to fucceed me, that may be mine heir, heir of the lineage ot 
facoh,iti<i be pkafing to thee.O Zachary \ I declare unto thee, 
that thou (halt have a fon, named hhn, no man hath yet been 
called by that name; he faid. Lord, how iliall I have a fon, 
my wife is barren, and I am too old? It wasanfwered him, 
the thing (hall be as I have faid unto thee, it is eafic to thy 
Lord , who created thee ; he faid. Lord give me fomc figne of 
the conception of my wife ; he faid to him , thou fhalt not 
fpeak for thiee nights. Then went he out of his Oratory, 
and made fignes to the people, to make their prayers evening 
and morning. G^fohn \ learn the Scripture with afi-edion ; ^^^ ^^^ ^^ 
We from his infancie gave him knowledge , clemency, chari- ^^^^^,^^ 
ty, piety affedion towards his father and mother , and not 
violence and difobedience. Webleffedtheday of his nativi- 
ty , the day that he (hall dye, and the day that he ihall nle a- 
gain. Remember thou what is written of Marj, flie xzmc^ 
towards the Eaft, into a place farre remote from her kmdred 

86 The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t, Qmp.ip. 

and took a vaile to cover her , we fent her our Spirit in forme 
of a man ; (he was afraid , and faid , God will preferve me 
from thee , if thoii have his fear before thine eyes j he faid, oh 
Marj ! I am the MelTenger of God thy Lord, who Oial! give 
thee a fonne, adive, and prudent .- She anfwered, how fhall I 
have a fonnc without the touch of man > I defire not to be un 
chafte ; he faid, The thing (hall be as I have told thee, it is fa- 
cile to thy Lord ; thy fonnelTiallbea token of the oranipo, 
tency of God , and of his fpeciall grace towards fiich as fhall 
believe in his divine Majefty ; She became with child, and re- 
tired fome time, into a place remote from people , where fhe 
fuftained the dolours of Child-birth, at the foot of a Date- 
tree , and faid, why am I not dead ? wherefore am I not in 
the number of perfons forgotten? The Angel faid to her 
afflid not thy felfe ; God hath placed a brook under thee 
(hake the foot of this Palme, and the Dates fhall fall , gather 
them up , eat and drink , and wa(h thine eyes, fay unto them 
that thou (halt meet, that thou fafteft. and haft made a vow 
nottofpeaktoanyone,untillthyfaft be accomplilhed. Her 
parents met her while fhe bare her Infant , and faid unto her, 
oh^^n'! behold a ftrangc thing; oh fifter ofMro^l thv 
father did not command thee to do cvill, neither was thv 
mother unchafte ; She made fignes to her infant to anfwet, 
them j^tbey faid how fhall the infant in the Cradle fpeak.> 
Then her infant fpake, and faid, I am the fervant of God, he 
hath taught me the Scripture,hath made mc a Prophet bleffed 
me in all places, and commanded me to pray unto him ; he 

^m'ZZ''^u'^ '° *"' Pi.'"'y ^'^^""g'^ '^' whole courfe of 
myhfe, and to honor my father and mother- he hath not 

made me either violent or malicious, prayfedlhall be the Z 

uu J'^'l "P'^' J^*^-'*' ^he fonne of Mary, with truth of 
which ye dou t: Godapprovethnotthe di/c'ourfe of them 
hat fay ne hath a fonne ; praifed be God, when he willeth aw 
thing he faith be thou, and it is; he is mine and yo Lord 

Z^!^r^"l! ''-' l^^^'^^'^y ■' '^"^ i'e Perfon's , who In 
th.s .cga.d have been of dij^erent opinion, but mife;y is upon 

QyapA^. The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e T. 187 

the incredulous, they fhall be miferable at the day of Judg- 
ment. The Infidels are manifeftly erroneous from the right 
way ; If thou preach to them the torments of Heli and their 
ignorance, they will not hear thee. We are Lords of what- 
foever is on Earth, and difpofe of every thing at our pleafure, 
they fhall be one day aflembled before us to be judged. Re- 
member thou what is written o^ Abraham^ht was a righteous 
man, and a Prophet, he faid to his father, adore not what 
neither feeth, nor underftandeth any thing, and that cannot 
be profitable ;I know what yc know not/ollow mc,and I will 
conduft you into the right way ; worfhip not the Devi 11 , he is 
difobedient unto God ; otherwifel fear that God may cha- 
ftife you , and you may be in the number of the damned. He 
anfwcred, oh Abraham \ doft thou abhorre n^^ Gods ? unlcfle 
thou change thy difcourfe, I will ftone thee, depart from 
me for a long time; he faid, May God infpire yoa, I 
will pray for you, he is exceeding good, and will hear my 
prayers ; Whom will ye adore, when I fhall be gone from 
you ? Worfhip God my Lord,and your prayers fhall be heard; 
he departed from them, and worfhipped one God : Wc gave 
him two fonnes , If^.ac and facob^ both Prophets, we confer- 
red our grace upon him , with an eloquent and true tongue. 
Remember thou what is written of Mofes , he was a righte- 
ous man , our Prophet and MefTenger ; we called him on the 
right fide of the Mount Sinai, drew him near unto us, and 
taught him ourfecrets ; We through fpeciall grace gave him 
a brother, named Aaron. Remember thou what is written 
of Ifmael^ he exadly obferved what hepromifed, was a Pro- 
phet, and an Apoftle of the Lord, preached purity, and re- 
commended to men to make their prayers often , and was 
pleafing to his Lord. Remember tbou what is written of 
Enochy he was a juft man, and a Prophet , and we tooke him 
up to an exceeding high place. God gave his grace to thefe 
men , among the Prophets of the lineage of Adam, among 
them whom we eaufed to erabarke with Noah , among thofe 
of the lineage of Abraham , and Ifrael , and among thofc 
that we affembled and guided into the right way. When the 


1 88 The Alcoran of Mahomet. Chap.xQ. 

miracles of the mercifull were related to them, they fellpro- 
ftrate, and adored him with teares in their eyes ; their poftc- 
rityforfook their footfteps, abandoned the Law, and fol- 
lowed their own appetites ; but they fhall be precipitated 
into Hell , except luch as fhall be converted , and do good 
works, theydiall enter into Paradife, and no in/uftice Qiall 
be done to them, they fhall enter into the garden oi Eden; 
what the mercifull QGod] doth promife, is infallible ; they 
fhall heare nothing fpoken in Paradife that fhall difpleafe 
them,they fhall hear the falutation of Angels^and morning and 
evening fhall have what they dcfire ; fuchis Paradife, which 
God giveth to his creatures that have his fear before their 
* GdalSn cyes. 1 * dcfcend not from Heaven, but by the permilTion of 
faith , that thy Lord, he is mafter of our adions in Heaven and Earth, and 
Mahomet Qf vvhatfoevcr is between them , he hath not forgot thee, 
toS An^d w^r^^P ^^"^^ ^"^ perfevere in thy adoration , knoweft thou 
Gabriei for ^^y P^rfon that is named, like him ? Man faith, what, fhall I 
having been dye and rife again ? He confidereth not that God hath created 
folong ab- him of nothing;! will one day affemble the Infidels,and Devils, 
^m from j ^jj| ^^^(^ ^.^em to appear at the gate of Hell upon their 
knees, and will caft upon them all manner of mifery, becaufe 
they have encreafed their impiety towards their Lord. I know 
fuch as deferve to burne in Hell , they fliall be thrown thither 
headlong, this is a moft juft fcntence pronounced by the Lord. 
I will fave the righteous , and forbid Infidels to fall on their 
knees before Idols : when the unbelievers , and many of the 
faithfull heard my Commandments preached,they faid among 
themfclves , that they were in a better way then their neigh- 
bour ; how many have we deflroyed before them , in paft 
Ages , more rich then they , and hypocrites like unto them ? 
Say unto them, God prolongeth the hfe of the erroneous, that 
they may know their errors , and learn the knowledge of the 
paines prepared for ii\em , they fliall underftand who fhall 
be the mofl miferable ; and who fhall have been moft weak 
in their faith, and leaft affedionate to the fervice of his divine 
Majefty ; God ihall encreafe their faith, who fhall follow the 
ri^hc way ; and fuch as be obedient to him, fiaall enjoy his 


QhapA^. The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 189 

grace. Haft thou confide red the acflioH of the wicked ? They 
demand, if they Qiall have riches and children after theirRe- 
furredion? Would you know what fliall be ? would you capi- 
tulate with the merciful ? I will not doit; I will write all that 
they fay, and will adde to their miferies ; I will give to them 
in this world, what they require, and they (liall rife again 
naked (without treafure, and children, j They adored Idols, See GdMn. 
to have their protet5^ion. Certainly they erred in that adora- 
tion i they Hiall renounce them, and be their enemies at the 
day of judgment. Seeft thou not, how we have fent the Devils 
againft unbelievers, to feduce them ? Be not impatient to fee 
them puniflied, they Hiallbe fudged at the day appointed. Be 
thou mindful of the day, when I fhall aflfemble all the righte- 
ous in the prefence of God, and precipitate all the wicked in- 
to Keli; their prayers ("hall not be heard, except fuch as have 
Jicco^plifhed their promifes made to the merciful. The\ have 
faid, Do ye believe that God hath a Son } You utter a firange 
thing; it wanteth not much^ but that Heaven and Earth open 
themfelves, and that the Mountains fall, with their utter de- 
ftrudion. They call God, God the Son ; God hath not to do 
with a Son; whatfoever is in Heaven and Earth, adore him; 
he knowcth the accompt and number pf all things of the 
world ; Men fhall appear before him at the day of judgment, 
and the True- believers that (hall do good works, fliall be be- 
loved of his divine Majefty. We have fent thee the Alcoran^ 
written in thine own Language, that thou ma\ ft proclaim the 
delights of Paradife, to them that fear me, and preach the tor- 
ments of Hell to fuch as dilpute with obftJnancy againft the 
Faith. How many of the wicked have we deftroyed in paft 
ages } Haft thou heard fpeak of them ? Haft thou heard men- 
tioa of their memory ? 



ino The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Q} 



The Chafter of Beatitude, andofHell, contalmtig an hundred and 
thirty Verfes^ written at Mecca. 

Reader^ ^/7e Mahometjins have entituledthi^ Chapter Tth6, 
"^hlchis t^o letters of the Arabique Alphabet , to wit ^ Tt and 
He ; where in this place, Tt Jiguifieth Thouba, thaf ^ ^ofay^ 
Beatitude-, andHi Haoihe, that t^ to fay ^ HelU Seetheglofs, 
and interpretation of Gelaldin, and Bedaoi j they have intituled 
thi^ Chapter of ^Beatitudeyand of Hell, 

IN the name of God gracious and merciful. We have not 
given thee the Alcoran to torment thee , but to inftru6l 
therein the; righteous. It was fent thee by him that created 
the Heavens and the Earth ; the merciful fitteth on his Throne 5 
whatfocveris in Heaven and Earth, whatfoever is between 
them, and beneath the Earth, appertaineth to him. He know- 
cth thy thoughts, he underftandeth what thou keepeft fecret, 
and what thou makeft manifeft. God I there is but one God, 
all the glorious names of the world are due unto him. Know- 
eft thou the Hiftory of Mofes ? V Vhen he beheld the fire, he 
faid to his family, Stay ye here, I fee a great fire, I will bring 
to you a fpark, and you fliall finde in it the right way. When 
he approached, it was faid unto him, O Mofes \ \ am thy Lord, 
put oflf thy fhooes, thou art in the holy Valley of Toi, I have 
ckded thee among my people, hear my word, and receive 
mine infpirations ; I am God, there is none other God but F, 
woffhtp me aloncjand make thy prayers as it is ordained ; The 
hour unknown to the world approacheth, wherein I wiilre- 
compence and chaftife every one after his works : Take heed 
left the wicked feduce thee from the ri|^ht way ; if thou follow 
their appetite, thou fhalt be deftroycd ; Is it not what thou 
haft fworn to me ? he anfwered, Lord, I will apply my felf 
unto thee, and will lean upon my ftaflF^ I will beat the fruits 

of Tloe Alcoran o/M a h o m e t. 191 

of the Trees to make them fall upon my flocks ; I have yet an- 
other maner to noiirifli my fheep with thisftaflF; 1 will make 
ufe of it to defend, and prcferve them from mifchief j God 
faid unto him, O Mofes ! caft that ftaffe to the ground, behold 
a Serpent, it creepeth, take it, and be not afraid, I will eaufe it 
to return to its former condition ; draw back thine hand, and 
put it under thy arm it fhal become white and {hining,without 
harm, and pain, it (hall be a moft certain fign of my Unity, I 
will give thee to fee the miracles of my Omnipotencie; go to 
Pharoah^ he is in an exceeding great error, and feduced from 
the right way ; Mofes laid, Lord, rejoycc my heart, and facili- 
tate my commiflion, unloofc the knot of my tongue, that they 
may underftand my fpcech ; give me Jarori to aflift me in this 
bufinefs, that I may praife thee, and highly exalt thy glory,thou 
only art our protestor. God faid, thy prayer isheard,we were 
favorable to thee another time, when we infpiredthy mother 
to puc thee into a coffer, and expofe thee to the river of Nile ; 
the water drove thee to the ifhore, whence Pharoah took thee; 
I cauftd thee to be beloved of him,to have care of my people; 
when thy (ifter fought tidings of what was become of thee, 
(he faid, who will guide us where he is ? who will condud us 
to him that keepeth him ? we fent thee back to thy mother, to 
ftop her tears, and put an end to her aff^idion. Thou (leweft a 
man, we have delivered thee from the hands of thine enemies, 
and have approved thy perfeverance; thou haft continued fome 
time with the inhabitants of CMadian ; after this we fent thee 
to preach our Commandments ; I have made choife of thee,go 
with thy brother to P/?^^(?/;, and lie not in fpeaking of m^, 
he is gone aftray from the right way ; fpeak to him both of 
ofyou, with mildnefs, peradventure he will hearken to you, 
and will fear the fire of hell ; they anfwered. Lord , we fear that 
he may torment, and rife up againft us ; he faid, fear nothing, 
I will be with you, hear what he will fay, conlider his acflions ; 
addrefs your fclves to him, and fay, we are the Melfengers of 
the Omnipotent God : difmifs with us the children of Ifiraely 
and no more torment them, we are come hither by the Com- 
mandment of God, thy Lord. Salvation is for fuch as follow 


ipi T7;e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Q? 

the right way ; damnation for them that blafpheme againft his 
La\v> and depart from his Commandments ; Pharoah (di'id unto 
them, who is your God? Mofes faid,my God is he that created 
the world, and guideth men into the right way. Phoroah faid, 
what law did your predeceflfors obferve? what is become of 
t\itm} Mofes anrwered,God knoweth in what condition they 
are;nothing is concealed from God5he extended the earth.and 
eftabliflied the wayes; he caufeth rain to dcfcend from heaven, 
and maketh to fpring forth the plants, herbs, and fruits which 
ye eate, and that nourifli your flocks. Thcfe things are figns of 
his Omnipoteny tothem that underftand them. We created 
you of earth, and to earth will we make you to return, and will 
caufeyou to come out of it once again; we fhewed miracles to 
Ph^roahjhwtho, was incredulous, contemned them, and faid,0 
Mofes I Art thou come to drive us out of our Dominions with 
thy Magick ? I will fhew thee |[Magick] like to thine ; let us 
meet at a place, and day prefixed between thee and me, to 
come together; J/<?/f/faid unto him, let us make choifeof 
the day of your feaft; if it feem good to you, the people 
may affemble at the Sun rifing : After this difcourfe, Pharoah 
withdrew, recoUefled all his fubtikies, and at the day and hour 
prefixed, came with his people to the place appointed, where 
^c/^/ was, who faid unto them, mifery is upon you, blaf- 
phem not againft God, he will puniOi you, and deftroy them 
that blafpheme againft him ; The people of Phoroah differed 
in opinion what they ftiould do, kept their defign fecret, and 
faid to Pharoah, thefe two men are Magicians, they would 
chafe you from your Countrey, through their Magick, andfe- 
duce your fubjedsfrom your Religion; recoiled your fubtil- 
ties and power, and chufe perfoLs capable to difputc againft 
them, this day iliallbe happy to him that fliallbevidorious. 
They faid to A4iifes , wilt thou firft caft thy ftaffe on the 
ground, or (hall we ours ? Their cords and ftaves arofe againft 
Mofes through their Magick, and crawled : Mofes {^^kt low, 
between his teeth ; we faid unco him, fear nothing, thou ihalc 
be vidorious, caft thy ftaffe in thy right hand on the ground, it 
iliuli devoure what they have done, it is but witchcraft and 


^)aj^,20. Tl?e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. ipj 

magick, that produceth neither Profit nor Content. Then 
jfell the Magicians of Pharooh proftrate on the ground, and 
faid, We believe in the God o^ Aaron and Mofes ; Pharoah 
faid unto them, believe ye in him without my permiffion ? 
Mofes is your mafter,! vvil cut offyour right feet,and your left 
hands; or your left feet, and your right hands, and caufe you to 
be hanged on Palme trees, that ye may know who is the more 
fevere in his chaftifements, I, or the God of Mofes ; They 
faidjthe miracles that thou haft feen,have they not touched thee? 
He that created us, doth things which are not in thy power 
to performe ; thy power cxtendcth only in this world, we be- 
lieve in Cod our Lord, who will pardon our fins ; thou art the 
caufe that he abhorrethus without magick, heis morepow- 
erfull then thou, and eternal ; Hell is prepared for Infidels, 
theyfliallfinderepofe neither in their life nor death, and the 
righteous that (hall do good works, fhall eternally enjoy 
the pleafures of the gardens of ^^^;2, wherein flow many de- 
licious rivers, fuch is the reward of them that are purged 
from their fins. We faid unto Mofes, go out by night with 
my people, and make them a drie path through the Sea, fear 
not that thine enemies may overtake thee, neither be afraid of 
being drowned, Vharoah (hall follow them with his troops; I 
will overwhelm in the Tea, and will miflead him with his peo- 
ple, he fhall not follow the right way. O children of //r^f/ 1 
we delivered you from your enemies, and condudcd you 
towards the mountains of ^?W/: we caufed Manna and Quailes 
to defcend upon you, and faid, eate ye of the good things that 
we have given you, and be not ungrateful, otherwife my wrath 
fhall fall upon you; he upon whom mine indignation (hall fall, 
fhall be thrown headlong into the fire of hell ; I will be mer- ^ 

ciful to fuch as (hall convert, do good works, and follow the 
right way, O A<fofes ! who preffcd thee to abfent thy fe If from- 
thy people ? He anfwered, behold he that foJloweth my Reps, 
I am come up to receive thy Commandments. We after thy 
departure eftranged thy people from thee, and Samery it^iic^A 
them from the right way; he returned upon his frcps to his peo- 
ple, in great difpleafure, and faid, O ye people 1 did not God 

O promife 

ip4 ^^^ Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 

promife to you all manner of content ? he protradcd the ef- 
fed of his promifes, becaufe of your fins, will you that his 
wrath fall upon you ? wherefore have ye tranfgrelfed what ye 
promifed to me? They faid, we have not t ran fgreifed our 
promifes of our own accord ; we took the mod weighty orna- 
ment? of the people, and caft them into the fire, Samery him- 
felf did caft them in ; he made the body of a bellowing Calfe, 
and fald, with his followers, behold there yonr God, the God 
oi Mofes whom he hath forgotten; Saw they not that this 
Calf fpake not to them, and that it had not power to do good 
or evill ? zAaron had faid unto them,, before the comming of 
Mofesi O ye people T you have been (educed by this Calfe; 
the mercifull is your God, and your Lord, follow and obey 
me : They faid, (hall we abide here untill .Mofes return ? Mofes 
at his return faid unto <tA-iroyt^ what hindred thee to follow 
me, when thou faweft them to turn afide from the Law of God? 
wherefore haft thou difobeycd me ? O fon of my mother I 
(faid Aaron) drag me not by the beard, and haire, I feared to 
difpleafe thee, iflforfook the children of //rW, anddifobey 
thy Commandments ; A4ofes faid unto Samerj, what was 
thy defign ? he anfwered, I faw what this people feeth not, I 
took an handfull of the earth of the footfteps of the Meffenger 
of God,and made the Figure of a Calfe,the faireft that I could; 
CMofes faid unto him, go, get thee from among us, thou (halt 
fly the prcfence of men all the dayes of thy life ; thou fhak fay 
unto them, come not nigh me, touch me not, the time of thy 
punifhment is appointed, thou ilialt not efcape it, behold thy 
falfe god, behold the Calfe which thou haft adored, I will caufe 
it to burn, and will caft the afhes therereof into the fea ; your 
God is one God, and there is none other God, but the God 
that knoweth all things: Thus do I relate to thee things paft 5 
we have fent thee the Alcoran, fuch as fhall abjure it, ("hall bear 
their burthen at the day of Judgment, and be eternally tor- 
mented ; I will one day require an account of their burden, 
and will affemble them with all their fubtilties ; when the 
Trumpet ftiall found, they fhall demand of each other, how 
long they have continued in the world ? they (hall fay, that 

they Tl^e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t, ipc 

they have remained there but ten dayes and ten nights , 1 
know all that they will fay; the moft prudent among chem 
{hailfay, that they have been but one day. They fhall en- 
q'^ire of rhee concerning the Mountains ; Say unto them, God 
fliali teare them up, and levell them wiih the Earth, thou 
(lialt fee them levelled and beaten Ciown : then £hall men 
without retardment follow him thar fhail fummon them to 
iiniverfali Jiidgm^ent , thev Onali humble themfelves before 
God, thou iLaltthu day he^r low and humble voyces, that 
day ineffeduail, except of them thar fnallbc 
plcafing to God j vvhom he ^vill permit to Ijpeak. He know- 
eth whatfoever men ao inihisvvorid , and what mud befall 
them in the other , and cdey know it not, they fliall humble 
themfelves and hang down ti^e^head before the living and cter- 
nail Lord ; all Infidels (hall be damned, and the righteous of 
True- believers that have don^ good works, fiiall not fear inju- 
fticcAVe hive fcnt the A/co>-mm rhe ^Irahiqne tongue,it teach- 
cth men our Commandments , peradventure they will fear 
impietv ; it teacheth them what thrv ought to know ; Eiialt 
the gloiy of God, King of the v^orld , he is truth it klh ; 
prefle not thy felfe to read t\it Alcoran^ uncill diou hail well 
underdood it. Say , Lord encreafe mv knov.'ledge ; We 
heretofore prohibited Adam to eat of the forbicldcri fruit, 
he was unmindful! of our C':'mmindmerJt, I found in him no 
perfeverance. Remember thou that we coriimanded the An- 
gels to humble themfelves before him, they humLkd them- 
felves, except the Devill, who refufed to do it. Remember 
thu: vve laid Adanty the Devill is thine enemy, and die enemy 
of thy wife , he will ei.deavour to make ycu miferable > to 
cau'e you both to goe out of Paradife , where thou fuifercft 
nei'ihet hutgcr nor thirO, aorcold, nor heat; The Devill 
tempted them, a^idfaid. oh Adam \ I will conduvt thee to 
the tree of ercrnity, atresinc that fliail never perifn, :hey 
did both eat of the fiuicof chat tree , then knew they their 
filchinefle , and tyoK he leaves of trees to cover their naked- 
neiTe ; Adtim dif jbcyed his Lord, and became rniferabie , ne- 
vertheleffe he heard, and pardoned him, andilie^wcd him the 

O 2 right 

1^6 The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Chap. 10. 

right way ; he faid , defcend from Paradife , ye enemies of 
each other, I will hereafter fend you a guide, he that (liall 
follow him, fhallnot crre, andfhallbeblefifed; HethatfLall 
goe aftray, and will not believe in me, fhall be miferable in the 
world, and blinde at the day of Judgment ; that day (hall he 
fay. Lord, wherefore haft thon made me blinde? Iliad good 
fight when! was in the world: I did this day forget thee, 
as thou didfl: forget my Commandments ; thus do I intreat In- 
fidels. The torments of the other world are more grievous 
thenthofe of the Earth, and of longer continuance ; do not 
unbelieverstremble, when they confider how many men upon 
Earth we have deftroyed in pafl: Ages ? Their mifery fhall ferve 
for example to them that are wife ; Had not thy Lord faid, 
that he will deferre the punifliment of the wicked untill the 
time appointed , he had already deftroyed them. Be pati- 
tient, and endure their difcourfe, praife thy Lord before the 
Sunnearifc, before it fetteth, an houre before night, and at 
the end of day thou flialt do a thing acceptable to him : The 
life of the world is fvveet to tempt you , but the riches of thy 
Lord are better, and eternall. Command the people to makfe 
their prayers at the time appointed , and be not impatient to- 
wards them ; I require no riches of thee,I will enrich thee, and 
m the end Paradife ftiall be for the righteous. The unbelievers 
have fiiid , if Mahomet fheweth not fome miracle from God, 
and knoweth not the expofition of the books of our prede- 
' ceflors , we will not believe in him ; We before his coming 
deftroyed many wicked perfons, who faid, Lord , hadft thou 
fent us a Prophet^ we had obferved thy Commandments, be- 
fore we became infamous, and laden with ignomi^nic ; Say 
unto them , every one expecf^eth his end, exped jre , and yec 
fhall one day know them that follow the right way , and have 
not erred. 


Cha^.tx^ Tl:>e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 197 


The rhapter of the Prophets^ containing an hundred and twelve 
Verfes, written at Mecca. 

]N the Name of God, gracious and mercifiill. The day ap- 
proacheth , wherein the people fhall render an accompt of 
their anions, but they confider it not , and depart from the 
Commandments of God ; if they hear them, they laugh, they 
urfderftand them not , and keep fecret their evill intentions. 
Is not Mahomet a man hke to you ? Will yee fay that he is a 
l^lagician? you fee the contrary; Godheareth whatfoever 
is fpoken , both in Heaven and Earth , and knoweth all 
things. They fay,certainly Mahomet hath dreamed what he 
fpeaketh, he hath invented it, and is a Poet , we will not be- 
lieve him, unlefs he fhew fome miracle . as did the Prophets 
that were before him. We have layed wafte many Cities, 
becaufe their inhabitrants were incredulous j we fcnt before 
thee but men who were infpired of us ; Enquire of them? to 
whom heretofore was given the knowledge of the written 
Law, if ye know it not ; they were men that did eat and drink, 
and were mortal! ; we effeded what we promifed to them, 
we preferved them with fuch as believed , and deftroyed the 
incredulous ; We have fent you a Book to inftrudlyou , will 
ye underftand it ? How many infidell Cities have we made de- 
folate? How many new people. have we eftabliflied in their 
place? When they felt ourpunifliment, they fled ; fly not, 
and returne to what hath delighted you , returnc into your 
houfes, peradvcnture ye will yet covet the riches of the Earth- 
They faid, mifery is upon us, we are too blame ; Thus did they 
talke, untill they were deftroyed. We have not created 
Heaven and Eartti, and whatfoever is between them, to fport 
with; had it been our will that they fhould havefcoflPed on 
Earth , they fliould fcoffe likewife in Heaven. On the con- 
trary, loppofethe truth to falfehood, to confound it, and 
in effeS; it doth confound it. Mifery (hall be upon you , be- 

O 3 caufe 

ip8 T?;e Alcoran 0/ M a h o ^i e t. Q>ap.i\: 

caufe of your blafphemics ; whatfocver is in Heaven and 
Earth, is Gods ; the Angels axe not afhamed to worlhip him, 
they prayfe him day and night, and exalt his glory without 
blatphcmt£. The Infidds woiiHp Gods md.dc of Earth; 
Have they power to create any thing? Were there in Heaven, 
and on Earth another God^ they would not accord ^ praifed 
beGad,Loird of the Univeife; what the In fidek relate, is un- 
mie--...H«^^sketh nocounfell when he will do any thing, a^' do 
men ; will tfeeywoiihip any other God but him > Say unto 
thefR, produce your arguments, bdiold what wc have to fpeak 
uiito ^you, behold our reafoiTs, and thafe of our predeceP 
fors ; Certainly, the greactft paix of thein are ignorant of 
the truth, and goe aftray, Wc infpired into all the Prophets 
which wc fent, that ther^ was but one God that ought to be 
worQiipped. Xheyfitid, believe yecthat tht Angels are the 
fonnes of God ? Prayfed be God ; on the contrary, they 
are his creatures , he lov^th them, they fpeak not but after 
hini , and obey what be commandeth them, he knoweth all 
their a^flions paft , and future , they pray for no man but 
through his permiflion.and fear to difpieafe him. Who among 
thera will fay 1 am God, infteaxl €f God ? he fhall be can 
headlong into the fire of Hell; thus do I intreat unbelievers. 
Know they not that the Heavens and the Earth were (hut up ? 
We opened them, and gave life to every thing , through the 
raine which wc made to dcfcend ; will they not believe in my 
unity ? We created the Mountains to hinder the Earth to 
move, we made therein wayes large and fpacious for our Crea- 
tures , we covered it with the Heaven, and have exempted it 
from falling , neverthclefie they defpife our Commandments. 
It is the Lord who created day and night , the Moan and the 
Sunne, all things praife and exalt him in Heaven; we cre- 
ated no perfon to dwell for ever on Earth ; all men fhall tafte 
of death, I will prove you with good and evill, and ye flball 
appear before me to give accompt of your adlions : The In- 
fidels fcoffe at you, when they fee you , and fay, behold tbera 
that deride our Gods ! They obey not the Commandments 
of God.; he created man of 4uft,,and(Lalliliewyou the ef- 


Qm^.iu T?;^ Alcoran of M a h o m e t. ion 

feds of hisoranipotency , be not impatient to fee the punitli, 
ment of the wicked, who fay, when fliall be the way of Judg- 
ment f did they know it , they would remove, the fire from 
their backs and vifages ; that day fliall furprize them , it fiiall 
aftoniflithem when they think leaftof it, they cannot retard 
kf and (h?A[ be deprived of protedion. Certainly they fcor* 
ned the Prophets that were fent before thee , but they were 
punifhed after their demerits. Say unto them , who but the 
mercifuil L God ] preferveth you day and night? neverthe- 
lefs ye rejed his Commandments; Have they any other God 
but me, that is able to fave them f Their Gods cannot defetid 
themfelves .* I will not proted them, yet will I enrich them, as 
I enriched their fathers, and will prolong their Ms^ to punifh 
them on Earth; Know they not that their cftates diminifli 
on all iides through thy Conquefts ? Is it fo,thac they are vido-^ 
rious f Say unto thcni, I preach to you what God hath infpi-i 
red into me, but the deaf hear not when they are exhorted ; 
When they are a little touched with the chaftifements of 
God , they fay, oh mifery 1 We are too blame, and are un-^ 
juft; I will weigh their works at the day of Judgment , that 
I may do injufticetonoperfon, of the weight of a grain of 
muftard-feed , and will moft exadly accompt. We gave to 
Mofes and ayfaron the Book that diftinguifheth good from 
evill J and commanded them toprx^ach our Commandments 
to them that had our fear before their eyes. That Book 
isbleffedj and was fent from us ; nevertheless unbelievers re* 
jed and condemne it. We heretofore inftru^ed <iAbrah^m 
in the right way , and knew that he was a righteous man. Re- 
member thou that he (aid to his father, and his people , what 
Idols do ye adore ? They faid, we finde that cur Fathers ado- 
red them ; he faid unto them, your fathers and you were ex- 
ceedingly erroneous: they faid, doft thou fpeak the truth, 
or doft thou jeaft f He faid, Certainly your Lord is the Lord 
of Heaven and Earth , Ifwear to you that he created them ; 
Having convinced thofe Idolaters, he faid, By God, I will 
make warreupon your Idols, he broke them with an hatchet 
iaxjbeirabfence, except the greateO: Idoil, on which he hung 

O 4 his 

200 Ti^^ Alcoran 0/ M A H o M E T. Chap.iu 

his hatchet, andfaid, peradventure they will accufe liim to 
have broken the other : Seeing at their returne their^ Idols 
broken^they faid, who hath in this manner handled our Gods ? 
He IS impious ; we heard it is a young man, named i^hraham 
who dendeth them , bnng him before the tyt^ of the people 
perhaps they fliall finde witne(fes of his adion. They faid 
unto him , oh Abraham \ it if thou that haft fo abufed our 
Gods, he faid on the contrary, it is that great Idol; Thev 
enquired of each other if thofe Idols fpake , and if they had 
motion ; afterwards they returned to themfelves , and faid to 
the people , ye are too blame to adore thofe Idols; he threw 
them headlong againft the ground, and they faid! oh Ahra^ 
haml thou well kneweft that they fpake not at all; hean- 
fwered, why therefore do ye woriliip what can neither bene 
fit, nor hurt you ? You defile your felves in adoring them 
iiiftead of God, do yee not know him f Then they faid, 
burne ^hmham^ and let us defend our Gods; ifyeareri<'h^ 
teousmen; but we commanded the fire tolofeits heat,^to 
preferve Abraham ; They would have tormented him, and we 
deftroycd them, we faved him , as wepreferved 'ut we 
coriduded him into the Land of bleffing, gave him jCaac, 
and Jacob , and the Children of their Children , righteous 
men, and True-believers, toinftrua the people in the way of 
Salvation; we infpired them to do good works , to pray at 
the time appointed , to pay Tithes, and to worlhip us ; Wc 
gave to Lot prudence and knowledge , and delivered him 
from the Inhabitants of the City , who were the moft vicious 
upon harth, we wxre gracious to him, becaufe he was righ-^ 
teous. Remember Noah, and that he heretofore invoked us • 
we heard his prayer, and delivered him from great dange/, 
and all that vycre with him in the Arke;we delivered him from 
the hand of the wicked, whom we drowned. Remember Da- 
^/^, and Sahrnon, who rendred Juftice in the field, whereinto 
the Hocks of che village entred by night without Shcpheards : 
we are witneflTe of their Judgments , we inftruded Salo^ 
won m Juftice, we gave him prudence and knowledge 
the Mountains adored us with Da^pd , and -with him 


Chap.ii. Tl?e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 201 

the Birds praifed us ; we were with th^m when they 
praifed us. We taught you the maner of fowing [_ feed ] , 
to preferve you from neceffity ; peradventure ye will be . 
thankful to me. We commanded the winds to obey Salomon^ 
and know all that he did. The Devils obeyed him, they dived 
into the Sea, to fifh for Gems for him, and travelled alfo in 
other matters ; and wehindred them to ajflmifchief againft 
men. Remember ^o^,v\ho prayed to bis Lord, and faid, I am 
in exceeding great affiidion ; thou art the merciful of the 
merciful .- V Ve heard him, and delivered him from his aflflid;i- 
on ; gave to him our grace, and to his family, and to them 
that .were with him, who had patience, and trufted in me. 
Remember Ifmaely Enochs * Delcajel, and Z^chary , xhtY "^ Ddeafd is 
perfevered in wel doing ; we gave them our grace, becaufe £0'. 
they were righteous. Remember fonas^ who forfook his peo- ^^^ ^^^^??^ 
pie in difpleafure ; he believed I could do nothing ^igainft ^^^"^^^^^^ ^ 
.him ; but be cryed in the dark, and faid, There is no God be- 
fides thee, praifed be thy name ; I am too blame for having 
offended thee ; We heard him, and delivered him from his 
difafter. TprotedTrue-believers, when they invoke 
me. Remember Zachary, who made his prayer, and faid. Lord, 
I know there is no better Heir in the woiid then thy felf ; yet 
let me not dy without ilTue : We heard his requeft, gave him 
a fon, named fohn^ and rendred his wife fruitful. All thefe 
Prophets went on with alacrity to dovveil, and invoked us 
with humility, with defire to obtain our grace^ and with feac 
of the torments of Hell, Remember Marjy whofe womb I 
blefled 3 we infpired into her our Spirit, and gave her a Sonj a. 
miracle in the world. Your Law is one onely Law, and 1 am 
one onely God , worfhip me, and be not impious ; ye all 
{hall appear before me to be judged. I will protcdtheTTrue- 
believers that {hall have done good works, and will write 
what they fhall do for their reward. Mifery is upon the 
Cities that we have ruined ; their inhabitants (hall not return 
into the world, until the paffage be opened to f^^gog and 
Magogs and they come running from the eminent places of 
the earth 5 then (hail the day of Judgment approach; the 



202 The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t., 

promifed Truth fhall not be far off, it fhall trouble the fight of 
the wicked; Who fhall fay, O mifery 1 We are miferable, 
we did not forefee this difafter ; we have been exceedingly too 
blame for having offended God» Itihall be faid unto them, 
Ye wordiipped inftead of God, the firebrands of Hell , into 
/ which ye Hiall be caft head long .♦ Had your Idols been Gods, 

asye believed, they fhould not h?,veentredHell ; they, and 
thofe that have adored them, fnall be eternally damned • they 
{hall groan, complain, and (hall not be heard / Such as fhall be 
in Paradife, fhail be far remote from them ; they fhall not 
hear their bowlings, and fhall enjoy eternally what they fhall 
defire; thecryes of the damned (hall not afflidthem,- the 
' Angels (hall meet them when they come out of their graves, 
and fhall fay. Behold now the day that was foretold you in 
the world ; a day, wherein we will open the Heavens, and 
the Book of the accompt of all men, as we promifed to your 
predeccffors. We exadly perform what wc promife • we 
have written in the Old Teftament, and afterwards in the 
^W;^, That the righteous fhall inherit the Earth : This 
Book fhall teach the way of Paradife to them that fhall wor- 
fhip me : VVe had not fent thee, but in favor of men ; fay unto 
thern, Ood hath always infpired into me, that your God is one 
Ood, wil ye not obey him ? If they go aftray, I have taught 
you how they muft be intreatcd. Say unto them, I know not 
wnether the punifhment denounced to you Hiall be fpeedy, or 
tardy God knoweth what is known, and unknown in the 
world ; I know not whether he will try you, or defer his 
punifhment until the time appointed ; Heisamoftjuft Tudg, 
and moft merciful 3 he is not fuch as ye fpeak him. - ^ 


Qoap.ii. "The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 205 


The Chapter of Tilgrhnuge , containing fcventy and [even 
Verfesy written at Mecca. 

IN the name of God, gracious and merciful. Oye people / 
fear God. The Earthquake that fjhall happen at the day of 
Judgment fhall be wonderful; ye fhall that day fee mothers 
forget their children,and every one (liall bear his own burden ; 
ye liali fee men drunk, not with wine, but amazed and a- 
ftonidied at the great judgments of God. There be, who 
difpute of the Deity with ignorance, and follow the will of 
the Devi], voluntary, and obftinate; It is written, he fhallfe- 
duce them that obey him, and (liall condud them into Hell. O 
ye people I if ye doubt of the Refurredlion, confider how we 
created you of the duft of the Earth ; with a little water 
fprinkled upon the duft, with congealed blood, and a littk 
flefli intirely, and not intirely formed. I form m the wombs of 
women, what feemeth good to me, at the time appointed. I 
caufe you to come forth children , then I give you life, and 
make you to arrive to the age of virility ; fome die young, and 
others live to extremity of age, to the end they may learn to 
live well. Confider the Earth, dry, dead, and barren ; when 
we fhall caufe rain to fall, it (hall change the face, fhall pro- 
duce and nourifli its fruits of all forts, fair, and pleafing : Be^ 
caufe God is truth it felf, he raifcth again the dead, and is 
Omnipotent. There is no doubt but the day of Judgment 
approacheth , and that God will caufe the dead to rife again. 
There be men that difpute of God without knowledg, without 
reafon, without authority, and go aftray from the way of his 
Law ; they fhall be full of ignominy and fhame in this world, 
and rtiall feel in the other, the pains of Hell. God doth no 
injuftice to his people. There be who adore him with fcruple ; 
if good befal them, they perfevere to adore him ; if evii, 
they return to their impiety, and lofe the riches of Earth, and 
the riches of Heaven ; Thefe two ioflfes are exceeding great ; 


204 Tk Alcoran of Mahomet. 

they invoke Idols inftead of God ; they invoke what can 
" neither benefit, nor hurt them : Such prayers are by-ways, 
far remote from the Commandments of God ; they worlliip 
that which doth rather mifchief, nor advantage them. Cer- 
tainly, God fhall make the True'believers,that do good works, 
to enter into Gardens, wherein flow many Rivers ; he doth 
what feemeth good to him. He that is angry, that Uod givcth 
fuccor, and protedion to Mahomet in this world, and in the 
See i^tab d Other, let him tyc a cord to a beam of his houfe, and hang him- 
temlr. felf ; he fhall fee if his choiler will be allayed. God hath fent 

the Alcoran^ as heretofore he fent the other Scriptures ; it 
containeth his Commandments, clear and intelligible ; it 
guideth into the right way whom it pleafeth him : He at the 
day of Judgment flnall judg the differences that are between 
the faithful, and Infidels ; between the Samaritans^ the Chri- 
ftians, aad Idolaters • he is omnifcient. Seeft thou not that 
all that is in Heaven, and on Earth, the Sun, the Moon, the 
Stars, the Mountains, Trees, andBcafts, adore him? Many 
worfhip him with zeal,but many likewife merit to be punifLed: 
None (hall efteem him, whom God fhall defpife ; he doth as 
feemeth good to him. Thefe two contrary parties, the Be- 
lievers and the Infidels, have difputed of the Deity; but the 
Infidels fhall be encompaffed with flames of Hell, they (hall 
have fhirts of fire, boyling water fhall flow in upon their 
heads ; the fire Qiall burn what is in their bellies, and fliall 
roaft their skin, they fhall be beaten with clubs of iron ; when 
they think to go out of this fire, they fhall enter further into 
it, and be eternally tormented. God fhall caufe the True- 
believers, that have done good works, to go into Gardens, 
wherein flow many Rivers ; they fhall be adorned with brace- 
lets of Gold, and Pearls ; they ("hall be clothed with Silk, and 
enjoy eternal felicity, bccaufe they have profefTcd his Unity ; 
and the Infidels fhall fufFer great torments, for that they have 
hindred the people to imbrace the Faith, and vifit the Temple 
oi Meccuj which God hath cftablifhed to be therein adored 
of all the world: He that ihall befolicited to vifit it, and 
(hall enter it, with defjgn to return to his impiety, fhall be 


(l^ap.ii^ Tloe Alcoran o/M a h o m e t. 205. 

feverely punifhed. Remember, that we fhewed to Ahnzham 
the place to build rhe Temple of Mecca ; that we commanded 
him to adore me alone, and to purge my Temple from Idols , 
for the fatisfadion of them that fbould there makeproccffions. 
Men {hall come thicner to vifit thee from all parts,on foot, and 
' on horfe- b?.ck ; they {hall receive profit, they ihall there make 
their prayers ar the times appointed, and the days nominaced ; 
thsy fliail thank th.e Lord for his benefits towards them, and 
the riches which he hath given them ; and fhall make likewifc 
procelHons at the old Temple. He that fhall reverence itjlhall 
do exceeding well, and fhail be recompenced of his Lord. Ic 
is lawful for you to eat of all clean Beafls, except of fuchas 
have been heretofore prohibited ; Depart from the pollution 
of Idols ; beware of bearing falfe witnefs, and be obedient 
to God. He that faith, God hath a Companion, is like to 
him that fell head- long from Heaven, whom the Birds de- 
voured, and the wind caft into a remote place, fullof miferies. 
He that fhall reverence the fignes of the power of God, will 
not doubt of his Law , and fhall be rewarded for his good 
works at the time appointed , if he vifit the old Temple of 
Mecca* We have given to all Nations of the world a law to 
offer their Sacrifices, and to return thanks to their Lord, for 
having given them advantage above all forts of Be afts. Your 
God is one God, obey his Commandments, proclaim a great 
reward to them that are obedient to him, to them that tremble 
with fear, when they hear mention of his name ; that arc pati- 
ent in their adverfity, that pray at the time appointed, and 
difpence in alms fome part of the wealth that we have given 
them. We have created the female Camel for align of our 
unity, fhc fhall be profitable to you in this world. Remember 
to pronounce the name of God, when ye fhall facrifke her, 
(landing on her feet ; when fhe fhall fall dead on the ground, Tk Pil- 
eat of her fleCh , if it like you , and give to eat to fuch as g^ms Sacri- 
(hall require it. We have made her fubjed to you : perad- , ^ ,^"^" 
venture ye Will be thankful tome for this grace. God pro- 
moteth before him, neither the flefh of this Beafl, nor the 
blood, but onciy the good works ttet ye perform. He hath 



20 6 Tl?e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e x. Qoap.ii4 

thus Tub jeded it, That ye may exalt it, and give him thanks for 
having guided you into the right way. Proclaim to the righ- 
teous, That God will remove far from them the malice of the 
wicked; he abhorreth Tray tors, and the Jngratefuj : Declare 
to fuch as right againfc Inhdels, to repair the injury they have 
done them ; that Cod is fufficicntly powerful to prote^ 
them. SVhen :hey were driven from their houfes withouc 
re^fon ; they faid, God is our Lord ; Had not God ftirred up 
the people againit each other, the Covents of the Religious, 
the Churches of tht Chriftians, the Synagogues of the Jews, 
and the Temples of the Believers, had been ruined, ('through 
Sec Gclallin^ the miiititude of the wacked, and their malice. ) The name of 
God is exalted in the Temples of believers, and therein is his 
Law def-nded and protected, God is mod ftrong ; he hath all 
power over his people. Thofc whom God hath eftabliflied 
on Earth, with vidory over their enemies, make their prayers 
in the maner ordained 5 pay Tithes, and enjoyp. to do what is 
honeft. and civil ; forbid to do what is prohibited Of God, 
who knoweth the end of all things. If ^he infidels traduce 
thee, their predeceffors traduced Noah^ Aad, (^haih, Abraham, 
and Lot, they alfo flandcred Mofes : God for a time deferred 
their puniihment, but in the end moft feverely Ghafrifed them; 
How many Cities have vye deftroyed;becaufe of their impiety ? 
We have overthrown, and made them defart, through the 
death of their inhabitants. Shall thofe of Mecca walk for 
ever upon Earth, with an hard heart, without reflecting upon 
•what hath heretofore befaln the Infidels? Their eyes are not 
blinde,but their hearts aire blinde, and hardned :' They will re- 
quire thee to caufe the wicked to be fpeedily chaftifed ; God 
will not go againft what he hath promifcd : One day before 
thy Lord, is as a thoufand yc^rs before men. How often hath 
the punifhments oi; impious Cities been deferred, that in the 
end were deftroyed .^ The whole world Thall one d^y be 
aifemblcd before me, to be recompenced after their merits. 
Say unto them, O people / I preach unto you publikely the 
torments of Hell ; fuch as {liall believe, and do good works, 
iliall receive pardon of their fins, and a precious tieafure ; 


rhap.ii> T?;^ Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e r. 207 

they that Qiall endevor to make voyd the faith, (hall be damn- 
ed. We fent our Prophet to reade only our Commandments 
to the people ; the unbelievers reade many things that are not 
in the Alcoran ; but God hath made vain what the Devil had 
there inferted, and confirmed the precepts of his Law ; What 
the Devil there inferted, ferveth for fedition to them that arc 
weak in their faith, and have an hard heart. The Infidels are in 
an exceeding great error, and are far from the Truth. Such as 
have the knowledg of Scripture, know that the Alcoran is 
truth it felf , which proceedeth from thy Lord ; They believe 
in it, and humble their heart in reading it. God guideth into 
the right way fuch as believe in the truth ; The Infidels (liall be 
in doubt, until they be furprized of the day of Judgment. 
That day fhall they be rigoroufly chaftifed , that Ajl^ (liall God 
command, a. d judg the good and the bad ; the righteous that 
(hall have bei.t ved, and done good works, (hall enter into de- 
licious Gardens ; and the Infidels that (hall have dilobeyed 
his Commandments, (liall fuffer exceeding great torments. 
They that departed from Mecca^ and went to Medina^ to See Gclddin, 
abandon the foctety of unbelievers, and were fl tin, or died of 
(icknefs, Ihall be rewarded of his divine Majtfty. God is the 
greateft benefador in the world; he fhall give them to enter 
where they ll:iall defire ; he is omnifcient, and moft merciful. 
The believers that fhall take revenge of the injury that the 
unbelievers have done them, fhall be proteded of God : He 
is gracious and merciful towards his people ; he maketh day to 
enter into night, and night into day j he heareth the prayers 
of True- believers, and feeth whatfoever they do ; and will 
proted them, becaufe he is truth it felf Idols are but vanity ; 
and God is moft high, and omnipotent. Doft thou not con- 
fide c that God fendeth the rain from Heaven, and that 
the Earth becometh green ? He is benign to his people , 
and knowcth all [^things ;] whatfoever is in Heaven and 
Earth, is his 5 he hath no need of his people , and ought 
to be exalted. Seeft thou not that God hath uibjecled to 
you all the beafts that are upon the earth ? Seed thou not 
that the fhip runneth upon the fea, through his command, to 


20 8 ' The Alcoran 0/ M a h o :m e t. Qmp.ii* 

tranfport you and your fubftance ? Seed thou not, that he 
hindreth heaven to fall upon the earth? certainly he is benign, 
and merciful;He it is that hath given you life and death ,; he 
(hall make you to die, and fhall raife you again, neverthelefs 
man is ingrateful for his favors. We have given a law to all 
the Nations of the world, to guide them into the right way ; if 
they obferve it, they will not difpute againft thee. Invoke thy 
Lord, thou art in the right way ; if they difpute againft thee ; 
Say unto them, God knoweth all your adions, he fliall judge 
your differences at the day of Judgment; knoweft thou not that 
God knoweth whatfoever is in heaven or in earth ? All is 
written, and this is mofl: eafie to his divine Majefty. Idolaters 
adore without reafon, Idols that underftand not whether they 
be gods or no, that fhall be without protedion at the day of 
Judgment ; when they preach to men my Commandments, 
they know by their countenance thofe that are impious,and in- 
grateful for my graces; they would with wrath fail upon them 
that inftrud them. Say unto them, I declare unto you things 
more grievous: God hath prepared the fire of bell to chaftife 
Infidels. O people / A parable is related to you, hear it. All 
the Idols that ye adore cannot create a flie ; when they fhall 
be affembled to do it, if the flies corrupt any thing that is of- . 
feredtothem, they have not the power to drive them away, 
becaufe of their impotencie, and the weakneis of them that a- 
dore them : They praife not God in that manner as is jutt and 
reafonable,he is moft ftrong,and raoft powerful;he hath chofen 
meffengers to bear and execute his Commandments among 
Angels and men; heheareth whatfoever they fay, beholdeth 
whatfoever they do, he knoweth whatfoever they have done, 
and all things obey him. O ye that believe .' honor and wor- 
fhip your Lord, and do good, perhaps ye fhall beblefled; 
Fight for the eftabhfliment of his Law with affedion, he hath ' 
chofen you to follow it ; he hath not given you a Law heavy, 
and troublefom. It is the Law of <:y^brakim your father, he 
hath ftiled you cheRefigned to God, before the coming of the 
Alcoran : fhe Prophet (l^all teftifie againft you at the day of 
Judgment, and ye (hall teftifie againft the people, that the 


Chap.i]. Tl:€ Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 209 

Prophet hath preached to them the right way ; perfevere in 
your prayers, pay tithes, and truft in God.he is your Lord,and 
your Protedor. 


The Chapter oft rut Believers, contaimng m hmdreA Andtigh- 
teen Verfes, written at Mecca. 

I the Name of God, gracious and mercifull. Certainly the 
True believers (hall be bleflfed, that make their prayers with 
humility 5 they abftain from reviling, they pay tithes, they 
commit not wharedom, they touch not other women then 
their own, and their flaves ; fuch as covet other, tranfgrefs the 
bounds of rcafon ; they that faithfully preferve what hath been 
entrufted to them ; ihey that effed what they have promi- 
fed, and that make their prayers at the time appointed, (hall 
be heirs of Paradife, where they ftiall dwell eternally. We for- 
med man of the duft of the earth, with mire, blood congealed, 
with a little fle(h, and bones, which we inverted with 
skin; we another time created him, when we breathed in- 
to him the foul in the body, and blefled him, as one of our 
faircft ornaments. O men ! ye all (hall die, and fhall rife again See Gelaldin, 
at the day of Judgment ; we created above you fevcn heavens, 
and have care of the confervation of all people that are be- 
neath ; we fend water from heaven to fatisfie your neceffitics ; 
we make it to fall upon the earth, and have power to caufe to 
pafsaway and deprive you [of it. ] We have created, and 
made gardens to bring forth Date trees. Grapes, and many 
other fruits, by which ye live ; we created trees in the moun- 
tain oiSinaiy that produce oyl, and * tindure; ye receive great * Or dying 
advantage by beafts, they fultain you with milk, and afford colours, 
you many other profits , ye mount them; and (hips alfo to car- 
rie you whither ye defire to go. We fent Noah^ who fpake to 
the people, and faid, wor{hip one God alone, what other god 
will ye implore but him } Will ye not fear to worlhip ano- 

P ther f 

210 Tjf?e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Chap.iy 

ther? The chief among the people that were Idolaters, 
faid to their adherents, This man is a man like your fclve?, 
he would appear, and be efteemed more then you ; if God 
would be adored alone, as he faith, he would caufe an Angel to 
defcend, that (liould bring his Commandments ; we have not 
heard fpoken to our predeccflTors, what he faith ; he is a man 
poffeflfed of the devill, tarry, and ye fhall fee what will be- 
come of him ; Then iV<?^/7'faid, Lord, proted me againft them, 
and defend me from their blafphemies ; we commanded him 
to build an Ark , when our Commandment was given to de- 
ftroy the wicked, and when the water of his caldron boyled, 
we commanded him to enter into the Ark, with two beafts of 
every kindc, and fpecies ; all men we deftroyed, except them 
of whom we have before fpoken, fwe faid unto him J fpeak not 
to me for Infidels, they fhall be drowned, when thou fhalt have 
taken order for every thing that muft enter into the Ark with 
thee. Say, praife be to God, who hath delivered us from the 
malice of the wicked, Lord, give us to defcend in ableffed 
place, thou art the beft Pilot in the world. It was a fign of my 
omnipotency to prove the people of iV<?^^ : we created afcer 
them another people, to whom we fent an Apoftle, to inftrudl 
them to worfhip one God; and he faid, what God will yee 
adore other then God? will ye not fear his wrath? Their 
Dodlors that were impioHS,who denied theRefurredion of the 
flefh, and on whom we had conferred the wealth of the earth, 
faid, he is a mart,he eateth and drinketh like you,if ye obey not 
a man like to your felvcs,ftiall ye be deftroyed Moth he promife 
y©u to return into the worlds after having been bones and 
duft ?0 abufc / O abufe I ye are abufed in what he promifeth, 
he is a man like others, he is a lyar, we will not believe him :■ 
That Apoftle faid. Lord, preferve me from their blafphemies, 
they fhall repent fuddenly of their impiety; then thunder fur- 
prifed them, and deftroyed them, as they deferved ; we made 
the land dry and barren without fruit, and created other per* 
fons in their place. Man cannot die before his hour, and none 
can retard it; we fent our Apoftles, and our Prophets to in- 
ftrudl the peofrtc, but they were (lain one after another, every 


Chaj^.iy Tl:>e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 21 j 

Nation traduced the Prophet that we fent to them, and we 
made them icrve for examples to pofterity, and dcftroyed the 
wicked. We fent LMofes and his brother <i^aron to Pharoah^ 
and his Dodors, with our miracles, and vyith moft intelligible 
reafons; they arofe againft the Faith, they tormented the 
children of //r<ff/, and faid, (hall we believe in a man like to 
our felves. of them that obey us ? They flandred both of them, 
and were in the number of the damned. We gave to Mofes the 
Book of the Law, peradventure it will guide the children of 
Ifrael into the right way ; we created fe/fu^ and Marj his mo- 
ther, they are figns of our Unity 5 we cftabliflied them in an 
eminent place, wbf re they Ihyed nere a fountain. OApoftlcs 
and Prophets ! eat of the fruiti of the earth, and do good, I 
know whatfoever ye do ; your Law is one Law, and I alone ana 
your Lord ; take heed to your felves, follow not the law of 
the Infidels, every one liketh what he doth, depart from the 
wicked, and leave them in their errors, an accompt (ball be re- 
quired of them of the riches, and of the children that we have 
given them, but they know it not. Such as fear the punifhment 
of their Lord, that obey his Commandments, profefshis Unity, 
give almsof the fubftance that he hath given them, and fear in 
their heart, that they are not acceptable to them, (hall appear 
in his prefence ; fuch as (hall obey him, (hall enjoy his grace ; 
he requireth not of any man what he is unable to perform We 
have a book that dedareth the truth, no injuftice (hall be done 
to him that (hall do what he is able ; certainly the Infidels are 
in ignorance of the Alcoran, they adl what is quite contrary, 
to that which is commanded true believers ; but we have pu- 
ni(hedthe chiefamong them in their pro fperity. Be not this 
day refolute, yee (hall not be proteded of us. Our Com- 
mandments arc taught you, neverthelcfs ye are returned upon 
your fteps, and are rifen againll the Faith, and in difcouf(ing 
by night, withdrew your (elves from the righteous. Confider 
they not the words Qof the Alcoran ^~\ Doth it contain any 
thing that hath oot been ordained to their predece(rors ? 
Know they not ^e Prophet that God hath fent to them ? 
Wherefore will they not acknowledg him f VVill they lay 

P 2 that 

212 The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t, Chap.ii. 

that he is poffeflfcd of the devill.^ On the contrary, he teacheth 
them the truth,neverthelefs the greateft part of them deteft him; 
if their will had place, heaven and earth, and whatfoever is be- 
twixt them (bould be confounded ; we have inftruded them in 
the Law which they ought to obrerve,but they have renounced 
it ; Doft thou require of them any recompence for thy inftru- 
ftions f Thy Lord fliall reward thee, there is none that is of 
power to recompence thee better then He. Call them to the 
right way ; fuch as fliall not believe the Refurredion, (hall 
err. If we pardon and deliver them from afflidion, they will 
ftill continue in their errors, to their confufion ; we heretofore 
chaftifcd them, neverthelefs they humble not themfelves, nei- 
ther implored their Lord ; and when we opened upon them the 
gate of our Judgments, they became dcfperate. God hath 
given you fight, hearing, and fenfe, but few among you return 
him thanks ; he it is that hath created you of earth, ye fhall one 
day be aflfcmbled before him to be judged ; he it is that giveth 
life and death, and maketh the difference of day and night, 
will you not honor him, neither confidcr ? On the contrary, 
they have faid , as did their predcceflbrs , wherefore 
(hall we die? our bones (hall beduft, and fhall we rife 
again ? This was heretofore promifed to our fathers, and 
to us, certainly it is but an old fong ; Say unto them, to whom 
appertaineth the earth, and whatfoever is in the earth, if ye 
know [^its Creator and King .?] They will fay, it is Gods; 
Say unto them, know ye not then, that he that created you can 
raife you again? Who is Lord ofthefeven heavens? who 
pofferteth the throne of heaven ? They will fay, it is God ; fay 
unto them, will ye not fear then to worfhip any other God 
buthim ? Say unto them, who is King of all things ? who fu- 
ftaineth them, and is fuftamed of none ? They will fay, that it 
is God ; Say unto them, why then do ye deceive your felves / 
we have taught them the truth, but they have rejeCled it, and 
faid, that God had a fon ; were there another God with God, 
the one would undo what the other hath done, and. they 
would rife the one againft the other. PraiTed be God, what 
they affirm is not true, God knoweth that is paft, the 


Qoa^.t]* Tl:e Alcoran 0/ Mahomet. 215 

prefenc, and the future- he hath no companion; Say, Lord, 
give me to fee the effed of all that thou haft promifed to them, 
and put me not among the unjuft, deliver us from evill, and 
do good to us, I know their impiety; Lord deliver me from the 
temptations of the devill, deliver me from their malice; 
when any one among them dieth, he faith, Lord, permit me to 
return into the world I will do better then 1 have doae ; there 
is no return, it is to fpeak in vain, there is an obftaclc bchindc 
them, thut detaineth them untill the day ot Judgment; when 
the Trumpet (hall found, nothing fhall retard them, they fhall 
not glory, nor difcourfe with each other; theballanceof the 
bkiTcd fli'/li be heavy with good works, and the ballance of 
the curfed iliall be light of good works. Have not my Com- 
mandments been preached unto you, wherefore did yc con- 
temn them ? They (hall fay. Lord, our mifcry prevailed over 
us,wewereminead.i ord deliver us from this mifery, the con- 
trary was promifed to U5, truly we are exceedingly too blame. 
It (hall be faid unto them, depart into the fire,and never fpeak 
to come out. Many of them that worfhipmc, fay, Lord, we 
believe in thee, pardon our (ins, thou art merciful. Ye have 
derided them, O ye wicked / and have defpifed my Com- 
mandments, but I will reward them for their perfeverance, and 
they fhall be ble(red. It (hall be faid to thofe that rife again, 
how many years have ye remained in the earth ? they fhall 
anfwer, we have been there a day, or fome dayes; ask of the 
Angels appointed to keep the accompt,ye have been there but 
a little time, did ye know it,do you believe that I have created, 
andaflembled you before me in vain.' Praife and exalt God, 
King of Truth, there is no God but he, he is king of heaven \ 
he is void of reafon that invoketh another god with Him, he 
fhall give accompt of his adions, and the Infidels (hall be mi- 
ferable ; Say, Lord, pardon the (ins of the righteous, thou art 
the great merciful. 

p 3 CHAP. 

214 Tl)e Alcoyan 0/ M a h o m e t. Q^ap.ij^: 


The Chapter of Light ^ cmtdmng f event j and fmre Verfes^ 

"Written at Medina. 


N the Name of Godj gracious and aiercifull. We have fent 
this Chapter containing our Commandments clear and in- 
telligible, peradventure ye will learn them. The * Cata- 
boy k^un- ^^^^ ^"^ ^^^ Concubine (hall be whipt with an hundred 
lawfully: 'ftripes; take heed left clememcy caufe you to forget the pre- 
cepts of the. Law of God , believe in his divine Majefty , and 
the day of Judgment; Some of the True- believers {hall be 
witne&s of their puniihment ; The Catamite lying with a 
Concubine, or an JnfideJl , the Concubine lying with a Cata- 
mite or Infidell, thefe things are forbidden the True-he- 
lievers. He that fliall accufe afi honeft woman of adultery, 
(hall be whipt with twenty four ftripes, unlefs he prove his 
accufation by four witneites, and (liall never be credited in 
teftimony. They that do fuch things, are without the obedi- 
ence of God, except thofe that repent, and fatisfie what they 
owe, God (hall be to them gracious and mercifuU. They that 
(hall accufe their wives of adultery , and have no witneflfes, 
ftiall fwear four times that they fpeak the truth, andfhallthe 
fifth time call for the curfe of God to be upon them, if they 
be lyars. The wife fhall be exempt from punifhment, if (he 
fwear foure times that her husband is a lyar , and if the fifth 
time (he pray that the wrath and indignation of God may be 
upon her , if what her husband hath faid be true ; In this, 
maniner doth God gratifie you , that ye may underftand the 
See GMdin, truth, he is moft gracious and moft wife. That Troup that made 
defedion from the True-believers with a lye , and falfe tefti- 
naony, did you no harme; on the contrary , they did advan- 
tage you; every one (hall bear the burden of his finnes, the 
This is Ah' ^^^ malicious among them {hall be thrown headlong into 
dallabm Sc- the torments of Hell; It was an happinefs that ye heard the 
iG'ii^, fenfe of the Believers from their own mouth, when they faidj 



Qhcif,Z4^> T/;e Alcoran o/' Mahomet. 215 

that thofe men lycd impudently; if they had not prefented 
thofefoure witneffes, they had found none other, they are OntoiM^- 
lyars , without the grace and mercy of God , they fliould ^'""*^^^ ^^[[^ 
have already felt great torments in this world, and in the o- ofaduUe?y*^ 
ther becaufe of chat impofture : When they fpake of what wituiV^^^i^^j 
they were ignorant , ye deemed it to be nothing ; but it is an by Mahomts 
exceeding great fin before God , if When ye htard it, yee ^n^niies. 
faid, that to fpeak of thofe things did not concerne you , yt 
knew it to be an impofture, God forbiddeth you to relapfe, if 
ye believe in his Law , he thus declareth to you his pleafure, 
he is omnifcicnt and moft prudent j Such as defire to caft ob- 
loquie among the True- believers, fhall berigoroufly chaftifed 
in this world, and in the other, God knoweth that of which 
ye are ignorant : Had not God been favourable to you , he 
had chaftifed you in burning fury , he is gracious and mer- 
cifuU. Oh ye that are True-believers I follow not the foot- 
ftepsof thebevill, he will enjoyne you vice and fin; had 
not God gratified you with his mercy, not any among you 
fhould have been purged from that impofture, but God puri- 
fieth whom he feeth good , he heareth all , and krioweth all 
your intentions. The moft rich , and powerfull among you 
have not fworne to do no good to their parents , the poorc, 
or to them that fight for the Law of Goa , neverthelefs they 
do it not to them, and flie them ; defire they not that God 
ftiould pardon them ? He is neither gentle nor pitifuil but to- 
wards True- believers. They that accufe of immodefty , wo- 
men chafte , innocent, and faithfull, fhall be accurfed in this 
world, and fhall fuffer great torments at the day , when their 
tongues, their hands , and their feet ftiall teftifie againft them ; 
at the fame time fhall God pay to them what fhall be due Unto 
them without injuftice , and they (liall know that God is truth 
itfelfe. The wicked women fhall fpeak as the wicked men. 
and the wicked men as the wicked women : The good C wo- 
men ] fhall fpeak as the good Q men 'J and the good [ men ] 
as the good women ; the good are innocent of the impofture 
of the wicked, they (hall enjoy the grace of God, and the 
treafurcs of Faradife. Oh ye that are True-belicv«rs 1 enter 

p 4 not 

2i6 Tk Alcorano/M AHOM E T. Chap.i^. 

not into anothers houfe without permiinon , if ye falutc 
them that dwell there, ye (liall do well; pcradvcnturc ye will 
bemindflill ; if yefindenone of the houfe, enter not with- 
out pcrmiflion ; iftheyfpeak to you to return, yc fliall re- 
turn , it is better (then to ftay at the doore) God beholdeth 
all that yc do , yc (liall not offend God to enter into houfes 
inhabited, if ye have^affaires there, God knowech all your 
intentions. Speak unto the True-believers, that they containe 
their fight, that they be chaftc, that they do good, and that 
God knoweth all their adions. Speak unto the true believe- 
ing women, that they containe their fight, and that they be 
chaftc 5 that they fuffer nothing of their beauty tobc fecrij but 
what ought to be feen, that they c( yer their bofome, and their 
vifage, that they permit themnot to be feen,but by their huf- 
bands , their Children, the Children of their husbands , their 
brothers, their nephews, their fifters, their women, and 
their daughters, maid-fervants, and (laves by their dome- 
ftiqucs, that are not capable of marriage, by children that re^ 
gard not the beauty of women , and that they move not their 
feet, to {hew they are well (hod. Implore pardon of God, 
peradventure ye (hall be happy ; many maidens of your own 
Religion, the daughters of the righteous, or your flaves, if they 
be poore , God fhall enrich them with his grace , he is moft 
liberall and omnifeient. Such as have not means to marry, 
(hall live chaftly, urjtill God hath given them means : Such as 
have defire to marry their flaves, Qiall have power to pafTe a 
Contrad of marriage, if they know them to be wife, and 
fliall give them part of the wealth that God hath beftowed on 
them, dcfpife not your wives that are chafte,to commit whore- 
dome ; if ye defire good in this world , if yee contemne them, 
God {lull be to tht m propitious and mercifull ; We have fent 
to yoLi thefe precepts, clear and intelligible, like to them that 
were taught your Predcciflbrs, to be preached to the righte- 
ous-; God illuminateth the rleaven and the Earth , as the 
Lamp char, is in the Lanthorne of Chryftall, ^td^ with oylc of 
the blelTed Olive ; It feemeth to be a Star full of light, which 
goeth neither to the Weft, nor the Eaft, and yeildeth bright. 


QapM' ^^^ Alcofan o/M a h o >i e T. 217 

^idTupoB brightnefs ; God guideth by his light whom it plea- 
feth hhn he teacheth his people parables , and ts ommfcient. 
hepermittethyou to pray fe him in your houfes , there to be 
miE of his natr.c, and to exalt h.m evening and morning. 
Oh ve men ! your affaires ought not to hinder your remem- 
brance of his divine iMajefty, to make your prayers at the time 
appointed.neither to pay T.thes Fear the day when the hearts 
of menAall be perplexed, and their fight troubled, when God 
{hall r.ward and chaftife every one after his works , and QiaU 
auament his grace upon the good ; he enricheth with his mnu- 
Sle benefits whom to hfm feemcth good. The good works 
of the wicked are like to m.fts in a fpac.ous plain, they feeme to 
be water .when afar ofF.and oeing approached nothing is to be 
there found • They fhall finde before God the iJook, wherein is 
wr' «en wha'tfoever they have done, he (hall punifh them uccor- 
ding to their demerits , he is exact to keep actompt, Their 
aflions are moreover like to the darknefs that is in theborrom 
of the fea. that is covered with wave upon wave, oi-fcui-.ty 
and darknefs upon one another, he that is n this 'l^f'^ne" ^^n- 
not lee his hand ; he that (hall not be illuminated by God, 
(hall not fee a jot : Seeft thou not , that whatfoever is in s .ea- 
yenandVarthexalteththegloryof God Mhe Birds extend 
their wings before him to praife him, he heareth the prayers 
of lllhiscreatures, and underftandeth the prayfes that th y 
Pive him he knoweth all that they do , he is King of Heaven 
Searth. the refuge of all the world: Seeft thou not how 
he affembleth the clouds ? how he placeth them one upon an- 
other > Confidereft thou not how the ram falleth through 
their pores ? and that God caufeth fre(h water to defcend 
from the mountains ? He hath given it to whom feemeth good 
to him,he caufeth the brightnefe of lightning to approach men 
which blindeth their (ight, and overwhelmeth the day with 
night ; Thefe things are fignes of his omni{)otency to cheni hat - 
condderthem.- He created of a little water all forts of hvmg 
Creatures J fome creep upon the Earth, others walk upon two 
feet, and others upon four; *c created what pleafed him, he is 
omnipotent. Certainly, he hath icnt a Law clear and .md 1- 

21 8 The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Q?ap,2^,. 

gible,tocondud into the right way whom it fliall feemgood 
to hisn. The Infidels fay, Wc believe in God,and his Prophet ; 
neverthclefs a party among them abandon his Law, and be- 
lieve not in his divine Majefty : When they are called before 
Cod, and before the Prophet, to judg their differences , many 
among them rcfufe to come ; if they come, it is with con- 
tempt. They are greatly afflided at heart, do they fear that 
God and his Prophet will do them injuftice ? On the contrary, 
they therafclves arc unjuft. When the True-believers are called 
before God, and the Prophet, to be judged ; they fay , We 
have heard and obeyed, they are not ignorant. Thofc that 
ftiall obey God, and his Prophet, fhall be bleffed. Many 
fwear to fight gallantly for the faith, when they fhall be com- 
manded to march againft the enemy ; fay unto them, Swear 
not, your obedience to the Prophet (hall be preferred to your 
oaths, God knowcth whatfoevcr ye do ; fay unto them. Obey 
God, and his Prophet ; if they be difobedienr, they Qiall bear 
their burden, and ye Oiall bear your own ; if ye obcy,yc fhall 
follow the right way. The Prophet is obliged onely to preach 
intelhgibly; Godpromifeth to the True- believers, that dial! 
do good works , that they iliall live long upon earth, as he 
^aT-^^^ ^o tl^em that were before them, that they might 
eftabliih the Law that he gave them : he (hall change their fear 
into affurance ; he iliall deliver them from terror, that they 
may adore him alone,without Companion. He that is wicked. 
Will depart from the obedience which he oweth to God .• 
Make your prayers at the time appointtrd. pay Tithes,and obey 

u r^CA^i^^ ' ^^^ ^^^^ ^'^^ y^" ^^^ mercy. Believe not that 
the Inhdels are more powerful on Earth then we ; they fhall 
be precipitated into the fire of Hell O ye that are True-be- 
liever§ I your (laves and your fervints of free- condition (hall 
require leave of you, to enter where yc (hall be thrice, viz. 
^etore the prayer at break of day, after noon, and after 
lupper . they (hall not offend in entring without leave, where 
ye ihall be at another time ; they enter there to ferve you. In 
this nianer doth God teach you hfs Commandments, he know- 
cth the humor of his Creatures, and is moft prudent in all 


(l?ap.i4> Tl?e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 219 

that he ordaineth. It is ordained to yowr children, when 
they fliall be at age of difcrction, to demand of you permiffi- 
on to do what they fhall defire , as did your predeceffors : 
Thus doth God teach you his Commandments ; he is gracious 
and mercifiil. The old and decrepit women (Lall not offend 
God, to quit their vails, and difcover their faces ; provided 
it be without vanity, anddcfign to fhew their ornaments ; If. 
theyabftain, they fhall do well, God heareth whatfoeveryc 
fay, andknoweth all that is in your hearts. The blinde, the $cej(itdel 
lame, the fick, and you alfo, fhall not fin, to eat in the houfe of moir. 
your children ; at the houfe of your father and mother, bro- 
thers, fifters uncles, aunts, friends; and in the houfe of your 
fervants ; ye fhall not offend God, if ye eat together, or apart. 
When ye iliall enter into any houfe, falyte each other from 
God, with blefTing and affection. Thus doth God teach you 
hisCommandments.peradventure you will learn them. When 
thofe that believed in God, and his Prophet, repaired to the 
Prophet, they retired not without his permiffion. Such as 
required leave (to depart j believe m God, and his Prophet ; 
if they require leave of thee for any bufinefs , licence whom 
(hall feem good to thee, and pray to God for them ; he isSccKjtabel 
gracious and merciful. Call not the Prophet, as ye call one ^f»^^?'. 
another among you : God knoweth fuch as fhamtfully depart 
out of the Temple, and the "^ rcnch. Such as dil'obey his Com.- 
mandments, ought to take heed, left fome mifchief behl ch m, 
and that they fuffer not great torments : VV hatfoever is m the 
Heavens, or on Earth, is Gods ; he knoweth if ye are zealous See Gdddm, 
in your faith, or be hypocrites ; he knoweth the day wherein 
all the world (liall be affembled before him \\o be judged,] in 
that day fhall men fee what they have done 5 he knoweth all 



tfpe Alcoran of M a h o u e t. Qhap.iy 


7 he Chapter of the Akor^n, cont^iiningfeventy and f even Vcrfes^ 
Ver itten at M^cci' 

IN the name of God, gracious and merciful : Praifed be he 
that fent the zAlcerAn to his fervant to inftrudl the world ; 
he is King of the Heavens and Earth ; he hith no Son, nor 
Companion in his reign ; he created and ordained every thing. 
The Infidels worQiip Gods that can create nothing, and are 
things created ; they can neither do them good nor evil, they 
can give neither life nor death,ncither caufe them to rife again. 
They fay that i^ZftAlcoran is but a fable of thine invention, 
invented with the affiftance of fome other perfon ; but they 
lye and blafpheme. They fay that it is but an old Song, and a 
fable of the Ancients that thou writeft, and that thou ftudicft 
morning and evening. Say unto them. It was fent by him 
that knoweth all things in Heaven and Earth, altogether gra- 
cious and merciful. They faid. Who is this Prophet ? He cat- 
cth bread and meat, and walketh through the ftrcets ; we 
will not believe him, unlefs an Angel defcend from Heaven to 
preach to us with him ; unlefs that Angel enrich him, and that 
he have a Garden full of good and favory fruits ; he is but a 
wizard, or one pofTtffed of the Devil. Confider to what they 
^ compare thee ; certainly they are in error, and cannot findc 
the right way. Praife and blefs him that is able to beftow on 
thee a greater good, when it (hall feem good to thee, to wit, 
Gardens, wherein flow many Rivers, and houfes of plcafurc. 
They have denyed the certainty of Univerfal Judgment, and 
we have prepared the fire of Hell to punifh them ; wrath (hall 
carry them away wish terrible cry es: when they fliall behold 
the place of the adembly of Judgment ; when they (hall there 
appear, they fhall be deiperare, and fliall cry, O mifery ! Cry 
not O mifery, cry O miferies 1 . (in the PluraU Ask of them 
which is better, and more advantageous, that, or Paradife, 
which is prepared for the recompcnce of the righteous, where 


(}ap.i')* T'he Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 221 

they fliall dwell eternally with all manner of felicity ; This is 
it that God hath promifed, and that which was impetrated 
of his Divine Majefty, (for them that have his fear before 
their eyes ) I will one day affemble Idolaters,with their Idols ; 
God (liall fay unto them, you are they who have feduced my 
creatures from the right way; Theyfhall fay, praifed be thy 
name ; we ought to have worfhipped none but thy divine 
Majefty , but the wealth that thou gaveft to our ^')agiftrates, 
and thetrlife, which thou didft prolong , caufed them to for- 
get thy Commandments J they were pernicious men , in that 
they abjured thy Law, they cannot this day be exempt from 
thepunifhment of our crimes, neither proted us againft thy 
wrath. The Idolaters fliallbe rigoroufly punidied ; The Pro- 
phets that we fent before thee, did cat bread and meat , and 
walked through the ftreets ; we prove them one after ano- 
ther : Ferfevcre , God beholdeth them that are patient. 
Thofe that believe not in the Refurredion , have faid. 
The Angels are not defccnded from Heaven , we have not 
feen God -, they are become proud , and are fallen into 
an exceeding great error , but the wicked fliali one day 
be without comfort ; when they fee the Angels, they (hall cry, 
help, help I We will fet before their eyes all the (ins that 
they have committed ; the good works which they ihall 
think to have done, fhall be like to duft. whahthe winde 
carryeth away ; and the blefled ihall enjoy a moft certaine 
good, they (hall hear of nothing but what contentech them. 
When the Heaven and the aire fliall divide themfelves , and 
the Angels (hall defcend > then fhall the truth appear> and chc 
mercifull fhall raign ; that day fhall be tedious to Inhdels,they 
fhall bite their fingers, and fay, would to God ^ had followed 
the Prophet and his Apoftk? Oh mifery 1 would to God I 
hadnotcontrafledamity withfuchan InfidelL he feduced me 
from the right way , he hindred me to believe in the Alcora» 
which God fent; certainly the Devill hath tempted men; 
Then fhall the l^rophet fay, Lord,fuch as have followed me, 
have obeyed what is written in the ^y^lcoran , and the Infidels 
have rejeded it. We have appointed an enemy among the 


2 21 The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e x. Chap.i^. 

wicked , to every Prophet of them that were before thee, but 
it fufficeth thee that God guideth and protedeth thee. The 
Infidels have demanded, if the J /cor an W2isknt all at once ; 
I have fo done to confirme the truth in thy heart , I have fcnt 
it piece by piece , they (hall not (hew thee any thing like unto 
it ; I have inftruc^ed thee in the truth , clear and intelligible ; 
the incredulous fhall be confined in the fire of Hell, and be 
moft miferable. Certainly , We gave to Mofes the book of 
the Law, we fent with him his brother Aaron to aflilt him, 
and faid unto them, Goe both of you, preach unto Infidels, 
we will deftroy them, unlefs they be converted. When the 
people of 2^^^ defpifed our Commandment, we drowned 
them , and made them ferve for example to pofterity , and 
prepared great torments for the impious. Remember Jaci^ 
Temod, and thofe that dwelt nigh unto the well, a long time 
after them; we fpake to them in parables, and dtftroyed them. 
Oh ye wicked 1 confider the mifery of the City , upon which 
fell that mifchievous rain, that deltroyed them , bccaufe the 
Inhabitants believed not in the Relurredion. When the In- 
fidels faw thee appeaj., they derided thee, and faid, This Pro- 
phet would feducc us , and make us to abandon our God ; 
We had patience , and deferrtd our punifhment : they (liall 
know at the day of Judgment them that have been fcduced; 
Haft thou confidered the adion of him that fpake of his God , 
after his fantafic ? Wert thou his Tutor, to hinder him to 
fpeak ? Doft thou believe that the greateft part of the wicked 
hear , and underftand what thou fpeakeft to them ? They are 
like beafts , and worfe ; Seeft thou how thy Lord fhed- 
deth the Rofe ? were it his will, it (hould he permanent, the 
^ Sunne hath caufed it to melt, and attradeth it gently to him- 

felfe. He it is that created the night for repofe, and the day 
for labour. He it is that fendeth the winds by his fpeciall 
grace,he maketh rainc to defcend from Heaven, to refrefli the 
Earth,togiveitlife, to water the beafts, and for the content- 
ment of men ; we have divided ii among them, that they may 
be mindfuU of our grace,neverthekfs,the greateft part of them 
are ungrateful. Had we fo pleafedjwe had fent to every City a 


Chap.i'). Tl)e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t, 223 

preachcr>to preach unto the Inhabitants the torments of hell; 
obey not Infidels, preach to them frequently what is written 
in the Alcoran, It is God that hath fweetned the water of 
Euphratesy that joyned the two Teas, that made them fait, and 
put between them a feparation, to hinder them to mix : He 
created man and woman of a little water, to increafe and mul- 
tiply together ; thy Lord can do whatfoever him pleafeth, yet 
do the Infidels adore what can neither benefit nor hurt them, 
and aflift the devill their mafter to tempt the world; W e fent 
thee only to preach the torments of hell, and to proclaim the 
joyes of Paradife:Say unto them, I require not of you a reward 
for my preaching, he that (hall be acceptable to God, will 
follow the way of his Law : Praife and exalt thy Lord, truft in 
him, he knoweth all the fins of men ; he created the he^ns, 
and the earth in {h, dayes^ and fitteth on his Throne 5 learn this 
of him that knoweth it. When it was faid to the Infidels, 
wordiipthc merciful [God; ] they faid, what merciful ? (hall 
we worlhip what ye appoint us ? and they added to their im- 
piety. Bleffed be he that created the figns of heaven, that cre- 
ated the Sun, and the Moone, full of brightnefs and light, 
and hath made the dayes to fucceed each other, to return him 
thanks for hjs graces. The fervantsofthe merciful, that walk 
with humility, that falute the ignorant when they (peak to 
them;Such as pray to, and worfliip God day and night; fuch as 
fay,Lord, deliver us from the torments of hell; thofe that fear 
God, that are not prodigall, nor covetous, that follow the 
middle way, betwixt prodigality and avarice, thofe that wor- 
fhip one God, that kill no man but with reafon, and following 
the Commandments of God, and that are not luxurious, fhall 
enjoy eternally the grace of God ; fuch as do the contrary (hall 
be chaftifed, their punidiment fhall be augmented at the day of 
Judgment, and they (hall be damned for ever, except him 
that fhall be converted, and fhall have done good works, 
God (hall give him pardon of his fins, he is gracious 
and mercifull. They, who do good works and repent, 
who make no falfe oath, who are humble, and are not 
f wilfully) deaf and dumbc when they heare the Alcorm read, 


224 ^^ Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Qoap.z6. 

and fay, Lord, give us and our pofterity children, that may be 
the light of our eyes, and be obedient to thee ; work in us a 
fear to difobey thy Commandments; fuch perfons (hall enjoy 
eternally the delights of Paradife, for reward of their perfeve- 
rance; they fliall there finde falutations, and benedidionsj^with 
immenfe graces. Say unto the wicked, God will not enlighten 
vou, neither hearken to your prayers, becaufc yee have tra- 
duced his Prophet ; the time of the punilhment of your 
crimes fhall fuddenly arrive. 



The Qhaper of Poets , containing an hundred and twenty fev en 
VerJeSf written at Mecca. 

N the Name of God, gracious and merciful .- God is moft 
pure, he underftandeth all things, he is moft wife. Thefe 
figns are the figns of the book that diftinguifheth truth from 
fairhood ; wilt thou deftroy thy felf,becaufe riien are impious ? 
If I will, I cancaufemy judgments to difcend upon them, that 
fhall humble them, they difpife my Commandments ; they 
fcoffe, but (hall be rigoroufly puni(hed ; See they not how 
many fruits we have made to fpring out of the earth ? It is a 
token of our omnipotencie, neverthclefs the greateft part of 
them believe not that thy Lord is the omnipotent, and the mer- 
ciful. Inftrud them how thy Lord faid unto CMofes^ thou (halt 
be my meflfenger to the Infidels, and the people of Pharoah^ 
that they may have my fear before their eyes. Mofes faid, 
Mo[ei flew Lord, I fear they may traduce me, and that my tongue can- 
M Egyptian, notbeloofed; fend with me my brother Aaron^ they know 
the fault I have committed, and will put me to death. 
The Lord faid to him, they (hall not put thee to death, go 
both whither I command you, I will be with you, and wil 
hear what they fay; fay to Pharoah, that ye are theMe(ren- 
gcrs of the Lord of the world, and let him difmifs with you 
the children of Ifrael; Pharoah kid unto Mofes, have I 
not feen thee within this houfe- a little childe? DisW: thou 
not dwell with us many years r Didft thou not kill a man.? 


Chap.i6. Tl?e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 225 

thou art impious. Mofes laid, I did what I did, I was in 
the number of the feduced, I fled when I feared you ; fince 
that time God hath given me knowkdg, and placed me in 
the number of his Prophets and Apoftles, he hath fent me 
his grace, to fet before thee the evil! that thou doft commit, 
in cauling thy felf to be adored of the children of Ifrae/ ; 
Tkrroah faid unto him, who is that God of the world ? he 
anfwered, it is the lord of heaven, and earth, and of what, 
foever is between them. Pharoah faid to them that were abou^ 
him. Hear ye not what he faith ? Mofes continued his [fpeech] 
and faid, my Lord is your God, the God of your fathers, and 
of your predcceffors.??/?.^/^?^^ faid, this Prophet that is fent to 
you is a fool ^ Mofes faid, I am indeed the MefTenger of the 
Lord of the Wefl and Eafi:, if ye had underflanding to know 
him : Ph^roah faid, if thou worfhip any other God but me, I 
will caufe thee to be put unto the bottom of a pit ; Mofes 
faid to him, wilt thou do it, feeing I am come to thee with 
reafons fo flrong, and arguments fo infallible ? Ph^oah faid 
unto him, bring thy reafons if thou art true : Then he caft his 
flaffe on the ground, and it was changed into a Serpent, he 
drew his hand out of his bofom, it appeared white, and fhining 
to the eyes of the fpedators. Then faid T^haroah to them that 
weje about him, certainly, behold here a skilful Magician, he 
would drive you from your Countrey through his magick, 
what fay ye f They anfwered, he, with his brother muft be ter- 
rified, and men muft be fent into all thy Cities, to afifemblethe 
moft knowing Magicians of all thy Dominions; when they 
came together at the day appointed, it was demanded of 
them, if they were called to follow the magick of yl/d?/fj-, and 
of Auron ? They faid, what fliall be our reward if we be vido- 
rious ? T^haroah faid unto them, yes, ye iliall be rewarded, and 
be among them that approach my perfon. Mofes faid unto 
them, will you caft your ftaves on the ground, or fhall I firft 
caft mine ^ They caft their cords and their ftaves firf^ laying, 
with the afliftance of Pharoab we fhall be vidorious ; then 
Mofes C2i{k his rod on the ground, which devoured their cords 
and ftaves ; v\hen they beheld this miracle,they fell proftrate, 

Q^ and 

^- ^ 

2i6 Tl?e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e x. Chap.i6. 

and faid, v/e believe in the Lord of the world, God of Mdfes 
and Jarofj ; Pharoah faid to them, if ye believe in Mofes 
without my permiflion, ye fhall fee what (hall befall you ; 
he is your Mafterj he underftandcth magick better then you; I 
will caufe your right feet and left hands, or your right hands 
and left feet to be ait off, and caufe you all to be hanged ; 
they faid, this fhall do us none harm, we (liall return before 
God our Lord, we hope that he will remit our fins, becaufe 
we fhall be the firft converts. We kid unto Mofes^ go with 
the children of Ifrael, my fervants, and fear not the people of 
Fharooh that (hall follow thee ; Pharoah fent his Com- 
miffiorters through his Dominions to aflfcmble the people, and 
faid, ffpeaking of the children of Ifrael) thofe men arc few 
in number, they have difpleafed me, but I will well awake 
them. We moved Pharoah and his people to depart out of 
i^^^p/^jtopurfue the children oi/frael-^ we caufed them to quit 
their gardens, fountains, and houfes of pleafure, and made the 
children of //r^f/ heirs of their treafure ; they furprized them 
at^the rifing of the Sun; when the children of //r^i*/ beheld 
them, they faid, we are overtaken .- Mofes anrwered,no, my 
Lord is with me, he {hall guide me ; then we infpired Mofes 
to ftrike the fea with his rod, incontinently it divided it felf on 
both fides, like two mountains ; we faved him, and all that 
were with him, and drowned the men of Pharoah ; which 
fhall ferve for an example to the incredulous and obftinate, 
thy Lord is omnipotent and merciful. Relate to unbelievers 
the Hiftory of Ahrahamy when he faid to his father and his 
people, whom do ye adore ? they anfwered, we adore our 
Idols; he faid unto them, do they hear you when ye invoke 
them? do they good unto you when ye worfhip them, or 
mifchief when ye negled them } they anfwered, we finde that 
our fathers worshipped them as we do ; Abraham faid unto 
them, you and your fathers worfhip vain things, ye adore 
only Idols, mine enemies ; I will not worfiiip them, I will 
worfhip the Lord of the world, who created, guideth, and 
nouriOieth me, who giveth me health when I am fick, who 
maketh me to live, and will caufe me to die, and from whom I 


Chap.i6. Tl:>e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e T. 227 

hope for pardon of my fins at the day of Judgment ; Lord 
givemetheknowledgof thy will, grant that my tongue and 
words may be credited as true, by pofterity ; put me into the 
number of the heirs of Paradife ; pardon my father, who hath 
been in the number of the erroneous,and make me not adiamed 
atthedayoftheRefurredion; at the day, when riches and 
children fhall be unprofitable, except to fuch as (lia 11 have an 
heart eftranged from impiety; God fliali make the righteous 
to approach to Paradife, and the wicked to fee hell : they 
(hall fay, can the Idols that ye adore fave you ? can they fave 
themfclves ? They (hall be, with you, their adherents, and the 
devils, thrown headlong into the fire of hell : The Idolaters 
fhall defpute in hell, with them whom they have worQiipped, 
and fhall fay,by God,we were abufed when we adored you, 
the wicked feduced us, we have none this day to intercede for 
us, neither friend to protedus; could we return into the 
world, we would believe in the Law of God; this difcourfe 
fhall be for example to the wicked that believe not that thy 
Lord is the Omnipotent and mercifull. The people of 
Noahs time flandered the Apoftles and Prophets that were 
fcnt to them ; Noah their brother faid unto them, fear God, I 
am his MeiTenger, fent to preach unto you; fear God, and 
obey him, 1 require no recompenfe for my inftrudions, God 
thefolc Lord of the world fhall reward my labours, fear and 
obey him;They faid,{hall we believe in thee,and thy followers, 
who are infamous f He faid, I know not what they do, my 
Lord keepeth accompt of their adions;ifye knew the right 
way, ye would not worfhipldois; I drive not true believers 
from my fociety* I am fent only to preach the torments of 
hell ; They faid, O Noah 1 if thou quit not this difcourfe 
thou (halt be Cloned; Noah faid. Lord, this people is impi- 
ous, judge our difference, deliver me from their malice, 
and'all true believers that are with me; V^'e prefer ved him, 
and thofe that were with him in the Ark , and drflroyed 
them that remained on the earth : This is an evidence of 
our Omnipotencie, yet the greateft part of Infidels believe 
not that God is omnipotent and merciful The people 

CL2 oi 

228 Tl?e Alcoran of M ah ou et. Chap.i6. 

of Aads time traduced the Apoftles and Prophets that 
were fent unto them y. Hod his brother faid unto them, fear 
God, I am his Meflfenger , fent to preach unto you with 
fidelity. Fear God and obey him, I require of you no 
recompenfe of my preaching, the Lord of the Univerfe 
(hall abundantly reward me ; Will ye build Towers, and 
lofty Pallates, a« if ye (hould dwell eternally in the world > 
Will ye be cruell, without compaflion on your felvesf Fear 
God and obey him ; fear him who giveth you his grace, be- 
ftowethon you wealth, children, gardens, and fountainsj I 
fear that ye (hall fuffer grievous pains at the day of Judg- 
ment : They faid unto him, art thou come to be preached 
unto, or to preach to m? Thou related to us old mens 
Fables ; They flandered him, and we deftroyed them : this 
is a token of our Omnipotencie, neverthelefs the greateft 
part of Infidels believe not thy Lord to be Omnipotent and 
merciful. The people oiTemod belyed the Prophets that: 
were fent unto them ; his brother Salhe faid unto them, 
fear God, I am a MelTenger fent from God to preach to 
you, fear God and obey him ; 1 require of you no recompenfe 
for my preaching, the Lord of the Univerfe (hall recompenfe 
my labours, ; will ye forfake eternall riches, to cleave to the 
wealth of this world, to put your truft in your gardens, your 
fountains, your tillages, your dates, and fruits ? fhall ye be 
cfteemed prudent if ye build houfesofpleafurein themoim- 
tains f fear God, obey his Commandments, and obey not the 
wicked, that defile the earth, and do no good. They faid unto 
him, thou art a Magician, and an Inchanter, thou art but a 
man like unto us, fhew us fome miracle, if thou be indeed a 
Prophet fent from God ; he faid, behold there a Camel, he 
hath a place to drink at a day appointed, y e hke wife have it to 
drink as he, do him no harm, otherwife fhall ye be punilhed 
The Turl^s at the day of Judgment. They did hurt this Camel through 
bdievethis contempt, but had caufeto repent it, and were fcverely pu- 
'^^n edTn^ "i^^^- ^^^s is an example for pofterity ; neverthele/s the 
roan^kby g^'^ateft part of Infidels believe not that thy Lord is altoge- 
'iiathe. thcr gracious and merciful. The Citizens of Lot traduced 


Q?ap.i6. Tl:e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 229 

the Prophets that were fcot unto them;' Let their brother 
faid, fear God , I am a faithfull Meflfenger fent from him, 
to preach to you, fear God, and obey him, I require of 
you no reward for my pains, God will reward me; will 
ye cleave to the world, to rejed that glory that he hath crea- 
ted for you ? ye forfake good to imbracc evilK They faid, 
O Lotl if thou change not this diicourfe, we will banifh 
thee from our City ; he faid, perhaps I am one of thofe 
whom ye abhorr; Lord deliver me,with my family, from their 
hands. We faved him with all his family, except his wife, 
who remained with the inhabitants of the City, we caufcd 
to fall upon them a raine that deftroycd them. This is an 
example for pofterity, neverthclefs the greateft part of In- 
fidels believe not that thy Lord is Omnipotent and merciful. 
They that inhabit the * Forreft, flandred the Prophets that* AForrcft 
were fent unto them ; Chail? faid to them, fear God, I am a ^^^^ ^^ ^^- 
faithful meffenger fent from him, to preach unto you the tor- ^^^^ ..^ 
ments of hell ; fear God , and obey him, I require no re~ 
wardof you for my preaching, the Lordof theUniverfe (liall 
recompence me ; Meafure with good meafure, and weigh with 
good weights, detain nothing from your neighbour, defile 
not the earth, fear him that created you, and all thofe that 
were before you; They faid unto him, thou art a Sorcerer, thou 
art but a man like us, we believe thee to be a lyar j if thou 
art indeed fent from God, caufe a part of heaven to fall 
upon us; he anfwered, God knoweththat of which yee are 
ignorant; they traduced him, but were chaftifed, being cove- 
red with a cloud that rained upon them a fhewer of fire, and 
they were burned, as if it had been the day of Judgment : this 
is a token of my power, but the greateft part of Infidels be- 
lieve not that thy Lord is Omnipotent and merciful. Cer- 
tainly the tyi'/coran was fent by the Lord of the world, the 
faithfull Spirit infpired it into thine heart, that thou mayft 
preach to the people the pains of hell in the Arabique 
tongue; the Scriptures heretofore made mention fof it;] if 
the Infidels of Mecca are ignorant of it, the Dodors of the 
children of Jfr^el have knowledg to underftand it, although 

0^3 that 

2 20 The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t* Q:>ap.i6: 

that we have not fent it in the language of the Perjtans, yet 
ceafe not to inftrudl them in that which they know not ; we 
have imprinted a lye in the hearts of the wicked, they fliall 
not believe what is written in the Alcoran, untill they fee 
the punifhment prepared for Infidels at the day of Judgment ; 
that day fhall come at unawares, of which they are ignorant. 
They fay, let us tarry, and not believe as yet, in what is 
contained in that book ; are they impatient untill they fee 
their punifhment ? Haft thou feen how they have fome years 
deferred it, and how, in the end, that which we promifed be- 
fell them ? their riches were to them unprofitable. We have 
not deftroyed Cities without having forewarned them of 
their deftrui'rion, we are unjuft to none. The devils did not 
bring the AUoranXt was to them of none advantagc,they could 
not compofe it, they are remote [from the Angels] and cannot 
hear their fpeech ; fay not there is another God with God ; 
if thou fay it, thou (halt be chaftifed ; preach the torments of 
hell to them that (hall follow thee; be humble and civill to 
true believers ; if they difobey thee, fay unto them, I am inno- 
cent of what ye do, and am refigned to the Will of God, 
omnipotent and merciful .- He beholdeth thee when thou doft 
pray, and worfhip him ; he heareth and knoweth all things. 
Shall I tell ye to whom the devils addrefs themfelves ? they ap- 
ply thcmfelves to lyars, they tell to them what they have 
heard fpoken, but they all lye. Theerronious imitate the Poets; 
See 'E\ttnt ^^^V are confuted in their difcourfe, and fay, they have done 
^ndi^itabd what they have not, except thofe that believe in God, that 
tenoir. do good works, who often think of his divine Majefty, and 

that have been protedcd againft the injuftice of Infidels ; the 
unjuft (hall know, that they Ihall one day rife again. 



Qhap.iy. The Alcoran o/' M a h o m e t. 21 


The Chapter cf the Plfmire^ containing fourefcsre and thirteen 
Verfes^ 'Written at Mecca. 

IN the name of God, gracious and mcrcifull. God is raoft 
pure, he underftandeth all. Thefe myfteries are the myfte- 
ries of the zAlcoran , which diftinguilheth the truth from a 
\^t^ it condudteth men into the right way , and proclaimeth 
the joycs of Paradife to fuch as believe in the Law of 
God, who make their prayers at the time appointed, pay 
Tithes, and have knowledg of their end. They that believe 
not in the day of Judgment , like well of what they do , and 
are in confufion , they fhall in the end be in the number of the 
damned. The <iAlcorm was conveyed to thee from the moft 
prudent, that knoweth all things. Remember thou that Mo' 
fes faid to his family , I fee a fire, I go e to it, I will bring you 
tydings , I will bring you a fparke , peradventure you fhall 
be warmed ; When he drew near to the fire, he heard a voyce 
that fiid to him , {}^ Mofes\ that which is in this fire , and 
whatfoever is about it, is bleifed ; praife is due to God, 
Lord of the Univerfe ; I am God omnipotent , and eternall ; 
Caft thy ftaffe on the ground : When Mofes beheld his ftaffe 
to move, as it had been alive , he went back very forrowfulJ, 
and returned no more ; Fear not that ftatfe , my melTenger 
and my Prophets have no fear in my prefence, he that fhall 
be converted, iLall finde me gracious and mercifull. Put thine 
hand into thy pocket,it (liall come forth white,without harme, 
it fliall be one of the nine marks of my omnipotency. Vha^ 
roah^ and his Minifters were altogether erroneous ; when they 
faw my Miracles, they faid that they were but forcery ; they 
defpifed them , and encreafed their impiety ; Confider what 
is the end of the wicked, and how they have been deftroyed ? 
We gave knowledg to David and to Solomon \ they faid, 
God, who hath gratified us above many of his fervants that 
have believed in his omnipotency ; Solomon was Davids heire, 

(V4 ' and 

J l i n 

2 32 Tl?e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Chap.iy. 

and faid to the people , we underftand the Language of 
birds, we know whatfoever can be known, it is an exceeding 
great grace. Solomons Army being one day aflfembled before 
him , compofcd o-f men, Devils, and birds, he lead them to 
the valley of Pifmires ; a Pifmire their Queen , crycd out, 
oh Pifmires / enter into your houfes , leaft Solomon and his 
troups trample you under foot, without knowledge of it. 
Sol(fmon\i^zx'\Tig thefe words , remained fome time without 
fpeaking, and in the end b^gan to iaugh, faying, Lord ailift 
me, that I may give thee thanks for the benefits , and graces 
which thou didft conferre upon my father; If I do well, thou 
wilt accept it, place me through thy mercy in the number of 
* A Bird fo ti^ni that exalt thy glory 5 He called for the * ivhaope , and 
called, faid, wherefore fee I not the Whooft f is flie in the number of 

theabfent ? I will pimidi and put her to death , if ft-ic have 
not a lawful 1 excufe ; not long after , flie humbled her felfe 
before Solomon^ who asked her whence fhe came f fbe anfwcr- 
ed , I come from feeing what thou feeft not , I come from the 
Kingdomeof Saba, whence I bring certain tidings 5 I have 
found a woman, their Queen , who hath whatfoever is nccef- 
fery for a King ; flic hath a great and magnificent Throne , I 
have found that (lie with her Subjeds adore the Sunnc, the De- 
vii caufed them to deltght in this their adion , he hath fe- 
duced them from the right way , and they fliall be in error 
untill they worfliip one God , who fendeth rain from Hea- 
ven , and maketh the Earth to produce plants and fruits, who 
knoweth whatfoever is in the hearts of men, and what they 
utter ; God I There is but one God , Lord of the Univerfe. 
Solomon{zxdi , I fliall foone fee if thou fpeak truth, or whi- 
ther thou be in the number of the lyars ; goe, bear to her 
this letter , and obfervc what flie and her people fliall an- 
fwer; At her arrival!, the Queen faid to her Minifters, Oil 
ye that are raifed to dignity in my dominions I a Letter is gi- 
vei^ nfie from Solomon^ oi thistenour. In the nam« of God 
gracious and mercifull, rife not up againft me, and obey me. 
Give me counfell, what I ought to do, 1 will do nothing with- 
<Hit your advice j and what you fee not with yeur ey^s : They 


Qya^.iy. Tl)e Alcoran o/M a h o m e t. 233 

anfwercd, Our welfare and mifery depend on thee, command 
whatfoever fhall feem good to thec^ and we will obey thee. 
She faid, When Kings enter a City, they introduce many 
diforders ; they abafe, and humble the chief of the Inhabitants, 
and the moft eminent ; \i Solomon and his people come hither, 
the^/willufe QusJ in the like maner. I think it reqnilitc to 
fend to him an AmbaiTador with fome prefents, perhaps he 
vvilltakcarefolution to return. When the AmbalTador ar- 
rived in Solomons prefence, he faid unto him, Do ye bring me 
prefents ? God hath beftowed on me more riches then on you, 
prefents rejoyce you, becaufe ye love them : Return to them , 
that fent you, 1 will go vifit them with forces fo great, that 
they rhall not be able to refift ; I will drive them out of their 
dominions, and they fhall be miferable, if they obey me not : 
Then he faid to his people. Sirs, who will bring t^ me the 
Royal Seat of that woman , before fhe and her fubjed^ 
obey me ? One of the Devils faid unto him, I, I will 
bring it before thou arife from thy place : I am ftrong GclafdinCalth 
enough to bear it, I will caiTyit carefully. One of them he knew the 
th^it uttndcd Soiomo/iy who knew the Scriptures, faid, I will "ame of 
bring it to thee in the twinkling of an eye ; When Salomon ^°^- 
beheld this Throne before him, he faid, Behold here a 
favor of God, to try if I would acknowledg his benefits. He 
that returneth thanks to God for his graces, performethhis 
duty; he re/edeth him that is ingrat^ful. I will try if fhe 
followeth the right way, or whether (he be in the number of 
the feduced. They changed fomething in her Royal feat, ro This Q^een 
try if fhe would know it, when (he arrived in Solomons pre- was called 
fence. At her arrival, they (hewed it her, and asked if it re- ^^k^ 
fernbled her own ; (he reply ed. It refembleth it, as if it were ^^^ G^Mm, 
the fame • She had knowledg of the right way ; but that 
which the people, and (he adored, indeed of God, had feduced 
them firom the obedience of his divine Majefty. They fpake 
to her to^enter into a gallery j when Ihe beheld the pavement, 
fhc believed it to be water ; and in lifting up her robe,fearing 
to wet it, difcovered her leg. Solomon told her, that the pave- i 

ment was of pollilhed glals, and exhorted her to embrace the 


2^4 "^^^^ Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Q^ap.i/. 

Law of God. Then fhe faid, Lord, I am too blame, in having 
offended thee; I am obedient with Solomon, to the Com- 
mandments of the God of the Univerfe. We fent Saihe to 
Temod, and his people, to exhort them to wordiip one God ; 
He faid unto them, O people I flie to thejnercyof God; 
if ye implore pardon of him, ye Qiall be pardoned. They 
faid,Wouldft thou draw us into thine error ? and into the error 
of them that are with thee ? He faid,God fhall chaftife you, ye 
are feditious. They were nine perions in the City that defiled 
the earth, and did no good ; , they faid among them, Let us this 
night kill the Prophet, and his adherents .- We will fay to 
them that feek him, That we faw him not, neither them that 
flew him; and will fwear that we fpeak truth : They were 
cunning, but we were more fubtile then they, and they knew 
it not. Con(ider what was the iflfue of their ftratagems ; we 
deftroye^ them with taeir followers • and their houfes are be- 
come defart, becaufe of their impiety. This fliall fervefor ex- 
ample to them that have knowledg of our Omnipotency ; 
Wc ferved the Prophet, and all the True-believers that were 
with him: R.emember thou the Hiftory of Lot^ who faid to 
his Citizens, Will ye alway delile your felves in uncleannefsjn 
each others view ? will ye love men morethen women ? ye 
are ignorant. They replyed, Let us drive Lot and his family 
out of our City ; they dehTe not themfelvcs like us. We pre- 
fervedhim, with all ij^sfamih-, except his wife ; Qie remained 
among them that were chaftifed. We caufed it to rain upon 
them, a rain that gave them to know thefeverity of our cha- 
ftifements. Say unco them, Praifcd be God, that deftroyeth 
the wicked, and falvation to ail thofe who he hath chofen ; 
are they not more happy,^hen fuch as believe there arc many 
Gods ? Who created the Heavens and the Earth > Who 
caufed ram to fall from Heaven ? Who hath made many de- 
licious gardens to Dring forth ? You have not the power to 
caufe the plants to fpring forth, without the aOiftance of God. 

ai^^-n^ unbelievers do erre from the right way. Who hath 
citabliaied the Earth, and made the rivers to flow } Who hath 
?iade heavy the xMountains.? Who but God hath put fepara- 

. ' tibn 

(I?ap.i7* Tl:>e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 235 

* • 

tion that is between the Seas ? The greateft part of the world 
know it not. Who rendrech men miferable ? who deliver- 
cth them from affiidion when they invoke him ? who hath 
caiifed you to multiply, and leave your pofterity on Earth-, 
but God ? Neverthelefs few men give him thanks. Who gui- 
deth in the darknels of the Earth and Sea > who but God 
fendeththe windes, the forerunners of raine ? he is mofthigh, 
and moft powerful! , but the wicked will not confider the ef- 
feds of hisomnipotency. Whoformethmen ? whom^keth 
them to live., dye, and rife again ? who enricheth them with 
the wealth of Heaven, and of Earth, but God ? Say unto 
them, produce your reafons, bring your arguments, if what 
ye alleadg be true ; Say unto them, none but God knoweth 
what is in Heaven and Earth, no man knoweth thefluure, 
prefent and paft ; do men know the day of theRefurtedion ? 
Contrariwifethey doubt, and areblinde. The wicked have 
faid, what? wefhall beduft, as are our fathers, and fhall 
come forth out of our graves / This was heretofore promi- 
fedto our fathers, and to us, this is but a fable of old men: 
Tell them , that they confider not what was heretofore the 
end of the wicked ; affiid not thy felfe, for that they confpire 
againft thee , and that they demand at what time they fhall 
fee the puniChent that is foretold them : Say unto them', it is 
not farre from you, ye throw your feives headlong into it, but 
God is pitiful! towards his people, neverthelefs the grea^ 
tcftpart give him no thanks for his grace , thy Lord'knoweth 
what is in their heart , and whatfoever they fpeak ; there is 
nothing in Heaven or Earth, that is not written in a moft in- 
telligible Book ; the Alcoran explaineth to the Children of 
Ifrae! the greateft part of their difficulties , it will guide 
them into the right way , and deliver from Hell them that 
(liall believe thee , thy Lord fhall judge them at the day of 
Judgment , he is omnipotent and wife ; Truft thou in God, 
thou art in the way of truth ^ the dead and deaf fhall not hear 
thee, and unbelievers (hall depart from thee penfive and 
aftonifhcd , thou oughteft not to guide the blindc , neither 
to make the deaf to hear, except fuch as (hall beheve in the 


236 Tite Alcoran 0/ M a h o w e t. Qhap.ij. 

Alcoran , and be obedient , when the time of the punifliment 
that is denounced againft them fhallbecome; wc willcaufe 
a Beaft to come from under the Earth , that fhall fpeak unto 
them, and (hall fay, The people believe not in the Law of 
God , they know not his wondrous works. Be thou mindful I 
of the day , when I will afl'cmble a multitude of all Nations 
that have difobeyed my Commandments , to give accompt of 
their anions ; I will fay unto them, ye have traduced my Pro- 
phets , ye know not what ye faid, what have ye done ? Then 
{hall they be punifliedfor their finnes, and be inexcufable,they 
(hall not fpeak a word. Do not Infidels fee that we have 
created the night for reft, and the day for travcll? this is a 
(ign of my omnipotency ; Be thou mindfull of the day 
wherein the Angell (hall found the Trumpet, and whatfoever 
is in Heaven and Earth, fhall tremble with fear, except fuch 
as (hall be in the favour of God ; that day fhalc thou fee the 
Mountains fufpendcd, to move like the Clouds, this (hall be 
a work of God, who created all things, and knoweth their 
end ; He that (hall have done good works, (hall be rewarded, 
he (hall be without fcajr ; and they that had done evill,(hall re- 
main in the fire of Hell -, It ftiall be faid unto them, are ye not 
chaftifed according to your demerits? Say unto the people , I 
* Mecca command you to worfhip the Lord of this priviledged * Ci- 
$ccGelaldin. V, all things appertain tohim^ I command you to believe 
in the unity of his divine Majefty, and to ftudy the Alcoran ; 
whafo doth good, (hall finde good. Say unta them that (hall 
be feduced, I am fent only to preach the torments of Hell; 
Say to True- believers, prayfed be God that hath given you 
to fee his Miracles, and hath given you knowledg of the 
right way j thy Lord is ml ignorant of what they do. 



Qhap.i^' 7?;e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 237 


The rhapter of Hifiory , containing fourefcore and tight 
Verfes, 'Written at Mecca. 

IN the Name of God, gracious and merciful]. God is mod 
pure , he underftandeth all things, and is moft wife. Thefc 
mvfteries are the myfteries of the Book that diftinguifheth the 
truth from a lie. I relate to thee the hiftory of Mofesy and 
of Pharoah with truth , for the contentment of True-belie- 
vers. Pharoah was powerful! on Earth , he entreated his 
Subjeds a<; feemed good to him, he tormented one party, and 
niurthered their Children , he abufed their wives, and was of 
them that defiled the Earth ; I gave my grace to them that 
were afflided on Earth , I made them fucceffors of Pharoahs > 
Kingdome , I eftabliflied them in his dominions ; I made 
Pharoah y Uaman^ and their Army to fee what they moft 
feared ; we faid to the mother of Mofesy give fuck to thy 
Childe ; if thou feareft that they will mifchief him , caft him 
uponiV//^, fear not, neither affiidl thy felf, I will reftore 
him to thee between thine armes , and place him in the num- 
ber of Prophets. The domeftiques of Pharoah found him 
upon the water, and faved him, to be one day their enemy, 
and to torment them, becaufe Pharoah, Haman y and their 
people were Infidels. Pharoahs wife faid unto him , I entreat 
thee not to fuflFer this Infant to be flain , mine eyes rejoyce 
to fee him , he fhallone day be profitable for our fervice , as 
our fonne , but they were ignorant of what fhould befall them; 
the heart of his mother was freed from fear , when fhe be- 
held him in the hands of Pharoah' s wife , and fcarce could fhe 
refrain to let them know that the was his mother ; we caufcd 
her to have patience , and (he had faith in our promifes ; She 
fpake tohisfifter to follow him ftep by ftep , {he followed 
afar off, without intimation that fhe was his fifter, or that (he 
regarded him. We had before prohibited yT/o/f/ to fuck the 
milk of any other nurfe , then that of his mother 5 hisfifter 


iM t I 

238 The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e x. Chap,i^. 

k\d to Pharoahskv\2int, will ye that I provide you a nurfe, 
and people that fliall carefully nourifh him? We caufed him 
to be reftored to his motherjto nurfe him ; (he ceafed from her 
fadnefs, when the knew, and faw that God was fincere in what 
he had promifed, but the greateft part of the people know it 
not. When Mofes was aged, about thirty three years,we gave 
him knowledg and w^ifdom ; thus do I reward the righte- 
ous ; Mofes entring one day into the City , met two men 
that fought ; the one was of the Children of Ifrael , and the 
other was an Egyptian , and of his enemies , whom he af- 
faulted, and flew j after this he faid , the Devill tempted me, 
he is the open enemy of men ; Lord , I have offended thee, 
pardon me ; he pardoned him, he is gracious and merciful] ; 
Lord, fince thou haft been fo gracious to me , I will never 
give aid or fuccour to Infidels. He continued in the City 
with fear, and kept himfelf upon his guard ; on the morrow 
he again met him , whom the day before he had defended, 
who fought likewife with another Egyptian, and required 
his afliftance; c^/<?/f/ faid unto him , thou art feditious; he 
replyed , oh Mofes { wilt thou flay me, as thou didft flay him 
yefterday ? Wilt thou be a murtherer of all men , or a juft 
man ? Not long after a man came {_ in haft ] to him from the 
utmoft parr of the City , who faid unto him , oh Mofes I the 
Officers of Tharoah haveconfpired againft thee, they defire 
to put thee to death • fave thy felfe, and follow my counfell; 
He departed from the City with fear, keeping himfelfe up- 
on his guard , befeeching his Lord to deliver him fiom the 
hands of Infidels ; he went towards Madian, and faid, Lord 
fuffer me not to follow an evill way ; He met a great number 
of pcrfons that made their flocks to drink , he with them 
found two maids that could not water their Cattcll, he faid 
unto chcm, what do ye two do here ? We have not ftrength 
to draw water to give our beafts to drin^ , we tarry for 
the Shephcard , our father is too old to draw [it.] He drew 
water out of the well to water their Cartell, and withdrew 
to a fliade , becaufe of the heat of the Sunne, faying , Lord, 
I am deprived of all the graces which ho^tofore thou didft 


Chap.iS, Tl?e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 229 

confer on me, I am now poor and neceflicous. One of 
thofe maidens came to feekhim, and bafhfully faid unto him, 
my father calleth thee, to recompenfe thee for the pains thou 
jiaft taken in watering our cactell; When he was in the old 
mans prefence, he related what hadbefahi him. The old 
man faid, fear nothing, I will deliver thee from the hands of 
the wicked; one of his daughters faid toherfifter, give to 
this man to cate, and reward his pains, he aflifted us with af- 
fedion ; their father faid unto him, I wiii'marry thee to 
one of my two daughters, on condition, that thou wikhive a 
care of my flocks the fpace of eight years ; ten years if it pleafe 
thee, faid Mafis ; I will not forfake thee, thou fhalt finde me 
anlioneft man, I will ferve thee the two termes, either eight or 
ten years, as fhall feem good to thee, God is witnels of what I 
fay. After the terme expired, Mofes forfook thchoufeof 
his father in law ; withdrawing with his wife, he beheld afar 
off a great fire on the fide of the mountain, and faid to his wife, 
tarry here, I fee the fire of the Omnipotent, I will fpeedily re- 
turn, I will bring you a fpark, peradventure you fhall be war- 
med : when he drew near to this fire, they cried unto him from 
the right fide of the valley, from an eminent place, and from a 
bufli, O Mofes ! I am Ood, Lord of the Univerfe, caft thy 
ftaffe on the ground ; when he beheld his ftaffe to move, as ic 
had been alive, he fled for fear, and returned no more : O Afo' 
fes I draw near, and fear not, thou art in a pkce of fafety, put 
thine hand into thy pocket>it fliall come out white and fhining, 
without harm ; draw back thine arm into thy fleeve, it (hall 
return to its former condition ; thy ftaffe and thine hand fhall 
 be two figns of my Omnipotency to P'hareah and his Minifters, 
who difobeymy Commandments; Mofes faid, Lord, I have 
{lain an Egyptian, I am afraid they will take away my lifCs 
command <iAaron^ who is eloquent, to go with me, to aid me, 
and to confirm what I fliall fay, I fear they will traduce me ; I 
will give thee thy brother for thine affiftant, I will give to you 
both flrength to defend your felves from their malice ; go, do 
what is commanded you, ye fhall be vidorious, and all thofe 
that fhall follow you ,- when Mofss came to Thmroah^ he made 


240 Tf:>e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Q?ap,ii. 

him to fee my miracles.and preached my Commandments to his 
Minifters ;they iaid, this is but magick and witchcraft, we have 
not heard thefe things to have beenfpokento ourpredecef- 
fors. Mofes faid, the Lord knoweth him that teacheth the 
right way, and him that ought to have part in Paradifc, Infidels 
lliall be moft miferable. Pharoah faid to his Minifters, do ye 
know any other God but me ? O Haman I let me offer facri- 
fices, and build a Temple, fhall I deceive my felf with the God 
ofLMofes? I believe him to be in the number of lyars. He 
became proud on earth, with his Minifters, and they believed 
that they ftiould never be affembled before me to be judged ; 
we furprized him with his people, and caufed him to periQi in 
the Sea ; confider what is the end of unbelievers ; we abandon- 
ed them, and they are in the number of the condemned to 
the fire of hell. They fhall finde none toprotedthem at the 
day of Judgment ; we curfed them on earth, and at the day of 
the Refurrcdion they fhall be abominable to all the world. 
We taught Mofes our Commandments, after the deftrudion 
of many Infidels before his coming. We gave him the Book, 
to be a light to the people, to condud them into the right 
way, and acquire our grace, peradventure they will remem- 
ber. Thou wert not with LMofes when we fpake to him ; we 
created another age after him, thou didft not at that time 
dwell with the Inhabitants of Madian, neither didft thou 
teach them our Commandments ; it is we that have inftruded 
thee in the Hiftory of paft ages;thou wert not on the mountain 
when we fpake toA/<?/f/;we Tent thee through our fpecial grace, 
to preach to men the torments of hell; they have not yet had a 
preacher like unto thee, perhapsthey will confider it ; when 
they felt any punilliment for their fins, they faid. Lord, hadft 
thou fent us an Apoftle to inftrud us, we iliould have obeyed 
thy Commandments, and have believed in thy Law .- and when 
on our part they were inftruded in the Truth, they faid, doth 
Mahomet work miracles like Mofes ? do they not traduce 
what Mofes did, when they fay, tjjat Mofes and Mahomet are 
two apparent Sorcerers? and when they faid that they believed 
neither Prophet, nor Scripture .> Say unto them, bring any 
- ^ . book 


Chap.1%. Tin Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 241 

book from God, that better teachcth the right way then the 
Old Teftament , and more favingly then the Alcoran ^ I will 
follow it , if ye fpeak the truth : If they be not heard when 
theyrhall requue this book, know, that they follow only 
their own appetites, and their impiety ; who is more erro- 
neous then he that foUoweth but his own palTlon, and is not 
guidtd of God ? he guideth not Infidels; Certainly we 
have fent them the zXlcoran , peradventure they will believe 
in it jthcy, to whom we heretofore fent this book believe in 
the contents thereof; when they hear it read, they fay, we 
believe in thofe words , it is the very truth that proceedeth 
from God ; we believe in the unity of his divine Majefty, 
they (liall be doubly rewarded , becaufe they have perfevered 
in well-doing; they have overcome cvill through their good 
deeds , ar d have expended in good works part of the wealth 
that we gave them. When they heard the faith evill fpoken of, 
they withdrew themfelves,took leave of the company,and faid, 
ye fhall anfvver for your, and we for our adions. Regard not 
the ignorant, thou (halt not convert all them that thou {hale 
defire to convert; God converteth, and guideth into the 
right way whom he pleafeth , and knpweth fuch as ferve 
him. They faid , if 1 follow with thee the right way, I muft 
forfake my Country. Shall not I eftablifh them in a place of 
fafety,where they (hallfinde all forts of fruits to enrich them ? 
but the grcateft part of the people know it not. How many Ci- 
ties have we deftroyed,that took plcafure in their evill life? No 
man inhabited them any more, except very few, and we became 
heirs of their riches. God fhall not A^^oy Mecca, untill he 
have fent an Apoftle to inftrud the Inhabitants thereof in 
the righuAvay : God dcftroyeth not a City, if the Inhabitants 
be not unjuft, and dilobey not his Commandments ; The 
wealth of this world which ye poffeffe, pleafeth you, but the 
riches of Heaven are much better , and eternal! ; will ye not 
underftand it ? Have we not kept promife with them to 
whom we promifed Paradife ? and with them to whom we 
promiied the riches or this world and in the end were in the 
number of the damned ? Be thoii mindfull of the day when 

R thy 

242 Tk Alcoran 0/ M A H o M E T. Chap.i^ 

thy Lord (liall call them , and fay unto them , where are your 
Idols, which ye believed to be my Companions ? the chief 
of" them dial 1 fay , Lord, behold thofe that were feduced like 
us, we are innocent of their Idolatry , they adored not us ; 
they fball fpcak that day to the Idolaters to invoke their 
Idols , but they (hall not hear them, they (liall be vilibly cha- 
ftifed on Earth : Be thou mindfuU of the day when thy Lord 
(hall call them, and fay rnito them , wherefore have ye not 
believed my Apoftlesand my Prophets? they fhall be con- 
founded, and remain dumb. He that fhall be converted, 
and do good works, fhait be happy. Thy Lord createth what 
pleafeth him , and maketh choyce of what feemeth to him 
good. Praifedbe God, he hath no companion, he knoweth 
what is in the hearts of men, and what they make manifeft ; 
he is God , there is no God but he, prayfe is due to him in the 
beginning , and in the end, he commandeth over all things, 
and all people fhall one day be affembled before him to be 
judged ; Say unto them , Had God given a continuall night, 
even untiil the day of Judgment , what other God is there 
that is able to give you light > will ye not hear me ? Had 
God given you a continuall day untiil the day of Judgment, 
what other God could have given the night to refrefh you ? 
will ye not confider his benefits and his grace ? he hath cre- 
ated the night for repofe, and the day for labour , perad ven- 
ture ye will give him thanks. Be thou mindfull of the day, 
when thy Lord (liall call the Infidels , and fhall fay unto them, 
where are the Idols that ye worfhippcd ? We will call a wit- 
nefs of every Nation, and will fay to the Idolaters, Bring your 
arguments that may prove the plurahty of Gods; Ye (hall 
this day know your blafphemies , and that there is but one 
God. (^aren was of the people of Mafes , he was proud, be- 
caufe oi his riches ; we gave him fo great treafures, that many 
men were burthened when they conveyed away the Keyes. 
Remember how his people faid unto him, Rejoycenot above 
meafure in thy great wealth , God abhorreth them that re- 
joyce without reafon ; Beg jof him Paradife; with thy riches 
forget not to do good in this world, give almesof the fub- 


(l?ap.ii. The Alcoran of M ah o m et. 243 

ftancv"^ which God hath given thee , be not difobedient to him 
on Earth, he abhorreth thofc that difobey him; thefe riches 
were given thee , becaufe thou didfl inftrud the people in the 
Old Teftamettt ; knowcftthou not that God .deftroyed in 
times paft many rich and opulent perfons ? Who is more 
ftrong, more powerfull , more rich then God? He will not 
enquire of the wicked the number of their (innes, he knoweth 
all, and the accompt. Caron one day went forth in publique, 
with all his retinue ; They that affeded the wealth of this 
world, faid , Would to God we had as much wealth as (^a^ 
roH ; he is happy I but the more knowing among them faid, 
ye are unhappy , the grace of Cod is more advantageous to 
them that believe in his Law, and do good works, then all the 
treafures of Caron ; none fhall receive his grace, but fuch as 
fhallobey him, and perfevere, in obedience to his Command- 
ments. We deprived Caron of all his treafures, and none was 
able to proted him againftus; then they that had coveted 
his riches, faid, oh miracle / God giveth to > and depriveth of 
wealth whom to him feemeth good ; Had not God given us 
his grace, we had been neceflltous ; certainly the wicked fliali 
be miferable ; I will bcftow Paradife on them that hate vanity 
and diforder on the Earth, and fhall have my fear before 
their eyes ; whofoeverfhalldogood, iTiall finde good; who 
doth evill, (hall be chaftifed after his demerits. He that hath 
taught thee the Alcoran , fhall caufe thee to return to the 
* place that thou defireft : Tell the Inhabitants of that place, * CMeccca, 
thas God knoweth them that teach the right way, and fuch as See Gdaldin, 
goe aftray. Thou didft not exped the Alcoran , it is a fpeci- 
all grace of thy Lord; affiftnotthe Infidels , and take heed 
left they fcduce thee, after having learnt what hath been 
taught thee ; Preach to the people the unity of God , Be not 
in the number of them that believe many Deities, adore God 
alone , there is no God but he ; all things fball have end , ex- 
cept his face, hecommandeth over every things and all men 
(hall one day appear before him to be judged. 

R z CHAP. 

244 ^^^ Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Chap.i^. 


7 he Chapter of the Spider-y containing fixty nine VcrfeSy^rit^ 
ttn at Mecca. 

IN the name of God , gracious and merciful: I am God 
moft wife. Men have believed that it is fufficient to fay, 
we believe in God , and that they be not proved : Certainly 
God proved their predeceflfors , and knew fach as were zea- 
lous in his Law , and them that were Infidels. Do they who 
have doTie cvill , think to efcape the puniOiment of their 
crimes, and not to be judged? Such as hope to fee God, 
(hall behold him at the time appointed by his divine Majefty ; 
he underftandeth and knoweth all things. He thatfighteth 
for the faith, fighteth for his foul ; certainly God hath no 
need of men, their (innes fhallbc pardoned who fhall believe 
in his divine Majefty, and fhall do good works. We enjoyned 
the children of Ifraclto honour their father and motherland 
to do good to them ; if they prefs thee to worfhip many 
Gods, thouOialtbe damned, if thou give ear to them; obey 
them not in this matter, ye (hall be affembled before me , I 
will fet before you all that ye have done, I will reward you 
according to your works , and place fuch as rhall have ob- 
ferved my Law in the number of the blcfled. There be 
men who affirm, that they believe in God, and are impatient 
when evill bcfalleth them from God to prove them : If Cod 
give vidory to the True-believers , they fay, that they are on 
theirfide, but doth not God know what is in their heart? 
He knoweth them that believe in his Law , and thofe that are 
impious. The Infidels faid to the True- believers , do like us, 
follow our way , we will bear your finncs ; They will not 
bear them, they are lyars, they fhall bear their own burdens^ 
fhall not an accompt of their finnes be required ofthem at the 
day of Judgment ? We lent Neah to inftrud men, he lived 
upon the Earth nine hundred and fifty years. The Flood fur- 
prized, and deftroyed the people of his time , becaufe they 


Qha^.i<). Tl?e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 245 

were unjuft, and we hvcd Neah, and thofe that were with him 
in the Ark ,• this ought to ferve for example to all the world. 
Remember Abraham , who faid to his people , Adore one 
God, and fear him 3 \-e fhall do well , if ye have knowledge 
to comprehend it ; ye worfhip but Idols, and arc but lyars , 
thofe whom ye worflifp cannot benefit you ; implore fuc- 
cor of God , worQiip him , and give him thanks for his 
graces, ye fhali one day appear before him, if ye traduce mc; 
thofe that were before yon traduced the Prophets, Gods 
MelTcngers: Meffengcrsare obliged only to difcharge their 
mcffage ; are ye ignorant that God caufeth men to S^Cy and 
(liall raife them again ? it is a thing eafie to God ; Walk 
through the Earth , and coniider how God hath extirpated 
your predeceHbrs , and created after them another people,, 
certainly he is omipotent. Hepunifheth and pardonah asf 
he feeth good , you all lliaH one day be aflembled before hin^ 
to be judged ; youfhall not render him impotent , either in 
Earth, or in the Heavens , ye fhall findc none of power to 
protect, or defend you againft his divine Majcfty ; fuch as 
©bey not his Commandments, who believe not the refarre(fH- 
on, anddifpairofhis mercy, Qiallfuffcr great torments ; The 
people anfwercd, kill Abraham^ and burn him ; but God deli- 
vered him from the fire that they had kindled.which fhall ferve 
for example to True-believers. He faid unto thcm,ye adore on- 
ly Idols, becaufc of your love to the wealth of the world ; yc 
ftiall defpife and curfe each other at the day of Judgment. HeH 
ftiall be your habitation, and ye fhall be deprived of protedfi- 
on. Z<7f believed in his words, and faid, I will retire to the 
place which my Lord lliallappomt me ; he alone is omnipo- 
tent, and moft wife. We gave to zyibraham two fons, IJaac 
zndf^ob; we ctufed Prophets to be born of his race, and 
taught his progeny the Scripture ; we rewarded him in this 
world, and he iLall beat the day of judgment in the number 
of the bleffcd* Remember Zof, who faid to his people. Ye 
defile yonr felves with fikhincfs, unknown to any before you ; 
ye incline to the love of men, ye rob upon the high wa^ s, and 
defile one another. This people anfwercd , La us fee the 

R 3 Judgments 

1^6 Tl:fe Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e r. Q^^P''^9 • 

judgments ot God,if what thou fpeakeft be true. Then he faid, 
Lord protedl me againft unbeHevers. When our MeiTengers 
came towards Abrahamyio declare to him that he fhould have 
children ; they faid unto htm, VVc will ruine Lots City, and 
deftroy all the inhabitants thereof,, becaufe they are impious, 
Abraham anfwered, Lot dwelleth in that City ; they faid. 
We know all that is within it, and we will preferve him, with 
all his family, except his wife, rhefhallbein the number of 
them that fhall be puniflied. V Vhen our MeiTengers arrived 
at Lots houfe, he was troubled, in that he had not ftrength 
fufficient to defend them from the malice of the people; they 
faid unto him, Fear nothing, neither afflid thy felf. We will 
preferve thee, and all thy family, except thy wife; fhe fhall 
abide among them that fhall be deftroyed ; we will caufe the 
indignation of God to fall upon this City, becaufe of their 
impiety ; it fhall ferve for example to pofterity. We fent 
Chaih to his brethren, the inhabitants of Median ; he faid 
unto them, VVordiip one God, fear the day of Judgment, 
and defile not the Earth. They impudently traduced him , 
but were furprized by an Earthquake, and remained dead in 
their houfes, as carkafes. VVc deftroyed A^d^ and Temody 
their ruine is yet apparent in the places of their habitations ; 
the D^vil tempted and feduced them from the right way, not- 
withftanding they knew their error. We deftroyed Caron^ 
Pharaoh J and Haman ; Mofes preached to them my Com- 
mandments ; they contemned them, and became proud in the 
Earth, but cfcaped not the punifliment of their crimes. Wc 
chaftifed fome by an impetuous wind, and other were fur- 
prized by thunder ; we deprived them of their riches, and 
they were drowned. God was not unjuft towards them, they 
drew mifchief on themfelves through their impiety. They 
that worfhip Idols are like to the Spider; (hebuildeth her 
houfe of her cob-web, that cannot defend from heat or cold. 
They would not adore Idols, did they underftand what they 
do ; God feeth what they worfhip, he is omnipotent and 
wife. I teach the people thefe parables, and none but the 
wife underftand them. Truly God created Heaven and Earth, 


Qhap.i^' 1):?^ Alcoran o/' M A H o M E T. 247 

it is a fign of his Omnipotence to True-believers. Inftrufl 
them in the Book that is infpired into thee ; make thy prayers 
at the time appointed, prayers divert men from (in; to be 
mindful of God is the beft work thou canft perform, he know- 
eth all the aftions of men. Difputc with mildnefs againft 
them that have knowledg of the written Law, except againft 
the wicked that are among them. Say unto them, We believe 
in what hath been taught you, and in what hath been taught 
us ; Your God, and our God is one God ; we are refigned to 
his divine will. We have fent thee the Alcoran^ as we fent to 
them the Old Tcftament : Such as underftand the Old Tefta- 
ment, believe in the Truth of the Alcoran. Thou haft not 
written it with thine own hand ; hadft thou written it, thou 
hadft caufed them to doubt, who defire to make it void : Cer- 
tainly it containeth, and teacheth intelligibly the Command- 
ments of the Law ; none but Infidels rejed it. They have faid. 
We will not believe in this Book, unlefs God work in it fbme 
miracle. Say unto them. Miracles proceed from God, I am 
fent only to preach the torments of HelL Is it not fufficient, 
that we have fent thee the Alceran to inftruft them > It con- 
taineth the effeds of my mercy and precepts,necefrary for their 
falvation. Say unto them, it fufticeth that God is witnefs of 
mine adtions, betwixt you and me ; he knoweth whatfoever is 
in Heaven, and in Earth : They that believe in Idols,and have 
not faith in God, are damned. They urge thee to make them 
fee the punil"hment of their crimes; if the time were come, 
they iliould foon feel it ; they (hall refcent it when they leaft 
think of it, but they know it not ; they (hall prefs thee to 
make them fee it. Say unto them, Hell is prepared for Infidels. 
When they fhall be plunged in torments over their heads, and 
under their feet, it lliall be faid unto them, Tafte the punifli- 
ment which ye have deferved. O ye people that believe ! The 
Earth isfufficicntly large andfpacious for you, to fcparate your 
felves from the wicked ; worfhip me alone, all Creatures fhall 
die, and be alTembled before me to be judged. The True- 
believers that ftiall have done good worksj (ball inhibit Para- 
dife, wherein flow many rivers ; wherein is the reward of the 

R 4 righceousj 

248 77?^ Alcoran o/ M A H o M E T. Chap^^o 

righteous, of them that perfcvere todogood, and arepati^ 
ent in their afHi(5lion , and truft in their Lord. How many 
beafts be there that have not wherewith to livt ?God nourifh- 
eththem. and you alfo 3 he underftandeth aiid knowethall 
things. If thou ask of the Infidels, whp created Heaven and 
Eaith,theSun> and the Moon? they will fayJtisGodc V^herc- 
fore then do they deny his Unity ? God enricheth and im- 
poverifheth whom pleafeth him. he is omnifcient. li thou de- 
mand of them, whocaufeth the rain to fall from Heaven, to 
give life to the Earth, after the death thereof > they will fay, 
Ir is God. Say unto them, Praifed be God.that ye avouch it ; 
neverthelefs, the greateft part of men underftand it not. The 
life of this world is but fport and vanity, life is in Paradife, 
bad they knowledg to eomprehend it. When they enter into a 
feip, and fee the tempeft, they call upon God, aad proteil to 
profefs his Law : And when he hath preferved them on the 
Land, they are imgrateful for his grace, and return to their 
Idolatry, they (hall too late underftand their error. Know 
they not that we have eftablillied in M^cca all fefety and free- 
dom ? and that men are tak^n away by violence to be (lain, 
s^nd made flaves ? believe they in things unprofitable ? fhall 
they be ingratefui for the graces of God ? who is more im* 
pious then he that blafphemeth againftGod, and impugneth 
the known Truth ? is there no place in Hell for the wicked ? 
I will guide into the right way them that tliall fight for th€ 
Faith J God is with them that do gopd. 


The Chapter of the Citc'idins, containing fix tj Verfes, ^rjtten 
at Mecca. 

IN the name of God, gracious and merciful. I am themofi 
wife God. The Grecians were vanquiflied urop the frontier 
of the Terjians but (hall be vidorious before the end of feven 
yeers, Cod difpofeth all things from tKc beginning to tht end 
When they ih^ll be viftoripus, the Tru|c-believersliiaJl rejoyai 


Qyap.i^o. n?e Alcoran o/^M a h o m e t. 249 

in the vidory that God fhaW give them ; he protcdeth whom 
to him feemcthgood; he is omnipotent and merciful. He 
hath pr omi/eii them vidory, and departeth not from his pro- 
miks; of which the greatcfl part of men are ignorant ; they 
afted the Hfe of this world, and confider not their end ; Will 
they not confide r that Cod hath created the heavens and the 
earth, and all that is in them ? and hath appointed to every 
thing a limited and prefixed time ? Certainly the greateft 
part of the people believe not in the Refurreftion : \V ill 
they not confider the end of their predeceflbrs, who were 
more powerfnll and wealthy then they ? God hath fent to 
ail an Apoftle to teach them his Law, he hath done to them no 
injiiftice, they have drawn mifchief on themfelves through 
their iniquity ; the end of the wicked fhall be hke to their 
works, they defpife the Commandments of God, and deride 
them, but God flnall caufe them to die, and rife again ^ and all 
(hall be aflembled before him at the day of Judgment ;thac 
day {hall they bedefperate. their Idols lliall not intercede for 
them, they Qiall forfake them, and they lliall be feparated 
from the true-believers. Swch as believe in God, and do good 
works, (hall enjoy the delights of Paradife>and the wicked (hall 
be chaftifed according to their demerits. Praife God,pray unto 
him evening and morning, pcaife is due to him in heaven and 
earth ; pray unto him before the Sun fet. and at the hour of 
noon; he maketh the dead to come out of the living, and the 
living out of the dead ; hecaufeth the barren earth to revive, 
and grow green after its death; in like manner wtll he caufe 
you to arife again,and coine out of your fepukhres ; it is a lign 
of his Omnipotency,to have created you of earth to have given 
you flefh and bones,and to have created the woman ("of the rib 
of the man ) to dwell with him; he hath commanded you to 
love mutually, and to exercife charity among you. thele things 
arc figns of his Omnipotency to them that confider his graces. 
The creation of heaven and earth, the diverfity of tongues, the 
diiferences of your vifages, and of your colour, the night crea- 
ted for repofe, and the day for travcll, the lightning that terri- 
fieth the people, and which through rain caufeth the earth a- 


250 The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Qhap.^o, 

gain to flourifl^, are ilgns of his Omnipotency : It is a token of 
his Omnipotency to fuftain the heaven, and the earth ; ye (hall 
come out of your fepulchrcs when he iliali call you, whatfoever 
is in heaven and earth obey him ; he caufeth men to 6:^^^ and to 
rife again, he alone is God in heaven and carth.he is Omnipo- 
tent, and knoweth all things. He fpeaketh to you in a parable, 
drawn from yourfelves, your (laves; arc they your compani- 
nions ? do they equally partake with you in the goods which 
God hath given you ? How then will ye fay that God hath a 
companion equal to him ? Thus do I unfold his myfteries to 
perfons that have knowledg to comprehend them; certainly 
the wicked have followed their appetites with ignorance ; who 
fhall guide him whom God fliall caufe to err ? he fball 
finde no protedor ; embrace the law of Salvation, God hath 
eftabhOied it, that men may obfervc it ; it admitteth no altera. 
tion,but the greateft part of the world are ignorant of it : Fear 
God, make your prayers at the time appointed ; be not like to 
them that fay, God hath a companion; neither like to them that 
are at prefent in the number of Heretiques, and were before 
as ye arc ; everv Sed is pleafed in its opmions, when any evill 
befalJeth them that call upon God, and are converted ; never- 
thelefs fome ofthem return ro their idolatry; after the recepti- 
on of his grace, they are ingrateful, they fhall awhile be tole- 
rated,and in the end they Oiall, too lare,underftand their error: 
Have we taught them reafons and arguments, chat prove that I 
have a companion f The people rejoyced when we enlarged 
> to them our graces; and became defperatc, when evill befcl 
them ; (ce they not that I give, and take away wealth, as to me 
leemeth geod .^ This is a token of my Unity toiuchasobey 
my Commandments. Give to your neighbour what apper- 
taincch to him and particularly to the poor, and true believers, 
if ye defire to feethe face of God ; luch as ihall do it, Oiail be 

wh5t . ii. 1?"* ^Y^ "^' ^""^'^ '' '^ P^^^P^^^' the alms 

idt nd!l''l.^'"r m'^^)! to fee the face of his divine Ma- 

2^ A?^'^l^'^^^"^^>^ 'f^''^ '^ y^"- ^^>cl hath created 

you, he cnncheth you, and caufeth you to die and rife again, 

can Tl:>e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 251 

can your Idols do as much ? Praifed be God, he hath no com- 
panion ;diforder appeared in the earth, and in the Tea, becaufe 
of the iniquities of men ; peradventure they will be converted, 
when they rhali feel the punifhment of their crimes: Say unto 
them, go throughout the earth, and confider the end of your 
predeceiTors, the greateft part of them were Idolaters; embrace 
the true Law before the day cometh,when none ("hall be heard ; 
that day fhall the wicked be feparated from the good, the im- 
pious fhall give an accompt of their impiety, and iuch as lliall 
have lived well, (liall enjoy the joyes of Paradife, the grace of 
God (liall be their recompenfe, God abhorreth Inridels. It is 
afign of his Omnipotency, to fend the winds to bring you 
rain, and make you to tafte the fruits of his grace • the fliip 
runneth upon the water through his permiflion, for the advan- 
tage of your commerce ; will ye not be thankful to him for his 
benefits ? We fent to every Nation Prophets and Apoftles 
before thee, they came with moft intelligible precepts, and 
with many miracles ; we chaftifed thofe that flandrcd them, and 
proteded the faithful. God fendeth the winds that elevate the 
clouds, and extendeth them in the air in many pieces at his 
pleafure ; he cauleth the rain to fall where he lifteth, and re- 
joyceth whom to him feemeth good of them that exped ic 
with impatience ; confider the effeds of his bounty ; he caufeth 
the dry and barren earth to flourirh again, and reftorcth the 
dead to life, he is Omnipotent. We fent the winds to afTemble 
the clouds that covered men with their lliaddow, neverthelefs 
they are returned to their impiety ; the dead (hall not under- 
ftand thee, neither likewife the dumbe, thou art not obhged 
to lead the blinde, none fhall hearken to thee but fuch as fhall 
believe in my Law, and be obedient: Say unto them, God 
created you impotent, he hath given you ftrength, and after, 
having reduced you to the weaknefs of old age, doth what to 
him feemeth good ; he knoweth mens fecrets, and doth what 
pleafeth him ; the wicked ftiall fwear at the day of Judg- 
ment, that they have remained but an hour in their fepulchres ; 
they lye in like manner, when they deny the Refurredion ; 
^ the true believers, that know the truth, (hall fay unto them, ye 


251 1^'^ Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. C^ap.y. 

have remained there the time appointed in the Book of God, 
to wit, untill the diy of Refurredion ; behold the day of Re- 
furredion I ye knew not at what time it (hoiild arrive ; this day 
excufes fhall be unprofitable to Infidels, they fhall be deprived 
of protedion. We have taught in the Alcoran all that is profi- 
table for the falvationof men; if thou teacheft them my Com- 
mandments, unbelievers will fay, thou bringeft nothing but 
diforder ; thus God hardneth the hearts of the ignorant. Be 
patient, and perfevere; what God promifeth is infallible; be- 
ware left unbelievers iliake thy perfeve ranee. 


ne Chapter of Locmiiii containinj^ thirtji foHrVerfeSj written 
at Mecca. 

The rurhs T N th e Name of God gracious & merciful.-T am the moft wife 
fay,that Loc 1 God-Thefe precepts are the precepts of the book filled with 
matjviis a dodrin,it guideth into the way of falvation; the righteous who 
greatDoftor ^^^^ ^^^^ prayers at the time appointed, that pay tithes, and 
time!^^ ^ believe in the day of Judgment, they arc guided by their 
Lord, and fhall be blefled. There be who deride this Book, 
they ignorantly depart from the Law of ^od, and have defpi- 
fcd it, but fball one day be feverely punifhed .- When they ace 
taught the Commandments of God, they turn the back 
with difdain, they will not hear, and have ears ftopped ;, Say 
unto them, you (ball in the end fuffer infinit pains : Such as 
believe in the Law of God, and do good works, fhall eternally 
enjoy the delights of Paradife; what God promifeth, is infal- 
lible, be is Omnipotent, and altogether wife, he created the 
heaven, and fuftaineth it without a pi-Har, appearing to your 
eyes ; he lifted up the mountains upon the earth, to fallen and 
hinder it to move ; he hath thereon difperfcd many beafts, and 
fent rain firom heaven, which caufeth plants to fpring forrli, 
and herbs of divers forts. BehoM [here] what God hath crea- 
ted/ D:iew me what your Idols have created; affuredly Idola- 
ters are manJfeft-ly kduccd from the right way. We fnfpired 
kr*ovvicdg ifjfo LffcmAn^ an-d ipake unto him to give God 


— M— i""«"" in ' III 

Qhap.^i. jf7;e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 252 

thanks ; he that returneth thanks to God for his graces, doth 
good for his foul ; God rejedleth the ingratefull, and praife is 
due to him in all places. Remember thou that Locman faid un- 
to his fon, O my fon 1 believe not thou that God hath a com- 
panion,it is an exceeding great fin : we have commanded man 
to honour his father and mother ^ his mother beareth him with 
grief upon grief, and weanethhim at the age of two years ; be 
thou not ingrateflri for Gods benefits ; honor father and mo- 
ther, thou (halt be one day before God to be judged. If thy 
parents prefs thee to believe that God hath companions, obey 
them not, follow the way of them that obey him, all men fLall 
bc'one dayaffembled before him, to be rewarded according 
to their works. O my fon ! if thou doft evill, of the weight of 
a grain of Muftardfeed, or of the weight of a rock, or of the 
greatncfs of heaven and earth, God will know it, and put it in 
accoi^lipt, he is exaft and Omnifcient. O my fon / make thy 
prayers at the time appointed, do what is honeft and civill, fly 
what is not approved, and be patient in thy adverfities ; re- 
gard not the world, difordered through pride • converfe not 
with the proud, God decefteth the haughty 5 obferve thy fteps. 
Walk with modefty, fpeak gently, they be perfons that bray 
like Afles when they fpeak ; feeft thou not that God hath crea- 
ted for men all that is in heaven and earth, and conferreth on 
them his graces in generall, and particular. There be ignorant 
[^perfons] that difpute of the Diety without leafon- when it is 
faid unto them, do what God hath appointed, they anfwer, 
we will do what we faw done by our fathers. They confider 
not that the devill calleth them and their fathers to the pains 
of hell. He that obey eth God, and doth good works, faftneth 
him to the ftrongeft knot, and will have a care of him at the 
hour of his end. The impiety of the wicked ought not to afilid 
thee, they fhall be one day alTembled in our prefence, to be 
chaftifed ; I will Qiew them all that they have done, I know 
what is in the hearts of men, I will prolong awhile their pu- 
nifhment upon earth, and precipitate them in the other world, 
into the fire of hell. Haft thou not demanded of them who 
created heaven and earth ,? they faid, it is Cod^ fay unto them, 


254 '^'^^ Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Q^^P-V. 

therefore praifed be God ; neverthelefs the greateft part of 
them are ignorant. Whatfoever is in heaven and earth is 
Gods he hath no want of the world, praife is due unto him in 
all that he doth ; if all the trees of the world were pens, and 
the fea inke, they could not comprehend the effed of his Om- 
nipotency,he is Omnipotent,and knoweth alhhings, Hecrc- 
ated,and fhall make you to rife again with one word,he under- 
ftandeth & feethall things. Confider they not that God caufeth 
the night to enter into the day,and the day into the night^that 
he created the Sun and the Moon,that mtrye in the heaven, un- 
til the day appointed, he knoweth whatfoever ye do, becaufe 
he is truly God ; they that invoke other then him, invoke 
things vain and unprofitable ;God alone is moft high, and mod 
mighty ; Seeft thou not how the Chip runneth upon the wa- 
ter,for a token of his Omnipotency,to fuch as acknowl^d^ his 
graces ? When the wars arofe againft the Infidels, many called 
upon God, with refolution to follow his Law ; when he (aved 
them on the land, fome perfevered to do well, and others re- 
turned to their impiety ; none but deceivers and ingi-ateful 
[perfons] defpife his Commandments. O people I fear God, 
and the day when the father fhall not be able to fuccour his 
childe, neither the child ferve his father , Gods promifes are 
infallible ; be not proud of your riches, neither that God 
toleratcth and fuffereth you, he knoweth the time when ye 
fhall be chaftifed, the hour that the rain fliall fall upon the 
earth ; he knoweth what is in the wombs of women, whether 
it be male or female; none but God knoweth whatthoii 
wilt do to morrow; none but he knoweth the place where 
thou (lialt die ; he knoweth all , he knoweth all. 


The Alcoran o/M a h o m e t. 255 


The- Chapter 0/ Worfliip, contdn'mg an hundred And thirty 
Ver fes, '^mtten at Mecca. 

IN the name of God, gracious and mcrcifiill. I am the mofl 
wife God. Doubtlefs this Book was fent by the Lord of the 
Univerfe; will the wicked fay that thou haft invented it ? On 
the contrary, it is the truth it felf, which proceedeth from thy 
Lord, to preach to them that heretofore had none to inftru.S 
them ; peradventure^they will follow the right way. God 
created heaven and earth, and all that is between them, in fix 
dayes, and fitteth on his Throne; who (hall protect you? 
who (hall hear your prayers but he ? will you never con- 
fider it ? He difpofethall things in heaven and earth, all men 
(liall one day be affembled before him to be judged ; a thou- 
fand years are but one day before his divine Majeftie ; he 
knoweth what ispaft, prefent, and future; he is Omnipotent 
and merciful, he hathcieated every thing for his people, he 
formed man of the dirt, and duft of the earth, he infpired the 
foul into his t^ody ; he giveth you hearing, fight, and fenfe, but 
few men return him thanks for his graces ; they fay, what, 
fhall we die, and return to be a new people ? Certainly they 
believe not in the Refurredlion. Say unto them, the Angel of 
death fhall caufe you to dk^ and ye (liall return before God 
to be judged. Thou jChalt then fee how the Infidel will hang 
down the head before their Lord, and fay, Lord, we now fee 
the certainty of the Refurredion ; we this day know the truth 
of thy words, permit us to return into the world, we will be 
righteous, we now underftand what is profitable and necefifary 
for us; We could have given a guide to every perfon,my word 
is mofttrue,! will fill hell with the wicked, and Paradife with 
the righteous; thus (hall men be rewarded and chaftifed ac- 
cording to their works. Tafte (O ye wicked / ) the pains that 
ye have deferved, inrcfufing to believe in this day which ye 
have found; we leave you in the miferies due to your incredu- 
lity ; tafte the eternall torments that ye have merited through 


1^6 The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. (T^ap.^i. 

your impiety. Such as believe in themyftericsof my Laware 
humble, they worHiip me alone, and praife me when they 
here mention of me; they are not proud rebellnot againft 
my Commandments : they arife from their bed to make their 
prayers with fear and hope and imploy in pious works fomc 
part of the wealth that we hive given them. No man hath 
cither feen or knowcch what God referveth to recompenle the 
righteous for their peifeverance. The believers and unbe- 
lievers (hall not be alike entreated ; the believers that have 
done good works, (hall enjoy Paradife,as the reward of their 
labours,and the unbelievers (hal be precipitated into the fire of 
hell, the more they (hall labour to get out,the further dial they 
enter into it ; it fliali be faid to them, tafte the pains of eternall 
flames, which ye would not believe. I will make the wicked 
to tafte of the torments of the world, and the pains of hell, if 
they be not converted : Who is more unjuft, then he that 
knoweth the Commandments of his Lord , and difobeyeth 
them? we will be avenged on his impiety: wegaveamoft 
true Book to Mofes,to inftrudi the children oilfrael; we put 
into the right way thofe among them that perfevered in their 
faith, and obeyed our Commandments. Thy Lord (hall judge 
the difficulties of the Infidels at the day of Judgment ; fee they 
not how much people we deftroyed in times paft, that repofcd 
[confidence] in their houfes ? It is a token of our Omnipotency, 
will they never underftand it ? See they not how \ thruft forth 
water in defart and barren lands ? that I caufe herbs to fpring 
forth for the nounlhment of men and beafts ? will they never 
confiderit? They demand, when will the day of Judgment 
come ? Say unto them, that day (Lall not bring contentment 
to Infidels , and they (hall be without protcdlion. Depart 
thou far from them ; prefevere, and actendj thev wait an occa- 
fion to mifchicf thee, but thou (halt fee them chaftifed. 


 ■JW> I MMl » I 

Qhap.]l. The Alcoran <?/ M a h o m e t. 257 


The ("hapter of Ban^s , and TroHps of Souldiers , containing 
fonrfcore andfeven Verfes^ Written at Medina. 

IN the name of God, gracious and mercifull. Oh Prophet 1 
fear God, and obey not unbelievers , G©d knowcth all 
things , and is moft prudent in what he ordaineth ; obfervc 
what thy Lord hath taught thee, he knoweth the adions of 
men ; recommend thy fclfe to God, it ought to fufficc thee,thac 
he protedeth thee. He hath not given two hearts unto men, 
he hath not enjoyned us to call your wives your mothers ; 
thofe which you call your Children, are not all your ChiU 
dren , ye fpeak it only with the mouth , but God alwayes 
fpeaketh the truth J and guideth men into the way of falvati- 
on. Call your neighbour by the name of his father, this adi- 
onfhall be acceptable to God, provided , that ye have no 
evill defigne in the heart ; if ye know not his name , call him 
your brother in God, or Sir, God is gracious and merciful!. 
The Prophet is obeyed of them that believe in God , and ho- 
nour his wives, as their mothers. Kinfmen are heirs of each 
other, it is fo appointed by his divine Majefty to the Believers 
that went out of Mecca to follow the Prophet ; It is or- 
dained in Scripture to do good to your parents. Remember 
thou that we received the promife of the Prophets of thee , 
o^Noah^ of (LAhraham^ 0^ Mofes^ and of J efus the Soune of 
Mary, ( to worfhip but one God ) we received a ftrong pro- 
mife : An accompt fhall be required of their adions, and the 
wicked fhall feel the rigour of infinite paines. Oh ye that 
believe in God ! remember his favour towards you j when ye 
were charged by troups of enemies, he fent againft them an 
impetuous windc, and troups invilible to your eyes, to fight 
them , he feeth all that ye do ; thofe invifible troups came 
from the Eaft , and from the Weft, from above , and below, 
when your fight was troubled , and your hearts failed you,be- 
caufeof the great number of your enemies; ye had already 

S . conceived 

258 T7;^ Alcoran o/ M A H o M E T. Chap.-^^. 

conceived a very bad opinion of the Law of God ; then were 
the True-believers tryed , they trembled with fear; The 
wicked, and fuchas were weak in their faith, faid, that what- 
foever God and his Prophet had promifed them , w'as but 
abnfe and vanity ; Remember thou how a party of them faid 
to the Inhabitants of the Territory of O^edina^ there is no 
fafety for you with Mahomet, return into your houfes ; 
Remember thou how many among them required dif- 
miffion, and faid, that their houfes were forfaken : Their 
houfes were not forfaken, but they had a defigne to flye ; had 
they returned to their houfes, they had on all fides perfwa- 
ded them to follow impiety , they fnouid not there have 
made long abode , becaufe they before had promifed God not 
to fly ; he would have required an accompt of their promifes : 
Say untothem, flight fhait be to you unprofitable, if ye flie 
death , for that ye ought no longer to continue in the world : 
Say unto them , who is able to prote^ you againft God, 
when he fhall refolve to deftroy you ? take none other prote- 
dor but him ; he knoweth them that were diffwaded to goe 
to the battell to fpare their wealth and perfons. They caft an 
eye upon thee , when they are furprized with fear , they 
turn their eyes into the head , as a man that dyeth, and when 
they are delivered from fear , they traduce thee , becaufe of 
their extreme avarice. Such men believe not in God, heren- 
dreth all their works unfruitfiill , it is a thing eafie to his di- 
vine Majelly. The Troups of the Infidels believed they were 
invincible, and when they faw the troups of the True be- 
lievers, they defired to flye. The Infidels deiired to draw the 
(tArahians to their party , and have intelligence to know in 
" what condition you are ; had they been of your party, few of 
them had been flain ; the adhering to the Prophet of God 
ferveth toyou asaCittadell, itfervethasa Bulwark to them 
that apprehend the day of Judgment , and think often on his- 
divine Majefty, When the believers faid , behold 1 what 
God and his Prophet promifed us , they are fincere in their 
promifes ; the fight of their enemies encreafed their faith, and 
zeak towards God and his Prophet. There be perfons among 


Chap.yy T/^^. Alcoran 0/ VI a h o m e t. 250 

the Trne-believcrs who have performed vyhat they promifed 
to God ; many of them arc dead in obedience to the Com- 
mandments of his divine Majefty, others attend the fame 
thing, and fwarve not from what they have promifed; God 
fhall rccompenfe them for their zeale, and chaftife the Infidels, 
or pardon them if itfo pleafehim, he is gracious and mer- 
cifiill. God fhall deftroy the unbelievers with their wrath 
againfl: the believers;he protedeth True-believers in combats, 
he is ftrong and omnipotent. The Jews defcended from their 
Fortrefsjto give aid to the Infidelsjbut God caft fear into their 
hearts ; a party of them were (lain, and the reft taken flaves ; 
they by their death made you heires of their lands , their 
houfes , their riches, and fortreffes which you were not able 
to conquer ; God is omnipotent. Oh Prophet I if thy wives 
be too ambitious of the wealth of the earth, and of garments 
too fumptuous ; Call them. Say unto them, that thou wik 
deal well with them, and wilt repudiate them with mildnelTe 
and civility. If they love God and his Prophet, if they are 
vertuousj his divine Majefty vVill give them an exceeding great 
reward : Oh ye wives of the Prophet I fuch of you aslLall be 
unchafte, fhallbepunifhed doubly, more then other women, 
this is a thing eafie to God ; fuch among you as fhall obey 
God and his Prophet, and (hall do good works, fliall be re- 
warded more then other women, an exceeding great reward 
is prepared for you. Oh ye wives of the Prophet I ye are not 
like other women of the world ; fear God, and believe not in . 
the difcourfe of fuch as have defign to feduce you, fpeak with 
civility, abide in your houfes ; goe not forth to make your 
beauty appear, and to make a fhew, as did the ignorant of 
old ; pray to God with affcdion, give almes, obey God and 
his Prophet , God will deliver you from his wrath , and 
will purifie you ; be mindful! of the Law that is taught you in 
your houfes, he is merciful! to them that honour him, he know- 
cth all the adions of the Prophet , he hath promifed his 
mercy, and an exceeding great reward to thofe ( men and 
womenj that dial! obey his Commandments. Thofe men 
and women that believe in his unity, that refign themfelves 

S 2 ' to 

2 6o Tl)e Alcoran 0/ M a h o uj^ r. Cha^.T^^. 

to his divine plcafure , that are patient and humble , that 
fpeak the truth, that faft, give almes,and are chafte ; and the 
men and women that obferve his Law, ought not to control! 
his actions, neither thofe of his Prophet, nor fay. that they 
could do better then they, if they would endeavour Qit. J He 
that difobeyeth God and his Prophet , erreth from the right 
way ; Remember what thou didft fay to him whom God 
favoured , to receive him into his Law , and whom thou 
didftgratifiewith liberty, thatfaidft, divorce not thy wife, 
Mahomet ^ind fear God ; thou concealed in thy mind a defigne which 
was amorous God fhall difcover, thou feareft the people, but it is thy du- 
of zeidhh ty to fear God alone. When Zeid did repudiate his wife, 
flaveswife, we married thce to her, to the end there might remain no 
hh"to^repu- ^^^^^ among the True-believers ; when they inall repudiate 
diate her, to their wives, they fhall obferve in repudiating them, what God 
marry her, hath Ordained. The Prophet finneth not ingoing v;hat God 
bccaufe of j^j^j]^ permitted ; the Law of God was in this manner ob- 
her beauty, fgi-^^^ by cur predeceflfors , and the command of his divine 
Majefty is executed without delay. Such as preach the word 
of God, his Apoftlesand Prophets , fear none but his divine 
He is not ^^ie%> ^t fufficeth them that they are in his protedion. Ma- 
the fathsr of ^(^^^^ is not your father , he is the Apoftle of God , and the 
zcidi to laft of all the Prophets, God knoweth all things , there fhall 
efpoufethc not come another Prophet after him. Oh yee that believe in 
wife which Q^^ f j.[^ij^)^ frequently on his divine Majefty , prayfe him 
slcTl^7/if^^'^^^^E and evening, he fhall give you his mercy; the An- 
,f9ah;r. g^^s implore pardon , that he may deliver from darknefs; 
he is mercifull to True-believers; the Angels fhall falute 
them on his bchalfe at the day of Judgment, he hath prepared 
for them an exceeding great reward. Oh Prophet/ we have fenc 
thee to be witnefs of the deportments of the people, and as a 
light to condudi them into the right way , procltime to the 
True-believers that they fhall receive of thy Lord an excee- 
ding great grace; obey not Infidels, nor the wicked, fear 
not their malice,and truft in God, thou oughteft to be fatisficd 
that God protecflech thee. O ye that believe / it is not law- 
full for you to abufe your wives ; if you repudiate them before 

0?a^,l I , Tl?e Alcoran of M ah ou bt. 261 

ye %ave 'known them, deal well with them, a<nd difmiiTs rhrrri 
with tnildnefs and civility. O Prophet 1 we permit thee to 
^now the women to whom thou haft given d-owryjthe women- 
'flaves which God harh ;given thee, the daughters ot thine 
^ndes, and of thine Aunts, that have aibandoDed with thee 
j-hc comparny 'of the wicked ; and the true- believirag wife that 
•ftiall fere given thee, if thou wilt marry her, and that 'Che be not 
the wife of a truet>eliever. Wc know what we irave com- 
manded trne-believer?, touching their wives and tiheir ^(kv^s; 
me have inftrudedthee therein, to the end thou offend not 
Clrod, he is gracious and mercifcfl tofuch as obey binn. Ihm. 
fhalt retain whom of chy wives thow fl^a-kdefire to rctaiii^ 
and ftial'l repudiate fuch asthoudiakdefircto <repudiat«e, and 
iha'k lye w-ith them that (liall pkal'e thee; it isibeccerthat tiios 
Tepudiate them wkhotTt oft'endingGod then to -fee ttiem;ma;!e- 
CKWitented, afnd fad ; theyfliall 'be eontentied with thegJQKDd 
that C?f)0u l^akilo to them, in divorcing ttiem; Gc«i-knoweth 
ivhat^is in your ihearts, he isOmnifcieivt, and moft merciful. It 
ifs not lawful ffor thee to -know other women then thine own, j^ahometh^id 
■itistiot lawful for thee to exchange them, akhough the beauty nine wives, 
jof 'Others pleafe<t}hee,e'xcept thy flaves ; God -re^rderh ^L <& See Gdaldin. 
ye that believe I enter not into the houfes of the Prophet 
wiilhout per-miflkyn, except 4it the hour of fepaft, and that by 
.<dhanoc,and wiUhout defign ; if ye are invited, encci: with free- 
<lom; when ye flaali have t^iken y^wr repaft, depairt out of tihe 
;houfe, and tarry mot to difcouffe one with another, this mo- 
lefteth the Pi^ophetj-he k afbamed to^bid you be gone^ixut God 
•is not afhamed to tell you «che truth. The wives xsxffilbe Prophet 
fhasH have the face covered when ye {liadl fpeaik unto them, 
i^is'better refented of punry bcxth in thematid in you. You 
ought'not to importune the l^rophet of God, neither to know 
.bis wives; this wiould be a moft 'enormous fin; if ye conceal any 
defign, ar'didcover lit, knowthatCod kn^oweih all. They (liall 
not ofi?end God in fuffering themfelves to beleen of their fa- 
thers, their children, their bi^thren, their nephews, their maid- ^ , 
fervancs, and their fhe-flaves, they Qiall fear God, he fecthall; -^^ {^^^ 
Cod and the angels* pray for the ProphecO ye that believel :ce Gdaldir. 

S 3 pray 

161 The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e r. Q^^P-lfl' 

pray for the Prophet , and obey him : He that (liall dif- 
pleafe God and his Prophet, fliall be accurfed in this world, 
and lliali feci rigorous pains in the other; fuch as do injurie 
without reafon, to thofe/n^en and women j that believe in 
f God, commie an exceeding great fin. O Prophet I fpeak to 
thy wives, and thy daughters, and the wives of true- believers, 
that they cover themfelves with vailes, they fhall be more ho- 
nored, -and {hall receive no difpleafure, God is gracious and 
merciful.. If the wicked, thewhormongersjand thofe ofMedl' 
na^ thatare weak in their faith^; quit not their impiety , I will 
^ive thee abfolute power over them ;. few among them will 
refped thee, but cake thou them, ^md flay them wherefoeVjer 
thou (halt meet them,God fo commanded thofe that were be- 
fore thee ; thou (halt finde no alteration in the Law of God. 
The people will enquire of thee, when Qiall be the day of 
Judgment ? Say unto them, that God alone knoweth it, and 
that thou knoweft not if it (hall be very fpeedily;but that God 
hath prepared forlnfidels an exceeding great fire,wherein they 
fhall burn eternally, they fhall finde no protection, they (hall 
becaft headlong into the fire, and fhall fay, would to God vye 
bad obeyed his divine Majeftie, and the Prophet his Apoftle- 
iheyfhaUiay, Lord, .vye obeyed qui: Maftersand Superiors, 
they feduced us from the right way; Lord, chaftife them 
doubly, and give them thycurfe. O ye that believe ! be not 
like them that difpleafed y^(?/f/, he was innocent of the crimes 
-that they laid upon him,';he.was infpired of God; fear God, 
and fpeak withciviiity, your iWorks fhall be acceptable to him, 
and he (hall pardon your fins % He that fhall obey God, and his 
Apoftk, fhall be happy; fidelity and obedience are pleafing to 
him in heaven and in earth, and upon the mountains. Such as 
.depaint far^fromihim] as ^\^c^dam>Ao injury; to themfelves, 
and are ignorant;, ihefliall chaftife thofe f men and women) 
that fhall be difobedient and impious ; he will give his grace 
to thofe ('men and women ) that Qiall believe in his Law, he. is 
gracious aqd merciful to them that obey him. 

Qhap.]^^ Tk Alcoran of Mahomet. 26^ 


The Chapter of^ S^h^yCmt fining fifty fern Ferfes, ^Xritte/i at * s.2h.i is a 

Mecca. Provmceof 


IN the Name of God, gracious and merciful. Fraifcd be God, '^^ 
whatfoeverisin heaven, and in the earth appertaineth to 
him ; praife is due unto him, he is moft wife and Omnifcient : 
he knoweth whatfoever entreth into the earth, and cometh out 
of it, whatfoever afcendeth to heaven, and defcendeth, he is 
gracious and merciful to his creatures. The wicked demand if 
they (hall fee the day of Judgment ; Say unto them, yes, and 
that thy Lord knoweth the time ; he knoweth what is paft, 
prefent, and future, and all that is in heaven and in the earth, 
even to the weight of an Atomc; what is yet lefs,and what is yet 
greater then an A tome, is written m abookthat difcovereth 
every thing ; he (hall reward the true-believers that have done 
good works; he fhall give them his mercy, and enrich them 
with precious treafures : luch as have endeavoured to fupprefs 
his Law, Qiall feel the effeds of his indignation, they that u'n- 
derftandthe Scripture, know that God hath taught thee the 
very truch,to guide the people into the right way,into the path 
of honour and vertue^but the wicked laid among them, will ye 
believe a man, who affirmeth, that after your death ye fhall rife 
again, and be new creatures .? he lyeth impudently, he is pof- 
feffed of the devill. Certainly they that believe not in the Re- 
furredion,are in an exceeding great error, and Qiall fuffer moft 
grievous pains ; fee they not what is above, and what is below 
them ? Confider they not the heaven and the earth ? If I will, 
J can render it barren, and caufe a piece of the heaven to fall 
upon them for a fign of my Omnipotency. We gave our grace 
to David, and fpake to the mountains, birds, and mettals with 
him, to praife me ; we commanded him to make cuirafles, 
and iron was foft in his hand, as wax. O lineage ofDavldl be 
not ingrateful, I fee whatfoever ye do. We made the winds 
fubjea to Sclomon, he commanded them evening and morning,^ 

S 4 from 

2 ^4 TIqc Alcoran. 0/ M a h o u e ir . Chap.'^^^^ 

from the Eaft to the Weft ; we gave him a fountain, and a 
brook of diflfolved brafs ; the devils, through our permiflion, 
wrought it tohisminde, and we punillied in the fire of hdi 

^ , ^ flich as reftifed to obey him. They bnik for him lo%pa]aces> 

Depcmpied, and * ipacious houfes ; they formed bafons for water, ehanels, 
and pools ; we faid unto him, O lineage of David I be not in- 
grateful fnot my graces, for that few perfons do acknowledg 
[]them, 3 When he dyed , through our Commandnienc, 
nothing- difcovered his death t'€^ the devils, btic the wormes^ 
that ha3- eaten the end of his ftaffe whereon he leaned ; when 
thedfevilsikwhifn fall, they perceived, that had they known 
the future, and^ what was hid from them, they Q:iould not have 
kboured' fo long a time in his fervice. Thelnhabitams of 
Sa^i have a mark of my Omnipoteney in their Countrey, vk,, 
two gardens, theofie onthe North fide,and the other towards, 
the South, fit was faid unco them J eat of the good things that 
your Lord hath given you, and return him thanks ; their Coun» 
try is delicious, tjodhathbeenmercifal towards them, never- 
thelefe they are ingrateful and impious ^ we fent the river of 
Anemth^t overflowed their gardens ; wc changed them into 

* An indim two gardeiis of thornes oi^ypms^ and a Hctle * Tam^irMe; 

SeQG'Uld'- ^^"^ did we punifli them, becaufe of their impiety. We cfta- 
' blidieda way with many cities, for facility of commerce among 
them, and theCity which we bleifed, and fpakeunto the peo- 
ple to- follow that way night and day with fafety,and without 
fear ; They faid, God deftroyeth us through the length of this 
way ; they returned to their impiety, and we difperfed them 
upon the earthi to ferve for example to pofterity, andinftni* 
diion to^ fuch as perfevere in my Law^ and acknowledg my 
graces. The devill caufed them to believe his opinion, they 
followed him, except fomeofthetrue believers that were a- 
mongthem; he had no power over them, but to know them 
that believed in the Refurredion, and fuch as doubt. Thy 
Lord obferveth and regardeth all. Say unto them,.invokc 
your Idols, they have nor power of thebignefs of an Atome, 
neither in heaven, nor earth, God hath no companion, they 
i\ali finde noRt:to proted: them at the day of Judgment, none 


Chaf*^\^., Tl)e Alcoran of M ah o m e t. idc 

ffiali intercede for them withourthe permiflfron of his divine 
Majeftie ; if they receive any rcikxation in their fear, they en- 
quire of each other what God fpake, and anfwer,that he Ipaiic 
the tnith ;that he ismoft high, and moft mighty; Say unto 
theiTi, who enticheth you with the good' things of heaven acid' 
carth?tliey will Tay that it is God. Say unto them, who of yo^, 
or of us followeth the right way ?Or who of you, or of us iVfe- 
duced? Enquire not after our fins, we are not curious to Icnow 
what ye do, God i'hail aflemble us at the day of Judgment, 
anddiall judge our differences with equity, he is ati exceeding 
great Judge ; fay unto them^ let us fee the Idols that ye have 
worfliipped ; certainly there is but oneGod, omnipotent and 
wife. We have nor fent thee but to declare to men thejoyes 
ofParadife, and to preach to them the pains of hell , but the' 
greateft part knoweth it not ; they aske in what time they 
fliall fee the punifhment that is preached to them ; and if tho^ 
fpeakcft the truth ; fay unto them, when the time thereof is- 
come,ye lliall not be able to retard, or advance an hour : they 
have faid, that they will notbelieve In the Alcoratr, butthoii 
fhalt fee them one day afl'embled in the prefenceof thy Lord; 
thou fhalt fee that they fhall accufc one another ; the poor fhall! 
fay unto the rich, you have hindred us to obey the Command- 
ments of God; they fhall anfwer, have we feduced you from 
the way that was taught you? On the contrary, you were 
wicked and malicious : they (hall fay, on the contrary, yo« 
employed night and day your Artifices to renderusingrateflil 
for the graces of God, and to induce us to believe that he 
hath companions equal! to hinr, they (hall repent of their fins, 
when they fliall fee their punifliment ; we will lay chains^upon 
their necks, arid they fhall be chaftifed after their demerits. The 
chief Inhabitants of the Cities, faid to the Prophets that we 
fent to them to preach the torntents of hell, that they believe 
not their words. We have (faid they) more riches, and more* 
children then thofe that believe in their difeourfe, we fliall n-ot, 
be danined,asthey affirm ; Say unto them, my Lord giveth and" 
taketh away riches as feemeth good to him , butthegrcatei^ 
part of the people know it nx)t ; y^ur. wealth and your children 


266 The i\icoran 0/ M a h o m e T. Qyap.^^. 

(hall not give you accefs to God ; fuch as (hall perform good 
works, {ball be rewarded, and ILall live eternally in the de- 
lights of Paradife ; they that (hall endeavour to fupprefs our 
• Law, fhall be caft headlong into the fire of hell .- Say unto 
them, my Lord giveth, and taketh away wealth as to him 
feemeth good ; he maketh vain the alms which ye lliall give, 
if ye obferve not his Law ; he is the rich of the rich : Be thou 
mindful of the day, when I fhall alTemble the Idolaters, and 
(hall fay to the Angels, behold them who have adored you ; 
they (hall fay, praifed be God, thou alone art our maiier and 
proteftor; they adored not us, they worfliipped thedevill ; 
the grcateft part of them believed in his word, this day they are 
not able to benefit, or hurt one another ; they will fay to the 
unjuft, tafte the torments of hell fire, which ye would not be- 
lieve. They laid, when thou did ft preach unto them our Com- 
mandments, this man would hinder us to worfliip the gods of 
our fathers^ he is a blafphemer. They have faid,that the Alcoran 
is but Sorcery and Magick, and reade not the books that we 
have fent unto them. Their predeceflbrs did like them; they 
traduced our Apoftles, and hindred them to preach the tenth 
part of what we had infpired into them ; they traduced them, 
but how were they chaftifed ? Say unto them, I preach to you 
to pray to God two by two, or alone, or in company ; ye (liall 
know one day^ that your friend Mahomet is not poilefTed of 
the devill, and that he preacheth to you the pains of hell ; I re- 
quire no reward of you for mine exhortations, God fhall re- 
ward me, he feeth all. Say unto them, God teacheth his Pro- 
phets the truth, and what is to come; the truth appeared, and 
fallhood was dlfcovered, and the lyars were deprived of his 
mercy; if I wilfully go aftray, or if I ad what God hath en-, 
joyned me, this fhall be for my foul, God heareth, and isprc* 
fcnt at all things . Thou fhalt fee the Infidels filled with fear, 
and affrighted when they fhall come out of their fe- 
pulchres. they fhall notefcape the punifliment of their incre- 
- dulity; they fiiail then fay, that they believe in the Alcoran, 
but 1 will (hew to them from far the law which they have 
defpifed in the world 5 they (hall be precipitated with their ig- 


Q^ap'l')' T7;^ Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 267 

norancc, into a place remote from mercy and pardon : they 
(hall be feparated from the true-believers,becaufe they have 
doubted the Commandments of the Law of God. 


The Chapter of the Creator^ containing fourty and five Verfes, 
written at Mecca. 

This (fhapter is intituled the Chapter of Angels, in the Book^ 
Teffir anf joahir, ^hichtreatethof the Expojitionof the Al- 
coran iw Turkifh, 

IN the name of God, gracious and merciflill. Praife be 
to God, Creator of Heaven and Earth , who created the 
Angels, the MefTcngers of his Commandments; they have 
wingSjtwo, three, and four ; he maketh of his Creature what 
fcemethgoodtohim, he is omnipotent ; none can compre- 
hendthe grace that he hath given to his people, it is incom? 
prehenfible,, he is omipotent and moft wife. Oh people 1 re- 
member the grace of God , is there a Creator befide him ? 
he enricheth you with the riches of Heaven and Earth, there 
is no God befide him. How can the wicked blafpheme againft 
his divine Majcfty ? If they traduce thee , certainly they, 
traduced the Prophets that were fcnt before thee, they {hall 
he one day affembled before God to be judged. Oh ye peo- 
ple •' what God hath promifed is infallible ; glory not in the 
wealth of the^Earth , beware left the Devillfeduce you , and 
render you proud, becaufe that God doth a while defer the 
punifhment of your crimes. The Devill is your enemy, be ye 
his enemies,, he leadeth them that follow him into the fire of 
. Hell , where they (hall fuffer the rigors of infinite paine^ • 
their fins (hall be remitted that believe in GoH " 
works ; Oftentimes, he that dp'---' 

- 3 *i^^ 

„„.- do good 

« - A^*\y Vie- 

t6% The Alcoran of Mahomet. Chap.-^^^ 

Itevechiie doth well; God miifleadeth and gwderh whom it 
pleafeth'him; be not unwilling m depart from rhemdked, 
Godknoweth all DheiT;a(fliong. iHc fendeck the winds that 
drive the clouds unto barren and drie places, to refredi the 
Earth, and caufe it to revive after its death; in like manner 
will he raife again the dead. He that affedeth greatnefs, fhall 
finde in God all manner of greatnefs ; good fpeeches afcend 
even to his divine Majefty , and our good works are accepta- 
ble tNO'him. Sudi ascon^ijeiigainft \the Prophet , Ika'li ai- 
dure great torments, and their confpiracy »becorae vain and 
unprofitable. God hath created you of duft and mire, he cre- 
ated you men .and women,; die woman \netdher concei^weth, 
nor bringethfortha but through bis per.»Mffion;; iw man can 
either prolong orfhorten his life , but foilowlng what ik 
written in the book [kept in Heaven ] thefe things are eafie 
to God. Thofe two Seas are not like to Euphrates , whofe 
warcriisfwGcr,andpleafenti:o drink ; -the water of the Sea is 
G0kl,^nd>ia>lr, neverthelefsyeeatof thefifh of tbeonc^ and 
the^ther ; Y-e ^fifk out of the Sea, gemraies ,*to adorne y^^^ 
you fee the Ship to run iiponthe waters, and deavetfhe waves, 
for the advantage of your commerce ^ jperadvcntnTc yon will 
resiiim tharvks-to fGod for ^his graces. He 'caufeth the ni^t 
ro enter inco tthe day, and trhe day into die nfght ; he created 
t'he Sun and thereon ,thatTun'in ifhe Heaven till t*he d^j 
appointed. That*God w'ho created the'fe tilings, is your Lord, 
the Empire of the worldis^ts 5 the Idols t?hat ye watfliip 
have no^more power then the skin of an (L^/mmd,; if ye in- 
voke them, they fhall not hear you , they ftialH denj you at't!he 
day of Judgment, and are not 6f power to 'let you know ei- 
Aer t?he ioyes of Paradife, or the tormentsof Hdl. 'Oh yee 
people 'I ye arc poor and neceflttous, ye have need of 'Gods 
a^ffiftanee, and*God hath no want df you; praffe is due to 
him m everyplace ; he'wfJi deftroy you, if it feeme g^ood to 
him, and create another new people m your j) lace; none 
ftiall 'bear t*ht 'burden of another , 4?e it ne^^er fo 'liffht or 
hea\'iE,twv,not whenthey are nccr df kin. Preaci^hthoutne tor- 
««nK:i^ *Hkll tofudh^^feartheir 'Lord/wtthout fceing'him, 


Qhap.]^. Tl^e Alcoran o/M a h o m e t. 269 

and make their prayers at the time appointed. He that 
takethheedof offending him, laboureth for himielf; allthe 
world rhall be one day affembled before him to be judged; 
Theblindearenot like to fuch as fee dear; darknefs is not 
like to light , the Oiade and coolnefs are not lik€ to the heat 
of the Sun ; the living are not like the dead; God caiifech 
himfelf to be underftood of whom he pleafeth , thoucanft 
not make the Co-mmandments of God to be underftood by 
them that are in their vSepulchers ; we have fent only to 
preach the paines of Hell, and the j'oyes of Paradife, there is 
no place in the world where they have not been preached; 
If the lefidels traduce thee, their predeceflbrs Ukewife tra- 
duced them whom we fent heretofore, to preach to chem the 
myfteries of faith , and the Scriptures; they were furprized 
in their fins , were rigoroufly chaftifed. Seefi: thou not how 
thy Lord caufed rain to fall from Heaven, to make the Earth 
produce many fruits of fundry forts , and to nourifh in the 
Mountains the Goats, the Stags, and Hinds ? tonouriflithe 
Crowes and Ravens, the men, and beaft of divers kinds and 
forme f God gratifieth his creatures that acknowledge his 
benefits , he is omnipotent and mercifull. They who de- 
voutly read the book of God, who make their prayers at the 
time appointed, and beftow in pious works, fecretly or pub- 
liquely, part of the wealth that we have given them, have hope 
of a recompenfe that fhall never perifib; God (hall recom- 
penfe and augment his graces upon them, he is mercifull to- 
wards the good , and accepteth the acknowledgment of his 
graces. The book that we have fent thee containeth the truth, 
it confirmeth the ancient Scriptures, God knoweth and feeth 
ail things. We have given the underftanding of the Alcoran 
to fuch as we have chofen among our creatures ; there be 
fome who have ill dlfcharged what we taught them ; fome 
have performed what was enjoyned them, and others have *• 
taught it with affection and diligence through Gods permifli- 
on. This is a great grace , they (hall enter into the garden 
of£^f», where they (Lall remain eternally ; they fliall be 

adorned with collars of gold, enriched withprecious ftones, 


270 Tl?e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Q^^P'^^* 

they fhal be doathcdwith fine (ilk,and fhal ray,praifed be God, 
who hath delivered us from afflidion, he is moft merciful!, and 
accepteth the thanks of hiscreatures; fuchas through hisVpe- 
ciall grace lliall enjoy the houfe of eternity, (hall be free from 
all pain, and the Infidels (hall be cad headlong into the fire 
of Hell. They fhall not dye in thofe torments , and their tor- 
ture (hall never be affwaged ; thus fhall the wicked be cha- 
ftifed, they fhall in vain implore fuccor of God, and fay, Lord 
deliver us from thcfepaines, we will do better then we have 
done heretofore ; I will no more prolong your life on Earth, 
I have fent you my Prophets and Apoftles , They preached 
unto you my Commandments, you would not hear them,tafte 
now the paines of Hell, which ye have merited , the wicked 
fhall this day be deprived of protedion. Certainly God know- 
eth whatfoeveris in Heaven and Earth , he knoweth all that 
is in the hearts of men. He it is that hath made you to mul- 
tiply on Earth, impiety (hall rife againft the impious, it fihall 
render them abominable before God, and put them into the 
number of the damned ; Say unto them, have ye well confi- 
dered the Idols that ye have worfliiped ? Tell me, what have 
they created on Earth ? Were they Gods companions in the 
Creation of the Heavens? Hath God fent to them a Book, 
and reafons, to authorize their impiety ? Certainly the wicked 
inllrud one another only in pride and arrogancy ; God 
fuftaineth the Heavens and the Earth, he alone is able toVuftain 
themhe is gracious and merciful.The wicked fwore to fight for 
the encreafe of the faith, if there fliould come to them a Preach- 
er to inftrua them ; and when became , they augmented their 
wickedne^ became proud in the Earth, andconfpired asainft 
the True-behevers ; their conrpirade fell upon themfelves, and 
they can exped none other things then what was ordained 
agamft their predeceirors, the Law of God admitteth none 
. alteration, ^otthderthey not what was the end of their Pre- 
deceflors ? who were more wealthy and powerrull then 
they ? Nothing is impoifible to God, he knoweth all things, 
and is omntpotent. Should God paniili the people when they 
OiTcnd him, he fhould leave no YW\ng creature on the Earth, he 


(7;^p.;^. 'T'he Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 271 

deferrcth thechaftifementof the wicked iintill the time ap- 
pointed ; when their time flnali be come, he will punifh them 
according to their demerits, hefeeth all. 


The (^ktpter intituled^ O Man , containing fourtfcore and claht 
Verfes, Written at Mecca. 

Readerjf^f Mahometans have entitnledthis Chapter with two 
lettersof the (tArahique Alphabet, i,s. The Bt&diO'\ faith , that 
i Jignifiethh, that i^ to fay o particula vocativa , and s, is an 
ahreviation, thatfignifieth\n(2,\)^ Ci^H JMan^ and that the An- 
gel fpeakjng to M^homtt, began this Chapter in this manner'^ 
O man 1 / f'^ear bj the Alcoran, &c. See Teflir , Kitab el 

IN the name of God, gracious and mercifull. Oh man ! I 
fwear by the Alcoran, full of Dodrine, that thou art a Pro- 
phet, fent to teach the people the right way. This Book was 
fentby the Omnipotent and mercifull, that thou mayft in- 
ftrudmen in that which was not taught their predecelTors ; 
Certainly, what was faid is true, viz,. That the greateft pare 
of them is incredulous ; We will put a chain upon their neck, 
and binde their hands to the very chin; they (hall lift up the 
head tocomplaine, but we will place before and behind them 
a great obftacle , we will cover their fight with darknefs, and 
they fnall not fee a jot. Mifery is upon them j vvhecher thou 
doft reprove , or not reprove them, they fhall not be con- 
verted. If thou preached to them that believe in the Alco^ 
ran , and to fuch as beh'eve in what they have fecn , proclaim 
to them a generall pardon of their finnes, and a very great re- 
ward. I make the deadtoarife again, and write exa^iyin 
a book the good and the evill that men commit. Relace to 
them tiie Parable of thofe of the City , whither thy Lord feni: 


272 '^k Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Q^^P']^. 

his Prophets; we fent unto them two Prophets, they flan- 
dered both of them ; we fuccored them by a third ; they all 
three faid to the Inhabitants of this City, we are fent from 
God to preach to you his Commandments. They anfwered, 
ye are but men like us , God hath not fent us a fignc to make 
you known, ye are lyars. They faid, certainly God knoweth 
that he fent us to you ; we are obliged only to preach to you 
his Commandments ; They anfwered , would ye make us Infi- 
dels like your felves ? If ye end not this difcourfe , we will 
flone you , and make you to fuffer heavie torments. They 
faid, be your evill with you , who hath heretofore fo ill inftru- 
6led you ? Certainly you are wicked ; Then a man came run- 
ning from theutmoft part of the City, who faid unto them, 
oh people / obey the Apoftles of God , obey them that re- 
quire no reward from you for the paines which they take m 
teaching you, and who are in the right way. Wherefore 
(hallnotl worfhiphim that created me, and before whom 
ye all lliall be alfembled to be judged ? Will ye worfhip ano- 
ther befide him? If it be his will to chaftife me, your Idols 
cannot favc me , I fhould be extremely erroneous, {hould I 
believe m your Gods ; hear and underftand what I fay unto 
you. [ Neverthelels they flew him ] and faid unto him , goe, 
enter into Paradife ; He faid , in dying, would to God this 
people knew the graces that his divine Majcfty hath conferred 
on me , he placed me in the number of the bleflfcd 5 After his 
death we did not fend Angels from Heaven to chaiHfe the 
wicked ; I will fend them but once to deftroy them ; they fhall 
one day be dumb> for fhame that they have not followed the 
True believers , and of being mocked by them that I fent to 
preach unto them my Commandments ; Will they not con- 
(ider how much people we have deftroyed in times paft , who 
are not returned, and that (hall be one day aflfembled before 
me to be judged ? The Earth, drie, dead, and barren, as afigne 
of my omnipotency for the wicked ; we made it revive , and 
became green again, and to bring forth fruits, with which 
they were fatiate ; we there created Gardens, Date- trees, and 
yinesj we caufed Fountains to fiow ^ they eat of the fruits 


Chap.]6. n?e Alcoran^/ VI a h o m e t. 272 

which are not the works of their hands; will they not ac- 
knowledg the works of their Lord ? Praifc is due to him that 
created the male and the female of all plants that the Earth 
produceth, who created man and woman , and many other 
things, of which they have no knowledg. It is a fign of my 
omnipotency^to feparate the day from the night, and to make 
the Sunne to run to his appointed place. We have appointed 
to the Moon her fignes , fhe goeth and cometh alwaycs 
through her old way ; the Sun neither haftneth , nor retard- 
eth his courfe at any time , neither doth joyn himfelf by 
night to the Moon ; the night cometh not untill the end of 
the day. And all, to wit, the Moon, the Sun, and the Stars 
exalt my glory in the Heaven : It is a mark of mine omni- 
j>otency,to have born their fathers upon the waters in the 
Ark, and to have given them vefTels like the Ark to bear 
them ; had it pleafed me , I had caufed them to be drowned, 
without fuccor and falvation ; I faved them through my Sped- 
all grace, untill the time appointed. The wicked dcfgik the 
fignes of Gods omnipotency, and fcolFedjWhen they were re- 
quired to fear the wrath of his divine Majcfty, prefcnt, 
and to come , and that their iniquities (hall be forgiven them. 
When it was faid unto them , give almcs of the wealth that 
God hath given you , they anfwered, fhall I give him to eat, 
to whom God rhall^ive bread when it fliall pleafehim ? They 
are in a very great error. They will enquire of you when the 
day of Judgment Ihallbe ; and if ye believe it , tell them that 
they muft exped but one jfole voyce , that {hall furprife them, 
they {hall quarrel!, they {hall not be able to make their Tefta- 
ment, neicher return to fee their parents; in the end they 
(hallgoeoutof their Sepulchres, and he- 
fare God, when the Trumpet fhall found ; Then {hall they 
fay, we are moft miferablc, to have departed from our graves, 
behold what God hath proraifed us I The Prophets fpake to 
iisthe Truth, ^iz. That the world ought to expcfl but one 
VcOyce ; This day*{hall all afferabled-befcMre their Lord, 
no injiidice {hall be done to any perfon , and every one fliall 
be rewarded, and chailifed after his works : Such as Ihall goc 

T into 

374 '^'^^ Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Chap. -^6^ 

into Paradife , fhall be in exceeding great repofe , with all 
' manner of contentment , they and their wives (liall be fafe 
from all evils, lying on delicious beds , they (hall have all 
forts of fruits, and whatfoever they iliall dcfire , they fliall 
be faUitcd on the behalf of the Lord, gracious and mercifull. 
God fhall fay to the wicked at the day of Judgment , De- 
part yce this day from the company of the good ; did I not 
forbid you to worfhip the Dcvill, your open enemy , but to 
worQiip me alone , and that it was the right way ? Did I noc 
tell you that the Devill feduced a multitude of the people ? 
Ye would not believe it, behold Hell, that is prepared for you, 
through your incredulity. I v;ill fhut their mouth, their hand 
fhall fpeak , and their feet fhall be witneifes of their crimes ; 
If we will, we can make thelafidelsblinde, they fhall finde 
no way , they fhall not be able to goe or come, and fhall be 
fuccored of none ; had it been our pleafure we could have 
transformed them in their houfes, and they had not been able 
to goe forth; I will caft their head againfl: the ground, and 
' will render them infamous, whofe life I fhall prolong, and 
they (hall not know their errors. We have not made them 
to underftand the myftcries of the zAlcorm , but that was 
not ncceflfary ; it is but to preach to the living, who compre- 
hend what is fpoken to them ; it is moft true, that the wicked 
fhall be punifhcd .- See they not that we alone have created all 
the bcafts of the Earth, over which they command ? We 
have made them fubjedl to them; Some fervc them to ride 
on^ and others for their nourilhment , will they be ingrate- 
full ? Ncverthelefs they have worlhipped Idols, they adored 
what could not deliver them from the paines of Hell. Af- 
flidl not thy felf at their difcourfe , I know whatfoever they 
fay, and all that they keep fecret in their fouls; Doth not 
man con(ider that we created him of duft ? And that 
' he is too arrogant ? God hath taught us how he formed 
his Creatures , neverthelefs the wicked have faid , who \s he 
that can give life to bones that are rotten ? * Say unto them, 
he it is that created you at firft , and that knoweth what he 
created 5 he makcth fire to come out of the green woods 
... which 

Q:>(tp.7^7' T^^^ Alcoran 0/ M a h o xi e t. 275 

which ye burn , and created the Heaven and the Earth ; can- 
not he create other creatures like unto you ? yes , without 
doubt, he createth what pleafeth him, heknowethall things; 
when he willeth any thing, he faith, be thou, and it is ; 
praifed be he, to whom all things appertain,and before whom 
you all (liall return [to be judged.^ 


The Chaffer of Orders , contmning fourefcore Vcrfes , ^'ritten 
at Mecca. 

IN the name of God, gracious and mercifull. I fwear by « k, b f 
the orders of Angels that worQiip God, and attend his ^^^^^7'' '^ 
commands , by them that hinder men to obey the Devill , 
and by them that read and meditate on the e^/ror*i» , that 
your God is one fole God , Lord of the Heaven , and the 
Earth , and of all that is between them , he is Lord of the- 
Weft, and of the Eaft. We adorned the Heaven and the 
Earth with Planets , and have kept them fafe from the ma- 
lice of the Devils; they cannot hear what isfpoken in the 
Firmament , they are fliamefuUy driven away on all fides, 
and Hiall be eternally tormented ; if they hear any thing 
fpoken, they hear it greedily, and follow [_'m~\ fpeedily, but 
the fhining Planet purfueth them,Qand dctedeth their malice.] 
The wicked have demanded if we created any thing more 
illuftrious then they ; Certainly we created them all of the duft 
of the Earth-.Thou art amazed at their blafphcmies.they deride 
thy amazement, and fhall never be converted. When they dial 
fee Miracles, they (hall fcoffe, and fay, that it is but evident ma- 
gick to believe chat they fhal dye.and after^being earth^bones, 
and duft, they fhall rife again with their fathers and predcccf- 
fors : Say unto them, that they ftiall rife again, and that they 
are feduced from the right way ; that the world fhall be but 
once deftroyed , and they iliall fee what will befall them at 
the day of Judgment : They ihall that day fay, they are wret- 
ched, and the Angel fhall fay unto them, behold the day ct 
Judgment, behold the day that the godly (lialibe fcparated 

T 2 from 

■I I  — '■ 

^y6 The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Chap. -^7. 

trom the wicked j behold the day which ye would not belecve; 
It (hall be faid to the Angels, gather them together, afTemble 
their wives, and their Idols, put them into the way of hell, 
and ftay them, to give accompt of their deporrments, and why 
their Idols do not fuccour them. Certainly they (liall de(ire to 
be in the number of them that have obeyed Gods Command- 
ments : they fhall quarrell among them, and fhall fay, it is you 
that have feduced us from the right way, through your oaths ; 
ye fwore that ye followed the Law of God, and obfcrvedhis 
Commandments : they (hall anfwer on the contrary,, we have 
no power over you, you your fclves were in manifeft error, 
the word of God (hall be accomplifbed againft us, and we 
{ball for company fuffer the torments of hell; if we feduced 
you, wc were like wife feduced, and we fhall this day be your 
companions in punifhment. That day fhall the wicked be in 
this mancr afflid:ed : they become infolent on earth , when it is 
told them there is but one God, and fay, fliall we abandon our 
gods for a foolifti and lying Poet ? on the contrary, he teach - 
eth you the truth, as did the Prophets that were before him; 
ye (hall be chaftifed, and intreated according to your deme- 
rits. Such as {hall obey Gods Commandments, (hall have a 
place of fafety wherein to reft, with all forts of fruits, in 
pleafant gardens, fitting orderly on delicious beds, with glaffes 
full of a drink, pleafing to the tafte, which (hall not make them 
drunk* Their wives white as frefheggs, fhall not caft an eye 
upon any but upon them ; they fhall talk together, and one a- 
mong them fhall fay, I had on earth a companion, who asked 
me if I believed in the Rcfurredion ; and if after being redu- 
ced to earth, bones, and duft, we fhall rife again? come with 
me, let us go fee what he doth; he fhall fee him in the bottom 
of hell, and fhall fay unto him, by God, it wanted little but 
that thou hadft feduced me, without the grace of God I had 
been damned, as thou art, we are not in tho number of the 
dead, we (hall not fuffer any pain ; on the contrary, we are 
in exceeding great happlnefs:thns are the righteous rewarded; 
who are the more happy ? they who are in our felicitie, or 
fuchas are neer loZncon^ the tree of hell f This tree cometh 


Qyap,]7^ ^/^^ Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 277 

out of the botom of hcll,it rifeth high, and the branches them- 
felves refemble the heads of devils ; the damned fhall eate of 
the fruit thereof, they (hall drink boy ling water, and hell fhall 
be the place of their habitation; their fathers were Infidels, 
they followed their f 00 tfteps, and the way of them that were 
feduced before them; we fent unto them Preachers,whom they 
refufed to hear, but confider what is the end of the righteous, 
and that of the wicked. We faved Noahy and gave grace to 
fuch as obeyed hing, we delivered him with his family from a 
great danger, and perpetuated his progeny ; he fhall be praifed 
of all them that fhall come after him, becaufc we gave him our 
bleiling ; thus do I recompenfe the righteous, he was in the 
r.umber of them that obeyed my Commandments ; we faved 
him; and them that followed him, and drowned the Infidels, 
Remember Abrahamy God gave him an heart free from im- 
pietie and malice ; he faid to his father and his people, where- 
fore vvorQiip ye falfegods in ftead of the true God f think ye 
to cfcape the puniQiment of your crimes ? Then he had a vifion 
in heaven, and faid, I am fick of your Idolatry, they departed 
from him with purpofc to be converted, and empty the Tem- 
ples of Idols of their treafures ; he faid to the Idols, wherefore 
eat ye not the facrifices that arc before you ? wherefore fpeak 
ye not ? and gave them a great blow with his right hand : the 
people came together with wrath, becaufe he had ftricken thdr 
gods ; he faid unto them, will ye worfhip the works of youi? 
hands ? know ye not that it is God that created you f then they 
faid among them, let us build a great pile, and put fire to it,and[ 
caft Abraham into the fire • they confpired againft him, but we 
rendred them afhamed and confounded. Abraham faid unto 
them, I go towards my Lord, he fhall guide me into the way 
offalvation ; Lord give nies fon that may be in the number of 
the righteous ; we declared to him that he fhould have a fon/ 
exceeding wife, when he arrived to years of difcretion; he 
faid unto him, myfon, I dreamed this night that I muftfacri- 
fice thee, what wik thou that I do r^ he replied, my father, do 
what is commanded you , ye fhall finde me full of patience ;* 
when his father laid him on the ground, and put the knife nigh 

T 3 unto 

278 The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e x. Chap.-^y. 

unto his throat ; we faid unto him, O Abraham I it is enough, 
liion haft fatisfied thy dream ; thus do I entreat the righteous, 
thus were we wont to prove them. We redeemed his fon 
with a fair Ram ; he fhall be praifed of pofterity,and thofc 
that (hail come after him, Qiall blefs his memory. Thus do I 
reward the rij>hteous, he was in the number of them that obey 
my Commandments. We declared to him that he fliould 
have a fon, called Ifaac, from whom Qiould ifTue many belie- 
vers, and unbelievers. Certainly we gave our grace to Mofes ' 
and ayfaron j we delivered them with their followers from 
an evident peril, we protedcd them, and they were in the 
number of the vidlorious ; we gave them the book full of light, 
and conduded them into the right way ; they fliall be praifed 
in ages to come, and pofterity lliall blefs their memory. Thus 
do I recompenfe the righteous, they were in the number of 
them that obeyed my Commandments : Elias is in the 
number of my Prophets and Apoftles ; he faid unto the people, 
wherefore fear ye not Qod ? wherefore worlLipyethe Idol 
' Bfdan, and forfakc the Creator of the world? God is your 
Lord, and the Lord of your predecefTors ; they traduced him, 
and were condemned to the fire of hell, except fuch among 
them as obeyed myCommandments.We left his memory happy 
to pofterity^ thus I reward the rightcous.hc was in the number 
of them that obeyed my Commandments. Let was in the num- 
ber of my Prophets and Apoftles: Remember thou,how we de- 
livered him and his family from evident perill, except his wife, 
who remained among them that were chaftifed; having faved 
him, we deftroyei the wicked; they faw in the morning the 
foo.tfteps of the ruine that befellthem the night before; will 
ye not underftand this miracle? fona6 was in the number of 
the Prophets . Remember thou, that he fled in a fhip, and was 
the caufe of evill to the Saylors, he was fwallowed of a Whale; 
had he not repented of his fault, he ihould have continued 
in the belly of that fi{h until the day of Judgment; wecaft 
him on the (hore extreamly feeble, we covered him with leaves 
of Filbert, and fent him to preach to more then an hundred 
thoufand perfons, that we reconverted, whofe deceafcwe de- 

Chap.-i^y. The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 279 

ferred until the time appointed. The Infidels have demanded 
if thy Lord hath daughters,as they have fons? did we create the 
Angels male and female in their prefence ? They lye, when 
they fay, that God hath a fon ; hath he defired to have daugh- 
ters rather then fons / how can you thus blafpheme ? Con- 
(ider ye not that he is God alone, without children ? have yc 
any reafon or authority to fpeak in this maner? bring your 
arguments, produce your reafon, if ye are true. The Infidels 
have faid, that the Angels were of the lineage of God, but 
the Angels well know that the Infidels (hall be damned, bc- 
caufe of their blafphemies. Praifed be God, he hath neither 
fon nor daughter, other then the righteous that worfliip him, 
^4iid obey his Commandments. You, with your Idols cannot 
efcape the punifhmentof your fins, ye fhall be condemned to 
the fire of hell. There is none among the Angels that know- 
eth not his place, and his order in Paradife, to praife and wor- 
fhip his divine Majcftie. If the Infidels fay, weobfervc the 
Religion of our predeceffors, we are in the right way ; Say 
unto them, that if they believe not in the Alcoran^ they fhall 
in fine know their incredulity. We have promifed protedion 
to believers, and Prophets, they fhall be proteded and vifto- 
rious; depart for a time from the wicked, confider how God 
punifheththem, they (hall feel the punifhment of their impic- 
tiej will they caft themfelves headlong into the torments of 
hell ? affuredly they will be aftoniflied when they (hall feel 
them ; depart from their company, and confider that they 
(hall not be able to efcape the pnniQiment of their crimes. 
Praife thy Lord, the Lord of power and greatncfs, above the 
wicked; falvation be to the Prophets, and eternall praife to 
the God of the Univerfe. 



z8o The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e r. Q^ap.-^^. 


The Chapter, of Trntp^ fqnp^hmg fof^r/cjsrf 0,j^d eight Venfes, 
i^rittef^ at Mecca. ' 

.Reader, Mahomet itttiiuled this Chapter "^ith the Letter 
named in the Arabique Alphabet ^ Sfad, rvhich fignlfieth in this 
place^ Sfidk, that is tofajy Truth, See the Glpfs^ of Gdadin, 
Kitab el tenoir. Thj have intitf4ed it the Chapter of 

IN the name of God, grac'fous and merciful . I fwear by the 
Qyilc4ran, that this Book teacheth the way of Salvation j 
neverthelefs, the Infidels refift the Faith, and are among them- 
felves of a different opinion. How many have we deftroyed 
in times paft, that were like unto them ? They cryed, and re- 
quired fuccors, but they were no longer to be fuccored. The 
Infidels wonder, that a man like themfelves (hould be fenc tQ 
inftrufl them ; they fay, That he is a Magician, and a lyar, to 
preach one fole God. It is a ftrange thing I Their Dodors 
fprfook their Afftrablies , they went to preach through the 
City, and faid , Perfift to adore your Gods ; we abjure the 
belief of the unity of God , the laft Scd did not preach 
it ; it is an evident lie. Was CMahomet chofen among 
us to receive alone the aAkoran. defcended from Heaven ? 
Certainly they doubt ^t Alcoran, they fliall know the truth, 
when they fhall be in the fire of Hell. Have they in their 
power theTreafures of the mercy of thy Lord, omnipotent 
and bountiful ? Poflfefsthey the Kingdom of the Heavens and 
Earth, and whatfoever is betwixt them ? If it be fo, let them 
afcend into Heaven with their forces; affuredly, they (hall be 
fhamefully beaten in all places. The wicked heretofore de- 
famed Koah^ Aad^Vharoah, the maker of Charmes^^.Vi^ Temod, 
the Inhabitants of the City of Lot ; thofe that dwelt in the 
Forefl, and their companions, traduced the Prophets, and 
were puniflied after their demerits 5 neverthelefs, the Infidels 


Qyap.^^. Tloe Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 281 

confider not that they fhall bcchaftifed, when the trumpet 
(laall found at the day of Judgment, and that theyfhallno 
more return on earth to be converted. They fay in rcorn,Lord 
give us to fee the Book of the Accompt of our fins, before 
the day of Judgment. Perfevcre, and be patientjbe not trou- 
bled at their difcourfe, and call to minde o\n k rvsint David, 
ftout and zealous in my Law ; the Mountains and the Birds 
praifed me with him ; they aflemblcd in his prefence, and 
obeyed him ; we gave force to his reign, and endued him with 
knowledg and eloquence. Haft thou learnt Davids quarrel, 
when they hindred him to enter into the Temple ? and how 
he feared his enemies ? When they entred towards him, they 
faid unto him, Be not afraid, we have a difpute among us, 
judg our difference with equity, and teach us the right way. 
This man is my brother, he harh fourfcore and nineteen fneep; 
I had but one, which he hath raviflied from me, becaufe he was 
ftronger then I. David faid. He hath done thee wrong, art 
thou troubled for one Ew ? The greateft part of men arofe 
againft their neighbor, except fuch as believe in the Law of 
God, and obferve his Commandments, which are few in 
number. Then David knew that we had tryedhim, he im- 
plored pardon of his fin, he humbled himfelf, worfhiped us, 
and was converted. We gave him pardon of hrs fault, we drew 
him near unto us, and lodged him in a place of content. I faid 
unto him, O Davi^ I we have eftabliflied thee on Earth,to de- 
termine the differences that fhall arife among the people, 
follow not thine own appetite, it will feduce thee from the 
way of Salvation ; fuch as (liall erre from my Law, fhall fuffer 
grievous pains at the day of Judgment. We have not in 
vain created the Heaven, and the Earth, as the wicked affirm ; 
mifery (hall befal them, they fhall be caft headlong, and burnt 
in the fire of Hell. Shall I alike entreat the believers, and un- 
believers ? the righteous and the wicked ? This Book! We 
have fent it to thee, and bieifed it, to the end the people may 
meditate the myfteries thereof; and the wife reap advantage 
for their falvation. We gave Soiomon to our fervanr David, 
he was extreamly zealous in our fer\'ice. Remember that 


282 The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Chap.-^^. 

horfes, ready and vigorous, were prefented to him about even- 
ing ; that he forgot to make his prayer at the hour of Vefpers ; 
and faid, What ? Have I preferred the love of the wealth 
of the Earth, to th^ remembrance of God, even until the Sun- 
fet > He caufed them to be led back again, and facrificed fome 
See Te/fiy^ of them (for expiation of his fault. J He caufed their legs and 

r^l'-lh^' ^^ "^^^ ^^ ^^^"^ ^^^ ^^^^^ ^^/^w^«, we caufed a fuppofici- 

• tious pcrfon to fit on his Throne, and afterwards reftored him 
to his dominions. He faid. Lord, give me thy mercy, give me 
fo happy a reign, that the like hath not been feen ; thou arc 
liberal towards thy creatures. V Vc made fubjed to him the 
winds, which blowed at his command, where it pleafed him. 
We made the Devils fubjedtohim; fomc built his Palaces, 
others dived into the SeaSjto bring him Pearls, and others were 
bound and chained to attend his commands ; he retained and 
difmiffed whom he lifted, with rendring an accompt. We 
drew him neer unto us, and lodged him in a place of content. 
Remember our fervant foi?, that he prayed to his Lord, and 
faid, That the Devil had heaped mifery and afflidion upon 
him. It was faid unto him, strike the Earth with thy foot ; 
thou rhalt fee water fpring forth to walh thee, and to drink : 
We reftored to him his children, and his riches, through our 
fpecial grace, to be an example to pofterity* It was faid unto 
him, when his wife would have made him to murmur , Take 
rods in thine hand, ftrike thy wife, and fwarve not from what 
thou haft promifed. We found him patient, and zealous in 
obedience to our Commandments. Remember our fervant 
Abraham^ Ifaac, facobj aflPedionate and zealous in our Law ; 
we faved, and chofe them, among the righteous. Such as have 
my fear before their eyes , ihall enjoy the delights of the 
Garden of Eden ; where they fhall repofe upon moft 
glorious beds ; they (hall there have all forts of fruits, and 
delicious drink ; and their wives jfhall not look on any but on 
them. Eehold, what is promifed to them at the day of Judg- 
ment, and thefe pleafures (hall never end. The wicked and 
Infidels (hall be precipitated into the tire of Hell, they ihall 
drink boyling water in abundance, and water extreamly cold, 


Chap.'^S. Tl)e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 282 

full of all maner of noyfom fmells ; they fhall be precipitated 
into the flames, and fliall fay to them that have obeyed thorn 
upon Earth, May ye be perpetually tormented, you have fe- 
duced and mif-led us ; On the contrary, may your felvesbe 
tormented, you have been the caufe of our mifery, and lliall be 
damned with us. Then fhall they fay. Lord encreafe the punilli- 
mcnt of him that is the caufe of our mifery : Shall we not be 
able to fee them whom we believed on Earth to be Infidels ? 
and whom wc derided ? cannot our eyes fee ? Thus Hull the 
damned quarrel. Say f to the people) lamfentonly to preach 
unto you the Unity of God, the Omnipotent Creator of Hea- 
ven and Earth, and of all that is between them. Behold, the 
-beft Sermon that I can make unto you ; neverthelefs you de- 
ipife it. I know not what happened in Heaven when the An- 
gels quarrelled. God hath infpired it into me, and I am fent 
but to inftrud you, and to preach publikely the pains of Hell. 
Remember thou that God faid to his Angels, I will create man 
of the mire of the Earth-, when I have formed him, I will 
breathe againft him, and infpire my Spirit into his body ; pro- 
flrate your felves before him with humility. The Angels there 
proftrated themfelves, except the Devil ; he was proud, and 
already in the number af the wicked. Thy Lord faid unto him. 
Wherefore doft thou Hot humble thy felf before the work of 
my hands /" Thou art in the number of the proud ; he replied, 
I am better then man, thou haft made me of firc,and haft creat- 
ed him of the duft of the Earth. Then thy Lord faid unto him, 
Get thee hence,thou fhalt be chaftifed on all fides,and my curfe 
be upon thee until the day of Judgment. He anfwered, Lord, 
defer my punifhmcnt until the day of the Refurredion ; he 
faid, I will defer it until the day appointed. He repHed,through 
thy permiffion I will tempt all the world, except fuch as ^Tiall 
be zealous in thy Law, and fhall obey thy Commandments. 
He faid, I tell thee true,! tell thee true, I will fill Hell with thee^ 
and thofe that (hall follow thee. Say unto the people,! require 
of you no recompenfe for my inftrudions, I am not importu- 
nate. Certainly this Book is fent only to inftrud men, you fhall 

one day know the truth of what it containcth. 


284 T/;e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Qoap.^^. 


The Chapter of Troups^ containing feventjfive Verfes^ Written 
at Mecca. 


N the name of God, gracious and merciful. This book was 
. fent by God, the Omnipotent and wife. We fent it to thee, 
the contents thereof are moft true ; worfhip one God alone, 
and obey his Commandments ; faith procecdeth from him a- 
lone : Such as worfhip any other but him, worfhip Idols. 
They have faid, we would not invoke our Idols, had they not 
power to draw us near to God : Certainly God (hall judg 
one day the difference that is between the believers, and un- 
believers; he guideth not him that is a lyar and impious. If 
he would have a fon, he would make choife of one of his 
creatures, that lliould be pleafing to him ; praifed be God,therc 
is but one God, alvvayes vidorious, he created the heavens and 
the earth with proportion ; he maketh the night to enter into 
the day, and the day into the night ; he created the Sun and 
the Moon, which perform their courfe in heaven, until the day 
appointed, he is omnipotent and merciful : He hath created 
all of you of one fole man, of whom he created his wife ; he 
hath given you clean beafts, male and female ; he formed yon 
in the wombs of your mothers, form upon form.- he brought 
* The ob- you out of three * obfcurities, he alone is your God, and your 
fcwrity of Lord, the kingdom of the world appertaineth to him, there is 
J^e mothers ^o God but he. How can the Infidel depart from his fervice? 
womb and ^^^^ ^^^^ "^^ worfhip him, he hath nothing to do with you, he 
the skin that defireth not that his creatures ihould be impious ; his Will is, 
infold you that they praife him ; this is his pleafure, and nonefliall beai: 
in thewomb. the burthen of his neighbour, yc; all Qiall be aifembled before 
Sec GcUldin. {^jm, he will fhew ye what you have done, he knowcth what is 
in the hearts of men .- When man is touched with any afBi<^i- 
on, he invoketh God, and turneth ; and when he is in profpe- 
rity, he forgetteth his vows: he hath faid chat God hath a 
companion equal! to him, and erreth from the way of his Law. 


Chap.-^^. T7;e Alcoran 0/ M A H o M E T. 285 

Say unto him, thou fhalt be awhile tolkrated, in the end thou 
(halt be caft headlong into the fire of hell^and he that fhai pray 
to God dav and night, ered, proftrate, or on the knee, with 
fear of the torments of hell, (hall enjoy the mercy of his divine 
Majefty. Are fuch as labour to be compared to them that 
are idle? They that have judgment will underftand this dif- 
courfe.say unto them,oh ye people that believe in your Lord 1 
have his fear before your eyes ; Such as fhall do good works in 
this world, fhall enjoy abundantly the riches of the earth, Cod 
will innumerably reward them that perfevere in obedience to 
his Commandments.Say unto them, I am commanded to wor- 
fhip one God, to profefs his Unity, and to be obedient to 
him. Say unto them, I apprehend the dayof Judgment, if I 
difobey God my Lord. Say unto them, I will worfhip but one 
God, worfhip ye others, whom ye will. Such asihalldefpifc 
the Law of God,{hal lofe their fouls,and families,at the day of 
Judgmcnt.Thefe are two great loffes, and moft certain they be 
involved in eternall fire.Thus God preacheth to true- believer*. 
O my ^creatures / fpeak unto them that have my fear before 
their eyes , that they adore not Idols, and that if they turn to 
their Lord, they (hall enjoy the delights of Paradifc Proclaim 
to them that hear my Word, and obey my Commandments, 
that they are in the right way, and well advifed ; canft thou 
deliver from the fire of hell him that (hall be condemaed? 
Certainly fuch as obey God, (hall enjoy the pleafures of Para- 
dife, wherein flow many rivers, and there fhall they dwell eter- 
nally. This is the promife of God, he fwcrveth not from that 
which he proraifcth. Seeft thou not that God fendeth rain 
from hearen, and makethxhe rivers to run upon the earth, he 
caufeth plants tf>Cj-^^ioi'th, and herbs of divers colours 5 
thou fceft th^'iti become yellow, and then altogether drie; 
this is 2 fign of his omnipotencie. Hath not he to whom God 
hath given the light of faith, received a great grace from his di- 
vine Majeftie > Mifery is upon them that have an heart hard- 
ned, and forget his Law, they arc manifefdy feduced ; he hath 
fcnt an excellent book for the inftrudion of men, his precepts 
are alike in parity, and without contradidtion ; They that 


286 Ihe Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 0^^p']9* 

fear God, tremble when they hear mention of this book, and 

finde their reft in the word of his divine Majeftie. This book 

is the guide of the rightcouSjGod by it guideth whom pleafeth 

him. He whom God fhall feduce, fhall findexione to guide 

him, he Qiall be precipitated into the fire of hell at the day of 

Judgment ; it (hall be faid that day to the wicked, tafte the 

torments that yc have merited; their predeceiTors defamed the 

Prophets, and were punifhed when they leaft thought of it, 

God rendred them ignominious in this world, and they fhall 

feel in the other , torments much more grievous, and they 

know it not. We have taught in this book what is necelfary 

for the falvation of the people, peradventurc they will learn it; 

it is in the Arabique tongue, without falfhood and contradt- 

flion, perhaps the people will fly from impiety; God teach- 

ethyouaparable ; Two men are adociates in their traffique, 

the one is wicked, the other an honeft man, are they alike? 

Praife is due to one fole God ; the greateft part of the Infidels 

underftand it not. Thou (halt die, all men (hall die, and ye 

fliall be aflfembled at the day of Judgment, when ye (hall dif- 

pute together; Who is more unjuft, then he that blafphemeth 

againft God, and againft the known truth ? Shall not the 

wicked be damned ? Such as (hal believe the Prophet, and fly 

impiety,{hal obtain from God what they defire; fuch is the re- 

compenfe of the righteous, God (hall pardon their fins, and 

reward them for their good works : doth not he proted his 

fervant f They will terrifie thee with the Idols which they 

adore; but he whom God (hall miflead, (hall finde none able 

to guide him, and none (hall be able to feduce him whom he 

(hall guide, is not he the omnipotent and revenging ? If thou 

askofthe Mdels, who created 'to'^vinip*^ earth? they will 

fay it is God; Say unto them, have ye therefore confidered 

the Idols which ye adore, can they exempt you from the wrath 

of God, when it ihall be his pieaflirc to chaftife you ? Shall 

they be able to hinder his grace , when it (hall be his 

will to pardon you ? Say unto them , my refuge is God, 

1 am reCigned to his Will, the wife truft in his divine Ma- 

jci^y. Say unto them, oh people I do as you underftand him, 

Chap.7,^. Tl?e Alcoran o/M a h o m e t. 287 

I will do as I underftand him; ye fhall know in the end, that 
whofoever (hall be condemned, fhall be afhamed, and be pre- 
cipitated into eternall torments. We have fent unto thee the 
moft true Book, to inftrudthe people; Ke that ihall follow 
the right way, fhall meet with nothing but good ; and he that 
fhall go aftray, fhall meet with nothing but evill ; thou art not 
the guardian of the wicked ; God caufeth men to die when the 
hour of their death is arrived ; he deferreth the death of many 
during their fleep, and remitteth that of others to the time ap- 
pointed, this is a fign of his omnipotencie,to fuch as confider it. 
Will ye vvorfhip any but God ? Say unto them, how Ihali your 
Idols be able to intercede foryou^fince they wantpowerPknow 
you not this .? Say unto them, we ought to invoke one God a- 
lone, King of the heaven and earth ; you all fhall one day af- 
fembled before him to be judged. The Infidels tremble with 
fear, yvhen they hear mention of one fole God, and rejoyce, 
when they hearfpeakoftheir Idols ;Say unto them,GodisCre- 
ator pf the heavens and the earth, he knoweth the paft, prcfenr, 
and future; (Lord/) thoufhak one day Judge the differences 
of ti}y creatures; Should the Infidels polTefs all the riches of 
the earth, and yet as much more, they would not be able to 
efcape the fire of hell at the day of Judgment ; they fhall be 
punilhed more gricvoufly then they imagine,their fins fhall be 
fct before them, and they (hall feel the rigors of the torments 
which they defpife : man calleth upon us when he is in affiidi- 
on, and when we give him our grace, he faith, he meriteth it : 
on the contrary, this is to prove him, but moft of them are ig- 
norant of it ; their predecefiTors fpake as they ; tht^ good that 
they have done, hath profited them nothing ; and the mifery 
that they have merited,is fain upon them, they fhall not efcape 
the punifhment of their crimes. Know they not that Godgi- 
veth and taketh away wealth from whom pleafeth hina / 
This is a fign of his omnipotency for the righteous. Say unto 
ihcm, oh people I they who have offended God, oughtnot to 
difpaire of his grace, he is gracious and merciful ; be ye con- 
verted, and recommend your felvcs to his will before ye be 
condemned, otherwife ye (hall remain without protedion ; 


288 T7;e Alcoran o/ M A H o M E T. C^ap.-^^. 

follow the inftrudion that God hath fed t to you, before yc 

be chaftifed, the punifbment of your crimes (hall furprife you , 

ye know not the time ; the wicked (hall be afflided» for that 

they have not obeyed Gods Commandments, they (hall know 

their damnation,and the fin that they have committed, in fcor- 

ning the true-believers : They fhali fay, had God guided mc 

into the right way, I had had his fear before mine eyes. When 

they fhall fee hell, they {hall fay,could I return into the world, 

I would be in the number of the righteous ; on the contrary, 

my Commandments were taught you, but ye became proud, 

and difpifed them. Thou fhalt fee that day how the vifages of 

Infidels (hall be blackned .- Is there not a place in hell prepared 

for the proud <* God lovcth, and putteth into a place of felici- 

tie them that fear him, they (hall not be touched, either with 

difpleafure or afflidion; God hath created all things, and 

difpofeth all at his plcafurc ; he hath in his power the keyes of 

heaven and earth, fuch as difobey him are damned. Say unto 

them, oh ignorant [men] will ye enjoyn me to worfhip ano^- 

ther god, befidcs God .^ It hath been preached to you, and 

your predeceffors, that all your good works fhall be unj^irofi- 

table, if ye adore many gods, and that you fhall be in the 

number of the damned: there is butoneGod, worfliiphim, 

and be mindful of his graces. The Infidels have not praifed 

God as he ought to be praifed, they havem^knowlcdgof his 

power, he (hall make the earth to tremble, and gathertoge- 

ther the heavens by the ftrength of his right hand at the day of 

Judgment; praifed be God, he hath ^no companion. When 

the Trumpet ihall found the firft time, he(hali-cairfc todie, 

whom he wiilbaveto die in the heavens and earth ; the fecond 

time all the world fhall rife agaiii, and arrend hisCiommand- 

mcnts;the earth (hall be full of the light of the Lord there of^hc 

fhal bring his bacyk, where in {hd be written what the f rophets 

and Martyrs havctaughc, he (hall judge the woi^ld witheqiiity, 

and (hall not do injufttce to any; every one (hall be rewarded 

and chaftiRd for his WDtks,he knowe rh 'all that they h^ve done, 

he'ihall fend the Infidels into the fire df hell, in troiops ,• when 

chey fhall be arrived at thegatc, it (hall apenbefbre'tiieir eyes; 


chap. 4-0. The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 289 

it rhall be faid unto them, behold Hell, which ye have merited • 
were there not Prophets and Apoftles, to teach you the' 
Commandments of God, and to preach unto you on Earth 
the coming of this rigorous day ? They fha 11 fay, yes, but the 
word of God (hall be accomplillied againft the wicked. Ic 
rhall be faid unto them , gee, enter into Hell, ye fhall abide 
there eternally , ft is the habitation of the proud. Such as 
fhall have the fear of God before their e^es, fhall be con- 
duced in troups to the gace of Paradife , the gate fhall open 
before their eyes ; it (hall be faid unto th<:m , behold 
what ye have gained, the peace of God is with you , ye have 
not been ignorant, enter into Paradife, ye fhall dwell therein 
eternally. They fhall fay, praifed be God , for that we be- 
lieved in his Law^; andbecaufewe are heirs of his grace, we 
will goc into Paradife, into what place fhall fceme good to 
us , God giveth his bleiling to the righteous. Thou fhalt fee 
the Angels about the throne of thy Lord, who fhall praife and 
exalt his glory,- they fhall fay , God hath judged his crea- 
tures with equity, praife is due to the Lord of the Univerfc. 


The Chapter of the True believer j containing eighty five Verfesy 
'Written 4it Mecca, 

ReaderyCcMdin entituleth thi^ Chapter^Of the Pitifull, 

fN the name of God, gracious and mercifull. God \s pru- 
dent and wife. This Book is fent hy the omnipotent , who 
knoweth all things, who pardo-neth finnes, and accepteth the 
converfion of his Creatures , he is fevere in his chaftifements, 
and indulgent to his people, there is no God but he, and all 
the world fhall one day be aflembled before his divine Maje- 
fty [^ to be judged, J No man difputeth againft the precepts 
of the Alcoran^ but the wicked ; be not thou difcontented if 
th€y live on earth with fome felkity j the people of N9Ahs 

V time 

290 The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Chap./[o. 

time contemned his inftrudions, their pofterity did like them, 
and every Nation hath confpircd the death of them whom 
God fent to inftrud them ; they difputed to obfcure the truth 
through their lyes , but they were punifhed ; and after what 
manner ? So is the word of God accompiiilied againft the 
wicked , they all (hall be damned. The Angels that are about 
the throne of God, and thofe that bear him, prayfe and ex- 
alt his divine Majefty, they believe in his unity, and beg par- 
don of him for the True-bejievers ; Lord, thy mercy extcnd- 
eth through the whole world, nothing is hid from thee, either 
in Heaven or Earth , pardon their fins that convert, and em- 
brace thy holy Law ; deliver them from the fire of Hell, open 
to them the gate of the gardens of Eden , which thou haft 
prepared for them, their fathers, wives, and children, and them 
of their lineage that fhall do good works,thou art omnipotent 
and wife. Depart from fin , he that fhall depart [ from it ]] 
(hall refent the eflfeds of Gods mercy at the day of Judg- 
ment, and fhall enjoy eternall felicity ; The Infidels fhall be 
hated of God, his hatred is infinitely more dangerous then 
yours ; will ye be Infidels after being called to the obfervation 
of the Law of Salvation ? They faid, Lord, wilt thou caufe us 
to dye twice f and {hall we twice rife again ? But they fhall 
fay at the day of Judgment, Lord, we confefs we have of- 
fended thee , w^e acknowledg our finne, in having renounced 
the belief of thine unity; Shall we never goe out of Hell, 
to obferve thy Law, and follow the way of Salvation ? No, 
ye (liall fuffer in the fire of Hell , becaufc that ye have be- 
lieved them that adored Idols, and becaufe ye have faid, that 
God hath companions equall to him. All things obey one • 
foleGod omnipotent, he it is tliat made you to fee his Mi- 
racles, and fendeth you the riches of Heaven and Earth ; none 
ccjifiderir, but fuch as are converted. Pray to God, and ob- 
serve his Law, although it be againft the will of the wicked ; 
he elevateth his creatures to what degree he lifteth, he hath 
created his throne, and fent his infpirations to whom he feech 
good , to preach the day of Judgment ; that day fhall the 
people come out oi their Monuments, and none (hall be able 


Qmp.^o. Tl:e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 291 

to hide himfelfe from his divine Majefty. Who Hiall command 
that day ? It fliallbe God alone, vidorious ; that day (hall lie 
recompenfe every one after his works, without injuftice , he is 
exadl to make accompt. If thou preach to the wicked the day 
of Judgment, their heart will lift them up, and they fliall be 
full of afflidion , their prayers (hall not be heard , and none 
(liall intercede for them : God knoweth them that have eyes 
of treachery , and feeth all that is in the hearts of men , he 
judgcth of every thing with truth ; the Idols which theywor- 
fkip are without power, God alone underftandeth all things^ 
and is omnipotent.Confider they not what was the end of their 
predecefTors ? who were more powerfull, and more wealthy 
then they ? God furprized them in their finnes , there was 
none of power to fave them, for that they difpifed the Pro- 
phets of his divine Majefty, they contemned his Law,and were 
impious, but he feverely chaftifed them, he is omnipotent, 
and moft feverc. We fent Mofes with miracles , with rea- 
fons clear and intelligible to Pharoah, to Haman^ and (^aron ; 
they faid that Mofes was a Sorcerer, and a lyar ; and when 
he preached to them the truth on our hehalf, they faid, kill him, 
with all thofe that believe himjand make their wives infamous • 
but their confpiracie was but impiety : Pharoah faid , hinder 
me not to kill Mofes, let him invoke his God to fave him ; 
I fear that he may alter your Law, and introduce fome difor- 
der in the Land ; Mofes faid, God, mine and your Lord, fliall 
defend me from the malice of the proud, that believe not 
the day of Judgment : Then a man of the domeftiques of 
Pharoah , that fecretly profefTed the true Law , faid, will ye 
flay a man that dtclareth that God is his Lord ? and that hath 
made you to fee miracles? if he be a lyar, his lye fhall be 
againft him , but ifhe fpeak the truth , fomething of what he 
hath preached fhall befall you,God guidcth neither the wicked 
nor lyars. Oh people / you this day command on Earth with 
fplendor , who (hall defend us from the wrath of God, if it 
fall upon us ? Pharoah i^\A, I fpeak nothing to you , but 
what I have told you heretofore, and I will guide you all into 
the right way ; He of his Domeftiques, that fecretly prof€(red 

V 2 . the 

2p2 The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Chap.^o. 

the true Law , faid , oh people ! I fear left ye be chaftifed, 
as have been your predecefTors, as were the people of Noah^- 
Add^Temod^ and thofe that were after them ; God will noE do 
injufticc to men, 1 fear for you the day of Judgment, a day, 
when ye (hal rife again with terror, to render accompt of your 
a6Vions,he whom God fhal feduce fhal find none to guide him. 
Certainly Jofejfh came heretofore with inftru "rtions, clear and 
intelligible : neverthelefs ye doubted , even untill his death, 
. tnd faid, that after him God fhall not fend a Prophet like un- 
to him , thus doth God feduce the wicked, that doubt of his 
Law ; he hateth fuch as difpute without reafon , they are ab- 
horred of them that believe in his divine Majefty ; Thus God 
hardneththe heart of the proud, and tyrants. Pharoah faid 
*Hmanv/^i to '^ Haman , build me an high Palace, peradventure I fhall 
Tharoahs arrive at the Heavens, and as high as the God of Mofes , I 
0*0*^311"^ believe him to be a lyar. Thus Pharoah delighted in his wicked 
^ccGelaidin.^^^^^^ t he erred from the right way, and his confpiracy was 
but his deftrudion. He of his family that was a True believer, 
faid, oh people I follow me, I will guide you into the right 
way, the riches of the Earth pais away lightly, and the riches 
of Heaven are eternally be that doth evill fhall findeevill; 
who doth good, man or woman, believing in God, fhall en- 
ter into Paiadife , where he fliall be enriched innumerably, 
with all manner of riches. Whertfore invite you me to pre- 
cipitate my felf into the fire of Hell, fmce I exhort you to your 
Salvation ? Ye invite me to be wicked , and to believe that 
God hath companions, and I know it is not fo ; I call you to 
the omnipotent and merciful! [^ God, ]] doubtlefs I will not 
worflVip your ldols,they cannot hear you,either in this world, 
or in the other ; we all fliall be one day affembled before 
God, who will condemn Infidels to the fire of Hell ; confider 
hereafter what to you I have preached ; lam refigned to the 
will of God 5 hebeholdeth all the adions of his creatures, 
he fhall chaftife them for the cvill that they fhall commit, arid 
for their wicked defignes. He fent his punilLment upon the 
lineage of Pharoah, they defervcd to be precipitated into the 
fire of Hell, they fliall burn evening and morning. It fliall 


Chap.^o, The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e x. 293 

be faid to them at the day of Judgment , oh people of Pha- 
roah I gOQ, enter into the fire of Hell. The Infidels fhall 
quarreli in Hell , the poor (hall fay unto the rich ; We fol- 
lowed you, arc yc able this day to deliver us from eternal! 
flames ? they (hall anfwer, wc all are damned with you, Go d 
isamoft juft Judge. The damned fliall fay to the Minifters 
of Hell, Pray to your Lord, that he may affwage thefc tor- 
ments for one day ; they (hall anfwer, had ye not on Earth 
the Prophets and Apoftles of God to inftrud you ? They (hall 
fay, yes ; pray therefore to God your felves ; the wicked love 
nothing but impiety ; I will protcdl on Earth my Prophets, 
and them that obferve my Law, and particularly at the day of 
Judgment; that day the wicked (hall have no excufe that (hall 
advantage them, mycurfe(hall fall upon them , and they all 
(hall be damned. We taught Mofes the way of Salvation, and 
made the Children of Ifrael heirs of his inftrudions, to in- 
ftruft them that (hall underftand them. Perfevere and be 
patient,the promife of God is infallible ; implore; pardonj of 
thy finnes, and exalt the praife of thy Lord evening and mor- 
ning. They that difpute againft the Commandments of God 
are without reafon , and have nought in their foules but pride 
and ignorance : Implore fuccor of God , he underftandeth 
and feeth all things , the Creation of the Heavens, and of the 
Earthjis greater then the Creation of men,but the greateft part 
of men know it not; the blinde is not like to him that feeth 
clearly ; he that doth good, is not like to him that doth evill, 
neither is obfcurity fuch as the light ^ but few men confider 
it. Doubtlefsthe day of Judgment (hall come, neverthe- 
lefs the greateft part of men will not believe it : Your Lord 
hath faid, call upon me, I will hear you; Such as (hall re(ift 
my Law, (liall goe into Hell, and be eternally fcduced. God 
hath created the night for repofe, and the day for travell, he 
is bountifull towards his creatures, but the greateft part of 
the people are ingratefull ; God is your Lord , Creator of 
all things , there is no God but he. How can the wicked blal^ 
pheme ? So do they biafpheme that are ingratefull for the 
graces of Cod ; he hath eftabliihed you on Earth, he hath 

V 3 covered 

294 ^^^ Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. (7;j]?.4o. 

covered you with the Heavens, he hath formed you, enriched 
you 5 he is your God, your Lord, bleflfcd be God , Lord of 
the Uuniverfe, he it is that giveth and depriveth you of life, 
there is no God but he, be obedient to him, and obferve his 
Law ; Praifed be God,Lord of the Univerfe, who hath created 
you of mire. Say unto the Infidels, I am forbidden to vvror- 
(hip the Idols that ye adore ; God hath taught me his unity, 
I have received command to woriliip none but the Lord of 
the Univerfe ; he created you of duft, mire, and congealed 
blood, he caufeth you to be born little Infants, he makcth 
you to arrive to the age of difcretion , to virtlttie, and old- 
age; many dye before that age, and all attain to the time of 
their deftiny, peradventurcyefliallunderftand his unity; he 
k is that maketh you to live and to dye, and when he willeth 
any thing, he faith, be thou, and it is. See ye not, that they 
that difpute againft his Commandments,depart from his Law ? 
Such as re je^ our Commandments, and what we en joy ned 
©ur Prophets to preadi to men, {hail findc their errors , when 
they (hall ke chaineson tlieir neck?, and fetters on their feet ; 
^y (liall be dragged and burned in Hell ; then (l^ali it be faid 
3into them, where arc thefc Idols that yee adored opoti 
Earth? theyrhali anfwer, they are departed from us, cer- 
tainly they are without power ; thus God feduceth Infidek, 
to their confufion. It (hail be (aid unco them , thefe patnes 
befaliyoUjfoTthat ye were proud and infolent without rea- 
hui enter within the giu:es of Hell, ivhich is the habitation 
of the proud, ye (hall dwell there eternally. Be patient and 
pcrfevcie , the word of God is infallible ; I will make thee 
CO fee a part of what I have promifed to men , I will caufc 
thee to dye, and thou (hak behold them all alTembled to be 
judged. Certainly we lent Prophets before thee, we h3iVt 
fpoken tothecofonepart of our Apoftles, and the reft ace 
coiKcaied from thee ; neither Prophet nor Apoftles can 
preach any thing without Gods permiflion ; hechaftifech the 
wicked when he plekfeth , he (hall judge the differences that 
are between them and the Prophets , and ihall deftroy the 
^abdicv«-5. God hathcrcated the beafts for your ufe ; Some 


Qoap.J^i* Tfje Alcoran 0/ M a h o \i e t. 295 

— ^— ^— ^— — ^— ^— 

ye eat, and others ferve you to ride on, Qfromthem] ye reap 
profit, they bear the burden, aslikewife do the (hips forthq 
advantage of your commerce ; God manifefteth to you hi$ 
graces: And what graces I Will ye defpife them ? Do not 
unbelievers confider the end of them that were before then?^ 
who were more powerful and rich then they ? Their Treafures 
did not fave them, they derided the Prophets and Apoftle? 
that preached to them ; and in the end felt the pains that they 
had defpifed. When they (ha)l fear the torments pf Hell, 
they {hall fay, We believe in one God alone, and renounce 
Idols. This profeffion of Faith lliall be unprofitable to them 
in Hell; they fnall incur the rigor of the Law of God, that 
was obferved againft their predeceffors, and all unbelievers 
(hall be damned. ' * ^ .' 


Thf Chapter of Exfojition^ cmtaimng fifty and fgur Verfes^ 
Written at Mecca. 

Etadfr, CdMlnemituUth this Chapter, Of n^^jorapiw* 

IN the name of God, gracious and merciful. IhQ A/coran 
was lent by the gracious and merciful Cod ; It explaineth 
divine Mylleries in the Arahicjue tongue, to them that have 
knowledg to understand them ; it proclaimeth to the good, the 
delights of Paradife, and preacheth to the wicked the torments 
of Hell; neverthelefs, the greateft part of the world depart 
from the Faith, and hear not thy words : They fay, We have 
obdurate hearts, we cannot comprehend what thou preacheft, 
our ears are flopped, we are too remote to hear what thou 
fayeft. Obferve thy Law, we will live after our own. Say unto 
them, I am a man like yoji, your God (s onefole God, be 
obedient to him, and beg pardon of him for your fins ; Milery 
is upon unbelievers, that pay not Tithes, and believe not in the 
day of Judgment. The believers that (hall do good works, 
^ ^ V 4 (hall 

296' T/;^ Alcoran o/ M A H o M E T. Chap.^u 

fhall enjoy an infinite reward. Say unto them, How, will ye 
Munday and {je wicked towards him that created the Earth in two days .? 

1^ GcUidin ^^^^^^ yo" % ^^^^ ^^ ^^^^ ^ Companion equal to him ? He 
' is fole Lord of the Univerfe ; he raiied the Mountains, ble&d 
the Earth, and gave to every Region the particulars thereof 
in four days, for them that fhall have need : After this he 
afcended into Heaven, that was like unto fmoke, and faid unto 
Heaven and Earth, Ye (hall obey me, either through force or 
affedlion : They anfwered, Lord, we will be obedient to thy 
Thurfday Commandments. He created fevcn Heavens in two days, and, 
andt^riday. difpofed every Heaven after his own will; he adorned them 
See Gdaldm, ^j^.^ St2iis, and preferveth them from the malice of the Devil. 
This is an effe^ of his Omnipotency ; he is omnipotent, and 
knoweth all things. If the unbelievers depart from the Faith, 
fay unto them, I have threatened you, as heretofore thunder 
did the people of Aad and Temody when the Prophets taught 
them the Law of the ancient True- believers, to wit, To wor- 
-- (hip but one God ; They faid, Were it Gods pleafure to ^Iter 
our Law, he would have fcnt us Angels to preach unto us- 
we will not believe in thy mifTion. The people of y^*«^ waxed 
proud on the Earth without reafon, and faid. Who is more 
powerful then we } will. they not con(ider, that he that 
created them » is more powerful and wealthy then they ? 
Neverthelefs they defpifed our Commandments. Wc fent 
againft them a cold and impetuous wind, in an unhappy timeg 
that made them to fufFer on Earth fhame and ignominy, be- 
caufe of their crimes ; He fhall caufe them to feel the pains of 
Hell, that are much greater then thofe of the Earth, and they 
fhall be eternally deprived of protedion. We intruded the 
men of Temod'm the right way ; they preferred blindnefs to 
light , and impiety to Salvation ; they were furprized by 
thunder, and fuffered great afflidions, becaufeof their fins,' 
We faved none of them, but the believers, who had our fear 
before their eyes. Be thou mindful of the day that the ene- 
mies of God (hall be affembled in Hell ; they fnall defend 
t^heircaufe before the Judg, until teftimony be brought againft 
ihem ; theireare, -their eyes, and their skin fhall be witnefe ' 


Chap.41. T7;^ Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 207 

of their iniquities ; They (hall fay, VVhereforedoyewitnefs 
againft us ? They (Lall anfwer. He that made us to fpeak, 
giveth fpeech to every thing ; he it is that created you, and ye 
are this day alTembled before him to be judged. Ye did not 
well conceal your felves, when ye offended him ; your ears, 
your eyes, your skin arewitneffes againft you; ye believed 
that God- fliould not fee your fins, this was your opinion : 
Certainly he (Lall chaftife you, and you all {hall be in the num- 
ber of the damned. Perfevere, and be thou patient, the fire 
of Hell (hall be their habitation ; they {hall not be able to 
pleafc God in the flames. We have given them the Devils 
ibr their Companions, who caufed them to delight in fin. The 
word of God Ihall be accompliihed againft them, as it was ac- 
complifhed againft their predece{rors ;, as well men as Devils, 
that are condemned. The unbelievers have faid. Hear not that 
Alcorm^ it is full of error ; peradventure ye (liall be feduced. 
I will caufe them to fuffer grievous pains, and will chaftife 
them after their demerits ; fuch is the reward of Gods enemies. 
They {liall remain eternally in the fire of Hell, becaufethey 
defpife his Commandments. The wicked {hall lay at the day 
of Judgment , Lord, let us fee the Devils, and the men that 
feduced us ; we will trample them under our feet, and preci-, 
pitate them to the bottom of Hell. Such as fhall have pro- 
fe{red theLawof God, as{hall have obeyed his Command- 
ments , {hall be vifited by the Angels , and (hall that day be 
free from fear and afflidion. They (hall fay unto them, Re- 
joyceyeinParadife, that is prepared for you; ye {hall there 
finde all the contentments that ye (hall defire ; they have been 
prepared for you by the gracious and merciful. There is no- 
thing better then to pray to God, then to do good works, and 
to profefs his unity. Good and evil are not alike : Expel evil 
with thy good works. There is an exceeding great antipathy ^ 
betv«een Faith and Impiety : Faith is given to fuch as perfevere 
to do well, and to them that are endued with the grace of 
God. The Devil will tempt thee, but implore afliftance from 
God ; he heareth and knoweth all things. The night and the 
day, the Sun and the Moon, are fignes of his Omnipotency .- 


198 Tf)e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Qyap./\\. 

Adore neither the Sun, nor the Moon, worihip God that 
created them. ]f the Infidels refift the Faith, the Angels chat 
are in Paradife defift not, notwithftanding, to exalt the glory 
of his divine Majefty, day and night, without intermiflion. It 
is a fign of his Omnipotency , to fee the barren^ and dry Earth 
to change the face,and become green, when it is watered with 
rain. He that maketh the plants to revive, is he that maketh 
every thing to live and die, he is Omnipotent. Such as depart 
from our Commandments, cannot hide themfelves from ug .• 
Shall he that (hall be precipitated into Hell, be better lodged 
then he that (hall be faved at the day of Judgment ? Do what 
{hall plcafc you, your Lord beholdeth all your adlions. I will 
chaftife them that traduce the ^/for^«, it is a precious Book, 
it is approved by the ancient and modern Scriptures, it is fcnt 
from the glorious and merciful. None other thing fhallbe 
fpoken to thee, then what hath been fpoken to the Prophets 
that preceded thee ; thy Lord is merciful and juft. Had wc 
fent the Alcoran in the Perjian tongue, to a Prophet, an Ara^ 
^//?» by Nation, the wicked would havefaid. That the divine 
Myfteries are not well explained. Say unto them Jt is the guide 
of Believers, and a remedy to their ignorance. Infidels have 
deaf ears, tiey are blinde, and hear not, asthofe thitarc 
called too far off : Certainly, we gave the Book and the Law 
to Mofes. Unbelievers doubt, but if thy Lord had not faid. 
That he would defer their punifhment until the day of J udg- 
ment , he had already chaftifed them in this world, becaufe 
they doubt of the truth. VVhofoever fhall do good, fhali 
finde good ; and the evil that a man committeth, (hall be 
againft him. Thy Lord doth no injuftice to his Creatures : 
None but he knoweth the day of judgment ; no firuit nor 
flower fpringeth out of the Earth, and woman neither con- 
ceiveth, norbringeth forth, but by his permiflion. Be thou 
mindful of the day ihat thy Lo^rd fhali call Idolaters, and de- 
mand of them, where be their Idols? They fliall fay, Lord, 
we acknowledg thy Unity ; none of us Will hereafter adore 
thole fa Ife gods. They that worfhipped one God, departed 
from Idolaters ; they know that the puniKhment ©f their fins 


Qhap /^%. Tl?e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e T. 299 

is infallible. Man never ceafcth to require riches, and is 
troubled when evill befalleth him ; if wc give him good after 
hisafflidion, he faith, that heforefawit, and hath no thought 
of the coming of the day of Judgment; if he be converted, 
thy Lord opencth to him the gate of Paradife. I will make 
the wicked to know their wickednefs, and will moftfeverely 
punifh them ; when we beftow wealth on man, he followeth 
his Idolatry and his fin, and when he is touched in affiidion,he 
aboundeth in prayer; Say unto them, know ye not that the 
Alcoran proceedeth from God ^ neverthelcfs ye have renoun^ 
ced it, who is more impious then he that impugneth the known 
truth f I will caufe them to fee my miracles, even to the ut- 
raoft parts of heaven and earth, and in their own perfons, to 
the end they mjiy know the truth of the Alcoran. Suffieeth 
it not them that thy Lord feeth all things .? neverthelefs, they 
are in doubt of the Refurredion, and of being aifcmbledbe* 
fore him to be judged, certainly God is omnifcient. 



*Tht Chapter of Counfelty containing fifty and three VerffS ^y^rif" 
ten at Mecca. * 

IN the Name of God, gracious and merciful. God is pru- 
dent, wi(e, majeftique ; he underftandeth all things, and is 
omnipotent ; God hath fcnt thee the fame infpirations tlwt he 
lent to them that Aidi precede thee; he is omnipotent and wifb, 
whatfoever is in heaven and in earth appertaineth to him ^ he i^ 
omnipotent, and knoweth all things ; the heavens open at his 
command, the Angels exalt his glory, and implore his pardpw 
for them that are on earth ; he is merciful, he beholdeth them 
that invoke Idols, and knoweth them all, but thou art not 
their Tutor. We have infpired into thee the ^Alcorm in the 
Arabique tongue, to preach to the Inhabitants .of Mecca, anjcl 
fuch as dwell about that City ; we have fent thee to preai:.h 
Knto them the day of Judgment ; there is no doubt that one 


300 The Alcoran of Mahomet. Qhap.^i, 

part of men fliall be favcd, and the other (hall be damned ; 
had it pleafed God, he had created them of one and the fame 
Religion, he givethhis grace to whom he lifteth, and Infidels 
fhall be deprived of fuccour, becaufe they have required the 
prote(flion of Idols; but God is the true protedor of the 
world : he reviveth the dead, and is omnipotent, he fliall one 
day judge all the difficulties, and rcfolve all your doubts in 
your Religion,' he is my Lord, I recommend myfelfto his 
divine Will; he created your wife of your fclves, he created 
all beafts male and female, and caufed you to multiply ; there 
is not any thing like unto him, he keepcth the keyes of the 
treafurcs of heaven and earth, and takethaway, andgiveth 
wealth as pleafeth him. The Law that I gave to Noahj Ahrcf 
hanty Mofesy and Jefus^ is that which I commanded thee to ob- 
ferve, w-^. to believe in one God.The Infidels are angry when 
thou preacheft to them the unity of God, he teacheth it whom 
he pleafeth, and guideth into the right way them that obey 
him; the wicked approve fome points of his Law, andrejed 
the reft, although they have knowlcdgof his Unity, and that 
through the envy that is rifen among them ; if thy Lord had 
not heretofore faid that he would defer their puniQiment until 
the day of Judgment, he had already deftroyed them ; many 
ofthofe, who after them fhall have knowledg^of the Scriptures 
fhall doubt of his Law; but follow thou the way that is ap- 
pointed thee, and follow not their appetites ; Say unto them, 
I believe in the Book that God hath fent, I have received 
commandment to preach unto you, that God is your, and our 
Lord 5 ye (hall anfwer for your adions, and we fliall anfwer 
for ours ; it is not neceffary to difpute againft u?,God will one 
day aflemble us in his prcfence to judge our differences, he is 
our refuge ; fuch as difpute againft the faith; after knowledg of 
the truth, are without reafon ; their arguments iliali be vain 
with God, they fliall be the objed of his wrath, and iliall fuffer 
exceeding great pains. God hath fcnt the Alcoran with truth 
and ballance; he will nor inftrud thee when the day of 
Judgment fhall be : Such as have no faith in him, ask when it 
fhall come, and they that believe him,fear the coming thereof, 


Qodp.^1. The Alcoran 0/ M a h o \i e t. ^01 

and know it to be infallible ; fuch as doubt, arc erroneous from 
the right way. CJod is merciful to his people, and enricheth 
whomhepleafech, he isftrong and omnipotent, heincreafech 
the graces of him that dellreth the riches of heaven ; he giveth 
the wealth of the earth to them that affed it and depriveth 
them of the riches of heaven ; Are there wicked ones among 
men that teach them a falfe Religion prohibited of Godr CJod 
hath not revealed it to them; had he not deferred their punifli-. 
ment until the day of Judgment, he had already dellroyed 
them; thev iliall in the end feel grievous torments, ye flisli fee 
them fear their own deportments, ye fhall fee them chaftifed 
after their demerits ; and the believers that do good works, 
lliali enjoy the delights of Paradife, where they fliall finde 
whatfoever they dial 1 defire; this is the great grace of God; 
this is that which he hath proclaimed to the fauhfiil that be- 
lieved, and have do;nc goodVvoiks; Say unto them, 1 require 
none other recompenfe for the pains that I take in preaching 
to you, then to love my kindred ; he that fhall do any good 
work,fhall be rewarded, God is merciful, and good works are 
pleafing to him. Will they fay that thou haft blafphemed a- 
gairfl God ? If it pleafe God, he (hall hinder thee to hear this 
difcourfe, or will imprint patience in thine heart ; he aboliflheth 
lies^ and confirmech the truth through his words ; he knoweth 
whatfoeverisintheheartsof men; he accepceththeconverfion 
of his creatures, he pardoneth their fins, and knoweth all their 
anions j he heareth the prayers of the faithful, that do good 
works, and augmenteth his grace upon them ; but Inhdels ihall 
undergo the rigours of eternal pains. Had God equally en- 
riched all his creatures, they had been in confufion upon earth ; 
he enricheth whom he pleafeth ; he feeth and knoweth all; he 
fendeth rain when men defpaire of his grace, he is the pro- 
tedor of believers, and praife is dueto him eternally : the crea- 
tion of the heavens, and of the earth, and of all that movith 
between them, is a fign of thine omnipotency .* Ifevill befall 
you, believe that ye have deferved it, neverthelefs he pardo- 
neth you many things; ye cannot efeape his punilliment on 
€arth, and none is able to ptoted you againftbim. The veiTel 


102 7k Alcoran o/M A H o M E T. Qyap.^i. 

that runneth upon the water, big as a mountain, is a token of 
his omnipotency, to them that perfevere in his Law, and ac- 
knowledg his graces. He (hall reprove the wicked for their 
fins, and (hall pardon many : They that difpute againft his 
Commandments, cannot efcape their punifhment ; the riches 
that ye poffefs are the riches of the earth ; the riches that God 
beftoweth on them that truft in him, are eternal : They that 
depart from mortall fins, that repent to have committed them, 
that beg of God to be heard, and perfevere in their fupplica- 
tions ; they that take councel, and confult among them what 
they ought to do,that employ in good works part of the wealth 
that God hath given them, that implore his help in their affli- 
6lions 5 fuch as do good, and fuch as commit evil, fhall be re- 
compenfcd,and punifhed according to their works. God ab- 
horreth Infidels; ye have no power over them that implore his 
afliftance in their afBiftion,and repent ; your power extendeth 
over them that do injuftice to the people,and difobty on earth 
the Commandments of his divine Majefty, they (liall fufFer 
great torments. Such as perfevere in well-doing, and pardon 
their neighbour, do what God hath Commanded. He whom 
God fhall miflead, iliall finde none to guide him. Thou (halt 
fee that the Infidels fhall ask if they may return into the world, 
when they fhall behold the fire of hell ; thou fhalt fee them flie 
with cxtrcam fear of eternal ignominy ; they fhall look awry 
upon hell , and the believers fhall fee that the wicked,that have 
loft their fouls, that have mifled their family,and all the impious, 
fhall be eternally damned, none (hall be able to favethem; 
and he that God (hall midead, fhall not finde the right way. 
Say unto them, beg pardon of God before the day come, that 
ye (hall finde no way to return into the world, nor excufe for 
your fins. If they difobey thee, we have not fent thee to be 
their Tutor ; thou art fent only to preach unto them. When 
we give toman any profpcrity he rejoyceth, and when affli- 
dion befalleth him, he is ingrateful for the grace of his Lord, 
King of the heavens and earth. God givcth children, fons and 
daughters to whom he pleafeth, he knoweth all things, and is 
omnipotent ; he fpeakech not to man but byinfpiration, and 


(^hap.41* Tl?e Alcoran o/M a h o m e t. 30^ 

parable,vvithouc being feen ; he fendeth his Prophets and Apo- 
ftlcs, into whom he infpirethwhat pleafeth him , he knovvcth 
all things, and is omnipotent 5 Thus have we fent thee our 
fpirit to teach thee our Commandments ; thou knowcil not 
befere what was written In the Alcoran^ neither the m) fteries 
of faith, we have fent it to thee to be a light to the world ; 
1 will guide into the way of Salvation whom I pleafe, 1 will 
guide him into the way of the Lord , to whom belongeth 
all that is in Heaven and Earth , and who difpofeth of all 


The Chapter of Ornament , containing eighty and nine Verfes, 
Trrittenat Mecca. 


Exteri intitu/eei Thi^ (^hapter^ the Chapter of (j old, 

IN the name of God, gracious and mercifull : God is pru- 
dent and wife. I fwear by the Book that teacheth to do 
well, that we have fent it in the Arahique tongue , peradven- 
ture ye (liall underftand the ayilcoran ; it is written in our 
originall Book , majeftique and myfterious. Shall I conceal 
from you the Book of Salvation, if ye be wicked ? How ma- 
ny Prophets and Apoftles have we fent in paft Ages , whom 
unbelievers have difpifed ? We deftroyed the moft powerfull 
among them , and all have incurred the pain of their prede- 
ceffors. If thou ask of them who created Heaven and Earth, 
they will fay, that it is the omnipotent , who knovveth all 
things. W ho hath extendeth the Earth under you? Who 
eftablifhed the wayes to guide you ? It is God, he caufeth the 
rain to defcend from Heaven in your neccffity ; he maketh 
the dead, drie, and barren fields to revive- in like manner 
fhall the dead come out of their Sepulchcrs. He it is that cre- 
ated whatfoever is in the world, of divers kinds and fpecies, 
and created the Ships, and beaft, to carry you. Remember 


^04 The Alcoran of Mau o met. Qhaf.4^1. 

the grace of your Lord , fay, praifed be he that created for us 
thefe things ; we had not the power to create them. They 
all lliall return before the [ ord to be judged. The Infidels 
have divided God into many parts. Certainly he that faith 
that there are many Gods, is impious ; hath he appointed you 
to fay, that the Angels which he hath created are his daugh- 
ters, feeing that he giveth you fonnes ? When it is declared 
to fomelnfidelsthat a daughter is born to him, he is not fa- 
tisfied, ( he defireth to have a fon j will they fay that God 
adorneth himfelf, and taketh ornaments to beautifie him 
like their Idols f It is a manifeft error they fay, that the An- 
gels that worfhip God, are the daughters of his divine Ma- 
jefty ; I will write what they fay , and will require of them 
an accompt of their difcourfe at the day of Judgment. They 
have faid, had it plcafed God, we had not adored the Angel« y 
They know not what they fay, and ignorantly blafphcme ; do 
they obferve'any Scripture that hath beea taught them here- 
tofore ? On the contrary , they fay that their.fachers lived in 
like manner, and that they follow their fteps ; they have faid 
as much to all the Prophets that were fent unto them When 
thoufpakeftto themto obferve what is contained m the Al" 
cor an y and to abandon the Idols which their fathers wor- 
fhipped , they anfwered, that they believed neither in thee, 
nor in thy miflion; but we avenged our felves upon them; 
Confider what is the end of blalphemers ; Remember thou, 
xki^^^brakam faid to his father, and his people^ I am in- 
nocent of thefinnc that you commit, in adoring idols, I wor- 
fhip him alone that created me, he iliall guide me into the 
way of Salvation, and hath left his words to pofterity ; per- 
*nr>jr ^^P^ ^^^ ^nfidcls lliall be converted. I deferred heretofore 
MaLirhe ^^^ punifnmcnc of Idolaters , untill they had learned the 
and Amta t^^^h and that a Prophet came to inftrud them ; vVhen he 
bi» Miroudi preached unto them the truth , they faid, that it is but witch- 
in whom the craft, and that they would give no faith to it. Had the Al' 
'^^'^g f'^^^^'^ r<?r^ been fent to a man, * Mifter and Lord of two Cities, 

Se ^ilb' d^^^'^^'^^^^'^^^y hadeileemed and approved it. Would they 
tmir, difpofe of the graces of God } He haxh divided the riches of 


Chap.^p Tloe Alcoran 0/ VI a h o m e t. 705 

the world among men ; Some there be that are more emi- 
nent, and fcorn each other, but the mercy of God is more 
advantageous then the riches of the Earth, which they accu- 
mulate : Although all the people be not of the fame Religion, 
weceafe not to beftow on the wicked houfes adorned with 
feelings, enchafed withfilver, ftaires, doores, and beds of fil- 
ver and gold ; Thcfe things are the riches of the Earth , and 
ParadiTe is for them that are righteous. I will caufe to fall 
headlong with the Devils , fuch as (liall rejed the Law of the 
merciful!; the Devils fhall be their companions, they fliallfe- 
duce them from the way of Salvation , and they fliall not 
know it. When we (hall come to judge the Univerfe , they 
fhall fay, would to God we had been as remote from you, 
as the Weft is from the Eaft. Oh what company for you / 
This day your repentance and your hopes (hall be vain ; ye 
were Infidels for company, ye fhall be companions in the fire 
of Hell. Wilt thou make the blinde to fee , and the deaf to 
hear ? Wilt thou guide them that wilfully erre } If they ^y^ 
before being punillie.d on Earth , I will be avenged on them 
in the other world. Shall f fhsw thee during thy life, the pu- 
niiliment that we have prepared for them ? We can Ao it, but 
do thou only what hath been commanded thee, thou art in the 
way of falvation , inftru<^ men therein ; an accompt of thy 
million fhall be required of thee. I will require an accompt 
of their mifllon that we fent heretofore to inftMifl the peo- 
ple , we will demand of them, if W'e appointed them to yvor- 
fhip any other God but us. We fent Mofes to Tharoah^^nd 
his Minifters, he caufed them to fee our Miracles,and preached 
to them our Commandments ; he told them that he was the 
MefTenger of the God of the Univerfe , ncverthelefs they 
fcoffed, I iliewed them no greater Miracle then that (ii Aicfes 
hisfifter, and we chalHfedthem, becaufe of their mcreduiicy. 
They faid unto Mofes, oh Magician 1 pray unio thy Lord, ihac 
he deliver us from thefe evils , and we will be converted; 
when they were delivered, they violated their prcmile>; aad 
Fharo^ihid^\<i to his people, am not I King of i^d-.gj.t^ doth 
not the River Nil^^ovi under mv obedience.^ 'iCnow ye 

X ' not 

306 T7;e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e r. Chap.^-^. 

—  iiir.-L-- - - [i-iL_. _■ I II 

not that lammorepowerfullthcnthat poore wretch Mofes^ 

*Thmah that knowes not what he fayesf G'w^ him * Bracelets of 

hfcdt i ^^^^ ' we will fee if the Angels, and thofe that follow his 

guilded Iron I^odtrine, will teftifie the truth of his words. He terrified 

to be given, his Subjeds, they obeyed him, for they were Infidels, but wc 

withColIers, were avenged on them when they provoked us ; we drowned 

^*^ ?^"^ir^^*' ^^^"^' ^"^ made them ferve for example to pofterity, like 

tiemto goe ^^^^^ ^^^^ preceded them in impiety. The people would not 

through the hearken to the Sonne o^ Marj^ when he fpake by parable ; 

City. they faid, our Gods are more profitable to us then his lyes, 

itc Gelaldm. ^nd qutftions. On the contrary, they were refradory ; he. 

And Kitab jg ^^^ fervant, we conferred on him our grace, and made him 

like to the other Prophets of the Children of Ifrael .• Had tc 

pleafed me, 1 had created Angels on Earth in your place ; the 

comming of Jefus, the Son of /Marj (hall be a fign of the 

certainty of the day of J udgment- doubt not concerning that 

day. He faid unto men,follow me, it is the right way, beware 

left the Devill feduce you, he is your open enemy. 1 come to 

teach you the Commandments of God, To refolve the doubts, 

and judge the differences that are among ydu ; t^ear Ciod, and 

obey him, he is your Lord and mine, worfhip him/it is the 

right way; The people doubted his Dodrme, but mifery 

fliall be upon the wicked, they {hall fuffer great torments at 

the day of Judgment ; will they exped that day for their con- 

verfion ? it (hall furprize them» and they know it not; that 

day {hall they be enemies one of another , God (liall fay to 

the righteous, fear not, ye {hall not this day refent any af- 

fiidion; The believers that have obeyed my Comandments, 

fhali enter into Paradife, you and your wives (hall there re- 

joyce, ye (hall drink in cups of fine gold, ye (hall there finde 

whatfoever yc Oiall defire, and ail that can content the minde, 

and delight the eyes, and ve (hall dwell eternally in fupreme 

felicity ; behold the Paradife that ye have gained by your good 

life'l itis enriched with abundance of fruits, which ye ihali 

• cat with contentment ; and che wicked (hall remain eternally 

in che fire of Hell, they (hall not be eafed in their miferics, 

<^nd (hall be dumb withdifpairj we do no injuftice to them, 


Chap.44' ^^^ Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 307 

they draw mifchief on themfelyes , through their difobecji- 
encc ; They (hall demand of the Keeper of the fire, will thy 
Lord never deliver us from thefe paines ? He (hall anfwer 
them, ye (hall abide there eternally ; We have taught men 
the truth, but the grcateft part of them would not believe it. 
The wicked have confpired againft thee , and we confpired 
againft them j think they that I know not their fecrets , and 
whatfoever they utter ? The Angels our Me(rengers keep ac- 
compt ; Say unto them, if God have a Son, who (hall we firft 
adore <* Praifed be God , King of the Heavens and of the 
Earch ; the matter is not as the Infidels deliver it : Leave them 
implunged in their impiety , let them laugh and rejoyce , un- 
till the day of their puni(hment arrive ; One God alone ought 
to be worshiped in Heaven and Earth , he is moft wife and 
omnifcient. Praifed be he to whom appertaineth the King- 
dome of the Heavens and Earth, and whatfoever is between 
them. He knoweth the hour and the day, that all the world 
(hall be affcmbled before him to be judged. The Idols that 
the Infidels adore, (hall not be able to intercede for them ; 
the good intercede for them that have knowledg of the 
truth ; If thou ask of men , who created them ? they will 
fay, it is God ; How can they then depart from his Command- 
ments .? Lord, this people is incredulous ; Depart thou far from 
tneir company , they (hall in the end, too late, acknowledg 
their errors. 


The chapter of Smoke ^ contninin^ fifij nine Verfes ^ Written 
^r Mecca, 

N the name of God, gracious and mercifull. God is pru- 
dent and wife. I fvyear by the book that diftinguidieth 
good from evill, that we fent it the night of blcITing, w teach 
the people the torments of Hell; This book t^^tplaineth our 
Commandments, apdallthat we heretofore commanded the 

X z Prophets; 


3o8 Tl^e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Chap.^^. 

Prophets ; this is a fpeciall grace of thy Lord, he heareth and 
knoweth ail things , he is Lord of Heaven and Earth, and of 
all that is between them , believe in his omnipotcncy. There 
is no God but he, he giveth life and death to whom he lifteth, 
he is your Lord , the Lord of your fathers and predecefTors ; 
the wicked deride this difcourfe, but the day of Judgment at- 
tends them; that day the Heaven fhall refemble fmoak, that 
(hall cover the world ; that day (hall the people fay , behold 
here grievous torments ; Lord deliver us from this mifery, we 
will believe in thy Law : Their converfion fliall be in vain, be- 
caufe when the Prophet preached to them , they fcorned his 
words, and faid, that he was a foolifh Teacher ; and when they 
were comforted on Earth, they returned to their impiety: 
Remember thou the day when they were vanquilLed , and 
taken by force, and that we were revenged on their impiety ; 
We heretofore trycd the people of Pharoah ; my beloved 
Prophet preached to them my Commandments, and faid. 
Come follow me , oh ye fervants of God / I am a faithful! 
Meflfenger of his divine Majefty , refift not his Law ; I will 
teach you his Commandments , he (hall defend me from 
your malice, he fhall preferve me from being ftoned; 
but if ye will not believe me, depart far from me. He 
prayed to hrs Lord, when he knew , that that people was 
unbelieving, and impious. God faid unto him, goe forth by 
night out of the City with my fervants ; if the men of Pharoah 
purfue thee, enter into the Sea, through a path large and ipa- 
cious, thine enemies that iTiall follow thee (hall be drowned. 
How many Gardens^ Fountains, and places of pleafure,wherc- 
in they took delight , did they forfake ? They fell into the 
power of another with all their treafures , and none lamented 
them, either in Heaven or Earth, they expeded not that pu- 
nifhment. We delivered the Children of Ifrael from Pha» 
roahs tyranny,he was powerfiill, and a great finner. We eleded 
them through our certain knowledg among all the world, 
'Und tryed them through our Miracles, and Commandments, 
The wicked fay, we (hall dye and not rife again ; if the Refur- 
reAion be true, caufe our fathers to revive, to evidence the 


Qyap,44' Tl'^ Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 509 

truth of thy words ; Are they more powerfull then their pre- 
decfflfors, whom we deftroyed , becaufe of their impiety? 
We have not created in vain the Heaven and the Earth , and 
whatfocver is between them ; we creared them for certain 
fignes of our unity, the greateft part of the world undcfftand 
it not ; the day of Judgment is the time appointed for their 
punirhment, that day none fhall be able to fave his rie^hbouf, 
or parent, or friend ; nor (liall any be faved, but thofe to 
whom Cod (hall give his mercy , he is omnipotent and merci- 
full. The fruit of the Tree of Hell, called Zaco^ , (hall ferve 
for food to the wicked, it (hall boyle in their bellies like pitch, 
or water. They (hall cry , take the wicked, drag them into the 
fire of Hell, poureupon their heads all manner of torments. 
It (hall be faid unto them , tafte the paines of Hell ; yc 
believed [ your felvcs ] to be the omnipotent and precious ori 
Earth, behold the puni(hment, of which ye doubted! The 
righteous (hall be in delicious places , in Gardens adorned 
with Fountains; they (hall be clothed with purple, they (hall 
behold each other face to face ; we will a(femble them with 
women, pure and clean , who (hall have moft beautifull eyes, 
they (hall have fruits, favorie and delicious, of all feafons ; they 
(halt never dye, and (hall be delivered from the torments of 
Hell, throu^gh the fpeciall grace of thy Lord, behold fuprcmc 
felicity I Certainly, we have fent the Alcoran in thy tongue, 
peradventure the Arabians will learn it ; they covet thy ru- 
ine, but perfevere thou, and exped the time of the puni(hmeat 
of their crimes. 

x^ lchap, 

^3 i 

310 Tl:>e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e r. (^hap^^j. 


The Chapter of CjenHflexion^ or Knee-howing , containing fifty 
nine Verfes^ -written at Mecca. 

IN the Name of God, gracious and merciful. God is mod 
prudent and wife. This Book is fcnt by the Omnipotent 
and wife. The Heavers and the Earth arc moft certain fignes of 
his Unity, to fuch as believe in his Law; your Creation, and 
the Creation of all Creatures, are marks of his greatnefs to 
them that have his fear before their eyes ; the difference of the 
night, and the day ; the rain that he fendeth from Heaven^ to 
caufe fruits to fpring out of the Earth, and to revive it after 
its death ; and the diverfity of winds, are fignes of his Omni- 
potency to them that have knowlcdg to comprehend it. I re- 
late to thee the wonders of God with truth ; in what will InS- 
dels believe, if they believe not in the word of his divine Ma- 
jefty ? Mifery is upon them that hear the Commandments of 
God, and become proud,as if they had not heard chem? Preach 
unto fuch men, that they fl:iall fuffer the rigors of infinite pains. 
They deride the Faith when they are fpoken to ; Certainly, 
they Qiall be punifhed in the fire of Hell, their riches (hall noc 
be able to fave them , neither the Idols which they adore; 
they (hall be eternally damned. This Book guideth men into 
the way of falvatit)n ; they that fhall not believe in the Law 
of God, fhall feel the effedls of his fun;.. He created the 
Seas that bear the Ships for the advantage of your commerce, 
peradventure ye will acknowledg this grace ; He hath created 
for you, all that is in Heaven and on Earth ; it is align of his 
goodnefs to fuch as confider it. Speak unto them that believe 
in the Law of Salvation, that they pardon thofe that have not 
the fear of God before their eyes. God (hallchaftife them 
after their demerits. VVhofoever fnall do good, iliall finde 
good ; and ye fhall be affembled before his divine Majefty , to 
be judged. Certainly we inftrudted the children of T/r^^/ in 
die Scripture, and our Commandnjents ; we taught them 


Qbap.^')> The Alcoran o/* M a h o m e t. 311 

knowledg, and gave them the grace of Prophefie; we enriched 
them with all forts of riches,& preferred them to all the world. 
We taught them our Law, none defputed againft our Com- 
mandments, but fuch as had knowledg, and that through the 
enviethat arofe among them; but thy Lordrhall judge their 
differences at the day of Judgment. We have fentthe-eour 
Law, obferve it, and follow not the appetites of the ignorant, 
they fhall not be able to deliver thee from eternall pains. The 
Infidels obey each other, and the true-believers obey God. 
This book is the light of the world, itguideth intothe way of 
falvation, and the mercy of God, them that believe in his di- 
vine Majefty. Do the wicked imagine they fhall be entreated 
like the godly in their life anddeath,and that they fhall not be 
judged ? God hath created heaven and earth for a mark of his 
power, he fliall judge every one according to their works, 
and fhall do injuftice to none; Confider how they worQiip 
what cometh into their fancy,God hath feduced them from his 
certain knowledg, he hath rendred them deaf, hath hardned 
their heart, and blinded them ; who fhall guide, if God feduce 
them ? Do they not confider it f They fay, our Refurredion 
fliall belike the life of this world, fome die, others are born; 
length of years caufe us to die, they know not what tfiby fay, 
and fpeak but by opinion. When they are preached unto, 
they have no other difcourfe to utter, but make our fathers to 
revive, ifwhatyefay be true. Say unto them, Godcaufeth 
you to live and die, and fhall afifemble you at the day of Judg- 
ment ; there is no doubt in this, but the greateft part of the 
people know it not. God is the King of the heavens and earth, 
and of the day of Judgment;that day dial he affemble the Infi- 
dels;thou flialt fee all Seds, and all Religions affembled before 
him upon their knees,every Sed tliall fee their fins written in a 
particular book, and (liall be all chaftifed after their demerits. 
It iliall be faid unto them,behold the book that fpeakech againft 
you, we have exadly written what you have done ; God fiull 
give his mercy to the righteous, that is, fupream felicity. It 
fiball be faid to the wicked, have not the Commandments of 
God been preached to you ? Ye became proud and were ia- 

. X 4 credu]c>"s ; 

312 T?;e Alcoran of M a a ou et. Chap. ^6 

credulous ; when it was told yvou that the promifes of God, 
and the dav of Judgment were indubitable ; ye (aid that it was 
but an opinion, and that yc believe it not; in the end ye {hall 
acknowledg your offence, and fhall ftifler the pains that ye de- 
fpifcd ; God fhall fay unto them at the day oi Judgment, I 
have this day forgotten you, as ye forgot the coming of this 
day^ the fire of hell dial! be your habitation, none fhall deliver 
you, becaufe ye derided my Law, and waxed proud with the 
riches of the earth- They rhall never get out of thisHre, nei- 
ther be able to repent. Praife be to God, Lord of the heavens 
and earth, glory is due to him in all places, he is omnipotent 
and wife. 


The Chapter «/Hccaf, eontAtmng thirty five VerfeSy^ritten at 

Hccaf iV a Vatlej in the Country of Liemen, upon the frontiers 
ef Arabia, i'f^ Gelaldin, and the 'Book^ intitule ()^ Kitab el 

IN the name of God, gracious and merciful ; God is moft 
prudent and wife. This Book was fent by the Omnipotent 
and wife. We created the heavens and the earth, and all that 
isbetween them,for afignof ourOmnipotency and Unity,and 
appointed to every thing a prefixed and limited time. If the 
Infidels depart from that which hath been preached to them, 
Say unto them, have ye confidered the Idols that ye adore ? 
ihcvy me what they have created on earth, are they Gods com- 
panions m the creation of the heavens f bring me a Book 
fent from heaven before the v^/ter^/^, that con taineth like it, 
what remained of the dodrinc of our Predecefrors,we {Lall fee 
if ye be true: who is morefeduced then he that worfhippeth 
things that can neither hear his prayers, nor protedhim at the 
day of Judgment .? That day (hall the Infidels be enemies to 


«il M M .*■■■>- 

(^hap.46. Tl?e Alcoran of M a h o m e T. 31] 

each other, and the Idols fhall not acknowiedg them that have 
worfnipped them. When they heard the Alcoran read, they 
affirmed it to contain the truth ; and when they were com- 
manded to obferveit, they faid, thatit isbut magick. Will 
they faV: that thou haft invented It ? Say unto them, if I have 
invented it, ye cannot deliver me from the pnniilimenc oi 
God, he knoweth all that is in this book, it is fuificient that he 
is witnefs between you and me, he is gracious and merciful : 
Say unto them-, I am not the firft Prophet^ nor the firft Apoftle 
that God hath fent, 1 know not what God fhall determine oi 
you and me, I do but what he hath infpired into me, and am 
fent to preach the torments of hell; have ye confidercd in 
what condition ye fhall be, if the ay^lcoran be fent from God ? 
Ye have renounced it, but one of the children of Ifrael is wic- 
nefs that it is fent from God, and hath believed in his divine 
Majeftie, neverthelefs ye are become proud; God guidethnot 
the proud. The Infidels fay to the believers, if the Alcoran 
were any good thing, you fhould not exceed us in obferving it, 
it guideth not into the way of falvation, it is but an old Fable; 
The book oiAdofes that came before it,teacheth the right way, 
and the Will of God : Say unto them, the Alcoran confirmeth 
the Scriptures fent heretofore to them that preceded us, it is in 
the Arabique tongue ; he preacheth the pains of hell to unbe- 
lievers, anddeclareth the joyes of Paradife to the righteous. • 
Such as rhall believe that God is their Lord, and fhall obey 
him, ought to fear nothing, they fhall fuffer none afflidion at 
the day of Judgment, they (hall enjoy Paradife for the reward 
of their good works. We have recommended to man, to ho- 
nor father and mother, and to do good to them ; his mother 
beareth him with pain, fhe bringeth forth with dolour, fhc 
giveth him fuck,and weaneth him at the end of thirty moneths; 
8ie hath care Qcf him] until he be in a condition to govern 
himfelf, and hath attained to age of difcretion. Then he faith, 
Lord, infpire me to be grateful for the grace that thou haft 
given to my fatherland mother ; if I do well thou wilt accept 
it, take care of my pofterity, I truft in thee, and dtfire to obey 
dw Commandments ; Their prayer (biJibe heard, their fins 


214 '^'^^ xMcoran 0/ Mahomet. Qiap.^d, 

{hail be pardoned, and they fhall enjoy the joyesof Paradifc, 
prepared for the righteous. He that fliail fpeak to his father 
and mother in civility, and fhall fay unto them in derifion, will 
ye bring me yet once more into the world after my deathr" will 
ye revive me from my grave ? many are dead heretofore, that 
are not returned ; he fhall be punithed of God, his father and 
mother (hall require help of his divine Majefty, and (hall fay 
unto him, my fon, mifery is with thee, believe in God, and in 
the Refurredion, the Word of God is infallible ; if he reply 
that it is an old Fable, he fhall feel the puniihment of God, the 
word of his divine Majeftie fhall be accompltfhed againft him, 
as it hath been accompli(hed againft them that did precede him 
in impiety, as well devils as men, they (hall be damned; they 
{hall be in fundry degrees of pains, he fhall chaftife them after 
their demerits, and no injufticc fliall be done to them. It fhall 
be faid to the wicked that would depart out of hell fire, ye ex- 
pelled your felicity, when ye lived in the world; your punifh- 
ment was deferred until this prefent, ye fhall this day be pu- 
nifhed in this fire,becaufe of your pride and crimes.Remember 
thou the brother of Aad, who preached the torments of hell in 
the valley of Hecaf, his words was heard in his time, and are 
come to pofterity, vU. worfhip but one God alone; if you do 
otherwife, I apprehend for you the day of Judgment : they 
anfwered him, art thou come to hinder us to adore our gods ? 
let us fee the torments that thou preacheft to us, if thou art 
true : he faid, God knoweth in what time he will chaftife you; 
I preach to you what hath been appointed me to preach, but I 
fee that ye are obftinate. When they beheld a black cloud 
appear, which approached the place of their habitation, they 
faid, behold a cloud that fhall give us rain ; on the contrary, ic 
is the punifhment that ye have demanded, it is full of an im- 
petuous winde that ihall deftroy you through the Command- 
ment of God; in the morning their houfes were found empty 
of inhabitants : Thus God chaftifeth the wicked ; ye dwell in 
the places which they inhabited; they had hearts, eyes, and 
ears, but their hearts, eyes, and ears were to them unprofitable; 
the cvill which they defpifed befell them, when they neglefled 


(l?ap.^6. Tloe Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 215 

to obferve the Commandments of God. Wc have deftroved 
whatfoevcr is round abouc Mecca, and have made the e-fft^s 
of our omnipotency to appear; peradventurethe inhabitants 
thereof will be converted. The Idols that they worfhipped, 
and thofe to whom they facrificed, did not fave them ; on the 
contrary,they forfook them, becaufe of their blafphemics. Re- 
member thou,that vvc fent to thee devils, that defired to hear a 
Ledure of the <tAlcoran ; when they heard thee, they faid, 
Hearkjhe begins; and when thou madeft an end,they returned 
with exceeding great fear, and faid to their companions, we 
have heard a LeSure of a Book fent from heaven after the 
hook oi M of esy it confirmeth the ancient Scriptures, teacheth 
the truth, and guidcth the people into the way of falvation. O 
people / hear him that calleth you to the Law of Cod, and to 
the obfervance of his Commandments 5 believe him, God l^hall 
pardon your fins, and deliver you from the pains of hell ; fuch 
as fhall not hearken to him, (hall not efcape the punifhmenc 
of their crimes, and (Lall be deprived of protection at the day 
ofjudgment ; fuch men are feduced from the way of falvation. 
Confider they not that God, who created heaven and earth, 
did not labour in creating them ? that he is able to give life 
and death, and is omnipotent f Be thou mindful of the day 
that the Infidels fhall deiire to get out of the fire of hellj it fhall 
be faid unto them, are not the pains that were preached to you 
true? they fhall fay, yes Lord; it fhall be faid to them,taftcthen 
the torments which ye have merited through your impiety. 
Perfevere thou, as the Prophets thy predecelTors per fevered. 
Be not impatient, till thou fee the punifhment of of Infidels; 
they (hall fee it when they fhall rife again,and fhall believe that 
they have been but an hour in their fepulchres; This is that 
which God hath commanded to preach, he fliall dcftroy thofe 
only that difobey his Commandments, 


.iii 111- 1 -Tr 

n6 ^Ihe Alcoran of M a h o M e t. Qap.47. 

'•"TT-tin"—'^*' ''•"—- 


ly Chalet er of the Combat , contdmng foHrefcor$ md eight 
Verfes , Written at Mecca. 


N the name of God, gracious and mercifull. Good works 
are vain and unprofitable to the wicked, and to them that 
hinder their neighbour to follow the Law ot God ; he par- 
doneih their finncs , who believe in what Mahomet hath 
preached; it is the very truth that procecdeth from his divine 
Majefty, but the Infidels have followed vanity, and the be- 
lievers have embraced the truth fent from their Lord ; Thus 
God fpeaketh to the people in parables. When ye fhall meet 
^ the Infidels in time of warre, cut their necks , purfue them 
untill ye take them prifoners , then binde them ; after this, ye 
(hall either give them liberty, or put them to ranfome , untill 
their party ffiall lay down armcs. If God pleafed,he could 
give you vidory without fighting, but his will is to prove you; 
he guidech into Paradife, them that arc flain for the defence 
af his Law , and giveth them his grace. Oh ye that believe in 
God I If yeproced the Law of God, God will protedyou, 
he will confirm yourfteps, anddeftroythe Infidels, becaufc 
they have contemned his Commandments, & their good works 
(hall be to them unprofitablejconfider they not what hath been 
the end of the impious that were before them , and that God 
bath deftroyed them ? He (hal deftroy them in like manner, be- 
caufe he prote<fteth the Believers, and Infidels are deprived of 
his prote(^ion; he maketh the righteous to enter into Paradife, 
into Gardens, wherein flow many rivers. The punifhment of 
the wicked is fomctimes deferred in this world, they live like 
beafts, but the fire of Hell k prepared for their punifhment. 
MCCC4. How many Cities, ftronger, and more opulent then that which 
they caufed thee to abandon, have we deftroyed ? They found 
no protedion. Arc fuch as embrace the Law of God like 
to them that follow their own appetites? God hath pro- 
mifed Paradife to them that have his fear before their eyes; 


Q:ap.^y. Tloe Alcoran 0/ Mahomet. 517 

there be in Paradife rivers of water, that receiveth no altera- 
tion ; there be rivers of milk that never corruptech , rivers 
of wine, favory and delicious to the tafte ; rivers of honey, 
pure and clean ; fruits of all forts, and the grace of God for 
them that fhall obey his Commandments ; the wicked fhall re- 
main eternally in the fire of Hell , where they fliall drink a 
boyHngliquor,that fhall burn their entrails. There be pcr- 
fons among the Infidels , that hear what thou dofl: preach; 
when they are gone from thee, their Dodors demand of them 
what thou haft faid concerning the day of Judgment ? God 
hath hardned the hearts of fuch men , and they fhall never 
follow but their own pafTions. God encreafeth the graces of 
them that obey his Commandments , and fortifieth them in 
their perfcverance ; Shall the Infidels tarry untill the day of 
Judgment furprizeth them ? The fignes of that day hath al- 
ready appeared , that day fhall repentance be in vain ; There 
is no God but God, implore from him pardon of thy finne; 
andfor thefemen and women, that believe in his Law , he 
knoweth what they do dav and night ; If the Chapter of the 
place where Juftice is rendred, had not been fcnt, and had not 
made mention of Combats, thou hadft not feen them that 
doubt of the Law , look upon thee with eyes troubled , be- 
caufe of their fears of dying. Teach them obedience, and 
Ipeak to them with civihty. Had they believed , and obeyed, 
when they were appointed to fight , they had performed a 
good work. Have ye.difobeyed? Have ye abandoned the 
Law of God, to defile the Earth ? and to deprive your felves 
©f his mercy ? God rendreth them whom he curfeth , and 
who comprehend not the truth of the Alcoran , deaf and 
blind. Have they a firm heart? Such as have returned to 
their impiety, after having known the right way , were tempt- 
ed of the Devill, and particularly, when they told the Infidels 
that thy would obey them in anything, God knoweth all 
their fecrets ; what will become of them when the Angels 
(hall caufe them to dye ? they (hall beat them before and be- 
hind, btcaufe they have incurred the wrath of God , and de- 
fpifed his Commandments ; their good works (hall be unpro- 

profitable y 

31 8 The Alcoran of Mahomet. Chap.^y. 

finable ; think they that God will never m^c manifeft their 
malice? If thou wilt, I will make it appear, thoufliak know 
them by their countenance, thou (halt difcover them by their 
voyce, and fpeech. Say unto them , God knoweth all your 
adions ; he (hall prove you, to difcover the believers, and the 
unbelievers. The wicked, who hinder the people to follow 
the way of Salvation, that contradid the Prophet, after they 
have had knowledg of the Law of God, hurt not his divine 
Majefty, their adions are vain and unprofitable. Oh ye that 
believe ! obey God, and his Prophet , and render not your 
good works ineflPeduall through difobedience ; he pardoneth 
not the wicked , who feducc the people from the way of Sal- 
vation, and dye in their impiety ; Be not faint- hearted and 
flothfull , ye rfiall be vidorious, God is with you. He will 
not deprive you of reward ; the life of this world is but foo- 
lifli paftime and delufion ; if ye believe in God, and have his 
fear before your eyes, he will recompenfe you for your good 
works , he requireth not an accompt of your riches ; if he do 
requircQit] of youjt is to hinder you to be avaricious, and to 
banidi uiury from among them that believe in his Law : Oh 
people I ye are commanded to make fome expence for the 
love of God; He that (hall be a niggard, and avaricious in 
this occurrence , (hall be avaricious, and a niggard tohrmfelf. 
God is rich, and ye are poor ; if ye dcfpifehis aw, he will 
create in your place other perfons , that (hall not do like 


Chap.^S. Tl?e Alcoran 0/ Mahomet. ?io 


Tlje Chapter of (^onquefi , containing twenty nine Verfes 3 
written at Mecca. 

This Is the Chapter ^ Of the taking of the Citj of Mecca. 

IN the name of God , gracious and mercifull. Wc have 
given thee a manifeft vidory. God pardoneth thefinne that 
thou didft commit, when thou wert too prompt , and when 
thou wert too tardy, [_ to fight for his Law ; ] he fhall accom- 
plifh his grace upon thee, he fhall guide thee into the right 
way , and iTiall powerfully protedl thee; he hath delivered 
the hearts of tne believers from fear, to augment their faith ; 
he difpofeth the forces of the Heavens and Earth, he knowech 
all, and is moft prudent. He fhall make them that iTiall obey 
his Comrnandmencs, to dwell in Gardens, wherein flow ma- 
ny rivers! and (hall remit to them their offences , this is fu- 
preme felicity; The Infidels, the wicked, the difobedient, and 
unjuft, that have evill thoughts of God. (liall be accurfed of his 
divine Majefty, mifecy fhall alwayes purfue them, and his wrath 
be eternally upon them ; he hath prepared for them the 
pains of Hell. God dilpofeth the powers of the Hea- 
vens and Earth , he is omnipotent and wife. We have 
fent thee to be W;tnefs of the deportments of thofc of 
thy Nation , to proclaim to them the joyes of Paradife, 
and to preach to them the pains of hell , to the end they 
may believe in God , and in his Prophet, that they may 
praife him, honour him, and exalt his glory evening and 
morning : Such as iTiall obey thee, obey God ; the h^nd of 
God isftionger then the hand of men ; he that (hjiW fin, fhall 
offend againll his own foul ; and he that performed what he 
hachpromifed to God, fhall have an exceeding great reward. 
Suchohhcayirai^iansdiS have no inclination to follow thee, 
fay, thou imployeft our wealth and perfons to go with thee, 
implore therefore pardon of God for us ; but they ipeak not 


320 The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e r. (7;^^.48. 

with the mouthjWhat they have in the heart ; Say unto them, 
who but God is able to do ought for you ? if it be his will to 
bring good or evill upon you, he is omnipotent, and knoweth 
all that you do* Ye believed that the Prophet and True- 
believers fliould be flain when they fought for the I aw of 
God ; ye believed that they ifhould never return to their 
houfes. This opinion rejoyced your heart, but you were de- 
ceived, and were your (elves deftroyed with them that believed 
not in God, nor his Prophets ; God hath prepared the fire of 
hell for Infidels ; the kingdom of the heavens and earth apper- 
taineth to him, he punifheth and chaflifeth whom he lifteth, he 
is gracious and merciful. When ye (hall go to the fpoil, fuch 
as rcfufed before tofollow you to the fight,wil fay,permit us to 
go with you : they would pervert the Word of God. Say unto 
them,yefhall not follow us in this occafion , God hath not 
heretofore ordained it ; they will reply, certainly ye are envi- 
ous againft us ; on the contrary, they underfland not the Law 
of God, except very few among them, S^y to the Arai^iafix^ 
that refufed to follow thee, ye fhall be called to fight 
againft miferable men , yee (hall fight them , never- 
thelefs they (liall ftill be obedient to God ; if yee 
obey and fight for the Faith, he will largely reward you ; 
if ye defert his fcrvice, as heretofore ye have done, he fhall fe- 
verely chaftife you. The blinde, the lame, and the fick,are not 
obliged to go to the war. He that fhall obey God and his 
Prophet, (hall dwell eternally in gardens, wherein flow many 
rivers ; and he chat fhall difobey Gods Commandments, fhall 
be puniflied for his difobedience. God accepted their adion 
that repaired to thee under the tree^he knew what chey had in 
their hearts, their confirmed he fteps, and gave them vidory, 
he is omnipotent and wife. God had prumifed you great 
fpoli, he gave it you, and delivered you from the hand^ oi the 
people; this fliall ferve for a fign of his omnipoccncy to the 
true-believers, he willcondud you into the right way ; none 
but you could have atchieved that conqueft, he well knew that 
that was foi none other, he is omnipo;:cnc : if the wicked fight 
you, they lliali fly, they (liali turn the back, and finde none to 


Chap.^i, The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 311 

proted them. Obferve the Law of God againft them, do as 
was heretofore commanded you; the Law of God admits no 
alteration ; God hath delivered you from their hands, and de- 
livered them into yours in the m[d{\^ of Afecca^ having given 
you vidory over them ; he bcholdeth all their adlions, they 
havedcfpifed the Commandments of his divine Majefty, and 
hindred you heretofore to go to the Temple ofcMecca; they 
are at prefent prifoners; without the afllftance of the true- 
believers that were within the city with you,ye had not known 
them, ye had trampled them under foot without diftindion, 
and had offended God without knowledg of your fin. God 
beftoweth his mercy on whom he pleafeth ; had ye been fepa- 
rated from the unbelievers, we had fevercly puniQied them. 
When they were fuccoured of the ignorant, and had fome ad- 
vantage , God put his Prophet, and all the believers in a place 
of fafcty, they had recourfe to the word of force and vertuc , 
wherein they did better then the Infidels, God knoweth all. 
Afifuredly the dream of the Prophet of God was true, when he 
dreamed that ye were intheTcmplc oi Meccamthout fear,your 
hair (haven, and beards trimed ; fear nothing, God knoweth 
what you know not ; in lieu of this dream, he hath given you a 
great vidory ; he it is that hath fent you his Prophet, to 
teach you his Law, morefalutary then all other Laws of the 
world. It is fufficient, that God is mtnds thn Mahomet is 
his Prophet, and Apoftle ; k fufficeth that the true believers, 
who are with him, beare teftimony. God encreafeth his mercy 
towards thofe Infidels that convert; thou fhalt fee them wofliip 
God, humble thcmfclves before his divine Majefty, and im- 
plore his grace ; thou fhalt know them by their afped, they 
iliall have in their countenance the marks of their zeal ; it is fo 
written in the old Teftament and the Cofpel; they are like a 
plant that produceth its leaves, that grows ftrong by little 
and little, and becometh big , afterwards it taketh ftrength 
upon its roots, becometh a great tree, and the wood thereof 
fcrveth to make war againft Infidels. God hath promifed his 
mercy, and an exceeding great reward to the Infidels that fhall 
be converted, that (hall believe in his Law,and do good works. 


> — '  : — ! -■ — ^ . , 

^22 Tl^e Alcoran of M ah que r. Chap.4.^. 


TheChapter of Inciofures ^vontamng eight eenVerfes^ \^mmn at 

Exteri entirnkth thu Chapttr, The Chapter ef Walls, 

IN the name of God, gracious and merciful. O ye that be- 
lieve/ perfer not what ye have done, to what God and 
his Prophet hath perfoi'med, and fear God, he heareth whatfo- 
ever ye fay, and feeth all chat you do.O ye that believe 1 when 
ye fhall fpeak to the Prophet, fpeak not louder then he ; cry 
not, as when ye talk among your felves, leaft ye render your 
good works vain and unprofitable, and know it not; God 
hath tried the vertue of them that fpeak low in the prefence of 
the Prophet, he (hall pardon their fins, and give them an ex- 
ceeding great reward. They that call thee behindc theJnclo- 
furcs, know not what they do ; had they attended until thou 
hadft been towards them, they had done very well, God is 
gracious and merciful. O ye that believe 1 if any Infidel de- 
fireth to preach to you, diftinguifh the truth from a lye ; if ye 
give credit to the ignorant, ye (hall repent you. Know that 
the Apoftle of God is among you ; ye flial'l offend God, if ye 
obey unbelievers in many things ; God willeth that ye embrace 
his Law, it {hail rejoyce your hearts, and make ye to abhor 
difobedience and impiety .- fuch as abhor it,are ftedfaft in their 
faith, through his fpeciall grace, he knoweth them, and is mod 
wife. If two Nations,or two Province?, of fuch as believe in 
God areat odds, reconcile them ; if the one do injury to the 0- 
ther, fight againft him that is unjuft, until he repairewhat 
God hath ordained ; if he make reparation, reconcile them 
With equity; be juft, God loveth them that do juftice to 
his people ; all thofe that ht\\^^it in hi? Law, are brethren ; 
make peace among your brethren, and fear God, he /hall ^vkI 
you his mercy. O ye that believel fcorn not your neighbour, 
perad venture that he Ihall one day be of better value then 


(lap.^p. The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 111 

yon. O yc women / fcorn not others, perhaps they fhall one 
day be more worth then you. Utter no reproaches, and give 
no name to your neighbour that maydifpleafehim ; call him 
by his name, otherwife ye will difobey God ; fucb as repent 
not, are exceedingly too blame. O ye that believe in Cod I 
take heed of evil thoughts, thefe are oftentimes in the number 
of fins ; do no difpleafure to your neighbour, and fpeak to 
each other nothing that may difpleafe ; who among you woql4 
eat the flefli of his dead brother ? ye {hall abhor it ; fear there- 
fore Cod, who is gracious and merciful to fuch as have his fea? 
before their eyes. O people! we created you male andfe-. 
male ; we have caufed to ilTue out of your loyns people and 
Nations ;ye know each other, but your greatefl: honour is, to 
fear God, he knoweth you, and underftandeth all your fecrets. 
Some among the Arabians have faidi we believe j Say unto 
them, fay not we believe, but fay, we are obedient, otherwife 
faith {hall not enter into your hearts ; if ye obey God and his? 
Prophet, ye fhall be recompenced for your good works, Go4 
is gracious and merciful to them that obey his Commandr 
mcnts. Such as are beloved of God, believe in his Unity, and 
in his Prophet, they doubt not of his Law, and imploy their 
pcrfons and wealth for the propagation of the faith. Say un- 
to them, know ye not that your Law proceedeth from God ? 
he knoweth whatfoever is in the heavens and earth, he know-* 
eth all. They think to do thee a pleafcre in faving them. Say 
unto them, believe not that ye pleafure me, for it is God that 
guideth you into the way of falvation ; ye ought fo to believe 
it ; God knoweth ail that is in the heayens and earthy and be- 
holdcth whatfoever yc do. 

Y a CHAP. 

324 T/;e Alcoran of M auou ex. Chap.'yO. 


The Chapter of the Th'wg ftidged, containing fdurty five Verfes^ 
'Written at Mecca. 

Mahomet hath intituled this Chapter ^ith the letter Kaf of 
the Arahiqne Alphabety'^'hich fignifieth in this placeyKddL el 'mer, 
that is to fay i the thing judged ; See Gelaldin, and Bedaoi, "^ho 
have intituled this the (Chapter of Judgment ^ or the thing judged, 
t^Manj Mahometans fay Ukewifey that Kaf is a mountain that 
environeth the Vcorldj and that Mdihomct fwore hy that moun- 


N the name of God, gracious and merciful. I fwear by the 
, -^/ri>r^», worthy of praife, that the inhabitants oi Mecca 
wonder that a man of their Nation teacheth them the tor- 
ments of hell; t hey fay, that he fpeaketh ftrange things. What, 
fay they, (hall we die ? fliall we be earth, and return into the 
world? Behold a very ftrong return I We know affurcdly 
what the earth will do with us, we have a book, wherein all 
is, written; they impugne the known truth, and are in a great 
confufion: See they not heaven above them, how we have 
built it ? how we have adorned it? and how there is no defedl ? 
We have extended the earth, raifed the mountains, and caufed 
all forts of fruits to fpring forth, for a fign of our omnipoten- 
cie. We have fent the blefled rain from heaven, made gar- 
dens to produce grain, pleafing to the Reapers, and Date trees, 
exceeding each other in height, to enrich our creatures. We 
have given life to the dead, drie, and barren earth ; fo (hall the 
dead come out of their fepulchres. The people of Noahs 
time, thofethat inhabited neer the Well, Temod.l^haroah^ 
the fellow-citizens of Lot ; they that dwelt in the Forreft, 
and people of KingTeba^ did heretofore traduce our Pro- 
Kin^ofi/^ P^^t^> ^"^ ^^^^ tbe punifhment denounced againft Infidels. 
^,y^ Was it a trouble to us to create men at firft f nevcrthelefs they 

Sq^ Bedaoi. are in doubt if they (hall rife again, We created man without 


Chap.'^o. Tlye Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 315 

difficulty, we know the motions of his foul, and penetijite into 
his heart, as the blond into the veins of his body. O man / 
think upon the day that thou fhalt fee thy good and evil Angel 
near thee, at the right hand, and on thy left, they have obfer- 
ved and written all that thou haft done ^ reprefent to thy felf 
death before thine eyes, it is inevitable .'Think on the Angel 
that fhall found the Trumpet at the day of the Refurre<5lion j 
that day fhall the wicked behold what was promifed them, " 
and all men fhali come before God to be judged. Their guar- 
dian Angels fhall condu(ftthem, and be the witneffes of their 
deportments ; It fhall he faid to the Infidels, behold the day 
of which ye would have no thoughts ; we have now opened 
your eyes, ye fhall fee this day more hard then iron; their 
guardian Angels fhall fay unto them, behold here before your 
eyes ail that ye have done; caft into hell thofe obftinate Infi- 
dels that have hind red their neighbour to do good, that have 
offended in doubting of Gods Law, and have affirmed there 
was another god with God ; caft them into the moft grievous 
torments. Then Qiall the devil fay to them, Lord, I did not 
feduce them, they feduced themfelves ; Cod (hall fay, difpute 
not before me, what was heretofore promifed you is infalli- 
ble, my Word admitteth no alteration, and 1 will do in- 
juftice to none. God fhall ask at the day of Judgment, if hell 
be full .? it fhall anfwer, is there any more ? Paradife is 
prepared for the righLeous,who fhall have the fear of God be- 
fore their eyes, it is promifed to them that (hall be converted, 
that fhall obey the Commandments ofhis divine Majeftie, and 
perfevere in their obedience. It (hall be faid to them, enter 
ye into Paradife, exempt from all evil; behold the eternal day, 
ye fhall have all that ye fhall defire,and more. How rich and 
powerfull Cities have we in times paft deftroyed ? their inha- 
bitants fought in their Countries places of retreat, and efcaped 
not the punifhment of their crimes ; this ought to ferve for ex- 
ample to them that comprehend it, to them that hear it, and 
to fuch that faw ir. Certainly we created in fixdayes, without 
difficulty, the heaven and earth, and all that is between them. 
Perfevere , be not impatient for the words of unbelievers, 

Y 3 exalt 

32<$ Tl?e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Chap.^i. 

exalt the ^lory of thy Lord before the Sun go down,and before 
it rife; pray to thy Lord at the entrance of the night, the laft 
of all fhall beworfliip. Hearken when the AngelflialJ call 
thee to generall Judgment ; that day fliall all the world hear 
the Trumpet ,• the people fhall come out of their fepulchres, 
and earth (hall open before the eyes of men. I give life and 
death, and all the world fhall be aflfembled before me to be 
judged. This afferable is cade for me to accomplifh ; I know 
what the wicked fay, thou fhalt not caufe them by force to em- 
brace my Law : teach it thofe that fear the torments prepared 
for Infidels. 

C H A P. LI. 

Gchld'm and The Chapter of Things dijperfed^ contdnini fixtj Verfes^ yrrit" 
Fa[J(/edinin~ ten at yiccc^* 
title this 

^^^ ^^^P^^^ TN the Name of God, gracious and merciful. I fwear by 
thatdifpcrfe. ^^^^ winds that difperfe the duft, bythe clouds charged 
* with rain, by the (hip that runneth upon the waters, and by 
them that divide the wealth of the earth ; that what hath been 
promifed to you is true, and that the day of Judgment is infal- 
lible, I fwear by heaven, and the ftars thereof, that ye are in an 
exceeding greaterror; God expclleth lyars far from him, he 
curfeth them that blafpheme,and fuch as believe not in the Rc- 
furre«5lion : They ask, when fhall be the day of Judgment? That 
day (hall they be punifhed in the fire of hell. It fljall be faid 
unto them, taftethe torments that ye have with impatience de- 
manded. They who had the fear of God before their eyes^ 
fhall be in gardens, adorned with fountains, they fhall enjoy 
the pleafures prepared for them by God, becaufe they are 
righteous ; they fleep very little by night, implore pardon of 
God ac the dawning of the day, and give alms co the poor that 
h^g^ and the poor that arc bafhfuL God manifefteth on the 
earthj and in your perfons the (igns of his omnipotency ; con- 
iidsr ye not that what is promifed to you is written in heaven ? 


Chap.y. The Alcoran 0/ VI a h o m e r. 327 

God is Lord of heaven and earth, he is truth it felf, will ye not 
confefs him ? did the Angels conveigh to thee the books of A- 
braham} When they entred into his houfe, they falutcd him; 
he likewife faluted them, made figns to his fervants to bring a 
fatcalfe roafted, which he prefented to them; he faid unto 
them wherefore do yc not eat? and was afraid in hismindc, 
of their coming : They faid, fear not, we are the Meflfengers of 
God • they declared to him that he Oiouid have a fon, that 
(hould be a great perfonage. Then his wife drew near, crying 
with a loud voyce, and fmiting her face, faid,one that is barren 
beareth no childe; they faid,the thing fhall come topafsas we 
have fpoken,thy Lord ordaineth what pleafeth him, and 
knoweth all. Abraham faid unto them, O ye Meffengers of 
God I what is your defign? they replied, we are fent from God 
todeftroy the Cities inhabited by the wicked, and caft upon 
them ftonesof fire, whereon are infcribcd the names of them 
that they fhall ftrike : we will caufe all the righteous to de- 
part from among them ; if we finde there but one family of 
ri2hteous,we will there leave an example to pofterity for them 
that fear the torments of hell. Mofes is a fign of our omnipo- 
tencv : we fent him to T'haroah with reafons clear and intelii- 
Pible, he defpiied my Commandments, and faid, that Mofes 
las a Magician, and poffefTed of the devil, but we furprifed 
him,and drowned his people, to his great difpleafure ; Aadis 
an example of our omnipotency ; we fent an impetuous winde 
againft thofe wicked people that deftroyed them. Temod is 
an example ofour omnipotency, with his Nation ; they waxed 
proud, and refifted the Commandments of their Lord ; when it 
was faid to them, that the punilhment of the wicked was de- 
fcrred to another time, but thunder furprifed them, they faw ir, 
they had not the power to ftand on their feet, and were de- 
prived of protedion. The people of iV.^^/ time are an ex- 
ample of our omnipotency, we deftroyed them becaufe they 
weic impious ; we built heaven with ftrength and vertue; I am 
he that 2iveth power and ftrength 5 we extended the earth,ana 
created of every thing, male and female ; perhaps ye will con- 
fider it. Say unto them, turn ye to God ; I am fent fropi him 

1 ^ 

^28 The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Chap.^ij 

to preach to you the pains of hell ; believe not chat God hath 
another God with him ; the wicked faid heretofore, that the 
Prophets and Apoftles whom he fent, were Magicians,and pof-. 
fefled of the devil : have they recommended to their pofterity 
to do the like f Certainly they are in a great error. Separate 
thy (elf far from their company, and be not troubled at what 
they fay ; preach the Alcoran^ it is profitable to the righteous 5 
I did not create the devils and men but to worfhip me. Say 
unto them, I require nothing of unbelievers for inftru(Stng 
them ; I require not that they nourifh me,God enricheth whom 
he pleafeth, he is omnipotent ; the wicked (hall bechaftifed as 
heretofore have been their predeceflors, in their malice, their 
time (hall come, and mifery (hall befall them at the day of 


The Chapter of the Mountain^ containing thirtj nine Verfes^ 
^^ written at Wiccc3i, 

IN the name of God, gracious and mercifull. I fwear by the 
Mountain, upon which God fpake to Mofes, by what is 
contained in the book written in parchment, by the firfl: Tem- 
ple of Mecca, by the arches of the heavens, and by the fea full 
of water, that God is one fole God, and the punilhment pro- 
mifed to unbelievers is infallible, they (hall not be able to ef- 
cape ic in the day when the heaven (hal trcmble,and the moun^ 
tains ihall walk ; that day (llall be unhappy to the incredulous, 
theyihall be Precipitated in the fire of helh it (hall be faid to 
them, behold the flames that ye defpifed ; is'this Magick ? See 
ye it not f enter, have patience, or ye will defpairc; ye (hall 
be chaflifed after your demerits. They that (hall have th^ 
fear of God before their eyes, (hall be in delicious' gardens, 
which. po^d hath prepared for them, and (hail be delivered 
from the pains of hell -, It (hall be (aid unco them, drink 
and eite at your pleafure, for recompenfe of your good 


Chap.^1. Tl?e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 315^ 

works; theyftiall rcpofe upon beds well ordered vvc 
will marry them to wives that (hall have fait eyes they 
(liall be attended of their family, and be largely rewarded for 
their good works ; every good adion M be to them a de- 
cree of happinefs ; We will give them fuch fnuts and V.nes 
as they (hall defirc; they (l.all prefcnt to each o^her thccup 
to drink they (hall not fpeak an evill word, and niall not 
fin ; the'y Oiall have pages aboitt them for their fervsce. 
beautifall as poUilhed pearls, they ttiall d.feourfe among 
them concerning what they did before on Earth, ar.d fay, 
We^eremthelorld, we and our famUres, wuh a great ap- 
nrehenfion of the pains of hell, but God hath grat.hed us, he 
h h deUv red us from eternall flames. They (hal fay more vers 
we worSped in the world but one God, moit lua, and moft 
merdful Remember thou to preach the Jlcora. ; thou art 
merciruM. „fjceof Uod, thou art not poffetTcd ot 

\ln! mnfV he eKoeded thee but fables of paft Ages ? 
with you, expea the time of your [rume. ] Do their fuperi 
-LcLmanLem to fpeak in this ma^er^W^^^^^^^^^ 

nKOinate in their errors ? Wiiicneyu>, lhal^ 

oDumate in rprrainW thev are incredulous , let 

Eloquence, if what ihey afhrm be true, v c > 

of anv thins ? have they created any thing ? have they crcatea 

otanytmng. n V ) Heavens and the Earth ? 

SSwiy are n S^^ •• ^"^^ "^V" 'K' 'Ti£ 
^.ertainiy tney ait . ^ Gvants? Have they a ladder, 

, treafuresof thy Lord ? a e they y ^^ ^^^^^^ , 

; Sr^ cm" "afo^'of'their opinion . Believe ye that 
god hath daughters , and that V^i h^ve Jo^n ^ ^V '^je _, 
C„ire of him a Salary foto eying ^'^La.? J Je y our deb ^ 
The wicked are lyars ; <io ^"^y Know wn* 

write it .^ ?.^^"^'''.^ya'r"teoTttt worship but one 
often confp re agamft the righteous , tnac ^"' ^ , r. .^ 
S;PraiFedbeGod,hehathnocompamon;IftheInMds , 

350 The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. C^ap.'^y 

fliould fee a piece of the Heaven to fall, they would fay, it is 
a cloud driven by the windes ; leave them in their obftinacy, 
until! they come to the day of their death, that day (hall their 
confpiracy be vain , and they deprived of protedion : They 
likewife rfiall be puniflied before their death, but the grea- 
teft pari know it not. Have patience 3 and exped the Judg- 
ment of God, thou (halt foon fee it ; I will proted: thee, and 
thou (halt not want help 5 Praife thy Lord , exalt his glory 
when thou (halt rife, praife him in the night , and before the 
Stars difappear. 


The Chapter of the Starr e , containing Jixtj Verfes , 'Written at 


N thenameof God, gracious and merciful!, I fwear by 
the Star that difappeareth, that your friend Mahomet er- 
reth not , he fpeaketh nothing of liis own , he fpeaketh but 
what hath been infpired into him by the omnipotent,and moft 
bountiful! God. The Angell approached him in the hi'gheft 
place of Heaven, within the length of twobowes, andfome- 
what nearer; God hath infpired into him, what he hath in- 
fpired into his fervant , who altered nothing of what hath 
been infpired into him. He hath fpoken what he hath feen, 
M^ "^ hat ^" ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^ Angel was. Difpute not againfi: him, 

thereYs an concerning what he faw ; he another time faw the Angel in 
Apple tree at heaven , near to the Tree that is at the right fide of Gods 
therightfide throne ; andalthough that tree was covered with that which 
of the throne covered him, his fight wasnotdazled, and he is not in er- 
^\ -^n^ne'^ ^^^* Certainly he hath feen the great wonders of his Lord .• 
c-'ii afcend ^^^^ V^ confidert'd aAUt, u4^, and Menat, thofe three Idols > 
higher then Will ye fwear that God hath daughters, and that yc have 
itsbrancheSj fonnes? Ye will make a falfe oath^ and (hall be in a manifefi: 
ncHot the error j Thofe Idols have nothing but the names which your 
^"^•^ /*/^. fathersand you have given them, Godhath nptcommandcd 

Q^^P'^V -^-^^ Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 351 

you to worfhipthem, ye follow only your pafifions, remote 
from the truth , God teacheth you the way of Salvation by 
the mouth of his Prophet ; doth man obtain from Idols what 
he required of them ? God is God in the beginning, and the 
end; How many Angels be therein Heaven, whofe prayers 
are unprofitable, if God doth not accept them ? They that 
believe not in the day of Judgment, fay, that Angels are mai- 
dens, they underftand not what they fay ; they fpeak through 
opinion, and that opnion is not conformed to truth. Depart 
thou farre from them that rejed our Law, and defireonly the 
goods of the Earth, and are ignorant of all other things. 
Thy Lord knoweth them that goe aftray from the right way, 
and ftich as follow the path of Salvation ; all that is in the 
Heavens, and Earth, is Gods , he (liall chaftife the wicked, and 
reward the juft. He pardoneth their veniallfinnes , who fiie g^^ oelaidin, 
finnes mortall,he is exceeding mercifulL He knoweth that he Great and * 
hath created you of Earth, and that he formed you in your fmall hns. 
mothers womb. Extoll not your felves , he knoweth fuch as 
have his fear before their eyes. Haft thou feen him that aban- 
doned the faith ? a little wealth was given him, and nothing 
more ; doth he know what muft befall him ? hath he know- 
ledgof what is to come .^ will he not learn what is written 
in the books of Mofes, 2S[^ Abraham ? to wit, that none fhall 
bear the burden of another ; man (hall have but what he fhali 
have gained; he (hall in the end fee his labour be rewarded 
after his works , and all (hall appear in the prefence of thy 
Lord. He it is that caufeth to laugh and mourn , to hve and 
to dye ; he created the male and female of every thing , he 
giveth and taketh away mans foul, when he lifteth ; he is moft 
rich, and hath no want of any perfon. He is the Lord of the 
Planet, which men adored. He deftroyed ex/^4 and 7'fw^^, 
drowned the people of Noah.^ who were moft erroneous and 
unjuft, overthrew the City of Lot^ and covered it with bur- 
ning ftone. In whom will they believe, if they believe not 
in thy Lord ? This Prophet is fcnt to preach to you the 
pams of hell , as did the other Prophets that were before 
you 5 The djiy of Judgment approacheth, and none but God 


332 The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Chap.j^. 

knoweth when it will come ; wonder ye at this difcourfe? 
Ye fcoffe , and lament not when ye arc fpoken to, but ye (hall 
be furprized in your fin, if ye humble not your felves before 
God, neither worlhip him. 


The Chapter of the Moon, contalmngfiftj fiveVerfes y V^ritten 
nT ivieccai 

IN the name of God, gracious and mcrcifujl. The day of 
Judgment approacheth, the Moon was divided into two 
parts neverthelefs Infidels believe not miracles when thev 

but their paffion, but all is written. The hiftory of paft Ases 
full of falutory counfcJs, was preached to them ; neverthe- 
lefs Preachers were to them unprofitable ; Depart thou far 
from them when they {hall be called to the univcrfall Tuds- 
ment, which they will not believe; that day (hall their eves 
be troubled with fear; they Ihall come out of the Earth di- 
fperfed, Ike frighted grafs- hoppers, they (hall flock to him 
that (hall fummon them to Judgment, and (hall fay , behold 
here a day, unhappy for the wicked. The people heretofore 
beJyed Noah, andfaid, that he was po(re(red of the Devill 
Noah exhorted them , and invoked his Lord ; in th-- end he' 
faid, that his ftrength was gone , and that he was overcome 
through the malice of men, then was he powerfully fuccored • 
wcopenedthegatesof the Heavens, and caufed an extraor- 
dinary rain to fall, we caufed Fountains to ilTue forth from 
under the Earth , the water of Heaven and Earth were ga- 
thered together and overwhelmed the Infidels . becaufe of 

^^"''ii,"f'  n^ H^'^ ^^"'' '" ^^^ ^'^' we'i pinned, and 
chaulked , it floated upon the waters through our permiffion, 

to ferve for a token of our omnipotency ; will any of the un- 
believers of this time conlider this? will they confider the 
punilhment of therr crimes, and the pains of Hell? We have 


Chap.'^4- ^^ Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 3;^ 

made the A/coran eafietobe underftood, will there be any 
that ftudy it ? The wicked that traduced t^*a! were chaJlifed, 
but with whatchaftifement? Wefent againfttheman impe- 
tuous wind, in a day to them unfortunate, that caufed men to 
fall like palmes rooted up , confider what was their punifh- 
ment • We have rendred the A/coran intelligible , will there 
be any one that will ftudie it ? Temod and his people tra- 
duced the Prophets, and contemned their exhortations ; they 
faid, there is a man among us, who would feduce us from the 
right way, ifye follow him, he willlead you into Hell ; was 
he alone elefted among us to receive the infpirations of God? 
No, he is an Impofter ; but in the end, thev knew them that 
were wicked.and iyars. We fent the Camell to prove the In- 
fidels • their Prophet obferved what they did, and was patient, 
the water was divided for them, and for the Camell and each 
at his day found to drink, neverthelefs they called their com- 
panions, aad new the Camell of Salhe , but in what manner 
were they chaftifed ? I darted thunder agamft them , which 
made themdtic as chaffe; We have made the A/coran ciCic 
to be underftood, will there be any to ftudy it ? Lots Citi- 
zens traduced him , and defpifed his inftruaions; VVe fent 
againft them an hot winde.with burning ftones.that deftroyed 
them and we in the morning faved Z»f , with his family, 
through our fpeciall grace ; thus do I recompenfe them that 
acknowledgmy benefits. £.r had preached to tbem the pains 
of hell , we furprized them, when they difputed againft his 
exhortations, theyfaw his guefts enter into the City m the 
figure of men; we blindedtheir fight, andfaid, Tafte oh ye 
wicked I the punifhment of your crimes ; In the morning 
Aev were chaftifed with a perpetuallchaft.fement,becaufe they 
defoifed the words of Lot. We have made the zA/cora» in- 
uSrwUltherebeanythatwiilftudy it? Certainly the 
men of Pharoah were preached unto ; they would not obey 
mv Law, and defpifed my miracles, but we furprixed them m 
Teir fmnes , Are the Infidels that are among you of more 
S then hofe that preceded them? F.nde ye any Satva- 
Sn for them .in the Scripture? Will they fay they fhal 

354 ^i<^^ Alcoran of M ah ou et. 0^^h55* 

obtain vidlory over the believers ? On the contrary, they are 
vanquifhed, and turn the back. Certainly the hour of their 
punidiment (hall fpecdily come, their time approacheth, and 
their pain in Hell {hall be greater then that of the Earth , they 
are vvholy feduced from the way of Salvation , and (hall be 
dragged, and caft headlong into etcrnall flames. We have 
created all things by- our fok power ; we fpakc but one word, 
and in the twinckling of an eye the thing was ; we heretofore 
deftroyed a great number of Infidels like unto them , will 
there be any that confidereth it ? All the good, and the evill 
that they have done is exaflly written. The righteous (hall 
dwell in pleafant gardens , they (hall drink in eternall rivers, 
they ihall not fpeak a lye in their aflembhes, and (hall dwell 
eternally near to the moft majeftique and omnipotent God. 


The (^hdpter of the MercifaU^ contaimng eighteen Verfesi^ritten 
at Medina. 

IN the name of God, gracious and mercifulL The mercifuil 
hath taught the Alcoran ; he hath created man , and given 
himtheufeof reafon; he created the Sun and the Moon to 
count feafonSj the Stars and Trees adore him ; he hath eleva- 
ted the Heavens, eftablifhed Judice, and commanded to 
weigh with good weights ; he hath created the Earth for the 
habitation of men, with all forts of fruits, grain, and leaves ; 
he created the winds and tempefts : Gh men and Devils 1 what 
Lord do ye blafpheme, but your own Lord ? He created man 
of Earth, like a pot, and the Devils of the flame of fire; 
what Lord do ye blafpheme, but your own Lord? He is the 
Lordof both the Well:?, and both the Eafts, what Lord io 
you blafpheme, but your own Lord ? He maketh the frelh wa- 
ter to mingle with the fait , and the one eafily mingleth with 
the other; what Lord do ye blafpheme, but your own Lord ? 
hebringeth Pearls, and Corrall out of the Sea: what Lord 


Qyap.')'). Ti^e Alcoran o/M ah o m e t. 355 

do ye blafphemc, but your own Lord f he hath created the 
Ships that float upon the Sea, big as Mountains ; what Lord 
do ye blafpheme, but your own Lord? AH things Qiall have 
end, and the majeftique and glorious face of thy Lord lliall 
be permanent ; what Lord do ye blafpheme, but your own 
Lord ? VVhatfoever is in Heaven and in Earth , imploreth his 
grace, he is everhimfelf; what Lord do ye blafpheme, but 
your own Lord f Oh ye men and Devils I I will require an ac- 
compt of your adions ; what Lord will ye blafphemc, but 
your own Lord ? Oh ye men and Devils / pafs the extremi- 
ties of Heaven a.nd Earth, goe beyond them if ye can, ye have 
not the power ; what Lord do ye blafpheme, but your own 
Lord ? If he fend againft you flames without fmoak, and fmoak 
without fire, ye cannot defend your felves ; what Lord do 
you blafpheme, but your own Lord ? When the heaven open- 
eth, it refemblech a rofe, or a crimfon-coloured skin ; what 
Lord do ye blafpheme, but your own Lord ? The time will 
come,when anaccompt fhall be required from men arHl Devils 
of their finnes ; what Lord do ye blafpheme, but your Lord j^ 
The wicked fhall be known by their countenance, an accompt 
fliall be required of their r^adinefs and negligence ; what 
Lord do ye blafpheme, but your own Lord? Behold hell/ 
which the wicked would not believe ; they fliall turn round 
about, and round about, in boy ling water, of which they lliall 
drink ; what Lord do ye blafpheme, but your own Lord ? 
Such as have had the fear of God before their eyes, fhall enter 
into gardens, where the trees are covered with branches and 
leaves, adorned with Rivers and Fountains, with abundance 
of all forts of fruits; what Lord do ye blafpheme, but your 
own Lord ? They fl:iall repofe upon fair bcds,lined with Crim- 
fon ; what Lord do ye blafpheme, but your own Lord ? They 
fhall gather the fruits of this garden, to their contentment 5 
what Lord do ye blafpheme, but your own Lord .? They fliall 
there have wives, who fhall not cafl: a look, but upon them, 
and whom no perfon, man, or Angel flball touch before them ; 
what Lord do ye blafpheme, but your Lord ? They fliall refem. 
bk Corrall and Rubies ; what Lord do ye blafpheme, but your 


^6 The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e T. Chap.'^6. 

own Lord ? Good deeds are recompenfed with good deeds ; 
what Lord do ye blafpheme, but your own Lord f There be 
yet other Gardens, wherein are herbs exceeding green , Ri- 
vers, Dates, Pomegranets, and all forts of fruits ; what Lord 
do ye blafpheme, but your own Lord ? There be in thefe Gar- 
dens women , who have eyes exceeding black, and bodies ex- 
ceeding white , they are covered with pavillions, and none, ei- 
ther men, or Angels (liall touch them before their husbands; 
what Lord do ye blafpheme, but your own Lord ? They fliall 
repofc upon green Carpets, near rivolets, bordered with flow- 
ers ; what Lord do ye blafpheme, but your own Lord f Praifed 
be the name of God thy Lord, honor and glory are due to 
him eternally. 


ne chapter of Judgment^ contain'mgfoHrefcore and nineteen 
Verfes, written at Medina. 


N the name of God , gracious and mercifull. The day 
of Judgment will come, none can deny it. That day fhall 
many be afBided and humbled, and many iTiall be elated, and 
rejoyced ; the Earth fhall tremble, the Mountain open, and 
be difperfed like duft carryed away by the winde ; ye fhall be 

* Thefe are prefent at that day, in a threefold manner ; * Some H^all have 
thcBleircd. jj^ ^j^j^ir right hand the book , wherein (hall be written all their 
*Thcfcare adions. * Others fhall have it in their left hand, and* fuch 
the Damned, as preceded them in wel doing , fliall be the neareft to his di' 

* The Pro- ^jj^g Majefty, and the higheft in Paradife ; there fliall be a 
^ * great number of the firft Ages, and few of the latter ; they 

(hall repofe upon beds , adorned with gold, and precious 
ftones, they fhall look upon each other ; young boyes fhall 
goc about them with veffels , Cups , and Goblets , full of de- 
licious drink, that fliall not offend the head, neither intoxi- 
cate them ; they fliall have all the fruits that they can covet, 
arid fuch vyands as they fliali ddirc; they fliall have women 


chap. ^6. Tl:e Alcoran 0/ VI a h o m e x. 527 

with black eyes,and who (hall be white as poliflied pearls, for 
recompenfeoftheir good works; they fhall not hear an evill 
word fpoken, they fhail cot (in, and fhall hear perpetually the 
voyce of them that blefs them ; They that fhall hold their book 
in their right hand, fliall be near to an Apple-tree, frefh and 
without thorne, and near the Tree of * Mufe,under a pleafanc * Mufe i$a 
fhadow, by flowing water, with ftore of fruits, of all feafons i ft"" com- 
they fhall ufe Qhem] with freedome,lying on delicious beds. ™°" *" 
We have created the daughters of Paradife Virgins, and affe- ^^^^'" 
6lionate to their husbands, for the content of them that (liall 
have in their right hands , the book of the accompt of 
their adions , and of many of thofe that were in the firft 
Ages , and of many of fuch as (hall be in the latter : Thofc 
that fhall have their book of accompt in the left hand, fhall 
be tormented with an exceeding hot winde, they fhall drink 
boyling water, they (hall be in a black , hot, and fait fmoak, 
for that they were luxurious in the world, for that they were 
negligent to obferve the Commandments of God, and con* 
tinued in the enormity of their fins. The Infidels fay, what I 
after death we fhall be earth, and duft, and fhall we rife again 
with our fathers aud predecelTors ? Sav unto them, you, your 
Predeceflfors , and pofterity, fhall all be aflfemblcd before 
God to be judged ; Then, oh wicked Impofters ! (liall ye eat 
of the fruit of the Tree * Zacon ; ye (Lall fill your belly , ye * zaco-a is 
(hall drink boyling water, and be daily altered; behold your the tree of 
condition at the day of Judgment. We created all of you ; ^^'^' 
if ye believe it not, confide r the wealth ye poflefle; did you ^^ ^^^'^•^^^* 
your felves create it ? We have appointed that y 6 fhall dye; 
wecanif wepleafe, put other creatures like unto you in your 
place, and metamorphize you into another forme , which ye 
know not ; we caufed the foul to enter into the body ; if ye 
confidernot this, think upon your tillage ; do ye make the 
earth to bring forth fruits f or do I caufe them to fpring forth }, 
If 1 will, lean rcnderyour fields drie as ftraw, without grain, 
neverthelefs are ye proud| Ye fay, wha,t I ("hall our grain 
that we have fown be loft ? No, we will preferve it ; Confider 
the water that ve drink , have ye made it to fall from the 

Z clouds f 


338 Tl?e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t^ Chap. ^7 • 

cbudsf ordk! wetaufeictodefcend f ifweple^fe, we eaft 
rdidcr ft fo falc,t1iatye fhallnot be ableto drink*it, if ye ac- 
k'rtdwledg ti^t this grace, coRfider the fire that yc kindk; 
did ye create the <Voodtlia:t terneth f We rreaceil it^ to jnit 
ybu in fntftd-bf the ftf'e c^f hell, undfor the profit xjf the peo- 
ple. Bxalttheiiafmeof GodnsicjftTnigbt/. I fwea*r by him 
that rttzfketh the Stars t^faM, ( this U ^. great oarh , if ye un- 
derft arid it, j) that i^iQ "a^^m^an \s'^ hm)k worthy of praife, 
atl thefdnis wrktcfi'ifi -gdodarddr-, tto^perfan ilaal I handle 
it;tetii?nt)t clean and punhed; Jfttis'feiw: ft^om G«d, Lord cA 
the U'niverfe -, if yetenowntc '^hat k 'tvuitten in (this bo©k,ye 
fhailbe in'tlx mmiber-ot l>¥iS(k-ls, sarKl (liallknow tht truch, 
when the fdtil {ha^l -for fake y^«r feody; I know this barter 
then ,y<^,"biit-(^e-db tf6t C^fiiiderit ; (ff^ye ibjcheve mot to rife 
afUin, e^iife yOffr 'ibtil ^e^Ctwn <fiTGO yotir 'body , when ic 
teirbe LT^ofn'j/Otir^ips ; 'When^a-nghtl^oosmHn dyeth, heSull 
findeteft, ^fidallrtianherof GontentTnent in the delights of 
Fstradife, ifhe'be of themiihat'hold the?bookof theaccompc 
of 'tlieir works in 'te =righthand, sind (hall be frce.lroni eter- 
n'allpaines -.'^Phe^B&'inthe number of Infidels, and 'feduced, 
ht fhali'beptecipitated into hell-; thisis a moft certain truth, 
E^ah'the name of thy Lord-omaipotent. 


the \. (Chapter of Iron, contmnmgtwentjnheVnfts.'^imrt at 

1^'the'i^a'me of God ;gradoiTs and met dfotl. >A11 -that '-nn 
:the he^avens and earth, exalte th the glory of-God, he fs om- 
mpote'nt and wife ; the Kingdom of the heavens and earth is 
his, he giveth life and d^ath to whom he pleafeth, he is with- 
ijuthe^ginning/a^d without end, he knoweth all that men 
malceiriahiftil. ahd whatfoevcrthef keep fecret, he knoweth 
• all things. He it is that created rtte earth, and the hcavensin 
fix day es, itii fitteth on his throne , ' he kno wcth whatfoe^rer 


ChAp.')7' T?;e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 539 

ciitrcth into the earth, and all that cpmeth out , he knoweth 
whatfoever defcendeth frem heaven , and vvhatfoever afcen- 
deth , he is with you in whatfoever place ye are, and feech all 
your adions ; the Kingdom of the heavens and earth is his, 
and all things obey him ; He maketh the night to enter the 
day, and knoweth what is in the hearc of men. Believe in 
God, and his Prophet, expend in pious works fonie part of 
the wealth that he hath given you , he fhall give you more= 
Do good abundantly to them that believe in his Law ; where- 
fore will ye not believe in God , and his Apoftle , who 
teache-th you the Commandments of your Lord f Ye have 
promifcd him to embrace his Law ; he hath infpired his Com- 
mandments into his fervant , to bring you out of darkncfs, 
and guide you into light, he is gracious and merciful!. Who 
hindrethyoutomakeanyexpencc for his glory f The inheri- 
tance of' the heavens and earth is his; Such as for his fcrvice 
have expended any thing before the taking of Mecca^ are not 
equall in merit to them that fought to conquer that City;; 
they are far above them that fought not, and (hall be prate- 
^ed of his divine Majelly ; he promifeth Paradife to the righ- 
teous, and knoweth all your adions. Who is he that (hall 
lend to him any alms ? he ftiall encreafe hi« fubftance, and give 
a great reward ; Be thou mindfull of the day , when thou 
(halt fee thofe men and women that have obeyed my Com- 
mandments, with a light, that (hall goe before them; it (liall be 
faid to them , this day it is declared to you, that you (hall en- 
ter into, anddwelieternally in Gardens, wherein flow many 
Rivers, and where ye iTiall finde fupreme felicity. Be thou 
mindfull of the da.y that the wicked (hall fay to the True-be- 
lievers, Behold us, caft your eye to our(ide, that we may par- 
take a little of your light. They (hall fay unto them, return 
upon your fteps to demand light. There is a place, betwixt 
them, that hath a (ecret gate, full of grace , and repofc for 
the righteous, and without environed with mifery for the 
wicked ; they (hail call upon the righteous , and fay , were ^ 
not we of your Religion .? they (hall reply , yes, but ye be- 
trayed your fouls, through difobedience ; ye doubted of the 

Z 2 Law 

540 Tl^e Alcoran^/ Mahomet. Cha^.'^y. 

Law of God, yourblafphemies rendred you infolent, untill 
the hour of your death ; the Devill made you proud, and mo- 
ved you to rife againft the Commandments of his divine 
Majefty ; this day there is neither ranfome, nor favor for you; 
the fire of hell is the habitation of the wicked. Oh what an 
habitation I Such as believe in God think it no trouble to 
humble their hearts at the remembrance of the zAlcoran^ and 
the truth that it containeth ; they are not like them that 
heretofore had the knowledgof the written Law , they have 
been a long time without Prophets, their hearts are hardned, 
and the greateft part of them have been impious. KnoWjthat 
God reftoreth life to the earth after the death thereof > we 
have taught you the myfteries of faith, peradventure ye will 
comprehend them ; God fhall multiply the benefits that the 
righteous (hall lend to him, and ihall return them a great re- 
ward ; Such as believe in God, and his Prophet ,- arc righte- 
ous; Martyrs (hall be recompenfed of God, they fhall be 
covered with light, and the wicked that difobey bis Com- 
mandments (hall be damned eternally ,* the life of this world 
is but vanity , fport, and delufion, it is but pride ; the abun- 
dance of wealth, and children, is like to the rain, the wicked 
wonder at the plants that it produceth-; in the end they wi- 
ther, become yellow, and then are altogether drie ; The im- 
pious fhall fufer great torments , and the good fhall enjoy 
the mercy of God,; the life of this world is but matter 
of pride , implore pardon of God ; Paradife, large as 
heaven and earth , is prepared for them that fhall be- 
lieve in his divine Majeftie, and his Prophet, this is an immenle 
grace,which heconferreth on whom he pleafeth. All the evil 
thatyefuffer on earth, in your goods and perfons, is written 
in a book,before it befall you ; it is an eafie thing to Cod ; to 
the end that ye afflid not your fe Ives extraordinarily in your 
difpleafures, and thatyc rejoyce not over-much in your con- 
tentments ; God loveth not the proud, he hath not to do with 
the cov€tons, who recommend avarice to the people, and who 
negled their duty. Praife is due to him, praifeisdue to him 
in all places ;. Certainly we fent our Meffengers with our 


Qyap.^S. Tloe Alcoran 0/ M a h o X4 e t. 241. 

Commandments, we fent with them their Scriptures, and h^[. 
lance, that people might weigh with good weights. We gave 
iron to men,ii caufeth great evils, and great good in the world, 
God knoweth them that fight with zeal for his Law and his 
Frophet,withoiit feeing him, he is ftrong and omnipotent. We 
fent Noah and <^braham to inftrud the people ; we inftru- , 
dted theirprogeny in the Scripture ; fome followed the right 
way, and many difobeyed our Commandments; We fent af- 
ter them our Prophets and Apoftles; wefent^f/W thefon of 
Maryy^^ taught him the Gofpel;we put civility,clemencie,and 
chaftity into the hearts of them that followed him ; we did not 
command them to keep virginity, they kept it of their own ac- 
cord, becaufe of their defire they had to pleafeGod; they have 
not obferved their Law as they ought, many have been difo- 
bedient, but we have rewarded thofe among them that be- 
lieved. O ye that believe in fefml fear God, and believe in 
his Prophet, ye (hall have double the reward of Gods mercy,, 
he fhall pardon your fins, he is gracious and merciful : I teach 
yourthefe things, to the end that fuch as have heretofore recei- . 
ved the written Law, may know,that they have no power over 
the grace of God,he giveth it to whom he lifteth, certainly it is 



The Chapter of the 'T>ifpute, containing twenty ^iwo Verfes , 
"Written at Medina. 

IN the name of God, gracious and merciful. God hath heard 
thefpeech of herthat diiputed with thee, concerning the 
ad^ion of her husband ; Hie exhibited to him her complaints, 
he heareth ail your difcourfes, he heareth and feeth all. No 
perfon among you fhall fwear never to touch his wife no more, 
then his mother; your wives are not your mothers; your mo- 
thers are thofe that conceived and brought you forth; they 
that fpeak in that maner, fpeak uncivilly, but God is gracious, 

Z 3 and 

^4Z 2/^^ Alcoran e/ M a h o m e t. Chap.^^. 

II .1.  U I - - I . i i ii - i . ' I I I -I I . 

and merciful He that (hall have fworn to touch no more his 
wife, and fhall defire f afterwards j to know her, (hail give li- 
bety to a flavejfor fatisfa(5lion of his oath, before he touch her; 
this is commanded you, God knowethal! your anions : if he 
have not the power to free a (lave, he fhall faft two moneths 
together, befcxre touching her ; if he cannot faft, he (hall give 
tO'fifty poor : thus ought ye to do;, if ye believe in God and his 
Prophet, God fo appointed it, and hath prepared great tor- 
ments for them chat tranfgrefs his Commandments. They 
that fhall difobey him and the Prophet , ("hall be covered 
with fhameand igtwminy, as Avere their predecelTors in impie- 
ty 5 God hath fent his Commandments on earth, tkofe who 
fhairrejec^ them,fhall be feverely tormented at the day that he 
(hall revive them, he (hall declare to them all that they have 
done, he hath kept accempt , and they have forgotten [ic, 
hefeeth all. Seeft thou not that all ihac is in thehcaven:.ancl 
eatth isGods? If ye be three fecretly mec togethery he iache 
fourth; if ye be five,he is the fixth ; if ye be mote or lefs, he is al- 
way^es with yoii wherefoever you are. He finaJl- relate to men 
at the day of Judgment all that tliey have done, he knowech all 
things. Seeft thou not tlie anions of them to whom private 
meetings were prohibited ? they return to their fm, and do 
what was forbidden them ; they affemble fecretly with malice 
to confpire againft thee, and to difobey thee; and when they 
come towards thee, they fay, that thou haft fpoken things that 
God hath not infpired thee to utter, they know in their fouls 
that God ^tll chaftife them for their difeourfe, and that they 
all iliall go into hell, where their Rendezvous is ; Oh ye that 
believe 1 make no private meetings to offend God, to con- 
fpire againft his Prophet, and to difobey him ; affembJe ye to 
perfoi'm ads of vertue, and to ferve God, have his feaj: before 
your eyes, ye i"halloneday appeare before his divine Majeftie 
to be judged. Private a(Temblies proceed from the devil, for 
the afT)i<Sion of the righteous .he bringeth no evil upon them, 
biit through Gods permiflron ; and all believers ought tore- 
ngn themlelvesto his divine Will. O ye that believe 1 when 
ye fhall be affcmbled with your Prophet, andare entreated to 


Chap.^^. Tl:e Alcoran of VI a h o m e t. 34^ 

inlargeyoiir felves, inlarge ye yourfelves, Godfhall inlarge 
to you his grace. When ye are bid to rife, rife, God fhall raife 
up all the true believers that are among you, and place the 
learned fome degrees above others, heknowethyoura<5lions. 
O ye that believe / when ye fhall be difpofed to deliver any fe- 
cret to the Prophet, fpeak to him with truth, good fhall befall 
you, and ["he'J fhall purifie you : if ye fear to impart to him 
yourfecrer, God will not give you his grace. Make your prayers 
at the time appointed, diftribute tithes, obey God and his 
Prophet, God knoweth what ye do : Seeft thou not them 
that have abandoned his Law ? the wrath of his divine Majefty 
is fain upon them, they are of different opinioh in their lye, 
and know not that they lye, but he hath prepared for them a 
great punifhment, becaufe of their blafphemics; they have con- 
cealed their faith, and are feduced ; Certainly he hath prepa- 
red for them grievous pains, their wealth and their children 
(hall not be able to deliver them from his indignati<6n, they 
fhall be precipitated into the fire of hell, where they fhall abide 
eternally. Be thou mindfull of the day, when he Willcaufc 
them to revive; they fhall fwear, as they fwear before thee, 
that they believed in his Law ; they affirm they do good, and 
are lyars, the devil hath prepolTefTecl them, and hath made them 
forget the word of God; fuch as follow him are damned. 
They that tranfgrefs the wil of God,andthat of his Prophet,are 
overcome of the devil : God hath faid in the Sicriptures,thou 
(ihalt not obtain vidory over me, neither over my Prophet, he 
is omnipotent, and alway viftorious ; thou (halt finde none of 
them that believe in his Law, and the day of Judgment, that 
doth not exaflly obferve the Commandments of his^ divine Ma- 
jefty, and thofe of his Prophet, although their fathers, their 
children, their brethren, and companions oppofe them. God 
hath imprinted faith in their hearts, he hath (trengthened them 
through his Spirit, and fliall caufe them to enter into gardens, 
wherein flow many rivers, where they fhall abide eternally : he 
fhall be fatisfied with their obedience, and they fhall be con- 
tent with his grace. Such as (hall obey his Commandments fhall 
be happy. 

Z 4 CHAP. 

344 77;^ Alcoran o/ M A H o M E T. Chap.^^. 


The Chapter of Exile^ containing twenty four Verfes, 'Written 4t 
Medina. ^ -/n: 


N the name of God,, gracious and merciful ; Whatfoever 
is in the heavens and earth, exalceth the glory of God, he is 
omnipotent and wife; he it is that hath exiled the wicked from 
among them that have knowledg of the written Law ; when he 
the firft time exiled them, ye believed not that they fhould de- 
part from their houfes; ye believed that their cittadels would 
defend them from his puniQiment, bur he furprized them, and 
did caft terrour into their hearts, and they deftroyed their 
dwelling places with their own hands, to affift the true-belic- 
vers.Oye that are wife/ confider their end. If God had not ap- 
pointed them to quit their Countrey, he had chaftifed them in 
fome other maner ; they in the end iliall fuffer the pains of hell 
fire, becaufe they have difobeyed his Commandments, and his 
Prophet; hethatfhalldifobey himjfhall be feverely chaftifed : 
ye cut not Palm trees., and leave none ftanding, but through 
Gods permiffion ; hccovereth with Hiame and infamy them 
See ptab el that difobey him. He commandeth you to give to the Prophet 
tenoir, a part of the fpoyi that ye (hall gain from your enemies,as well 

of Horfes and Camels, as of other fpoils;he endueth him with 
» power and authority over whom he pleafcth, he is omnipotent; 

' He enjoyneth you to give to the Prophet a part of what ye 
fhall conquer over them of the City o^ Mecca '^\\q commandeth 
what pleafeth him.Give a fLare to God,to the Prophet,his Pa- 
rent«,()rphans,the poor,and pilgrims, that nodifordermay a- 
rife among you chat are rich ; perform what the Prophet fhall 
command you,abftain from what he ihal prohibit you,and fear 
God,hcis fevereinhis chaftifements : do good to the poor, 
that have forfaken their faculties and houfes, and feparated 
themfclves from the wicked, for the fervice of God, and to de- 
fend his Law and his Prophet. They chat before them forfook 
their houfes for the fervice of God, affe(5l thofe that have fol- 

Qoap.')<^. 77;e Alcoran o/'M a h o m e t. 345 

lowed them, they bear them no malice for the wealth they 
poirefs, although they themfelves are neceflicous. They that 
are not avaritious, (hall be happy ; fuch as lliall fucteed them, 
(liallpray for them, and fay,. Lord, pardon our (ins, and our 
brethren,that were ourpredecefTors in the obfervance of thy 
Commandments; infufe no malice into our hearts againft 
them that follow thy Law, thou art gracious and merciful : 
Seeft thou not that the wicked fay to their brethren, wicked as 
themfelves, had ye not fo foon left MeMna, we had gone out 
with you, and had never obeyed him whom yc have obeyed ; 
had ye fought, we had defended you ; God feeth that they are 
impious ; had they delayed to go forth, they Qiould not have 
gone forth with them ; had they fought, they would not have 
fiiccoured them, they had turned the back, and had found no 
protedion ; they fear men more then God,becaufe they are ig- 
norant. QTI«e fews"^ Hiall not fight againft you together, un- 
lefs in their fortreffes, and behind walls ; the war among chem 
is cruel, but think not that they may affemble and unite them- 
felves, their hearts arc divided becaufe they are ignorant, they 
are like their predeceffors, who were chaftifed andflain, and 
fliall fufler great torments at the day of Judgment; they are 
like to him whom the devil hath feduced, and faid to him, I am 
innocent of thine impiety, I fear God, Lord of the Univerfe; 
the end of both is to be caft headlong into the fire of hell, 
where they (hall abide eternally ; fuch is the reward of the 
wicked. Oyethatbelfeve I fear God, andconfider whatye 
flial do at th^ day of Judgment;fear God,he knoweth whatfo- 
ever ye do;benot like to thofe that forget his Commandments, . 
he forgetteth them, and they continue in the number of the 
damned, they {hall be moft miferable ; and fuch as (hall go in* 
to ParadifediallbeblefTed. If wediouldmake the (^Alcoran 
to defcend upon a mountain, it will open it felf, with the fear 
it will have of the Word of God. Thus do I fpeak in parables 
to the people, peradventure they will be converted. There is 
but one only God, who knoweth what is prefent future, and 
paftjhe is gracious and merciful; there is but one God,King of 
all things ; He is holy, the deliverer, true, the punifherftrong, 


346 Tk Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Qya^. 60 

powerful, glorious. Praifed be God, he hath no companion, 
he is God the Creator, who hath formed whatfoever is in the 
world, all glorious attributes are due to him ; whatfoever is in 
heaven and earth, exalt his glory, he is omnipotent and 


The Chapter of Trial/y coTftaining eighteen Verfes^ "Written at 

Seme Mahometan DoEiors have intituhd this the (Chapter of 
Vecationy becaufeit entreateth of "^omen that forfook their huf' 
hands, to follow the Law of Mahomet, Vehoappoinfidto try their 
hearts^ intention, and to know their Vocation, 


N the name of God, gracious and meaciful. O ye that be- 
lieve I obey not mine, nor your enemies; ye fhcw kindnefs 
to them when ye meet them ; neverthelefs they reject the 
truth that hath been fent unto them, and chafe away the Pro- 
phet and you alfo, and that, becaufe ye believe in tiod your 
Lord; Seek not their friendilnip; when ye fight againftthem 
for my Law, 1 know what yc ought to fear, and ye know it 
not ; he that ftiall do what is here above prohibited, foliow- 
eth an evil way; if they have advantage over you, they will be 
your enemies, they willftretch forth their hands and tongues 
againil you, they will revile you, and defire that ye may re- 
nounce your faith ; if ye do it, ye (hall have no content in 
your wives or children at the day of Judgment, ye fhall be fc- 
parated from them, and God lliaH behold all your adions : ye 
have a fair example in Abraham, and them that were with him, 
when they faid to the people , we are innocent of the fin 
that ye commit, in worfbipping any other C^od but God;'-^- 
braham faid to his father, I will not implore pardon of ^Q^ 
for thee, I am not able to deliver thee from his puniibmcnt, ii 


Q)ap.6o. The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 547 

thou arc an Idolater; Lord,all our confidence is in thee, our re- 
fuge is in thy mercy ; proted not unbelievers againft us, pardon 
our fins, thou art merciful and wife; ye have in them a Fair ex- 
ample for them that fear God, and apprehend the day of 
Judgment. God hath not to do with them that obey infi- 
dels, neither hath he need of any perfon, and praile is due to 
him in all places ; peradventure he will eftablifli for the fu- 
ture great amity between you and them that ye hate, he is om- 
nipotent, gracious, and merciful ,• he doth prohibitcyouthe 
converfation ofthern that fight noca^^ainft you for his faith, 
and that expel you not from your houfes, he doth not forbid 
you -to do them jufticc, he lovcch the ]uft; He forbiddeth you 
to converfe with them that fight againft your faith, that drive 
you from your houfes, and aide to expell you ; he prohibiteth 
you to obey them, and to contrad amity with them; fuch as 
obcv them, (liall be exceedingly too blame. O yc chat bcleeve 
in God 1 when the wives of your enemies fhall throw them- 
felves into your party, trie their confcience ; if ye know them 
to be faithful, and co believe in the Law of God, reftore them 
not to the incredulous Infidels, it is not lawfull for them to 
know them, neither for the women to teach them ; give them 
fubnftance,yeriiall not fin in efpoufing them.- marry them not 
after the laws of unbelievers ; demand of them what dowry 
they require ; they ("hall demand of you what ye are willing to 
beftow on them ; continue in accord, God fo commandeth, he 
fhall be your Judg at the day of Judgment, he knoweth all 
vour a<5tions, and is moft wife. If vour wives revolt to the 
party of unbelievers, and ye fuffer any damage, ycfhillre- 
paire that damage to him that fuff-ereth, out of the booty that 
yc Aiall conquer, fear God, and believe in the Law of his di- 
vine Majefty. O Prophet / when women fhall deiirero em- 
brace thy Religion, with firm purpofe to believe in one only 
God, not to (leal, neither to comnci adultery, neither to mur- 
ther their children, tolye,blafphcme, or bedifobedient, re 
ceive them, implore pardon of God fbr them, he is gracious 
and merciful. O ye that beheve .' obey not chem againft 
whom God is angry, they defpairc of their falVation, as the 


348 Ihe Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e T. Qhap,6\. 

wicked difpaired , that died heretofore in their im* 


The Chapter of Arrny , containing fourteen Verfes , "Written at 

IN the name of God, gracious and merciful!. Praife God 
all that is in heaven and earth, he is omnipotent and wife. 
O ye that believe I fay not that ye do that which ye do not, 
God abhorreth them that fay they do what they do not, and 
loveth them that fight in rank and file for his Law, like to a 
ftrong wall. Remember thou that Mofes faid to his people, 
yefhalldomeno harm, yefliall know in the end that lam the 
Meffenger of God; but God feduced them from the right way, 
when they departed from obedience to his Commandments, 
he guideth not the wicked. Remember thou that Jefm^ the 
fon oi Marj A'Aid to the children oi Ifrael, I am the Meil'engcr 
of God, he hath fent me to confirm the old Teftament, and to 
declare to you that there lliall come a Prophet after me, whofe 
name fhall htC^'Lihomet. V\^hen he came with miracles5rea- 
fons moft intelligible, and arguments infallible, they faid that 
he was a Magician; who is more impious then he thatblaf- 
phemeth againft God ? The Inhdels would extingui{h with 
their mouth the light of faith, but God lliall makeit manifcft 
againO: their will ; he hath fent his Prophet to guide the peo- 
ple into the way of faivation> to teach them the truth of his 
Law, and make it more evident then all other Laws of the 
world, againft the will of Infidels. O ye that believe I Will 
ye that I teach you one thing, that fhall deliver you from the 
pains of hell.? Believe in God, and in his Prophet; imploy 
your wealth and perfons in fighting for his Law; ye Qiall do ex- 
ceedmg well, ifyehavc knowledg tounderftandit, God fhall 
pardon your offences, he iLall caufe you to enter into gardens, 
wherein flow rnany rivers; he fliall caufe you to go into the 

. beautiful 

Qhdp,6i. The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. ^49 

beautifull Palaces of jE^f«, where is fupreme felicity ; he fhall 
confer upon you yet another grace, which ye defire , % iz. : vi- 
ftory over your enemies. Oh yc that believe! maintain the 
Law of God ; Jefus, the Son of Afarj, faidto his Apoftles, 
who will maintain the Law of God with me ? he fhall be fup- 
ported, and protected of God. The Apoftles anfwered, we 
will maintain it ; One part of the Children of Ifrael believed 
in Jefus , and another rejeded his Law ; we gave fuccor to 
them that believed againft their enemics,and they werevido- 

CHAP. Lxn. 

The Chapter of the AJfemblji containing eleven Ferfes, XWittin 
at Medina. 


N the name of God, gracious and mercifull. Praife God 
_Lall that is heaven and earth, praife the King , holy , maje- 
ftique, and omnipotent, who hath fent his Prophet, an Ara- 
hian by Nation , to preach his Commandments to the Arabi- 
ans^ to purifie them , to teach them the Scriptures, and myftc- 
wcs of faith, they were before feduced from the right way. 
They that fhall come after them, (hall not fee a Prophet equal 
to him, thisisafpeciall graceof God, the omnipotent and 
wife ; he conferrcth it on whom he lifteth , and his graces are 
immenfe.They that preach the old Teftament and perform not 
what it enjoyneth, are like to an Afs charged with books; 
Such are they that difobey the Commandments of God; he 
guidcth not the impious. Oh ye Jews I believe not your felves 
to be the beloved of God, exped death, ye fliall underftand 
your error ; they believe not that they (hall be chaftifedfor 
their fins, but God beholdeth all the unjuft : Say unto rhem, 
ye fhall finde one day the death that ye flie ; ye be fent back 
before God,who knoweth what is prefent.paft, and to come ; 
he (hall fet before you all that ye have done, to be judged* 
Oh yc that believe / when ye are called to the alfembly of 


ua The Alcoran of M a h o m e t. Chap.6i .. 

Friday, to make your prayers, pray, and quit your trade; 
thisfhatl be a good ad, if yc iindeiftand it ; when you (hail 
have finitlied your prayers, (eparatc your felves., goe whither 
youpkafe , and beg of God his grace , call frequently ta 
nainde his divine Majefty, and ye (liall be happy. When the 
Infidels (aw any thing of profit, or any divertifemcnt, they 
forfook thee, and went out from the Sermon ; Say unto theni, 
how great riches and delights are there with God ? he is the- 
Rich of the rich. 


The (^hdptey of the Wielded , containrng twelve Verfes , writ- 
ten at Medina. 

IN the name of God, gracious and mercifull. When the 
wicked (liall come to vifit thee, they will fay, that they are 
witneffes , that thou art a Prophet fent from God ; He well 
knoweth that thou art his Prophet, he feeth that they diffem- 
bJc , and fdl their faith to enjoy wealth ii] the world, wherein 
they commit evill, they fay with the mouth, webehcvcin the 
Law of God, and are impious in their fouls, impiety is im^ 
printed in their heart5, and they will not ie«rn the myfterics 
of faith; Thebeauty of their bodies llrall not difpleafe thee, 
when thou flialt fee them; they ered themfelves when they 
fpcak, and refemble a piece of wood kt up againft a wall'; 
ihcy fear all rumors that flie abroad, and are your enemies, 
Beware of them, doubtlcfs Cod will deftroy them ; how can 
they blafpheme againft his Law,? When it was faid to them, 
Come to the Prophet, h^^ ilial I beg pardon of God for your 
(ins, they (hook the head; and withdrew with pride; miferj^ 
is upon them^ whether thou implore pardon for them, or 
doil not implore it, God will not pardon them, he abhor- 
reth the wicM. They fay , do no good to the;ii that 
follow that Prophet of God , muW they abandon hiiji; 
ti>e trea&res.of heav^i aiid^^arth a^e Gods^ but they com- 

' ' ._, ' ;_ 

Chap^^^.. Tl)e Alcoran of M Amo u^r. 2<\ 

pH'chend it i^ot ; Tbey fay, if we retarmcoibe City of Medi^ 
na , we will drive thence iflTfac'te and ktiinte^ a&4 will ther-e 
cftablifh greatnefs ar^d honor ; on the coTittftty, ^reatne-C*;, 
power, atid vitflory procee^d from C^ad^ hisi^ophet , ,ar>d 
ihem fhat believe in (his Law, but Ii^'cls iunileri?i:and it ijot^ 
Oh ye that believe in God 1 y.our riches , mA your <?bil.dr:e«i 
ought not to fedirce you fromiMsfervice ; "fuch ^% iliall forfeke 
h-,#iallfee in the number of the damned ; gi-vc akns of the 
wealth that -he iiai^ given you, before the hour of y<)iur.deJ«jh 
aftive j Then (hall the wicked fay, JLord, if thou 'h$,<ift no^t -fo 
foon caufed ore to die, 1 had osnbraceid thy Law ; (4>od r;€^ 
tar deeh not the^day of -any one, iwhen the ilwaftrjs con^ie^ he 
Icnoweth all that ye do. 


The Chapter ofDeceipt .containing trghuen K^if^s .) i^iitm 

Nthenamt of God, gracious and 'ntctctfpll. -Pfiaire Cori 
_whatfoeveris in heaven and earth, he is King: c^f all thinps, 
praife is duetohim, h€ is'omnipotent ; He it ts that .hath cre- 
ated you; Some obferve his Commandments, «n^ others ^fe 
«nbelieve'rs , he beholdethall your anions. Hecreated.the 
heavens and'threarth,hejformed you, and ye ftiailtbe one day 
^{fembletl before him to be judged ; he knoweth ,all .thit js 
•in heaven and earth, heamde^ftandeth yourfecrecs,and«vhat 
ye publi/h, he is not ignorant of what is, in:the.^.ear{&ofm/=n. 
Have ye not heard what did heretofore befall the wicked ? 
They were puniOied, they dyed in their mifcry , and in che 
end (hall fuffer grievous torments, becaufe <'3od hath lent 
them Prophets to inftrud tht-m, and they faid, what ! Ihali 
a man like our fclves teach us the right way ! 1 hey defpilcd 
them , and forfook the Law of God ; he hath not to do 
with them, neither hath he need of the world, praife is 
due to him in all places ; do the wicked beheve that thc7 (hall 


35^ 77?e Alcoran o/ M A H o M E T. (7m/?. 64. 

not rife again f Contrariwife , God {hall make them to re- 
vive , and (hall declare to them all that they have done ; this 
thing is eafie to his divine Majefty ; Believe in Cod , his 
Prophet, and the light that he hath fent you, he knoweth all 
your adions. Remember thou the day , when he (hall fum- 
raon all to Judgment, this {hall be the day of Deceipt ; they 
fhall be known that have deceived themfe Ives, and thofe that 
g , . kave deluded their neighbours. That day their fins (hall be par- 

tcno^^ ^ ^ doned, that (hal have believed in his unity, & have done good 
works, they (hall dwell eternally in Gardens, wherein flow 
many Rivers ; the Infidels that dcfpife his Commandments 
(hall be precipitated into hell, where they fhall burn eternally. 
No evill bcfalleth you , but through Gods permilHon ; he 
giveth patience to him that believeth in his divine Majefty, and 
knoweth all. Obey God and his Prophet; if ye obey him not, 
know, that the Prophet of God is obliged only to preach 
the truth of faith ; there is but one God, all True- believers 
rcfign themfelves to his divine will. Oh yee that believe / 
ye have children, and wives, that are your enemies, beware 
of their malice, if ye pardon them; if ye depart from them, 
God (hall be to you gracious and mercifull. Wealth, and chil- 
dren do often hinder you to obey God; but know, that he 
rewardeth abundantly the righteous ; fear him with all your 
power, hearken to his Commandments, obey him, give alms, 
he that is not avaricious (hall be bleffed 5 if ye lend any thing 
to God , he fhall caufe it to multiply, he (hall pardon your 
fins, he acceptcEh the acknowledgment of his benefits -^ and is 
moft mercifull. He knoweth what is prefent, paft, and future, 
is omnipotent and wife. 

-t;^M;". : j;tv: 


Chap.6^. Tl?e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 355 


The Chapter of Divorce, contaimng eighteen Verfes , written at 

IN the Name ©f God, gracious and merciful. Oh Prophet ! 
vvhenye repudiate your wives, repudiate them, following 
the ordinances and Lawes, and reckon the time chat they ought 
to tarrie before they marry again ; Fear God your Lord, caufe 
them not to depart their houfes, neither expel! them before 
the time appointed, if they be not taken in adultery ; Such are 
the Ordinances of God, he that (hall tranfgrefs them, fliall do 
injurie to himfelf, peradventure God will enjoynfom.ething 
concerning them,of which ye are ignorant.When the time that 
they ought to tarrie fhall be tinifhed, retain, or difmiffe them 
with civility ; ye (hall take perfons of your Religion, honeft 
men, that (hall be witncfTes of your adions, depofe with truth 
what ye have feen ; it is fo appointed to them that believe in 
God^and the day of Judgment. God (hall deliver from aflFli- 
dion him that (hal have his fear before his eyes,and fhal enrich 
him,when he leaft thinks of it ; He that ("hall truft in him, fhall 
not be deceived, he doth what he pleafeth, and hath appointed 
a prefixed time to every thing. If the women hope no more 
to have their moneths, and doubt that they are mifreckoned, 
they (hall tarrie three moneths, before they marry again , if 
they be notNurfes; if they be with child, ye fhall abltain till 
their delivery ; whofoever feareth God, rejoyceth in the ob- 
fervance of his Commandments. What is above,is ordained of 
God ; he (hall pardon their fins, that have his fear before their 
eyes, and give them an exceeding great reward. Caufe them 
that ye repudiate, to dwell in your houfes, or near to you, 
abufe them not; if they be with childe allow them what (hal be 
neceflary for rhem,untiil they ihall be delivered ; if they dedrc 
to nurfe their children, ye Ihall give them an honeft falarie, 
and entreat them with civility and curtelie ; if ye like not this, 
ye ihall caufe them to be nurfed by another, whofe pains ye 

A a ihall 

-»- ;t-, i.*»«p • 

354 Tl?e Alcoran o/'Mahomet. Chap.66. 

(hall reward. If ye be not wealthy,you fhall allow according 
to your power; God doth not enjoyn any one to expend 
more then his ability permitteth, he (liall give you good after 
cvill ; how many have been the Cities that have heretofore dif- 
obeyed the Commandments of God, and of his Prophets? 
We have kept an exadl accompt of their fins, their Inhabitants 
have been chaftifed, andQiallbeintheend, i» the number of 
the damned ; God hath prepared for them grievous torments. 
Oh ye that are wife / fear God, he hath fent you the Alcoran^ 
he hath fent you a Prophet, to teach you the myfteries of his 
Law, to lead you out of darknefs , and to guide into light 
them that fiba 11 believe in him , and do good works • he (hail 
open to them the Gate of Paradife, wherein flow many Ri- 
vers, where they ihaU dwell eternally , with all manner of 
content. God 1 He it is, that created the feven heavens, and 
as much of earth , and ordaineth among them what pleaf- 
eth him, to the end ye may know that he is omnipotent , and 
knoweth all things. 


The Chapter of Prohihition^ containing twelve Verfes^ "Written 1 
at Medina, 

IN the Name of God, gracious and mercifull. Oh Prophet ! 
prohibit not for the contentment of thy wives , to do that 
which God hath permitted thee,he is gracious and merciful^he 
hath appointed to do what is permitted by yourLaw,he is your 
Lord, is omnifcient and mofl: wife. When the Prophet 
vifit one of his wives, God revealed to him, what (he defired 
to fay to him, he approved one part, and rejed^ed the other ; 
* when he told his wife what was in her will to fpeak to him, 
Ihe demanded of him, who had revealed it to him ; He that 
knoweth all things hath revealed it to me,that ye may be con- 
verted, yourhearts ate inclined to do what is forbidden; if 
ye ad any thing againit the Prophet, know , that God is his 


Chap,66, The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e T. 355 

protedor, the Angel gahriel, and all the believers will de- 
fend him, the Angels fhall proted him againfl: you. If it be 
his will to repudiate you , God fhall give him for the future, 
other wives in your place, that fhall be obedient ; True be- 
lievers, humble, faithfull, devout, contented, milde, clean, 
virgins , and not virgins : Oh ye that believe in God / 
ftrengthen your felves, you and your families, in obedience to 
his Commandmants ; the Idolaters fhall burn in the fire of 
hell, with their Idols; the Angels deputed to torment them, 
difobey not God , they execute whatfoever is commanded 
them. Oh ye that are Infidels 1 there is no excufe for you, 
ye fhall be chaftifed after your demerits. Oh ye that believe / 
turn to God with affedion, he (hall pardon your fins , and 
make you to enter into Gardens, wherein flow many rivers ; 
the light of faith fhall goe before the Prophet , and them 
that have followed him ; When God fhall recompenfe them, 
they fhall fay. Lord, give us thy light, pardon our fins , thou 
art omnipotent. Oh Prophet I fight againft the Infidels , and 
the wicked, fortifie thy felf againft them, hell fhall be their 
habitation. God teacheth unbelievers a parable , and faith, 
the wives of Noah , and the wives of Lot were under the 
power of my two fervants , righteous men ; they betrayed 
them, but did not efcape the punifhment of their fin. It was 
faid unto them, enter into the fire of hell with them that goe 
into it. God teacheth them a parable , that follow his Law ; 
Take example by the wife of Pharoah , fhe prayed to God, 
and faid, Lord build me an houfe in Paradife, deliver me from 
Pbaroah , from his works, and unjuft men, yJ/<^ry ihe daugh- 
ter of fofaphat preferved her virginity ; we infpired into her 
our Spirit, (he believed the words of her Lord, and the Scrip- 
tures ; (he was in the number of them that obey. 

A a 1 CHAP; 

^56 The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Chap. 6/. 


The Chapter of Empire , coyitaining thirty Verfes , "^'rltten at 

IN the name of God , gracious and mercifull. Praifed 
be he to whom belongech the Empire of the world, who is 
omnipotent, and hath created life and death, to let you know 
which is the better; he is omnipotent and mercifull. He hath 
created fevcn heavens, one upon another ; thou feed nothing 
of what he hath created, that is not proportioned ; raife yet 
thy fight to heaven , thou fhalt not there fee anything dcfe- 
dlive ; behold it twice, or more often , thou (hilt not per- 
ceive therein anything vain, or imperfe^. We have ador- 
ned the heaven, and the world with Stars , we expelled thence 
the Devils, we prepared for them a great fire, and the tor- 
ments of hell for unbelievers. They fhall hear horrible and 
terribble voyces, that proceed from defpair and wrath; when 
they {l:iall be caft thither headlong , when they fhall enter 
into hell by troups, the Overfeer of the torments fhall fay un- 
to them , had you none on earth that preached to you the 
pains of hell? yes, (liall they reply, they were preached to 
us, but we traduced our preachers, we faid, that God did not 
command to do what they declared, that they were lyars, 
and feduced fromthe right way ; Had we heard them , and 
had we been wife, we fhouM not this day have been in the 
number of the damned ; they fhall confefs their fins in the 
bottome ef hell. Such as fear God^without feeing him, fiiail 
receive pardon of their offences, and an exceeding great re- 
ward. Speakfecretly^ or publiquely, God knoweth whatfo- 
ever ye have in your hearts, fince the time of your creation, 
he is bleffed and omnifcienc He hath eftablifhed wayes upon 
tiie earth, gocon all fides, and live of his good things : ye all 
fhall revive , and be one day affembled before him to be 
judged. Believe ye that he who is in heaven , cannot render 
the earth drie and barren, and caufc it to tremble? Believe 


Qyap.67. Tfoe Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e r. J57 

ye , that he who is in heaven is not able to fend againft you 
an impetuous windc, to deftroy you > Ye fliall hereafter feel 
what are the torments of hell. Your predecefTors would not 
believe them , and werechaftifed for their incredulity. Confi- 
der ye not the birds that flie over your heads, bow they ex- 
tend, and fhut their wings ? nothing fupporteth thcm.but that 
mercy that beholdeth all things. Who but God (hall protedl 
you in your miferies ? The Infidels are proud : Who fhall 
enrich you, if God reftraineth his grace ? neverthelefs ye per- 
fevere in your fins , and flie the truth ; Is he that creepeth on 
his face, like to him that gocth on his feet in the right way > 
Say unto them, God hath created you ; he hath given you 
fight , hearing and fcnfc , but few among you return him 
thanks for his graces: Say unto them, he created you of 
earth, and ye fhall one day be affembled before him , to ren- 
der accompt of your adions. The wicked demand when the 
day of Judgment fliall be ; Say unto them ,God knowes, I 
am fent only to preach to you the pains of hell ; Their vifages 
{hall become black , when they (hall fee the puniQiment of 
their fins approach. It (hall be faid to them, behold that 
which ye have demanded with fo much impatience I Say unto 
them, did you fee that God deftroyed mc,and them that were 
with me ? No, he gave us his grace. Who fliall deliver the 
Infidels from the torments of hell? Say unto them, God is 
mercifuU ; we believe m him, and we are rcfigned to the will 
of his divine Majefty, ye fliall know hereafter them that 
fliall be feduced. If the water that watcreth your flocks cntec 
under the earth, who fliall give you other water , or another 
Fountainio fupply you ? 

Aa3 CHAP. 

558 T7?e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e x. Chap.6i. 


The Chapter of the Pen^ contdning fifty two Verfes , written- 
at Mecca. 

Bedaoi entitnleth this the Chapter of the Letter Noun, n, and 
faith, that it u as much as to fay , Whale, or great Fijh\ Some 
other DoStors fay , that Noun, n, is the name of the In!^, or 
Table , on '^hich the tiy^ngels "Sprite the (fommandments of 
god; Others affirm it ^ to fignifit the hikzhorn , but many of 
the Mahometan D^Bors intitle this the Chapter of the 

IN the name of God, gracious and mercifuil. I fwear by 
the Fen , and by all that is written, that thou art not pof- 
^ feffed of the Devill ; through the grace of thvr Lord, thou ' 
fhalthave an infinite reward ; God hath created thee, with a 
creation high,and moft illuftrious. Thou fhalt hereafter know, 
and the Infidels likewife (liall know one day , them among 
you that are ignorant. Certainly thy Lord knoweth them 
that are feduccd, and them that follow the right way. Obey 
not the wicked , they defire thee to be more indulgent to- 
wards them, and themfelves more milde towards thee ; Obey 
eotthofe infamous lyars, thofe bablers, finners, feducers, and 
wicked perfons, full of trcafures and children ; When the 
Myfteries of faith are related to them, they fay, that they are 
but fables of antiquitie ; we will put upon their nofes a mark 
of (hame. and ignominy i we have tryed them, as Gardeners, 
when they have refolved in the evening to cut ofiF the mor«- 
ning following fome fruits of their garden, for their refedi- 
on , and have not faid, if it pieafe God ; By night,while they 
flept, God fent fire into their gardens , that confumed them ; 
in the morning they called (^each other] and faid, come to 
put order to your garden, if ye defire to gather the fruits • they 
believed the poor would enter, they ran [to drive them away] 
and found their fruits black, and their gardens blafted : Then 



Chap.6^, The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 359 

they faid,we are.feduced, wc are finnersj one of them faid 
that it was requifite to praife God -, Then they faid, praifed be 
God, we are great finners ; they approached each other , and 
complained among themfelves : They faid , mifery is upon us » 
we were in a great error, peradventure God will give us here- 
after more then the value of what we have loft , we muft beg 
his grace ; thus God chaftifeth on earth,whom he pkafcth, but 
the torments of the other world arc much more grievous.They 
that have his fear before their eyes, fhall dwell in gardens full ~ 
of delights. Shall I intreat the good like the wicked ? How 
can ye judg it i' have yc a book,wherein you reade what pleaf- 
eth you ? have we promifed to you any content at the day of 
Judgment ? Shall you have that day what ye have promifed to 
your felves ? Ask of them, who will be furety for their belief? 
will their Idols, and companions be their furety ? Let them 
caufe them to come, if they be true : Be thou mindfull of the 
day when (insfhall be deteded, and the wicked fhall be com- 
manded to worfhip God , but they fhall not be able to behold 
him, their eyes (hall be troubled with feari and their fight co- 
vered with (hame. They are enjoyned in the world to wor- 
fhip his divine Majefty, but they refufc to perform it ; I will 
punifli them by little and little, when they (hallleaft think of 
it ; I will defer the punifbmens of their crimes, becaufe my 
wrath is ftrong ; Doft thou demand of men any recompenfe 
for thy preaching f arc they charged with any expence ? Have 
they in their power the book, wherein is the future, to write 
therein what they affirm ^ Attend the Judgment of thy Lord, 
and be not like him that was fwal lowed of the Whale. He in- 
voked his Lord in his afEidion ; if his Lord had not fent him 
his grace, he fhould never have come upon earth ; when he 
repented of his fin, his Lord pardoned, and placed him in the 
number of the righteous. The unbelievers labour to fhake 
thee through their looks, and that through envie ; they affirm, 
that thou artpoffeffed of the Devill, when they hear thee 
read the tAlcoran ; It was not fent but to inftruft the 

Aa4 CHAP. 

360 T?:)^ Alcoran 0/ M A HO M E T. Chap.6^. 


The Chapter of Verification^ containing fifty two Verfes^ 'Written 
at Mecca. 

Ekteri intituleth this the Chapter of Judgment^ hecaufe that 
day aUJhall he verified. ^ -^ 

IN the name of God, gracious aud merciful. Verification 
approacheth, Verification approacheth ; God hath not told 
thee in what time (hall be the day of Verification ; Temod,2SiA 
Aad would not believe him that preached to them the day of 
affliction and forrow, but Temod was dcftroyed by an extraor- 
dinary noife, and <iAad by an impetuous winde that God fent 
againft them fevcn nights, and eight dayes together ; they \yere 
overthrown, ftretched out like palms fain upon the earth :idid 
any one among them fave himfelf /* Pharoah^ anil hisprede- 
cefforsjwith the Inhabitants of the Cities that we're overthrown 
becaufe of their fins, difobeyed th^ Prophets andApoftlesof 
God, and were rudely chaftifed. Wc preferved you in Noahs 
Ark, when the waters fwelled, to ferve for example of our 
omnipotcncy to them that faw it, and to fuch as (hall hear it 
mentioned Be thou mindful of the day when the Angel (hall 
found the Trumpet, when the earth fhall Jift it felf up, and the 
mountains tremble; then what muftcome to pafs, (hall come 
to pals ; heaven with weaknefs (hall open, and the Angel that 
{hall bear the throne of God, {hall be upon the border of the 
heaven. Then {hall eight Angels prefent the books, wherein 
fhall be written the fins of men, and nothing (hall be concea- 
led. Such as (liall take in the right hand the book of the ac- 
compt of their adions, (hall fay, wc finde what we believed to 
be true, we know with certain knowledg^ the coming of this 
day, and the felicity of life is in Paradife : It (hall be faid to 
them, eat and drink of the good things of Paradife at your 
pleafure. They that (hall take the b^okofaccompt of their 
adions in their left hand, (hall fay, would* to God that this 



(Jhap.yo. Tl)e Alcoran o/M a h o m e t. 361 

book had been loft,! know not what is this accompt ; would to 
God that I had been eternally buried in the earth ; the riches, 
authority, and treafures of the world are to me unprofitable : . 
It {hall be faid to the devils, take them, binde them, and 
throw them headlong into hell, put chains feventy cubits long 
upon their arms, and caft them into fire; they would not be- 
lieve in the Unity of God the Omnipotent; they have eaten 
the bread of the poor, they are this day without prote?5lion, 
and want bread, and fliallfinde nothing but the pains of hell 
prepared for the wicked. I fwear, although ye fee, and al- 
though ye do not fee the Aicoran.k is the word of the Prophet, 
the Apoftle of God, it is not the word of a Poet.but few per- 
fonswill believe it. It is not the word of one that is wicked, 
but few men remember it; it is fent from God, Lord of the 
Univerfs. The Infidels fay, oh Prophet I if thou fpeak, we will 
nofhear thee, thyfpeechfliall not enter into our hearts; Say 
unto them, there is none among you able to deliver you from 

^ the punifliment of your crimes ; the Alcomn inftrudeth in the 
way offalvatibn them that believe in his divine Majefty ; I 

* know that there are lyars among you, whom God (hal put into 
the number of Infidels : the Alcoran is truth it felf. Praifed be 
the name of God Omnipotent, and Majeftique. 


The Chapter of the Afcenty containing forty four Verfes^ "Written 
at Mecca. 

IN the name of God, gracious and merciful. Some perfon-s 
have demanded whenfhallbethe day of Judgment, and in 
what time the wicked flial be chaftifed?none but God is able to 
deliver men from the torments of hell; he is Lord of the way 
that afcendcth to heaven, the Angels and Spirits (liall afcend 
towards him at the day of Judgment; that day fhall feem to 
the wicked to endure fifty thoufand years ; cxpecfl with pati- 
ence i the wicked imagine they are far from that day, but thou 



362 The Alcoran of Mahomet. Chap.yo. 

{halt fee it fpeedily ; that day {hall the heaven refembledif- 
folved mettail ; the mountains {hall be like to carded wooll 
which bendeth downwards j none {hall ask his neighbour who 
he is, and they {hall look one upon another; the unbelievers 
fliall defire to redeem themfelves from thefe pains,throu2h the 
lofsof their children, their wives, their brethren, their com- 
panions, their neighbours, and the lofs of all that is on earth 
The flame of fire Ihall rife upon them, and {hall burn the skiii 
of their head ; they {hall call upon thofe that are behinde 
them, that have,likc themfelves, abandoned the Law of God • 
and the covetous, that {hall have heaped up trcafurcs. Man was 
created timerous, he is afraid when evill befalleth him, and is 
arrogarit when good hapneth to hira; except the believers who 
are (table in their faith, that perfevere in their prayers,that give 
alms to the poor that beg, and thofe that are baihful, that be 
heve m the day of Judgment, fear the puni{hment of God and 
know none other women but their own, and their {laves their 
(hall be exempt from afflidion at the day of Judgment / tho{c 
that {hall aa the contrary,{hall be in the number of the'unju{l 
They who effed what they have promifed, and prefervc faith- 
fully what to them hath been entrufted, who fpeak the truth in 
teftimony, and who make their prayers at the time appointed 
ihall be honoured in Paradife. Wherefore is it that the Infi' 
dels who are about thee, caft their eyes to the right hand, and" 
to the left, wich pride ? do they require to enter into Paradife 
and be faved ? We have created them as other men. I fwear 
by the Lord of the Ea{l and We{l, that we are able to change 
them into a people, better then they, and that it is a thing eafie 
torus to perform; leave them in their errors, until they be 
come to the day wheii they are promifed to bechalhfed, and 
that they Oiali come out of their fepukhres to repaire touni- 
verfall Judgment; they {hall repair thither terrified, and their 
hght fhall be covered with {hame ; this is the day that hath 
been heretofore preached to them. 


chap. 7 1 . Tlye Alcoran of M a h o m e t. ^63 


The C^^ter of ^oz\i, conuining twenty/ eight Verfes,V,rUu» 
at Mecca. 

TN! flip name of God, gracious and merciftl. Before men 
1 we J chaftTf dfwe fent Nod, to preach to them the pa.ns of 
heU he f d un,o them, O ye people \ I preach to you the 
min's of h 11, worthip one only God, and fear h.m, obey me 
KC^don yourf . '- t^;^;-;^ 
the day ^PP^'^^^'owl vf wo Id be lo-m^^^ he 

mvftcties of thy Uw; I b'*! "-"f" "\ '„ abundance of rain 
God, he i-;ft •-- t\,^4v' o fton,t.alth. and many 
Td^n t:Sg£?:"|ardeLembellged wid. founta^ 

fnd rive» ; who h.ndreth ^-^-^^ISTo^SI onfd 
hath created you. nt^co^^^^^^^^^^^ 

^rT.W hecreat d the Mronwithhe;bright„efs,and the 
ther ? that he cre^ea tne ^^ ^^^^j^ ,1 

Sun with his light ? ff "at" cameu >. j^ earth, and to 

forts of plants; he will caufe V^" *" ^« J^^;," ^^' ^,lk ,„ the 
revive; he hath ^^'^"^tL Utd KL. th.speo- 

wayes thereof, large »n<i/^P*"**"'Vnllowed that which can give 
pie hath difobeyed me, they have followed ha wn j^^ 

fhem n-t^r'^fonUed agaSft me, ^ndfa^d among them- 
damage; they have confpiredagainum^ j^^^^ 

felves, forfake not your gods, forW« "^^ '^^ ^ ' J^ ^^ (heir doU. 
andir/^., they ert from the right way , Lord, »<> 

364 7ie Alcoran o/M A H o ME T. (7^^/>.72. 


confufion.; Then were they drowned bccaufe of their fins, 
they (hall be caft headlong into the fire, whence none but God 
is able to deliver them. Noah faid, Lord, leave not a wicked 
man upon the earth, they will feduce thy creatures from the 
right way,they wil leave children,Ivars,and impious like them- 
felves;pardon my fins,pardon the fins oif my father,my lineage, 
und thofe that (hall believe in thy Law, and deftroy the unjuft. 


The ^hdpter of Devils , containing twenty eight Verfes, -writ- 
ten at Mecca. 

Some LMahometans intitle this the Chapter of Spirits. 

IN the name of God , gracious and mercifull. Say to the 
people, I have received an infpiration, which fbrne devils 
heard of mc when I read the ^/f<>r4«, and that they faid, we 
have heard the miraculous Alcoran read , it teacheth the right 
way ; we believe in what it contains ; we believe not that 
God hath companions ; we believe there is but one God, we 
believe not that he hath wives, or children, our ignorant per- 
fons blafphcme againft his divine Majefty , neverthclefs we 
imagm that they could not do it. There are who require aid of 
the devils,and augment their confufion, becaufe they fay, that 
God will not caufe any to rife again;fome devils have faid, we 
have been as high as heaven, and found it furnifhed with 
guards and ftars,weftaied in a place a little diftant to hear; 
there i5 one ftar that watcheth them that hearken,& drives them 
away; we know not if God hateth the men that are upon 
earth,or if he will teach them the right way,- but we are now in 
thennmber of them that believe in the unity of his divine Ma- 
jefty: thcyfaid,oh ye people / we were before in the way of er- 
ror;we heretofore believedthat God did not operate on earth, 
but no perfon, in whatfoever place he be, can avoid obeying 
his Will J we heard the book read that teacheth the right way ; 


Qhap.yi. The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 365 

we believe in what it contains ; he that bclievcth in God, will 
not fear any mifery or injiiftice .- there be of us that are good, 
and that trufr in God ; others there are, who are wicked and 
impious; fuch as obey the Commandments of God, follow 
the right wa\^, and the wicked (hall be prtcipitated into the 
fire of hell. Had the Infidels followed the right way , wc ^ 
had fent them from heaven abundance of rain, and given them 
our grace, I will try them, and fuch as fhall defpife the Alcoran 
fliall be puniOied. The Temples belong to God, invoke one 
fole God in the Temples : when his fervant rifeth,he worfhip- 
peth his divine Majefty ; it wanted not much, but thefe devils 
had publifhed the plurality of Deities : Say unto the people,, 
worfliip God my Lord ; I believe in one God, who hath no 
companion, I can neither guide nor feduce you,but through his 
permiflion; If I difobey him none ("hall be able to fave me,and 
I lliall want protedion at the day of Judgment. lean done 
more for you, then to preach to you his F^aw ; this is the fubjed 
of my Embaflle ; He who (liall difobey God and his Prophet, 
flvall be damned- and (liall remain eternally in the fire of hell. 
The wicked rha 11 know fuch as fliallbs deprived of fuccour and 
prote<flion , when they fhall behold the pains prepared for 
them. Say unto them, I know not whether what is promifed 
to you, fhall incontinently happen, or whether God will de- 
fer it fome time; none knovvetb what is to come but God , 
and thofe whom he hath eleded to be Prophets and Mef- 
fengers of his Will; he infpireth into them his Command- 
ments, to preach to men -, he upholdeth all the adions of men, 
and keepeth an exad accompt of every thing. 


^66 The Alcoran of Mahomet. Chap.y^. 


The (Chapter of the FearfnU, containing twentj Verfes, "Written 

at Mecca. 

The Arabians have intituled thus the Chapter of the Fearful- 

Vchenthej^ngelG^hnd brought tht^ Chaffer to M^homtt, hi 

was afraid of the fplendor ofhts light.and covered himfelfmth hU 

garments,whichgave occafion to the Angel to call him, and fay, oh 

J earful I and not^ oh Trophet ! as he Vcas wont. 

See Gelaldm. T^n ^"T^''^ Gcd, gracious and mercifulL O thou Fear- 
JLfull Anfe by nighr, pray to God at midnight, until two 
third parts of the night, and more. Read the Alcoran, and 
meditate thereon, obferve what it contains; although it be te- 
dious to thee, thou wilt beft comprehend it after thy firft 
ileep becaufc thou in the day haft affairs that divert thee Re- 
member thou the name of God, forfake the world to worfliip 
him, he IS Lord of the Weft, and Eaft, there is no god but God 
take himfor thy prote^orrbe not impaticntat whatthe wicked 
fay ; feparate thy felf from their fociety, without fear, leave me 
to punilh them ; is there anv one that is able to defend them > 
their puni/Lment is deferred, but I have chains of iron, bread 
tull ot thorns, and great torments to inflid on them, at the dav 
when the earth Qiall tremble, and the mountains (hall be dif- 
lolved into duft. O ye people 1 we have fentto you a Pro- 
phet, oiir Apoftle, to inftrud you,as we did to Tharoah; he 
was difobedient andobftmate, and wefeverelychaftilcdhim. 
How will ye fecure your felves from the torments of hell ifve 
be in the number of rhe wicked ? What will ye do at the day 
when Infants fliall be meo, and heaven Oiall be opened ? What 
God promifeth is infallible; thefe things are for the inftru- 
ftion of them that defire to follow the way of falvation Thy 
Lord knoweth that thou wilt ariib about the third part of the 
night, or at midnight, as likewife a part of thofe that are with 
thee;hc reckoneth the hours and the minuts of night and day,he 

' knoweth 

Chap.y^. The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 1^67 

knoweth that thou canft not reckon them exadlly;he pardo/icth 
thee , if thou rifeft a little fooner, or a little later; read during 
this time what thou fhalt be able to read of the Alcoran ; God 
knoweth that there will be perfons among you that will be 
fickly, others that will be in travel for their affairs, and fome 
that will fight for the faith ; thefe perfons lliallbe excufed : 
Read what ye fhall be able of the Alcoran, lift up your pray- 
ers to God, pay tithes^ lend to God fome benefit, yelLallone 
day finde the good that you (Lall have done, and a very good 
reward ; beg pardon of God, he is gracious and merciful. 


The Chapter of the Wrapped, containing fiftj/fev en Verfei^^rit' Malmietms 

ten at Mecca. wrapt in his 


IN the name of God, gracious and merciful. O thou wrap- ^f^^" ^^^ 
ped I Arife, and preach to the people the torments of hell, j,j.3ht him 
thy Lord is more powerful then the Idols, make clean thy gar- this Chap, 
ments , be thou mindful of the pains prepared for unbelievers; ter. 
feparate thy felf from their company ; lend nothing to Ufury ; 
the day that the Trumpet {hall found, fhall be extreamly irk- 
fome to the wicked ; that day, let me chaftife him whom I crea- 
ted, and to v^hom I gave riches, and children, and whom I pla- ^ 
ced in plenty ; neverthelefs he demandeth more, and is obfti- 
nate, to difobey my Commandments ; I will add to his pains, 
becaufehe blafphemeth againftthe Alcoran-^ wherefore doth 
he blafphem ? he maketh his countenance forrowful, covered 
with hypocrifie ; when he beholdeth the people, with his eyes 
melancholique, and eftranged from the way of falvation, he is 
proud, fcorneth to follow the Prophet ; faith, that the Alcoran 
is but Magick, and but the word of man; he (Laii be precipi- 
tated into the bottom of hell, nothing remains to him but to 
be burned; ninteen Spirits (hall be appointed to torment 
tlie wicked ; they that punifh the damned are Spirits. Wc 
have mentioned this number of nincteen,to feduce the  niidelr, 


3^8 77:>e Alcorano/ M A H o M ET. Qhap.yf 

and confirm the truth, and the True believers in their faith. 
They whom God inftrudeth in the Scripture , and who be- 
lieve in his Law, are not in doubt of thefe Spirits ; but fuch 
as have evill in the heart , who doubt of his Law ; and 
the wicked fay , that he by this number , meaneth God ; 
Thus God feduceth and guideth whom he pleafech; no 
perfon knoweth the number of his Angels , but God, I 
fwear by the entrance of the night , and the morning, 
that hell is an exceeding great punifhment , prepared for 
the impious. The believers , and unbelievers, the good 
and the bad , fhall anfwer for their adlions ; and Inch 
as fhall have their book of accompt in the right hand, 
fhall goe into Paradife ; they ("hall enquire of the dam- 
ned, and fay to them , who did caft you into hell ' They 
Qiall anfwer, we did not pray to God at the time appointed ; 
we gave not to the poor to eat ; we believed there was nei- 
ther Refurreflion, norjudgment , untill death furprizedus, 
the prayers of them that pray for them, fhall be in vain. 
Wherefore is it that unbelievers depart from the Law of God? 
They are like to the wilde Afs, which fly eth as far as he can, 
when he feeth the lion approach him ; everyone of them 
would particularly fee a book to inftrud them, and appre- 
hendethnotthe day of Judgment; Certainly the <i^ilcorm 
teacheth them the Lawof C:iod, thatreadeit; none lliall un- 
derhand it, but he that fhall be plealing to God , who fhall 
have his fear before his eyes, and (hall implore pardon of 
his (ins of his divine Majefl:y. 


The ^h^pter ef the RefurreSiion^ containing forty Verfes, U'r/r* 
ten at Mecca. 

IN the name of God , gracious and mercifull. 1 fwear 
that ic is molt true , that men fliall rife again. I 
fwear , that the wicked fhall render an accompt of their 

adions : 

Chap.76. The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 369 

a(f^ions ; think they that I cannot rcrcoikdt thtir bones ? I 
will recolledl all of them after they (lull be corrupted • I 
am able to recoiled their fingers, as they had them in their 
yoiitb. Certainly man is prone to blafpheme j before the 
coming of the day of Judgment , and enquireth when that 
day will be. When hisdght lliall be troubled, and the Sun 
and Moon gathered together, then (hall he fay, whether fhall 
I five? Ttfhallbefdd tohim^ thou fhalt have none other re- 
fuge but in God ; he Qiall be furprized , and all his offences 
fhall be commemorated to him, and he fhall witnefs againft 
himfelf; Speak not then in a word, if he will exaife him- 
felf, be not thou impatient ; I know all that is in his heart, I 
know what thou haft taught him ; I did reade with him, that 
read to thee the Alcoran^ and made thee to underftand it 5 
Man prefifeth himfelf to goe to his difbonor, and confidereth 
not his end , he fliall raife the head, with a countenance con- 
tent to fee God , but at the fame inftant fliali have the face 
covered with aiilidion , and fhall know , that he is in the 
height of all miferies; His foul fhall be conduded towards 
God , when it fhall be feparate from his body ; If it re- 
nounce the Law of God , it fhall goe towards the dam- 
ned , towards them that extend their armes through difpair. 
Itfhall befaid to him, God alone, whom thou wouldft not 
obey, was thy Lord and protedor. Doch man think to be 
forfaken , and that no acoompt fhall be required of his adi- 
onsr* Was not he created through our fpeciall grace, of mire, 
and of congealed blood ? Did we not create him male,and fe- 
male ? He that hath done this, cannot he revive the dead f 


The Chapter of Alan , containing thirty Verfes , Wyitte!^ at 

IN the name of God , gracious and merciful!. Man conti- 
nued a while, without having in him any thing memora- 

Bb ble; 

370 77;e Alcoran o/ M A H o M E T. Chap.76, 

~' ' '^—^  —  —  —  -.-■-■- . . ^_ ^ ^ 

ble ; We created his pofterity of his ked, mingled with that 
ot the woman ; we gave him fight and hearing , and taught 
him the way of Salvation, ^ome have embraced the faich, and 
others have been Infidels ; we have prepared for them chains, 
andbonds,to drag them into the fire of hell. The juft (liall 
See Exterh drink of wine, that fihall ill'iie out of a fair Fountain ; all the 
fervantsof God fliall drink [^thereof] and fnall caofe it to 
flow, as fhall feeme good to them. God will deliver from 
the pains of hell, fiich as fhall fatisfie their vovves, as ("hall ap- 
prehend the day of Judgment , as (liall give alms to the 
poor, to o<phans, and prifoners, without hope of thanks, or 
recompenfe, but only for the love of his divine Majefty, be- 
caufe of the fear they have of the torments of the day, grie- 
vous and irkfome to behold. God (hall rcjoyce ,' and reward 
them for their good works , he fhall open to them the gate of 
Paradife ; they fliall be cloathed with filk, repofed on (lately 
beds, and fhall not be troubled either with the heat of the 
Sun, or the cold of the Moon; they fhall be under the fiha- 
dow of the Trees of Paradife , there fhall they gather fruits, 
as they ftand , fit , and lie down ; Veflels of filver Q-sall be 
brought about them , and round Cups full of a delicious 
drink, as much as they fhall defire, mingled with ginger, that 
fluUififue out of a clear fountain, and fhall be encompaiTed 
with young pages to ferve them, who (hall refembk pohfhed 
pearls; when thou fhak behold them, thou (halt fee a grace 
that cannot be expreft ; they (liall be cloathed with purple, 
and green diining filk, and iliall have bracelets of Silver; 
God fhall give them a drink, clear and mofl pure, thefe de- 
lights fhall be the reward of their perfeverance. We have fent 
riiee the Alcoran to inftruil: the people ; attend the Judgment 
of thy Lord againft them that fcoffc , and obey not the 
wicked; Remember thou the name of God, morning and 
evening, worfliip him by night, praife him a long time ; the 
Infidels affec!^ the world, and think not on their end, neither 
the day of Judgment ; we created them, we have given them 
ftrength to walk , and if it be our pleafure , we will efta- 
blifh other perfons in their place. He that (hall defire to 


1 ^ 

^hab.yy. 77;e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 37 

follow the Law of God, fhall follow it;buc none (liall follow it, 
if itpleafehisdivineMa;efty ; he knoweth all, and is moft 
wife, he giveih his grace to whom he pleafcth, and hath pre- 
pared grievous torments for the itnjuft. 


The Chapter of them that are Sent , covtaining fiftj Verfes , 
Veritten at Mecca. 

IN the name of God, gracious and mercifull. I fwear by 
the Angels that followed C each other] thick as the hair 
of the foretop of horfes , when God fendeth them to exe- 
curehis commands; by the Angels which he iendeth to pu- 
niihthem whom he will deftroy ; by the wmds wn.chhe fen. 
deth to make the rain to fall where he lifteth ; by the Acora», 
that diftinguifhcth good from eviU ; and by the Angels that 
inlpire into men the feat of the pains of hell, and implore 
pardon of his divine Majefty , that the puniOiment promifed 
to the wicked, is infallible. Then aiall not the Stars appear 
anymore; the heaven (liall open, the Mountains Qiall walk, 
theProphets and Apoftles of God dial aflemDle, to bear 
teftiraony againft them that have defpifed their inftru- 
aions  the good, and the wicked , the believers and unbe- 
lievers Hull be feparated. I will not tell thee when this day 
fliall be, it fhall be unhappy for the wicked Have not I here- 
tofore deftroyed the impious wuh their^^ve 
not they left a pofterity , wicked as they, whom I I'kew.le 
have deftroyed ?Thus will I hereafter defttoy the Infidels, and 
mifery (hall be upon them eternally : Have we not created 
S weak feed, retained in the womb of your mother., 
untiil the time appointed.? This is a grace that we h"e ^or- 
r" d on you .- Mifery ft«ll be upon the Infidels at the day of 
Jurment. Have we not created the earih, to anemole .he 
ivrn^g and the dead .? Hav;e we no: railed the N ounta, .. 
Have we not given you freQi water to drmk? Mifcry IhaU 

^72 ^-^^ Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Chap.;;; 8. 

be upon the wicked at the day of Judgment ; It fhall be 
laid uuto them, goe into the fire of hell, which ye would 
not befieve , goe into the fmoak, divided into three parts, no- 
thing (liall free you from the heat thereof, and flight fiiall not 
deliver you from that fire ; it lliall cafl: forth black flames, 
that rhail rife higher then the higheft buildings of the earth, 
and like to large coverlets of beds, extremely black. The 
day of Judgment lliail be unhappy to Infidels: It iLall be 
faid to them, behold the day of the fcparation of the good 
from the bad ; exercife your flights, if ye can, to deliver you 
from the pains of hell ; theday of Judgment lliall be unhap- 
py to Jnhdels. The good, who fhall have l:i'ad the fear of 
God before their eves, fhall be under the fliadow of the 
trees of Paradife, nigh to delicious fountains, with all fores 
of fruits, that they fhall defire. It fhall be faid to them , eat, 
and drink at your pleafure, in reward of your good works; 
thus are the righteous rewarded. The day of Judgment fhsll 
be unhappy for Infidels. Oh ye Infidel? f IWq in the world, 
ye fhall be there fuifered fome time ; ye are wicked, but yee 
fhall be miferableat theday of Judgm.ent. The wicked deride 
them that exhort them to pray to God, they (liall be mifera- 
ble at the day of Judgment. In what will they believe, if 
they believe not in the <tAlcor\m f 


'Zhe Chapter of News , containing forty Verfes , '%'>rittcn at 

IN the name of God , gracious and mercifull. What do 
the wicked enquire of each other, touching the great ncws^ 
of which they are in different opinion ? They fliall learn it,' 
they fii d learn it; Have not I creaLed,and extended the earth ? 
have not I raifed the Mountains to cftablifh it? Have not 
^we created you, male and female f Have not we created fleep, 


Qyap.y^' Tl:e Alcoran of M au o m et. J7^ 

and the night forrepofe, and the day of kboiir ? have we 
not built over you feven heavens, and the Sun full of light? 
have we not caufed rain to defcend from the clouds , to caufe 
the earth to produce its plants^, and gardens of divers faQii- 
ons ? The day of Judgment fhall be a day of joy, and for- 
row. When the Angel (liail found the Trumpet , all the 
world rhall come in croups to univerfall Judgment; Hea- 
ven fhall open its gates, the Mountains lliall walk, and hell 
is the place prepared for the feduced , there fhall they re- 
main eternally. They {"hall finde there no reft ^ neither 
drink, but of boyling, and moft (linking water, a reward 
conformed to their works ; the Infidels believe not that they 
muft render an accompt of their adlions, and blafpheme, but 
we keep accoxnpt, and write exad y what they do. It wiH 
befaid to them at the day of Judgment, Tafte this day the 
puniQiment that ye have merited , your pains fliall be aug- 
mented , and pains upon pains. They who (lull have had 
the fear of God before their eyes, (liallbein a place of fe- 
licity , in the gardens of a moft fertile Land, enriched with 
grapes , and Pomegranats ; they (hall drink in Cups full of a- 
delicious liquor, and fhall hear no vain fpeeches, nor lying; 
fuch is the recompenfe of them that obey the Command- 
ments of God; He is Lord of the heavens and earth , none 
fhall dare to fpeak when the Spirits and Angels fhall be af- 
fembled before him, none fnall be able to fpeak or pray for 
another, without his permiflion. This day iliall be the day 
of truih ; they that ftiall be acceptable to him, ("hail retire to- 
wards his divine Makjjy. We have preached unto you, that 
the punifhment of uod fhall fpeedily come upon you ; eve- 
ry one fhall fee all that he fhall have done, and the wicked 
fliallfayat theday of Judgment, would to God that I had 
been earth and duft. 

Bbs CHAP. 

374 T?;e Alcoran o/ M A H o XI E T. Chap.yg. 


Iheiry.tter of Them that takj awaj y eontamn^r forty fix 
VfrfeSy 'Written at Mecca. ^ J J J 

Gcla'dm en- T^ the name.oF God, gracious and merciful. I fwear bv 
tituleth this, X the Angels that take away the fouls from the bodies of 

of th^X "'f '^'j li '^' ^^'l'^ ' ^y '^' ^"g^^^ ^^^^ accompany the 
t:^ ^''^' oncl^vcn 3 By the Angels that exalt the glory of 
the foul. ^^^ • ^Sy ti^e Angels that guide the fouls of the righteous 
when they goe into Paradife , and by the Angels that are 
appointed for the affairs of the world, that all people lliall 
rife again at the day of Judgment ; that day the earth Oiall 
tremble, and the hearts of men (hall tremble at the firftrme 
that the Trumpet fhall found; atthefccond, their fight (liall 
be troubled with fear, and they fiiali fay, Behold 1 wet we are 
returned upon earth, to the place whence we departed - our 
bones were rotten , and our return to the world lliall brin<^ 
upon us only mifery ; this fecond found of the Trumpet is a 
iign of the wrath of God • Then fhall they be out of their 
lepulchers, revived upon the earth. Haft thou learned th^ 
hiftory of Mofes.. md how God his Lord called him in the 
holy valley called r..', andhowhefaid, goe towards P/;^- 
roah , he is feduced from the right way, and is in a great er- 
ror ; Say unto him, I called thee to the way of Salvation I 
will punfie and guide thee into the way of the Law of (^.od 
to the end thou mayft have his fear before tliine eyes. Mofes 
made Pharoah to fee one of his great miracles , never thelefs 
he contemned A^ofes , difobeyed him, and departed from the 
right way ; he caufed his people to aflemble , and made pro- 
damation, that he was their God , but God rigoroufly cha- 
ftifedhim, becaufeofhisblafphemies; this is an example of 
his omnipotency to them that are righteous. Oh ye wicked ' 
vvere ye more difficult to create then heaven > God hath raifcd 
1; V'lr '^''"''^J and proportioned it; he hath made the 
rvight obfcure, and the day full of fpiendor, he hath ftretched 

. . forth 

I«i * > 

Chap.%0. The Alcoran of Mahomet. 3575 

forth the earth, hath made fountains to fpriwg forth, to wa- 
ter the piants,and to give drink to beads; he hath elevated and 
eftabHlhcd the Mountains for you, and for your flocks. Men 
fliall call to minde the good and the evill that they have done, 
at the fecond lound of the Trumpet, and hell fhali appear open 
before their eyes. The wicked, that have followed their own 
appetites on earth, fliall be precipitated into hell, and fuch as 
have had the fear of God before their eyes, and have fubdued 
their paflions in this world , lliall goe into Paradife. The 
wicked will ask of thee , when the day of Judgment fhalt 
be ? none knoweth it biit thy Lord : Tnou arc not fent but ta 
preach the pains of hell to them that fear that day, as if they 
faw it prefent before their eyes; they Qiall imagine that they 
have not remained in the tomb, but from evening until! 
morning, when they rife again. 


The Chapter of the Blinde, containing forty two VerfeSyWitten 
at Mecca. 

IN the name of God, gracious and merciful The Prophet 
frowned, had a furly countenance , and withdrew himfelf 
when the blinde came towards him. He will not tell thee , if 
he will believe in God, and if he willprofefs thy preaching ; 
depart thou from him that Hiall depart from the Law of God, 
thou art obliged only to preach to him, and not to make him 
to believe; but forfake not them thaclhall come to fee thee 
to be inftruded, and fliall fear God. The Alcoran is fent 
fortheinftrudionof men ; itwas copied upon, the book that 
is kept in heaven, to which honor and praileis due eternally. 
Wherefore is man impious f Is it beciufe he is created of a 
little water, retained in the womb of his mother , uncill the 
time appointed ? and becaufe he found the way to come 
forth f is it for that God caufeth him to dye , and to levivc 
when it feems good to him f He performeih not what God 

B b 4 commandecb, 

37 <$ 77;e Alc oran 0/ M a h o m e t. Chap.h. 

commandeth, neither confidcreth the good things that nou- 
rifhhuTi ; We have fen t rain, we opened the creaiures of the 
earth , we made aH forts of grain to fprin^ forth • Blites 
Ohves, Daces, Gardens, and fields fuil of fruits, ard herbs 
to nouiiai you, and yonr flocte. When the Ansel Oiall found 
the Trumpet the fecond time ; Man fliall flic his brother his 
mother, wife, and children ; every one iliail take thought for 
bimklr; that day Oiall the wicked have connccnances covered 
with afilidion ; the countenance of the good il:iall be ioyfull 
aiid fuch is have lought the way between faith and impjety' 
Ihall have the countenance covered with caich, and dull. ' ' 

CHAP. Lxxxr. , 

The chapter of Ro^mi^efs, cmaimn^ twenty nimVerres UWr- 
' ^ ten at Mecca. 

I N the Name of God, gracious and merciful. When the 
IRoundnefs ot the Sun fliail appear, the Stars fall, the 
Mountains walk, the Camel be without burden , and without 
» The A... ,^''P"J J^J";^'^ \'^^ '!"" i-^e g^'hered together, the ^ea 
bhm buried ^^ , l ^ ' ^**"'' *■""" '"'^•' bodies , the ' Daughter 
their aaugh- oem^'^a why they put her to death ; when the book of eood 
ters alive, and evill dial open , when heaven ftal! cad ofr its ornaments, 

ht°one\ fjfifr '[' 'PP'f' 'f^ P^^di^ebe opened ; then lliall 
foi f Air^.'''rr°^ '"■'' ''^' "'-' ^h« 'hey have committed. 

I fwear by tnePla.oets, by the obfcurity of night, and by the 
bnghrne.s of day , that the words of the Alcuran are the 
woraso the i>rophet, beloved of God, powerful! with his 
div.ncMaiefty J ye ought to obey h.m, he is a faithful obfervcr 
of what.!>commandrdhim,heisnotpo(reiTedof the Devill, 
as yce have miagined, he hath fcen the Angel clearly , and 
withont riddle, a«d is not perplexed for what is to come ; the 
words Of ±i: Alcoran are not the words of the Devill ; on 
whatlotv^rfide ye turn you, it is onlv for the inftrudion of 
men, andfuch among yoa, as will follow the right way, 


ChapM. The Alcoran o/"M a h o m e T. 381 

bat ye fhall have no inclination to follow it, if it pleafc God, 
the Lord of the Univerie. 


The Chapter of the openiniofHeaven^contaln'wgfeventeen Ver- 
fes^Vfritteti'at Wxccz. 

IN the name of God, gracious and merciful. The fouls fhall 
know the good and the evil that they havf done, when the 
I eavens (hall open, the ftars fall, the feas be gathered to- 
ptthrr, and the fepulchrcsbe opened. O man I what maketh 
thee fo proud, as to rife againft God, who hath created thee, 
who hath formed and proportioned thee after what manrier he 
nicafed? O ye wicked I ye will notbelieve the day of Judg- 
ment : there are Angels that obierve your aflions, arid are obe- 
dienttoGod. The juft (hall go into Paradife, andtheunjuft 
be precipitated into the fire of hell, whence they (hall never 
sctm n. 1 will not tell when the day o(- Judgment Qiail De; thac 
day none (hall be able to fuccoirr his neighbour, andUoda- 
lonc fhall command. 


The Chapter of Them that "^^eigh with falfeweial,t f^ ear. talmng 
thirty fix Verfes , written at yitcc^, 

1 N the name of God, gracious and merciful. They that 
I weigh with falfe weights, and meafure withfalfe mcadnes 
believe not to rife again, at the day when all the world ihall 
appear before God to be judged. Certainly the book vvheTein 
the fins of the wicked are written, is kept in hell. Nfifery (hall 
be upon Infidels at the dayof Judgment ; none doubteth the 
coming of this day but the wicked ; when they hear the Com- 
mandments ofGod preachcd,theyfay,thatit is but an oldiao^e, 


378 The Alcoran 0/ M A h au e t. Chap.^. 

impiety retaineth them in this error, and induceth them to a- 
bandon the Law of his divine Majefty, but they Oiallbecaft 
headlong into the flames of hell. It lliallbefaid unto them 
behold the punilliment which ye would not believe. The book 
wherein the good works of the righteou,. are written, is refer- 
yed in heaven; the Angels are witness, how thejuft (hail en- 
py the dehgnts of Paradife, they (hall (be the emenfe graces of 
God, repofed on delicious beds, their countenance fliall be co- 
vered with joy, and content ; they Oiall drink of purified wine 
moft favory, that fliall have the odour of Musk, preferved in 
bottels,that none but themfelves fhall open, anditfLallbe 
mm with the water of the fountain of Paradife, where the 
Chcrubins do drink. The Infidels deride the true believers 
that would inftrud them, neverchelefs when they return to 
their companions, they admire their dodrine, and fay, when 
they fee them, behold'the feduced, but they are not fent to be 
their tutors. The Infidels that Oiall be converted, and believe 
in the day of Jiidgment, Hiail go into Paradife, they fliall enjov 
thegraceof Ood, they iliall behold the grievous torments of 
the damned, that fliall be puniflied after their demerits, and 
Iball hnde m the other world what they have done on 
earth. ^ 


The Chapter <f the Cleft, conmnlng twenty five Verfes, Written 

at Mecca. 

]N the name of God, gracious and merciful. The day of 
Judgment iliall appear,when the heaven fliall cleave afunder 
and the eartjicaftmcn out of their fepukbres by the Com^ 
mandment of God Oman 1 thou towards death, 
andllulthndein the end the good and evill that thou flialt 
have done; he to whom fl^ail be given the book of accompt 
or his actons in the right hand, fliall be blcded, hefliailgo 
with his companions into Paradife, where he fliall enjoy eter- 

Chap^%'^. 77;e Alcoran o/^ M a h o m,e t. 579 

nail teliciry: re uo whom ihail be given the acccmptofhis 
adlons in the left hand, fliall be damned, he (liall be cail head- 
long into the hre of hell, becaufe of the unlavvfiil plealures chat 
he huh taken in the world, and for that he believed not in the 
Reftirredion ; God beholdeth all that he doth, and keepcth 
accompt. I fvv'ear by the rcdnefs that appearcth inthe/Vir, 
when the Sun fetteth, by the obrcurity of the night, and the 
brightnefs of the Moon, that yon all iliall change being and 
polture, and Qiall revive after your death. Wherefore is it that 
the wicked believe not in jGod ? why do they not humble 
themfelves when they hear the Alcoran read ? they blafphem 
againft God, but he knows all their adions ; declare to them 
that they dial be cha{tifed,and that fuch as believe in his Unity, 
and do good works, Qiali receive an infinite reward. 


The Chapter of Signs (^elefliall, cotitainlng trrenty Verfes^ Ur?/-* 
ten at Mecca. 

Ainnj tj\/[ahom€tme^ooiors intitle this the Chapter of 

IN the name of God,gracious and merciful. I fewarby heaven, 
adorned with figns.and by the day of Judgment, by the /an- 
gels and men , that they who have made pits filled with hre to 
burn the true-believers, flnall be witnefs of their own malice, 
anddiall avouch, th^tt'the iire burned themfelves, to make^thcm 
know the unity of God, and the truth of his Law. Cod is 
Omnipotent, and alwayes victorious, he is the King of 
the heavens and earth, he beholdeth all. They that tor- 
ment true- believers, and fhall not repent, iliall be damned, 
they {hall burn eternally in the fire of hell ; and fuch as (lull be- 
lieve in God, and do good works, fhall dwell in pleafant gar- 
dens, wherein flow many rivers, where they fnall for ever en- 
joy fupream filicity. The wrath of God is (Irong, he maketh 

j8o Ihe Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. QMp.^6' 

his creature^to die, and rife again when he pleafeth ; he is mer- 
ciful towards them that repent of their fins, and loveth them 
that ferve him. He hath created his throne, to which praifc is 
due eternally; he raileth up whom he lilleth , and nothing is to 
him impoflible. Haft thou heard the Hiftorv of the people 
of "Ph^roah^nd Temod? God (Lall chaftife 'in like manner 
them that fhall not believe in his Law, heknoweth them ail. 
Certainly the precious >^/f(7r^;^ is written in the book that is 
reierved in heaven. 


The Chapter of the Star, or of thh North St^r^ cont^inw^ 
fevemcen Verfes^ \\'>rittert at Mecca. '"* 

IN the name of God, gracious and merciful. I fwear by 
H eaven, and the Star that teacheth men the way. I will not 
tell thee by what ftar; by the ftar full of brightnefs- that every 
perlon hath a guardian (which obferveth the good and the 
evil that It adah J Doth not man confider of what he is crea- 
ted ? He is made of a little fprinkled, water that iffueth out of 
the body ofman and woman 5 God Oiall make him to rife a- 
gam at the day of Judgment, and noneiliall be able to proted 
or 4cknd him from the wrath of his divine Majefty. I fwear 
by heaven that returneth the rain, by the earth that opcneth ft 

cjt, and reteiveth it,to produce its fruits, that the ^Alcoran di- 
Linguiil.cfh good trom evil, and that it was not fent in vain. 
The unDdievers confpire againft the Prophet, but God Qiall 

urn their confpiracie againft them, and they (hall not know it. 
be chou patient, and awhile endure the infidels. 


Qhap.%7* ^^^ Alcoran 0/ Mahomet. 381 


The (^hafter of the High arJ Aftghtj^ containmff feventeen 

IN the name of God, gracious and merciful. Exak the 
name of thy Lord,high and mighty ,who hath proportioned 
aU that he hath created ; he ordaineth what he lifteth, and 
giiidcth into the right way them that are p!ea(ing to him ; he 
caiifeth herbs to fpring out of the earth createth them green, 
rendreth them dry, and altcreth them as to him feems good. I 
wii read to thee the J /conm ^forg^r: nothing of what thou (liak 
read, but that which God fliall will thee to forget,heknowcth 
whatfbever is kept fccrct in the world, and whafoever is made 
manifeft. I will inftrud thee in his Law 3 preach the yllcoran, 
it Qiall be profitable to him that fiiall have the fear of God be- 
fore his eyes .- fuch as fhail di^i^'^ik it, fhallbe miferable, they 
fhall be precipitated into the fire of hell, where they fhall not 
be able, either to live, or*die ; and hethit iliall embrace the 
Law of God, and fhail be mindful of his name, ilial be blelTed. 
Pray to God at the time appointed. Certainly the righteous 
fhal I be heirs of the good thin^gsof the earth, and thofe of hea- 
ven that are exceeding great, and eternall ; .this is written in 
the ancient books oiZAbraham and Mofes. 


The Chapter of the Covering, containing twentjfix VerfeSy Writ- 
ten at Mccc2l, 

Geialdin intitnleth thls^the Chapter of Judgment yhecanfe that 
day the damned fbal be covered With fire and fear. See Exteri. 

IN the name of Cod, gracious and merciful. Haft thou 
•*heard mention of the covering ? That day (hall the counte- 

^82 The Alcoran of Mahomet. Chap.^^. 

nance of the wicked be covered wi^h af^.idion, they fliall enter 
into Hre that is extreamly hot j they fhail drink of boyling wa- 
ter, they iliall eat nothing but bryers aud thorns; theylLall 
be estrcamly lean, and famine fliall not deliver them from an 
inhnite number of other miferies. That day fhall the good be 
filled with content, they (hall be recompcnfed for their la 
hours ; in Paradife. they fhall hear nothing fpoken that may 
difplcafe them ; they fhall fee fountains flow, lying upon high 
beds, they (hall drink in fair glaflfes, fixed on diaraons, upon 
pillows well difpofed, and upon pallets will adarned ; will 
not the wicked confidcr the miracle of the ihe Camel ? how it 
was created ? how heaven was elevated ? how the mountains 
were difpofed, how the earth was extended r Preach to the 
wicked the pains of hell, thou art fent to preach to them, and 
not to conftrain them, God will chaftife with his great chaftifc- 
ment him that Quail abandon his Law, and traduce the Alcoran-^ 
All men lliall be one day afiembled before his divine Majeftie, 
CO give accompt of their a^flions. 


The Chapter of the Morning, containing thirty Verfes^ \Witten 
at Mecca^ 

SetKitnbel TN the name of God , gracious and merciful!. Ifvvearby 

tcmir. Xthe Morning, by the tenth night of the moneth, by even 

Ye flial there and odd, and by the coming of night, that the wicked lliall be 

fee the e>po- ^haftifed. Is there any thing in confideration of this oath, that 

paflae^' ^^ can move men to fiy uncleannefs ? Confidereft thou not how 

God entreated Jad the Sun of Arem^ that dwelt in paviilions 

fupported by columns, fo big, that there were none like to 

them in his Countrey .? Knoweft thou not how he ufed Temcd, 

who hewed llones and rocks to inhabit the Valley ? Knoweit: 

thou not how he entreated Tkiroah, who pierced with pins the 

feet and hands of luch as he gave up to pim;iliment ? Knowcil 

thou not how he enti catted [hem that heretofore erred from 


Chap.^o, 71)6 Alcoran of M ah o u e r, 38^ 

the right way in their own Councreys, and that increaied their 
poliiicion ? he poured upon them diver? torments j he obier- 
vethall that men do; he giveth (lore of goods to them that 
he doth not try, and takerh them away from fuch as he pro- 
veth. The wicked will not give honour to Orphans^ they will 
not abftain from eating the bread of the poor ; they (lull give 
an accompt, they too much affefl riches j when the earth (lyiil 
tremble, and lliall overthrow all the buildings, when the An- 
gels lliall deicend in order, by the command of thy Lord, then 
fnall hell be open to the wicked, they fliallcali to minde what 
was preached to them in the world, and fay, whv did not I ob- 
ferve the Commandments of God during my life? theviliall 
be puniflied more then ever any hath been, and fhall be more 
ftraitly bound then ever any hath been bound. It ihalibe faid 
to the bleffed, O thou foul / that haft obferved with cou- 
rage, and without fear the Commandments of God, return to- 
thy Lord with content, enter into thefociety of the blefled, en- 
ter into Pa:radile. 


The (Chapter of the Citjy containing twenty Verfes^ ^ritti^i At 

Alanj have entituled this, the (^hapter of Night, 

7N the name of God, gracious and mercifuL Ifwearbythac 
^City which is permitted thee to conquer; I fwear by the ^^"^ ■•^' 
father and thechilde,that we created man in mifery ;-^hinketh 
he that there is none ftronger then he ? He faith, that he hath 
expended great wealth; doth he think that none hath feen what He cicclams 
he hath done ? Have w-e not given him two eyes, a tongue, two ^gainft co- 
lips/* Have we not given him to fee thew^ay of goodand of '!"^* 
evil ? he fliall be fevercly chaftifed, but I will not tell thee with ^'' ^'™''^ 
what kind of chaftifement.Wherfore doth he not deliver flaves? 
Wherefore doth he not give to eate to them that are hungry, 
to Orphans, and his kindred that are in necefficy , and to the 



384 The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Q:>ap.^i^ 

poor ? P atience and charity arc recommended among trne-be- 
liever5, they iTiall be Teaced at the right hand ; and fuch as 
impugn the Myfterles of our Law, (hail be at the left hand,thcy 
(hall be (hut up in the fire of hell. 


The Chapter of the Sun, containing fifteen Verfes , •written at 

IN the Name of God, gracious and merdfull- Ifwear by 
the Sun, and his light, h^ the Moone and her fplendour, 
by the fire, and its elevation, by the night, and itsobfcunty, 
by Heaven, and the Starres thereof, by the earth, and its 
piaines, by the creation of the foule, by the knowledge of 
vertue and vice, that he that ihall be purified from his finncs, 
fliall be moft happy, ' and that he who defileth himfelf with 
vice, fliallbe moft miferable. The people of Z'f/w^^ traduced 
their Prophet, becaufe of their obftinacy; but certainly they 
were chaftifed. The Apoftle and Prophet of God faid unto 
them. Behold the Camel of God, fuffer it to drink; they deri- 
ded him, and flew that Camel, God feverely puniflied them, he 
Ipared not his chaftifement againft them. 


The Chapter of Night, containing twenty Verfes, written at 

IN the Name of God, gracious and mercifull. I fwearby 
the obfcurity of Night, by the brightneile of Day, by the 
creactonof man and woman, that your acflions^ are very dif- 
ferent. He that fliali yeild to God the obedience that is duQ 
to hiai, and believeth in his Unity, fliall go into Paradife; and 
v^holbeverfiiallnotpraife his divine Majefty, and will not be 


chap. 9-^. Tl?e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 78 j 

converted, fhall go into hell, his riches fhall not favc him, and 
he dial! be caft headlong intaeternall flames. It is we that guide 
the people, we difpofe the beginning and end of every thing ; 
I preach to you the torments of hell, none (hall enter there, 
but the wretches that have blafphemed, and departed far from 
the way of falvation; he that hath the fear of God before his 
eyes, and giveth almes, (hall be delivered from the fire of hell, 
everyone fliali be recomperfed for what he hath done for the 
love of God : he lliall be fati^fied and contented- 


The Chapter of the Sun rifing, contaimng ten Vtrfes^ 'Written at 

TN the name of God, gracious and merciful 1. I fwear hv the Mahomet 

brightneflfe of the rifing of the Sun, and by thedarknefleof compiiins 
Nighr, chat thy Lord hath not forfaken thee. He doth not hate ^® ^^^' An- 
thee,his delay fliall be to thee advantage, and in the end rhou ?^^,^'^",'^'' 
{halt be content; Did he not well lodge thee, when thou f^^^ionohad 
wert an Orphan ? Did he not well guide thee, when thou wert refrained to 
fcduced ? Did not he enrich thee when thou wert poor ? Do viiic him. 
no injury to Orphans, devoure not thepoore, and recount 
the graces that God hath conferred on thee. 


Ths chapter of Joy , containing eight Verfes, 'Written at 

IN the name of God, gracious and mercifull. Have not I 
rejoyced thine heart ? have not we delivered. thee from the 
burden that was heavy on thy fhoulders.? wchave raifed thy 
name and reputation, afflidionis followed of content; when 
thou (halt have finlQ^d thy prayers, labour, and love thy Lord. 



586 ^^^e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e T. Chap.'^^\ 

The Chapter of the Tigged containing eight Verfes, written at 

IN ttic name of Godj gracious and merciful. I fwear by the 
Figs and Olives, by Mount Sinai, and by the fafety and 
freedom that is in thistity [[of J^frc^'J that we created man 
with proportion, afterwards we rendred him contemptible, 
except the true believers that do good works^ they iliall receive 
an infinite reward. After this, fo wicked man J whatmaketh 
thee to blafpheme againft the Faith ? is not God the ludge of 
ludges? . 


The Chapter of Bkod congealed, containing feventeen Verfes^writ* 
ten at Mecca. 

Bedaoi and Gelaklin call this the Cha^pter of Reading, 

ir^N'ftie name of God, gracious and merciful). Read the 
jL^lceran^ and begin through tlie name of God, who crea- 
ted all, who made man of a little congealed blood. Read the 
<i^lcoran^2ind exalt the glory of thy Lord, who hath inilruded 
man in the Scriptures, who taught him what he knew not*; ne- 
verthcleffe, he is in a great errour, he will not 'confide r that 
liefirall return before God. Haft thou confider'ed him that 
would have hindred one of the fervants of God to make his 
prayers ? haft thou underftood if he were in the way of falvati- 
on? haft thou feen if he blafphemed .> if he hath abandoned 
the faith ? knoweth he not that God forfaketh him > If lie 
defift not, he fhallbe dragged 1>y the haire into the fire of hell, 
with the Wicked ; he (liall quit the place where they afifemble, 
to4ifp»te againft thefaith; and the devils'jliallcaft them head- 

Chap.^7' 7?;f Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. 38? 

long into flames eternal). Difobey not the commandments of 
God, perfevere in thy prayers, worfliip God alwayes; obe- 
dience to his commandments (hall draw thee near to his di- 
vine Majefty. 


The Chapter of Glory »r Power ^ Cffntainingfive Ferfes^ written 
at Mecca. 

1 N the name of God, gracious and mercifull. We fcnt the 
^Alcoran in the night of Glory and Power, I have not taught 
thee the graces of this night of glory and ver.tue; Theprayeis 
and good works that are done that night, have more of m^ic 
and efficacy, ithen thofe that have been performed i^ a thoulajj^ 
monch?. The Angels defcended that liiight to xhe earth, th9r 
rough the permiffion of their Lord, and falute the tri^e .belie- 
vers, untill the dawning of the day. 


The Chapter of InJlrHEiion^ containing eight Verfes^ Written at 

TN the name of God, gracious and mercifull. They that 
nnderftand the Scripture, and believe in many gods, will 
not relinquifh their idolatry, untill they have heard the inftru- 
aion of the Prophet of God; he (hall read unto them a book 
clean and pure, wherein are written the precepts of the right 
way. They that know the Scripture, arc not divided,untill they 
have learned this inftrudion. It commandeth to worfhip one 
only God, to make their prayers at the time appointed, and to 
pay tithes, this is the right way. The unbeleivers that know the 
Scriptures, and adore many Gods, (hall remain eternally in the 
fire of hell, and (hall be moftmiferable. They that believe in 

Cc 2 one 

^88 The Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e t. Chap.^^. 

one God, and performe good works, (hall be moft happy, they 
{hail be recompenfed of their Lord in the garden of Edeyf, 
wherein flow many rivers, where they (hall dwell eternallyc 
God fhall be fatisfied with their obedience , and fhall give 
them his blelfingj prepared for them that fear him. 


The Chapter of the Earthquake ^ contaifi'mg eight Ferfes^ ^^rirten 
4? Medina. 

TN the name of God, gracious and mercifiill. When the 
earth fliali tremble, and fhall caft bodies out of their fepul- 
chers, man (hall demand what it will do; they fhall tell him 
news, to wit, that God hath commanded it to do fo. That day 
fhall men come out of fepulchers from divers^ places, and {hall 
fee the good and the evil that they have done ; he that hath 
committed evil, of the weight of an atome, fhall be chaftifed; 
and he that (hal have done good, of the weight of an atome, 
fhall be rewarded. 


' " ' f 

Q7ap A oo> Tl^e Alcoran of M a h o w e t. 389 


77?^ Chapter of Horfes, contaimng eleven Verfes , V^rittcn tit 
Mecca, and Medina. 

Sffffte Arabians have called this the Chapter of Retnrn, or 
of them that return, See GclaUlm. 

IN the Name of God, gracious and merciful!. I fwear by the 
Horfes , and the noyfe that they make with their feet , when 
they return to war, and by the fire which they make to arife, 
when they ftrike their feet againft ftones , that run lightly 
through jealoufie , and raife the dull in the midft of enemies, 
that man is ingratefuU for the graces of his Lord , he hrmfelf 
is witnefs of his ingratitude, and too much affedeth the riches 
of the Earth ; knowcth he not that God will make all the 
world to revive f that he will bring to light whatfoevcr is 
moftfecret in the hearts of men? and that he knoweth all 
that they have done? 


T^e Chapter of eyffflilliotf, containing eleven Verfes, ^ritt^n at 

IN the name of God, gracious and merciful. When the ex- 
treme afflidion (hall appear , I will not tell thee in what 
time this (hall be, then fhall all men be affembled , ftretched 
out , like Quiks, and the mountains fhall be like carded wool. 
Such wliofe ballance (hall be weightie with good works, (hall 
goe into Paradife ; and they whofe ballance (hall be light of 
fSod works, (hall goe into hell, they (hall goe into a fire fo 
hot, that I am not able to expreffe the heat. 

ec3 CHAP. 

^po Tl)e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m s T. ChapAoi. 


The Chapter of cy^hmd^^ce, containing eight Verfes , "bitten 
at Mecca. 

IN the Name of God, gracious and merciflill. Gertaixily 
all your care,even to the grave, is in the abundance of your 
wealth; but ye (hall hereafter learn, ye fhall hereafter learn 
the truth ; If ye had knowledg , yc would meditate on the 
torments of hdl, you (hall fee one day, that they are indubi*'" 
tabic, then {ball ye ask where is Paradife? ? ' ' ' ''^f^ 


^M Chapter of the Evening. 

^' * ofnted''"' T^ the name of God, gracidus and mercifjjl. I fwear by 
tFthe"^^- Athe hour of the Evening; that men are inclined to their de-^ 
hometans to ftrudlion, except fuch as believein God, thit do good-works, 
pray. and have in efteeme truth and perfeverance. 

criAp, criii. 

The Chapter, of Pfrjfecmiojf, cpntainjngfev^n ^^fP-\ y^'rUttn at - 


IN the name of God, gracious and mettifiifl. Mife^ i^ Up- 
on him that peritreuteth hi^ Ndghbour; pe<feci^d;on,ha*:h 
its Counter-periccutioii. He that heapeth ilgiieaft^S!,^^^^^ 
is bufied to countthem , thitiketh they 'v\rii^ma|e'itll^ 'imrtio 
tall, but they rt^aU precipitate him iri to his ttnfb'fv- 1 vvlltnot 
tell thee into what miferr, but the fire of htll'is'aM^yes klfid- 
led to burn the heart of the wicked ; they ilull be overwhel- 
med in flaraes^and bound to gr:eat pillars. 

* CHAP. 

(lya^Aoy* Tl)e Alcoran 0/ M a h o u e t. jpi 


The (Isaperef' &efhann , coyttmnmg five Ferfes , Vivittrn ^t 

IN the name oF God, g;racious and mercifiil. Confiderdft 
thou not how thy Lord entreated them that came mounted 
upon Elephants, to ruine the Temple of Mecca ^ Wa$ riot 
their confpiracie their own deftrudion ? God fent againft 
them flying troups., that threw upon them ftones , whereon 
were imprinted their names ; he made them like to corn 
fown in fields, devoured by beaits. 


The chaffer of Qpreis y containing fotire VerfeSy Written at 

TN th^ name of God , gracious and merciful 1. Corei^ had 
no humanity for them ; the people come every winter, 
and every fummer, toworfliip the God of the Temple of 
Mecca ^ which nourifheth and delivereth thena from famine 
and fear. 

CHAP. CVil. 

The Chaffer of the Law, containing fev en Verfes y Wiinen at 

TN the name of God, gracious and merclfull. Sawell: thou 
hi m that blafphemcd againft the Law ? He it is that de- 
voureth the fubftance of Orphans, and the bread of the poor : 
Mifery is upon them that are not attentive to their prayers, 
that arc hypocrites, sind hinder men to do well. 

C c 4 CHAP. 

35>x The Alcoran / M a h o m e T.^. 

CHAP, cviir. 

The Chapter of ^Affluence, containing three Verfes , -wrkten at 

JN the name of God.gracious and mcrcifull. We have gi- 
ivtn thee a great affluence of our graces. Pray to thy Lord, 
Wt up thine hands j he that hateth thee, (hall beaccurfed. 


The Chapter of Infidels , contMnm,^ fix Verfes , Written m 

TN the name of God, gracious and merciful. Oh Infidels , 
Xidolaters ! I worlh>p not what ye worftiip, and ye worfeio 
not what I worlhip; I will not worlhip that which ye wor- 
ftip, and ye will not worlliip that which I wotflim. you ob- 
lerve your Law, and I mine. f'J'" 

CHAP. ex. 

The Chapter of Protenion, contdningfouri Verfes , written M 

TN the name of God, gracious and merciful!. A Teat 
J. number of people embrace the Law of God.whenhepro- 
tedcth the True-bdievers , and giveth them viSory. Exalt 
his glory, and implore pardon of him, heismoft mercifulL 


n^ap. III. T?;e Alcoran 0/ M a h o m e r . m 

., — ^^— ^ — ^^^1 III .IIIIIJM " '  ■* !■ ■'- "' "- 


rk chapter of the Cori of TMrne .comwuig clevefiTerfes, 
Vcritten at Mecca. •*-^-^^"' 

Gelaldin entMeth thii the Chapter af Lofs. '->h3 ' 

jt'.'l5 'iODUvvjciiitv/ i ,n:5n3 v 
jNthe name of God, graciou.and macifuU. Ahlhcb^ J';-'^^^ 
Ihis hand ; God chaftifed him, his riches (halt not lave him, ^^^ ^^^^ 
he ftiall burn in eternall flames . with his wite that tarrietn ;„ f,i,i,oms 
wood upon her neck, bound with a cord of Palme. wa^ m con. 

See Bfflfiio/. 


TheChaper of Salvation, containingfcHreVerfes, V^ritteK at 


TN the name of God, gracious and merciftiU Say unto • 
1 unbelievers, God is eternall, he neither begettcth, noi is 
begotten, and hath no companion. 


r%e Chapter of Separation^ containing five Verfes. \^ritten at 

TN the name of God , gracions and •nercj.l] Say unto 
^rhem God. who hath feparated light from datKnefs , to" 
dS me &om all the eviik that he haxh "eated f.o^^^^^ 
f" darWfeTs, from them tha-t blow againft the knot ot cnc 
firing, from Soyerets, and the envious. 


35)4- 7 he. A Icoran of h\.A n q.m b n £hap.U4. 


Kellf ?*"'m k°^ ^^^ '.8"cious, and mercifull. Say unto 
-rv» i T-" ^ill beware of the temptations of the Devill and 

Mh" the mal.«eof the peopM, through the affift^ce of the Lord . 

and iving of the people. u,... ' 

20 5tiw 




- >% ■^. 




. .^X 


Prophet ofthe.I'ut]^^-.,,4nd Authj^f.iV^^ 

4 OF THE '^^ WiU»W.\\ 

AL r/O R A^I^; 4 

WjMjIL ri'^ ^hi.^ mother ^-^m^^ ^^t.h bl birth pity called 
^^^^^^^^^- W ^^l^gmt , '<?;/^^, *i*m. , ^^s tt'^ ;,^'^^ «,^;, CO 



ye^s'^c})! \' hft ' Vtm ' to'f^^^^ ;^;^' J^}><j^ the Town jf 

wholcr(ig'^of ^vtk common ^ ^^f^^^,^^^^^ 

f:,\. 11 M.t .1^1.., J A- ^-.^.^^ «,/! -i^»y,«i'\4^r/» y<«'// in i^iffrinn of havehin) to 

jjff be his 

1^6 The Life and Death of Mahomet. 

to fortune^ or dfler the harharoHi cuflome of the Arabi- 
zx^^ Mdhtmtothe limdlkc C^lercha/^ts , who exfo- 
fingMmp J^^ in the Markets ^ he rvas furghafea hy^ 
AbdcmonoplCv a n^ealthy Merchant-^ He after fome 
oliftTfuattony and experience of his wit and indujlryy 
yvfthdrevo hinfrom the common drudgery of a (lave , to 
employ htm with his »thcr fatlors in Commerce , and 
fpJtng him aft for thofe affaires^, gave him the conduB 
of his Camels into Syn2L^ iEgypt, Pcrfia , and elfe- 
liMreJ By which^in.aP^ort time, he became fo expert. 
in his Trade^ that as he encreafed the wealth and pro- 
fit cf his Mafer, fo he gained, hu good will , and ajfe^ 

At that time Hcraclins being Emperor of the Eajl, 
andthefeamlefs coat of the Church torn by variety of 
Se5fs^ and Herefiesy the BiOwps and Governors in Con- 
ftantinople iujlly fearing divine vengeance , by rea- 
fon of ^^'f Neftorian herefie ^ which with that of the 
Monbtheli' d , began dfrefh to infcB their Glergie, de^ 
liberated on fome Ecclefiajlical cenfure againfl them : 
When Scrgius a Monke^ and Se^arie of ]<\cRoYiuSy. con- 
fciom of his crror^ and dreading the fnwfhment , fled 
fecretlyinto Arabia, and found retreat and entertain- 
ment wit h Ahdtmonoplc , the majler (?/ Mahomet, 
where finding flender hopes of propagating his infe^i ir- 
ous J] erefte {the family being Pagans) andlefs ofover^ 
throwing his oppofites in BeUgtons^ hertfolnjed to fake 
xevenge'on Chriflianity it felf y and to that efe^ih- , 
gdritoprd^ife on Mahomet ^ as^ SubjeSt prepared to 
receive the imprefton of his deftgn. 

In the meanetime , Abdem.onople dyed , his riches 
, ktmiauiinunted through the car^ and induftrie of M^- 

The Life and Death of M a ho \i e t. i^^)-^ 

hotPiCC, who havirig before jnfinuated into the favor 
of his Uteris AijfTj, h-j ^refcnts of ran tc)Cs , j roc red 
/>; /y is Travels, bj ther/i^ or through S or cnj ( 
he was held gialti ydnd Lhoareth to pur'^e h/f^?felf .'?? his 
Alcoran) fo charmed her affecfion^ that of her fluv-c^ he 
was advanced to be Lord both of htr fe> ^o.7-i<xn i fortuiics . 

Beingihiis grown opiiUnt^ he fomet:me co/nwned his 
trade, but then willrngte take eajc^ a^s he had, dtinvg 
his voyages through jever^ll Cour/tr/es^ been a Seeker^ 
and tnquifitive concerning the diver fit j of Religions 
•profeffed through the umverfe , fo now ( though ir- 
refolnte which to follow) he remedied all, as vain , and 
fooli^i y except ^'udaifme and Chrt(lian:t:e , and ap- 
vroving the latter as the bejl , accordingly fiMmed his 
 '^/^5 affuming a (pecious forme of Sjnciimony , which- 
bred admiratton in them that confidered his former 
education^ and gave him a^ repute above his expe5fation. 
But this haft) fr-uit was foon corrupted , and w/th thr 
touch of K^mb'tton ( /. ke the A f pies of Sodomc) foon 
vanijled tntoftwke and flthinefs . 

For S^rgius  as fubtile ^ as malicious , obferving 
his di^ofttton ^ and with all ^ after fome d/fcourfe concer- 
ning the two Religions, of both which he found him ex- 
celtently ignorant , feeing it no difficulty to d flill inta 
him the pojfon of his Here fie , eafily perfwadcd h m^ 
*That lefm Chrift was hut man fimplj^ that for the me- 
rit of his vertues he was held as Deified : that the fnf- 
ferings of his death were but humane inventions •, that 
he was tranjported from this Ife to an immortall , and 
glorious , by another way then that of Death : That 
there is hut one Godwin one Terfon.-^ fothat the Faith 
of the Chrifiims is vain, arki invented^ and th^tt of the 


■■^ : —    

5^8 The Life and Death of Mahomet. 

Jews too loofe , and leariy through their own ohfitna,* 

cy. That the Ktdhbins being a mil and ignorant peo- 

fie 3 inclining neither to the one nor the other^ hut all 

( as many as had been touched with the fame of his new 

fan^ity ) admiring his ferfeciions •, The Jews and 

Chriftians being Itkewife enemies to each other ^ and the 

Chriftians at variance amongthemfelves -^ He might 

in that \unBure of affaires ^ afjume the title of a Pro- 

fhet fentfrom God^ to difabufe the one , and the other ^ 

and five the world by another Law, This Counfell of 

Scrgius took the defired effetf , and Mahomcts 

thoughts y before enflamed with his new-gotten wealthy 

and fame ^ now entertained more ardent de fires of being 

eflecmedaFrofhet^ looking uf on all other attributes of 

Religion y andfanBity^ as vile and abje5i. 

To this effeii^ on a fndden he retires to a foUtary Cave^ 
not far dtflant from Mecca, while Strums f roc I aimed 
the vain perfeCiions of his life , and filed the ears of 
the people with the noife of his defervings. The terme 
of two years expired^ Mahomtc agam appears jo the 
world , and as tf newly returned from the Oracles of 
Heaven^ flileth himfdf a Prophet fent from Cod , who 
willing through his mercy , to withdra^v him from that 
precipice of his ever Lifting ruine^ andadmomjh him of 
his error , affl cfed his body with the falling-fickntfs^ 
which Mahomet^ mjiead af repentiTig y ^made an ad- 
vantage to premove his wtcktd defign.. For his wife 
lamenting to fee herfelfe yoaked to one fo dfeafed^ and 
tormented wnh an hideous infrmrtyt he excufed it,^ and 
eafily wrought in her a belie fe , that being conflraimd 
frcijucntly to converfe with the Angel Gabriel , his 
■fraile body^ unable to abide the, fpiendor of his heavenly 


 '  n - r 

The Life and Death of M a h o m e t. 399 

fnfeme, fell into that diftemfer.and at the departure ef 
tht Divine Amhagader , recovered its former cerJjtt- 
on. Jik wrfe believwg thii.wof not wMtinx to divulge 
the rare aitdities of her htuhand , hts admtrMe fan. 
iiity, md frequent converfe with the Angel , whuh 
gained him the efteeme of a Prophet m his own hoiiji', and 
reverence among his Neighbours. 

That this Infant-repute of his Holwejs might be the 
better ftren^thned , MahcmKt thought tt recfutfue to 
frmttl'^atefome Chapters vf hk Alcoran {a^sa Re- 
menfirance of his Commifion ) which as hejawoaa- 
r,on he jhaped C though tll-favoitredl^) tohu defignes, 
\ivfnZOt(tthathenceivtdtkmfrom the Angel G^- 
brid , •«? the Com fell md ^■recefts of God , who jor 
that he had not fivednwn, .either hy the Law of Uoics, 
t-he Pfalmes of David , or the Go(^el of Jefus Chriit, 
did novo worn-, ft theminfallihk Salvation hy the means 
ef fhe k\cotm .whtoh ihoug4j rudely J f awrmgi^ 
contrived , tts comf lying with phe loofe humor tf ^ 
Arabians , en]oynmg nothing firia or burthenjme, 
but knvtng nlltolthertfs nsthe folemms tc aJlj^re 
.them to a Mief of tt, mductdfrf the PMs andd- 
. ties of his wife , 'theniltemori t^rmt andmmerjcr.t 
■^ embrace it, md efiteme Mahomet ^ the LfHejje^g^ 
 of God fent to gutde them into et email febcity, and the 
imoymint of .Paradife , whtch the eafier to e^are 

them, hefJned-to^k W/«^/;Yf " .^.'^"r, 
dcrfenfe and afl^tifullfrmtion ofthofe delights, thit 
mtiofe more barren and defert pms of AraDia they ex- 

Havinz thits drawn to his devotion.a mmerom.flmgh 
vulgar fity^fthepeople, ^hotn^^ptmonof ks Propke-^ 

400 TheLife and Death of M a h o m e T. 

ticall FuTii^ion ivere-from^H to his obedience-^ bethought 
it altogether as eafie to obtain a Kingdom^ as he had 
found it not difficult to attain to the title of a Prophet -^ 
and to effect this^ having before^ under pretence of Re for ^ 
matron of Religion gained many followers, while more 
food as lookers on^ not at 4II regardir/g that Decoy •, he 
refolved to yoak to it that other concomitant in Popular 
diffurbances, liberty, proclaiming it to be the tv/llofGod^ 
4hat all men jhould enjoy it ^ and that the Edicl^ rnirrht be 
fir ft obeyed in his own family y enfranchised his Slave, 
called Zddi. 

This baite, as it inhaimced his fame, fo it added to his 
retinue i^ far as multitudes^ affe^ing novelty^ and a mu- 
tation of condition, daily added themfelves te his party ^^ 
fo /laves from all parts of Arabia forfook their Majiers, 
and fled to him as their Redeemer ^and embraced his Larv^ 
as the means of their fa Iv at ion, Theje through a fond 
conceit of his piety, ready to facrifice their lives at his 
command, he divided into troops^ andfent to rob the Ca- 
ravans of CM arch ants that travelled through the dc- 
farts •, and by this means, having added to his treasure by 
fpoil i, and his retinue daily encreaftng by a rnultttude of 
Fugitives and Vagabonds^ who by reafon of this liberty, 
to a5i: any ^illanny^ reforted to him -^ he at length took 
up thoughts of imploymg them in the confirmation of his 
Law^ )vhich he knew to be the ready way to his eflablifh- 
mcpty in that power to which he afpired. 

To this purpofe, he marcheth with his troups towards 
Medina ( the place of his Birth and Buriall ) to preach in 
a Synagogue offew^ there inhabiting, Thefe lefs ftupid 
then the Arabians, could not endure his tmpoftures, and 
infleed of bebeving,didjMndjomh.keath^^^ 

V his 

The Life and Death of M a h o m e r. 401 

his train from thet^rvn. This repulfe rather irritating 
then terrifying him, h£ drew all his force into the feldy 
andaffailed the Jews in two feverali confli^s • in one 
of which ^ hy a wound en the face with afwcrd^ that broke 
out his fore teeth : He ftgned the Articles of his Law 
with his bloody and continued a long time as dead in a 
ditch '^ hut being ref cued hy his Slaves^ andrecoveredof 
. his wound^ he again fought and vanquifhed them^ and 
converted their Synagogue into a Tcmfle^ for his own 

The fame of his exploits increafing^with the number of 
his Sectaries {to whomfome Princes y and eminent perfins 
of the Country began to cncline, giving him their daugh- 
ters in maridge) awakned the Nobles t^/Mecca, particu- 
larly the family of Core is, who wifely judging a new 
form of Religion^ propagated b) a new wa), force of arms ^ 
mufl inevitably introduce a new Government , of which 
Mahomet , of bafe and obfcure beginnings weald be 
chiefs as the Author, oppofed themf elves to his deftgns, 
expelled all fuch as feemed to fav^onr him out of the 
^Ctty, and fever all times gave him bait ell % in which he 
fe valiantly deported himfelf, that though he was fome- 
timesputto the worft, yet he more often prevailed • and 
giving freedom to fuch prifoners as would embarce his 
Law , encorporated them into his Arm) , flte;-?gthning 
himfelf^ and weakmng his enemies. Being mfine a cvm- 
pleat Conqueror in the field • he ajjaulted the City of 
Mecca, took it, and after feme JIaughter of the Nobi- 
lity, his enemies , proclaimed impu7i:tj to all thrJ would 
A£knowledg him a Prophet of Cod , by whcfc favor , as 
he affirmed) and appointment^ not by his own valour^ he 
had attained to that honor. After this proclamation^ 

B d mAny 

402 The Life and Death of Mahomet. 

manj for fearej f re fem danger , and apprchenfion of 
future bondage ., more out of ignorance^ embraced his 
beVcf , and he enjoyed the njain felicity , to fee 
htmfdfe Generall cf an Army , Lord of a vafl Cojf^n- 
try 5 and to be efleemedj and reverenced as a Fro- 

K^bottt that time Heraclius the Emperor , di^pofing 

himfdf rather to improve the Herefie of the Mono- 

thtlites 5 then to defend the Confines of the Empire^ 

not only permitted Mahomet to domineere in Arabia, 

but gave advantage to Cofroes the PcvC^ao King^ to 

invade his dominions : but at length awakened by the 

aUrmes of fo put fj ant an Enemy , levied a flrong Ar- 

^h ^^dfummoned the ^ Saracens { a people fo called 

nifiesin'^' from their inhabiting the Vefart ) to his a(?i [lance. The 

their tongue Perfiaii vanquifl^ed.^ and the Saracens expeEitng the 

aDefart^andy^^^^^-^ ^j ^^^^^ labor s , and With fome importunity de- 

habit. manding ity were anfvered^ that the Emperor had net 

Stt sa'^dshls ji^jr^^^^^f Treafure to pay the Chviitian Troops , a-nd 
therefore t ho fe Heathen Dogs mufl attend the convent^ 
ency of their Prince. Inccnfed by this contempt , they 
retired \, and marched by the way of h^nck , where 
fndmg Mahomet bufie to enlarge his Power • he ag- 
gravated their difcontents , affirming it to be the will 
of God 3 that all men fhould enjoy their Liberty , that 
God w as ojf ended at their op fref ions ^ andw/lled them 
to oppofe the tyranny or the Chriftians, and that who- 
foever dyed in that holy Warre , his fo I fhould be in- 
fant ly tranfported to Paradife. Thefe motives raifed 
them to a resolution of making defe^ien -^ fo that they 
^ eleBcd Mahomet their Generally who incontinently 4^' 
f rived the Emperor Heraclius''*^/ his Tribute , am- his 


The Life and Death of M a h o m e t. 402 

officers irvho were Jlain in demanding h\ of their lives. 
After this act^ the whole Province^ %v:th that of Egypt, 
revolted , and the people generally efieeming the fnc- 
ceff of Mahomcts armes C which he was diligent to 
ernploj) as afure te^imon) of the goodaefs of his Catife^ 
embraced his Religion. 

He radius having neglected to fir angle this rebellion 
in its birth , en^cavourtd to extinguifh it , being now 
growne to confidtrable Jlrength • and to that end fent an 
Armj under the condiiEi of Theodofius his Favorite 5 
his Army was twice overthrown , the G ener all jlain y and 
the Mahometans purfuing their victories^ took from 
the Greeks , the Countries of Egypt, Syria, and other 
Provinces of Affrica , where Mi hornet encreafed his 
Triumphs and erected his Trophies. 

B eing now grown impotent ^ rather through his inor- 
dinateltfe^ then burthen of years, he retired full of glo- 
ry ,^ as a King and Prophet , to Mecca, where he refolved 
to end his dayes , having affirmed it in the Alcoran 
to he the mofi holy CHj of the world : as that where- 
in (lo&d the Temple ^/Abraham, built miraculoujiy 
by Angels 5 to be the Sanctuary of all that repair thi- 
ther in Pilgrimage, And therefore it was, that when 
he had by his Armies taken the City of Antioch , he 
durfinot enter into it in ferfon^ lefl by the delight full 
and fertile fcituation of it , he jlould have heen enticed 
todefert Mecca , and contradict his own Prophecie. 
fits ii^e now drawing to a period,, a Flurifie fiirprized 
him-^ On the feventh day , for Crifis of his difeafe, he 
became fr ant /que. Haly, one ofhisfucceffors, afonilht 
at his dtflcmper andfrenz>ie^ not efieeming it one of the 
rare qualities of a Prophet, and Redeemer {as he fitted 

D d z himfelf) 


404 The Life and Death of Mahomet. 

himfelfe ) offo much people^ derided him^ 'jet willing to 
continue his Law , that he might inherit his Power, 
carefully conceded it^ and according to his commands 
[yet living ) watched his body after his deceafe. For he 
told his followers that he (hould rife again the third day, 
and afcendto Heaven, They ohfervedth^s^ and guard- 
ing his Corps fotir days entire, with impatient expeBa- 
tton of his RefurreCiion^ were at length compelled, h) rea.- 
fon of its putrtfa^fton 5 to take him up^ and bury him at 
Medina , where his Rcliques areannuall) vifitedby the 
fuperfitioHS Pilgrims of his Religion. 

Thu4 Mahomet, the Prophet of the Turks , and Au- 
thor of the Alcoran , d'^ed on the twelfe day of the 
Moneth"^ K^hc^y in the great c.l/matencall year of his 
Age^ having abufed men with his horrtblc impojlures^ 
full 23. years , dwelling in the efleem of a Prophet-^ 
ten at Mecca, and thirteen at Medina. Bis coming was 
fome years after the year of our Saviour 600 . W^xd^- 
cVius being Emperor at- Conftantinople, SidinionBi' 
Jljop of Kome ^ Clotaire King ^/France , Vitedc of 
Spain, and Edbald of England. He was offlature not 
tall^hrgefinnewSj brown colour ^ and broad face ^ his 
head dispri)pvrt!onedto his Body : yet may we well ima- 
gine the beauty of his body tofnrpajjethat of his minde, 
which was full of deceit ^vicious ^and cruelf never fearing 
anything to advance his lujl { in which he equalled him- 
felf to forty men) or to procure his revenge. He was {oi 
himfelf con feffcd) altogether i It iter ate, and though by na- 
ture fubtile^ and quick-witted^ yet often fu fled for thein> 
vent ion of delufive Miracles , to confirm the Arabians 
in their Belief, For he continually preached to them ^t hat 
Godhadfcnt him to confirm his Law by force of Armes^ 


The Life and Death of M a h o m e r. 405 

and not by Miracles , yet the people hflamlj demanding 
thewy ^sftgns of his Mipon , he jvas conjir/tined firjl to 
tell them of a certain vof:ige to Heaven , whtch was 
brief) thus. The Angel Gabriel, rvtth three fc ore and 
ten fair of wings ^ carne to him by night , as he was in 
bed with his w/fe Ai jiTa, told him God had fent for hirn^ 
he ts^^oing down With this Angela found at his doore ar^ 
Heterogeneous Beafl^ called Elborach, half A([e^ half 
Miile^ but much fvifter then either : [for it would gee as 
far at one (lep as the rnc^jl quick- fghtcd could fee ) this 
Beafly or believer of the Alcoran, would not let Maho- 
met mount him^ unlefs he would frflfromife to pray for 
him 5 which the charitable Prophet did^ and was in the 
twinckling of an eye brought by him to Jerufalem , 
where the ^//^r/ Gabriel tyed the Beafl with his girdle 
to a rock^ and taking Mahomet on his pouldcrs, cjirrt- 
ed htm to Heaven- gate. They knocked ^ and the Portrr 
under (landing Mahomet to be there , inflantly opened^ 
and bade him welcome •, In this firfl Heaven he Jaw An- 
gels^ of divers and monflrous foapes 5 fome compofed of 
fre andfnoWy others of fre alone^ every of them dvcr- 
ly floapcd • among therefl^ one with the head of a Cock^ 
whofe feet touched one Heaven, and head another ( each 
Heaven being difl ant from the other ^ a voyoge of fve 
hundred years^ and when he crowes {which ^ his Lm* 
guage) he moves the Cocks of the Earth to crow : 7his 
Angel recommcnd»:d htm to another > he to -a third , and - 
fo one to another^ untill he came to the Heaven , where 
God kept his refdeme, God curt ecu fly received him ^ 
asked him how his people did .^ how they entertained his 
Law , and familiarly laid his hand upon his fboulder , 
which was fo cold, that tt pierced to the marrow ef hts 

D d ^ back- 

""^ ' ' "-"^^—-—-~—— —————— - I - . 

406 The Life and Death of M a h o m e t. 

hack- hone. God had foo» dene with him^onh teltm? him 
how often hts people (hould make their praters , which 
were fo many , that at he was returning, tn the fourth 
Heaven, hioks advt fed hm togoebackto God, and 
entreat him that fewer prayers might ferve his turn , for 
hts people were net able to make (0 many, which he dtd. 
And after many returns, brought the number to five. 
This done, ne went back to his Elborach , which in a 
moment brought hm to his houfetn Mecca , where he 
m'4to bed again to his wife, jhemt once dreaming her 
husband would have Heaven for her company, or 
thinking he had been there; all this he performed in the 
tenth part of anight. The Turks at this day fondly be- 
lieve this as a truth^ but the Arabians of his time re- 
quiring him to do as much m their view, he {umvillmz 
to take again fo long a journey i replyed, Praifedbe Cod, I 
am man, arJ an Apofile. He had other flights, which 
m fight of the people, by Art or Sorcery, he performed, and 
they fhipJly believed, and entertained as miracles : as 
aPigecn being by him taught to come and pick a Peafe out 
of hts ear, he told them it was the Holy Ghofl that came to 
tel him what God would have him do -, fo an Ox brought 
him a Chapter of the Alcoran upon his horns , in a full af- 
femoly He likewife per fwaded them, that being at din- 
ner at the hmife of one that pretended to be his friend (who 
had an intent to pojfon htm, or he at leaf was fo mfor- 
med)aJhould,r of mutton fcrvcd in to the Table, forewar- 
ned km that he IhoM not eat efit ; and thoiU many 
were prefnt, none but he heard or underflood the lan^uJe 
of themmon,^ yet he permitted one of his dcarefl frterfds 
toeateotit,anddieimpoyfoned. Such, and many of the 
li>:e nature were his miracles .- As the bowing of trees, 


The Life and Death of M a h o m e t. 407 

(biikc;'^ h'j feme fudden gu/l of windc • the howli?ig of 
Wol'vcs^md braying of A([eSjrvhich is their language, de- 
firing Mahomet to -pray for them-^ and he Prop ettcallj 
under (landings as religioufl) performed. Bis cufiom was 
oftento inculcate into the ears of his Audit or s^ that God 
gave htm commiJ?ion to fulfil his own defres in all thirjgs\^ 
and to that purfofe introduceth God [peak :ng tohtry:. To 
thec^ O Prophet I It ts permitted toljervith all women 
that are giwen thcCy or thoudojl pur chef e, th) Aunts and 
kindred^ and all good wemen that freely defire thj com- 
pany ^ and this ts lawfnll for thee alone. Htsiffne was one 
only Son^ called Caflim, who died before h:m, and many 
daughters •, Fatione the eldtji ( in high efleem at this day 
among the Arabians, and honoured a6 the rojall root of 
Aben Alabecy'jt'/^ wife to Haly. Zdncbthefccond,was 
m.^rriedto Ofmen, after [onto M^huwhs, and perhaps to 
both fnccefjively/or they both fucceeded in the Empire of 
Arabla;^t? her u attributed the original of the other family 
^/Aben Hiimeia. Imiaukim ^W Naphiffe^r^ diver (ly 
mentioned by the mo f faithful Htfloriansfome delivering 
them as his daughters^ others as his near kindred. On the 
Seahvhichheufed,were engraven thefe words jM3.hoa\Qlj 
Meflenger of God. Heaven ordained him to be afco^irge 
for the punishment of Chrifttans, who in multitudes at 
that time had forfaken the truth ^ to follow the SeBs and 
tierefies ^/ f/'^ Arrians, Donatifts, Neftorians^^W^- 
thers. The day of his death was no lefs prodigmfs^ then the 
course of his life^ a Comet, refembling ajrvord^ appearing 
at high noon, pointing frcm South to ISIorth, when it was 
behdd the fpace of thirty dayes^ which that age interpre- 
ted to portend the fat all nfing and fpendor ofthekxd.-^ 
bian Empire, 



A needfull Caveat or Admonition 

for them who defire to know what ufe 

may be made of, or if chcrc be danger in 
reading the Alcoran, by AlexAndcr Rofs. 

lod Reader^ the great Arabian Impofior tjotv at 
L^ft after a thoffj and y ears ^i^ hy the tvay <7/Francc 
Arrived tn cngland,(^ hii K\cox2^ti,or galUmatifrj 
^f Errors^ a Brat a/i deformed as the Parent^ and 
^ . _^ _ _ as f till of htrejies^ as hufcald head was of fcurffe) 
hath learned toipeah^rA\g\\[h, J fufpofe this piece is expofedhj 
the Tranflator to the publickjview^ no otherwije thenfome Mon- 
jler hroHght out of hinz^, for people togax^e, not to dote upon ; 
and as the fight of a Monfler or mifljapeH creature pjottld induce 
the beholder to praife God^ ^ho hath not made himfuch ; fo fljould 
the reading of thi4 Alcoran excite m both to blefs Gods goodnefs 
towards tis in this Land^who enjoy the gloriofu light of the Gofpel, 
and behold the truth in the beauty of ho line fs-^ asalfo to admire 
Cods Jj^dgments, Vchofujfersjo many Countreys to be blinded and 
in (laved rvith this mifiapen iffue of Mahomets brain^ being 
brought forth by the help ofn<^ other Midmfry then of a Jew and 
A '^ciXoxxm ^making ufe of a tame Fige9n(iihich he had taught to 
pick^corn out qf hts JEars) irtfiead ff the holy Qh&fi, and cauftng 
fiHy people to believe, that in hidi falling' ficknefs (to "^hichh Wa^ 
muchfub}^^) he Mce^fp'r^ewith th Angel Q3.hx'\d. 

I k^now tkpMiJhitigjsfi^h^^^t^^^^} h tofomedanteroHs 
mifcmdalQW^dangirQas tO' the. Readier, fcandalow to the higher 

E e powers. 

finpersy who nftwithfiandittg h^ve cleared themfelves by Jlfilkj»g 
the fnblljhing, and ejueflUning the pubiifiers thereof; b fit for 
the dangeTyl ^ill deliver in thefe enfmng Propojitions my ofiniottg 
yet -Pith fubmiJfionto^ifer]Hdgm9nts, 

t. Though it may be dangerons to fnch M liks ^^fdes are 
fhaken^and like empty clonds carried aboHt with every winde of 
doSirin^yet toflaid and f olid Chri/liansy the reading of M^homcts 
Herefies will be ne more danger 9tis^ then the reading of thofe er- 
rors )^'>hich are recorded in Scripture^ fur in them are mentioned 
many damnable errors and abominations of the Egyptians, Cana- 
nitcs,Hittites, Sidanians, and other Gcntiks^andofthe Hebrews 
themfelves, of the Sadduces \V^<? denied Spirits, Angels, and the 

2. // there more danger in reading the A\cQT2in,then in reading 
the Errors of ancient and modern Hereticksffurely TertuI ian>. 
Ireneus, Epiphanius, Auftin, and other Fathers were not 4ffthisy 
opinion jwho have lift upon record to pojlerity^thtdamnableherefies 
tf/ Arians,Eutychians,Neflorians,Matedonians,<«W others : and . 
in the Alcoran there are not fuch danger^fu-s errors as among the 
Tetratheicesy Angtflitcs, ^»^ fhcodofians, who held there ^'ere 
four Cjods.or the Tritheites, who affirmed there were three, or the 
Gnofticks, Manicheans, Cerdonians, U^tQiomits^'iX'homain* 
tained there were two contrary godsy the one good, the other bady 
whereas the Alcoran fets down thert is but one trueGod ; and aU 
though it deniethVi>ithAni\9, the Divinity of (^hrif^^ jet it holds 
him a great "Prophet; nor doth itfpeak^fo blafphemoufly ofChrij^ 
AS the SimonidSis^- who held Smon Magus, ^ f/?^ Ophites, W 
Manichcans,^^<?y^/^^f/7/f Serpent was Chrifl^or Menander, \>cho 
affirmed himfe/f to be ChriJ^^andthe Saviour of the world, 'Be* 
fides ;ar€ not the damnable Herefies of the modern Familifts, wAd 
deny Chrifis divinity ^ making as many Chrijls as there ^e illw 
minated Elders intbeir Con^egations f are not alfo the Herefies 
oftheSoQm^ns^ Anritrinitarians, Adamites, Servecians, Anti- 
fabbatarians, and many ethers txpofedto the vie^ efalfthat w$M . 
readthem? why then may net theKkotmf "Befides^ ttrtmendt^' 
kArredfrom reading the Greek and Latinc Voets ? nay, are net 
many efthem tranflatedinp^ ^r Englifh tengne? as alfo the me^ 


dern Hifioriesoftjhe EafiandlVefi Indits^wherein are more dam- 
nuble tenets then any in the Alcoran, ^nd they who h^i^e read the 
JewiQi Tilinud,4wi Cabala, willf'/tde them as ridicnloH^ pieces 
as the ^Icoran. 

3 If there were any lovelinefs^ beauty ^ excellency^ t>r any thing 
elf e in the Alcoran that might Wintheminde, anddrd^ theuf" 
feSlion after it^ I Jhould hold the reading ef it d^ngerons^ but 
W' ere AS it i4 fuch a mijha^en and deformed piece, J thinkjhe »'f*«- 
ding of it will confirm us in the truths and caufe hs love the Scrip* 
turefo m*'fch the more, for as a beaut if nil body i^ never more love- 
ly then when (he is placed neer a Black: More^ neither ts truth 
more amiable then )X>hen it ts befet With Errors. (3ppo(ica uxta fe 
pofita clarius clucefcunc, the Gem receives lufirefrom thefoile, 
the fiars from the night ^c^ fire is moflfcorchi-ng in Frofl^evtnfo by 
an ^ntiperifiajts truth is fortified by error Who can thinkjhat the 
fight of a Hob Goblin, or deformed viz^ird fhonld dr aw the childe 
from the Nurfe or breft of the Mother to embrace ity Whereas the 
fight thereof will rather eaufe the child hold fafler by the mother, 
TheWifeSpitl^ns oft-times brought drunkjrds into the room* 
where their fons Were, not that they pjonld be induced thereby to 
love^ but to abhor drunkennefs, Vfhich they could not have done, 
had they not ften the unfeemly and rude carriage^ the undecent be- 
haviofir^ and Hucompofed geflures of the drunkard. When Zifca 
haddefiroyedthe \ddim\is of Bohtmn^he pre ferved two alive that 
they might reveal tc the World the Wicked errors of that Se^.JVho 
isfomAdastoprefer the embracements of a filthy Baboon, to his 
beauti'nll Miflrefs^ or the braying of an t^fs to a (^onfort of 
Muftck^f he deferves the ears (j/V-idas th^t will prefer the 
Cuckoes fongto the fWeet notes of the nightingale. 

4. Though the Alcoran be received among many Nations. yet 
this reception proceeds not from any love they bear to it^or any love- 
line fs they fiade h it, but partly out of fear y being fort ed by the 
Sword, partly out of a prepofterous defire of liberty and preferment, 
and partly out of ignorance, as not being fuffered to read the Scrip- 
tures nor to hear Philcfophy, by Which the errors thereof may be 
detcBed, nor to enejuire into the abfurdities there of ^ ortodifpiite 
dnd (^ueflioti any thmg in it ifor Which caufi alfo it is nctfifeited 

Ee 2 - to 

to be Trintedy nor are Qhrifiians permitted to enter Into Mecca, 
leafi their abfurdities and impieties of their Religion fhould he 
manifefted^ and thus are thofe jilly fouls kept in hlindnefs and ig- 
norance^ and therefore I never read that any Nation did volttnik' 
rilj receive the :\\coxin except the theevifi STitSiCQm of Av;xbh, 
becarsfe it '^\ts a friend both to their theeverj and lechery ^ as 
-permitting multiplicity of Wives and Cpncabins^ and a reward 
for thofe that fJjallmnrther androb. 

5. The Alcoran is tranflated into Vt^nih and other vulgar 
Tonoues^and the chief heads thereof by Purchas/>? his Pilgrimape, 
by Hcklin in his Geography, and by others into our own tongue 
"^i^ithoutfcrnple or exception ; and I pruyyou^ ^X'hy is the Arabick 
tonqtie^ the language of thatfilfe T^rophety and in ^:hich he writ 
his Alcoran,/^ much learned and taught in Schools and Chrlflian 
Vniverfities^ but that by it, we may come to the knowledg of Jyla- 
homcts Laws and Religion ? and ho'^^ Jhould we know this If it le 
horn in D3.h\c\ that fpake high and proud things againjl the Al* 
might j^ if^re read not his Ife anddoBrine f 

6. There is a kjnde of necejfity We /IjouldknoW^ evil as Vcel as 
good^filfhoodas well as trutby that W'e may avoid the one^ and fo 
much more love the other ; he that hathfmellcdaftinking weede 
willfmell with more delight thefweet Rofe, he that reades the h\^ 
conn'^lUfinde it fmell>>Porfe then }^^\\QmQ.X.scarkafsdid. which 
after his death lay putrifying upon the ground^ which his difciples 
permitted for many dayes together , hoping he would have been as 
good as his word, who made them apromife that he Would rife a^ 
gain the third day ; bpit at laft finding he had forgot himfelf, and 
that his body fmelled not fo fweet as Alexanders did after his 
death i they were forced to httry it^ or otherwayes the dags Who were 
beginning to bury him in their guts had faved them a labour ^i 
though S tiger befWeet in it f elf yet it is much more fweet to him 
that hath tafled (*y4loeSy and though Italy in it f elf be a delicious 
Countreyy and garden of the World, yet it is much more delightful^ 
f leafant^ and beautifully t<^ him Wh» hath pajfed over the mount a- 
nousy craggy y And rugged Alpes : ^D id not the Trodigal love the 
bread of his fathers houfe evermore the better after he had been 
fedonhnsk^ Withfwinef doubtlefs We fhallfinde, that after We 


havefeda^hlleitpo»theco»rfehi«kj of the Alcoran, mrh the 
Ar»bian/W»f, nv M with mKch more eagemefs covet 4ter the 
rle»ty of our Fathers ho,ife, exhibited to t^s in hr< Word, y^'here Vfe 
jhallfirJe the hidden O^Lnna, the bread of Life, th^tc^eacwH. 

fromhedvert. . i- • m v#/7 / •« 7\r 

7. Boek<offamj(rj,PhyJ!og»omj.j»d,cmll4Moi>f>^'^- 
cromann, arid other fuperftitwus andimfiom Arts hnve bee^fer- 
mtted to come Aroad, that men might Jee the vamtj of rhofe 
Arts the h'^very and ^^ichdnefs of the Art.Jfs, rhefcohjUefs of 
credlhtis people, r.ho fi'ffer themfelves to kedaMy thm, 
and the mdtceof Satan the arch enemy of m.^nkinde, Whoje de 
liaht ts to ahufe, delHde, and deftroy men: r^hy then may not the 
Aotia be read,.that men may fee thevanity,mptety, and foe 
lijhnefs of it, hj which theV.'orld hath been fo many years clieMfd 

"" % They that learn t^rts and Sciences, defire th}-\f-l^^eifg. 
not only of the good things Mt of the evil things alfo^and the abujes 
of them to the end they may avoid them-, therefore LogtckSpe.kl 
is^ell offophiflicall and faUacious fytlogtfmes,ai ofdmonjira. 
^iveJtoicih Ethicks treats of vices as^ll as ^ vertnes i 
Natural 4hUofophy handleth the natures, not only of Mand 
beneficial creatJes, but alfi of hurt f.l and venomons, asofSer- 
pens ; VhyftcKf^caki of poyjons as \\-el M of cures ■Htjloruvu 
ifcrbe both the vertuous and vicious a^tons of Prtnces ^ ,n 
Divinity W. learn,not only ^hat Godandgood Angels are, but al- 
fowhatSathan Is and his wicked Angels; inNav.gattonwe mufl 
tow not only ^hat places are Navigable, but alfi what are not ; 
hZfhaH ^lavoidKocks^^lmU^nds and Shelves, f^e W 
tZmnot ? even fo Chrifiian Religion permits not only the readtng. 
Xriptstre but alfi of heretical and heathen./!, books as tsfatd 
fhatTemay knoi Jhat to embrace,what toJhun_,therefore,f 
t« W^4«WWW be the damnable errors tobeavotded by 
^ChriftTansy read the Alcoran, and you fiallfinde tn u of 

Jj^otl^ Lbaffadors, that "r.ere to go to Amodu^s 
S^aZW. Jdfootllfi, thece being ma.medtn hts k< 

thefecondafool^ and the third lame in his feet, Ifajfy thoHghit 

he without head or tail, as we nfe to fpeak^ , being immethodicall 

and cvnfnfedy contradtElorj in many things ^ written in a rude 

Language the Author himfdf being no Linguifi or Scholer^ nay_^ 

not able to read or write y though alfo it confifi of lyes andfenflefs 

folliesyyet thU benefit we may reap ; I fay^ in reading ofit^thtXt 

we jhall be forced to admire and praife the goodnefs of God towards 

HsChriftians.whe having fuffered a great part of the world toft in 

the valley of the [hadow of death, to be opprejfed with Cimmerian, 

yea more then palpable Egypthn darknefsy hath placed us in the 

Temple y where ^'e have the golden Candlefiickjffhis Wordy and a 

ilearer and more durable Lamp then that <;/ Salomons Temple, 

yea even the Sun of right eoufnes {hining upon m in the land of 

Goftian, '^hilfl a great part of the ^'orld doth follow the Anti- 

chri^ianbeafiy^e follow the Lamb upon mount Sion ; ^hile they 

hear the voyce of Satyr es, OflrageSyand Schrich-Owlsy^e hear 

the voice of the Turtle^ and the Sengs of Sion in our own Land: 

whilfi they feed on husks ^ithf^incy and drinks the corrupted pudm 

dies of ISAahomets inventions, we are fed ^ith Angels foodyand eat 

coslefliall Mannay and,drink^ of the pure river of life, clear as 

cryfiall : Again^ wemiy tremble at the reading of this Alcoran, 

'^^hen ^e confider the fever tty of Gods Judgments^ and the fierce* 

nefs of his anger ^ ^'>ho for the contempt of his Cjofpely in thofe 

Countries W^here Mahomec is worpAppedy hath jufferedfo many 

millions of people to be deluiedy blinded, abufed, andinfiaved by 

that falfe T^rophety to believe his lyes ^ and by loathing thefweet 

Lv angelical Mannay to devour greedily the pojfonable cjuatles of 

his doElriney and ^Hth it the ^rath of God whtch hath fain on 

them, whilfl the fle/b is between their teethyfo that they mufl 

needs perijh everlaftingly . Who would have thought that thofe 

Countreys which Vcere honored by Gods own prefenc>y bj the dra^ 

clesofthe Prophets y by the prefcnce^ miracles, and preaching of 

Chrifly by the planting of the Apofiles^ by the blood of Co many 

UMurtyrs, fhoM be thus befottedy and eyrflaved by the tyranny of 

this grand Impoflor? When\K>eihinkjn thofe ihingSy lettisworl(^ 

out our falvation with fear andtremhllng^ and let him who thinkt 

txf^^andeth take heed leafihefaH: they ttv^rc not greater finners 

then we^ therefore donhtUfs except we repent ^ejhail <«// like^iff 
ferifhythe remiffnesofH^T2.Q\[\xs G over nrnenty his falling into 
the herejie of the HonothcYitQSy the contempt of the G of pel y the 
flight in^ of the Paftors^ the ^icks^nefs of the people^ the conti/iual 
ichifmSfrents, jarSj and divtfions of their Churches^ were both 
the canfes and occafions ofthefe miferies ^hich have fain ftpon 
them ; let ns take heed then we he not pArtaktrs of their fns^leaft 
we alfo partake of their plagues . 

10. The reading of the Alcoran W/// enable tu to heat Maho- 
met with his own ^'capons , to cut off the head of this Goliah with' 
his ownfwordf and to Wound this unclean bird with ^uils pickjt out 
of his own ^i'4gs^ for even unwittingly and unwillingly he is 
forced to acknowledg many truths of Chrifiian Religion, in affir- 
ming there is hut one true God the Creator of alf things^ and 
though hegoeth about to overthrow the doElrine of the Trinity ^yet 
he doth plainly confirme it ^when hefpeakj ofGod^ofthefVord and 
of the Spirit, '^hich three indeed are one in effence, though diftinSl 
infubjiftence^thoughhe labour eth to overthrow the Cj of pel yet he 
confirms it, when he calls it goody fully right, a light y and a guide 
tofalvation.for if it he fully goody e^c, whatneedwas then of his 
Alcoran ? and though he indeavoreth to overthrow Cfjrifis Divi- 
nity with Arms and ^Qiior'ms^and the Jews his ghofily father Sy 
yet he affirms it^ in calling ^hrifi the IVord ; for as the internal 

>^ord of the minde is coeternal ^^ith the minde, fo is Chrifl the 
JVord of his Father y coeternal ^ith the Father ; he eftablijleth 
alfo the Article cf ^hrifis Conception and Nattvttjy affirming 
him to he conceived by the holy Qhofiy and born of the Virgin 
Mary, whom he confeffeth to have been a pure Virginy both before 
and after Chrifis htrthifo he confirms the Article ofChrifis 
afcention into heavcHy and divers other points ofChriflianity, to 
whom we are more beholding f^r his reverend efteem ofChrifis 
then the Je'^S Vfho revile and blafpheme him, 

11, In reading the Alcoran, though ^e fin^e mHch,dungyyet in 
it ^efhall meet with fomegoldyas\itp\ did in reading o/Ennius 
his Verfes, ^fops Cwk^found a precious fione in a^ dunghill; 
where is mt^h drofs fame pure met tal will be found: evenjkirt the 
dirt of the Akoutiy$H J^all fi^de fome jewels of-Chrtfiian 


,...,, .1 .1 3»- 

vert ties ; andiftdeed if Chrifiians tviH bgtt diligently read AHdah-' 
ferve the Laws and Hiftones of the Mahometans, they may 
blujh to fee how K.ealoH4 they are in the Wori^ of devotion^ fietyi 
and charity^ how devout, cleanly ^and reverend in thetr AfofqueSy 
how ohedient to their Prtefisy that even the great Turk.himfe^ 
will attempt nothing without confulting kts Mufti^ hd^ care* 
ful are th^J to oh ferve their hours of prayer five times a day'^herff 
ever they are, or however imployed ? how conflantly do they oh- 
ftrve their Fafis fr-om morning till night a ^hole moneth toge- 
therfho"^ loving and charitable the Mnfemans are to each other, 
and ho^ care full of fir angers^ may he feen hy their Hofpitals^ hoth 
for the poor and for travellers :■ tf^e ohferve their juflice, tempe- 
rance, and other morall vertues^ we may truly hlufh at our own 
coldnefs, hoth in devotion and charity, at our injujlice intempS' 
ranee, and oppreffion , doubt lefs thefe men \\>ill rife up in judgment 
again fl hs ; avdfurelj their devotion^ piety, and works of mercy 
are ptaine caufes of the growth of Mahmatifm, and on the con- 
trary ^ our negleSi of Religion^ andloofnefs ofeonverjation, is a, 
maine hindrance to the increafe ofChrifHanitj ; is it net a jhame 
that they Jhould read ov^ their Al<;oran once every moneth, and 
"^efcarce read over the Bible in allour life ? that they fhallgtve 
fuch reverence to their Alcoran, as to honor the very Camel that 
carried it to Mecca and to lay up for holy reliejues the napkjnsand 
handkerchiefs that rubbed off the fweat from his skjn^^andwe pyall 
prefer lafiiviom Poems, and want on Ballads to thefacredword of 
zy^lmighty Qodfdo we not make our f elves unworthy of fuch an 

\i, The^rnks are our neighbors^ and their Territories bor' 
der upon the dominions of Chrtfit^ndom : there have been continu- 
all ^^ars^and^Hli be flill between tss, it concerntth every dhri" 
flian who makes confcience «f his wayes to examine the caufe, 
and to look^into the grounds of this war, whether they be juft or 
not, )^hick cannot be kn4wn kut by reading the Ako^ran, m which 
we fee the Mahometans to be the emntieseftheX^rofsofChrifiy 
in d^p}ig his Death. and of his ^ivimty,alfoin:thatthey deny his 
CjoSoead- we /hall f fide fo many parages in it repugnant tOy and 
dsj^-^^'e of Chftfiian Kellgieny that (^hrifiidn Princes are 


hound to oppafe the enermes thereof*, after the example of'n. 

Tvor/hipper of Vievcuks, <?/ Thcodofius the yonger againfl the Aug. I. ^.dc 
Saracens, of Honorius againft: the Goths, all enemies of civt.da.c.ii. 
Chrtfl, by yichofe affiftpince they got notable 'vifiories, andgla- 
rioHs triumphs, 

13. TVe €annot do better fer vice to our County imen^ nor 
offer a greater affront to the Mahometans, then to bring out 
to the open view of ^11, the blinde Sampfons of their Alcoran, 
n^hich hath maflered fo many T^ations, that ^emay laugh at 
itiof Vphlch even their ormWife men are ajhamed, and are forry 
it Jhould be tranjlated into any other language , for they are 
nmviUmg that their grand Hypocrite Jhonld he unm asked y or 
that the vifard of his pretended hoi inefs Jhould be taken off y 
"jvhofc filthy nakednefs mufl appear ^hen he is devefted : they 
kf:iow that y^>ords and ^erkj of darknefs cannot endure the 
light y Trepidantq ; immiffo luminc mar.cs, the infernal 
Cjhofis tremble at any glimpfe of light ^ and the '^itde beajls 

return to their dens, Jaith David, •»'^f« the morning ap- iTalio. 4. 
fears , not daring to feek^ their prey but in the dark, ^tight P^t juguLmt 
of ignorance 5 this areat thief Mahomet hath deftroy- ^'^^[^'■sjm^ 
ed many thoufandsy And under the Lyons skjn^ thfs oy^Js l^fy^^^^^ 
hath affrighted his beaflly minded Saracens, therefore let us 
take away the ring from this Giges, by which he hath made 
. himjelf invijible, and kt m with Hercules, pull out this thee- 
vm£ Cicus out of his dark, den where he ufeth to hide and 
Skelter himfelfy and eiipofe his deformed carkafs to the pub- 
lick^view^ that we may wonder at it : and in deteElinghis er- 
rors^ "^e follow thepraSlife ofChri^y -^ho difcoveredto the ^,^^ ^^ 
Tforld the damnable Tenets of the Scribes, Pharifees, Hypo- 

14. W^ Turks m prepofiiroHfly zealous in ^rafingfor the 



converjton^ or ferverjioH rather^ $fChirifiiAns teth^ir.ifrdp^ 
gioHs Keligion , thejpr^j heartily^ a»i every, diy , h theix 
Temples y tfjat Chriftlans tf^y imharte thi hXcoxzn , an4 
become the'tr Trhfolytesl in efeiilng of^kich they lidiie >;* 
mea^s uftajfdied by> fe^'r artd flattery y hy pkni^bments and 
rewards *, noVpy i^ it. fitflng that they w charity a»d ze^il 
Jhotild exceed hs ? "^e are homid^to pray, andlndeUvor he^irtily- 
for their converfion^ from dtrkntCs tolivht frbm error tb) 
truth \ hut hoM {hall we do thi^, if -we, kf^ow not the dan- 
gjerom and Mmmhle ejlate they are in, whickWe cannot l^or^ 
but by reading their Akoxm I 

. ,15. In reading the AlcOTall' we.ftj'all^fee .wh'xfis.the forc^^. 
of fuferflitioyiy arid with "^ hat, vi& fence men. are carried head^^ 
long in the defence anJ??^lnte^ance'eyehafther/ioJi[a^f^^r^ 
and impious opinions -^ what. Hecubi-// more. d'efor^Htd thef^ 
the Alcoran ? yet ho^. do the' T^^^ks fight and Jirugglef toil 
and care, haz^ard life and liberty, efiates and' all for it, as if 
it^ere the mofl beaut if hI. \\t\mi in t%e Vi^orfd \ thffe tpen 
canndt endure the Image of Chrif, or df a S^int in their 
Temples, calling this Idolatry, a;uiyet they are the. great efi 
idolaters in the world themf elves, for never was there fuc^, 
an Idol as the Alcoran, Ho man muft touphii, ttll ftrjl he bf 
wa/hed, and that being done, he mufi not touch it With h/s mk^d 
hands,, bitt Wnih a clem linen cJoth; the T^riefl tnufi kifs it^ 
a^nd bow t& it ; he mufl when he reads in it hold it up on high, 
far itsis a- fin to hold it lower then his glf die : Every piece of 
paper that a. Jnxk findej he mufl ufer'ev.erendly,.becau/e, r^f 
Alcoran is ^ritt^n in paper , the Mule thai carries it t^ 
Mecca is held in great vemration^^f» that he or Jhe isfa,n&ifiM 
all the year after that can but touch him^, and' that- ha.'idk^r''^ , 
chief fvhich ^ipeth off his fweatis a holySreliqut: ihm dokhey 
ftrain at a gnat and fwallow a(^am€L 

Jlcy, 10. 15. In reading the Alcoran (^ Turkifli Story i^e fh^lfee who 

vfsre Gog and Magog i^f inade w^ ^gawft ih$ Sidnts^ even 


ti^g' finks an chfciirepeoflepfScyth\^y therefore cal'cd Gog, 
hecanfe they, rvere hidanti nnknowrt a long, time^ artd the Sa- 
jacen5» M'^^ ^'ere a known peop/ey and the open enemies of the 
Chmrhi therefore called Magog ; thefe tre^heroufj com 
bined together] oppreffed firfi //j^ Pcr(ians> and after^^ard the 
^Q\ttk Empire^ y^ith the famous Churches 0/ Alia, Greece, 
^and Egypt ; "ft'f P^f-H ^Ifi finde that by the Star Vi hie h fell 
from hef.vcn^and. opened the b'ttomlefs pit ^ ^'hofe fmoke 
darkned the Sun, and oht of which came the Locnfls , wh'ofe 
terror is defcrtbedhj St. John, is meant Vahomet that great 
dejlrejer, as his name fignifeth , anfrrering to the niime Rev. ^, 
Appollyon, and Abaddon; for never was there fuch a de- 
jh~ojer^ W'ho by his peflilent doEirine hath deflroj/cd fo niany 
feuls^ and by the f word of his Locufls hath defheyed jomany 
bodies and ruinated [0 many goodly CcHntries. 

> \ 7. If you willtake a brief view of the A Jcoran you fl>all 

finde it a hodg-pcdge made up of thtfe four ingredients. l.'Of 

(^ontradiHions. i. Of BLijphemie, 3. Of rtdiculcus Fables, 

^ Of Lyes : fvrfl^of ContxadiUions he doth ordinarily faj ^ 

andunfay the fame thing \ one ^^hilehe tells ///, that hi wa^ 

the firfi that ever eni red into Paradifef and elfewhtre he 

fay es he found men and yi'vmen there ; fometimes he affirms that 

Jews and Chnftians fhall be faved by their own Religion, and 

fometimes again that none van be faved 'SK' ho embrace not his 

Alcoran,; In one place following the Opinion of Ons^CUy or 

rather c/ r/?^ Origeniils he affirmed that all the devils fhall 

be faved 'Jn another place he faith only thofe devils fljall be fiu 

ved^ho hearktn to ^ and obey hts Alcoran. Secondly .f of 

^/Blajfhemy^ for he blafphetmth God, in faying that heprayeth 

for Mahomet, intimating hereby that. he ps inferior to that God 

he pray.ethto:, he makes God alfo fwear by I lies , JVorms, 

andfuch bafe creatures, as if he \\'ere their infenour, ^' her em 

God. havisag none greater then hmfelfyfivears only by himfelf; 

He blafphemes the Father , -in faying* he cannot have a Son, be- 

cauCe Li MHOt married, as if there Tvere nv other genera ion 

Ff 2 hut 

but '^''hat is carmll ; he hUfphemes the Son Viy'th hmi.indenj^ 
ing his Divinity 5 he b/afphmes the holy Ghofl with Macedoni- 
m,affirmii«g him to he the Creature of a creatHre-Jje btaMemes 
Godalfo, in making him the At^thor of his Alcoran, braqfmg 
that his name is written upon the Throne ofOod. in tkuhe ts^^ 
the greateft of the Prophets, who hath more kyiorvle'dg then Ml 
 the rnen and Angels of the world: and many other bra^int 
words he memh of himfelf, by which ^e may fee heiflhaP 
little horn which fpurng up among thex^enhornsoftherreat 
and terrible beafl of the Konnn Empire, dejlroyin^ three of 
the i^ovi\^n her-^s, to wit, r/;fA(iaRS', Grecians, .r,?i Egyj/. 
tians; this IS the horn that hathmmy eyes, as bein<T crafty and 
vigilant, but his month [peaks P^oud things, in bla^hemino- and 
bragging, as we have heard Thirdly, of ridicrdous Stories, and 
Vphich are more unfav&ry then the Golden I egend, or Lucians 
true Narrations ; he tels us that he divided once the Moon, one 
half whereof fell into his lap, ( this was not then the Man m the 
Moon, but the Moon in tl^ Man) the other on the ground • 
thefe two pieces he fouldred again. Perhaps in memory of this ' " 
lying miracle, the Turks ufeyet the half Moonfrr their Arms • 
He tels us of a great army of men and A n(r els raifed by S^lo- 
mon,bfit much hindredin their march by an army of Flies, \Wlch 
^^\omonr ebuked, where we have a wit lefs conference between 
Salomon and the Fly- ; he tels you (Irange Story of Ho^hs Ark, 
how there the Hog r^as generated of the Elephants dung, and a 
f yjf'^l^^g' ^^I, -^hich gnawing a hole in the ArJ^'at 
which^03}ciwas afrighted;he touching the Lionon theforehead, 
out of Mofe brains leaped out a Cat, (as UlnavSidid out of 
J "P^fers) ^ihch^aufedrhe Rat to runaway : this is Phllofophy 
rndeed for a Hog Fourthly of Lyes, for he belyeth Col ih 
making km author ofhhimpietie and herefies -, he belyes 
C hrtjt: tniayi.g he l\^as conceived by the fh^ell of a Rofe-, he be^ 
lygh the holy Qhofi. in affirming that he inff.Ted Ivlahomet 
towrjte the Alcoran » he belyeth the Virgin Marv. callina her 
the doubter .r^mra.n, and filler of Uok,. confou.di.;; her 
^^t^^Ati^m,.whereas there %erefo many generations between ; 


\he belyeth the Go^el^: in'' faying it U corrupted by Qhrlflians ; 

he belyeth Chriftians, when he/kith they W'orpnj) many gods, and 

■^that they give to god a companion, when they acknoreledg the 

'^Divinity ofChrifi\ he belyeth the Jews in faying they make E- 

{tZ'lQVagod ; he belyes the Patriarchs, injaying that Noah,A- 

braham, Ifaac, ^nd Jacob believed h^ Alcoran, being fa many 

thoufand years before he was born^ or his Alcoran had any ex^ 

ifiance ; he belyes alfu the Apofiles^ in making them his Schol- 

hrs, who lived neer fix hundred years before he Uu^ born : by 

all which we may fee ^ho^A6 the Compiler of this A Icoran , not 

the God of Truth, but th^ Father oj Lyes \ not Chrifland hii 

^4po files, ^'hofe Weapons in propagating the Cjoffel , "^'erfe 

powerfuil preaching , miracles, and patience in fufferlng ; not the 

fword.the chief means that Mahomet ufeth to force his Alcoran, 

an infirument forbid by Chrifl, but ufed by him who hath been a 

niurthererfrom the beginning ; but IV^ill not take upon me the 

Uask^of refuting ?/;e Alcoran, beinq^ already refuted by Canta- 

cuzenusj Richardas the Monk,, Ciila the Cardinal yV^ oodimn- 

•Radius, Savanoro la ^w<^o/-/7fr/. I only thouo^ht goody upon in- 

treaty offome learned and religious men^ to prefix this brief Ca^ 

veat, that the Reader might be the better armed- to encounter 

with any rub ror dijficuhy he fl; all meet ^'ith in the reading 

thereof. But before I end, give me leave toclearmyfelfa- 

gain in.thts point \ that it is not my meanincf all p70uld have the 

liberty to read the Alcoran promifcuoufly, I know with the 

Apoftle, that than gh all things be lawfully yet all things are not 

expedient y there are children as well as men in under fianding\ 

thi Nurfe may ufe that knife ^ijich the childe may not, and that 

fVi'ord X^hich may without danger be handled by afober man, can. 

xit "Without danger be touched by a madman', there are as 

"^ell queafie as ftrongftomackj, and ^ hat is meat to the one may 

be venome to the other ; though y^\t}c\{\dL.2X^% could'^ithout hurt 

eat poyfon, others may not pre fume to efcape fo ; it t-s la^ full for 

any to lookjipon a monflsr^ but it k not expedient for concei' 

ving women ; that iron which an Ofirich can digefl, may de- . 

flrey the ftemack^of other creatures ; hoVc many have been de- 

Ff 3 ceived 

ceived in g^ithermg Hemhck^fer T^arfly ?. It iimffw fbert 
^'man'tomMle with Apothecaries drugs ^ he may chai^e^meet 
Mth foyfon asfoon as an antidote ; if all men "PoereJil^^ Bees^ to 
Juckjooney even' out of Henbane, there might he m dangler. in 
reading the A\cox2iKi/l?Ht mof^men are like Spiders fucMingpoy^ 
'fon eijen om'of the fvi^eetefi Rofes-jthc'Tefore they only nfayjurely 
and without danger reud the Alcoran, W^(? are intelligent, jftdi- 
cious^ learned^ and throughly grounded in'fietyi and principles 
of Chriflianitf^hnt Wf^^, ignorant; inco»fiant,andd^affeMed 
-Tnindes to the'trHthyrntiftnotventHre tc meddle with this Un- 
h\iliorped' piece 4efi they he polluted with the touch f hereof as they 
Vn^ere i^ho cameneer to a leprous hody •^andifive^'ilimt veyi- 
tureto gointo aninfeEled houfe ^^ithout prefervatives^ much 
lefs Jljould any dare to reade the Alcoran, that is not fuffcient- 
ly armed ^'ith grace, firength^ andk^oWledg againfl all tenta- 
t'ions, C/od grant we may wnlkjn the light of the Gofpelywhiiefl 
Wf have it ,that We* may not' he overwhelmed with the difmall 
»i^/;r <9/M ahometane darknefsy'>^^hichGodmayjufily inp[lup. 
upon ; nsf»rourfins^ rents and dtvifions are no lejfer then thofi 
'wer^e of the Greek, and Afiatick ^hurches, and doubt lefs except 
we repent '^e fi all till peri Jh ViHththem-t who for deJftfing Cfods 
faihred Oracles ^are now taught to reverence every piece of paper 
they findeywhich they are made believe jhal he put under thefoles 
of their feet '^hen they Walkover the burning grate to their fools 
Faradife^ as BusbeqUius in his Epifile tells us ^ who lived long 
amongjl them'i and-^as' well dcquainted Vpith fheir opinions ; 
. hutVohat T have written htre concerning the Mcordin , if ithmit 
to the judgment and '^ifdo^ oft^Jofe-who fit at the Sterny and 
can fee more'then the Prtjfengers. 

F I N I S. 

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I r> i,.^ i.3 v.f si > 

" ? c: ^^ e.C5 rf^ .^.^ a.^- 

oi a ., 3; §. 

S> w ^ ^ crP t-i-( "^ >. ' 

Js= xttt c3r 5^ "s^i "X. I^ 

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§ w " 1 - ? 5* o- n> S-^ • i ^ S -• --^ ^ 

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3 3 

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P «-» n c - -• s^ ^ ^^ "^ ^ ;;■ fri w 

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o' 3 , 

r-r "TJ